Thank You, Senator Snowe

Thank you for making one of your last acts as a Republican (*snicker) Senator a hearty “Fuck You!” to the party that has supported you, against all good sense, for so many years.

Thanks for being a reliable vote for the Democrat party, while sucking up the donations that Republicans from all over the country gave to the RSCC.

Honestly, I do sincerely thank you for giving me a reason to tell the RSCC to fuck off, long before the likes of Murcuntsky and the rest of the asshat Republicans in the Senate had the chance.  My response to the RSCC the last time they called me to ask for donations?  “You will not see one thin dime from me until you can promise me that you will no longer support backstabbing bitches like Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Arlen Specter.”

At least Arlen was polite enough to leave the Republican Party BEFORE he started giving Obama exactly the sort of slobbering knob-job that you so happily provided.  But I must give you credit for one thing…. at least you kept your fee for turning tricks for the Democrat Party as high as possible before finally grabbing the cash from the nightstand and heading back to your frozen street corner.

And one last Thank You, Olympia, for finally showing the Maine Republicans that while their money and their votes were certainly welcome in your snatch, you sure as hell weren’t going to kiss them too.  Certainly, the whole “girl-friend” experience was something to which even you would not stoop.

I would so enjoy watching you perform your inevitable “walk of shame” as you leave the Senate for your final time, assuming you were actually capable of shame.

In conclusion, goodbye and here’s hoping you get ass-raped by a moose as you attempt to escape the snowbank that you drove into while daydreaming about sucking the cock of any Democrat who demands it.

Seriously, that was all you were good for anyway, you fucking scrunt, and, from the looks of you, you weren’t even that good at that.  But you gave the other team everything they wanted and, in return, you got the attention that an ugly, stupid bitch like you would never get out here in the real world.

So, you got that going for you.



  1. Tell us how you really feel?

  2. Well, to honest, I never really liked her very much to begin with, so this little stunt by the cu… bitch simply solidifies my abject hatred for her.

    Because I simply could not hate her more than I already do for her for this special moment:

    Seriously, Senator FuckingStupidBitch, when Alan Colmes praises you, you are doing it wrong.

  3. Let’s send Alan Keyes to run for the seat. That worked out so well last time.

  4. That weaselly son of a bitch actually owns “”?

    The guy almost garrotes himself flossing, how does he have the $$ for indulgent shit like that?

  5. F it. I’m going to bed.

  6. The guy almost garrotes himself flossing, how does he have the $$ for indulgent shit like that?

    It was in his Fox contract buy-out agreement. He didn’t get any money, bu he got Fox to pay his GoDaddy fees for the next 10 years.

    Colmes is a tough negotiator, you gotta give him that.


  8. Are we absolutely sure that it wasn’t something else that motivated her decision?

    A devastating doctor’s report on her or her husband? (As in, one of them only has a short time to live, or got an Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s/etc. diagnosis)

    Or perhaps the Dems threatened her with a “discovery” if she didn’t step down?

    By all accounts, this caught EVERYONE around her by surprise.

    I’m perfectly willing to jump on the bashing train if it turns out that she is doing this to screw the GOP, but I’d rather wait to find out her reasons first…..



  10. Maybe Hank the Cat would make a last-minute change of residency, and run for the Maine senate seat:

  11. Bedtime for Bonzo down here in Tejas – see ya’ll manana.

    Sweet dreams, all!

  12. but I’d rather wait to find out her reasons first…..

    sorry, not me. This is par for the course for Ms. Snowe. She has happily screwed over the Republican party whenever she has had the chance.

    And leaving the Maine Republican party 15 days to find a viable candidate for her seat is par for the course for her.

    I would consider it a rather amazing coincidence if her possible personal reasons for retiring just happen to occur at a time that just happens to benefit the Democrat party when then need it most.

    Too convenient.

    The only non-fucking-backstabbing-bitch possibility I can imagine is that her vote on the Senate Finance Committee that allowed Obamacare to move on to the Senate, when she easily could have killed it right there, is coming back to bite her in her wrinkled ass.

    But the fact that we are talking about Maine, I sincerely doubt it.

  13. Weird. I’m seeing an add for Scientology on TV here.

  14. //signs Wiser up for their informative newsletter.

  15. Some people say its better to have her 50% of the time with us, then someone else 100% of the time against.

    Pffft, I say. Her 50% with us was all the minor stuff, all the big important liberty and freedom issues, she went the other way.

  16. Pffft, I say. Her 50% with us was all the minor stuff, all the big important liberty and freedom issues, she went the other way.

    The only value she held was that her “R” gave us one less we needed to retain to regain the Senate.

    Tell me she didn’t think of that when she made her decision….

  17. I have no idea about the WH, but I think we will get the senate anyway.

  18. but I think we will get the senate anyway.

    I think we just lost a seat, making it that much more difficult and I think Snowe is ecstatic about it.

    I wonder if Barack allowed her to suck his cock so she would do this.

  19. Boyd or Raylan? Discuss

  20. Tell us how you really feel, wiser. Holding shit in can be detrimental to one’s health. ;o)

  21. Snowe went from being a quirky, if unreliable liberal Republican to a hard-care Obamabot in 2008 and never looked back.

    who wants to bet that true conservatives like Davids Brooks and Frum cheer this decision and blame it on the extremists Tea Partiers?

    “Snowe never left the party… the extremists took over the party and moved it away from her reasonable and rational Republicanism…”

  22. So there has been a back and forth between my siblings. This is the start of one turd the brother laid in my sister’s email…

    …..”Go fuck yourself you rascist imbescile. Why don’t you pull your head out of your ass and pass a history lesson you narrow minded hateful person.”…..

    He ended it by threatening to kick her ass. Real classy.

    She hit him back hard (and also has CCW if he decides to try it.)

  23. Tell us how you really feel, wiser. Holding shit in can be detrimental to one’s health.

    I’m not being too sarcastic, am I?


    sorry, but living in CT and seeing this crap up close each and every day tends to make me bitter when obvious shit like this happens.

    For example:

    Local minor league team was bought today. New owners: “Oh, we love the city we’re in and we would NEVER conciser moving…”

    I will bet you a meat-up bar tab that, within 6 months, the new owners are going to be petitioning the state for a new stadium “or we will have no choice but to move the team to a more amenable state.”

    And our Governor will not only support the funneling of a couple of hundred of millions to these new owners to build a new stadium, he will actively campaign for it using the mantra “JOBS!!”

  24. Beasn, did you send your brother my comment?

  25. You know what is odd, wiser? I was listening to local radio this morning and there has been some redistricting. Apparently, they were forced to redraw it – as the first draft would have possibly eliminated a Carnahan seat….AND the final draft takes out two reliably conservative seats. WTF?

    Aren’t they doing the same shit with Allen West in FL? Hmmm…whose side is are side on?

  26. Beasn, did you send your brother my comment?

    Yep, I sent it to her and told her not to put my name on it. My husband wants us far from his mind as possible – though in each rant he sent the sister, last night, he brought me up.

    Hold on and lemme look for the response.

  27. Aren’t they doing the same shit with Allen West in FL? Hmmm…whose side is are side on?

    We have no side on our side anymore, it seems.

  28. Here you go you shit for brain neo-con wiser (hee hee)

    ………”First, you shit for brain neo-con. Obama is a puppet to the bigger establishment that controls everything and is afraid to rock the boat. He is a different kind of shit bag. Again, and I told you before I do not support him ( But you want to make it like I do like him for your own insecurity). However, I give credit where credit is do. And that is he is re-installing measure or “Regulation” back to many different programs that your genius “shit-for-brains” Bush undid “Deregulation” which helped create the mess that you now want to blame Obama for. In a democratic society you need regulation to
    keep bankers, business, etc. in check.

    To whom and where are you getting your information that people are bashing baby Bush for high gas prices? FOX News? Pundits? Try every other news organization and then weigh the truth. Bush and his cabinet are War Criminals. They out there own CIA agent (Treason), because her husband said there wasn’t WMD; Bush had more soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan for a false war ( It was Bush who sent troops into Afghanistan you DUMBASS)! Chickenshit Obama failed to pull them out.. Are you living on planet Mars? How about passing torture laws under a sick Attorney General while in the hospital? Geneva Convention? Constitution? Does that mean anything to you? Or is the typical neo-con response going to be “It’s Okay”, My government tells me I should be afraid of ghosts, so therefore lets flush the Bill of Rights’.

    How the hell do you know if Bush did work on vacation? Are you serious? He had a reputation of “Party Boy” up through college and presidency. Why are you so adamant about defending someone you do not know personally? As history will show he will be considered one of the worst presidents ever.”………..

  29. Oh and he doesn’t have a job and is on welfare because all of us refuse to give him the support he needs. Also he thinks that being on the dole will make the courts look favorably upon him and give him custody of his kid.


  30. He’s got an abnormal dislike for Bush.

    And though he says otherwise above, he is ALWAYS defending Barry’s every move.

  31. Beasn – That boy ain’t right in his head.

  32. Here you go you shit for brain neo-con wiser (hee hee)



    That was priceless!!!

    Not one single rational response to my points, except for the vacation comments (did I call that or what?)

    Seriously, what does all of what he said have to do with the price of oil?

    Oh, but he doesn’t support Obama. I mean, he goes completely insane in his defense of Obama should anyone ever dare to propose that perhaps he might have some culpability in current events and world affairs, but naaaaaa, he sure doesn’t support him….


    Seriously, has anyone considered getting him on meds?

    So hard to pick the best lines, but this one ranks very near the top, in how it exposes his complete lack of self-awareness:

    Why are you so adamant about defending someone you do not know personally?

    Simply priceless. If we had a comment Hall of Fame, this would have a room to itself.

  33. I kilt it with teh taint of teh crazy.

  34. He’s got an abnormal dislike for Bush.


    ya think?

  35. Also he thinks that being on the dole will make the courts look favorably upon him and give him custody of his kid.

    considering the judges we have in this country right now, I bet he would get everything he wants if he shows them that screed.

  36. Geeze Louise, Beasn. I guess you know it, but your bro is off his rocker. Plus he parrots every single lib talking point most of which are total misinformation. So good luck with that one.

  37. I wish I had more time to analyze that response, beasn, because it is truly priceless.

    It’s almost as if someone wrote it as a parody of the average leftard.

  38. Yep, his head is not right. Same with the other brother who is only a resident of the MO territory. I’m guessing the US is illigitimate.

    He sent her rants all night and brought up my name to my dismay. I’ve done nothing to him or the other brother whom I supposedly need to apologize to for something.

    Um. No. I’ve no clue.

  39. Mommy!
    What a hard night.

    Holy Leap Year Baby!

  40. Is it really this dead @ 6:30?

    Zeke will wake me up by 10am wanting to play, then he will let me sleep till 1 or 2.

    Bad Zeke Bad Boy!

  41. g’mooma

  42. *bangs house slipper on poat*


  43. *fries up some bacon*

  44. Mmmmm … bacon

  45. *eats bacon alone, and unloved, and feels fine about it*

  46. ha ha ha ha…missed it by >that< much

  47. *puts slice of hot bacon in Andy’s shirt pocket*

    here, save that for later

  48. Heh.

    Snow in the forecast. WTF?

  49. Grits? Yer Grits Hayear. Grits on a stick. 1 Dallah.

  50. wakey wakey.

  51. If it wants to accumulate it’s going to have to snow VERY HARD. Ground is too warm and it’s going to be 40 degrees today. Don’t see how it’s possible.

  52. My niece used to love bacon when she was little. We were driving somewhere–I don’t remember–and noticed her eating something in the back seat. When asked, she replied, “I have baton in my potet.” Kind of gross, but very funny that she saved it from breakfast.

    /20 dollars

  53. Is that not normal? Why is that funny?

    *puts hand gingerly on my pocket and looks very serious*

  54. it could be one of those nice ones where it melts when it hits the road but sticks on the grass.

    *crosses fingers*

    We’re supposed to get 3-6″, but who knows.

  55. Two 18 year old girls kidnapped at gunpoint in Detroit last night.

  56. Yeah. Doesn’t everybody carry bacon with them at all times?

  57. They call that “Tuesday”, right Carin?

  58. Good Morning peeps

  59. Kidnapping? Have the slave traffickers moved into the D?

    Crap, I haven’t made coffee yet.

  60. Hi Cyn, and Shim. Grits in your pocket would be slightly less fun.

  61. You southerners in MA are only getting one part of this? Reports for the Shire have said 3-5 today; 4-6 tomorrow. Where’s Algore? I do not need this shiite.

  62. Niice Poat, Wiserbud.

  63. Pocket grits, getch yo pocket grits, 2 dollahs!!

  64. actually, that is a very unusual crime in Detroit.

    Which makes it scary.

  65. YACK!

  66. In South Florida, the people love them some DWS.

  67. I puked a little. Anyone else?


  69. Detroit

  70. wow. look at all the guys dropping by early on HHD……

  71. BEFORE, You big dumbhead, BEFORE

  72. The stupid… hurts.

  73. Yeah, kidnapping is strange. I’d have been less surprised by a double murder.

  74. HHD is done and will be poated later this morning for your humpday pleasuring.

  75. Drive time!

    * drops turkey in front seat fryolator *

  76. Registration for my two cars- $275.


    WTF are they doing with all our fucking money?

  77. Lining the pockets of DPS employees that haven’t been inside a classroom since 8th grade, Carin.

  78. WTF are they doing with all our fucking money?

  79. DWS home area, Parkland, Broward Co, FL.
    Note: Med Income. Fanatical Dems

  80. Holy crap, Breitbart commented.

  81. Awesome. Time to leave, and it’s a downpour outside.

  82. It feels like I have chunks in my lungs.

    *shakes fist at CAR INNNNNNN!

  83. Heh, where did AB comment? That’s not the first time, IIRC.

  84. HA! With the redistricting in St. Louis, we lost one seat. Now Carnahan has to run against Lacy Clay. Democrats both.

    *countdown to hearing the words ‘racist’ in 3, 2, 1…..*

  85. It feels like I have chunks in my lungs.

    *shakes fist at CAR INNNNNNN!

    *makes self scarce.

    Yes, chunks in lungs Headache yet? That was a few hours later.

  86. They’re saying the girls may have been abducted because they witnessed a crime.

    HOnestly, we need to bring in the special forces. Clear out the city.

  87. No headache, just scratchy throat the past two days. And tiredness.

    Doofus at work asked me to go in the freezer to get her cookies to decorate. I asked her if she was allergic to cold weather. She says, “I’m sick”.


    Um, so am I.

  88. Car in, the residents of Detroit need to get their shit together.

    How many baby daddies are in any given home? The defenses were breached a long time ago. It’s open season. Now they reap what they have sewn. A damn shame.

  89. violence and phlem kills poats. Almost time to run from HHD anyways.
    I’m going to listen to some cowboy poetry. Gumminent sponsored

  90. It’s time for a Cowboy Poetry Slam!

    On the dusty trail
    to Dodge City, I
    saw a wagon,
    the team of horses
    by the stream, and
    two old Wells Fargo dudes blowing each other.

    I just kept riding I’ve
    seen it before.


  92. More politicians need to be scorned with Wiser’s kind of honesty. Part of the problem is the 24/7 butt kissing they get from people who surround them…..WHO ARE EMPLOYEES.

    If just one of Romney’s kids would look at him and say, “ah, Dad, you MUST look at the numbers on this, you’re wrong!” We might have a candidate we could like on one more issue.

    Politician = whore

  93. Good morning :)

    Dave, I was wondering if this is true:

  94. GritsinTX

  95. Speaking of poetry, I loved this post from my friend Bob, just for the title alone – the link to the Ode to Obama was icing on the cake:

  96. Dave, I was wondering if this is true:

    Dave’s not here man….

    /Tommy Chong

  97. This is the kind of shit that ruins my day by making my blood boil.

    WTF is wrong with US?

  98. Ha ha ha … Obama issued a statement abotu Snowe. Thanking her etc. Too funny.

    Of course, obami isn’t even up yet. His briefing is at 11 or something.

  99. >> Dave, I was wondering if this is true:

    If what was true? Those cans look fake to me.

    All kidding aside, I admit I fell to the siren song of a five string bass, but really, that low B string isn’t all that big a deal. I play the four string more often.

  100. I told ya
    Zeke woke me up to play.

  101. But Dave, they’re still cans!

  102. I see duplicate G-strings :)

  103. And normally we call the g-string the “top” string on a bass, even though in both examples a g-string is physically located on the bottom.

  104. I told ya
    Zeke woke me up to play.

    But he’s so cute. . .

  105. G string G spot G mail
    Dave has ya covered.
    I am going back to sleep

  106. Hi Lippy!

  107. I give this poat 53 of these thingies:


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