HHD–Real Muscular Motivation

This… is motivating:


  1. Many of Monday’s models could deadlift twice their body weight. I think maybe that last guy could, but the rest of these dudes are wusses built for show.

  2. Work time. Ogle all you want, ladies, these guys aren’t interested.

  3. Except for the guy with tall socks, none of these guys look gay.

    Cyn, clear your mantle.

  4. *leaves a cookie for Gabe

  5. I dunno about that. I don’t think you can tell. Besides, fitness is about more than just lifting. It’s about being able to do stuff BESIDES just lifting. The training Marines go through give them bodies like this, and they aren’t just built for show.

  6. I left Leon a comment on the dead thread and now he is gone.

  7. I agree, Carin, lean and muscular without being huge, it’s functional and a great look.

  8. VMax, I have mini-30 that would work fine, but I can’t hunt with a rifle in MI south of Lansing.

    Generally, a narrow waist is a weak waist. Also, I believe it’s my duty to offer crass criticism of this post considering how much crap people give me for Monday’s girls (0 of whom have penises, but whatever).

  9. Okay, actually leaving now, darnitall.

  10. I agree, Carin, lean and muscular without being huge, it’s functional and a great look.

    Yes, this.

    I see lots of different types of work-out dudes at the gym. Sure, plenty of them just lift for looks. Just as many women- who just do cardio to loses weight – do. No difference.

  11. Good morning.peeps

  12. Well done Cyn.

    Ignore Leon. He’s a h8ter.

  13. There’s just enough ghey in the poat to make everyone feel welcome and at home. And all of these models have penises. But they’re supposed to.

  14. I remember reading Lone Survivor and he training they did … woa. Those were some FUNCTIONAL athletes.

  15. Cyn ♥s Leon.
    No matter his fascination with trannies.

  16. Cyn, the issue is that I just don’t think we could ever let Leon do HHD.

  17. Or do we call them Tuckers? Well, whatever, some of them have very nice hair.

  18. You have a point on that Carin; I’m not sure we could.

  19. Hey, Lugar, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

  20. Anywhoo, it’s for us girls and I’m glad you and Mare and Oso like.

    It’s funny, looking for HHD men… invariably some hawt chicks will creep into the search results. Real chicks. That are hawt. Funny that.

  21. No kidding on Lugar. At 80, what the hell was he even thinking running again? That right there is the problem. Same goes for John McCain.

  22. *sigh*

    I’m trying to fire a customer but he won’t let go of my ankles.

    I think I’m going to have to do this job.


  23. What he want you to do, ship a baby elephant?

  24. Australia job. Super fragile and our options are limited by size. He wants me to pack it weird so it just barely qualifies for the cheaper service. I am not comfortable -feel sure that it won’t survive the trip packed the way he says. He says he will hold me blameless for breakage. I don’t see the fucking point.

  25. I guess the main problem is that he’s talking to me via email and he likes to use all caps and red print, so it always feels like he’s screaming at me.

  26. Also, he’s Australian, in Australia, and I’m kind of afraid of those people.

    Kangaroos. Rabbit fences. Small hands. Smell like cabbage.

  27. *gives laura a big hug and a cookie, and inadvertently hits delete on crazy yelling man’s emails*

    Oh look. Maybe he changed his mind?

  28. Make him bring you the baby elephant already packed up.

    *makes that sweepy hands-clean motion*

  29. Too cheap to do it right, but has enough to break it and buy a new one?

  30. Whatever you do, don’t mark it FRAGILE.



  33. My daughter was very active in opposing an additional millage and income tax initiative in Ypsilanti, where she lives. The vote was yesterday, and both proposals went down in flames.

    She is shocked at the vitriol directed at her and her opposition group. They were called stupid idiots, greedy slumlords, anti-safety, anti-children, etc., etc.

    I said welcome to politics, and the character assassination tactics of the left.

  34. good morning ladies
    i see the HHD is in full swing, after Mondays Tranny hit i was feeling a bit ummm

  35. IMO, except for upkeep of the physical buildings and grounds, more money to schools is an absolute lefty boondogle. More money, won’t help what’s wrong with schools. It mostly goes to administration and it doesn’t improve curriculum, teacher-student interaction or parental involvement.

    Good for your daughter, Hotspur.

  36. I think this is neat:


  37. Mare, there’s some cool youtubes of aerial delivery if you’re interested. I’ll be happy to dig a couple up for you.

  38. Well, I sure liked those pics, xbrad.

  39. Here’s precision air drop:

  40. Watch your toes!

  41. Wow, I’m not sure what I thought happened but those precision drops are amazing.

    And how in the world do those soldiers land with those huge packs in front, below the waist?

  42. And watching those humvee’s zip out of there made my tummy do a turn.

  43. A few seconds before you hit the ground, you release the rucksack. It’s on about a 25′ tether. You don’t drop it on the tether sooner to reduce oscillation.

  44. Origins of that was back in DDay, wasn’t it, xbrad? Lots of the bags were too heavy, and they were lost because they broke off. They had a scene of it in Band of Brothers, and Ambrose went into quite a bit of detail in the book.

  45. Hey, where the heck has beasn been?

  46. Hahahahaha

    David Thorne has a new blog poat.


  47. J’ames, you refer to the infamous “leg bags?” Yeah, they didn’t go over well.

    But I’m not sure when exactly the current drop system was adopted. I’m a leg, not airborne. I arrive on the battlefield in a far more dignified manner.

  48. Fuck off back to Austria.


  49. Speaking of jumpers… here’s a nice pic.


    I know Chrispy is a jumper, and I think we have one or two more.

  50. Hey, anybody know the over/under for when Dick Lugar sues the people of Indiana for wrongful termination?

  51. Dick Lugar – that has got to be the worst name in the world.

    Anyway, I fully expect that this dick lugar will run as an independent. These people just can’t give up those sweet sweet senate perks.

  52. Indiana has a sore loser law, so he can’t run as an independent. At least that’s what’s being said.

  53. Indiana has a sore loser law, so he can’t run as an independent.

    excellent. Because you just know that he would if he could. He’s as bad as the Kennedys, believing those seats are rightfully theirs.

    36 years is way too fucking long for anyone to be a Senator.

  54. John Dingle has been in the House since 1955. 57 years.

  55. Rush is really spiking the football today.

  56. Good Jay, that’s great.

  57. The 3rd guy and hell several others have my full attention

  58. Yup, the Puppy Blender had it a couple days ago:

    Instapundit: LUGAR CAN’T BE A “SORE LOSER”

  59. Awwww daveis a pirate

  60. arrrrr

  61. So, Breitbart’s coroner got dead and now my sister says the witness to his (Breitbart’s) death is disappeared.


    Is it crazy talk or was Breitbart about ready to dump a big one and ‘they’ (the Chicago thug types) got wind of it.

  62. Workout finished. I’m a sweaty, tired old man.

    Now, for a piece of skinless chicken – Oh boy!

  63. Interesting idea, Beasn. If he had something, I’m sure he would have shared it with Joel.

  64. Hotspur, I used to live in a trailer park in Ypsilanti. Best city name ever. The park was Ypsilanti Mobile Village.

  65. Hey! It’s Wednesday!

  66. Back then, nobody actually said Ypsilanti. We just called it Ypsi. I don’t know if that’s still the practice.

  67. Michael – Yes it is. Except for some of the college kids at Eastern and the city fathers.

  68. occupier pwned by a former resident of Mother Russia:


  69. It’s still Ypsi. My daughter lives in an historic district and is very proud of her city. It actually has a lot going for it.

    There’s no way she could afford her house if it were in Ann Arbor.

  70. http://tinyurl.com/7vbz3hf

  71. “Frankly, the caliber of the screeners is not that good.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/undie_bomb_is_hide_eek_Ney39AYuR4i1DXcwcqgWrO#ixzz1uOZckn2V

    Gee, ya think? Having been through security, I can attest that these are not the brightest bulbs in the box.

  72. http://tinyurl.com/7vbz3hf

    That had a great beat. I would definitely go clubbing to that.

  73. And all of these models have penises which have spent many evenings in another man’s colon. But they’re supposed to.

    You’re welcome.

  74. Glad to hear the Ypsi income tax failed. I hadn’t checked. I was just there yesterday for lunch at Haab’s and the signs were everywhere.

    Got to walk half a block behind a couple of gals on break from the ‘Vu, too, and that wasn’t too bad at all.

  75. I would definitely go clubbing to that.

  76. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0PIdWdw15U

    heh heh heh.

    Thank you, you’re a great crowd. Try the seal.

  77. Ugh, every tax that’s offered in my town passes. Latest was a library expansion, good for another percentage point to us homeowners.

  78. Hello, Cleveland!

  79. In Ypsi, it was a millage increase, AND a city income tax. Both went down.

    They keep trying the income tax thing in Ann Arbor, and it keeps getting defeated. They think it’s the way to punish UofM because they pay no property taxes. What they don’t realize is that if it weren’t for UofM, Ann Arbor would be the size of Dexter.

  80. Ugh, every tax that’s offered in my town passes. Latest was a library expansion, good for another percentage point to us homeowners.

    Goddammm!!! A library expansion costs a dollar on the hundred? Our entire property tax rate in my piece of shit county is less than $3 on the hundred. That’s school district, county, city, and hospital district total. And the great thing about living out in bumfuck is that evil oil companies have 90%+ of the tax burden. Because they own 90%+ of the property in this county.

  81. Who’s gonna watch Captain Clarification at 1:30?

  82. only 25K residents, and a small portion of those paying property taxes. I’m sure the apartment owners all have a get of of tax jail free card.

    Ames thinks it is Des Moines, only with 375k less people.

  83. That thing is a fucking classic, dave.

    “We’re Not Detroit!”

  84. Back spasms! Time to punch out.

  85. Duck, Laura!

  86. I love those things, there’s another one. I’m sure it’s on the same youtube page.

    Seeing reports that Margaret Thatcher has passed away

  87. Where are you seeing the Thatcher stuff, dave? I can’t find anything.

  88. “We’re Not Detroit!”


  89. I took a summer course in calculus at EMU in Ypsi. It was a prereq for getting into Michigan’s business school, for no apparent reason, because you never used it. I think the calc requirement was just a screening device.

    The teacher was a TA from India whose English was barely intelligible. You pretty much had to just rely on the textbook.

  90. Per twitter, that Thatcher rumor is just that, a rumor. The French site that posted it has taken down that tweet.

    Also, Abe Vigoda and Jeff Goldblum are reported to be ok.

  91. Michael – I think my son took the same course at Eastern.

  92. yeah, it was bullshit on a French newswire

  93. I’m not seeing any hits in a google search for news of her death.

  94. http://www.abevigoda.com/

  95. That had a great beat. I would definitely go clubbing to that.

    Hahaha. Good one, Richard.

  96. Rosetta – STFU and mix me a cocktail!

  97. Carin, did you see my link above to the new shit Kwame is in?

  98. I guess Obama finally coming out (heh) in support of gay marriage is good news for Dave and Wiser.

  99. Probably his older daughter said, “Dad, get with the fucking program. Don’t be such a dickweed.”

  100. heh. seen at HQ:

    Obama makes Goatse Call!

  101. I guess Obama finally coming out (heh) in support of gay marriage is good news for Dave and Wiser.

    Green is really not a good color for you, xbrad.

  102. Wiser is just trying to double his chances to get laid on a Saturday night.

  103. Wiser is just trying to double his chances to get laid on a Saturday night.

    2 x 0 still equals 0. #XbradMath

  104. In completely unrelated (no kidding, he was apparently straight) news, Vidal Sassoon died. I didn’t know this:

    A veteran of Israel’s 1948 War of Independence, Sassoon also had a lifelong commitment to eradicating anti-Semitism. In 1982, he established the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    Huh. You learn something new every day.

  105. Carin, did you see my link above to the new shit Kwame is in?

    No, reading right now.

  106. More corruption? Just shocking.

  107. Comment by a dumbass bulldyke friend of mine:

    Obama has finally said that he supports gay marriage. Does that mean North Carolina will go back to hating black people?

  108. In 1982, he established the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    Well, that explains why Elie Weisel’s hair always looked FABulous!

  109. I wanna reach out and grab ya. . .

  110. Obama has finally said that he supports gay marriage. Does that mean North Carolina will go back to hating black people?

    Collection from my Facebook page:

    Stealing from Damien Fahey @DamienFahey – “Let’s all get together next Daylight Saving Time and remind North Carolina to set their clocks forward 100 years.”

    North Carolina; where you can marry your cousin. Just not your gay cousin.

    If you have to make a law that hurts a number of people, just to prove your morals or faith, then you have no true morals or true fail to prove ( person is an atheist who posted this)

  111. Carin – The stupid is strong in those people.

  112. Yea, they keep sharing those stupid “Your e cards” things with these idiotic little sermons on them. It’s driving me nuts.

  113. Block them!

  114. From PW comments :

    The operative question is “Mr. President, why did you decide to stop lying about your position on homosexual marriage right now?”

  115. You should delete facebook.

  116. Carin, I always believed he was lying, so this little stunt of his today was no surprise.

  117. You should delete facebook.

    Alas, I cannot.

    1)a lot of family I would otherwise never hear from
    2) a private group of women who sometimes entertain me
    3) it *is* a pulse on a certain segment of liberals.

    “Facebook … I can’t quit you”

  118. Oh, he was lying. Certainly.

  119. So what did you guys do before Facebook…you probably survived.

  120. I can’t ignore stupid, and I hate arguing with it. Facebook is not for me.

  121. Mare, don’t quibble with me. This is just the way it is.

  122. Oh, it’s easy to ignore on facebook. You can pretty much make it go away. But, facebook prolly isn’t for you scott.

  123. Before FB, I actually had conversations with my husband.

  124. Once my husband is home, I’m not really on the computer anyway. Makes him grouchy.

  125. Lugar hasn’t had a home in Indiana since 1977. Yeah, beltway boy. Talk about your career politician. And he can’t figure out why people wanted the old coot out?

  126. So what did you guys do before Facebook…

    Smoke signals – ask Liz Warren to decipher for you.

  127. Cooooollll. I just figured it how to fix my trunk which has been beeping at me for a week. Yea!!!! I rock.

    There was a panel back there which removes and gives you acess to the locking mechanism.

  128. I’ve seen the pictures.

    Car in has no junk in her trunk.

  129. Hello.

  130. Is that a short greeting, MJ?

  131. Do you guys think James Carville is hideous? I think he’s there, if not borderline.

  132. Henry Waxman and that old jew hating Jewish, White House correspondent, what’s her name….those are a couple of hideous people.

  133. Now, Mare, you’ve been told not to judge people by their looks. Imagine what you’d think about Rosetta based solely on looks?

  134. Helen Thomas, BTW

  135. Soccer field

  136. I guess MJ killed it – good job, MJ. You’ll have to keep Mare entertained – I’m hitting the commute road.

    BBL, jackholes.

  137. MJ hasn’t really been devoting enough time to us. I’m gonna ask wiser to ban him if he doesn’t increase his input to th h2 community.

  138. Ghetto bar.

  139. I think it’s their voices too. Voices of the three mentioned above are all strange too.

  140. Helen Thomas has a dick nose.

  141. dicknose

  142. Hotspur, what’s happening in your bar? Any characters? And people you want to kick the chair out from under?

  143. Mare, it’s pretty quiet at the moment. I’ll keep you posted.

  144. mare, the drunks in my head are arguing about rugby style ghey-ness

  145. So cute:

    Also, so sweet:


  146. Mare, you old softy.

  147. Hotspur, what’s happening in your bar? Any characters? And people you want to kick the chair out from under?

    I think he’d rather push in their stool.

  148. Thank you, Cyn, nice job.

    Obama was so inspired by this poat that he declared same sex marriage okay.

  149. Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down. . .

  150. How’s Julia today, Chief?

  151. Hotspur – She is home, resting and helping little DG get bigger. Makes me a happy camper.

  152. Good evening, fine people.

  153. I don’t really think you want me to increase my input to the H2. Not without lube, anyway.

  154. Good.

  155. http://9gag.com/gag/4118588

  156. Glad to hear it, Chief.

  157. I am suddenly reminded of this: http://is.gd/ARTOyx

  158. every thing will be OK master CHief, you tell the kinderfallen that we are pulling for her

  159. Thanks, Krow.

  160. Glad to hear that about Julia and the baby. Will keep the prayers up.

    My little preemie great-niece who was 1 lb. 12 oz. when she was born is now nearly 3 years old. Happy, healthy, heartbreakingly cute.

  161. i love it when Cyn is all naught n shitz

  162. roamy and hell on wheels with a six gun too, ill bet

  163. You got it, Krow. My favorite video is one her mom has posted of her “sharing” a cookie with her dad. “Little bite!” Little cookie monster.

  164. gotta lurve em

  165. Today’s utes http://i.imgur.com/nkJjo.jpg

  166. See, if they’d actually fuck me… well, I’d feel marginally less bad.

  167. I wouldn’t fuck those folks with your dick , Leon.

  168. Car in is one classy broad.

  169. Bite me

  170. I said “marginally less bad”, not “good”.

  171. *spits on floor and farts

  172. Scot, I’ve seen her before. Her squat and deadlift form are atrocious. I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t have serious orthopedic issues in her 20’s.

  173. *spits on floor and farts

  174. Ha!

  175. Ha ha ha . My bil- he’s 45 and been chasing some 23 year old- just posted on facedouche a political commentary, and the 23 y/o commented that he used too many big words. Lol . Yea they’re cute until they open their mouth.

  176. Her deadlift has improved, but she uses sumo style now. I’ve got different objections to that, but she’s at least doing it right:

    Some improvement on squat, but it’s still almost a good morning:

  177. Car in, can you repeat that in English?

    Thanks in advance.

  178. Honestly, it’s not that surprising that she can do either one. The trick to it is that nobody does this with their kids, so there are almost no data points. If a 100 lb 18 yo gal did the same thing, no one would blink.

  179. Sorry , I’m on my iPhone. Bil is chasing very stupid , much younger women. He’s a very bright person so i don’t know how he deals with the dumb/ immaturity all the time.

  180. Ja is German form of laughing.

  181. Are you aware of ‘good stupid?’

  182. “Ja” looks more Scandi to me. Fithy dirty Scandi.

  183. I bet she is pretty and he used too many big words.

  184. >> i don’t know how he deals with the dumb/ immaturity all the time.

    There’s a point system. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

  185. Some men hate smarts.

  186. Perhaps it’s ‘Little Bil” that is doin’ the thinking, IYKWIMAITYD…

  187. If perky tits couldn’t compensate for a dull mind in the sexual marketplace, humanity would be smarter.

    There wouldn’t be any perky tits, though, and that’d be a shame.

  188. I just finished a thriller based on the adventures of the Polish sub Orzel . It was good. Now I need to find out what really happened.

  189. perky tits killed it?
    that is unpossable!

  190. I blame my foul language. I could have been more refined.

  191. This is the worst Monday Motivational ever.

  192. Car in has a thing for the BiL. I can tell.

  193. Did anybody hit the “close door” button on the elevator before anybody else could get there today?

  194. This is the worst Monday Motivational ever.

    I absolutely agree. They’re all flat-chested. Small is fine, but there should be something.

  195. Sean – Yeah, but it was two chicks in hijabs.

  196. “Chicks” MCPO?
    How could ya tell?

  197. Vman – Hijab, not burka.

  198. I just saw John Kerry on TV.

    He has done something weird to his face again. Remember the botox? Well, this trumps botox. The entire face below his eyes looks like it’s been ironed flat, and his mouth is a slit.

    He looks like a fucking muppet.

  199. Comment by Sean M. on May 9, 2012 9:19 pm

    Did anybody hit the “close door” button on the elevator before anybody else could get there today?

    farted in one, everyone blamed the mental case standing in the corner

  200. Senator Lurch.

  201. I skipped the elevator and sprinted 6 flights.

    I also learned tonight that I can outrun my dog. I don’t think I’ve gotten that much faster, but she’s definitely gotten slower.

  202. Senator Lurch.

    Creepy. And kooky.

  203. So…did anything happen today?

  204. Obama stopped lying about something. It’s a big step forward.

  205. Possibly even a great leap.

  206. With a shove, to boot.

  207. Well, there goes the “flip-flopper” charge. . . for both sides. But, who really gives a shit besides his gay bundlers?

    Romney should just say, “Oh, really? How does this help the 16 million Americans who have given up looking for jobs?”

  208. It’s got a nice beat and you can fly to it:

  209. What is for dinner BiW?

    I had roasted chicken breast and home made herb bread

  210. MCPO, it’s possible he had to do this to keep his fundraising up, that hadn’t occurred to me until you said that.

    Earlier, I wondered if he’s reading his polling, believes he’s going to lose (or maybe even wants to lose), and now he can blame anti-gay bigotry for it.

  211. Bedtime.

  212. Leon – GO TO BED!!!

  213. What is for dinner BiW?

    I spent most of the afternoon in a flop sweat trying very hard NOT to hurl.

    I think I’ll be having a cup of noodles.

    I think my littlest gave me whatever had him puking all weekend.

  214. Cyyyyyyyyyyyyn! what did you have for dinner?

  215. X,
    Are you familiar with the WWII sub Orzel?
    See my comment at 8:27

  216. Earlier, I wondered if he’s reading his polling, believes he’s going to lose (or maybe even wants to lose), and now he can blame anti-gay bigotry for it.

    That’s just crazy talk. He still has “racism” and the fact that he “inherited” everything he spent months asking us to give him.

  217. ouch BiW!
    I feel for ya.

  218. Leon, there was this story last week that some prominent gays with huge resources were holding back their purses because O wouldn’t commit.

  219. Leon,
    Or, as was put-up on twitter a while ago; “As I’ve always said, I’m against… What’s that, a check? I support gay marriage, personally”…
    Look! Squirrel!

  220. If he were pulling in the billion dollars they were bragging about before, he wouldn’t have to pander like this.

  221. “Creepy and Kooky”

    hahahahaha one of my favorite shows.

  222. Lauraw,
    I can’t wait to see who the “Lucky Winners” were who contributed $3 to “WIN” a dinner with him and Clooney…

  223. Nah, Vman. I think CDR Salamander wrote about it once, but I wasn’t familiar with it. There’s a decent wiki page on it though.

  224. http://tinyurl.com/8yovl4d

  225. Crispy, I would bet you anything that everything, down to the very smallest such raffle, is corrupt.

    There is no drawing. They will simply pick their own likely-looking ringers to go to that dinner.

  226. Thanks X

    Here is the book I read

    H2 link but it is $0.99. 300 pages well written with lots of twists and turns

  227. Washington Post says that 1 out of 6 Obama bundlers is gay and they weren’t forking over the cash.

    So, this is basically a pivot based on principle whoring himself out for money.

  228. I’ve got a shitload of books piling up that I haven’t read. Including one on HMS Campbelton.

  229. Lauraw,
    You’ll get no argument from me. The ‘FIX’ is in. It was always in.
    This is the most ‘transparent’ (corrupt) administration, EVAH!!!

  230. What is HMS Campbelton X?
    Ok Binging

  231. And, the DNC tries another hashtag, #questionsmittlikes. It doesn’t end well. Again.


    When will they learn?

  232. ayoe here sell grit as a kid?

  233. The Wiki on the Orzel matches the book well

    I will look for any books on the Campbelton

  234. John Kerry = Beaker!

  235. Ha! What I laugh at, Jay, is the sourpusses on our side that start whining about “distractions” when we punk those hashtags.

    Like the world just stops while everybody devotes 100% of their energy to #AskMichelle.

  236. I was cracking myself up asking Michelle questions.

    Our more serious compadres don’t appreciate the joy of pure mockery. Hell, that’s my favorite part of the fight, laughing at their stupid asses.

  237. Yeah, Andy, that’s pretty funny. That’s almost as funny as the actual hashtag game.

    Dave is right, mockery is fun. And easy, in this case.

  238. Dave-O there are the Rockerfella Repugs that will ever get “Us” R. Emett Tyrell and his ilk, the asshats in congess and senate drunk on power and imagined “godhood”

    joke if they cant take a f*ck

  239. laura, did you have that pic of Kerry? I want to introduce him to Dr. Benson Honeydew.

  240. Arguing with liberals is a waste of my valuable time.

    Laughing at them is good for my soul. Plus it’s not healthy for me to keep the amps at eleven over every goddamned thing. I am basically a happy person and I choose that every day.

  241. i got so little time left its a waste to try to reason with a brain damaged libtard

  242. Good evening :)

  243. I do not, Jay, but it was on Fox; a video where Kerry is talking about how wonderful Dick Lugar is.

  244. That’s the one where he called it a tragedy, Laura?

    He keeps using this word …

  245. Hi Aggie!

    When Senator Lurch praises Dick Lugar you know Indiana Republicans did us a huge favor yesterday.

    Oh, and also, Arrrrrrrrrr!

  246. Aggggie whats for dinner?

  247. A tragedy would have been putting that Cheeto in the White House.

  248. *gives Dave a careful hug*

    Dinner was Orange Chicken, Krow :D

  249. why is it all the great cooks are married??, oh well, i had General Hu’s Buffet

  250. Orange Chicken? Jawn Francois Querie? ISWYDT.

  251. Orange Chicken a la Aggie, J’Ames :D

  252. be gentle wif me

  253. bring out the hedgehog and KY

  254. *wraps Dave in cotton batting*

    Seriously, holy shit…

  255. How is your elbow, Dave. I’ve been so worried about you.

  256. whut?

    Hah. MJ, it’s on the DL until July

  257. hi guys!!!

  258. Howdy, Osita!

  259. Dave does NOT have sharp elbows!

  260. I am basically a happy person and I choose that every day.

    This is why I am so totally enjoying fucking with the idiots’ hashtag bullshit.

    They think they can change the world with the perfect tweet. I love bitch-slapping them by mocking the stupidity of that mindset.

  261. Hah. MJ, it’s on the DL until July

    heh. and to think…. they said you would go bli….


    never mind

  262. Elbow? I thought DiT had a bum knee?

  263. Hi Oso. I broke my pinky toe at Target.

  264. >> heh. and to think…. they said you would go bli….

    Well, it is my right eye.

  265. Hi Oso.

    I’ve been afflicted by a bald patch……..

  266. Sorry about that, MJ. Did you fill out an incident report? I work at Sam’s Club now. Pretty sure Target covers a trip to a Dr. when you injure yourself in the store. Trickier in parking lots.

  267. Didn’t wear the seat belt on the mechanical horse again, didja?

  268. http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lfklx1gUaq1qze93ao1_400.gif

    When I eventually have my fatal heart attack, that will be last vision I will have and I will die happy….

  269. Well, it is my right eye.

    perhaps you shouldn’t pay such close attention to your work…..

  270. Left hand used to be called “blind date night” but that seems kinda not as funny right now.

  271. Sorry about that, MJ.
    It was my fault. I walked into the cart. It really doesn’t hurt that much, but it kind of looks like Dave’s knee.

  272. sorry about your toe bone MJ. Feet owwies suck.

  273. Most incidents that I filed in my years with Target, it was rarely the store’s fault. I can see why you aren’t part of the 52%.

  274. Thanks Dave, but it’s not a big deal.

    You’re eye is gross and makes everyone within 15 feet of you want to barf up eyeballs.

    Wait, that didn’t come out right.

  275. Did you want a more recent update, which is like 3% less gross today? I can take another pic

  276. Uh, no thanks. But please feel free to email or tweet it to everyone except me.

  277. way past time to rest the peepers.

    night kids.

  278. G’night Dave. Rest your eyes.

  279. You can derp every derp with the guy who gives you the eye, let him hold you tight…

  280. 8 hours of sleep!

  281. wakey wakey

  282. Car in has a thing for the BiL. I can tell.

    Ew gross. I know too many bad things about him. He’s ok as a bil, or he was until he started this silliness.

    Actually, the last few years he’s really disappointed us in more than a few ways. I’ve kinda written him off (expect nothing, you won’t be upset) – but I can’t help but laugh when he surrounds himself with idiots who can’t understand what he says. And he wonders why he’s unhappy.

  283. Should I fart around longer than normal, or go to work early?

  284. I dunno. It’ nice out. I’d tarry.

  285. I have a 10am telecon, so I might be better off going in a little early to try and have some progress to report.

  286. We’re running a long-term experiment with field work, so I’m the guy stuck back at the office doing 3 jobs, and unfortunately the stuff that actually registers at that telecon has been the easiest thing to put off.

  287. Worktime. Enjoy your Thorsday.

  288. Have fun at work Leon.

  289. Leon’s Thor pic is wearing clothes. Shirtless Thor is better.

  290. ‘ello.

  291. http://tinyurl.com/d9epl8c

  292. We are having trouble finding someone who will clean our office. Nobody wants to work on the books for $50 a week. Because of the nature of our business we don’t want to use a commercial cleaning service, the workers are transient and unreliable, very few could pass the most basic of security checks.

    Looks like I’m putting on the apron again today.

  293. PUP-STER! You don’t have to put on the apron tonight. PUP-STER, you don’t have to sell you body to the night.

  294. *ignores the pirate*

    *continues to scrub toilet*

  295. See also: Lugar, Richard; Hatch, Orrin

    A Message For Senator Lindsey Graham….. http://wp.me/p1ipEz-1J7

  296. Mmmmmmm Thorsdaaaayyyy.

  297. Hey pups I think you missed a spot.


  298. Lindsey Graham is the first openly gay senator. Homophobe!

  299. There’s a rumor out there, that a NEW POAT is available for your defilement.

  300. Since when?

  301. Since May 10, 2012 @ 9:51

  302. We are having trouble finding someone who will clean our office. Nobody wants to work on the books for $50 a week.

    I think I have pinpointed your difficulty.

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