Big Boob Friday™

Herro. I wrote this song while thinking about a first love, a deep yearning to be close to someone from the past, and the heartbreak from having loved and lost. But mostly I was thinking about a really sloppy BJ from your mom.



Today’s BBF model comes from a land far, far away. It is rumored to be filled with little people of very good manners publicly, but then like to pee on each other privately. In other words, the exact opposite of most of you wing nuts. Please put your hand together for one of the most popular AV models of the 1990s Ayumi Sakurai!!!!



Today’s test will actually be from yesterday, and isn’t really a test at all. Wiser was kind enough to put together this hilarious tribute to people who were born and died on May 2nd because some big giant asshole shares their birthday. Thanks buddy!


The first game of the Negro National League baseball is played in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Tennessee Williams wins the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.


Catherine the Great, Russian empress

John André, English army officer

Benjamin Spock, American pediatrician and author

Patrick Hillery, Irish politician

Lance LeGault, American actor, best known as Colonel Roderick Decker in the 1980s American television series “The A-Team.”

John Glascock, English singer and musician (Jethro Tull Carmen, The Gods, and Chicken Shack)

Félix José, Dominican baseball player

Dwayne Johnson, American wrestler and actor

Kyle Busch, American race car driver

MJ, beloved Hostage


Giacomo Meyerbeer, German composer

Martin Bormann, German Nazi official

Ludwig Stumpfegger, German SS doctor

George Pal, Hungarian director

David Rappaport, English actor

Wee Kim Wee, Singaporean politician, 4th President of Singapore


And  now, boobs.




That’s right, Ayumi.  Beat someone’s ass with a spatula for me.


Have a great weekend, and thanks for all of the birthday wishes. You guys are the best fake internet friends a gay, running, smart-ass midget could have. I’m flying to Portland (the weird one) to hang out with friends, so if you see this headline “GAY RUNNING SMART-ASS MIDGET KILLED FOR POT OF GOLD WHILE IN PORTLAND” you’ll know I was mistaken for a leprechaun.



  1. Brilliant.

  2. Not bad.

  3. Yesterday was May 3.

  4. She makes me believe than anime girls may be anatomically correct after all.

  5. Pfft. Like we believe you have friends.

  6. First Knut, and now Falling Bear.

    Run, Oso, run!

  7. “Run, Oso, run!” The campgrounds had signs: Feed a Bear. Kill a Bear.

  8. She makes me believe than anime girls may be anatomically correct after all.

    She has beautiful eyes.

  9. And your links are just about the funniest thing that has ever been posted here ever.

    Take a couple of Nobel Prizes for yourself out of the petty cash box.

  10. okay, be honest. Who paused for just a second before clicking on the “big giant asshole” link.

  11. Comment by Sean M. on May 4, 2012 2:03 pm

    Yesterday was May 3.

    Very good, Shawn!

    See, people? This is what happens when you stop losing days! The calendar stops mocking you!

  12. Veddy nice MJ!!

    Lazy as shit for C & P’ing, but I’ll cut you some slack. THIS TIME.

  13. “Killed by a pit bull”. Yeah, Wiser, it happened on Wednesday night. It looks like the dog will be euthanized.

  14. See, people? This is what happens when you stop losing days! The calendar stops mocking you!

    Now, if I could only get my watch to shut up…

  15. Who was killed by a pit bull?

  16. HI RICH!

  17. My despised former SiL’s dad.

  18. At the risk of sounding incredulous, how does a grown man get killed by a fucking pit bull?

  19. “Killed by a pit bull”. Yeah, Wiser, it happened on Wednesday night. It looks like the dog will be euthanized.

    wow. that sucks. hardcore.

    My despised former SiL’s dad.

    so, mixed blessings then, huh?

  20. I really didn’t like her. I feel sorry for my niece and nephews though. HS, the local media is condemning the dog and fueling anti-Pit feelings. Her brother says he wasn’t a fighting dog and had never bitten or been aggressive before.

  21. Her brother says he wasn’t a fighting dog and had never bitten or been aggressive before.

    Problem with pit bulls is that they have that tendency even if they aren’t trained to be aggressive.

    Friend of mine just had to get rid of his pit bull puppy because it first attacked and nearly killed his other dog and, a couple of days later, attacked him when he went to stop him from attacking his other dog again, sending him to the hospital.

  22. I remember ace linking a story years ago about a pit bull chewing the fingers and toes off of a baby, and the tag to the headline was “I have to believe the pit bull’s bad reputation is at least partly deserved”

  23. Wow, that is quite a story, if I’m looking at the right one, oso. Something just doesn’t add up.

  24. There was a story about dachshunds eating the toes off of a diabetic with neuropathy. I don’t have neuropathy. Yet.

  25. Many homeowners insurance companies will drop you if they find you have a pit bull, or will not write your policy if you admit to having one.

  26. She seems nice.

  27. Jay, Santa Fe? I wish the autopsy had been completed first. They’ve had Pits for years.

  28. That’s the one. Autopsy still wasn’t out.

  29. Maybe they should send the dog to Obama.

  30. Cyn, I just have a soft spot for dogs. I feel sorry for Pits. Their reputation may be deserved but they can be such loving dogs.

  31. Yes, HS, because Pit Bull is delicious.

  32. For just 60 cents a day…….wont you help?

  33. I can still picture His Smugness saying that joke.

  34. Jay, the media started reporting Wed. Night that natural causes had been ruled out. My brother told me in March that Cliff looked like hell and had lost quite a bit of weight. I had a wait and see attitude but everyone is ready to kill the dog.

  35. I do too, Oso; when the boys and I went searching for a new critter last year, I was really close to picking up a PB mix… but then I remembered the insurance dealie. It’s unfortunate, but it has become a reality to consider.

  36. Pit bulls? Piffle

  37. HAHAHAHA! Scott, I’m crying laughing over that!

    I very very rarely like videos, but I ‘liked’ that one and the top comment. Damn hippy losers.

  38. For just 60 cents a day…….wont you help?

    Shocking that some of those people simply cannot find jobs at law offices in other professional-type organizations.

    Seriously, doesn’t a tattoo that covers your entire neck or completely covering your nose not just scream “high-quality. reliable employee!!!”?

  39. Scott, I will never cry during that commercial again. I think I broke something laughing.

  40. My daughter says the Occupy people look sketchy on that video.

  41. Dammit, why did I have to go look at IMDB for the Avengers? Now I’m reminded that Mark “douche” Ruffalo is in it. Why couldn’t they get Edward Norton to do it again?

  42. Sauce on veggies. I’ll think about it. So many of the sauces, etc, don’t sound appealing to me. Grrr. First my sister want to go to this incredibly expensive place. Entrees start at $30, NO side dishes, drinks start at $15.

    Now we’re going to this place she loves, and I’ve never really cared for it. Lasagne. spaghetti. Fried this. Meat with sauce on it. feh.

  43. Hahahahaha

    Most of the way though that video I thought it was legit. I loved the ending.

  44. Cheese on everything.

    Hotpsur, why don’t you guy in my place. I think you’ll get a kick out my mom and sister.

    Start drinking before they arrive.

  45. Yummmm. I’ll go, Carin.

  46. New post up at Recipe Blog.

  47. Isn’t your sister the raging liberal?

  48. Isn’t your sister the raging liberal?

    And my mom. Is that a problem ?

  49. I hate ‘Italian’ places like that, Carin. Italians eat tons of vegetables. It’s not all pasta, heavily breaded meats, and tomato sauce 24/7.

  50. Pasta, olive oil, garlic, and parmesan cheese.

    Perfectly Italian. Throw any veggies in there.

  51. Is that a problem?

    Yeah, they’ll expect me to buy.

  52. AND, it’s kinda pricey. It’s got Veil, chicken and fish. That’s IT.
    I think it has one eggplant dish, but with tons of cheese.

  53. Pretty bad, when you have to put a veil on the dish.



  54. pedant

  55. Heh.

  56. *round of applause.

    Well played.

  57. Maybe they use ugly chickens, J’Ames.

  58. Buenas tardes, mis amigos. El viernes es el día para bailar, no?

  59. Breadmaker went tits up. So. . . mixer, hand kneading, in a bowl to rise, then punch down, add caraway seeds, form into loaves, 2nd rise and into the oven. We’ll see.

  60. it’s easy, chief, you’ll love it.

  61. A guy just brought his puppy into the cigar shop. It’s a “Puggle” … Half Pug/Half Beagle and wicked nice temperament

  62. J’Ames – I’ve done scratch bread before. It’s that I’m using the dough that was designed for the bread machine and just winging it.

  63. No phone pic, Jimbro?


  64. Chief’s bread maker was two years old and it went tits up?

    It’s all crap.

  65. I wrecked a Kitchenaid Mixer making bread, it’s tough stuff. Of course that was the model with the non-metal gears. My new one has metal.

  66. Puggles aren’t bad dogs, but I bet people will find they don’t live very long.

    Friend of mine has a Golden/Beagle mix – extremely cute, but definitely a little odd looking. Great dog, tempermant wise.

  67. Cyn, I was multi tasking: texting my fiancée, watching the Occupy Angel video and scratching behind his puppy ears while juggling a cigar in the corner of my mouth!

    So, yeah, slacker….

  68. My experience with Panasonic bread machines has been great.


    Small victory for some young adults. These are the kids (now adults) who I care for. When they’re 18, they fall off a cliff as far as Mainecare is concerned. Ignore the exterior, inside they want the same as you. Hell, they probably already check out BBF.

  70. Being rehashed on The Five right now, soooo worth watching last night’s Sean Hannity and his massive take down of an OWS douche. it rocked.

    Then Hannity invited him on his radio show today in an effort to try to find the guy a job. The dude’s minimum starting salary was $80K.


  71. Hell, they probably already check out BBF.

    Who doesn’t?

  72. Who doesn’t?

    Coupon Suzie, that’s who. Have you seen the sweater puppies on that girl? Couldn’t they find her a better fitting top?

  73. Sorry – Coupon Suzy.

  74. I’ll wager she’s been here for a BBF.

  75. She just has to look in the mirror for a BBF. I bet xbrad has got pics of her stashed.

  76. Confession: Sometimes when I am on the phone talking to an idiot, I make a “jagoff” motion with my hand.

    I denounce myself. But it’s funny.

  77. Drive time. Time to go join my fellow Massholes on the road.

  78. DinT – I thought I was the only one doing that when Wiser calls!

  79. She just has to look in the mirror for a BBF.

    Huh, you may have a point. And this may be my last time visiting H2 on a Friday ;)

  80. Confession: *whispers* I sometimes do that “jagoff” thing too.

  81. Said farewell to my last hotel. . .

  82. Ok. I havent had TV for over two weeks now I missed the Obamay eats dog and something to do with Julia? I had Direct TV set to hook us up last weekend but obviously b/c my apt doesn’t face south I cant have it so I am stuck with Comcrap and I just don’t think I can bring myself to order from them. Also, can someone please explain the Asian girl fascination? I have never understood it.

  83. Sohos, you’re in an apartment?

  84. SoHoS – Just get internet – all the stuff you want to watch can be streamed to your TV via Hulu/NetFlix/Amazon etc.

    Oh, and slanted vaginas.

  85. Me so hawny…me love you long time.


  86. Yes, Hotspur. DD and I moved into a two bedroom apt. We are on the frigging 3rd floor! I still haven’t bought groceries for that reason. I am sleeping on a blow up air mattress that I bought in the camping section at Walmart. Well there are several shows that I want to watch that I can’t seem to get MCPO. It is frustrating me. I hate TV anyway but I miss Fox news. Even DD said we really have no idea what is going on in the world.

  87. I am so busy at work that I can’t even read any news online.. What was the “Julia” comment about?

  88. :(

  89. Obama invented some chick who remained dependent on govt. her entire life, to illustrate what a messiah he is.

    Typical liberal spin.

  90. You can stream FNC, right at their webpage.

  91. Why are you frownie face?

  92. I assume that means you and Count split. So it makes me sad panda.

  93. That first picture calls to mind the term, “sweater puppies.”

  94. Hotspur is frownie because wine prices went up .15 at the ghetto bar.

  95. That too.

  96. really? I am just not savvy enough. I gotta figure this shit out. We don’t have a couch yet either and so DD and I were discussing just NOT getting cable. I hate Comcrap with a passion and last bill I paid with them in Dec 2009 was 400 for about 35 channels b/c they just continue to creep their bills up while your channel selection goes down. I digress, we need a couch so we can sit and watch TV but we wont have TV….so maybe just movies?

  97. Yes, we split.

  98. Well, I will hope for yours and DD’s new start in life to be full of happiness and prosperity.

  99. And fuck TV. Haven’t had it in four years.

  100. Sohos- Maybe see about Comcrap for High Speed Internet only. Watch movies on line at a variety of sites, or pop a DVD into your computer and watch that way.

  101. Thank you most sincerely Hotspur.

  102. My problem is I love Game of Thrones, True Blood and Once Upon A Time (which I watch at ABC.COM) ugh….I will probably break down and order

  103. Ohai, bewbs. Me ruv you rong time.

  104. Juan Williams spinning that the unemployment numbers are good news for the iWon. What a fool!

  105. I was just cursing him out too, MCPO. That guy is a gargler.

  106. Yes, we split.

    Come to Dallas. I happen to have a lot of space available, and the air quality is better.

  107. Krauthammer isn’t always right, but when he is, I want to have his babies and cook bacon for him.

  108. ewwwww, ball garglers….they’re lame. And icky.

  109. I mean, dang, I only use two out of five HVAC systems.

    Except right now. My sister and BIL are here. They are Yankee sissies about warm weather, and turned on an A/C unit for the Gold Room.

  110. Right now, it’s not even getting up to 90° during the hottest part of the day.

    That’s a cool breeze by Texas standards.

  111. You know I hate Dallas

  112. Why does this dumbass Chicago catcher have pink fingernails?

  113. HS – Hides the dried blood under his fingernails.

  114. You know I hate Dallas

    Everybody hates Dallas. But they keep coming here.

  115. There once was a woman from Dallas,
    Who used dynamite for a phallus.
    They found her vagina
    In North Carolina,
    And her tits at Buckingham Palace.

  116. I think it’s the Dallas Cowboys that made everybody hate Dallas. People got sick of them.

    Tony Romo lives four doors down and across the street from me. Tony is the closest we got to royalty in Dallas. I actually made eye contact with Jessica Simpson (Tony’s former GF) when we were driving out of the gate together, and she looked at me in her rear view mirror.

    I could tell she wanted me. She wanted me bad. But I declined the opportunity to jump out of my old Explorer and do her on the hood of her car (a black Mercedes sports car, IIRC).

  117. *whistles*

    *looks around*

    *rolls eyes*

  118. Dallas!? Ain’t been the same since Bobby did that whole shower/dream scene. . .

  119. Sohosweety, check your g-string.

  120. What time is it?

  121. MCPO, new episode of Sherlock on PBS sunday at 9.


  123. Anyone got any Easter candy left? I just ate the last chocolate egg left in the house.

  124. I bought a single bar of 92% dark chocolate for Easter. Took me 4 days to eat it.

  125. Howdy :)

  126. So no? Guess I’ll have a beer instead

  127. I debated whether today should be Cointreau de Mayo.

  128. I’ve still got some Easter Candy. Well, I picked it up from the clearance table at the store last week. Some small chocolates, and a big choco bunny.

  129. I’m watching the second half of the Korean horror movie about yoga.

  130. Aggie!


  131. I still have Peeps™ from Easter…

  132. sohos, check your yahoo string.

  133. Last weekend it was family movie night. I got to pick as “man of the house”. I figured since we all like to watch hockey a movie called Goon would be OK. Man oh man! There was nonstop F=bombs, blood, fights and even some hockey. The boys loved it…mother was horrified (but still laughed her ass off).

  134. Hi Aggie!

  135. Howdy

    Yannow, that’s just the kind of incisive commentary on current events that keeps me coming back to H2.

  136. I got paid overtime today for the first time in 7 years.

  137. I haven’t made that incisive commentary in weeks, Michael.

    Must be something else bringing you back here.

    *waves to Vmax*

  138. Time to go make dinner.

  139. time to go eat dinner.. I done made it already

  140. Did anybody make anybody else wish they’d never been born today?

  141. Yes, Sean. The kicker was getting paid to do it.

  142. Only myself, Sean.

    Only myself.

  143. Are they hiring?

  144. Are they hiring?


  145. I picked up Gregg Allman’s memoir that was released this week. It’s awesome.

    If you like the Allman Brothers, it is a must-read.

    /Book thread

  146. What if you like Cher?


  147. * orders Sean Chaz’s memoir *

  148. He reportedly talks at length and very kindly about Cher. I haven’t gotten to that part yet, but I read it in a review.

    This made me lol:

    I remember Duane doing strange things, man. One day in the summertime, he was in our room, and he was doing all this math work. He’s working all these numbers, so I asked him, “Duane, what the fuck are you doing?”

    “Well,” he tells me, “I just measured my dick, and from the day we got out of school until today”—which was the last day of summer vacation—“I’ve given her nineteen miles, four hundred seventy-two feet, and three inches of dick!”

    “Where in the hell did you come up with that figure?” I asked. “Well,” he said. “I counted a few times, and I got me an average of how many strokes it took me before I finished. I took that and multiplied it all out, and came up with that figure.”

  149. Thanks for the info xbrad! you are teh awesomeness. I have the quiet man so I am going to watch it this weekend

  150. Did anyone put on their Nikes and bash out the windows of Niketown to stick it to the Man today?

  151. Anything for you, Sohos.

  152. “I’ve given her nineteen miles, four hundred seventy-two feet, and three inches of dick!”

    Heh. He actually did go and count his dick.

  153. hmmm.. three miles, ten feet and 2 inches.

  154. Does Duffy’s get mentioned Andy? He lived there.

  155. BiW,
    I thought it was pretty cool that KIRO got pictures of some of those cocksuckers changing out of their black outfits to ‘blend-in with the crowd’.
    I would hope the SPD could identify some and charge them with felony vandalism, mal-mish, or just beat the shit out of them on GP.

  156. ChrisP, I wanted to see some Anarcho-Socio-Commie-Asshole heads mounted on some police cruisers.

  157. Okay, stolen from Theo, too good not to share.

  158. >> Heh. He actually did go and count his dick.


  159. Kindle search doesn’t find Duffy’s, vmax. Another name, perhaps?

  160. BiW,
    As did I, but SPD and Diaz have been getting a lot of heat from Holder and his minions, so they had to ‘soft-pedal’ it so as not to be labeled the reincarnation of Darrel Gates ‘Ramparts Division’ by the feds. Mores the pity…

  161. Duane wasn’t very smart…….unless he had sex several times every day.

  162. When Holder puts on riot gear and gets his ass in the street to protect private property, he gets to criticize. Until then, he can stick with not doing his job, running weapons to Mexican narco-terrorists, and not complying with Congressional subpeonas.

    I seriously would like to see him do real time in a Federal Poke-Me-In-The-Ass prison with a new boyfriend of a cellmate called “Dong”.

  163. He was a fixture at Duffy’s Tavern in the 70’s and 80’s Andy. I think I recall seeing his name in the police blotter also.

  164. But that motherfucker could play a guitar…

    I’ve ridden through the intersection where he was killed hundreds of times. Thought about it every single time.

    What a damned shame.

  165. STFU, you bow-tie wearin’ white-boy!

  166. That’s racis…

    Oh, never mind.

  167. I can count the times I’ve worn a bow tie on one hand, and have fingers left over.

  168. Okay, I have no freakin’ idea if this will work, as I got it off Twitter, but it’s IMPORTANT, dammit!

  169. *is a bow-tyin white boy* I have a lot of em

  170. How fricken’ LAME is Reuters? Let me count the ways:

    Helium, the inert noble gas Helium, esplodes! OMFG!!!

  171. Yeah, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess it was really hydrogen.

  172. When Holder puts on riot gear and gets his ass in the street to protect private property, he gets to criticize.

    He doesn’t strike me as the type who’s overly protective of private property. Except, perhaps, his own dacha.

  173. >> Helium, the inert noble gas Helium, esplodes! OMFG!!!


  174. Greatest family cross-country travel picture EVAH!!!

    No, I have no idea why the kids turned out like that. Honest!

  175. XbradTC,
    You’re telling me that Armenia can’t tell the difference?
    They are both lighter-than-air and can fill balloons. How different could they be?

  176. Armenia killed it? Armenia? YGTBFKM!

  177. Chrispy, aside from the tendency to explode, I’m sure *I* couldn’t tell ’em apart.

  178. XbradTC,
    Helium makes you talk in a really high pitch, Hydrogen explodes. That’s how you tell them apart…

  179. If you get hydrogen hot, I mean really, like nuclear hot, you can change it into helium.

    Or so I hear.

  180. OK, the T-Mobile girl looks pretty hot in her motorcycle outfit.

  181. Andy,
    Talk to Mr. Sun!

    Do you remember those movies, “Our Mr. Sun?”

    Those were great, about how the sun works. America does NOT do things like that anymore. Now, it’s “Why Johnny has two mommies”.
    I suppose that’s much more important.

  182. Sun? Why, a big nuclear reactor out in space might be an alternate explanation for Global Warming™, and we can’t have that now, can we?

  183. If you are my friend on FB you can see my pretty DD after tonight’s performance. *mommy blog*

  184. If Johnny’s two mommies are the hawt, yeah, that’s important.

  185. And if we aren’t, we can’t.

  186. I’m a 45 year old guy who has never married. I try to avoid being seen looking at people’s daughters on FB.

  187. Damn, sohos, she looks just like you. How is that even possible?

  188. eeeeevening :)

  189. I’m a 45 year old guy who has never married. I try to avoid being seen looking at people’s daughters on FB.

    You’re smarter than you look.

    Sneaky Bastage.

  190. It’s crazy Andy. She really looks like me when I was 16. One of her teachers had me and he said you look just like Sonja walking in the door.

  191. Sohita,
    She looks like a baby you! How cool is that?

  192. She is much prettier than I have ever been

  193. xBrad – They are ALL somebody’s daughter. . .

  194. hahahaha MCPO you bad….

  195. Sohos,
    You caught me on Facechimp! Hugs!

  196. awwww! Hugs back! Ok I am off to go finish reading The Hunger Games in my quiet apt.

  197. Sohos, Uncle Andy’s 12-Gauge Solutions! are just a 3-hour plane flight away if you need ’em.

  198. Thanks Uncle Andy!

  199. Andy search your Allman book for anything having to do with hot tub or George Jetson.

    No particular reason, just wondering.

  200. Series finale of In Plain Sight tonight.

  201. Is there a way to turn off Firefox updates? They are as annoying and ubiquitous as Acrobat updates.

  202. Xbrad, was In Plain Sight one of the shows filmed in ABQ?

  203. Roam, tools, options, advance, update, uncheck.

  204. No hot tub or George Jetson, but there is a mention of “his boy Elroy”. Ring any bells?

  205. XB, never mind. I checked before Wiser could do that google thingy.

  206. Firefox is apparently unaware of how the minor version number thingy works. They’ve gone from 5.0 to 12.0 in a year with nary an X.1.

  207. Nice, XB. I totally agree about the no malnourishment thingy.

    *Cues next Miranda Lambert video*

  208. Thank you, Mohawk.

  209. I think Miranda has been posted as well. Lemme check.

  210. I mean, come on, not only has this chick had a cheeseburger or two, she shot her own wedding meal.

    Andy <3 Miranda

  211. Nope. Guess not.

  212. I would just say it is probably wise not to get in a hot tub discussion with a drunk high crazy man over the virtues of the Jetsons series as a ripoff of the Flintstones and/or ask him if he plays backup in the band.

    I may have been drunk too. And he stole my towel.

  213. Saw Blake in concert in Vegas. He is fun. We were hoping for a Miranda walk on but the fans in Colorado got Blake on stage with Miranda a few nights later. LA got Kelly Clarkson and Miranda. Alan Jackson remains the most disappointing performer ever to me.

  214. I saw Blake two years ago in the high school down the street from my office. The local Rotary puts a scholarship show on every year, and get some big names and not so big names, depending on the year.

    Saw Phil Vassar one year…excellent, especially in the small venue.

    Blake Shelton two years ago.

    Last year it was Sarah Evans…she sounded horrible, and kind of phoned it in. Thompson Square opened for her, and they were outstanding, and they had a really great time, which made it even more fun.

  215. I saw Sara with Josh Turner and Brad Paisley. She was on fire that night but it was before the divorce and DWTS. Brad seems to go off on a guitar tangent and stop singing and just play. Great show!

  216. Last concert I went to was Down From the Mountain. Alison Krauss was awesome, and I was happy to hear Ralph Stanley. Fairfield Four is actually five guys.

  217. >> Alan Jackson remains the most disappointing performer ever to me.

    Sorry to hear that. He’s my Georgia homeboy.

  218. >> Saw Phil Vassar one year…excellent, especially in the small venue.

    Very, very underrated great artist.

  219. She’s my cousin’s neighbor. I’ll tell her your disappointment next time I visit.

  220. Oddly, we actually manage to go to quite a few concerts. The last 3 I went to were Pat Green, Lyle Lovett and Zac Brown.

  221. Very, very underrated great artist.

    I’d never heard his songs before the concert.

    It was one of the 5 best concerts I have ever been to.

  222. I almost went to see Blue Rodeo at Benaroya Hall two summers ago, but I hate going by myself.

    Then I bought the latest album, and kicked myself.


  223. He writes a ton of songs that other people made famous, BiW.

    This, though …

    Top 5 ever!

  224. Oh yeah. Great song.

  225. Jealous of Andy. Lyle usually only plays at the Paolo Solari in Santa Fe and the hipster fumes set my rage meter off! AJ was 85$ and only performed for 45 minutes. Phoned it in. I was so disappointed. I have all of his CDs. Love Phil Vassar. He usually plays in Ruidoso. It was cheaper for me to go to Cheyenne, Wyoming to see Lynyrd Skynyrd and Dierks than it would have been to go to Ruidoso a few weeks later for just Skynyrd.

  226. I’ve never seen any of these people in concert,but then again, youse guys have probably never seen most of the acts I’ve seen.

  227. Best ever voice I heard live was Annie Lennox. Unbelievable.

  228. I’m listening to the Michael Moore track over at the HQ right now. He sounds like he should be dressed in some kind of RenFaire costume.

  229. One of the tents, perhaps?

  230. Sean, I can honestly say that when I listen to your music links I am unfamiliar with most of them. I have actually listened/watched suggested vids on the sidebar though.

  231. Not surprising, oso. I’m slightly younger than most of the Hostages–my musical taste pretty much gelled around the mid-late 90s–and I also never really got into country music.

  232. There’s always time to learn, my brother.

  233. Sean, thanks for the slightly in front of younger.

  234. I don’t want to seem like a contrarian asshole, but I never really liked the Beasty Boys.

  235. You can’t spell it, either.

  236. You’re more than slightly welcome, osita.

  237. New poat.

    I swear to God I meant to hit “preview”.

    Glad I was done.

  238. I was never a fan either xbrad. Cancer still sucks, though.

  239. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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