Do you remember what it’s about?


  1. Sniff…has the new poat smell.

  2. Did anybody shave anybody else’s eyebrows off today?

  3. Re: Sean:

    Nope, but I burned my arm and beat my project into submission.

    Did you get that Brazilian bikini wax you were considering?

  4. I chickened out at the last minute, pepe.

  5. What’s in Dowagiac?

    My parents’ lake cottage. I swam, visited with family, and ate grilled chicken and a brat. And some apples. And some peppers. And some salsa and cucumbers and cheese.

  6. This just happened:
    Erick Erickson at Red State:

    “Last week we spent a lot of time writing about Brett Kimberlin and the incident involving blogger Patterico where someone spoofed his
    phone number and told 911 he had shot his wife.

    Tonight, my family was sitting around the kitchen table eating dinner when sheriffs deputies pulled up in the driveway.

    Someone called 911 from my address claiming there had been an accidental shooting.

    It wasn’t nearly the trauma that Patterico suffered, but I guess the Erickson household is on somebody’s radar.

    Luckily it was two sheriffs deputies who knew me and I had already,
    last week, advised the Sheriff’s Department to be on the look out for
    something like this.”

  7. I ate well today. It’s slowing the absorption of my medicine.

  8. There’s a lot of stuff I should have done today, but I didn’t. It was nice having a real day of rest.

  9. What’s more interesting about the Erick incident is that he has an unlisted number.

  10. Hotspur loves his…..

  11. I don’t understand why the cops aren’t all over the fake 911 calls. You’d think it would piss them off, and they’d pursue it, especially since the offender is known.

  12. I am surprised that the DOJ isn’t all over this.

  13. Good one, scott.

    Meeting time. Try not to get carsick while I’m gone.

  14. I am surprised that the DOJ isn’t all over this.

    Are you really?

  15. I honest;y, I know some guys at the bottom rung that would have been foaming at the mouth to stop crap like that. I imagine they have tied hands these days.

  16. Correction, knew. I have no contact them these days. Different work.

  17. #HayesHeroism trending on Twitter.

    Will eat a pork chop that’s just a teensy bit pink in the middle without a second thought. (Andy)

    got in between Michelle Obama and a tamale once. (SooperMexican)

    Drank milk one full day past the expiration date. (hale_razor)

    Trusted President Obama to dogsit his Papillon (dcseth)

    walked on the grass even after reading the sign (printboy)

  18. “I know some guys at the bottom rung”

    You would think. When will Obama get vetted?

  19. Comment by scott on May 27, 2012 9:25 pm
    “. When will Obama get vetted?


    They won’t let him in at the Vet’s, they’re afraid he’ll eat the dogs.

  20. I’ve said it before, but Obama couldn’t pass a basic security clearance background check.

  21. in fairness, neither could I.

    wait, I did in 87.

  22. I will meet Mare before Obama is vetted.

  23. The choom gang alone would have kept him from employment at any TLA or FLA until he was in his mid-30s.

  24. Ace and Allah will get gay married in North Carolina before Obama is vetted.

  25. But, as ‘present’dent’ he’s cleared for everything from classified to ridiculous, to “Burn Before Reading” even though he’s an America Hating Marxist Douche-bag.
    Is this a great country, or what?

  26. Where else could it happen?

  27. It’s sad.

  28. Car in killed it. We should shun her.

  29. Scott,

    I will be here until 0630 CST, so you got me babe.


  30. dang, and I was so hoping to meet her at a ballgame

  31. Obama’s not the problem. His ass will be gone in 8 months. The 53% of Americans who were gullible enough to believe in hope and change are the problem. Actually probably 25% of Americans understood what he’s about and fully support his agenda. The other 28% who lack the critical thinking skills to see past the bullshit are the problem. These folks will still be around and be prey for the next fucking demogogue.

  32. Dave, thanks for your kindness last night. I get a little emotional around Memorial Day.

  33. Phat,
    Know anything about V-22 basing? Curious why we have been seeing pairs of them at 12-1,500′ agl several times over the last week. Never seen them before. There are no USMC bases near here, just McChord AFB. I figure they must be Air Force.

    As far as I know (which ain’t far) JBLM only hosts UH-60, AH-64, CH-47, and C-17.

  34. Pendejo, 28% just see the free pony.

  35. Amen,sistah.

  36. The other 28% who lack the critical thinking skills to see past the bullshit are the problem.

    Can we send these folks to another planet as colonists? It worked for those guys in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  37. Chris, V-22’s are USMC assets. My guess is they’re from Whidby Island.

  38. You would think. When will Obama get vetted?

    They might be scared of what they will find.

  39. Leon,

    Then we’d get wiped out from a virus contracted from a dirty telephone. *Douglas Adams geek*

  40. They’re not from Whidbey. Whidbey is all EA-6B, EA-18G, and P-3/EP-3.

    They’re probably on a det from Mirimar.

  41. Phat, that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

  42. And after all the horseshit I’ve dug through, I WANT my pony.

  43. Xbrad, That’s what I was thinking, but who goes TDY on Memorial Day Weekend?

    Maybe they’re doing a fly-by or an airshow this weekend?

  44. Is it Seafest this weekend in Seattle?

  45. I have ponies. They are not All That.

  46. Only folks with Ospreys are MV-22 (USAF) and (USMC) V-22.
    Usually, when a new aircraft is being based here, the local rags are all over it, as they were when the AH-64s came to Ft. Lewis.
    That’s why I wondered.
    Nothing mentioning the Ospreys, but they are here.

  47. My niece went to an anime convention. I made it 400% less cool for her by saying that I used to do that, too.

  48. I’ve gone to a few of those. Mostly gaming conventions, though, because my demonic exgirlfriend worked at them

  49. Calling MCPO for a dance

  50. Wow,

    This poat just went FullNerd. You never go FullNerd.

  51. Crock pot butter chicken is in the works. Lunch for the week is solved.

  52. Balticon was this weekend, and I’m old enough to remember when it was on Easter weekend, not Memorial Day. Never made it to a Worldcon, though, but I helped a costumer friend get enough smaller con wins to compete in the costume contest at Worldcon.

  53. No no. It’s FullTard. FullNerd is mostly safe.

    Have you ever seen Danicka McKeller go FullNerd? My erection lasted so long I almost called a doctor.

  54. Leon,
    Is your crock-pot big enough to do the “full meal deal”, or did you have to cut it down?

  55. I’ve got a 5 quart. It currently has 7 lb of chicken thighs, 1.5 c of rice, and all the sauce and spices in it. Should be enough to feed me lunch for 4-5 days.

  56. Damn this is promising to be a painfully slow shift.

    What’s on SyFy tonight? MegaShark?

  57. Wait, no, it’s a 6 quart.

  58. Izz big.

  59. We see the occasional osprey fly over here. Can’t see any markings on them. We used to get a lot of fighters flying over, but not so much anymore.

  60. AF- CV-22B

    USMC- MV-22B

    Just another example of how fucked up the designation system has become. Since, MV would normally indicate a “special operations” platform. The Marines designated their Osprey’s “MV” as a PR bid to keep funding. When the AF finally signed on to buying them, their birds, which normally would have the MV designation had to settle for CV, which would normally be the designation for a cargo/personnel carrier.

  61. We used o have all kinds of cool jets flying around here. I can barely remember the last time I saw something cool fly over.

  62. Except for Coasties, I see quite a few helicopters

  63. Xbad,
    You are right! (cuts self).
    I’m thinking that these are CV-22 from McChord, but with no ‘announcement’ in the local press, I’m confuzzeled.
    They touted the hell out of the Apaches coming here, but nothing about the ospreys.

  64. We have lots of planes and helos here but I don’t know what is what. Best ever was an homecoming game at the AFA.

  65. You wanna see a cool Osprey? The Commandant flies up to speak here occasionally in the sweetest V-22 with a VIP, poly paint job. Makes the CofS’s Apache look like shit.

  66. Nice music links, Roamy.

  67. There are no Ospreys stationed at JLB McChord.

  68. Art,

  69. Thanks, Osita. Yours on FB made me cry (but that’s okay).

    One more.

    and off to bed.

  70. NYTOL!
    Crashing now.

  71. Oso,

    The only USAF assets at Kirtland are the helo’s and Ospreys in the Special Ops Wing based there. The NM Air National Guard has an F-16 unit, but I don’t remember what part of the airfield they are located at.

    Their is a Test Wing there that does a BUNCH of interesting weapons testing. Because of that you’ll see a lot of odd aircraft flying in for various test purposes.


    The only USAF aircraft based at McChord is the C-17. Not sure what is on the Ft Lewis side, but assume it’s all helo’s.

  72. On the Lewis side are a bunch of green suiters that we help maintain the things that must be maintaned.

  73. Phat, Kirtland is close to Isotopes Park. Sometimes I get distracted by different aircraft landing at the base if the game gets boring.

  74. I spent a week one month at Kirtland AFB

  75. Minot AFB. . . Oh, dear Lord!

  76. Dave, I read that as I spent a month one week at Kirtland AFB.

  77. Dave,

    Check out the thread over at Ricochet on ‘What Makes Texas, Texas?’

    The comment section is making me homesick. If I wasn’t required to keep a two state buffer between my Mom and Mrs. Phat I’d be back there in a heartbeat.

  78. yeah I totally fucked that up oso

  79. Dave, I used moron logic to figure out what you meant.

  80. Why not Minot!

    (worst Air Force recruiting slogans ever)

  81. MCPO, I remember many years ago the AF Times had a cover story titled ‘Why Not Minot?’ touting all the awesome things about ND. Lots of propaganda and the Base CC was saying that they didn’t have any worse of a drinking problem than any other base.

    One of the Interviewees was an E-3 and his comment about Minot still makes me laugh: ‘Basically, it’s like a Disneyland for alcoholics.’

  82. Minot sucked in Jan 1987. Faaaaack

  83. Last time I was in Minot was Feb of ’96. Jeez! Talk about freezing the balls off a brass monkey!

  84. Well, I guess that proves the old saying, “Nothing kills a poat faster than North Dakota.”

  85. Or brass monkey balls.

  86. #HayesHeroism trending on Twitter.

    Will eat a pork chop that’s just a teensy bit pink in the middle without a second thought. (Andy)

    *shakes fists at sky*


  87. Okay, I guess this is the part where I say derp.

  88. My fellow Duty Officer just casually mentioned that he has beer on ice in his truck. May be time for a little break.

  89. Wow Mesa,

    What’s that I just heard? Sounded like someone cracking open a big ol’ can or Whoop-Ass.

  90. wakey wakey

  91. Car in killed it. We should shun her.

    Hey, I was no where near the poat. I’m alibi is good.

  92. I’m – my

  93. So soccer was ALL saturday and Sunday, and today my mil is coming over.

  94. How come EVERYONE is still asleep. Shesh. I’m the only one up in the house . The dog got up at first, but I think she’s gone back to bed.

  95. *taps glass


  96. YES SIR. What can I get for you?

  97. A better name for a group of slackers than the ‘Choom Gang.’ Thats just stoopid.

  98. Good Burger is a horrible movie. You would think that a movie with Abe Vigoda AND Sinbad in it would kick ass.

  99. “The Choom Gang”…. Total (Self) Absorption….

    Listen, I don’t care if our girl-President got high. But be original – the name sounds like a bunch of disaffected pivots in a bukake club, and T(S)A has been the brainchild of every avid cannabis user since the beginning of time. And don’t even try to spin the Choom Gang as another example of O’s leadership skilz.

  100. Good morning children. 34 degrees this morning, brrrrr.

  101. 34 Degrees is the name of a party store near my house.

    I suppose it could be the name of a boy band whose gimmick is “shrinkage,” too.

  102. God, Althouse is a tedious, unaware, chirping bore.

  103. Still in Twitmo, DAMMIT. I’d start a new account, but I want my followers back. I had Malkin and Fredosso, among others, and the chances of repeating those followers feels pretty slim.

  104. I guess now is the time that shut up and let someone else talk for a bit?

  105. Who wears the harness? Who holds its reins?

    If anything needs to be harnessed, it’s the gov’t.

  106. One sign that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is likely to win the election on June 5 is the sudden disappearance of national media attention to the race. The networks and newspapers that gave wall-to-wall coverage to protests in the streets of Madison in the spring of 2011 and excitedly reported on the drive to collect signatures to force a recall have gone relatively quiet as a succession of polls show Walker leading by 5 points or more.

    This is going to be the best Half-Christmas ever.

  107. Herman Wouk is 97 today. Never been a fan of his, but I’ve gotta respect a person full of that many words. I think he’s surpassed in that respect only by Tolstoy, Dostoyevski, and that guy who wrote the Bible.

  108. They are surpassed by Martin Luther, who wrote an enormous amount of books.

  109. I really liked Winds of War, and War and Remembrance.

  110. Pfffttt….

    What about the dude who wrote the New York City phone book?

    AND he wrote a new issue every year!

  111. “O Stranger, send the news home to the people of Sparta that here we
    Are laid to rest: the commands they gave us have been obeyed.”
    The words of Simonides of Ceos (c. 556 BC-468 BC) on the fallen warriors at The Battle of Thermopylae seem apropos to our own fallen heroes.

  112. I have over 20 books in my house written by Luther (all bought by Cathy), and that’s just a sample of his writings.

  113. Happy Memorial Day, everybody.

  114. Yesterday was nice. I cooked, we had lots of laughs, and sent people home with good doggie bags of deliciousness.

    As soon as the requisite amount of caffeine saturates my bloodstream I will cook eggs for the husbandly unit.

    What to do today…what to do…OH HELLO, TOTALLY NEGLECTED GARDEN.

    Can you eat leeks that are making flower stalks? Or is it too late?

  115. Right back atcha, J’ames. Hope it’s a beautiful day for whatever you are doing.

  116. Why does the thought of Obama sharing his thoughts on Memorial Day make me want to beat him up like he’s the scrawny, mouthy little pest on the playground who mocks others for the sake of being a dick?

  117. Obama ate a dog.

  118. A solemn Memorial Day to everyone, and may you enjoy your time with your people today, whether they be family or friends (or both) – or even co-workers.

  119. Hahahah- Hotspur, that never gets old. :D

  120. As hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists gathered Sunday morning outside the Pentagon for the 25th annual Rolling Thunder ride into the District, Jim Bradley couldn’t help but marvel at the scene.
    * * *
    An estimated 400,000 people rode in Sunday’s rally, traveling en masse through the District and to the Mall to cap a weekend of vigils, concerts, speeches and other events.

    Has anyone been to DC for this? I would LOVE to see it. Maybe next year I’ll go to my sisters’ place in Baltimore….

  121. I was there in 98 for that. It is quite remarkable. Harleys three abreast for two hours riding by.

  122. I just had a great breakfast.Now I feel like a nap.

  123. Okay, I just woke up for the second time. Today feels like a solemn occasion that doesn’t really exactly call for motivation, since most of you won’t be working in any capacity beyond grillmaster today. My plan is to either skip the week or motivate people tomorrow.


  124. After nearly two weeks of heated debate over whether President Obama should attack Republican Mitt Romney’s tenure at a private-equity firm, Democratic leaders across the country say they are largely united behind the strategy, even as some concede an uncertain outcome and new polls show Obama has lost ground nationally.

    The Democratic leaders, in numerous interviews over the last week, said they are hearing little or no resistance among the party faithful in their states to a strategy that Republicans have characterized as anti-capitalist. And Obama has no plans to back off; his campaign will roll out more stories in the coming weeks that advisers said will again show Bain Capital as a corporate menace that protects profits at the expense of people and jobs.

    This strategy is just sad, and I don’t mean that as hyperbolic rhetoric. We’re fighting to keep capitalism – freedom – unfettered in the US. I have a WWII vet who lives next door to me, and he’s soooo depressed over what he sees now, stuff like this. He wants to die before he sees the sacrifices his friends made in battle lost to “collective” ideology, and he says so without reservation. He’s old, tired, and disheartened that the freedoms for which his friends died are held in so little regard.

  125. Hahahah, Vmax!!! May I copy your agenda for the day? I think you’ve got the best plan I’ve seen.

    Hotspur, are you a rider? I’ve got my eyes on a ’45 Indian Chief – police issue WITH flashers and siren – right now, but I’mma need a more lucrative income before I can afford it. I’ve got two years to come up with the scratch – the dude won’t sell it before then (he just finished the restoration).

  126. A lotta people forget that a free market economy is best described as “creative destruction.”

  127. leon, motivate people tomorrow. You’re an industrious sort – a full week off seems it might be problematic by the middle of the week, and your missus may not want you chewing on the furniture for lack of purpose.

  128. Right, Michael – which would have been an excellent description of the failed GM and Chrysler corps had they been allowed to stay off life support.

  129. “Creative destruction” (schöpferische Zerstörung), by the way, was originally a Marxist concept.

    But a useful one.

  130. I have a couple of lefty acquaintances who just last week were touting the profitability and success of the “new” GM. I don’t argue with them because they’re in an echo chamber and don’t hear a thing I actually say – you know, those pesky FACTS – but they’re convinced GM is doing great and that the future is green energy. They simply turn off all reason and all of its quasi-imitators.

  131. Allrightythen, time for me to hit the gym. Presses and weighted chinups today.

  132. I have found a great way to start a political discussion…

    “Can I ask you a question: Do you think I’m stupid?

    Do you think I’m unintelligent?

    Do you think I’m an idiot?”

    I invariably get “no” as an answer to all three. As soon as the discussion strays into conservative bashing, I point out that since they’ve all agreed I’m NOT stupid and that I am in complete agreement with conservatism, that the ideology MUST hold some value, because they’ve already conceded that I am intellectually savvy. I don’t necessarily WIN because of it, but it puts them on the defensive and allows me to press advantage.

  133. Have fun, leon. I’ll eat an ice cream cone for you while you’re gone.

  134. No gym for me today, because I have a scheduled MIL visit. I will try to hit the lake today for my first attempt at swimming.

    I can swim, I just don’t know if I can swim a half a mile w/o need a lot of rests. I’ll let you guys know.

    It’s supposed to be africa hot today.

    So, quick preview of my day :
    One more pot of coffee (i’ve already been cleaning, etc,this morning)

    That last one may take a majority of my day. MIL doesn’t care. She likes to do stuff. She can just hang and watch or play Apples to Apples with the kids.

  135. Plus, my gym MAY be closed today.

  136. Cal Thomas on reporters and religion

    Not really a lot of substance, but it doesn’t hurt to make the observations he does, I guess. I was underwhelmed….

  137. I hope by “bathroom” you mean “cleaning” and not “dropping a deuce,” Car in! :P

  138. I can swim, I just don’t know if I can swim a half a mile w/o need a lot of rests. I’ll let you guys know.

    It helps if you swim naked. Just sayin’.

    We will be eagerly waiting for your report, and maybe some pics.

  139. What is in Carin’s garden? How large is it?

  140. I took yesterday off – diet and exercise. Back to hitting it hard today!

  141. It’s good to see you back, Jazz.

    Carry on…

  142. Long search leads to hero

    Very cool.

  143. Hi, beasn!!! :D Thanks!!

    I’m commenting pretty heavily – am I annoying anyone? I don’t want to drive anyone batty.

  144. Right now, I’ve only got the toms and a few of the perennial herbs. I’ve got to get everything else in, and then work on the beautifying aspect of of it all.

    I’m going to move my horseradish and asparagus and oregano. I have a few hostas to move. and I’ve got cleomes coming up EVERYWHERE – they reseed, which is pretty freakin funny because they’re not considered a perennial up here AND I’ve tried to do them from seed in the house for the last two years and I always have a germination rate of about 30%. So I’m just going to dig up those little buggers and put them where I want.

  145. I’m going to swim naked today. And hose off the pool deck. Frickin’ holly trees make a mess.

  146. Where’s that whore Mare?

  147. I took yesterday off, but only because I was on a soccer field from 10:30 until 5:30. We did picnic lunch so I did ok. RIbs for dinner, which are bad, but ok I guess. Leon would approve.

    Today’s my only “relaxing” day and I’m gonna be spending it on yardwork. As I said, I try to get a swim in but unless my MIL leaves early it’s the only thing I’ll be able to get away with.

  148. I already swimmed nekkid yesterday.

    >> Can you eat leeks that are making flower stalks? Or is it too late?

    No. You will die.

  149. I will be wearing a swim suit.

  150. The ten-dollar bill features Alexander Hamilton on the front. Since he was never a president himself, one wonders how many Americans could explain how he got on the note. A hint is on the back, where there is a picture of the U.S. Treasury. In short, Alexander Hamilton was the first secretary of the Treasury.

    But it was how he handled that position that garnered him immortality on our money.
    * * *
    He believed that the new nation needed a good reputation on the international scene. If the United States was known to honor its debts, it would find it easier to get loans. Hamilton pointed out that this would be especially useful in a national emergency. Moreover, Hamilton wanted the federal government to take up all the state debt as well. He believed that it would help foster kinship among Americans by uniting them against a common problem.

    It was this belief in capitalism that propelled our fledgling nation to its status as a land of prosperity. This attempt to learn and implement free-market ideas makes for one of the key reasons why the experiment in the United States was a success, whereas revolutions in other nations failed.

  151. Wouldn’t it be funny if Mare tried to come back and we had her banned.

    Oh, that would be a hoot.

  152. Tommy Dorsey and Francis Albert. . .

  153. Horseradish FTW! Go, Carin! Are you a secret Pollack?

  154. Wait… What? What happened to Mare?

  155. Mare thinks she can just go on “vacation” and leave us. I fixed the thingy way on top.

    It amuses me.

  156. OMG, Jazz. You should see this horseradish. It’s going to take over my garden.

    It’s got to go somewhere else.

  157. My gym is only open from 8am to 2pm. It will either be crowded or empty today. So my schedule is:

    Clean coop
    Grilling in Canton

  158. Simply amazing pix of hanging monasteries:


  159. Horseradish, rhubarb and dill are THE staples of any garden I start. I’ll grow asspotatoes on request.

  160. I would go with the sidestroke Car in.
    You will make it.

  161. Gym

    Hey! I’m from New Jersey.

  162. am I annoying anyone?

    Not at all.

    Unless your name is Michael. ;o)

  163. I want to visit those monasteries!

  164. I cleaned the coop on Saturday morning.

    I have rhubarb in there. Dill goes in, but I didn’t pick it up yet (It’s a biannual, I believe, or something like that???)

    They were OUT of rosemary. I always put at least two of those in. LOVE fresh rosemary. I put two in , in case one doesn’t do well, or while they are still small, because once’ they’re big, ONE is all I need.

    I got 12 little things of basil. LOL. love pesto, yes we do.

  165. Thanks, beasn. :-P

    Hey! I’m from New Jersey..

    But you feel like a Pennsylvanian :)

  166. I would go with the sidestroke Car in.
    You will make it.

    Well, speed is an issue . You’re supposed to be pushing, going fast.

  167. Hotspur, are you a rider?

    No. Never had a motorcycle. Never wanted one. Just found myself in DC on Memorial weekend that year and saw hoards of them gathering in the Pentagon parking lot on the way to Mass at the National Cathedral, so I decided it would be cool to go down on The Mall and see them go by.

  168. Basil…. hahahaha – reminds me of “Basil Rathbone,” which sounds like an English soup.

    “I’ll have a bowl of the Basil Rathbone with oyster crackers, please.”

  169. I would love to see a documentary on how those monks built their monasteries.

  170. Carin, how come you haven’t sent me a piece of horseradish for transplanting? Don’t you like me? I thought we were friends.

    *sits in a mud puddle and cries

  171. >> I will be wearing a swim suit.

    Fine! FINE!

  172. I would love to see a documentary on how those monks built their monasteries.

    I was thinking the same thing. How can one look at them and not have that be the first thought – “How the HELL did they do that?” Talk about some creative logistics and engineering!!!!

  173. Jazz, that and the fact that one you can only get to via pulley.

  174. Carin, how come you haven’t sent me a piece of horseradish for transplanting? Don’t you like me? I thought we were friends.

    *sits in a mud puddle and criesM


    You want some of my horseradish?

    *write in Diary about this special day: “Today Lauraw made it know that she wanted a piece of my horseradish.”

    *puts star next to date.

    I wonder how big this muther is underground. I’ll tackle it, and get you a piece lauraw, as soon as I finish this cup of Joe.

  175. Anal fissures be upon MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, the milquetoast, effete pantywaist bitch.

  176. I need Car in’s energy. Guess I should do the diet and exercise thing too, huh? I’m at the age where shit starts breaking down, falling off….etc.

  177. I’m betting that Chris Hayes already has anal fissures.

  178. I’m googling this process, and apparently this is not an light undertaking.

  179. Jazz, that and the fact that one you can only get to via pulley.

    Hahahahaha! That guy looked like he was caught in one of Wiley Coyote’s “Acme” traps. :D

  180. SQUEEEE!!! Really?? AWESOME.

    It’s very invasive and spreading, right? I’ll separate it from the veggies.

  181. *gets nervous about where I planted it.

  182. Well then don’t worry about it, Carin. I hear Autumn/ very early Spring is the best time to divide and plant it, anyway.

  183. oh my

  184. Dick Lugar, professional dick and sour grapes-er:

    “For the time being, I don’t plan an active campaign,” Lugar said on “Face the Nation.”
    * * *
    Lugar told host Bob Schieffer that Republican voters in Indiana wrote off the need for bipartisanship.

    “A large portion of the Republican Party of Indiana believed, apparently, in the idea of individualism as opposed to community – a sense of compromise or a sense of talking across the aisle,” Lugar said.

  185. OK, with that, I’ma put on some grubbies and hit the dirt for a while.
    Toms got to go in now and new seedling beds need to be flipped and loved on.

    Ciao sweetlings.

  186. I’m going to move it ANYWAY, but if it doesn’t take off – the root I send you – I can dig it up again near fall and you can try again.

  187. Dangit.. Append this to the beginning of the last quote: “In his first interview since he lost his primary earlier this month, Indiana Republican Senator Richard Lugar said he had no plans to campaign for Richard Mourdock, who beat him.”

  188. Y’all saw that Erik Erickson at RedState got semi-SWATed since the Kimberlin exposes, right?

  189. Lugar needs to look at where compromise with the commie left has led us. What a clueless asshole.

  190. Later, my ‘Merican friends. I hope you are all flying Old Glory today!

  191. In which Mediaite‘s Dan Abrams concedes Noah Rothman’s point that Megan McCluelessFatassMcCain is a bully:

  192. Lugar needs to look at where compromise with the commie left has led us. What a clueless asshole.

    Sing it, Chief!!!! Have a great day, sir.

  193. Hahahahaha

    Last night we were sitting around the fire pit with friends and somehow we got on the subject of Hostess Twinkies and Cupcakes, etc.

    Pretty soon we were making up names and finally decided on Hopeless™ Fupkakes
    Next it was Hopeless Winkies, then Furpies, then Long Dongs, and pretty soon we were laughing our fool heads off.

    It was a very Hostagesque time.

  194. I went driving in the country last night for a couple of hours. I was out right at dusk until about midnight, and I saw so many firepits with folks partying around them. One house was having a big party, and they had fireworks to compete with a mid-level municipality. It was sooo cool. I pulled over to watch, but I wasn’t gutsy enough to go invite myself to the party.

  195. I can wear shoes!

  196. You sound like my mom, scott. She just had foot surgery. ;-)

    Still sore?

  197. National Weather Service misappropriates $43 million? NWS? REALLY?

    Can’t depend on a meteorologist for anything…..

  198. The swelling is pretty impressive but the pain is down. We shall see how it holds up during The Home Depot test.

  199. Wait until the rainbow sets in! How many hues of black, blue, green, and yellow can express on one limb?

  200. Back later. Y’all have a day. :-)

  201. **stabs Hotspur in the face with a Little Debbie Snatch Cake**

  202. glad your foot is better Scott.

    You should vacuum now.

  203. Lugar needs to look at where compromise with the commie left has led us. What a clueless asshole.

    I forget who it was and am too lazy to look it up, but there was one of the talking heads that gave the analogy of a yardstick for compromise. Conservatives are on the zero end, liberals are on the 36-inch end, corresponding to the amount of money spent, too. To us, the idea of compromise would then be 18. Our wonderful Republican friends in Congress *start* at 18 and offer to compromise to 27. Democrats still stand on the 36 and denounce them loudly for the 27, thus we end up fighting like hell for 30. Republicans then pat themselves on the back for this, saying, oh, it could have been worse, it could have 32 or 33, while we’re like, fuck, we wanted 3, not 30, assholes.

  204. Happy Memorial Day all! Recovering from family overload this morning, only one left at the house is the mil and she appears to be nesting…

  205. Someone should stick 6 Hopeless Long Dongs in Chris Hayes’s mealy little mouth.

  206. Car In: One more pot of coffee (i’ve already been cleaning, etc,this morning)


    Two pots of coffee, you better schedule a couple more bathroom visits. ;-)

  207. HI! Hi! Hi! *runs through blog, listens to Toby Keith, Thanks to all the Vets, past, present and future, enjoy your Memorial day.

  208. It was a very Hostagesque time.

    I don’t know how I feel about this. It kinda sounds like you’re cheating on us.

  209. What happened to Scott’s foot?

    Ok, got the horseradish MOVED and a bit saved for Lauraw. Wrapped it in wet newspapers.

    I’ll mail it tomorrow (ha ha h aaaaaaaaa) if I get an addy.

  210. I also dug up my asparagus – it needs a better home. It is too freakin HOT out there so I needed a little cool-down break.

  211. oh fuck we’re all gonna die now horseradish on the move.

  212. I’m gonna sit here until I figure if I want to move my rhubarb.

    I think I do.

  213. oh fuck we’re all gonna die now horseradish on the move.

    well, not yet. It’s just sittng on my counter.

    But it will move. The piece I got for laura looks nice. I cut off the leaves and it’s a nice long root. If it doesn’t work, I’ll try again in the fall – as I said, but I wanted to move it anyway.

  214. Good morning, day offers.


  216. Hard to believe I’ve agreed with Peggy Noonan on anything since Reagan.

  217. Gym was a zoo, but I got my workout done.

  218. I’m gonna sit here until I figure if I want to move my rhubarb.

    Kids and their slang these days.


  219. Mr. RFH set up a rain gutter garden along the back porch for me. I got the idea from someone here, so thank you. I’ll thank you even more when I have some lettuce and basil.

  220. Mr. RFH set up a rain gutter garden along the back porch for me. I got the idea from someone here, so thank you.

    That was me. I’m an expert on rain gutter gardens.

    You can show your appreciation with intimate behaviors that we should discuss in private.

  221. Tried to link this on FB, and it would not let me post it. Finally had to put the link in quotes in a comment. WTF?

  222. You can show your appreciation with intimate behaviors that we should discuss in private.

    I’m telling you for the final time, I’m not lancing that boil on your ass.

  223. Posting that comment right here is not what I consider “private.”

  224. I was trying to get Wiser to volunteer for it.

  225. Comment by pepelp2 on May 28, 2012 8:25 am
    Good morning children. 34 degrees this morning, brrrrr.

    34 degrees, huh? That’s supposed to be the high here today.

    34 degrees CELSIUS…..

  226. I was trying to get Wiser to volunteer for it.

    No way. Wiser would do it with a machete.

  227. lance it.

    DO EET!

  228. Roamy – Imma steal your yardstick analogy and poston FB, con primiso.

  229. Lawd Reekris, I am not used to working in the hot sun just yet this season. But it does feel really good (humidity is low and I desperately needed to get some sun on my skin).

    Gonna save myself some time and effort and turn four of my small garden beds over to buckwheat for a month or so. Kills weeds, preserves space for Fall crops which tend to be more productive anyway, and when I till it in I shouldn’t have to haul in much compost.

    *three thumbs up*

    Just dawned on me that my sugarsnap peas have been in flower for over a week.

    *runs outside to see if there are any peas yet*

  230. garden blog!

  231. Well, missy! I got my workout done and it’s too hot and muggy here to tan. Plus, I leave the gardening to Herself. Wanna swap nekkid piksures?

  232. Lauraw, I’ve never heard of the buckwheat thing, other than you and Scott have mentioned it a few times. What is the deal? You just till it in when you are ready to plant something else?

    I’m not Buckwheat savvy, Dammit!

  233. I haven’t killed a lily this year.

    Not for lack of trying.

    Also, if you have Netflix, watch “Chosin”. Be prepared to be heartbroken for these men who served. Fingers lost to the cold.. it’s .. I have no words. But it’s worth your time.

  234. If you lance this huge boil on my ass, you could collect some fluid that would be an excellent nutrient for your tomato seedlings.

  235. Dave – I’ve told you before that my Dad was “MIA” for 8 months in Korea and wounded escaping the ChiComs, right?

  236. OK, added “Chosin” to the queue.

    Flag is flying in my front yard today.

  237. Michael, I’ve got several hundred pounds of all-natural fertilizer here for the taking if you want to stop by.

  238. If you lance this huge boil on my ass, you could collect some fluid that would be an excellent nutrient for your tomato seedlings.

    *hurls in Michael’s rain gutter garden*

  239. Yeah, it’s a ‘green manure’ crop. It doesn’t break up new soil as well as some plants do (alfalfa), but it produces a ton of green matter. So it’s good to use as a fallow crop on tilled land that is getting a little poor. Grows so quickly it squashes/ shades out all but the very tough perennial weeds.

    Turn it in as soon as it starts to show the first flowers. It’s a bee crop and you don’t want to be trying to flip it over when it’s covered with feeding wasps!

    Alternatively, you could leave a patch of it growing at a little distance to purposely feed the predatory wasps that are good for the rest of the garden. It reseeds itself, or you can collect the buckwheat groats for replanting.

  240. Yeah, MCPO, I remember that.

    I do.

  241. Lauraw- I’ve got the horseradish for you.

  242. Need your snail mail.

  243. Is it peas or peanuts that are good for re-nitrogening soil? Or maybe it’s both…..

  244. MCPO, I knew he was MIA but not for 8 months. Wow. Glad he made it back home!

  245. Sent it already. Check your britches.

  246. Teresa — peanuts.

  247. Blessed Memorial Day to all the hostages. Thanks to all you guys that loiter these parts and served us all.

  248. *checks my britches, decides they ain’t wet enough and jumps in the pool!*

  249. All legumes are nitrogen fixers, TiFW. Some better than others. Alfalfa particularly good…clovers are great…I think that’s why they grow soybeans as a cover crop in cornfields, too.

  250. No fair Dave! All we have is a pond here…wif leeches.

    And a hose. Hm.

    *runs back outside*

  251. oh fuck NO LEECHES

  252. also, I’m swimmin around with my daughter’s idiot lab. Giant cluster of knucklehead pooch. Sheesh

  253. Did you make sure to put a plastic bag over your head before you jumped in the pool, dave? Wouldn’t want to get your eye wet.

  254. Be sure and duct tape that plastic bag nice and tight.

    Waterproof seal, and all that….. :P

  255. I taped up teh eye. Not allowed to gets pool water in it.

  256. Is there a way to get to the H2 Recipe site from here, or are we expected to remember the darn thing?

    A friend brought asparagus yesterday that was to die for, and I wanted to share the recipe with youse guys…..

  257. buckwheat groats

    had that once, an anti-viral creme cleared it right up!

  258. Mr. TiFW’s Uncle Leo and a couple of his buddies were “POWs” in Germany in WWII….

    ….for a couple of hours, until the teenaged German soldiers all fell asleep, and the teenaged Americans “re-acquired” their shot-up Jeep and managed to find their way (in the dark) back to the American side….

    (Uncle Leo had some kick-ass stories)

  259. Teresa, click on the happy little boy with the mixing bowl, top of the right sidebar.
    Looking forward to the recipe!

  260. Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother to bring this up, but since it seems to be the primary topic of the day I’ll go ahead and throw in. When I bought this house a couple of years ago I inherited a grapevine that grows all along the north wall of my back yard. It’s got probably 80 – 100 groups of small immature green grapes growing on it right now. I’ll be giving away groups of green grapes by the grocery sack in the next three weeks or so.

  261. Very cool pg

  262. Mare?

  263. Mmmm homegrown grapes.

    Are they any good for making wine, pendejo?

  264. I don’t know. I’m not gay.

  265. Yes you are, you’re a huge gay homo-man who likes buttsex and shoe shopping.

    Just because you don’t like wine doesn’t mean you have to lie about who you really are.

  266. Ha. Must have

  267. Sweet Jesus my kid’s lab is a giant tornado of stupid.

  268. Most wine is made in France or Northern California. I rest my case.

    And I prefer oral to anal thank you very much.

  269. Are goggles for one eye called a unocle or a monogle?

  270. *sees plastic card on ground and picks it up*

    Member in good standing: Pendejo Grande
    Since 1985
    **30% Discount at Cole Haan, in perpetuity**

    Wow, that’s actually a pretty sweet deal. Can’t say it isn’t worth it.

  271. Ball gags for Bulldogs. Somebody has to much time on their hands.

  272. Sweet Jesus my kid’s lab is a giant tornado of stupid.

    Ha ha ha haa! Most labs are pretty bright but every once in a while there’s an incorrigible lunkhead in the litter.

  273. Hey……Give.That.Back. It’s got a list of xbrad’s favorite comfort foods written on the back.

    And I’m more of a Johnston & Murphy guy.

  274. This dog can acutally beat me with his force. It’s all I can do to keep him marginally focused on not the back door.

    Sheesh. He’s a beautiful pup, but he has the force of Godzilla

  275. I put up the recipe for the Kahlua-vodka cake I had at the party Saturday night.

  276. Dave, use the dark side.

  277. I had to look up what Cole Haan was.

  278. DinT – Puppy pix?

  279. What is it, Roamy? I was to intellectually incurious to look? I assumed twas shoes. But it could be diaphrams. Depends on how you interpret the context.

  280. Pendejo, it included purple oxford shoes for $200. There were women’s shoes, too, and other stuff, but I’d seen enough.

  281. PG – are those “wild” grapes, or some other kind? Here in FTW, we have the muscat grapes that grow wild and are a bit of a nuisance. Not much good for eating, unfortunately, and the leaves/vines are covered in tiny spines that make you itch somethin’ fierce.

    We were able to get Thompson seedless to grow here – had to cut down the vine a few years back, but what we were able to keep from the birds were yummy!

  282. THX, Laura! I’ve posted the recipe – it’s really simple.

    I was gonna go back for seconds yesterday, but it had all been eaten by the time I got there.

    Our friend was pleasantly surprised – apparently he had lots of leftovers at the Super Bowl party he attended earlier in the year (a decidedly younger crowd at that shindig….) :P

  283. He would have eaten my phone MCPO.

    Better to keep it safe.

  284. Henri the Cat sends along this poignant tale of the choices cats are forced to make:

  285. Nothing better than an absolutely spotless house. Well some things are better but not many :)

  286. This reminds me of the time I visited Andersonville on Memorial Day weekend. 13,000 graves, every one of them with a fresh new flag.

  287. *spots a spot in my house*

    I’M ON IT

  288. Roamy, whenI was a kid growing up there, every Memorial Day after church we had a bid picnic.. and we tended the graves. Flags, and weeding.

    It was a good thing

  289. Dave, it is a common Scout project to clean up some of the small cemeteries, the ones that get neglected.

  290. I’ve been working all day, getting ready for a presentation tomorrow. IT weanie decided it woud be a good weekend to take the server down and leave it down, and was unreachable by cell phone. I had to start over again from scratch. It looks a little something like this:

  291. One of the comments over at Hot Air made me spew my drink:

    Meanwhile, Ann Coulter took to Twitter to give her assessment of the MSNBC host’s comment. “Chris Hayes ‘Uncomfortable’ Calling Fallen Military ‘Heroes’ — Marines respond by protecting his right to menstruate.”

  292. Pick on somebody your own size, Michael!

  293. Bummer, Pupster! I wouldn’t want to be that IT guy the next time you see him.

  294. Almost time to put the T-bones on the grill. . .

  295. Good morning and hope you’re having a good Memorial Day!

    Just woke up to find out I have to go over to the neighbors for a pool party. Beer for breakfast? Sure, why not (Minot! *recycles joke from last thread*).

    The worst part of this job is forcing my body back on the ‘normal’ schedule for 4 days every week.

  296. Eh, he’s a amiable enough fellow for an IT weenie. I don’t know what the issue is, I can’t connect to the drive that holds all my documents and drawings. Might have just crashed, but it looks like, from the state of the server room, he was doing some sort of maintenance last week when I was out of town.

    It’s done now. Not perfect, but I was only willing to give up 10 hours of my holiday to make it presentable. Hot dogs are grilling and beer is a chillin.

  297. OK, off to the pool.

    You kids be good and don’t burn the steaks Chief.

    See you in a bit.

  298. does phat mean he’s going to drop kids off at the pool?

  299. pupster has the best pics EVAHR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. stupid people with lives.


  301. shunnnn


  302. PJM – STFU and quit treating us like your internet booty call!

  303. You know what? Shut the hell up and enjoy the bootie call

  304. HAHAHA! PJ is feisty after her day at the pool!

  305. I think I just figured out a better place to put my pole beans, so that the melons and squashes get afternoon shade AND there will be more room for tomatoes.

    I’m getting overstimulated

  306. s’right…… it beeyotches

  307. I think I just figured out a better place to put my pole beans, so that the melons and squashes get afternoon shade AND there will be more room for tomatoes.

    YAY! pole beans!

    wait………..what’s that?

  308. HAHAHA! PJM doesn’t know what pole beans are!

  309. I know what a beanpole is

  310. Well, there you go then.

  311. googled.

    it’s a green bean. YUM

  312. Crap, I need some 8′ stakes.
    Compost. Hay. Radish seeds. Motherfuckin’ bootleg fireworks.

  313. L to R

    Pupster, PJM

  314. Poles and overstimulation in the same comment….

    ….checks for trap under the low-hanging fruit that Humpy left out there….

  315. Lawd reegus!

  316. Holidays with daddy can tucker a girl out!

  317. Shut the hell up and enjoy the bootie call

    *stands up*

    *sits back down*

  318. Pupster, PJM


    you enjoy that paw lickin as much as I did?

  319. You should see how much food just a few square feet of pole beans produces, Peej. It’s unbelievable. You pick them for weeks on end, you get absolutely sick of them!
    And you can park them in an innocuous corner of the garden and leave lots of room for other things, while your freezer is filling up with green beans for Winter.

    I’m going to use up the rest of my bush wax bean seeds this season, and after this year will be done with bush types forever.

    I do need a Southerner to advise me on the best varieties of beans for growing for field peas. Because I tried field peas last weekend (I believe these were Lady Cream but do not know for sure) and this is a done deal. So yummy!

    Going to start with lima beans this season, because I already have the seeds.

  320. awwwwwwwwwwww, grandpa! That baby is SWEET!

    someone get laura her stakes. STAT!


    HAHAHAHAHA! I am STILL laughing at that

  322. You pick them for weeks on end, you get absolutely sick of them!


  323. I had fun yesterday, Pups!

  324. I had fun yesterday, Pups!

    Good, me too. Spent quality time with the boys, bossing them around cleaning up the deck and outdoor furniture, cooked out and had a nice dinner out on the back deck. Made Mrs. Pupster a big blender full of pina coladas and had some quality time with her too.

  325. MARE! Pupster’s roofie … ing Mrs. Pupster again!

  326. Made Mrs. Pupster a big blender full of pina coladas and had some quality time with her too.

    hubba hubba

  327. and romy just got a song stuck in my head

  328. Live interview with ISS crew

  329. you bitches and your figuring and your planting crap

  330. Shoot, shovel, and shut up, Dave. ;)

  331. In Kennesaw. Just visited Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield National Park. Now just chillin’ with some BBQ.

  332. Sounds good, XBrad. I’m about to start cooking some chicken wings and green beans here.

  333. No. You’re a bitch.

  334. I’m gonna grill some steak bitches

  335. Man! Big-ass T-bone and a salad. . . FTW!

  336. WordPress is still being a bitch

  337. What’s a steak bitch?

  338. I bought some pork yesterday that was marketed next to the country style ribs but it was a weird cut I’ve never seen before. It said, “Southern style” so I said “that means it’s tough” and bought two large packages of it.

    Brined it briefly, rinsed it, and marinated in Cuban Mojo for a few hours.

    Browned it well on the grill slowly for about an hour, then put it in a large baking pan, slathered on the remaining mojo, and placed it all in the oven covered at 250.
    Forgot about it, until a few hours later someone opened the kitchen door and I caught a whiff of this wonderful smell.

    Oh. My. It fell apart like chunks of creamy deliciousness in a brown citrusy gravy.

    I ended up giving almost all of it away to the departing guests.

    WIN. Will do again.

  339. I can’t speak right now.. .. Shoves a bitch steak at Sean

  340. Actually, you know what? I’ve been seeing some odd cuts in the stores lately. I NEVER saw flank steak or brisket here until a few months ago, and now they are fixtures in the meat department.

  341. Cheap meat comes to Connecticut…film at 11

  342. I asked what a steak bitch was. A bitch steak is what Obama eats.

  343. flank steak, marinade for at least 4 hours. Cook fast, with high heat. Invite me to dinner.

  344. Roofies or milk coma? You make the call!

  345. Our gas grill is seriously screwed up. I’m almost ready to ditch it and go back to charcoal. Hot spots, cold spots. FEH. I almost screwed up the burgers yesterday. As it was, they came out ‘just ok.’ If the grill was acting right they would have been so much better. I was too afraid to turn up the heat because of the hot spots.

    Oh, and also it had caught fire earlier in the day.

    But that’s normal when I’m cooking.

  346. other than that it’s ok. Did you cook the shrimp?

  347. I have a Weber Genesis Platinum. I’ve had it for 10 years. It’s works as well now as when I bought it!

  348. This happened here this morning. It’s across the street from the Winco where BiW and I shop and about half mile from where Josh Powell burned-up himself and his two little boys.

  349. We have a Weber Disintegris Lead. We’ve had it for ten years. Time to dig a pit and line it with firebricks.

  350. remember when me and wiser blew up the back porch in flames and death?

    Good times, good times.

  351. MCPO, milk coma. I loved it when their little mouths would move like they were nursing in their sleep. Little toothless smiles while sleeping were even better.

  352. Motherfuckin’ bootleg gas grill.

  353. *immediately wraps Sean up in a discarded parachute and drops him into the incinerator*

    JESUS that was close.


    All clear now, guys

  354. The eel did it.

  355. *makes a smore*

  356. I smell chicken.

  357. I smell dead people

  358. Had it been another day, I might have looked the other way. . .

  359. That’s probably me. It’s 85 degrees in this room.

  360. I loved it when their little mouths would move like they were nursing in their sleep.

    Oh, I so miss my little babies doing that.

  361. I loved it when their little mouths would move like they were nursing in their sleep.


  362. I’m afraid you’ve all forgotten

  363. Shutup woman.

  364. get on my horse

  365. My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow, so I’m feeling nostalgic.

  366. I think the parents should receive the presents on the childs’ birthday. All the kid does is make it through another year. The parents have to do all the work, they deserve the reward for not strangling the kid.

  367. Well,it’s a damn good thing I got May’s funneh knocked out last week, cuz I’m totally out right now.

  368. I would like to subscribe to Pepe’s newsletter…..

  369. Beautiful pictures, Chief!

  370. Hostage Community Theater presents “WAIT A MINUTE, YOU DI…(cough)”

    Mini-me: So, you’re not going to make the Oreo Truffles I asked for my birthday?


  371. *pours peej a glass of sweet lemonade*

  372. Piss and sugar isn’t “lemonade,” Sean.

  373. So, you’re not going to make them, Romy?

    *holds vigil in Romy’s front yard*

  374. I’ve actually thought about starting a blog and writing down all the random stuff that is rattling around in my head. But, I’d probably be arrested, or committed to a psychiatric ward.

  375. I’m not going to make them if she keeps bugging me about them. Or making excuses for me. Grumph.

  376. Shhhhhh! You’ll ruin my fun, b-rad.

  377. I did that for a little while, Pepe. Now I just use it to track my workouts.

  378. NepLex is back up!

  379. So far this month I have turned 50, stabbed myself, and screwed up my foot. Operating a jig saw tomorrow for several hours should be a piece of cake.

  380. What happened to it X?

  381. Ok I have it X.

  382. Vman, after Lex died, his family didn’t know how to pay the hosting service. Took ’em a while to find the passwords, account info and such. But it is back up, and looks like everything is there.

  383. Brad got his porn back, that’s nice.

  384. Has Carin picked out a bar for Lapeeralooza?

  385. >> So far this month I have turned 50, stabbed myself, and screwed up my foot. Operating a jig saw tomorrow for several hours should be a piece of cake.

    *lights a smoke*

    Hit it.

  386. Comment by scott on May 28, 2012 9:03 pm
    So far this month I have turned 50, stabbed myself, and screwed up my foot. Operating a jig saw tomorrow for several hours should be a piece of cake.


    So can I start calling you “Lefty” now? or should I wait ’til you get back from the hospital?

  387. Scott, count your digits. Remember that number. Make sure it’s the same tomorrow.

  388. Got it.

  389. I don’t know what’s cooler, the flying or the pron music:

  390. Funkay.

  391. hey Scott! High four!


  393. We’ve got thunderboomers movin’ in, too, Chief!

    Catch y’all manana – all you members of the Texas cabal remember to go and cast your vote tomorrow…. :P

  394. Is there any races besides dewhurst vs cruz? That’s the only advertisements I’ve seen. Ace has played both sides of the race.

  395. Are, pg.


  396. Sean,
    You’re just being mean now…

  397. Madness! Madness!

  398. /Bridge over the river Kwai

  399. Mrs. Dave gets her knee scoped tomorrow morning. Torn cartilage, some arthritis. Kind of a familiar diagnosis from a few years ago.

  400. Dave,
    Gonna call my GP tomorrow. Think I’ve torn right rotator cuff. Hope not, as insurance is sketchy, but we’ll see. My right arm is pretty useless now. Hurts like a SOB, and is pretty much useless.
    Getting old is not for wimps!

  401. gettin old, it ain’t for pussies Chris. My best to ya

  402. I went to mow my lawn Sunday. My mower was gone, my blower was gone, my trimmer was gone, my edger was gone, and my chainsaw was gone!

    It sucks to be me, what is my deductible?

  403. This south wind is hotter than crud. I can smell Cuban Cigars.

  404. With a taste of Jamaican Jerk and Conch

  405. Maybe I should do a Submarine Tuesday.

    It is not tuesday yet.

    I am owning the comments also

  406. *pours peej a glass of sweet lemonade*

    that was suspiciously salty

  407. Jeebus flinderbers, Vman. You just can’t catch a decent break, can you?

  408. I went to mow my lawn Sunday. My mower was gone, my blower was gone, my trimmer was gone, my edger was gone, and my chainsaw was gone!

    Did the tropical storm take ’em?

  409. At least they left the lawn, Vman.

  410. Good morning ladies and Sean,

    About to attempt sleep so i can get back on the daywalker schedule.

  411. Hey phat. I’m about to call it a derp, too.

  412. Some crazy cloud-to cloud lightning going on here. Sitting on the porch hoping to see some ball lightning.

  413. Occupy airport. Phat, please clear all traffic and weather between CMH – BNA.


  414. I went to mow my lawn Sunday. My mower was gone, my blower was gone, my trimmer was gone, my edger was gone, and my chainsaw was gone!

    Folks, keep your garage door closed.

    I read somewhere that an enormous amount of burglaries are actually just casual thieves walking into open garages and walking off with golf clubs, etc.

  415. wakey wakey

    That completely sucks vman.

  416. I bet they were crusing in a van, looking for opportunities. Check your local pawn shop.

  417. We actually had a few garage burglaries in my neighborhood, while a crew was working on resurfacing some roads.

    The HOA hired a security firm. Now, if you are not a resident with a new red windshield sticker, your license plate gets photographed when you enter and exit. If anything goes missing, they can tell the police which yard guys or maids were in the area.

  418. HI, HI, HI, Man I am sleepy

  419. Given the current tragedy, does anyone want a motivational poat?

  420. Vanists!

  421. New poat.

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