The Day That All Moms Dread…..

Well, I knew this day had to come – it comes around every year. The day that all kids look forward to. and all mothers dread.

That’s right, folks – the Last Day of School is here…..

Oh, well – September will be here before you know it…..



  1. First

  2. Who’s on it?

  3. What’s on second?

  4. How much money is in the H2 Amazon beer/bail fund?
    I think we may need to spring Rosie from the hoosegow:


  6. What position does he play?

  7. I found two vids of Obama lying (I know, I know) at apparently two dif locations but same message. Both times, he cannot NOT touch his nose/face (a ‘tell’, IIRC).

  8. Is that a “universal” tell, or an Obama-specific tell?

    Of course, it’s not a lie if the person saying it BELIEVES it (or wants it to be true). Then again, psychopaths and narcissists can’t keep their stories straight…..

  9. My kids have two more weeks.


  10. This shit. What the fuck is it?

  11. When does home-schooling get out?

  12. Like I said, feel free to push it down with the flotation devices that you have on deck for BBF at any time – it’s just filler! 😛

  13. they get done when they finish their stuff. Ethan’s done with math, and Erin has too but she wants to go through the summer because she had fallen a bit behind (Math is hard for her).

  14. Boo

  15. “Math is hard!”

    Malibu Stacy and XBradTC

  16. Stacy’s Mom?

  17. Has got it goin’ on.

  18. I never heard of these tactics before…the 911 call/ swat thing. And the constant legal barrage.

  19. Reading now, Laura.


  20. Thanks for the link Laura, that is incredibly nauseating. I hope they rot in hell.

  21. I’ve been reading about this stuff – what he’s done, but I can’t really get a handle on 1) where he gets his money from and 2) what it is he supposedly does.

    Is he just a blogger? a far left one?

  22. found a lot here, just now.

  23. Read up on this guy yesterday (Kimberlin) – he’s one scary dude. Spectacularly brilliant, but criminally insane. And one of those people who can manipulate others to do his dirty work for him.

    He’s been in trouble with the Feds since he was in high school.

    Guys like this don’t stop until they are dead, and they look at the rest of the world as ants to be squashed – a true psychopath.

  24. I heard this on the scanner yesterday morning. I was shocked!
    Shocked, I tell you!
    Tigers? WTF, O?

  25. Car in, from what I could gather, Kimberlin probably made a boatload of money from his drug-smuggling days, and has it stashed where no one will ever find it. He knew that Al Capone got picked up for tax evasion, so he always made (makes?) sure to put just enough in the bank to pay his tax bill every year. Always declared his income, never said what he did to get it, and there has never been any way to trace it.

    Scary smart dude, with no conscience whatsoever.

    Like Ted Bundy, without the dead teen-aged girls.

  26. Yea, I started reading about it earlier this week – tuesday or so. I was waiting for Pat’s story to come out- to hear what happened to him.

    I was really interested in his political angle. Who he may be associated with – who he supports, etc. I understand he’s gotten money from Soro’s, Tides, Babs …

    But aside from some lefty sounding things, it doesn’t seem he DOES anything. What are they paying him for?

  27. This, Carin.

  28. What are they paying him for?

    He’s paid to be a thug. His job is harass and bully conservatives.

  29. Pretty amazing reading. I’d never heard of the guy until Ace posted something recently.

  30. I think the non-profit is just a shell – the illusion of respectability. This guy is laughing at everyone because he is outsmarting them all. Soros probably sees him as a kindred spirit – they’re both certifiably insane.

    Our neighbor used to work for the local Sheriff’s department and ran across a couple of homicidal psychopaths. He said that they had no conscience and they would NEVER stop until they were dead.

    The rest of the prisoners were terrified of them, and “justice” was usually served by the other inmates. EVERYBODY looked the other way….

  31. He doesn’t really appear to do anything else.

    I looked.

    His website has a few paltry, out of date, pieces.

    The people giving him money need to be gone after.

  32. Honestly, I don’t think there IS a political angle – this guy will take money from whoever he can con into giving him money, and laughs at how he got one over on them.

    “Normal” people will never fully be able to understand how these guys think, because we will never think like that.

    He’s able to get money from the leftists because they are willing to be gulled. They may never be able to be convinced that this guy is a bad guy, because he knows which buttons to push to garner their sympathy.

  33. I just sent this in an email elsewhere: I see an escalation in tactics and reactionary fury that started years ago. Most recently the successful media and lawsuit attacks on Palin…the MBM is absolutely complicit and sympathetic; this is their dog, off leash.

  34. The people giving him money need to be gone after.

    Some of them – even though their political views are different from ours – are not “evil”. I’m sure that the grant proposals were filled with flowery phrases that made the selection committees think this was a worthy charity.

    Let them know who they are dealing with, and I am sure that most of them will withdraw support. The ones who don’t are the ones who can’t believe that someone could be that bad, that they have been reformed, they have paid their debt to society, etc.

    Since he has scrubbed all information about himself from the Internet, there is no way for them to easily find out information about him, and even then, he is enough of a charming manipulator that he can convince them that it is all lies and conspiracy.

    We can make it uncomfortable for them to contribute to him, but they have to want to believe that he is a bad person before they will be convinced of it.

    He’s one of those people who likes to create chaos and watch the world burn.

    Unrepentant and unrehabilitatable.

  35. Good morning, people of a parallel universe where this is apparently not Big Boob Friday™.

  36. I just sent this in an email elsewhere: I see an escalation in tactics and reactionary fury that started years ago.

    Oh, I agree with you there.

    But this guy is in a (non-political) class by himself.

    He’s just “playing”, for lack of a better term. He wants to prove that he is smarter than everyone else, and he doesn’t care who gets hurt. People are just obstacles. They have no value, no worth – they are inanimate objects to him; pawns in a game.

    He’s a living, breathing Terminator.

  37. Good morning, people of a parallel universe where this is apparently not Big Boob Friday™.

    Patience, Grasshopper – BBF is primed and ready; MJ just has to pull the trigger (SYWM) 😛

  38. Yes, Teresa, but that anyone openly connected to the political Left would knowingly donate money to him is the truly fearsome thing.

  39. I prefer the cameltoe, TYVM.

  40. I think most on the left would be or are appalled by these tactics. But there is a hard core that thinks it is just fine for mad dogs to suppress the speech of political opponents. They may not want to do it themselves, but they have no problem with it being done.

  41. Also, just to make Leon happy:

  42. I’ll put up BBF when this thread gets to 100 comments.

  43. You know, it would be a lot harder for us reactionary reichwing Rethuglikkkan troglodytes to smear those nice people on the left with charges that they “pal around with terrorists” if they would, you know, stop palling around with terrorists.

    I’m just saying is all.

  44. Let them know who they are dealing with, and I am sure that most of them will withdraw support.

    yea, that’s what I meant.

    how many comments do we have so far?

  45. No way can I do 50+ comments on my own.

  46. I yawned tenX while watching this but was not bored.

  47. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, or so I’ve been told by the left.

    You know, every once in a while they actually say what they mean.

  48. My kids want to go to a movie on their own.


  49. Car in wants titties.

  50. I’m currently drinking coffee, so I’m not watching that video.

    Lauraw, have you told scott yet that Obama ate a dog? I think he’d want to know.

  51. ar in wants titties.

    I’m a GIVER. It’s a little thing I can do to make you guys happy.

  52. I’ll tell him when he gets back to the shop, Carin, thanks.

  53. If Mare were here, we’d have those boo bees here in no time.

  54. We’re not even up to 60 comments. At this rate, bewbs will land around 4 pm.

  55. You know, every once in a while they actually say what they mean.

    And then the fun begins, since they realize that they have to walk it back. Like, f’rinstance…

  56. Ok. Last comment. Someone else take over.

  57. I’m redoing my office this weekend (last room in the house), so we bought a new couch for it. Put the old one on Craigslist for free. BAM! Picked up in 30 mins from the time I posted it.

  58. MJ’s couch will go nicely in the dollhouse of the little girl that picked it up.

  59. 38 to go. This sucks. I want to see boobs.

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  97. Shirlena?

  98. Just finished my workout. Who is gonna make a sammich for me?!

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