Muscular Monday Motivational

I’m pretty sure sitting on my poang for 16 hours/day is what’s been hurting my hip, so I may need to kill my Sunday Skyrim marathons. No wonder my weekends are so tiring!

Off topic, does anyone know if you can return a book to Amazon just because it sucks? I’ve got a book so bad I’m pretty sure my negative review will win Nobels.

Also, something is really, really wrong with me, because I saw this hot chick, and what did I see first? Her tricep. I gots the envy.

Yep, I’m deranged.

First, a relaxing stretch.

All right girl, point!

Excellent. The heavy weight over your head is a nice touch. I misspoke, though, what I meant was pointe!

You know, some folks might say that using the chair is cheating.

Okay, I forgive you. Doing some boxing later to prep for that swords&sandals flick?

Did you try on your costume yet?

That’ll do nicely, ma’am.


  1. Not top 10. Top 12, certainly. but not top 10.


  2. WTF is this shit?

    arin, it’s 2 cups of dry milk powder in that recipe. Well, actually, 2 and 2/3 cups.

    Explains why mine comes out like you can cut it with a knife.

    COOL. I’m gonna start my next batch in a bit.

  3. Also, MJ and Rhonda a lazy slackers and we should shun them.

  4. Is all this yogurting on the recipe blog?

  5. Also, MJ and Rhonda a lazy slackers and we should shun them.
    Don’t worry, Rhonda will be working for the government tomorrow and I’ll be working for us. THE WORLD WILL GO ON.

  6. Thank goodness someone took care of that Zimmerman fellow:

    Wait, what?

  7. Amazon has a ‘sell back’ for credit program though you might be able to return something because of suckage.

  8. When white, suburban kids start wearing hoodies, you’ll know this is over.

  9. Some memorial was held in NY and most of the young people, in the pews, wore pulled up hoodies.


  10. My kids are obviously at risk. They both left home in hoodies. And when they’re cold, I’ve seen them put the hood up.

    I hope they don’t get shot by a white-hispanic today.

    I’ve got a poat up about all that bullshit.

  11. I could use that $10,000 …

  12. Me too.

  13. Leon, let’s go down and round him up. I’m sure MJ will entertain us , let us flop at his house.

    We’ll split it 50/50.

  14. Someone please illuminate me: why does North Korea still exist?

    Srsly, how is this house of cards still fucking standing?

  15. Sounds good, Carin.

    He, do you suppose we could just find a hispanic gangbanger that looks like Zimmerman? I’d hate to turn in the real guy, and the irony would be delicious.

  16. Someone please illuminate me: why does North Korea still exist?

  17. Korea needs a Spartacus.

  18. Someone please illuminate me: why does North Korea still exist?

    Because all too often totalitarianism trumps economics.

  19. Best part about Korean Spartacus?

    At the end, where everyone claims to be Spartacus, nobody can tell them apart, so you’re really not sure.

    *awards self Nobel Prize for Racism*

  20. You think slublog would work?

    *they all look alike to me

  21. Does he bang in a ganglike fashion?

  22. They found those two women taken in Hamtramck. Shallow grave.

  23. I dun’t know. Really, Zimmerman was overweight – so I think we need to find ourselves a pudgy white-Hispanic.

  24. oh, good lord. David Axelord wants me to stand with him and say “Hell yea, I’m for Obamacare.”

    Hell yea?

    stay classy, Obamateam.

  25. They found those two women taken in Hamtramck. Shallow grave.

    I hadn’t heard. Tragic.

  26. Someone put up an article about a guy that escaped from North Korea. His father was put in a camp because his brothers defected to South Korea. And he was raised in the camp as a prisoner, too. That sure sounds like slavery to me.

  27. Yea, it just came out this morning.

    White-hispanic, nor white racism responsible.

    WHo is responsible? Ironically, a black man, who most likely owned a hoodie or two.

  28. Unless there were white people involved, we’re just not interested J’ames.

  29. Yeah, Koreans can’t enslave Koreans. It’s just a harsh justice system or something.

  30. Except for the last one these girls were great looking.

    I said “good morning” on the last thread and since I feel shame and loneliness from being left there, I will NOT say it again.

    Also, nice to hear of a day off for two, MJ!

  31. Good morning, morning peoples.

  32. Work time. Pray for an end to Obamacare. Heck, dream big, pray for them to accidentally overturn Wickard v. Filburn.

  33. Good morning mare. Nice to see you today. Hope you have a great one!

    /good deed of the day.

  34. I just fixed the yogurt recipe on the recipe blog.
    It’s still over 1/2 gallon of thick greek yogurt for less than $4.

  35. Ya know, I don’t even remember the last time that Drudge got updated this early in the morning, but Our Dear Leader was caught on a hot mic.

    I love ramping my BP to Eleventy first thing in the morning.

  36. Costume dude standing in front of the sink can tuck like nobody’s business.

  37. Wow, Jay, that was really nice.

    *secretly shuns everyone else like I normally do*

  38. Thank you Leon. Excellent job today.

  39. Ended up with three of those 2-lb. Cabot yogurt containers full of really thick yogurt yesterday morning. So I took one and strained it for a full 24 hours, and ended up with just over a cup of really thick and mild labne cheese this morning, and a big container of whey.

    I’ve been adding the whey to my sourdough recipes, but since the dog has been having health issues and losing weight, he got the whey in his dish instead.

    He loves it.

  40. Laura, 1/2 gal seems like a lot; is the recipe easily cut down?

    *glances around nervously for the blog food policeman*

  41. “I love ramping my BP to Eleventy first thing in the morning.”

    After listening to the exchange, the American public are stupid dupes if we re-elect this complete incompetent.

    Give an inch on missile defense? You’re a traitor.

  42. Why is WordPress making me log in for EVERY comment?

  43. Hmm, the whey as a substitute for the water? Interesting. Probably adds even more zing to a sourdough.

    Nice one, laura!

  44. Cyn, can you save for a later posting date on “Home page quick post?”

  45. Header update, tools.

  46. Not to my knowledge, Mare.

    You want me to start a new poat for you to dump stuff into?

  47. HA! Veddy nice, ‘Spur.

  48. Meh, Narcissist in Chief says stuff like that all the time.

    Just makes the tears of disappointment in November that much sweeter.

  49. Don’t you think it’s strange that the only picture of Zimmerman shown is a 7 year old “perp” picture, however, they show 7 year old pictures of Tayvon looking like a youthful innocent?

  50. You want me to start a new poat for you to dump stuff into?

    I have no idea how to “dump” stuff into a poat. When I say I don’t know how to do something I’m serious, and other than getting this done so Roamy doesn’t have to do it, I don’t care to know.

  51. Strange? Not for this bunch mare. They have a narrative to uphold.

    I’m surprised it’s not baby pictures.

  52. And I’m also serious when I say, this POS site is making me log in for EVERY comment.

  53. Hmmmm…..

    I didn’t know Mare is blond.

  54. Mare, email me the pics or the links to pics that you’ve found and I’ll thow the poat together in your name. Easy Peasy.

    Also, for your comment issue, maybe try logging in Here:

  55. Hotspur, why should I spend even one moment on something I don’t give a crap about?

  56. “email me the pics”

    In what form?


    That’s the one I’ve been using.

    I may have to shut down my computer.

  58. Don’t you think it’s strange…

    Have to agree with Jay; that’s not how the script goes. AoS just had something on this ‘proper narrative’ with a link elsewhere.

  59. You can send them to me as JPG or send me the links to the hunks, Mare.

    Yes, rebooting your computer will probably help. I would suggest clearing various cache locations but, well, that starts to get a bit complex for this early in the morning. 😉

  60. Hotspur, why should I spend even one moment on something I don’t give a crap about?

    You shouldn’t. So why are you?

  61. I didn’t know Mare is blond.


    Fem, Blonde.

  62. Roamy couldn’t do it this week.

  63. Morning wheels are beginning to grind forward.

    Mare I’ll be back in a few hours to help with your poat.


  64. Thank you, Cyn. When I don’t remember stuff, I just ask my husband and then forget it again. He left this morning until Thursday so I have to rely on you!

  65. Roamy couldn’t do it this week.

    Nice of you to volunteer Cyn.

  66. I don’t have to log in every time I comment.

  67. heh, I just learned what whey was last night watching Iron Chef. Should I be severely embarrassed? Well, I’m not, but I do like to eat so I thank the Miss Muffetts of the world.

  68. Good morning, holes of jack.

  69. curds & whey = cottage cheese or ricotta.

  70. Dave, I cleared my cache and rebooted my computer, fixed that mess.

  71. Everything is sent to Cyn and hopefully it will only be a minor inconvenience.

  72. Hoo boy, Santorum wades in and promptly gets in over his head….states that:

    “Stand Your Ground is not doing what this man did,” Santorum said. “So, there’s a difference between Stand Your Ground and doing what he did and it’s a horrible case.

    He doesn’t know what happened. None of us do. But a witness supports Zimmerman’s claims.

  73. I’ve got envy as well. Some of them looks cool. No all 🙂 Does anybody got really working complex of exersisee? If so, could he/she share a link?

  74. Actually, I think what Santorum isn’t so far off. Persuing someone with a gun isn’t “Stand your ground.” That’s up to a court to decide.

    I’m not on “Zimmerman’s” side, but I simply don’t think this wasn’t racism. THis is a horribly complicated issue. Zimmerman was motivated by the crime and violence that plauged his community- I totally get that.

    Tayvon? well, we do know that he was aware of being followed – that could creep you out. WHat happened? DID he turn to “defend” himself (standing HIS ground) or what.

    I dunno.

    Clearly, “stand your ground” wasn’t intended to mean chase someone with a gun.

    DId Zimmerman have a right to kill someone who was beating him up?

  75. Who left the fucking door unlocked?

  76. Where is the Mobile button? For some reason – am getting the full blog on my phone. Ugh!!! I hate Mondays!

  77. Carin, what are you talking about?

    We have no idea what happened.

    Following someone isn’t a crime.

    If Tayvon was attacking him, broke his nose, you can defend yourself.

    My point was that idiot Santorum doesn’t know the facts and commented when he shouldn’t have other than to say, “this is a local situation and I have confidence in the police and legal system to act based on the facts.”

  78. Joe Oliver, who is a friend of Zimmerman’s went on NBC to say how devastated Zimmerman is and was crying over the incident.

    Oh, Oliver is black.

    Not too sure about that racist component.

  79. I think HS got his bullwhip out.

  80. We have some of idea of what happened.

    What is absolutely true is that if Zimmerman hadn’t been following the kid, it would have never happened.

    Zimmerman did set this entire thing in motion. I’m sure even he would acknowledge that.

    I don’t know how responsible that makes him for the outcome. COurts/lawyers.

    I do have a post about this.

  81. Here’s a little MMM for you:

  82. Yep, I heard he cried for days.

    I totally understand what may have motivated Zimmerman. You live in a community that’s plagued with crime, and the police – basically – do nothing.

    He was sick of criminals and thugs (most often a person in Tayvon’s age rang) controlling his neighborhood.

    I completely get that.

    BUt not racist.

  83. And, the day a bit of information comes out that Tayvon didn’t have the steller history they are suggesting … you won’t need to convince me.

    But right now, that aspect of the story is shrouded in mystery.

    and i’m going to get me that $10,000 .

  84. “We have some of idea of what happened.”

    Yes, we do, and that’s why the police didn’t charge him.

    It will be interesting to see if Trayvon’s brother’s tweet explaining his expulsion for TEN days was due to a violent incident with a bus driver is true


  85. Yep. That’s why the police didn’t charge him.

    I’m suspicious, because of the lack of facebook page.Scrubbed. I don’t know if it was so much that Tayvon did anything wrong. I think it was more for “narrative creating. “

  86. It’s all bullshit.

  87. No one knows where to find the mobile button???

  88. JEEZ! WTF with WordPress this a.m.? Wouldn’t even let me sign in at 9:30 this morning!

    Good thing I had a workout to do!

    Pee Ess: Nice job on the chickadees, Leon! Heck, even the tranny in the costume is hot enough for xBrad!

  89. blondes are pretty.

    Last chick is packing…. something…. in her panties….

    others … meh… considering the fact that I am straight, those dudes do nothing for me

  90. Following someone isn’t a crime.

    One of the stories I read, was that Zimmerman was going back to his car and Martin followed him.

    So, everyone needs to STFU, and let any investigation finish.

    That includes Santorum and especially Barky.

  91. MAJOR misstep by Santorum to comment on anything other than the iWon’s comments. Ferchrissake, when the other guy is making a hash of the situation, no need to do anything more than point out its’ impropriety.

  92. You live in a community that’s plagued with crime, and the police – basically – do nothing.

    Do nothing because they dont’ want to be called racist? Read some story….NY…..that had to do with that. More whites were arrested and brought to trial.

  93. MAJOR misstep by Santorum to comment on anything other than the iWon’s comments.

    Sanorum make Biden look like a Mensa candidate. The guy is out of his league. Between opening his stupid mouth here and saying PR needs to speak English before being allowed to become a state, I cringe every time he opens his mouth.

    And anyone who actually believes he is a small-government conservative is fooling themselves.

  94. “…. when the other guy is making a hash of the situation, no need to do anything more than point out its’ impropriety.”


  95. How can the Black Panthers be allowed (not be charged) with putting out a bounty for a citizen?

    This is seriously crazy that it’s not being addressed. I didn’t know that was legal.

    Forget about that worthless tool, Holder, I think it’s a Florida Panther party so the state attorney general should be able to do something.

  96. Yeah Wiser, you’re correct. Compared to the other perfect candidates we’ve had, Santorum is seriously fucked-up. We should probably push for another debate, arm Romney(care), Crazy Uncle Ron and Newt the toad with knives so they can stab him to death on live T.V.

    Sic Semper Tyrannus!


  97. >> I cleared my cache and rebooted my computer, fixed that mess.

    Good. All teasing aside, WordPress has been some shitty code lately. Scripts that fuck with the browser, page loads failing. It sucks. It makes “New Comment Thingy” look slick and swifty.

  98. 1- dancer on the chair
    2- Leather is HAWT!

  99. Compared to the other perfect candidates we’ve had, Santorum is seriously fucked-up.

    I’m not comparing him to the other candidates. I’m just saying that the guy, himself, is a blithering idiot.

    Who says the stuff he does while running for President? It’s almost as if he’s trying to lose.

  100. All these fuckers have diarrhea of the mouth. There’s a good piece by Bill Kristol that’s kind of related:

  101. Good thing our leader is encouraging everyone to be patient, rational and aware of the laws that pertain to this case.

  102. Who says the stuff he does while running for President?

    Compared to the shit Obama says as president?


  103. This morning’s workout music:

  104. Honestly, I think part of it is that they are working 18 hour days, eating shitty food, on the road constantly and juggling 42 balls at the same time. I defy any of us not to say something incredibly stupid after doing that for 7 – 9 months straight.

  105. Compared to the shit Obama says as president?

    Again, I’m not comparing him to anyone else. I am talking about the stupidt hings that he says.

    JFK’s speech made him want to throw up?

    “The housing bubble burst in 2008 because gas was $4/gallon?”

    “The men and women who signed that declaration [Declaration of Independence] wrote the final phrase, ‘We pledge to each other our lives, our fortune and our sacred honor.”

    Seriously, we laugh at Joe Biden for saying stuff half as stupid as this.

  106. MCPO, when Santorum says this:

    “If they’re going to be a little different, we might as well stay with what we have instead of taking a risk of what may be the Etch A Sketch candidate for the future.”

    That’s throwing the country under the bus for the sake of winning. I do know he’s been back peddling on this statement exactly because it was so, ahem, unproductive to beating Obama. If he’s saying that stupid stuff because he’s tired, he needs to quit.

  107. I defy any of us not to say something incredibly stupid after doing that for 7 – 9 months straight.

    I’m sorry, but a lot of this stuff aren’t necessarily gaffes, but beliefs that slip out.

    Honestly, his “Puerto Rico must make English the official language, like it is in every other current state was just plain ignorant.

    When people screw up because they are tired, they may get facts wrong, but his beliefs? No, those are what slip out when he’s tired and his ability to know better than to say them out loud is weakened.

  108. Sohos, are you using the WordPress mobile app?

  109. Who says the stuff he does while running for President? It’s almost as if he’s trying to lose.

    57 states?
    Speaking Austrian?
    My Muslim faith?

    Everybody misspeaks sometimes. But when you’re challenging The Won, the press will tear you a new one everytime.

  110. No, typically there is a place on the blog that says “click for mobile” but I can’t find it anywhere. I will just wait ’til – get home to blog. Thanks for responding

  111. But when you’re challenging The Won, the press will tear you a new one everytime.


    Plus, how can we call Obama and Biden stupid for their gaffes while totally ignoring those of Rick, which, in my opinion, are far more than just brain farts brought on my overwork and lack of sleep.

  112. I do know he’s been back peddling on this statement

    He spends a lot of time doing that, mare.

  113. Wow. Not sure how this one got past the gatekeepers:

    Trayvon was visiting his father’s fiancée, who lived there. He had been suspended from school in Miami after being found with an empty marijuana baggie. Miami schools have a zero-tolerance policy for drug possession.

  114. For example, Obama’s recent remark regarding having more flexibility in eliminating the missile defense programs after he’s re-elected.

    Do you think that was just an oopsie “Sorry, I misspoke” moment or did that show us, yet again, what the man truly believes?

  115. sohos, just looked on my phone, and it’s under the tag cloud and theme on the right side. This is right above the link:

    Theme: Neo-Sapien by WP Designer.
    Blog at

  116. After what Odumbass said to promise the russkies everything they want, I couldn’t care less what SMOD or Ham Sandwich or any of the others say. I hope 50% + 1 of the people in the right states agree with me. Otherwise, boned.

  117. Wow. Not sure how this one got past the gatekeepers:

    Please tell me why “Arizona Iced Tea” and “Unarmed Black Teenager” are a part of that link.

    Seriously? Can the media try any harder to control this narrative, even as the real story seems to be destroying it?

  118. Don’t forget “SUV” wiser.

  119. Yeah, sohos, I see the same thing J’Ames does.

    Are you plugging it in?

  120. Sohos, scroll all of the way down to the bottom on the right hand side. Then click View Mobile SIte.

  121. “I defy any of us not to say something incredibly stupid after doing that for 7 – 9 months straight.”

    Hell, I say stupid stuff while wide awake and alert.

    Wiser, truer facts were never spoken. These “gaffes” are a read of the soul.

  122. Don’t forget “SUV” wiser.

    Ahhh yes, the evil marauding SUVs are at it again…

  123. Too late.

  124. jiggle the handle sohosita

  125. Why do the media always refer to Trayvon Martin as Trayvon or Trayvon Martin, but mostly refer to George Zimmerman as Zimmerman?

  126. Did you see Traayon’s tatts and his brother flashing gang signs?

  127. Go back and read that article and see that they use Trayvon exclusively and the other is Zimmerman.

  128. ps – ballerina girl gets my vote for winner this week.

  129. Go back and read that article and see that they use Trayvon exclusively and the other is Zimmerman.

    Martin is too generic. Trayvon makes it clear that he was black. Wouldn’t want people to forget that.

    And Zimmerman is hard to confuse with “Hispanic” Emphasizes the “white” part. Wouldn’t want people to forget that.

    Anything it takes to maintain the narrative.

  130. ‘spur, that’s because “Martin” is too difficult to spell.

  131. Crap! No Carraway seeds in the house = no fresh Rye bread today!

  132. *Warms up recipe blog laser*

  133. Good morning, trannyfans.

  134. *Warms up recipe blog laser*

    *puts on gold-film glasses*

    Bring it, bitch!

  135. I put peanut butter and syrup on my Eggos waffles this morning.

    Does that count as a recipe?

  136. Anything it takes to maintain the narrative.

    Everything you said makes sense.

    Fucking media.

  137. Go back and read that article and see that they use Trayvon exclusively and the other is Zimmerman.

    Okay, I’m not the only one who’s noticed that. I went so far as to look it up in my AP Stylebook, and it says that you’re supposed to do that for kids under 15. You can do it for minors in general, but it says that using the first name for older kids is usually only done in lighthearted stories.


    Huh. Maybe he does looks more like Obama’s son than I had first imagined.

  139. Maybe Mr Zimmerman even uses Jorge instead of George, and the media “forgot” that too.

    Wouldn’t surprise me.

  140. >> Huh. Maybe he does looks more like Obama’s son than I had first imagined


  141. Well, there’s a new photo of Zimmerman looking quite attractive and respectable. Will the media begin using it instead of the mugshot?

  142. And not very whitish.

  143. Well, there’s a new photo of Zimmerman looking quite attractive and respectable.

    Just as soon as they start using a picture of Trayvon that was taken anytime within the last 5 years.

    Meaning: Never

    Scrubbed his facebook page, scrubbed his twitter account, gee, I am absolutely shocked by the behavior of those surrounding that poor innocent young man-child…..

  144. >> Also Monday, the state Department of Juvenile Justice confirmed that Martin does did not have a juvenile offender record yet.


  145. Hell, I say stupid stuff while wide awake and alert.

    Your bad. I wait until I’ve had a few drinks.

  146. Good afternoon 🙂

  147. From my link above:

    Zimmerman called police and reported a suspicious person, describing Trayvon as black, acting strangely and perhaps on drugs.

    First, he described Trayvon as black in response to the question from the 911 operator: “OK, and this guy, is he white, black or Hispanic”?

    Second, now that it appears sweet little innocent Trayvon may, in fact, be a drug user I’m suddenly very interested in his toxicology report. This happened over a month ago. Anybody seen that reported anywhere?

  148. He was the victim, Andy. How dare you?

    /channeling lefty

  149. I know, right.

  150. First, he described Trayvon as black in response to the question from the 911 operator: “OK, and this guy, is he white, black or Hispanic”?

    What’s the 911 operator got against Asians?

  151. Some black dude is challenging my sister on facechimp over ‘Trayvon’. Insinuating her to be a racist because she dares post news reports on the dear boy.

  152. FYI

  153. Occupational hazard:

  154. What is that whore Mare doing?

  155. Mare, check your whoremail please.

  156. Meh, it’s a woman, and she bought the narrative and says she has a 16 year old son and doesn’t want it to happen to him and then yelled at me to have a blessed day.

    I tell her that i have a son and don’t want it to happen to him either and that it was her that insinuated something negative to my sister. I will not go along with her premise or narrative.

  157. “I will not go along with her premise or narrative.”

    That really is the only way to go sometimes. R…eject eject eject.

  158. Nice.

  159. Car in, I’m not too upset by that, as it is a likely a preventative move. OTHER folks would likely seize his image to profit.

  160. What, no trademarks on “Hoodies for Trayvon” or “Taryvon was just gittin’ Skittles, no really I swear”??

  161. Dimitri Medicalved is a puppet of the Obama Administration and a traitor!

  162. I’m sure no one would do such a thing.

  163. Dimitri Medicalved is a puppet of the Obama Administration and a traitor!

    I’ll give you the first, but not the second. I’m sure Russia thinks he is a patriot.

  164. Or are you thinking of Medved, and not Medvedev??

  165. xbrad- think my wife will let me divert a portion of our tax refund for one of those new M1s? Me either….

    I wonder how much ammo costs…..

  166. AD, did you see that the company that makes it is in Worcester?

    We should just ride over and pick up a couple.

  167. I’m so glad my sis has been paying all dad’s bill this past year, made finding all the stuff we have to cancel SOOO much easier.

  168. Air National Guard out of PDX has put up 8 in the last 15 minutes

  169. I saw that, Andy.

    Think they have any openings for a Software QA guy?

  170. Aggie, medveded..

  171. Aggie, medveded..

    Oh, good! I thought for a minute I was going insane from lack of booze chocolate sugar sleep.

  172. GAH!!! Total fail….

  173. The shoes and socks are off; hugs have been given, niceties performed; now it is off to her own little fiefdom; we shall be “allowed” to cater to her every little whim for the rest of the day.

    Yep, Rebecca is home…..

  174. Where is LauraW? I have a bone to pick with her.

  175. Eagle watch update:

    Repub chicklets had breakfast of fish and lunch of squirrel, hunkered down under mom on a windy day.

    Fluke mom still got nothin, although she seems more serious on egg warming.

  176. Jay-Z is never going to make HHD.

  177. I have a bone to pick with her.

    Just make sure she doesn’t have an axe or other implement of destruction in her hands first. We are approaching Tuesday, and you know how she feels about Tuesdays…

  178. Maybe Fluke eagle had access to comprehensive women’s health care, and free contraceptives?

  179. Has Jackie Chiles weighed in on the Trevor Martling case yet.

  180. Really, Laura picking over MCPOs bones is a more likely scenario.

  181. ixnay on the uesdaytay word.

    Let’s not leave gasoline near the fire, m’kay?

  182. Dammit MJ, you made me laugh. I don’t feel like laughing today.

  183. >> Has Jackie Chiles weighed in on the Trevor Martling case yet.

    It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous.

    /Jackie Chiles

  184. xBrad – I’ve had my ass chewed by Congressional staffers, MCPONs and 3 stars. LauraW doesn’t scare me. . . much.

  185. Carin,
    Did you notice the Mar-21 date on the trademark applications? BEFORE they took this national.

  186. Fluke eagle didn’t use her govt supplied condoms, thats why she is in the position she is in, all eggs no dad. Either that or he was just a donor and she is waiting for a Lez eagle partner to show.

  187. Kind of interesting:

    The picture of Zimmerman was taken 7 years ago.

  188. Of course, all of the “bad” things have been scrubbed from his history; thank goodness for screen shot saves:

    Gold teeth and tattoos, drug use, suspensions, etc.
    And the rogue’s gallery of FB friends isn’t doing much to bolster the image of a clean-cut “yute”, either.

    Yeah, just keep on defending this kid, Mr. Sharpton….

  189. Gosh, Teresa sure is racist. Dare I call her a cracker?

  190. Dare I call her a cracker?

    I believe the proper term is “Pussy ass cracker”

  191. I figured there was info like that which people were busy scrubbing. Otherwise there would have been some more recent photos used.

  192. I believe the proper term is “Pussy ass cracker”

    We should get those shirts in the Lapeerpalooza Welcome Pack™

  193. Deaf guy using sign language and everyone assumes it’s gang signs.


  194. Taint Cracker

  195. over 1400 comments on that article TiFW. Full court press? read a few.. many still trying to say he was just a “rebellious kid”. hmmm

  196. I’m white as Wonder Bread…..

  197. OMG – did anyone else see that 17-year-old kid singing on Britain’s Got Talent?

    He’s definitely going places – gave me goosebumps!
    And if you look out on YouTube, he’s just getting better as he gets older.


  198. saw that TiFW, pretty awesome.



  200. G-Mo have you ever seen the Fluke male eagle? I’ve not seen him. Who is feeding the mama?

    Do eagles know if their eggs are duds?

  201. Comment by ChrisP on March 26, 2012 4:45 pm
    Did you notice the Mar-21 date on the trademark applications? BEFORE they took this national.

    Link, please…..

  202. TiFW,

    Here’s one, though I followed sever others. The info was the same.

  203. Taint Cracker

  204. Here’s another, with links to the original documents:

  205. THX, ChrisP!




  208. Hey, if any of you want to debate some Paulbots, I have quite the infestation going on on my blog, at the moment.

    Be gentle – They take great offense at something as mild as “Paulbot”

  209. Not sure Beasn, he may be off camera, but she may have been abandoned or is a slut.

    As for the eggs, she seems to be getting the nest more…nesty… so maybe they are moving or something.

  210. Where is LauraW? I have a bone to pick with her.

    I had a busy day.

    *puts on helmet and calls lawyer*


  211. Yes, it was you. Retweeting every attack against Santorum you saw today.

  212. One of Mr. Martin’s enterprising young friends has quite the Photoshop up as his/her FB avatar:

    BHO is the gift that keeps on giving…..

  213. ?? I wasn’t on twitter today. I wasn’t even online for most of the day. Hell of a day at the shop.

    Here, translate this for me and calm yourself.!

  214. Hahahaha

    Chief is officially senile.

  215. I am still at work. Hungry. Waiting for cross-network copy of bigtastic files.

    And I’m still envying tricep girl’s triceps.


    I checked out the hotels today. One has a bar (and restaurant – it’s one of the local places, not so much a “hotel bar”) – sports bar kind of place, and one doesn’t. They are both nice – actually. Have pools and everything. One has a pool table off of the pool. I was a little surpised because it is a small town. Rooms are nice, etc .

    anyway. both hotels are nice. I’ll make up an email, but I just wanted to mention it here.

  217. Thanks for the info! And for doing the investigative works there too

  218. See if you can find Leon

  219. I will be staying in a van, down by the lake.

  220. Are you a motivational speaker?

  221. #

    I will be staying in a van, down by the lake.

    Just don’t offer my kids any candy, and it’s all cool.

  222. Down by the riiiiiiverrrrrr!

    /Neil Young

  223. Don’t count your chickens and it’s all cool.

  224. WTF is Lapeerpalooza?

    Never heard of it.

  225. I will be staying in a van, down by the lake.

    We now know who the chainsaw murderer will kill first.

  226. “I will be staying in a van, down by the lake.”

    Just like those creepy serial killers in teenage movies.

  227. My change in July 4th vacation week lodging probably kills Lapeerpalooza for me.

    Don’t all cry at once.

  228. Good work Carin.

  229. I couldn’t hurt a chicken, unless it was in self defense.

  230. Would you choke it?

  231. Andy? Wtf? Priorities…..

  232. It’s a fucking eleven hour drive. Carin’s boarding the dogs. You can have their bed.

  233. I can’t believe that there is a candlelight vigil in Albuquerque for Trayvon tomorrow night.

  234. Or, in Scott’s van.

  235. “Andy? Wtf? Priorities…..”

    Capeer Cod.

  236. If served Hot Wings, I say “Stand Your Ground”, Scott.

  237. Jew and I have seen the same movies.

  238. I’m not sleepin nekkid in that van again.

  239. The Narrative on sweet little Trayvon sure has taken some huge hits today.

  240. Expected eulogy:

    Trayvon wuz my dawg, yo….

    **huge bong hit**

  241. Andy – With all due respect, if you weren’t originally planning to bring your lovely bride. . . Meh.

  242. If only Mare would commit.

  243. Anybody have an imgur account?

    For the last couple of days when I click on an imgur link I get a 403 forbidden message, but when I take the i. out of the address bar, I can see the gif and the i. is grayed out.


  244. No. That would ruin everything.

  245. No problem Andy, just send the missus. I owe her a hug for that suggestion she gave you for dad.

    I mean, I owe you one too, but I gots my priorities right.

  246. Aaaand, now it works fine.

    Back to your lives, citizens.

  247. Mare is gonna meet me at a Rangers game this spring and totally show up for it.

    Man, I hate watchin a ball game by myself.

  248. Much like Andy, I have a vacation with the family planned. It’s awesome and it is going to make hitting Lapeer a long shot.

  249. I am still reserving judgement until more facts are presented, but this is a very interesting video of former CNN anchor Joe Oliver defending his friend, George Zimmermann.

  250. you just needed to pull the string Pup

  251. ^ Does that work?

    *jiggles handle*

  252. I WON’T be IGNORED, Dan Dave!

  253. Pupster – BEST GIF EVAH!

  254. Mare – Could you send us a life-sized cardboard cutout?

  255. hahah baby be tough

  256. sorry pups, you were asking for technical support on a systems I do not maintain.

    My rates are $250/hour, minimum 20 hours.

  257. MCPO is still alive? I thought Laura killed him hours ago.

  258. I need to question his integrity.

  259. I need to question his integrity.

    Going to measure dicks while you’re at it?

  260. I need to question his integrity.

    Okay, you get 4 questions. I must be able to answer with a simple yes or no.

  261. “”

    HAHAHA…..Impossible look on that baby’s face .

  262. MCPO just remember

    THERE ARE 4 LIGHTS!!!11!!!!111

  263. Back spasms.

    Good night.

  264. Sorry, Scott. Take care of yourself.


  266. All you biblical scholars, don’t miss this opportunity! Get ’em while you can!


  267. WTF, Scott hurt his back too?

    Fuck. This gettin old thing, it ain’t for pussies.

  268. cmon pupster! After we go to the post office, we’re gonna go to the vet so you can get tutored!

  269. I think Pupster has the best gifs on the inter tubes. Oso loves pupster!

  270. My wife asked if I did MMM today. She hasn’t looked at it yet.

  271. Pups, I think I have that bear! Thanks for the Oso skipping rope to Sam’s gif! I loved it!

  272. Leon, I think that the young lady en pointe is just lovely.

  273. The ballet gals always have the best gams.

  274. Soooooo………….. looks like Trayvon was a budding burglar…

    Top post at Ace’s.

  275. Did anybody beat anybody else’s high score today?

  276. leon, I think that ballet dancers have too many “feet” issues. Jazz and percussive dance gals have the best gams!

  277. Pupster, that’s an adorable gif 😀

  278. So the truth comes out about Trayvon, we knew it eventually would. But then what? Will punishments of some sort be handed down? Will viewership actually drop on those stations that chose to continue the narrative du jour? Nothing will happen. Again.

  279. I was –> <– close today, Sean. So. Very. Close.

  280. Did anybody beat anybody else’s high score today?

    Yep…beat my high score on Words with Friends. My record is now 652.

  281. I beat my high score on Solitaire. . . yesterday.

  282. the only thing I beat today was my dick like it owed me money!

  283. Score? Me?

  284. I guess this means nobody is suffering from Pac-Man Fever.

    *cancels “Race For The Cure”*

  285. I beat it. Just beat it.

    /Michael Jackson

  286. Cyn, the cops will have to drop all the data, likely holding it until Grand Jury hearings.

    It sucks but that’s how it will have to play.

    Then the whole thing will fold on itself like Gabby’s shooting and they’ll move on to the next pretty colored balloon.

    I am still withholding until I hear all the facts, but there are enough facts in play.

  287. Are they trying to recreate Bullet on Alcatraz? Mustang jumping?

  288. Pepe is in the sidebar! Congrats, Pepe!

  289. Bwahaha! CNN’s Soledad O’Brien is going to have a Townhall on Trayvon this Thursday.

    Might be a good night for popcorn.

    Wonder if MSNBC will have their own festivities.

  290. colored balloon

    OH NO YOU DI-INT!!!!

  291. DiT, the narrative was disturbed because “Zimmerman” turned out to be Hispanic. Towards the end of my collegiate career, “Hispanic Surnamed Americans” became the real deal. My cousins that had Latin last names were more oppressed than the anglo surnames. My brother got all the melanin and his kids are BROWN! They have an anglo last name but are called “Mexican” or “beaner”. They have been known to wear hoodies. 20$

  292. I get that, Dave, I really do, but for some reason this one really got me stirred up pissed off.

    We smartees have access to the webz and can find out more facts faster, but it’s the folks out in TeeVee Land that really need to hear the truth, *see* the truth, or perhaps more correctly, the distortions and outright lies being crafted and spewed.

    I bet Andrew Breitbart had to have a cocktail or two now and again over this bullshit.

  293. G-Mohawk, look here RIGHT NOW.

    Decora eagle – first pip this afternoon.

  294. So did anyone announce a million dollar bounty on anyone else today?

  295. so what is the real story? Did he get busted for an empty bag of weed or punching someone on the bus? We all knew it wasn’t b/c he had too many tardies. I work too much to keep up with news, blogs, twitter etc etc etc

  296. I wonder if Soledad will cover this newest development?

    I think not.

  297. Could always try to get it to her earpiece.

    I hear it is an infalible source of information for her.


    Okay, Jeopardy time.

  299. Whoa, Castle will get your attention right off the bat!

  300. Sohos, it appears from the latest (linky at AoS top thread) that he was busted once for tardy, once for graffiti and some womens jewelery, and finally for a pipe in an empty bag of weed.


    Okay, Jeopardy time.

    Don’t MAKE me cut Alex Trebek, bitch.

    Send his ass back to Saskatchewan in little pieces, man.

  302. BiW, it appears that SO’s Earpiece is on it as we speak.

  303. See? I TOLD you it was brillant!

  304. Just to fan my ever-growing rage against the media machine, I went to PMSNBC and they actually use the word “slaying” to describe the shooting event. Really? They just can’t get enough of this can they.

  305. Well, well, well, Beasn, I guess fluke mom isn’t a total loss after all.

  306. Well, the Wrong Reverend Jack-son tweeted that this is “war”.

    These idiots don’t care who gets killed.

  307. My racist Korean friend on FB was linking “real” Trayvon links last week and shredding friends like crazy. He is getting cocky now but hasn’t regained any of our mutual hippie friends.

  308. Why is there a MAJOR fireworks display going off on March 26th?
    Zeke is nervous for the boom booms.

  309. Gasprilla days?

  310. Cyn, just bed glad they didn’t call it “murder.”

  311. G Mohawk,
    I actually witnessed “shift Change” between mom and dad yesterday.
    They are both “On it”.

  312. Well, the Wrong Reverend Jack-son tweeted that this is “war”.

    There’s a very small part of me that would like to tell him to bring it on.

    But this is not the war that he thinks it will be.

  313. Jos’e Gaspar was not the end of March MCPO, but I am at a loss. It is major booms to the south.

  314. Wow Cyn. Thanks

  315. They may not have called it “murder” for this particular article at this moment, but it probably wouldn’t be difficult to find one using that word yesterday or perhaps even earlier just today.

  316. Well, other than “killing” or “slaying” I’m not sure how many appropriate synonyms there might be.

  317. The older I get, the more I realize just how incredibly beautiful this woman was. . .

  318. Chief,
    I’m right there with you. She was very special.

  319. But then, what do you young kids know about beauty?

  320. She was pretty cute.

  321. Drive Angry is on. Always makes me think of this.

  322. I actually witnessed “shift Change” between mom and dad yesterday.
    They are both “On it”.

    You are messing with my narrative. The Narrative.

    Dad eagle is white hispanic, so SYWM.

  323. I always thing of Bill Murray telling Phil “don’t drive angry”

  324. Chief, I always aspired to look like her. I wanted an elegant swanlike neck, I wanted to be petite like Natalie Wood too.

  325. Watch my link if you haven’t. It explains Nick Cage’s entire career.

  326. BABY EAGLES!!

    Cyn, I know. Laura mentioned “white Hispanic” in the narrative early on, I mean fuck.. can you be more stupidly obvious media with your goddamned bias? Really? White Hispanic?

    *all due respect to Slublog, the whitest Hispanic on the planet… shit, he’s whiter than me and that ain’t nothing*

    My prediction: facts about baby Trayvon will trickle out, showing us he isn’t the poor baby black baby punkin they painted him as.

    Zimmermann may run for Congress.

    The race baitin assholes will go silent, as their angel becomes not an angel.

    That’s just speculatin, we still don’t know all the facts and I’m not gonna pretend I do. But I like my crystal balls.

  327. Nope, As information comes out, the possibility of a state conviction will evaporate, so the Civil Rights Division of the Holder DOJ will indict Zimmerman for violating Martin’s civil rights, AND he’ll face a civil suit by the family.

  328. That would be awesome to see Zimmerman run and I’d love to see him sue for all the libel against him, such as it is. What about his civil rights? This is all so maddening.

  329. But, but, the BCC is going to hold “hearings” tomorrow on capital hill on “racial” justice, and Trevvons’ parents get to be the star playas!
    As has been noted before, when ever the word ‘justice’ is predicated by an adjective like “social” or “Racial” it really has nothing to do with justice…
    Just sayin’.

  330. Trevvon s/b Treyvon.

  331. Reverend Al has already tried him, cyn.

    He has no rights.

  332. The fact that Rev. Al is involved makes it clear to most intelligent people that this is a farce.

    They keep pushing this at their own peril.

  333. The race-baiters have so overplayed the race card that this is not going to end well for them.

    It may get ugly, but it will not turn out well for them at all.

  334. Reverend Al has already tried him, cyn.

    HAHAHA! Cyn ♥s BiW.

    Just out of curiosity, was that before or after he went back to do his show on PMSNBC?

  335. “white hispanic” was their first mistake.

    They will make more.

  336. BiW,
    Did you see my Amazon link to Jimmy Carters “Teaching Bible”?
    I thought you might want to check it out.
    / kidding…

  337. xbrad, if Zimmermann was attacked, as it seems likely, Florida’s recently passed “stand your ground” comes back into play, and it protects him from civil suit.

    Still, whenever you defend yourself with a gun, you need to know it’s gonna run up to around 20K folks.

    That shit will happen.

  338. Obama will not allow Holder to do anything to Zimmerman.

    He needs hispanics.

    He makes a deal out of this, he’s fucked.

    Please, Obama, please be stupid.

  339. DiT,
    If you find yourself on your back with a broken nose, and your head being repeatedly pounded into the pavement, you might just think to yourself; “How might this end?”
    Pull your piece, and choose your way to end it.
    I sure would.
    I don’t see that it has any relevance to the “Stand your ground” legislation. He was a legal CCW holder and in fear of his life. I’d have wasted the guy too.

  340. That shit may happen, but of course it all depends on the color of your victim.


  341. Dave, no matter what the police do, whether the stand your ground law applied would be a matter of fact for the civil jury to decide.

    He’s fucked.

  342. ChrisP, after his latest bit that was reported on the blaze, I might be interested only for the window into he puzzling theology.

    Cyn hearts me? Awesome!

  343. Question: is the race card about to be part of the credit bubble?

    Does that make sense?

  344. This will probably be delayed by Holder until after the election. If they decide before, Obumfuc will lose the Hispanic vote, or the Black vote, their choice.
    This was a MAJOR miscalculation by the administration. They had their hopes on “White -vs- Black”, they did not get it.
    The face that “Zimmerman” was Hispanic blew their plan.

    It makes me smile, but then, I’m an evil old curmudgeon…

  345. This will probably be delayed by Holder until after the election.

    I don’t think they have that much time. No way they can maintain the narrative that long, nor can they contain the outrage.

    The longer this goes on, the more comes out. The more comes out, the worse they look.

    And the hispanic angle? That’s gonna kill this story fast. No way they allow that to fester.

  346. What I am surprised about is that there hasn’t been some outcry or march from Hispanics as a pushback. The media already has this guy convicted, I wonder what the storyline is on the Span Lang channels.

  347. The face that “Zimmerman” was Hispanic blew their plan.

    HA! Exactly, but you gotta give them credit: they sure tried like hell.

  348. Leon, that Nick Cage skit was hi-larious

  349. Leon, I think so. How can it not really at this point?

  350. HA! Exactly, but you gotta give them credit: they sure tried like hell.

    I bet they were really hoping he was Jewish.

  351. Leon, that Nick Cage skit was hi-larious

    I cried laughing the first time. “Schindler’s Pissed” killed me.

  352. There was just a story on the news here about the Trayvon protest at the state capital in Des Moines, today.

    No mention of anything I’ve heard today. This is ridiculous.

  353. I had to turn the radio off when I was driving home. Noted brain donor Juan Williams had the blood shooting from my eyes as he was talking about how Obama was right to get involved and to say what he did.

    He still wants to be a lib, despite the fact they gave him the prision shower treatment.

  354. He and Beckel are always peeing in the pool, BiW.

  355. I think we had some protests here today too, but I just couldn’t bear to look. Don’t care at this point. I hope that they flip a few cop cars and burn some shit whhile they’re at it. Knock themselves out!

    *buys stock in fire fighting equipment and police cruisers*

  356. Wiser,
    I’ve been “re-tweeting all your twitter shit in hope S’O’brien has not blocked me…

  357. If you’ve watch the show from the beginning, have you noticed that Beckel is ‘coming around’ to the dark side?

  358. I agree, that S O’B thing should be ripe for the sarcasm treatment.

  359. I’d do pretty much anything to get Andrea Tantaros to smile at me, so Beckel’s motivation is equally suspect.

  360. He’s just trying not to piss off Dana Perino, Cyn. She’s the one that can get him to shut up!

  361. This desire to “get out in front of a story” is the reason I never really pursued a career in media after graduating from CSB.

    During the “reporting the news” classes, I was on fire. It was never about “reporting the facts.” It was about “finding the angle.”

    WTF?? I was disgusted and yes, i let the “teacher” know, in no uncertain terms, how offensive I found that.

    Needless to say, he did not give me a high grade.

    Luckily, I am incredibly talented in other areas and didn’t care about his evaluation.

  362. Wiser,
    I’ve been “re-tweeting all your twitter shit in hope S’O’brien has not blocked me…

    If you weren’t before, you are now….


  363. Perino does have that talent!

  364. Tantaros over Guilfoyle? Really?

  365. Yes. Guilfoyle’s voice is a cheese grater. Tantaros is like smooth whiskey. These things matter.

  366. I thought it was all about the eye contact.

  367. I’m with Cyn, Guilfoyle over Andrea Tarantula (hilarious day when her mom called Rush).

    But, either can have all the crackers they want. Whenever they want.

  368. OK, I’m a white Hispanic. Zimmerman is being portrayed as “white” on the hispanic channels. They are further up the JEFs butt than the MFM. It has been very weird. Even our Archbishop seems more Dem than Catholic lately. I’m swimming upstream here.

  369. Kimberly’s mouth is just a tad too wide.

  370. Why do you think the “white” angle, Oso? Distancing maybe??

  371. Click on the See It Again video screen, lower left … a must see by fans old enough to remember McQueen in Bullitt … from tonight’s episode of Alcatraz:

  372. Oso, I thought you were only Hispanic by injection.

  373. I think I’m already asleep.

  374. Zimmermann people. Two n’s

    get your fucking shit together already.


  376. It is odd. My brother is very brown. His kids are BROWN. I take after my dad, melanin wise. I remember the slurs but I was whiter than the anglos I went to school with. My mom always considered herself “White”. Toward the end of my collegiate career, I started to see “Hispanic Surnamed Americans” in the scholarship columns. My brother had more problems with that than I did.

  377. Kimberly’s mouth is just a tad too wide.

    I see the words, but…

  378. Great, a spelling bee at the H2. This will end well.

  379. Oops, sorry Dave. Crypto Jew. ZimmermaNN

  380. Crypto Jew.

    *denounces self for LOL’ing*

  381. you watch your white ass there girl

    sheesh.. what a week. Is it… oh.. ok I can’t mention tomorrow can I?

  382. My cousins all gave Hasan the benefit of the doubt and are getting all douchey about Tray. It was an ugly weekend. My contempt is visceral and it is getting ugly. I haven’t told anyone to F off yet but it is getting close.

  383. oh go ahead.. give somebody a big FO

  384. Dave, I had a teacher in HS that would use me as an example for “white”. I am so pale you can see my veins. My grammo called Mexicans “los indios”. She was so racist that Bull Connor said “Damn”

  385. True history fact: Bull Connor was a democrat, Martin Luther King was a Republican.

  386. I don’t see how anything has changed, G. Seems like the same today.

  387. G, my grammo was a Republican. She didn’t start voting Dem until the dementia set in and her votes were cast on an absentee ballot.

  388. >> I am so pale you can see my veins.

    Ok I need to see this. And by see this I mean hug you.

    Work out details.

  389. I’m just gonna guess one of our cousins “helped” her with that.

  390. *pokes blog with stick* This thing on?

  391. tis

  392. I thought you missed a ‘t’ in that word, then I realized you were answering my question in the affirmative.

  393. 🙂 where ya playin ?

  394. I’m having a truly alcoholic night. I’m drinking alone, listening to sad music, and trolling the internet for a frightfully ugly dress.

  395. I meant your band, what venue?

  396. Our next show is at The Alley Sparks. Then we’re hitting a few more of Reno’s best dive bars in May.

  397. very nice! thanks


  398. .preD

  399. !teiuq ooT .ereh ni teiuq s’tI

  400. Sort of interesting case in Tampa:

    Convenience store clerk kills 16 year old, defending herself in a robbery. Both were black, though, so cancel the local race war.

    A 16 year old killed two British tourists in Sarasota. They were drunk, and walked into a bad neighborhood. The British guys begged for their lives, but were executed because they were white. No Sharpton/Jackson sightings.

  401. wakey wakey

  402. I had to turn my furnace back on. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

  403. Hi Car in & Leon. If you want a good laugh, go read the comments at Daily Kos. The lefty racists have now moved on to conspiracy theory about how the kid was killed. Even when presented with facts, they have chosen to make up their own so they don’t feel stupid for jumping to conclusions.

    Weird people. And scary that they can’t admit they were wrong.

  404. I didn’t need that big bit of front matter to get to leftists being weird people.

  405. I’ve got my own little bit of conspiracy thinking going …that “they” waited until Obama was out of the country to have this blow up nationally. He can say his .02, but not have to get involve, or ask “his people” and folks that look like him to stop acting stupid.

  406. OMG.

    It’s tuesday.

    What kind of hell is going to rain down today?

  407. MJ, did you use your fitocracy invite?

  408. Last night on the fox they were talking about Obama and what would happen if he came out for gay marriage. It would be such a positive move, right, because his base is pretty in favor, and it would have the net positive affect of have having those horrible, mean spirited Republicans show their h8ty h8t for teh gays … but then there is this:

    If Obama came out in support of gay marriage, he would probably excite and inspire many college-aged Democrats to show up at the polls and support him. . . .

    But college-aged voters are only part of the president’s coalition. The bigger element consists of African-American voters, who are solidly opposed to gay marriage. California’s Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage passed in 2008 thanks to overwhelming black support; 70 percent backed it, according to exit polls. Recent gay marriage legislation in Maryland drew opposition from leading Democratic African-American legislators in the state. The same ministers organizing get-out-the-vote efforts in black churches for Obama are also railing against gay marriage.

    If we were smart, which we aren’t – politically – we’d be frothing up liberal activists to put this on his agenda. That’s what they do to us. Reporters ask the question of republican candidates … write article after article … etc.

    We need to find a way to PUSH this to the forefront.

    After all, Obama promised them right? They could have their gay marriage. And he hasn’t done shit about it.

  409. Backing gay marriage would virtually guarantee that some would stay home—perhaps enough to tip the balance in states like Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Ohio.

    And Michigan. Detroit is on the down-low about gay marriage. I imagine they don’t view it any better in Flint, Saginaw, or Pontiac.

    I really don’t think the Union voters are that hip on it either, to tell you the truth.

  410. I suspect gay marriage is as liked among the UAW as gun control.

  411. Really, i’m 100% Obama embracing this issue. What’s he waiting for?

  412. It surprising, but I think this is the one and only issue where he’s waiting for poling.

  413. Y’all forget that having a -D after your name means you can say anything and do nothing. Just the mere mention of thinking about possibly tepidly supporting teh ghey marriage is enough for the target audience, he’s probably done with it now.

  414. Oh and good morning. I’m sitting in a hotel room questioning every major decision I’ve ever made. In my underwear.

    Why my made decisions are in my underwear I have no idea.

  415. Just stop, Pupster.

  416. I’ve had mornings like that, Pupster. Keep breathing.

  417. Jon Bon Jovi is a philathropist?

    I thought he was a beekeeper.

  418. insert n anywhere you like.

  419. MJ’s referenced story here about the two Brits killed for “Walking while White” in a black neighborhood.

  420. Those two guys were killed while shirtless, so I guess that’s how we’re going to have to dress while we protest.

  421. I’m fine, just a little introspective this morning.

  422. Introspecting is fine. No brooding, though, it causes wrinkles.

  423. Are we going to admit it’s Tuesday and put a new poat?

  424. We need to find a way to PUSH this to the forefront.
    I like it as a wedge issue, but I don’t think it will make anyone stay home. In all, I believe it would be a net win in terms of votes, but maybe not in the rust belt states.

    I dunno. I just don’t see AA or union types staying home because of gay marriage.

  425. New poat.

  426. >> Why my made decisions are in my underwear I have no idea.

    I woke up this morning and saw an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in pajamas I’ll never know. I’m not feeling well this morning, I opened a window and influenza.

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