Like We Didn’t Know

Here’s an Obama appointee revealing the truth about the EPA;

Despite his “apology” and the carnival barker that plays a Press Secretary on TV, this is EXACTLY how the ecotards in the administration feel about their power.

Screw them. And screw the kind of political environment that allows this type of unmitigated power trip to be perpetrated on the American taxpayer and consumers. This asshole’s resignation should be on the table today and, eventually, the EPA should be shut down, the buildings they occupy burned and the earth salted beneath them.

The EPA was long ago hijacked by the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, PETA, AlGore faction and makes it their business to retard energy production in this nation – unless it comes from patchouli fumes and unicorn dung.



  1. Did anybody say “first” on anybody else’s poat today?

  2. Nice rant.

  3. Sean – No.

  4. Jewstin, lets meet next week for Indian dinner. Cuisine India on Nasa Rd. I. I will let you know DD’s schedule and we can pick a night that she is at work

  5. FIST!

  6. Jeez, SoHoS! Can’t you at least pretend I’m here?

  7. And I am *not* a “dillweed”. I’m a fuckin’ petunia.

  8. Petunias can do that?

  9. That sounds delightful, Sohos. It’ll have to be after Wednesday though.

  10. Cyn & Airdale:

  11. Did anyone drink milk directly out of the carton today?

  12. Rosetta and MCPO Airdale

  13. How are you, SoHos–all settled into your new place?

  14. That guy is a douche. Nice work MCPO.

  15. Who is this Rosetta you speak of????

  16. Sees that Tushar is here, checks off “Diversity” box.

  17. Chief, from your question, I take it that Rosetta is MIA for a while.

  18. You’re supposed to say that the EPA makes it their business to “differently able” energy production.


  19. Hi, Teresa!

  20. Oui! Oui! Mon Cher! Mwah!

  21. Tushar, I have an important existential question. I made ham vindaloo. Will I be reincarnated as a meal worm in my next go around?

  22. MCPO, cool version of “I Scare Myself”. I had only heard the Thomas Dolby version.

  23. Joo,
    With every rebirth, you become more evolved, getting closer to Nirvana. You evolve more if you have accomplished more ang been a good person. Cooking and consuming ham vindaloo will get you mega Nirvana points!

  24. Roamy – It’s way old, but it came to me today. . . out of the blue.

  25. *waves to MCPO* Sounds good jewstin. Cyn~ I am still unpacking. In fact that is what I am doing right now. My cable people come Saturday so I will finally have TV. I have been watching my shows online which is fine (less commercials) and watching DVD’s. I am sleeping on a blow-up mattress but it is comfy. I don’t really have any furniture b/c I left 90% of everything with Count. So I have been shopping for new stuff which is fun and therapeutic all in all I am good.

  26. Dallas moves up to #6. Morris Clayborne

  27. Good to hear, Sohos.

  28. I’m toasting you now, Sohos, with a few extra hugs in there too.

  29. Wow, Twitter feed is faster than ESPN in the NFL draft.

  30. SoHoS – Thanks for the acknowledgement. . . and the update.

  31. Awesome!

    *Begins planning cow face vindaloo.

  32. Dave, have you fired a FN PS90?

  33. **hugs Sohos

    Hope DD is handling this as well as you are.

  34. Cow face vindaloo will take away Nirvana points!!!

  35. Tushar–What is “ang” and how can I accomplish more of it? ;)

  36. Thanks y’all. She is doing great!

  37. >> Dave, have you fired a FN PS90?

    I have not, but I am willing to learn.

  38. Sean, less derp will lead to more ang.

  39. Dave, if there is a more awesome looking weapon around, I have not heard of it.

  40. Cooking and consuming ham vindaloo will get you mega Nirvana points!

    Boringest. Video game. Ever.

  41. Tushar – I’ve been meaning to ask you; how do Indians react to Kunal Nayyar’s character on “The Big Bang Theory”?

  42. Started off today with ugh, I’ve got three meetings, I’ll never get anything done. All three were under 30 minutes (one was only 10) and meaningful, as in there are now people who understand what I am doing and WTF they are supposed to be doing and by when. I then got to do some real work in the lab and finish some writing. It was a good day.

    **whispers “space pens”

  43. Chief, No idea. I don’t watch TV. Does it stereotype Indians? I guess some Indians will get outraged, some will laugh and somw will yawn.

  44. BTW, using e cigarettes for almost two months now. Havent touched a real cig, and not smoking these too much either.

  45. Tushar – I find his character endearing, but I always expect outrage from “someone” when someone makes fun of cultural foibles.

  46. *high fives Tushar* AWESOME!

  47. Laura, How is your non smoking coming along?

  48. **yawns**


    EPIC! nap.

  49. Define, “EPIC”.

  50. Well Tushar, as the weather warms up here and there, and I do Spring things, I am running through the catalog of those habitual ‘this is when I normally take a smoke break’ situations and feeling the pull at those moments. So I’m consciously, gradually, dis-associating these activities from smoking, by experiencing them alone without smoke.

    It’s way easier now than it was in Feb/March. WAY easier.

  51. Define, “EPIC”.

    Cecil B. DeMille and a cast of thousands.

  52. It’s my brother’s birfday. Going here for dinner…

    Try not to pee in the pool while I’m gone.

  53. happy birthday sean’s bro.

  54. <i<Define, “EPIC”.

    2-1/2 hours, a case of pillowface, and a puddle of drool.

  55. good wishes Sohos

    heya Trese, his nibs sends the Queen his best

    Cyn, i got some extra glees tonight, its yours

    Laura PLEASE dont beet me

    Joo good foods

    Tushar, ive never had indian food, what should I start with?

  56. roamy, WTF are you a rocket scientist?

  57. Dunn, chicken masala or saag is a safe place to start.

    I’m fond of the insanely spicy Indian things like vindaloo or madras.

  58. Hahahahaha, WPDunn, on my better days, yes, I am.

  59. Oooh. And poories are a million times better than naan. Do your damndest to get poories.

  60. Mrs. Peel is, too.

  61. Wpdunn, what Jewstin said. Try some chicken biryani too. Make sure it is not too spicy. It is basically chicken and rice, and it tastes heavenly.

  62. I am going to find a Indian restaurant around here.

  63. Long day. Lost my hottest coworker this afternoon. Much sadness.

  64. Hmmm, Krow. If I can pour “glees” over rocks, I’ll give it a try. If I have to watch it on TV or make an appointment with my doctor, I tink I’ll pass, but with many thanks.

  65. Condolences Leon. Is there a back up?

  66. There is, but the ranks are getting thin. Another one is leaving next week.

  67. I make beef curry for irony’s sake.

  68. Roamy , Wicked SWEET!
    i get big brain ecstasy on science chicks!

  69. Lost my hottest coworker this afternoon.

    What was his name?

  70. Also because it’s delicious.

  71. cyn im in such a good mood, i will only punch a lib 3 times

  72. Did you see that?!

  73. Joo/Tushar THANKS!

  74. What was his name?

    Don’t even joke, man. She was cute enough to rival Revvy.

  75. Hot engineers you say?

  76. Glees = 52oz Fresh Coffee and a cake donut happy!

  77. rival roamy??? seriously?

  78. i will only punch a lib 3 times

    You’re doing it wrong.

  79. She has a Master’s in Math, so she’s pretty shmart.

  80. It was kinda dark to see, Chief.

    *yeah, yeah, I know: “Racist”; sue me*

  81. After goggling there is not much Indian (Dot) restaurants around here. Tushar haates the Gulf Coast!

  82. Nick Swisher may be a tad “swishy”, NTTIATWWT

  83. Tushar, are you still around?

  84. we have 8 dot indian restaurants
    4 reservation indian restaurants
    and a bazillion mezzican ones

  85. Nice poat, Chief.

    Evenin’, fellow bitter clingers.

  86. Andy – Thanks.

  87. The no-fap TEDx talk is surprisingly good.

  88. You folks are all over the place tonight – whiplash trying to read the whole thread.

    So: Why is Jimmy Kimmel still on TV? He’s not funny.

  89. Wow WPD
    I have to cross the bridge and visit MJ there are 2 there and 1 in scarysota. The other one is greek/indian I have worked in greek restaurants there is nothing but greek.

  90. *slides one down the bar to Andy*

  91. *slides one down to AD; leaves bottle and more glasses for others night visitors*

  92. Oso, I had wandered away, but I am back.

  93. Sweet! I am horrible with hashes and someone was cracking me up yesterday as the AoS Mole.

  94. I don’t understand how Obama supporters don’t cringe in embarrassment at that Jimmy Fallon slow jam fucktardness.

  95. Sleep time.

  96. cya leon

  97. You want me to decode a hash and find who that person usually posts as? What is the hash?

  98. Mmmmm … thanks for the generous pour, Cyn.

    *Leaves ginormous tip*

  99. Why should Leon cover his ass while sleeping? Does your wife like to peg you, Leon?

  100. I don’t understand how Obama supporters don’t cringe in embarrassment.


  101. Kimmel, Fallon and the rest of the late night Assh*les are talentless hax

  102. Why should Leon cover his ass while sleeping? Does your wife like to peg you, Leon?

    Yes. And she makes me call her “Michelle” and calls me “Barry” when she does it. I have no idea why.

  103. To the top of The List, Leon. To. the. Top.

  104. Tush, I remembered that you noticed hashes. I am trying to find a comment because I really didn’t plan on you being here. Gah!!!! I’m going back to the HQ to see what I find!

  105. I have no idea why.

    Do you wear mom jeans?

  106. Hey, Leon, catch!

  107. Oso, I was very active in AoS comments for a few years, and completely dropped off after nov 2008. I comment maybe once or twice a year now.

  108. A town here in MA is considering banning the sale of bottled water. WTF happened to this country? (They are also going to require CATS be on a leash when outside the home. How did they get that high of a density of stupid people in one place?)

  109. Just saw a news update – the town has actually voted to ban water bottles sales. Inconceivable!

  110. I read that sort of crap, AD, and I wonder, truly wonder, what has happened to natural selection.

  111. Tushar, that’s ok. I’m starting to think I imagined them. I guess seeing Retired Geezer, Sobek, and Purple Avenger comment recently and the fact that the AoS mole wasn’t full of anger, I thought you could help me figure it out.

  112. Yup, AD. Concord. As in “Lexington and …”.


  113. I thought Dave was the AoS mole.

  114. I don’t know, Cyn. I drive thru that town on my commute. If I didn’t reuse my water bottles, I’d be tempted to toss one out the window while passing thru each day

  115. AD, no flouride in bottled water and cavities are on the rise. One Brita filter=30 bottled waters. I equate leashing cats to the uptick in feral cats. ABQ voted for mandatory helmets for skateboards, skates, and bicycles for under 17. The cops don’t enforce it but when we sell them we have to inform the consumer of the law. Idiotic.

  116. Sooo…. next time I’m at the gas station in Concord, and get thirsty, instead of being able to buy healthy water, I’ve got to buy unhealthy, sugar laden soda?

  117. Andy, thank you! It seemed like an old timer from the “Thanks Nancy”/flamewar days.

  118. Your tax dollars at work!

    Remington Arms Company, L.L.C., Ilion, N.Y., was awarded an $83,924,089 firm-fixed-price contract. The award will provide for the procurement of 24,000 M4A1 carbines. Work will be performed in Ilion, with an estimated completion date of April 12, 2017. The bid was solicited through the Internet, with six bids received. The U.S. Army Contracting Command, Warren, Mich., is the contracting activity (W56HZV-12-D-0056).

    Do you realize the cost per rifle in this fucking contract?
    $3,496.84 for an M4!
    WTF,O? Remington, Colt, Bushmaster, S&W can poop these things out at $100/per. The molds and the tooling are cast in concrete! Everybody and their dog makes them! Somebody got greased for this! GOD, I hate politicians!

  119. osoloco – dentists offer flouride treatments – there is no need to pollute drinking water with it.But the proponents of this new law pushed it as a pollution thing, which is stupid, because it soda bottles that I see, not water bottles.

  120. I saw some video of the Concord town meeting with these douchetools on the news last night.

    Mk. I, Mod. 0 MA liberal idiots.

    Oh, and then there’s this bitch:

    AD and I are the only sane-ish people here.

  121. Damn, ChrisP. That’s insane.

  122. >> I thought Dave was the AoS mole.

    Only the real mole would say that.

  123. I’m calling it a night before I get into a rant about Elizabeth Warren.


  124. Evening all. I just learned that CareerBuilder is a little shit that hates me. What did everyone else do today?

  125. AD, my hubby watches Biggest Loser and all they talk about is bottled water pollution. Brita is one of their biggest sponsors. The moronettes were talking about cavities and bottled water drinkers. When “Conservative” women have an 100+ thread on fricken’ bottled water, you know that the 52% are all over it.

  126. Good idea, AD.

    I’m outta here, too.

  127. Hi Revvy! I’m not disparaging Subaru owners tonight.

  128. nite kids.

    also fuck careerbuilder for dissing Revvy.

    and ChrisP, don’t believe everything you read on the internets. Especially if I wrote it.

  129. Andy,
    This is the source, The DOD!

  130. Chrispy, that contract is IDIQ. The first order is for 24k weapons at a price of roughly $16mm. Very roughly, about $650/weapon, right in line with recent purchases.

  131. Hi Oso! And yay :P

    Thanks for the support, DiT XD Night.

    But yeah… I found out that apparently the 3+ hours I spent updating my resume for this job were for NOTHING because CareerBuilder only accepts resumes it can scan for text – meaning that my nicely laid out and well-designed resume is destined to get spat out as a jumble of text that’s easily searchable for buzzwords.


  132. Revvy, that sucks!

  133. IDIQ contract vehicles (indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity) are paced by task orders, the actual RFQs (requests for proposal), which are parsed out under the contract vehicle. It’s merely a funding mechanism, the real work and deliverables depend on funding and award. 1/3 of them go to 8a small businesses.

  134. Every task order is competed among the companies who were awarded positions on the IDIQ.

    And with that bit of govmint contracting knowledge, begun by xbradtc, I bid you adieu.

  135. Later, Dave.

  136. Good night, Dave.

  137. It does suck. And now after 20 mins of copy pasta, my lovely resume is reduced to shitty looking Arial font on a blank background. *cries into a pillow*

  138. I did too much unpacking, cleaning and organizing tonight b/c I am super amped up and cannot sleep. Tomorrow is going to suck. Luckily, I am only working 1/2 a day

  139. test

  140. Sohos, did you buy a coffeemaker yet?

  141. yes, I have a coffee make, blender and toaster

  142. Sweet! Don’t throw your alarm clock! I know it has been bugging you : )

  143. Actually, they make throwable alarm clocks. They’re squishy and when they hit the wall it activates the snooze.

    *the more you know*

  144. Does Everyone Remember Prisencolinensinainciusol?

  145. **throws 1880 grandfather clock at the wall**

  146. Sean, what was that?

  147. It’s a video by some Italian guy that used to get linked around here a couple of years ago. I think I read somewhere that the lyrics are all gibberish.

  148. I thought I needed some Diet DP to understand it. I must have never followed that link

  149. Does Everyone Remember Prisencolinensinainciusol?

    Of course.

  150. The ridiculously hot blond in the video, BTW, was apparently famous on several continents for being ridiculously hot. But her lines were dubbed by the guy’s wife.

  151. Early? Not really.

  152. wakey wakey

  153. I did that already.

  154. well, then my job here is done.

  155. Did you read Peggy Noonan’s column, yet? It’s pretty good.

  156. Not yet. WSJ?

  157. Yup.

    1. Obama sucks.
    2. He’s an empty suit.
    3. Referendum election.

  158. Good morning everyone!

    Peggy Noonan is a little late to the game.

  159. Yeah, but I think her main point is the idea of a referendum. The Obama dickfaces have decided to try to make the election a choice, thus portraying Romney as EXTREME, while Obama seems to the average moron to be rational and non-threatening.

  160. Peggy Noonan is a little late to the game.

    This statement is perpetually true.

  161. On the one issue where Obama MIGHT have been effective, race, the idiot blows the shot….again.

    What an opportunity to be a bigger man than his ego tells him he is. Imagine what good he could have done to inspire calm and unity on the Trayvonn case. No, as per his ego he had to make it about him, and not in a good way. Shameful. Tensions are high and people are actually getting beaten over the incident and he wiffs the ball. All that time on the course hasn’t done anything for this country.

  162. Peggy Noonan, of all people, mentions Obama as “the best tailored President since JFK”…..wrong again Peggy….Reagan was impeccably tailored and besides who gives a flying fig?

    I got her point, that she’s thinking about stupid stuff when he speaks, but what is it about RINOS that make them interested in Obama’s pants and jackets?

  163. Yeah, that’s weird. My guess is the pundit class is extremely shallow, so that kind of stuff matters to them.

    I always assume that the guy not wearing a blue suit and red tie is some sort of radical individualist. A blue tie? Wow, that’s extreme.

  164. I dont wanna get up.

  165. Mare, what color tie do you have wrapped around your tinfoil hat, right now?

    I have a ton of shit to do today. I worked late last night, and early this morning so I could run errands for this party dealio. That way Mrs MJ can actually enjoy the weekend rather than running around.

  166. Why is Don Imus popular? With whom?

  167. >> what is it about RINOS that make them interested in Obama’s pants and jackets?

    The shallowest of reasons, she finds him attractive. She thinks Obama is pretty. She gets turned on by him.

  168. I’m gonna cancel Fox Bidness and send a letter to Cavuto.

  169. The shallowest of reasons, she finds him attractive. She thinks Obama is pretty. She gets turned on by him.

    She is far from the only woman to be swayed in such a manner.

  170. She is far from the only woman to be swayed in such a manner.
    David Brooks.

  171. You are a thoughtful husband MJ…I see longevity in your marriage!

    Also, since it’s early I don’t have a tie on my tinfoil hat….yet.

    “The shallowest of reasons, she finds him attractive. She thinks Obama is pretty. She gets turned on by him.”

    I agree, it’s just hard to imagine a “professional pundit” projecting that way. You’d think she would have learned from Brooks outing himself over Obama. And man, do they have poor taste in men.

  172. Sohos, it’s FRIDAY!! And think of it as one more day toward your goal weight!

  173. It’s JFK Syndrome. He’s pretty. Noonan gets wet just thinking of him.

    Also, Obama ate a f’n dog.

  174. Also, Chris “Thrill Up My Leg” Matthews.

  175. David Brooks is a sexless lump, I won’t force even the vilest of womyn to count it in their camp.

  176. Mare thanks for the words of encouragement. I am only 15 pounds from goal weight. yay me! I am down over 50 since the broken leg deal. I am out the door. Have a good Friday.

  177. Also, Obama ate a f’n dog.
    This makes me laugh, every time.

  178. Good morning evil minions! Did you know: Obama ate dog?

  179. Noonan fell for his good looks and presentation, and seem to lack the awareness that MANY OF US NEVER CARED about that.

    She still notices it, and it never enters her mind that she’s an idiot for expecting that to mean anything.

    Reminds me of the battles with Nishi over at Protein Wisdom before the 08 elections. Optics, etc.

  180. Yea SOHOS.

  181. New POL pic?

    Although I haven’t had a drop of wine (any alcohol in 7 or 8 weeks).

  182. Zeke let me sleep ’till 7am today.

  183. Where’s that dickweed, Hotspur?:

  184. Holy smokes, Sohos is kicking butt!!!

  185. Who drools more? Obama over Bo, or Bo over Obama?

  186. Top, mare…bottom, that fat punk Rosetta:

  187. Mare, that pic is awesome, you have to make that the header!

  188. Fallout from the Bruin’s loss. Columnist describes loss to Capitals as “karma” for Tim Thomas not meeting with Obama at the WH.

    I think it means when you snub a black man another black man will score the winning goal in game 7 many months later or something like that. WTF?

  189. The centaur one. ok I’,m late for work…ciao

  190. I hate to imagine that Lincoln could not be elected now because he looks “icky.”*

    *Voice of stupid, vapid, college female.

  191. All the glamour of married life (when you marry a nerd) rolled into one picture:

  192. Voting age should be raised to 30.

  193. Abe Lincoln: Never ate a dog.

    Barack Obama: Ate a f’n dog.

  194. I love the dog meme. Why? Because “they” sooooo wanted to skewer Romney with the “dog” issue. I love a good backfiring when it comes to liberals.

  195. I wish the libs would start another twitter hashtag. That’s always fun.


  197. Mare:

  198. Mare here is more dog biting Obambi



    HA! Those are perfectly related!

  200. Oh, boy, those stupid libs didn’t hear about the dog saving deal…’s ruining their narrative.

  201. I don’t understand this:

    The link is a to a video called ‘Breitbart is here’. Watch it later.

    The video is great and at the end they flash a collage made of banners of all right leaning blogs/websites. It has all the blogs, including relatively dormant ones like protein wisdom, a few I don’t even know about, a few blogs that were started by AoS morons (DPUD and NiceDeb). Even HillBuzz, for some reason. You know which blog is missing? AoS. I simply don’t understand this. Sometimes it seems like AoS is treated like the unstable cousin in the Rightsphere family. The one who does the dirty work and the dangerous jobs, but he is not spoken about in polite company.

  202. Haha, vmax, good story find!

    Romney once kept a terrier from drowning. Obama once drowned a terrier in ketchup.

  203. Funniest picture ever.

    I swear.

  204. I do not either Tush, Ace has become more respectable over the years while still maintaining the all out carouse atmosphere.

    Including DPUD in that list (I love them and this is not a diss) negates the respectable theory

  205. Gooooood moooorrrrnnnnnniiinnng

  206. dickhole

  207. See what I mean? ‘Respectable’ people like Dave won’t even acknowledge my comment because it is about ace.

  208. Couldn’t agree more, tushar. AOS, the red headed stepchild of the rightosphere. Just happens to be the tip of the spear, too.

    I’m pretty sure that’s racist.

  209. Eh. It could be oversight. I’m glad to see Protein Wisdom on the list, because Jeff often complains that he’s pretty shut-out by his fellow conservative mind-thought writers.

  210. I think the picture over at Treacher’s place is pretty funny. The HUGE protest outside of Paul Ryan’s speech. caption contest.

  211. I don’t get it Tushar? I’m not even allowed to say fuck or cunnypills on the front page anymore over there, and AOSHQ is still the Dirty Uncle?

  212. Car in, it is too frequent to be an oversight. I gave the video as an example simply because a picture is worth a 1000 words. How many times does ace links other blogs? And how many times they link him? Allah is Ace’s friend, and he gets at least 50 links from ace for every link ace gets from Hotair.

  213. Dave, that bear pic is hilarious.

  214. Ace has tried and become a lot more mainstream, but the others still don’t want to risk associating with him. He has been a Breitbart longer than Breitbart was a Breitbart.

  215. Time for me to do my part…

    **moseys over to paypal**

  216. Cunnypills? Please explain.

  217. Eh – I’m too out of it to really judge, to be honest. What’s Ace’s hit counter per day? Isn’t he one of the biggest anyway?

  218. I have a close friend from Florida whom I see about twice a year. He and his wife are very conservative, and devout Catholics – well she more than he.

    Anyway, I’ve told him about PJTV, Drudge and Ace several times. He’s become a devout PJTV follower, but never goes to Drudge or AoSQ. I don’t get it.

    *picks a booger*

  219. Hotspur, I used that word in a post about that Fluke chick. Had to change it to something else. ‘Cootertabs’ and ‘Snootchplugs’ were also rejected.**

    **this is a lie, I never even tried those but it is fun coming up with new ones

  220. Carin, he is big and influential, but I am worried that he is not able to monetize from it. For one, I think he needs to move to a more dependable hosting service. I love pixy, but his is an amateur operation. Lately I am seeing some advertizing, but no idea if it brings any decent money. I am wondering if the aos post and comment archive can be mined to create some ebooks and sell them.

    I can think of one: stuff jefferson said.

  221. Laura, you grew up with older brothers, didn’t you?

  222. I made a little bit of that crispy kale recipe last night just to try it out. Delicious like potato chips! Next time I’m going to add a little shake of BBQ seasoning.

  223. Antibabypillen is the german word for them. Pretty descriptive.

  224. Hotspur, Laura grew up with older brothers who are sailors and are disturbed by her potty mouth.

  225. We need a movie made from the StuckOnStupid saga, too.

  226. I missed the last 1/2 of the SoS saga, last week I saw that things are rosy with hummingbird and wolverine even commenting. I missed from the police day to last week

    I guess I am saying I would pay $0.99 for the whole thing on my kindle.

    I am a big spender I know. Should I rant about “books” less than 300 pages?

  227. Jesus Bear!

  228. No, actually. One little brother sixteen years my junior. We weren’t raised together.

  229. Haven’t caught up much since the police station, vmax. Is there a lot more?

  230. I am a big spender I know. Should I rant about “books” less than 300 pages?

    YES, this.

  231. Ok, I was gone all yesterday. Left youngest three kids here. They go outside to play soccer (SYWM) and leave Zelda inside because SHE always assumes they want her to play soccer as well.

    She’s a total ball hog.

    Anyway, so she’s inside, and she is NEVER happy about being IN when they’re out, and they glance at the house and see that SHE’S SITTING ON THE DINING ROOM TABLE.

    SITTING ON IT. So she can watch what they’re doing.

    THey’re outside right now playing, and I just heard her trying to get up on the table again.

    Yesterday, they probably didn’t yell at her. I BET they laughed and said she was “adorable.”

    Rotten kids.

  232. Dog on dining able. Yeah, I am ok with that.

  233. HAH!
    Carin, my dog used to do the same thing when I first got him and his separation anxiety was terrible. Scott said he’d LEAP onto the dining room table and watch my truck back out of the driveway.

  234. I don’t get it either. The left has basically made mainstream sites out of total and complete bomb throwing anarchist fuckfaces.

    My guess is that ace will break through based on his persistence. An opportunity will allow another, and then it snowballs from there. I don’t know him and I’m a relative newbie, but it’s easily my favorite site, and I was ecstatic to come across it a few years back.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I need to gargle to get the taste of balls out of my mouth.

    *wonders if comments like this have anything to do with ace’s obscurity

  235. My dad sent me this in reference to an article about Obama’s enemies list:

    To me, this is scary stuff. This is the thug politics of intimidation. It’s from the Saul Alinsky playbook. I think Obama is, at best, an extreme narcissist, who thinks he can do virtually anything to achieve the goal of “fundamental change”.

  236. MJ, ace is not obscure. He is the elephant in the room. He looms large, but people pretend that they have not noticed him.

  237. Ok, wrong word. Acknowledgement?

  238. Apparently there is Jay. Now SoS is boss has a GF and Che quit before he was fired.

    There is enough missing I tried to hunt it down, but was unable to find the rest.

    Zeke never minded me being out when he had company. Now that he is alone he sleeps on the door. Not close to the door or at the door, but curled up hugging the door.

    I need to get him a new friend.

  239. For over 10 years Ace is the first and frequent place I go for news commentary and insight.
    Drudge meh
    Instapundit is #2 but I have only recently grown fond of him.

  240. Zelda doesn’t have separation issues. But when the kids are PLAYING, she figures … she’s a kid, she should be out there. She LOVES playing with the kids.

    The equivalent, V-man, is if you were outside throwing the ball for another dog, and Zeke could SEE YOU doing it.

    Zelda just thinks she’s one of the kids. And that soccer is her sport.

  241. I read the WSJ first (after a quick check-in here) then national Review (which has a nice collection of sidebar stories from around the web at times). Then insty.

    I used to be a huge ace reader, but since I can’t keep up with comments… Protein Wisdom is my “ace”, I guess.

    I usually manage to glance through the stories at Ace’s once a day.

  242. Comments? Who reads the comments at Aces? There are enough comments to keep 10 people busy for weeks. I just read the front page. 25x a day

    What is the big deal with the shuttle? Why is it on so much? It is not like for the past 20++ years it has never flown from edwards to the cape.

  243. Carin, i used to read WSJ and one day I heard the name Jonah Goldberg. I started reading him religiously and one day he linked something called ‘cool facts about Dick Cheney’. I clicked and found my web home in AoS.

  244. NR is solidly in my top 10 Carin. Ricochet has replaced Powerline in the past 6 months. If you do not read them check them out.

  245. Ha ha! Laura linked the Jesus bear on AoS, calling it Ace last weekend. See? This is why I never get tired of AoS.

  246. I don’t comment or read them much, but it is fun to throw a few bombs around and watch the chaos. Every once in a while if I’m on a particularly boring conference call, I’ll sock puppet a liberal just to get my ass beat with insults.

  247. We need the H2 Summarizer back. TiFW never gave up that title, we should have her research the SoS story.

    Chop Chop, Teresa!

  248. Ok, shower time. I did 7 miles, and now I have to go buy a shitload of booze. Conflicting lives.

  249. Speaking which, when are we forming a Hostages flash mob in AoS comments?

  250. Usually every time Cover Song Theory™ is mentioned, Tushar.

  251. MJ is PalinSteele!

  252. Maybe Lauraw needs a FiaF thread or a flamewar like the old days. I still love rereading “Thanks Nancy”

  253. D’oh! I was rereading comments from the Allen Covert thread at AoS because Breitbart had commented about Grandma’s Boy. I just saw the FiaF post that Lauraw put up.

  254. I have no idea what anyone is talking about….but I’m okay with that.

    Just for the record……COCK!!!!

  255. I feel this way about a beautiful day too:

  256. go read . I put it up on my facedouche, but I know you don’t all do that.

    GREAT point – Obama has yet to give a “campaign speech” because he hasn’t begun campaigning. LOL. He’s only gone to fundraisers. Under pressure to answer the question WHEN he was going to start officially campaigning (as in paying for the trips himself instead of LYING about it) – May 5th.

    I imagine the speeches will be the same. Only difference will be that the crowd will be supplied with pre-made “OBAMA 2012” signs.

  257. I try not to miss Lauraw posts.

    But then I always just wanna come back her to comment.

  258. “MJ is PalinSteele” Hahaha! J’ames that killed me!

  259. I was a National Review- hard copy- reader since … 93. I don’t read it as much as I used to. WSJ replaced it a bit, although there are a few authors I try not to miss.

    WSJ is really my favorite. I’ll read anything Daniel Henninger writes. He could throw up a grocery list, and I’d probably be cutting and pasting a post together about it.

  260. brown noser

  261. Car in, I’m with you on that. Commenting at Ace’s is like flying Economy. Commenting at H2 is like flying Business Class. And commenting at Innocent Bystanders is like, fucking boring.

  262. Hey Fagspur, need anything from the liquor store?

  263. I’m sick of Bill Clinton and his syphilitic mouth and his fat, fake wife:

    Really? Really? What would Romney have done?

  264. brown noser

    Don’t h8t the playa, Hotspur. Hate the game.

  265. People who would believe that, Mare, are brain dead.

  266. Commenting at IB is like driving on a really desolate back road in one of the sparsely populated western states. You see a stray commenter every few hours.

  267. I wonder how Bill feels with Obama’s cock in his mouth.

  268. Hmm, I thought that Romney was a warmongering Republican, who lives to kill brown people.

    Now he won’t? I’m confused as well, mare.

  269. Run away with me Mare. We will leave the world behind.

  270. So the guy that is so extreme he wants to nuke Iran wouldn’t have ordered the SEALS to kill bin laden? Makes perfect sense.


  271. Ha ha ha … this is the White House response to Bhehner’s attack on Obama’s traveling yesterday:

    Let’s be clear: John Boehner is the most useless, feckless, weak and failed Speaker of the House perhaps in American history,” Woodhouse wrote in a Twitter post.

    Brad Woodhouse is a bitch. Only to be outdone by Carney:

    “I think it is eminently obvious that the president was out talking about a policy issue. And he did it effectively.

    “It is also ironic to me that the arguments about this are coming from people who know that we assiduously follow all the rules in terms of the delineations between campaign travel and official travel,” he said. “Just as our predecessor did.”

  272. More excellent commentary from Bill Whittle. If you don’t have 7 minutes for Bill Whittle…well…..

  273. MJ, you can pick me up a case of Mount Gay Eclipse, and pick up for yourself a case of SYWM.

  274. Pupster….yes, yes a thousand times yes.

  275. ” and pick up for yourself a case of SYWM.”

    I hate that brand.

  276. Is it just me or does Carney have a “punch me” face?

  277. Yes. I mean, no, it’s not just you.

  278. Hey, did anyone see this car ad?

  279. >> I’m not even allowed to say fuck or cunnypills on the front page anymore over there.

    Heh. “Bitches gotta take their cunnypills! Dave ain’t wearin no jimmy.”

    That was from Achewood, wasn’t it? It was hilarious..

  280. Ah, I misquoted.

  281. *comes back after a week of waiting at IB for someone to respond to my comment for a look at BBF*

    Hey, wtf?!!!!

  282. Car in check your g-thing I sent you a present.
    No not that.

  283. Are we gonna have to wait until after dinner for our pound(s) of flesh?

  284. Thanks V- MAN!!!!

  285. I hate that brand.

    Try it neat with a twist of lemon next time.

  286. Try it neat with a twist of lemon next time while sitting in a hot tub with a bunch of other men.


  287. Is someone doing bewbs today? I don’t see any pending/scheduled.

  288. Is someone doing bewbs today?

    Ah, the endless possibilities with that opening….

  289. I don’t think I will ever be doing a BBF. I fail to find any beauty in swollen pendulous ginormous mammaries.

  290. I know.

    You’re welcome.

  291. Dumbest comment by someone being interviewed by a news reporter EVAH:

    Guy was arrested in a city south of where I live for hiding behind dumpsters, then jumping out and scaring little girls, then chasing them down the street.

    Guy being interviewed says: “It’s crazy that someone would do something like that in this neighborhood. I mean, there’s lots of kids around here. That’s what makes it crazy.”

    Yeah. It’s just insane that a possible pedophile would do something like that in a neighborhood with so many kids in it, huh?

  292. Pendulous is a word you don’t see often.

  293. Here:
    Have your HHD and BBF in one post.

  294. I fail to find any beauty in swollen pendulous ginormous mammaries.

    *cries and looks for breast reduction surgeon*

  295. gah. I’m on hold but there’s no music or anything. They could have hung up on me and I’d be none the wiser.

  296. Have your HHD and BBF in one post.

    Yannow, when you have to buy special accoutrements to keep your fat from causing you difficulties, it might be time to consider a diet.

  297. *gets shot out of a tree, falls senseless into padded poat*

  298. I’d be none the wiser.


  299. I fail to find any beauty in swollen pendulous ginormous mammaries.</em.

    Really? You mean that?

    *gets that hopeful look

  300. 8 min of silence so far.

  301. *gets shot out of a tree, falls senseless into padded poat*

    That picture made me laugh until I cried.

    I may photoshop a trampoline under that bear.

  302. Why did Tushar poat a photo of Rosetta and mare in their long handles?

  303. OMG. Fuckers did hang up on me.

  304. starting over

  305. *gets that hopeful look

    he’s lying. He was just being nice to you and beasn.

  306. Oh look, there’s a new poat!

  307. My ac guy told me today the EPA put limitations on how often they can replace freon in old units. Cost me 381 bucks to recharge vs <100 a few years back. I hate the EPA like I hate that Big Dick's Place is no mas. BTW, fuck him, he is the reason I know you fuknuts exist. For some reason, I am compelled to follow this shit creek every fucking day. With much love, of course.

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