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  1. Ohai little poat.

  2. Flight of the Intruder was on last night on The Military Channel. Fantastic book, craptacular movie.

  3. That “Not Pants” vid on the last poat made me snort in a good way. Good Job, Jazz.

  4. I’m going back to bed for a bit. Maybe my twitter account will be reinstated when I wake up. Prolly not, tho.

    TTYIAB, Cyn! ;-)

  5. I didn’t get in much TV time, it was a Bunco night. And mr. cyn found won $20.

  6. Cool, Cyn! Maybe I should bring it forward….

  7. Do it.

  8. BTW, is there any reason for dudes to be wearing skinny jeans?

  9. From the last thread…

    Don’t like pants? Try “Not Pants”!

  10. That article talking about the people who attended the Biden rally admitting that they were Dems and wouldn’t be voting for Obama was schadenfruede-y.

  11. Don’t be too harsh; if Rosetta wants to wear skinny jeans, who are we to judge.

  12. I think we’ll see more and more waking up (see Jon Levitz, et. al) as we get closer to November, Jazz. Thank gawd.

  13. If I go back to sleep, I’m going to make either a monte cristo (with waffles rather than french toast) or just plain waffles when I get up. Got some really good nitrite/nitrate-free bacon, too. And I’m going to wash it down with a milkshake.

    You might think it was the bacon, but it’s actually my milkshakes that bring all the goys to my yard.

  14. Laughed myself to tears. Good poat!

  15. I’m having a beer and some bacon before I go to bed.


  16. The Fork is this Spoon?

  17. My friends in Portland will not be voting for Obama.

    Reason: If I had a son, he’d look like…

  18. I’ve decided to stay up, but then have a nappy later.

    Like a boss.

  19. *subscribes to Phat’s newsletter*

  20. Thanks, Walt; glad you enjoyed the poat. I had to channel MJ wearing his two-sizes-too-big bicycle shorts to find the material, but I think I might pull a Nobel or two.

  21. I think we’ll see more and more waking up (see Jon Levitz, et. al) as we get closer to November, Jazz. Thank gawd.

    I want all those dumb-ass, insipid, stupidly unaware 2008 Obama voters to have their “Road to Damascus” moment where they confront their own roles in electing the effete, effeminate ignoramus who now occupies the White House. Were this a just world, the guilt would crush them like Kirstie Alley on matchstick furniture.

  22. So Walt… how did you find us and how are you at giving foot massages?

  23. Reason: If I had a son, he’d look like…


  24. Just remember, it ain’t over until the swearing in of the president.

  25. Hi, walt. I’m Jazz. I’m not funny.

    I love talking to 3rd shifters who are drinking as I’m waking up. It’s like breakfast with Dad before school when I was a kid….

  26. When our guy wins, I’m all for retributive pograms.

  27. I’d start with Markos Moulimoulimoulimarkotsolos, Erich Boehlert, Ezra Klein, Alan Grayson, Anthony Weiner, DWS, and that little orange ball-huffer (“nom nom nom”) Scott Levenson.

  28. I liked Andy McCarthy’s column on how Christie is no conservative.

  29. Jazz – My concern is, even if Romney wins, what kind of mischief will the iWon’s minions will perpetrate in the regulatory arena during their lame duck time. . .

  30. And I still have Sam Cooke singing “That’s the sound of the men working on the choom gang” going thru mi cabeza. Funny take on a GREAT song. ;-)

  31. Lame duck time?

  32. I can wear shoes! Woo hoo!

    Did anyone else drop a vacuum cleaner on their foot this morning?

  33. Really valid concern, Chief. I find a bit of solace in bureaucratic red tape: Implementing new regulations takes time, and certain public notice and commentary period requirements must met when implementing new regs. Between that and the fact that regulatory agencies are facets of the executive branch, an interested new president should be able to nullify most mischief before it gets too far out of hand.

    I hope.

  34. I have not looked at it yet.
    Laura wants to start drilling.

    Ama skeered.

  35. Scott is not a lame duck today.

  36. It’s bad luck to use a vacuum on Sunday.

  37. “The Fork is this Spoon?”

    Realize the truth: There is no spoon.

  38. Cyn, I think that depends on what you’re usiing it for.

  39. “Vacuum” is such a funny word. Whoever got the idea to put two u’s next to each other? Vac-you-umm. WTF? Why not Vac-yume? I’ll bet it was the fecking Romans. What a bunch of douchebags.

  40. It’s bad luck to use a vacuum on Sunday.

    Shomer shabbos! SHOMER SHABBOS!!!!

  41. Headed to Dowagiac for grilling and whatnot. Nobody get drunk and fall in the ocean while I’m gone.

    Dive if you must, but don’t fall.

  42. What’s in Dowagiac? Is there a raceway or something? Or is there some park there that holds a blues festival? Maybe I’m thinking of Turtle Island or something…

  43. * hides paperclips *

  44. I think that depends on what you’re usiing it for.

    I see what youu did there.

  45. It’s bad luck to use a vacuum on Sunday.

  46. Okay. naptime. bbiab

  47. Sundaypalooza! We are going to need more beer…and some ice.

  48. Haha! I had no idea. Nap:

  49. We are going to need more beer…and some ice.

    Beer in the gullet and ice on the foot?

  50. Fuck you ice.

  51. Off to do some chores. . . TTFN!

  52. dickhole

  53. My daughter won Best in Show at the 31st annual Birmingham art fair.

  54. So very cool, HS. Congrats to her!

  55. Ypsilanti? I had that once.
    Worst weekend ever!

  56. Makes me crazy when people say “Yip-silanti.” Same with “Ya-vonne.” I learned that when Y precedes a consonant at the start of sentence, the “y” is a vowel with the short “i” or “e” sound: Ip-silanti and Eee-vonne. Since the people who taught me were categorically infallible by virtue of being teachers, my indignation is justified, and my pretty little rage machine can keep on humming. ;-)

  57. My daughter won Best in Show at the 31st annual Birmingham art fair.

    Is it a moo-cow? It looks like a moo-cow.

  58. Yreka is pronounced Why-reeka.

  59. Florida beats Ohio for first naked cannibal.

  60. “Yreka” looks like urban “Erica” to me. ;-)

    Charlie Martin has thoughts on Elizabeth Warren’s Indian ancestry.

    I see his point. I’m not necessarily in total agreement, but what he’s saying is not totally without merit.

  61. Jonn Podhoretz:

    Tuesday night, two more Democratic primaries brought bad news to the sitting Democratic president. More than four of every 10 Democrats who went to the polls in Arkansas and Kentucky voted against him. Obama was able to secure only 58 percent of the primary vote in each state.

    This follows the 41 percent showing in the West Virginia primary for a felon sitting in a Texas jail, and the fact that 20 percent of Democratic voters in North Carolina’sprimary actually voted “no preference” rather than pull the lever for their party leader and president.

    * * *
    What these four states offer isn’t polling information with a few hundred people standing in for a few hundred thousand. These are hundreds of thousands of actual voters in a grouping intrinsically favorable to Obama, and they are saying something about the viability of his re-election.

    * * *
    What does it mean, then, when a president with unserious challengers who should be getting 90 percent of his own party’s primary vote instead can’t get over 60 percent in three successive states?

    It means Big Trouble, is what it means.

    More interesting thouhts at the link.

  62. Jazz, most of those disaffected Dems voting for “Nobody” in the primary will hold their noses and pull the lever for Obama come November.

    But not all of them.

    And that marginal shift in voting is going to cost Obama his reelection.

  63. Cocksucking blowjob artists at AP are at it again:

  64. I’m not necessarily as confident as you, xbrad, in the nose-hold vote. I’m sure there will be some, but I believe there will be a significantly larger number of cross-overs than conventional wisdom might indicate. O has taken his party lurching left, and, while that may play to the coasties, the badlands of the left are a bridge too far in flyover country – even for the denizen lefties.

  65. 1st paragraph “even as he benefits nationally from encouraging economic news.”

    * stops reading *

  66. American Idol is reducing is payouts to runners up, a move likely to be extended to the winner eventually, also.

  67. 1st paragraph “even as he benefits nationally from encouraging economic news.”

    Yah. There oughta be a “fiction” tag for articles like that. I caught that right away and had to finish the article thinking, “How much MORE bullshit is he gonna throw at me before this is over?”

  68. I’m sitting here looking over my earlier comments, and they’re not very intelligible. I’m NOT chasing the dragon. I swear.

    Speaking of chasing the dragon, anyone ever been prescribed Oxy? HOLY CRAP. I had some a while back, and I can see how that addiction happens. I won’t ever take it again, but I enjoyed the hell out of the doses I had. Hits like a velvet hammer, and it hits sooo fast. Not that I have an addictive personality or anything. No way. Not me. Which is why I won’t ever take it again unless I’m terminal.

  69. “chasing the dragon”

    I just refreshed this page and saw the header. How apropos.

  70. I bet the header is a Scandi dragon. I can tell by the pie slice for a head.

  71. Huzzah for Sunday brunch:

    MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami police shot and killed a man on the MacArthur Causeway Saturday afternoon, and police sources told CBS4 they had no choice: the naked man they shot was trying to chew the face off another naked man, and refused to obey police orders to stop his grisly meal.
    * * *
    With the attacker dead, lying nude on the pavement, officers and paramedics were able to get to his victim and rush him to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Police sources say the man had virtually no face and was unrecognizable.

  72. If we ever fight and you win, please don’t eat my face.

  73. Still in Twitmo. :-(

    Who is “glockandpearls” – do I know her? (I’m using the “pearls” as a gender bellwether… Am I wrong?)

  74. Y’all must have families or something. Stuff to do.

  75. Somebody had better be smoking a brisket for tomorrow.

  76. I tried, but it makes me cough. Smoking stinks.

  77. I quit smoking.

  78. Is medical brisket legal?

  79. I’m rolling a brisket blunt… Booyah

  80. I prefer Marlboros. . .

  81. I think this picture of Lucianne Golberg flatters her generously.

    At least in comparison to this one

  82. Howdy, Jazz! Great to have you back with us – :-)

  83. >> Who is “glockandpearls”

    Her name is Stacia, and she’s a good FB friend of mine. Pisses me off them dragging their feet gettin her out of jail. I’m one of the people who convinced her it’s a great place for conservatives to catch up on news and mock lefties, and they totally shit on her.

  84. “The Emotional Tug of Obama (On My Penis)”

  85. *links that give you pause*

  86. Thanks, TiF! I see you all over the net, BTW. Really out of the way nooks and crannies. I try to say “hi,” but then i forget to go back and see if you’ve responded. ;-) BLOND.

    Thanks, DiT! I’ve been wondering – I was retweeting all the freeglockandpearls tweets when I could see the Andy and H2 twitstreams, but I can’t do that so much from twitmo.

  87. Good morning, Sunday besters.

  88. I prefer Marlboros. . .

    I was watching NCIS the other day, and the episode revolved around DNA from cigarette butts. The cigarette brands were “Tri-boro” and “Llama” – it made me laugh.

  89. Good morning, Sean M. Stand up and read your essay, please.

  90. He still personifies the hope, to borrow a noun that he has used, that we really might evolve into the colorblind, fair-minded country that many of us want.

    Jazz, Frank Bruni is a ball-gargling, metrosexual waste. What an idiotic column.

  91. They’re totally ignoring her requests for account review. Bastiches.

    I just now looked at the header pic. I am torn between “oh hey, cool, something about pie” and “groan”

    Well played, whoever.

    Anyway it’s a glorious Sunday, and I’m working on another Memorial Day post for tomorrow. Like they say, “all gave some, some gave all.”

    I will wait for Veteran’s Day to thank all of you who served. With pie.

  92. The dog ate my essay.

  93. And that gives many voters an emotional connection to him that they simply don’t have to most other politicians, including Romney, a privileged and intensely private man whose strengths don’t include the easy ability to humanize himself.

    My God. What does this jackhole exactly think we know about Obama?

  94. Boston Globe takes credit for Breitbart scoop

  95. Just a little spoon of your precious love. . .

  96. Mother fooking bootleg naked cannibals.

  97. I like this line, Hotspur:

    There’s a Mitt-versus-myth element to the 2012 campaign, and it influences the manner in which Romney’s supporters and Romney himself engage the president and make their pitch. They must and do emphasize job-creation numbers over personal narrative, the technocratic over the touchy-feely.

    Yeah, because the last thing anybody needs is a job or anything. Hope and Change will keep you warm. peasants.

  98. This dreck makes me want to puke:

    But if there are no clear developments one way or the other? If there’s an ongoing recovery, but a meager, tentative one at that? Then the spoils will most likely go to the candidate who makes the better case for himself. And that’s a battle over more than Bain Capital, the Keystone XL pipeline and the individual mandate. That’s a war for hearts as well.

    Obama has all the heart-appeal of a gila monster, or an asp, or a box turtle. And “the spoils will most likely go to the candidate who makes the better case for himself” is true in EVERY case – circumstances be damned.

    What fucking retard.

    Bruni’s sexuality is of no import to me, but he was the NY Times first fully, 100% gay op-ed columnist. Evidently, they’d been having trouble with the only partially gay ones or something.

  99. Want something that will pull at your heartstrings (and that picture that makes everyone who sees it reach for the Kleenex)?

    Obama can kiss my ample, pasty-white ass…..

  100. I see you all over the net, BTW. Really out of the way nooks and crannies.

    Well, those places will let ANYONE in, so….. :P

  101. That pic kicked off a big group cry in here last night, TiFW. The floor was slippery with tears.

    /Poking fun at us, not the sentiment, the pic, or, God forbid, Mrs. Cathey’s loss

  102. “If this election were a war of hearts, Obama would win”

    If this election were a pillow fight, the Playboy bunnies would win.

    If this election were a hackey-sack competition, the fucking drum circle would win.

    Jesus H, what a stupid thing to imply.

  103. Ahahahahahahahahah!

    Danielle Crittendon debunks the “vodka soaked tampon” myth about chicks getting drunk from soaking their hygiene implements in spirits.

  104. BWHAHAHAHAHA! Goddam, what the hell was she thinking? Seriously – who would think that alcohol on sensitive tissue wouldn’t be a problem?



  105. “Wife of David Frum” kind of explains it, maybe.

  106. More good news! If I don’t put weight on it, or move, it only throbs a little.

    It’s almost time to start medicating.


  107. A dress like this kind of needs a lower gum line

  108. Sundaypalooza!

  109. I actually want to thank you for linking that Bruni column, Jazz. It was an illuminating look into the mindset of an Obama supporter. Why vote for him? Because some little kid touched his hair. Romney is pointing out that the economy sucks under his stewardship? Hey, don’t forget that he made a right purty speech that one time at the Democrats’ convention…eight years ago. Oh, and don’t forget that he’s black, even though they’re not really emphasizing that (yeah).

    They. Have. Nothing.

  110. That redneck pic above reminds of this crowd fave:

  111. They. Have. Nothing.

    What kills me is that Bruni recites all that bilge with a straight face and respectful tone, as if that lends any weight or credence to his thoughts. He’s saying, “2+2=3,965” like a lecturing college prof, and we’re supposed to completely disregard the absurdity of it all.

  112. What did you drop on your foot, Scott?

  113. You know, now that I’ve noticed, the most significant feature in the “wiserbud in hotpants cum shovel” pic is the scrotum peek. Disturbing.

  114. Dude, next time you post a fucking link to HuppFo, please warn first.

  115. PUP!!!

    The epic port-o-potty catastrophe story reduced my audience reduced to tears the other day. I haven’t seen my one friend laugh that hard EVER. :-)

  116. “Vodka vagina” cancels it out.

  117. But, I will.

  118. You still would have looked, tho. Who can resist the prospect of hoo-hoo hootch?

  119. Hootch in the hoo-hoo….

  120. Hootchie hootchie hoo!!!

  121. OK – I’ll stop…

  122. Hootch in the snootch.

  123. Sean, here’s another reason libs don’t have a clue, courtesy of Greg Sargent:

    It’s the voters’ fault, not Obama’s.

  124. That pic kicked off a big group cry in here last night, TiFW. The floor was slippery with tears.

    Yeah, I saw that last night – which is why I linked that piece.

    No shame in admitting that a picture such as that makes us cry. It’s one of those iconic pictures that stays with you (with me, at least) forever.

    Burned into my brain, it is…..

  125. Scott, WTF did you do to yourself?

  126. AP fact checks O’s spending claims, and O doesn’t emerge as a winner.

  127. Ah, nevermind, I see. Vacuum cleaner on foot.

    Is it swollen? Ice it down and beer it up.

    That’ll be $376 dollars.

  128. DWS is a lying sack of shit.

    Did I say that DWS is a lying sack of shit? Because she is.

  129. Compos Mentis is the owner of that particular genre, Jazz.

    You drinking again?

  130. Oh, fart. Sorry, pup. Dammit.

  131. Is it swollen? Ice it down and beer it up.

    If you like your dave, you can keep your dave.

    That’ll be $376 dollars.

    Never mind.

  132. The funny thing about the DWS clip is that “the WI recall election is good dry run for the fall election,” but then says, “the WI recall election won’t mean much.”

    And, she says “we can’t cut [spending} our way to debt reduction.” So, if we quit spending, it won’t reduce out debt. No, but it will keep the debt from accruing, and frees up money to reduce our debt. How the FUCK can someone say what DWS said with a straight face…

  133. AWESOME gif, pup!!! :D

  134. I swear, DWS is clean-shaven Gimli.

  135. DWS: ““I think, honestly, there aren’t going to be any repercussions,” Wasserman Schultz said on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” program. “It’s an election that’s based in Wisconsin.””

    JAZZ’S RULE OF THUMB: Any time someone inserts “honestly” as a descriptor of their comment, they’re not being honest.

  136. Battle Saint bracelets for the troops:


  137. On the Kennedy clan:

    Immediately after Mary Kennedy killed herself, her estranged husband Robert Kennedy Jr. had to fight off claims that he was distant and emotionally scarring, having abandoned her and took up with a Hollywood actress while he tried to gain full custody of their children.

    Now a distant relative is coming out to say that Mary’s family and friends are telling the truth when the criticize Robert Jr.’s behavoir, and she says he has been that way for ages.

    * * *
    ‘They’re bullies, just plain bullies. They treat their women like crap. Everybody’s an outcast. If you’re not a sycophant, you’re out- and everyone gets their turn,’ she told The Post.

  138. Running Fauxcahontis:

  139. I guess it’s time to cut the lawn or look at porn or something….

  140. hi,,,hi,,,,hi,,,,*limps through blog nursing hangover

  141. *tosses soohoo a bottle of water*

    Drink that now. Diet Dr Pepper later.


    *ice pack for headache*

  143. Beer works.

    I think it shrinks inflammation or something.

  144. Life for me now is a sailboat in a calm. . .

  145. I heard that too scott.

    How’s the footbone?

  146. The Force is strong in this one. . .

  147. Duke?

  148. Obama ate a dog.

  149. Mare??!

    What a whore!

  150. JAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!

    COME BACK, JAZZ!!!!!!!!

  151. FOL (Friend of Leon)

  152. Hi, Ags! :-) I been lurkin’. I figured I ate up enough of the thread this AM.

  153. It is hot out. The lawn is done.

  154. Good Evening Bitches!

    Who’s up for another 12 hours of fun? Not me, but I’ll muddle through.

    Bravehart on the big Screen right now, some rednecks turning left on the smaller screen.

  155. Phat – Make a pot of coffee, woodja?

  156. New poat up.

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