BBF – Columbian Edition

Good afternoon, H2ers. MJ is busy today, so I get the task of finding today’s model for you windowlickers. Since Columbia is in the news lately, I think it’s only fitting that we pay tribute to the lovely ladies of the South American country.

Here’s a pic of how Columbians take care of their cars: !!NSFW!!

Today’s model is from Barranquilla, Columbia, and stars in the ABC series Modern Family. She is 5′ 7″ tall, was born on July 10, 1972, and has naturally blonde hair. The racists in the movie and TV industry sometimes have her dye her hair dark, because all Latina women have dark hair, yannow? Lets meet Sofia Vergara!

She had a piece in a magazine about plastic surgery:

Regarding her voluptuous figure, Vergara admitted, “One time, years ago, I remember my publicist [at the time] told me, ‘I think you should just reduce your boobs because nobody’s going to take you seriously here.’ My mother almost had a heart attack. She was like, ‘God is going to punish you! You can’t cut your boobs!’ I don’t regret not doing it, because now it’s become a big part of Gloria.”

That’s right, she didn’t have them reduced! Prayers ARE answered!

Many happenings going on today, let’s check them out:
1539 – Re-founding of the city of Bogotá, New Granada (now Colombia), by Nikolaus Federmann and Sebastián de Belalcázar.
1667 – The blind and impoverished John Milton sells the copyright of Paradise Lost for £10.
1805 – First Barbary War: United States Marines and Berbers attack the Tripolitan city of Derna (The “shores of Tripoli” part of the Marines’ hymn).
1861 – President of the United States Abraham Lincoln suspends the writ of habeas corpus.
1865 – The New York State Senate creates Cornell University as the state’s land grant institution.
1911 – Following the resignation and death of William P. Frye, a compromise is reached to rotate the office of President pro tempore of the United States Senate.
1936 – The United Auto Workers (UAW) gains autonomy from the American Federation of Labor.
1941 – World War II: The Communist Party of Slovenia, the Slovene Christian Socialists, the left-wing Slovene Sokols (also known as “National Democrats“) and a group of progressive intellectuals establish the Liberation Front of the Slovenian People.
1974 – 10,000 march in Washington, D.C., calling for the impeachment of US President Richard Nixon
1992 – Russia and 12 other former Soviet republics become members of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
2002 – The last successful telemetry from the NASA space probe Pioneer 10.
2006 – Construction begins on the Freedom Tower for the new World Trade Center in New York City.

Dirty, Dirty bed…

She looks cold…

Couldn’t find an American flag, so here’s representing one of our allies!

Enjoy your Friday!


  1. Take that, BBF complainers!

  2. dickhole

  3. Hmm, how do you link vids here now? It worked at my place.


    best concept EVAH!

  5. Saved me from pulling up one of Hotspur’s to reuse. Well done, Jay!


    That one had to go in, even though it was a compilation shot.

  7. The reach of a woman’s breasts should slightly exceed the grasp of a man.
    If you need to involve catchers mitts, there is a problem.

  8. My hubby watched SNL just because she was hosting.

  9. Morning, all. Fixt the video.

  10. That is, until somebody went back and fucked it up again.

  11. That would be me

  12. gotta admit, she does look better as a brunette…

  13. Excellent, all is right with the world now.

    My wife loves the character Sofia plays.

  14. and your links definitely were links to other things.

    thumb up.

  15. Good Morning horse fondlers!

    J’ames, Sean, Tush, Crazy Heart, Wiser, Hotspur

    and Cyn

  16. >>The reach of a woman’s breasts should slightly exceed the grasp of a man.

    *reaches out for sweater puppies*


  17. Okay, nobody tinker with it anymore.

  18. Herr, what is the problem? Did life give you melons or lemons?

  19. Just saw that, Sean M. Thanks. Now I know. Stupid themes.

  20. Okay, nobody tinker with it anymore.

    wait, let me just adjust one more thing……

  21. cyn, May 1st is almost here, 2 weeks after that, my glorious day of birth!! and i weep tears – wasnt supposed to reach 50 dammit

    jim morrison would laugh his ass off

  22. >>Did life give you melons or lemons?

    Given my current tax gangbang, it appears to be bananas.

  23. wait, let me just adjust one more thing……

    there. Now it’s perfect.

  24. Haha!

  25. *sets time machine to 2008*

    Nicely played, wiser.

  26. I whole-handedly approve of Miss Sofia as today’s BBF model.

  27. Just got off the phone with AT&T. What a clusterfuck of a company!

  28. Hotspur, don’t say that when Michael is around.

    On second thought, please do.

  29. Hover Bear doesn’t give a shit.

  30. IT’S COLOMBIA!!!!

    And, hi, y’all. 😉

  31. ATT= “Asshole Terrorists of Telecommunications”

  32. Gym and laundry done, no time to work on my tan today though.

  33. JAZZ?!?! WTF, brother? How you doing?

  34. Hover bear needs a new life in photoshop. I wonder if Fark has it yet.

  35. Hey, Chief! I doing well-ish. Hanging out my own shingle for work, and trying to get some part-time work to keep me sane, too. Back’s been acting up for the past three or four months, though – can’t seem to stand more than about ten minutes without my feet and legs going numb. It’s kind of scary, but – and I really mean this – my attitude is better than it’s been in years. I’m excited about my businesses. I just need a minuscule bit of cooperation from my health and I think I can be the next Gerry Spence. 😉

  36. First thing I thought of, lauraw, when I saw hover bear was thinking of psing him into the mosh-pit girl pic.

  37. Jazz – Just keep up with your exercises or see a P.T..
    I’m rooting for ya!

  38. This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the L.A. Riots. I for one can’t wait for all the “dialogue” we’ll be having here in SoCal.


  39. If you can decipher what I just wrote, lauraw, can you please translate and post it? I suspect it might be brilliant.

  40. *sets time machine to 2008*

    Nicely played, wiser.

    Hey, it’s not a BBF without a rickroll…

  41. I love the exercises, chief!!! When I’m done, I actually feel way, way, way better. Over the course of a half-hour or so, though, the pain creeps back in. I think the spans of relief are getting longer, though. I think? 🙂

    How’re your ailments? Don’t you have a bad back, too?

  42. HEY, IT’S JAZZ!

    Look everybody!!! JAZZ IS HERE!!! WOOO HOOOOOO!!!!

    so… whazzup, mah brutha?

  43. wiser, i ran into some of your comments in the oddest damn place. I can’t recall, though, where it was. I laughed my ass off, ‘cuz there’s only one “wiserbud” (although that “wiser” dink does a pretty good imitation) – I knew it was you. I just can’t recall!!!! God, I love rufies.

  44. or how about this one?

  45. Hover bear. That is how memes are born.

    **sticks a pin in a voodoo doll representing the person who coined the word meme**

  46. Hey, Jazz!! Slummin’ today?

  47. I see you still have your fist in Uranus.

  48. wiser, I’m grinning my ass off. I’m kind of coming off a huge dark time, so showing up here is like walking out of a cave and being greeted by a clown car. 😀

  49. hiya guys, ‘sup?

  50. The FIST IN URANUS is my permanent gravvy. It’s the best present anyone ever gave me – except for that “honey” that ended up giving me the clap. The honey was the best; the clap was not. So, the FIST IN URANUS is second only to tainted love. 😉

  51. I can’t believe Jazz beat Hotspur to the spelling correction. He wouldn’t have, if it was grammar, I’ll bet.

  52. “Up” is a direction relative to a point in space. It’s also the word, when used in the inquiry “What’s up?” that gets me labeled an a-hole when I answer. 😉

  53. Are you impugning my spelling skilz, J’Ames?

  54. Is Sofia Vergara the molten Latin hotness that graces those make-up ads with Ellen Degenerate?

  55. No, just your quick draw. It takes a lot to beat HS to a correction.

  56. showing up here is like walking out of a cave and being greeted by a clown car.

    There’s a joke about peej in there somewhere.

  57. Hey Jazz!

    You working your core properly?

    Did that sound dirty?

  58. Hahahah – I signed up for twitter yesterday. Peej’s twitter was one of the first I decided to follow. I haven’t read any of her twaddle yet, though. I figured, knowing peej, i better have a lot of time on my hands.


  60. Carin, yes it sounds dirty. No, I’m not working my core properly. I haven’t been able to move more than about 50 feet for a couple of months now. I get out on occasion, but I fell in the grocery when I went out not too long ago, and I had a really hard time getting up and getting out of the place. I had to fight the store NOT to call an ambulance.

  61. You know it’s your core that keeps your back healthy .Yoga and core work.

  62. wiser, I’m grinning my ass off.

    That is fantastic news, my friend. Your unique brand of humor has been missed ’round these parts.

    Hopefully you are on a better path now.

  63. Good header pic. Shitty tagline.

  64. “Hilarious” might be a slight overstatement. But it IS chock full of levity and peculiar humor.

    Judge’s score? 6.9

    Of course, bribery can change my opinion.

  65. wiser, I was on the path to hell. It’s a much better path. And it’s finally starting to feel right. Getting fired seems to have been a good thing – my resentments are melting. 😉

  66. oooo.. this one’s good

  67. Suddenly, the entire concept of stage-diving took a tragic turn for the worse:

  68. Floating Bear Solutions, LLC

  69. Good header pic. Shitty tagline.

    You got better?

  70. Republican House leaders are finally holding Attorney General Eric Holder accountable for some of his actions. Representative Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, drafted a 48-page contempt of Congress citation against him. The charge? Repeatedly obstructing and slowing the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious.

    Oh, my. 😀

  71. I like stage-dive bear.

    Someone should do “upskirt bear.”

  72. These are so ridiculous and I can’t stop laughing.



  75. And I, Bruno, will dive 1,000 feet into a block of cement. On my head, yet.


  77. If this works, you’re gonna see something wonderful!

  78. Tried to do one, but I think laura broke it. Did anyone do:

    “As God is my witness, I thought bears could fly?”

  79. Oh shit, ace is in on it now on twitter. lol

  80. Are you hiring, Jazz?

  81. I laughed, but now I’m not sure if it’s funny:

  82. I tried to do one, then I remembered I’m not funny.


  84. Pup, I could – but I pay in cat food. 😉

  85. Geoff, I fell out of my chair with that image!!

  86. Hover Bear capitalizes on what he knows will be his fleeting fame to sign a deal with a major studio to star in a remake of of a very popular children’s movie.


  88. Haha, Geoff, even better if they dropped him out of a helicopter.

  89. These are fucking hilarious!

  90. A few more pics of the lovely Sofia Vergara

  91. from ace

  92. Did my link work?

  93. HAHA! 99 Red Balloons Bears. Nena!


  95. Helium bear.

  96. I thought it was funny, MJ, but the media and lefty pillorying of Zimmerman has left me dead inside with respect to anything to do with Trayvon Martin, which is too bad, because if Zim was wrong, I’m still entirely sympathetic to him NOW, simply because of the egregiously biased info that is being passed of as fact to decimate Zim.

    BTW, the best analysis I’ve seen of the Martin/Zimmerman situation is at the Conservative Tree House. This link, plus updates 9 and both parts of 10, tell a story that may redefine your perspective.


  98. From Gabriel:

  99. From Gabriel:

    That one cracked me up big-time

  100. shit that was fun but I have a meeting now

  101. I smell a rat…


    Star Wars



  105. Thanks.


  107. Thanks.


  108. was that about your link?

    yes, it worked.

    Very nice. Congratulations on your upcoming special event.

  109. Grandkid MCPO?


  111. Scot – Yes.


  113. Looks to be a little more than half done.

  114. Banglar party van does not appreciate 45 MPH winds.

    Although it was pretty cool heading East on the Mass Pike, 65-70 MPH and zero wind noise.

  115. Scot – 32 weeks. She is a tiny woman.

  116. Congratulations, MCPO. Boy or girl?

  117. is there a place where all the bear memes can be seen on the same page?

  118. assholes.

    Yes, and….?

    We like babies, not lumps. Mom looks nice. Tell her we like pictures pronto once she has the parasite removed.

  119. She’s cute. I can see why SNO was tempted by her feminine wiles.

  120. Comment by scott on April 27, 2012 4:17 pm
    Looks to be a little more than half done.

    First baby, Scott. Many hardly show until the last months.

  121. >>>is there a place where all the bear memes can be seen on the same page?

    Ya got me… That would be awesome though

  122. Hotspur – Girl child, in a complete reversal of normal Airdale family tradition. Boys usually are the 1st born in our family.


  124. I don’t know how that site works…if you search for hoverbear it doesn’t bring up many of them

  125. This is pretty cool

  126. New iPad3. Guess HotBride gets another hand me down.

  127. Hotspur – I’m thinking of moving to Kindle Fire since I read a lot of books and you can borrow/lend on the Fire. Not so with the Kindle app on the iPad, if I understand correctly.

  128. My daughter has the Nook Tablet and she really loves it. She reads a lot of books, and she gets many of them from the library for free.

  129. Oh, and she said you can share books with the Nook with others.

    I don’t do any book reading on the iPad, just audiobooks, and movies.

    I have the Nook app, and my friend gave me his login info., so I suppose I should try it.

  130. If this works, you’re gonna see something wonderful!

    Thanks. . . .

    To be fair, someone’s used that line before to trick us into looking at his lemon-party pics.

    Just sayin’.

  131. Chief: I have both and like the kindle for book reading more than the kindle app on my ipad. The backlight on the ipad makes my eyes tired at night when reading. I have read entire books on my iphone kindle app as a way to kill time when waiting for my cases to begin.

  132. Am I an anachronism? I hate the idea of needing electricity to read a book. And, because the dang readers need batt’rees/eLECtricity, once I buy the book, I have to keep paying to read it. I like the tactile sensation of the glossy pics on my nethers pages. And I can burn it when I’m done or if I want to feel like Obama.

  133. She is very pretty Jay you have great taste in BBW.

  134. Jazz the battery in my kindle lasts a month between charges and uses the common mini usb to charge

  135. No Jazz…the death of books is not coming anytime soon. There are several books that can’t be reproduced as well electronically. They include books heavy with pictures which look better in print which is why my comic books/graphic novels/etc are in print form. And, do you really want a toddler or first grader walking around with a kindle?

  136. And, do you really want a toddler or first grader walking around with a kindle?

    They are out there. . .

  137. Well, when the apocalypse comes and you kindle users are drinking banana coladas and frantically trying to charge your readers with a “Gilligan’s Island” bicycle generator, don’t come crying to me. I’ll be busy reading a BOOK between gales of laughter at your misery. 😛

  138. Oh, I know! Eventually the price will come down enough that the loss or breakage of a kindle won’t concern parents. It’s hard to chew the edges of the pages though…

  139. This is pretty cool

    That is amazing, but having a part-Border Collie, not surprising much.

  140. Sooo very excited for you MCPO!!!

  141. I could just spend my entire day surfing for pics and vids of the lovely Ms Sofia. She purdy.

  142. You know the other thing I like about books? Holding one with my eyes closed, I can tell how close to the end I am.

    And the smell when the pages riff. I like that, too – way more than a rag full of acetone.

  143. A kindle can hold 1/2 the library Jazz so I will bicycle charge for a while.

    Honestly I like it because it is instant gratification I buy a book and it is there now. No waiting for shipping or going to the book store.

  144. Heh – chief, I got so caught up in the embarrassment of missing your comment that I failed to comment on your comment. Congrats!!! When’s DIL’s due date?

  145. yes get the extended warranty.

  146. One day we’ll all have spinach powered Kindles.

    Everybody take a deep breath and hold it until that happens.

    Howdy, Jazz!

  147. V, I’m a sucker for the kindle daily deal for $ .99 – 1.99. I have several books to read loaded for that price.

  148. Debra Grace is scheduled to make her stage debut on 18 June.

  149. section?

  150. I lurv my kindle. Love it love it love it.

    Not like I’d love an iPad, I’m sure.

  151. I like books too, JazzHands, but I can get cheap reads, quick reads, or books I would have to order.

    I live out in the boonies, so I can’t get anything beyond the trash/junk/pop crap they sell at the big stores.

  152. I heard Carin keeps a stack of books in the back of her closet. They have lurid pink covers and pictures of Fabio on them.

  153. Carin,
    Did you ever read any of the Scalzi I recommended?

  154. I got home and realized I overcharged on my time sheet by 2 hours. I either have to go back and actually work them, or correct it on Monday.

  155. I heard CarinRich keeps a stack of books in the back of her closet. They have lurid pink covers and pictures of Fabio on them.


  156. Uh, oh, Chaser is smarter than Obama, he can make inferences and can remember what works from the past.


    (and I’m not kidding)

  157. Jazz, I share your sentiment. I have two libraries. Fiction I can have in digital format, but all my nonfiction necessary to restart civilization after an EMP is hardcopy.

  158. Not yet. I keep getting distracted by other books. Thanks for the reminder.

  159. Hey, JAZZ!!! Good to see you!

    shoot… right back

  160. And I know I have one of his books in my library. I have to find it and see which one it is

  161. Who did Mare shoot? Jazz??!

  162. They have lurid pink covers and pictures of Fabio on them.

    The day that I took the time to think about the fact that all of those covers actually had somebody posing for them –

    Well, let’s just say that TiFW was a very happy lady that day…..

  163. FRIDAY!!!!

  164. And I know I have one of his books in my library. I have to find it and see which one it is

    It’s right next to the purple dildo.

  165. Soccer field

  166. FTR, I don’t think I ever saw Fabio on a “lurid pink” cover.

    On horseback in the countryside, with his shirt open, hair flowing…..

  167. Speaking of kindles: I have a kindle fire and I quite often download the sample of a book to see if I want to buy it or not. And then I want to delete the sample because it just clutters up the place. Does anybody know how to delete books on a kindle? I could probably read it in the instructions, but I’d rather bother you fucks.

  168. And I know I have one of his books in my library. I have to find it and see which one it is
    It’s right next to the purple dildo
    Silly , that not the science fiction section of my library. The dildo is filed under ” self help”.


    What kind of bootleg muthafocking library system do you think I use?

  169. It’s really easy. Highlight book, then arrow it right . You get a script there to delete.

  170. “I could probably read it in the instructions, but I’d rather bother you fucks.”

    HA! I feel the same way. I love my Kindle Fire.

  171. Heh, I found this picture of a Harlequin photoshoot while looking for the pink books I remember seeing in drug stores.

  172. Thx Carin. Ill try that

  173. Gonna just fix it on Monday. Time to make some meatballz.

  174. hey where’s the donuts?

  175. Or not. Wife is amenable to a dinner out.

  176. Ok I’m bored everyone. What do ya got?

  177. So am I, but I got nuthin. Mrs MJ is making a cake. I guess that’s pretty awesome.

  178. Ah, yes – the infamous Johanna Lindsey bookcovers (I may be showing my age now – many of the ladies here may not be old enough to remember these):

    There are 5 whole pages of “Bookcovers” at this site:

    I may be very busy this weekend (dang, the man STILL looks good!)….. 😛

  179. Still at soccer field.

    All by myself ….

  180. Car In, im trying to put together a Cat Fort

  181. Carrot cake? Watch what she puts in it. I don’t care what it’s called , it’s not health food.

  182. hey where’s the donuts?

    *Points at Mare

  183. A cat fort? I usually make my cats make their own forts. Builds character.

  184. this is a big ole thing, perches scratching post etc. the little sh*t will probly ignore it

  185. I haad a slice of wholewheat bread today. Yup, that’s my highlight.

  186. She thought we had carrots, but I ate them with lunch this week. She’s making a chocolate espresso cake with espresso buttercream frosting.

  187. Master Chief, i had a big rye bread bowl and soup today

  188. I usually make my cats make their own forts. Builds character.
    See, that was funny. You’re not 100% boring.

  189. coffee ho’s to MJs place

  190. That’s not a highlight.

  191. I made meatloaf the other day. Omg it was legendary. I really don’t think I can ever to that.

  192. CARROT cake is not really cake.

    Seriously, why go to all the trouble of making cake and not make it chocolate?

  193. Honestly – who practices on a Friday night?

  194. Carrot cake is actually my favorite. Love it.

    * gains 5 pounds thinking about it

  195. Oh, sweet, dear, naive Carin……who has a Regional tournament on Easter?

  196. Lol. It just sucks . I haven’t eaten dinner and by the time I get home
    it’s really going to be too late to eat. My dad wants to cook tonight but w/o me there prodding him along … This is going to end badly. I just know it.

  197. Oh ptl, they may be done.

  198. pizza

  199. Yea . I wish. My dad pouts.

  200. I don’t eat pizza anyway.

  201. Can’t you use your iPhone to call your Dad and yell at him to get dinner started?

  202. *Hopes Carin’s dad will e-mail me a portion of fried oysters and pasta.

  203. Pizza is healthy.

  204. Facetime his ass.

  205. Well, not his ass ass.

  206. That gyro meatball recipe looks very good.

  207. Update: Our town has doubled in population since Wednesday. Traffic is FUBAR, sirens going off @ X3 normal and the backup to get off the turnpike/I-81 is 30 minutes.

    I fucking hate car show weekends.

  208. From February: “Why I Do Not Like the Obamas”, written by a black conservative:

    If I smoked, I would have lit up after reading that….

  209. Pizza tonight here too. Just about to order it. Mom and Dad are both out of town, so it’s Kids Night. Party!

    Or eat pizza and fall asleep on the couch. Which will the middle-aged children choose to do? hmmm

  210. To all the Marines out there thank you for trouncing them on the shores of tripoli 207 years ago

  211. Corvette weekend?

  212. What do you really like, MCPO? Sure golf, but what else?

  213. Hey Bronies

  214. Oh Chief, my brother goes to those in your town from time to time. Sorry. He did get a great deal on a Shelby there. . .

  215. MJ wasn’t always a douche.

  216. He wasn’t?

  217. Lippy, I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the thought of middle-aged kids having a party while Mom and Dad are gone for the weekend.

    “Oh, goody – we can stay up until 9:30!”


  218. “Hey Bronies”

    HAHAHAHA…..Fricken weirdos

  219. “so it’s Kids Night. Party!”

    Check the booze bottles Lippy, they may have them marked.

  220. Yeah, TiF, all the cool kids can’t get babysitters for a spur of the moment rave.

    Hi Dave!

  221. What do you really like, MCPO? Sure golf, but what else?

    Respect your elders, MJ, or Chief’s gonna run you down with his scooter.

  222. Lippy’s brother is part of the problem.

  223. Mare, I shave my chest and arms. Does that turn you on?

  224. MJ, would you consider leg wrestling with MCPO? I think that would be fun. We could place bets and what not.

    You’re younger but MCPO has more experience so it could be good fun for the spectators.

  225. Marked booze bottles, crap.

  226. Yes, I was goddammit, but that was a legitimate question. I was actually interested in what MCPO is interested in.

  227. Honestly – who practices on a Friday night?
    Winners? spitballing for Andy.

    Since I’m not much of a cook, I would just go with regular meatballs and some ranch dressing and probably not know the difference.

  228. No.

  229. I’d lose, Mare. I’m barely 5 feet tall, and I only weigh a few pounds.

  230. Lippy – We live close enough to the fairgrounds that we could hear the auctioneer last evening. Another reason I want to move to the other side of the mountains!

  231. I’d lose, Mare. I’m barely 5 feet tall, and I only weigh a few pounds.

    She’d know all this if she’d bother to show up at a meet up.

    You didn’t mention the disfiguring mole. Really, it’s good to give people a head’s up about that. I thought it was a tumor.

  232. Did anybody eighty-six anybody else today?

  233. Oh, that. Laura suggested that I put a top hat and a vest on it so it would be a bit dashing.

  234. Heh.

  235. You took advice from LAURAW ?

    Gads. I mean, she hides her hump with a dirty old horseblanket.

    No, you’d be better off seeking advice from Dave, who was able to completely conceal his vestigial tail.

  236. Mare, did you see Kurt Schlicter’s beatdown of the pansies over at Breitbart’s? The ensuing cries from the weenie brigade on twitter have been hilarious.


  237. Did anybody eighty-six anybody else today?

    I wasn’t really up to that so I forty-three’d two people. Does that count?

  238. I kind of twenty-one and halved a couple of people.

  239. No, darn it Dave…I’ll be right back, going to check it out.

  240. There’s this:

    And there is this laugher:
    kill one protected species to protect another protected species.

  241. who wants to 86 me?

  242. Taco nite here, Lippy.

  243. Okay, that one was funny.

  244. With apologies to the late Margo Kidder…

  245. (realizes saying “at Breitbarts” is like sayin “at that 7-11 in Dallas”

    Fuck. Made me sad again that he’s gone.

  246. Dave, that was AWESOME. Finally, someone with a podium calling freaks what they are….. freaks. They should be ashamed and in therapy.

  247. I just started reading his book. On the iPad. It must have been really fun to be present at the beginning of internet media.

  248. HA! Dave, when I first went over there I cursed you for not linking it!

  249. Sean, HAH!

    Mare, the funnier part is all the poor lame bronies crying to him on Twitter about how mean he is.

  250. Wait a minute. I googled the bronie thing the other day and thought for sure that I had missed something when you guys were joking about it. Are you telling me there are actual grown men that watch reruns of My Little Pony and discuss it? This is real?

  251. Georgetown tells Sandy and Obama to fluke off:

  252. HHAHAHA…I just told my husband about bronies and now he’s mad.

  253. “Mare, the funnier part is all the poor lame bronies crying to him on Twitter about how mean he is.”

    Oh, my, gosh!!! I didn’t see that, I have to go check that out. I won’t tell my husband because he’s already mad about it.

  254. Sandra Fluke, the militant feminist activist-cum-Georgetown Law School student

    Heh heh heh.

  255. SO, now that I made you laugh, can we actually meet?


    (MJ, see link. The original story about Brony conventions is linked)

  256. These fuckers should be on the sex offenders list. Only a matter of time. Why wait?

  257. i feel bad for watching old episodes of cowboy bebop now

  258. Hotspur, that’s what my husband says, they sound like pedophiles.

  259. HA! Dave, I like the “so you won’t work pro-brony?” comment.

  260. (MJ, see link. The original story about Brony conventions is linked)
    I thought this was some sort of joke and I just missed something. These dudes are very, very strange, but on the other hand they aren’t eating f’n dogs.

  261. Just for you, wpd…

    I never get tired of that.

  262. Probably ate a dog

  263. Late to the game, but here’s my HoverBear meme (with apologies to Peter Pan):

  264. I’m a Bronie and Gutter Slut is my favorite character.

    Wait. Are we talking about the same show?

  265. Well like I said the other day, as a dad of daughters, I had to watch my share of crappy shows when they were little girls, and pretend I liked it with em. But I didn’t go to any Barney conventions with other dads, and a stuffed dinosaur on my shoulder.

  266. Is that dog?

  267. We should do a Worst Little Ponies jokes thread and try to get a link from Breitbart.

  268. Glitter Shitter.

  269. Great idea, Jewstin! Include the Moron Horde on the fun, too….

  270. “What do you mean, this place doesn’t have dog on thee menu?”

  271. Ok, reading time. Have a good weekend everyone.

  272. Dave-O, i have a MUCH younger brother, i sat thru biker mice from mars, COWboys of moo mesa, power rangers etc

    im still not convinced he grew up normal
    fyi im 49, he is 20 (S)

  273. cya ya MJ, try to get smart from it

  274. Sean – Cosby Bebop FTW!

  275. Here’s a list of MLP characters (there’s one named “Ace”, BTW):

    I especially liked the names of some of their “allies” – “Captain Crabnasty” and “The Bushwoolies”…..

  276. Oh, wait – the bronies are into the “MLP: Friendship is Magic” show…..

  277. SRSLY?!?!?!!?!?!?!?
    Bronies kilt it?

  278. Teresa His Nibs sends the Queen his best

  279. There’s a sick, twisted new poat available.

  280. Hi. Saturday fun lovers. I’m drinking.

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