Are your legs broken ‘er something?!?

Scott, in the back room when work isn’t busy:

Please stop flirting with the zoo animals, MCPO:






  1. In case you missed it, Scott is now in the Yearbook.

  2. Are the last to links supposed to be dark and scary (much like Michelle)?

  3. They are videos Mare. They might be difficult to see on your Etch-a-sketch Phone.

  4. They might be difficult to see on your Etch-a-sketch Phone.


  5. I’m on my Etch-a-Sketch Mac.

  6. Shim–from the last poat: Use the butter and screw the cereal. Five second rule.

  7. Recovery!! Stuck with the Athos omlette. DOUBLE YOLK!! Small things, small things, Yay Shimmy!!

  8. I would rather be here: today.

  9. MCPO, I thought all the snow by you melted?

  10. I want my two dollars!!!

  11. Good morning, repenters.

  12. HAHAHA!

    xBrad – I actually have a hat almost exactly like the one being worn in the video!

  13. Good morning, Sean!

  14. LigerCyn, It probably would’ve brought a laugh- first drop, onto the floor= SHIT!!
    second drop, juggle butter dish, save that, butter on knife goes flying onto wall= ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!!

  15. I actually almost feel like a normal human being again this morning. Didn’t even mind cleaning up the two little piles of puke somebody left for me while I was at my 7 am meeting.

  16. SeanM – What’s the agenda for the day? I have laundry and HALO Reach on mine.

  17. Riley’s puking is an act of love.

  18. Seeen Em, Imma sympathetic puker. Please refrain from vomit chatter.

  19. Here Brad:

    I hope this makes up for it.

  20. You totally should have filmed that Shim and then put the music from Monkey Washing Cat in the background. Millionaire!

  21. Ahhh, now I get it, none of my youtube videos are playing.


  22. Did I miss any witty chatter over the last couple of days? Somebody give me a summary.

    Also, Fuck You.

  23. Agenda? Let’s see…I think I’ll just relax until my workshop this evening. There may be some snacking, too.

  24. Snacking?! Decadent, decadent man!

  25. Thanks, Aggie. You’re the best.

    That girl is included, right?


  27. Where are all the tabs

  28. hahahaha

  29. Sohos:

  30. YES!! Feta cheese all over the stove. This better be the best tasting fucking omlette evah.

  31. //sends Shim a gift card for IHOP

  32. Thanks.

  33. Anytime, PG; anytime!

  34. “Thanks.”

    hahahahaha…Welcome to H2!

  35. I found this at the place where I dug up the header pic:

    Unfortunately, it’s one of a kind and they sold it.

  36. That girl is included, right?

    Well, YEAH!!

    Only the best for you, honey ;)

  37. Could be a real money maker here:

  38. Sean, I’m getting back into doing cross-stitching. That looks like a challenge to me.



    *emails Mare an Egg McMuffin w/Cheese BOGO coupon*

  40. What the hell is the yearbook? Sorry, it’s Sunday.

    What the fuck is the yearbook?

  41. Well, it’s about time someone came up with the daytime version of the dickslippers:

  42. *emails Mare an Egg McMuffin w/Cheese BOGO coupon*

    You know me pretty damn well!

  43. MJ, submit a yearbook picture (your actual yearbook picture) and you can see what complete douches we all were in high school.

  44. What the fuck is the yearbook?

    Much better MJ.

    Send/add a pic of you from your high school years to the Yearbook. It’s like POL, but we get to see what an assgeek you looked like before you were cool enough to hang out here.

  45. I would wear those daytime-dickslipper pumps.
    But only in the fall/winter. Of course.

  46. Of course.

  47. Its funny b/c Tats yearbook picture looks the same as her POL b/c it was only a couple of years ago for her. Yungin.

  48. Yungin is right. I’ll bet MJ still has his HS tassel hanging from his rear view mirror. Who’s idea was it to allow people under 30 comment here?!

  49. Assgeek, heh. That described me to a tee.

  50. You’re not a badass until you’ve done this:

  51. I’m the last one on the left, Mare.

  52. “I’m the last one on the left, Mare.”

    There you go!

  53. I got a kick out of those photos.

    Beasn had a little Valerie Bertinelli thing going on and MCPO looked like he was in The Monkeys.

  54. Can one of you nice persons send the passwords to my gmail. My pc caught teh aids and is not Magic. New laptop/no pw

  55. Yungin is right. I’ll bet MJ still has his HS tassel hanging from his rear view mirror. Who’s idea was it to allow people under 30 comment here?!
    I’ll have to look around or a HS picture. Unfortunately, my mom sent me a box of most of the pictures she had of me (very few from when I was a baby–probably adopted) which were stolen when my garage was robbed in Chicago.

    Thanks drunken roommate that can’t remember to push a button on the wall!

  56. You can never go wrong with a Falcon.

  57. Scott – And that photo was taken before my hair was really long!


    Scroll down for some of her cost summaries. Shared sacrifice, indeed!

  59. “You can never go wrong with a Falcon.”


    So true.

  60. I just checked everyone out. I love that tab

  61. VERY COOL VID!!!!

  62. Shim’s drunk, everyone!

  63. Thank you Cynamontoast!!

  64. Like you, MJ, I cannot seem to find my yearbook. I may have to hit my mom up to scan my senior year pic.

  65. I should be in about 20 minutes myself.

  66. Shared sacrifice, indeed!

    Gee, it’s covered by a foreign newspaper…



    I would say, “Wait A Minute, You Dick!!” but instead I’ll say, “You’re Welcome, You Dick!!”

  68. First mini-loaf of sourdough from homemade starter in oven, almost done.

    *pisses self*

  69. For Mare, because I ♥ her more:

  70. “Gee, it’s covered by a foreign newspaper…”

    Yes, and their headline is good too….”Well it has been a whole month! Just weeks after 17-day Hawaii vacation Michelle hits the slopes with daughters on Aspen ski trip”

  71. hahahaha

  72. Falcon- Good.

    Blue Falcon- Not so good

  73. SON OF A….I have to figure out why my youtubes (possibly like my fallopian tubes) aren’t working.

    Allen West telling people off sounds great!

  74. I give this poat 4 of these @@@@

    would have been three, but the ninja-monkey added a little.

  75. HA! I enjoy unclefacts making up rating systems.

  76. probably adopted

    Ha Ha Ha!

    Wait… you don’t know yet?!?

  77. MJ, your parents probably just hated you so they couldn’t handle taking pictures they’d be forced to look at later.

  78. Mare have you tried the double draino guys to get your tubes working again?

  79. Clear you Adobe cache Mare; it’s gotten AIDS and youtube won’t work until you do. Or you could try plugging it in.

  80. “Thanks drunken roommate that can’t remember to push a button on the wall!”

    You’re welcome!!

  81. Okay, Cyn and Shim (ha that rhymes) I’ll do both!

  82. Take pics, Laura, and we’ll post them and the recipe on the recipe blog!!

  83. Mare – Did you download the latest version of FLASH?

  84. Actually, that’s a slant rhyme.


  85. I am here to snake your drain.

    That’s how I am going to answer the phone from now on.

  86. You can never go wrong with a Falcon.

    Opinions vary.




  89. PG – Who doesn’t love a Ford Falcon?!

  90. Okay, can someone email me the passwords?

    Thank you in advance nice person. I’ll check back later as lunch is over.

    I will be throwing away a whole rack of king cakes this afternoon as our dpt manager refuses to order or anticipate packaging needs and the assistant refused to go to another store to get some. So much waste.



  92. We’ve got a falcon or two hanging out in our neighbor. The bird kind.
    I got out some binoculars to take a closer look at the one sitting on the neighbors roof and he started doing that ghetto neck bob at me. I made sure I had a place to duck in the event he thought my eyeballs looked tasty.

  93. …neighborhood…..meh

  94. “…he started doing that ghetto neck bob at me.” hahahaha

    He’s in love!

  95. I’ve got a cousin who is 7 years older than me and used live with us every summer during his teenage years and work for my dad on the farm. When he was 15 he got a Falcon of about that vintage and brought it with him to the farm. Best I recall, it would go from zero to sixty in about 5 minutes. Unless there was a stiff breeze.

  96. Cyn would you be a dear liger and put this on the recipe blog, thnx

  97. *whacks puppeh’s nose with rolled-up Sunday crossword*

  98. HA! It wasn’t plugged in!!!

    (I just had to restart!)

  99. “…he started doing that ghetto neck bob at me.”

    One of the first racially insensitive jokes I ever heard went like this:

    Q Why do negros keep chickens in their yard?

    A So their kids can learn how to walk.

    I didn’t get it.

  100. Like you, MJ, I cannot seem to find my yearbook. I may have to hit my mom up to scan my senior year pic.
    I’m going to do the same. MOM!!!!!!

  101. we got turkey buzzards

  102. MJ, your parents probably just hated you so they couldn’t handle taking pictures they’d be forced to look at later.
    It’s either that, or general apathy. I was the 4th and last kid, so they were pretty damned tired, and the novelty of everything had worn off.

  103. Yep. Clipped a buzzard with the radio antenna on an 18 wheeler water truck a couple of years ago and it ended up making the rest of the trip on the walkway along the side of my tank. When I got to the location it was still flopping around a little. Had to get it off of there with a shovel. Those motherfuckers stink badly.

  104. I’m still kind of chuckling about the scorpion comment.

    Shut up and eat your scorpion. HA!

  105. Found it!

  106. Yep. You gots to eat your scorpion or no supper tonight.

  107. Wait, you get a scorpion AND something else for supper? Luxury.

  108. Important News Alert:

    Whitney Houston remains at room temperature.

  109. Mom was generous like that. Plus I was her favorite son.

  110. Found it!
    That’s fairly close, actually. Have an extra helping of stingers with your desert.

  111. Technically, I was her only son. So I was the favorite.

  112. True Story:

  113. Here’s a little something for you, Chief:

  114. Jewstin you missed out Bud. Tookies was teh awesome

  115. Rats, Sohos. Next time:

  116. Actually, Count reminded me that I have a bag of crawdads in the freezer that need eating. I’m going to make some pasta and garlic butter sauce.

  117. oh that sounds yummy!

  118. That was some good funny Sean.

  119. 2 little indians.

  120. Racist

  121. Cyn, check your box.

  122. Ummm, xbrad … ^^^

  123. A baby Hostage photo album would be hilarious.

  124. Sean, that’s funny as shit.

    Posting it at AoS

  125. I am watching a NBA game for the first time ever. Lin is awesome.

  126. Cyn, check your box.


  127. he’s remarkable.

    I’ll put up that post in about 10m

  128. chicks are sending secret messages

  129. We’re gossiping, Dave.

    Your ears should be getting warm right about now.

  130. Yes… we could use that word, “warm”; that would work.

  131. Why does ABC keep zooming in on the Asian kid?

  132. I dunno, scott. Somebody over there needs to nip that in the bud.

    Oh. Wait.

  133. My ears are warmenin

  134. slippery slope

  135. Seriously, there had to be close to 20,000 people there. Every time they wanted to show the fan reaction to something, they zoomed in on an Asian kid.


  137. SeanM – Linky?

  138. Dave’s poat at teh mothership, Chief.

  139. It’s like a Festivus Miracle!!

  140. Airing of Grievances.

  141. Congratulations, Sean!!!

    *gives Sean a Diet Dr Pepper*

  142. I got a lot of problems with you people! And now, you’re gonna hear about it.

  143. Go ahead, Andy!

  144. Uh, I’m a little slow, Andy.

    What were you referencing me for?

  145. You go right ahead Andy, and Imma let you finish, but first…

  146. *gulps Diet Dr Pepper*

    Thanks, Aggs! Now I’m ready for the Feats of Strength.

  147. good afternoon everyone

  148. xbrad, the box check that lauraw and Cyn were doing.

  149. when did we get a recipe blog? Why was I not informed?

  150. How are the slopes, Carin? More importantly, how’s the hot coco peppermint schnapps?

    Sohos: Wiser or wiserbud (not sure which) had some sort of whirling dervish episode and whipped up the recipe blog a few weeks ago. Don’t tell him this, but I kinda like that all our stuff can be put in one place. Which reminds me… need to find Mrs. Peel’s Snickerdoodle recipe and put it in there.

  151. Sweet Momma, was there an influx of posters from the Mother ship because of that post?

  152. >> How are the slopes, Carin?


  153. 35 I always forget how fucked up/funny/disturbing The Hostages is until it’s once again linked here. It’s like the graduate class of AoSHQ U.

    …bunch of nutmeggers andfartsniffers over there.

    HA! You are all fartsniffers.


  155. BS, Scott! I’m a nutmegger!!

    Oooo, that doesn’t sound so good after all.

  156. Meg your own nuts, missy.

  157. Look what the cat dragged in.

    I mean, Hi, Uniball!

  158. Yeah, maybe you’d rather one of the fellas meg your nuts, Andy.


  159. My nuts shall remain unmegged like God intended.

  160. Who wants to help unpack all the stupid shit my sister has collected over the years?

  161. I has megged nuts

  162. I’m on it, Xbrad:

  163. Jewstin, I saw the cutest little red squirrel out on the fairway this morning.

    I thought of you.

    Then I threw a rock at it.

  164. Heh. Brave little fucker. I can see him again, right now!

  165. Nothing like a smiling girl with her very own FNH!

  166. …bunch of nutmeggers andfartsniffers over there.

    someone forgot “windowlickers”

  167. L to R – Xbrad, Cute Little Squirrel (out of frame):

  168. PUPSTER!!

  169. *signs up with the “windowlickers”. Since I’m not out east, and the fartsniffers just goes without saying

    *dutch ovens the poat

  170. Take your motion sickness pills before scrolling around:

  171. An elderly couple are attending church services..
    About halfway through, she writes a note and hands it to her husband.
    It says, “I just let out a silent fart. What do you think I should do?”
    He scribbles back, “Put a new battery in your hearing aid.”

  172. J’ames, I am going to burn for laughing at my inlaws in your church joke.

  173. Oso

  174. Heh, good one Jay! I want to send that one to my MIL but she is becoming hard of hearing and is bothered by it, so I can’t.

  175. J’Ames – I actually prefer the business class layout to that of first class.

  176. lauraw, my FiL recently underwent radiation for throat cancer. He wasn’t supposed to talk. My MiL won’t wear her hearing aid for vanity reasons. I let Dan get aggravated with her. It was very Abbott and Costello for a few months.

  177. Scott, our coupon generator at POS is based on prior purchases and because of my diabetes I get really interesting coupons.

  178. Slopes are good. Youngest is sick so I’m kinda stuck in the room right now.

  179. WHAT?

    *listens more

  180. “”J’Ames – I actually prefer the business class layout to that of first class.””

    indeed MCPO, it looks like anyone traveling as a couple in first class don’t actually sit together.

  181. It’s kind of creepy. I knew they did this I guess, just a bit surprised by the depths of it.

  182. . . .just a bit surprised by the depths of it.

    Foundation begins. When can we expect the Mule?

  183. Scott, our internal search engines went to Google last year

  184. I kind of liked personalized Target coupons. The last time I got them, they threw in some other shit I would never use.

  185. Pizza night!

  186. Are you sure it’s not soup night?

  187. Beasn, some of the coupons are hard sells to get you to rethink your brand or purchasing loyalty.

  188. Dog Penis Soup.

    Goddamn, I haven’t had that in years. I wonder if canned is as good as homemade.

  189. Herself made pork fried rice with brown rice and veggies. It was excellent.

  190. Oso, not going to happen.

  191. 10 dog Penis soup? Hell I’ll try anything once

  192. *runs downstairs to test second mini-loaf of homemade sourdough*

  193. I am craving sourdough. Looked yummy at the recipe site

  194. Beasn, we thrive on the sheeple. Actually had a guest tell me today that high fuel prices were a good thing and part of Obama’s plan to make it cheaper to manufacture in the US. He was upset that everything he purchased today was made in China.

  195. Cool artsy crap

  196. Kickass night of music on HDNet. We just had Willie Nelson, and now it’s Zac Brown. Kenny Chesney’s next, and although I don’t like him all that much, he does have some good songs.

    Also, important news for Wiserbud, Pat Green will be at the Boston House of Blues on March 1!!11!!SQUEEEEE!!!

  197. >> Beasn, we thrive on the sheeple. Actually had a guest tell me today that high fuel prices were a good thing and part of Obama’s plan to make it cheaper to manufacture in the US.

  198. First loaf was better.

    Gonna try ciabatta later on with a tangier sourdough starter.

    Also thinking of doing some wheat-free sourdough for a friend who is basically allergic to everything.



  201. high fuel prices were a good thing and part of Obama’s plan to make it cheaper to manufacture in the US.

    How on earth can higher fuel costs, on top of union jobs, going to make it cheaper for him to live?

  202. Actually had a guest tell me today that high fuel prices were a good thing and part of Obama’s plan to make it cheaper to manufacture in the US.

    Nuts. I meant to look around at church today to see if the diehard Obama fan, the one that got up and left during the reading of the bishops’ letter, came back.

  203. the one that got up and left during the reading of the bishops’ letter, came back.

    I’m guessing the state has become his church and guide?

  204. Beasn, they are probably thinking local is cheaper when fuel prices are high…….or they live in China.

  205. Here’s a little optimism:

    Oh. Wait.

  206. Good evening, y’all :)


  208. Beasn, they are probably thinking local is cheaper when fuel prices are high

    *scratches head*

  209. Got up and left, huh? I wonder if they get some special one on one time with the clergy now, roamy.

  210. Here’s a little optimism:

    We already lost the culture war because the other side owns most media outlets and human beings love them some free shit. Eventually you must kill a f*cker when he climbs in your window to steal your shit.

  211. Booya!
    Zeke is walked, and I am having a few drinks.

  212. Beasn, he wore his Obama shirt to church during the last election, and several people got into arguments with him over abortion. His canned response is, if you don’t like abortion, don’t get one. The fact that some of us don’t like paying for murder doesn’t faze him.

  213. That first loaf I made seems to taste more sour after it has completely cooled. Delicious! Tastes a lot better than the second loaf. I think the difference is that the first loaf was proofed overnight in the fridge and then sat out at room temperature for a long time before being baked. The second one was proofed for a shorter period at higher temps. A long, cool rise is supposed to give you a more sour loaf.

    NOM NOM NOM, either way. Both good. And it’s nice to have some leeway with rising bread. With commercial yeast it is so easy to overproof the dough if you walk away for a few too many minutes.

    Jay gave me a recipe for sourdough waffles that I’m going to try if I ever purchase buttermilk.

  214. Laura – I assume you emailed me the recipe, right?

  215. Romy it is not murder it is choice.
    It is just tissue not a baby.

  216. Makes me sick to know people think that way, Roamy.

  217. Laura, you can substitute milk for the water and get a different texture as well. I generally use milk any time I make bread.

  218. It is just tissue not a baby.

    No one ever has a tissue shower.

    I know, Vmax. I got the liberal at work tied in knots. I asked him how do you determine if someone is dead – absence of brain activity or absence of heartbeat? He agreed that either one qualified. Then I said then someone is alive when they have brain activity and a heartbeat? He said yes. I said an 8-week-old fetus has both. Totally stymied.

  219. The logic hurts Romy it is like 2+2= Red.
    I have tried to concede that it is a choice to kill but no it is not it is unfathomable that choice = death.

  220. No one ever has a tissue shower.
    No one has ever given to a mass of tissue either, nor a dolphin or even a cat.

  221. His canned response is, if you don’t like abortion, don’t get one

    And he goes to a Catholic church, why?

  222. >> Eventually you must kill a f*cker when he climbs in your window to steal your shit.

    Andy <3 Beasn

  223. Totally stymied.

    A lot of people can’t do math without pictures. Maybe a picture of a trashbag filled with babies will help him out.

    *I saw one for a split second when I was 19 and then again last week. You can’t scrub that away.

  224. And he goes to a Catholic church, why?

    For the same reason Biden, Pelosi, and the Kennedys do.

  225. MCPO, I really just used a bread machine recipe, did some guessing and figuring, and winged it! It was a test but I never wrote any of it down like I should have. But it is at that Hostages recipe site right now, along with the method I (mostly) used for creating starter last weekend.

  226. And he goes to a Catholic church, why?

    Free wine and cookies?

  227. For the same reason Biden, Pelosi, and the Kennedys do.

    And in a just church, they would be excommunicated.

  228. We’re either a nation of laws or we’re not. You can only push people so far and it all comes tumbling down.

  229. Laura – Thank you.

  230. Laura are you keeping your starter going? How hard it it to keep it alive?

  231. Yes, I intend to keep it going and bake every couple weeks. Being able to proof dough in the fridge overnight makes it very convenient to my crappy schedule.

    Pretty easy to keep going, Vmax. A little too easy, actually.

    *thinks of the three bubbly containers in the fridge and the two on the kitchen table*

    Yeah…pretty easy, man…

  232. Sunny D

  233. Vmax, I’ve had mine going for over a year. It’s very easy.




  236. Dave, take the bucket off your head.

    You’re mumbling again.

  237. 1st sourdough experiment: wet and gloppy dough, long cold rise. Contained butter and some sugar.
    – big fluffy holes and tender, medium-dense crumb
    -crunchy, chewy crust
    – half-sour

    2nd experiment: dry, elastic dough and a shorter, warm rise, no sugar or shortening.
    – very even textured interior, chewy crumb
    – softer crust
    – not sour

  238. *Calls inTexas 911*

  239. Andy – She’s getting big!

  240. Carin?

  241. Don’t eat the waffles, Dave. They’ll blow up.

    *didn’t make enough, gotta weed out all the customers

  242. Yes, she is. Turning into a dog.

  243. Dave?


  244. Very pretty dog, Andy.

  245. The reviews on those sourdough waffles are incredible.

    *puts together shopping list*

  246. You have no idea how good they are, laura. My wife would live on them, if I just kept making them.

  247. Plus, you can premake them, and freeze them. They are just as good in the toaster oven. Microwave is meh, but still good.

  248. Awww, Andy! That’s not a dog, that’s a Muppet.

    She looks very concerned in that photo.


    That caution seems so… weakly understated compared to the actual content!

    Didn’t Tourettes Guy essentially blast YouTube into internet orbit history?

  250. I’m sold, Jay.

    Never made waffles before, but I do have a waffle maker that was given to me. Testimonials like this, might as well give it a whirl.

  251. Sure is growing up Andy, and awful good looking.

  252. She’s acting.

  253. Now on HDNet – Tim McGraw.

    They’re doing alternative next Sunday, but the only band I recognized was 311.

  254. Had to watch Tourette’s guy with the bird in the house again.

  255. I wore her little punk self out in the back yard today with the chuck-it.

    No matter how tired she is, she can’t resist running for the ball. Bringing it back is a different story.

  256. I think you need to bring her to lapeeraplooza I will bring Zeke. What could go wrong?


  258. Dog meat-up… they can help to rescue us from the lake.

  259. My Max loved balls Andy, basketball, football baseball tennis ball soccer ball Oranges, grapefruits anything you can throw it did not matter he wanted it and actually popped a few basket balls trying to carry them.

    Zeke only cares about tennis balls. Nothing else.

  260. Haha, throwing the ball to a tired dog is borderline cruel and unusual punishment.

  261. I’m ok now

  262. *gives Dave a cookie laced with Benadryl™*

    J’Ames, the sheltie here will fetch until she is about to pass out. She scares me sometimes.

  263. OK, this fucking fucker is fucked! Could someone please come up with a way to have only one or two passwords on this fucking fucker!?!? AND WHERE THE HELL IS THE RECIPE TAB?!

    Thank you. I feel better for having said that.

  264. Yes, the pw’s are a bit unwieldy; agreed Chief.

    As for the recipes:

    I also added a linky at our far right sidebar.

  265. Cyn – Thank you. I’m just wondering how our IT staff demand such large salaries and we STILL have these issues?!

  266. MCPO.

    The issue with the passwords… well, some folks are in PoL, but not other sections. Some folks didn’t want to share Meatup pics with every swinging dick. eh.

    It is what it is.

    Roamy has a master list somewhere of all the pw’s.

  267. MCPO, Re: your comment at H&B: I’ll take them :D

  268. As for passwords, there are now only five (I just deleted an empty page called Bubbles–sorry Xbrad).

    If you run into a password issue, please feel free to email it to the folks in IT who will put their top men on it.

  269. Can someone make me something at H3 and HRecipes? Or should I just comment my fabulous food?

  270. Kombanwa

  271. (I just deleted an empty page called Bubbles–sorry Xbrad).

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! I remember that :D

  272. I think we should still talk about food on the blog, Vman. Wiserbud loves it so very much.


    Long time no see Kracka–howdy.

  273. By the way we have some regulars here that need to be upgraded to author or more. I am thinking Herr Uncle Oso etc.

  274. I’ve still got that picture saved somewhere…

  275. Top. Men.

  276. Or men on top. Either way.

  277. Wisermeany Cyn.
    Not really Wiser is rather a cool dude.

  278. >> Haha, throwing the ball to a tired dog is borderline cruel and unusual punishment.

    Heh, yeah. I quit after a while.

    She wasn’t getting a walk today, so this was her exercise.

  279. By the way we have some regulars here that need to be upgraded to author or more.

    Yeppers. If they want to drive a poat, most of us can toss ’em the keys when they ask. Easy Peasy Lemon Meringue Pie Squeezy.

  280. >> Not really Wiser is rather a cool dude.

    To his mom maybe

  281. Throwing a ball is not very hard for me, but much exercise for Zeke.

  282. Wisermeany Cyn.


    Hey! Waitaminute, you calling me a wisermeany?? You son of a bit…..

    *speedials wiser for the super high potency banhammer keys*

  283. I’ve still got that picture saved somewhere…

    Wait, what??

  284. *tosses the keys to the latest spammer


  285. this place is nuts

  286. OMG that made me sputter, Jay! HA! Exactly, why not!

  287. Anyone wants to upgrade email me Rick750 at yahoo dot whatever.
    Send me $20 and I will ignore Wiser until he bans me.

  288. Or men on top. Either way.


  289. I am Kidding wiser
    *invisible fingers crossed*

  290. My youngest daughter visited her grandpop today, comin back from Dallas. She’s here now.

    He was extremely happy old man.

  291. *cough*HORNY*cough*

    Oh, like that’s unusual around this joint!

  292. Wait…that sounds wrong, somehow….

  293. Poor guy gets emotional sometime, about his grandkids.


    Not me.

  294. Not me.


  295. Not me.

    *moves away from possible lightning strike*

  296. DiT,
    You’re a lucky man, that the daughters turned out so well, and still love their dad.
    Well done, sir! Well done.

  297. okaaay.

    She really made dad happy today.

  298. yes, I am a very fortunate man. No arguments about that.

  299. That’s great, Dave.

    I’m sure that made his day.

  300. The video of the chick hunters on the ONT is good.

    Makes me homesick for a good ol’ southern opening day of dove season.

  301. It’s funny how a little thing can be a big thing to my dad.

    ok I’ll shut up now.

  302. Heh. My dad’s a big ol’ softie when it comes to the grandkids too.

    No way I’ll be like that.

  303. Love is a big thing in a small package, Dave ;)

  304. Will you cry at Lapeerpalooza if I run up, hug you, and yell “Grandpa!”?

    Why not?

  305. Crap!
    My Bike Boss Just called. The first time this month, wanting me to work. I have had 9 shots.
    On my way to work see ya at 5am or so.

    This could be interesting.

  306. Dave – I hope she knows what a wonderful thing she did for her Grandpa.

  307. Be safe, vmax.

  308. go get em Vman.

    MCPO, she gets it. She called me this affernoon and said she wanted to go see him. She was 11 years old when mom passed, and she was huggin on him when he said goodbye to his wife. They are very close.

  309. They are very close.

    That’s wonderrful. BTW – Toss me a cold one, woodja?

  310. yeah, catch a Yuengling.

  311. My dad started calling my wife and daughters “precious” early on in their entry to the family. Completely ruined the word. Nowadays when I’m trying to throw around some complliments and shit and use the word precious, they all give me a funny look.

  312. That’s so very sweet, Dave.

    The room is so dusty now…

  313. I know I know.. I’m being sentimental dick dad.

    *sets my hair on fire*

  314. **sets the rest of Dave on fire**

  315. Trip to Oregon cancelled.

    My niece lost her baby.

    Please pray for her.

  316. Oh my God, Brad :(

    I am so sorry for your niece’s loss. My prayers go on angel’s wings to her and her family.

  317. Thanks, Aggie.

  318. That’s two in a row for her.

    She’s got two kids from previous relationships, but her husband really would like a kid of his own. And he’s a good guy. Don’t quite understand why she’s having troubles.

  319. Dearest Heavenly Father,

    Please comfort Brad’s niece and her family in their loss. Please hold her in Your loving arms, and let her know she is loved, and be with her and her family, giving her and her family strength during this time. Amen.

  320. Thank you.

  321. Can we now return to our regularly scheduled poon kicking?

    Anybody got a recipe they’re just dying to share?

  322. oh damn.

    repeats Aggie’s prayer.

    I’m so sorry xbradtc.

  323. No

  324. Bourbon and Rocks:

    3 ice cubes
    2 oz Bourbon (preferably Maker’s Mark)

    Add ice to glass
    Add bourbon, enjoy!

    Sorry to hear the bad news, xbrad.

  325. No?

    To poon kicking?

    Or recipes?

  326. shut up you goof.

    *hugs* Manly hugs, not the gay kind.

  327. Prayers headed their way, xbad.

  328. maybe a little gay

  329. sorry to hear the bad news xbrad…

  330. Thanks, Dave.

    You can let go of my ass now.

  331. now?

  332. Bestest recipe evah:

    Run a hot bubblebath. Place libation of choice right next to it. Immerse self in hot bath, careful to not tip over libation. Relax against tub, and proceed to drink libation.

  333. Oh, I’ve got the libation…

  334. Seriously? Did y’all leave to try my recipe??

  335. Xbrad,
    I’m so very sorry.

  336. Prayers, xbrad.

  337. Thanks, guys.

  338. Well shit X, sad news. I hope they pull through ok.

  339. My sympathies, xbrad.

  340. So, Cox cable isn’t exactly off on a great foot here customer service wise. They hooked up the phone/internet/cable bundle yesterday. The internet works. But the phone only makes outgoing calls. No incoming calls. And the cable is fucked up. We’re not getting all the channels. And the contractor they sent out was about as bright as burned out CFL bulb.

  341. “We’re not getting all the channels”….

    how many porn channels do you need?

  342. We get MSNBC.

    But not FNC.

    Yeah, I want it fixed.

  343. Sorry to hear about your niece, b-rad.

  344. Prayers Xbrad.

    Zeke did not care to be alone all night He slept by the front door.

  345. Sorry to hear about the niece Xbrad. I don’t believe docs start raising a fuss until after three or more losses. I lost one and that was enough for me.

  346. Run a hot bubblebath. Place libation of choice right next to it. Immerse self in hot bath, careful to not tip over libation. Relax against tub, and proceed to drink libation.

    Whitney called and said, “careful with the Xanax”.

  347. Wakey wakey

  348. Good morning.

  349. One more (half) day of skiing.

  350. Is Leon working on a post for us today?

  351. I’m not working on a post for us today, I have in fact completed it.

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