Open Letter to our Republican Overlords

I want a do over. Who picked these people? Do you let just every one who has enough ego to run for president, or is it just random lunatics that walk in from under the overpass?

I will not get into the people who have withdrawn. Well except for Rick Perry, he was almost ready for prime time and the best of the field, until he dropped out. I am done with that so lets talk about the rest.

Let me start with Ron Paul. Really? Is he even a republican? He is conspiracy 101. His base is tinfoil hats. Oklahoma City was a inside job? Contrails? 911 truthers? Why do you even let him on the stage? Giggles? To make the rest of them look sane?

Rick Santorum.

As a social conservative I have some respect for where he is coming from. He is a me too conservative that was a squish senator. He will tell you anything to get elected. He believes that government is the answer. Do you have a problem? Government will fix the booboo for you. Big Government is the answer to all that ails you. He is a big government technocrat that is mouthing conservative talking points just so he can be elected.


I love Newt but he can NEVER be president. Never. Ever.

Newt has fantastic ideas. Really dumb ideas, fantastically stupid ideas. He needs a filter. I love 10% of his ideas. I am Meh on 80% of his ideas. I truly despise 10% of his ideas. He is all over the chart. He is a scrapper. I admire that. I want someone with fire in their belly! Take the fight to Obama! Newt has that. Sadly he has tons of baggage. He is Cabinet level tops.


I voted for Mitt in the 2008 primary. He has the business chops to fix the economy.

He is a squish that will say anything to get elected. I took a few hours to read everything on his web site. EVERYTHING!

I agreed with 98%. He was a little vague on much. However I read everything he said. I disagreed with him on using Bowles Simpson as a starting point for the tax code. Really? Lets use Obama’s the most socialist president in the US history as a starting point? His overall sentiments were  positive. Unfortunately he is a wooden animatronic caricature of somebody with a ego that will say anything to be elected.

That covers the current republican field. Egoist failures that cannot beat Obama. WTF are you thinking? Bob Dole? Yes Bob was a fantastic war hero. I honor and respect his service and courage. President? Not so much. I think Mitt is the establishment Bob Dole. Only with less courage and respect.

I look at the people who did not run. Sarah Palin, she is the most controversial but I want to vote for her to make Democrats heads explode! Not to mention I agree with her 98% of the time.

Jeb Bush My 1st pick

As a Floridian I approve. He took the whole state including corrupt Miami/Ft Lauderdale and made it turn right. He was a hell of a great governor. He is wrong on Immigration but I will give him a pass on 1 thing.


What can I say. A little seasoning and he is the man. I have not found a thing I can fault him on.


Anybody? Anybody? What a great person.

Nikki Hailey? I like but give her a few years. However she is better right now than Barack.

Scott Walker has proved he can make a difference. Where is he?

Paul Ryan

Has his hand on the economy. He is a dud to the electorate. No Fire no fight. just good economics.

Did I mention Scott Walker? He has PROVED he can govern a state and balance the budget. Anybody? Anybody?

I have more that I would consider as a good nominee however I am running out of steam. Last but well maybe least Chris Christie. He had the fire in his belly. He will not put up with the BS from the MFM. While not my favorite he has none of Newts baggage and…well he kicks ass and takes names. He is not a namby pamby Mitt.

My first and best hope for president is Bill Bennett.

What a awesome man! Candor, Intelligence, and good will in spades! If someone made me dictator for life I would abdicate to him.

What we need is someone who does not want to run for president. I do not wish any of these egomaniacs on our country. After all we have ego in chief Barack now what could go wrong?

Oops 5 trillion in dept given out to democrat supporters.

Wait another pipeline pic

One last thing Oil Gas and Natural gas pipelines. Buffet is being rewarded by Obama for shutting down the XL pipeline. See Aggies post here
and the pipeline graphics  oopsie that is only Natural gas pipelines. Nebraska has how many?

Here is the major trunk lines of oil and gas over 20″ pipelines

Yup right through that protected  aquifer how many times?


  1. Orange ass is interesting
    Happy B-day Vmax!
    Nice rant.
    I got yer pipeline hangin bitch.

  2. More ning.

    I had a dream about a meetup in Michigan at Leon’s farm.

  3. *reads the rant*

    Iz pirate lol

  4. wakey wakey

  5. You know what could save Romney? Sarah as vp.

    I could get excited for that vote.

    I could. Someone predicted his VP choices and I was VERY meh. Congressman from Ohio and gov from … I can’t remember where.

  6. Good morning.

    Please, please motherfokkers,
    Vote for
    Block of cheese.

  7. I don’t think Romney would make an unconventional choice for VP. From listening to the talk shows, it appears that Chris Christie is basically filling that role now.

  8. I saw you tried for five in a row yesterday. I realize it’s early, and most hostages are beginning to feel withdrawal, but hey, why not?

  9. Did I mention that Callista was very attractive in person? Well she is. Surprisingly so.

    Newt, on the other hand, appears pretty healthy, but is very heavy. I mean deceptively heavy. He’s one of those guys that seems slightly large when you view him head on, but when he turns sideways, you realize he’s very, very big.

    A friend of mine is like that. Viewed head on he kind of looks to be my size. He turns to the side and it looks like he swallowed a basketball.

  10. And…five.

  11. “x comments in a row” is only slightly less ghey than “FIRST!”

  12. it appears that Chris Christie is basically filling that role now.

    I’ve had that vibe since Christie backed his nomination.

  13. “x comments in a row” is only slightly less ghey than “FIRST!”

  14. Well, crap, MJ. Thanks a lot. Five in a row has been done already on this thread.

    Now, what do I have to look forward to?

  15. Now, what do I have to look forward to?
    HHD, I guess. It’s Wednesday.

  16. OH RIGHT.

    checks clock.

    9 am, right?

  17. *shrugs shoulders

    I don’t follow these things like the H2 cougars.

  18. We don’t have a cow. Yet. There have been discussions.

  19. Maybe the MBM is right and no one can beat Obama this year. If that’s the case, I want Newt to lose it for us.

  20. If Newt loses, then all the Ann Coulters will be able to blame those horrible staunchy conservatives for not following their sage advice.

    There is just no way this is going to end well.

  21. It’s a populist election. I don’t think we can nominate someone who doesn’t have that appeal.

  22. Wow. Lauraw certainy has fallen. Not one mention in The Jolt today.

  23. Romney is a dick. He just said that he wish he knew what Pelosi is alluding to so that he could use it in the primary.

  24. Eric Cantor was on TV earlier this morning. I hadn’t noticed before how handsome he is. Great smile.

  25. Morning kids.

  26. >> I don’t follow these things like the H2 cougars.

    Screw you, Utah!

  27. With the storms and damage at Roamy’s house, I meant to ask her if we need a sub for HHD. Looking in the poat folder, we need one. Any takers for a quickie HHD?

  28. Mygawd, Laura; your hump looks spectacular this morning. It’s just got a special glow all about it. Some kind of paste from the ground up copies of Morning Jolt? You wear it well.

  29. It’s a rainin like a muhfucker today!

  30. Yay–y’all can use the rain.

  31. Cyn!

  32. Well, if it’s a no-win scenario, fuck it. We’ll just have to hope there isn’t a younger, more attractive electorate that Newt will leave us for after the election, and that he takes Rush’s advice on how to govern based on how he’d have to have won.

  33. Me as a little girl!!! Where did you find that silly old pic?! Smooooches Pupster.

  34. HHD EXECUTIVE DECISION TIME: I will do HHD, unless someone else steps up, and it will be of the late morning variety because Vman’s poat has some good talkie words.


  35. Me no can do, Cyn, so I second your motion.

    Started raining here at 1 AM, and didn’t let up until my alarm went off. Had to go sleep with the dogs, and I wasn’t even in trouble…

  36. Oh, and this is worth rementioning, linked by MCPO last night:

    On the SOTUS…

    Familiar Rhetoric, Failed Record:

  37. Heh, lots of Hostages shared that one on FaceChimp, Cyn. It’ll be fun to see how many liberal flies that honeypot gathers today.

  38. Work time. Happy Wednesday, folks.

  39. Good to know, Jay, it’s worth spreading. I go to Facebook like I shave my legs in the wintertime: once a month whether I need to or not.

    Anybody notice how many likes and dislikes there are compared to the ‘view count’? Yeah, there’s no manipulation there. Nope. None at all.


    Just a reminder anyone (and everyone is) can be bought in politics. Nothing is free. Pay-up may come later.

  41. Later Leon.

  42. I’d like to add, vmax had a classy rant here. I applaud you!

  43. Had to go sleep with the dogs, and I wasn’t even in trouble…

    How YOU doin’?

  44. I don’t do facechimp, but Mrs MJ read me a checklist supporting Obama in 2012.

    It had weird stuff in it:

    Unemployment: 8.5% Check!
    Republicans proven to be racists: Check!
    Ended war in Afghanistan: Check!
    Bin Laden dead: Check!
    Saved auto industry: Check!
    African American support above 80%: Check!

    At first I thought it was a parody, but then I realized the person was proud of these things, and apparently was born yesterday.

  45. How YOU doin’?

    *gives Pupster a scritch*

    I’m doin’ much better now 😉

  46. Somebody posted that – last night maybe? It is longer.

  47. Cyn, if you would kindly do HHD for today, I would be most grateful.

    From the overflowing inbox:

    They sent my Tax Return back! AGAIN!! In response to the question:
    “List all dependents?” I replied – 15 million illegal immigrants, 3
    million crack heads, 42 million people on food stamps, 2 million people in over 243 prisons, half of Mexico, and 535 fools in the U.S.
    House and Senate.”

    Apparently, this was NOT an acceptable answer.

  48. COUNT posted it. He says a friend of his sent it to him, in full agreement.

  49. Ha ha ha … Roamy – that was funny.



  51. The pleasure is mine, Roamy. I hope your Floodmageddon 2012 is abating quickly. *squishy hugs*

  52. MJ, that’s similar to a post that another Hostage got from a friend at FB.

  53. Still in the cleanup phase here. I’m exhausted not only from doing the normal stuff around the house but the mental exhaustion of going through so many of my mom’s things and figuring out what can dry out and what’s lost. There was a reason I had put this off, not the least of which is that Mom kept a lot of shit and Dad boxed it all up and handed it off to me.

  54. You know, most of my friends tend to be liberals. Is this the same with you guys?

  55. >> Just a reminder anyone (and everyone is) can be bought in politics. Nothing is free. Pay-up may come later.

    But those are campaign staffers. “Bought” is a little misleading. This is what they do for a living. It would be like saying I was a programmer at General Dynamics, got laid off, and took a job with Lockheed Boeing, so now I can be “bought”.

  56. MJ, it’s funny you type that.

    Hubby and I were discussing the very same thing. A lot of our friends are liberals. Most of the conservative friends are work related or online, but not in meatspace. Luckily, most of them aren’t douchy assholes.

  57. I don’t have one single liberal friend. They all disown me or vice versa. I am very outspoken in local politics and known to be a bit of a right wing nut by the leftards, and am therefore shunned… sadly.

    I really tend to like the little mush heads, personally.

  58. NO it’s not Dave. I’ll come and campaign for you (think about it first Rubio) then when I need you, you cover for me.

    That’s a pay off in politics.

    I like Rubio as much if not more than anyone but politics is a bitch and you owe her.

  59. >> I’ll come and campaign for you.

    For a salary? Then you work for me.

    According to the linked articles he hired them. It’s how they make a living, as political campaign consultants and advisors. It’s disingenous of Newt to imply these are some kind of political traitors.

  60. Is this the same with you guys?

    I have liberal extended family members, but my friends are pretty much conservative leaning, although there are some mixed marriages.

    Even my pot-head cousins don’t support an intrusive government, although for different reasons.

  61. I am sober now. Was my rant too much? It mostly made sense. Well the pipeline was kind of unrelated. ok really in left field.

  62. I loved the rant, Vmax. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and not much of a hangover 😉

  63. She was obviously well raised:

  64. Most of my friends are liberals, but I attribute that to living in a college town. But I am amazed at the conservative views most of them hold dear, but don’t even realize they are conservative views.

    Just now, in the office:

    Coworker 1: “Do you always just think of yourself?”

    Coworker 2: “Yeah, pretty much”

    Coworker 1: “You must be a Republican.”

    Coworker 2: *laughing “Yeah, I’m a member of the Tea Party”

    Republicans are a joke to a lot of people here. But there are other Republicans in the office. I know, because I see them at rallies, such as the Palin one I posted pictures of. We all just keep a low key.

    It’s weird that we do that, because the CEO of the company, who still comes to work here every day, is a huge Republican supporter. We see visits from Chuck Grassley, Steve King, Tom Latham, etc. multiple times through the year. They come in, shake our hands, pretty cool. We even had McCain for a campaign event in 2008.

  65. I loved your rant too, Vman.

    Most of my friends are liberals. Can’t help it. They came as baggage with HotBride when we met. They’re nice people though. I have told them they can discuss their whacky ideas when I’m not around, so we do not discuss politics.

    Oh, and belated happy birthday.

  66. I can count on one hand the liberal friends I have who are REAL friends and we agree to disagree. I am at the airport under a tornado watch.

  67. Push me down with HHD Tiger Buns, whenever you are ready.
    Thanks aggie. I wanted you to add those pics to your poat, but I just linked it.

  68. Nice rant, vmax, I loved it. And those are good pics, demonstrating how stupid the opposition to the pipeline is.

    Plus, most people haven’t driven across Nebraska, either. IT’S A FREAKING BORING DRIVE! There’s nothing there, not even people. Protecting the Ogallala Aquifer, my ass.

  69. I blame Dee Boot.

  70. Good grief service in here is SLOW

  71. I blame Dee Boot.

    Yeah, that sonofabitch.

  72. I wonder if Romney knew this? I remember it well:

  73. I think Andy linked that this morning. I remember all that bullshit too, and I even remember the end of the IRS investigation which concluded he did nothing illegal.

    Unfortunately for him, the only part of the narrative that anybody else will remember is his resignation and astonishingly high $300,000 fine. Dems made sure to stick that high number on it because they knew it would be the stake in his political heart.

  74. I neglected to add, it was the Republicans that did him in. They let the Dems roll on Newt, they wanted him out too.

  75. Republicans eat their young.

  76. Bastards

  77. Was not the “fine” just paying for the lawyers? And isn’t that the norm anyway?

  78. I had forgotten about the hick from Georgia.

  79. A fine is common when copping to a House ethics charge. It was the amount that was way above the norm.

    money quote from the article:

    With the charges against Gingrich megaphoned in the press, Gingrich and Republicans were under intense pressure to end the ordeal. In January, 1997, Gingrich agreed to make a limited confession of wrongdoing in which he pleaded guilty to the previously unknown offense of failing to seek sufficiently detailed advice from a tax lawyer before proceeding with the course. (Gingrich had in fact sought advice from two such lawyers in relation to the course.) Gingrich also admitted that he had provided “inaccurate, incomplete, and unreliable” information to Ethics Committee investigators. That “inaccurate” information was Gingrich’s contention that the course was not political — a claim Cole and the committee did not accept, but the IRS later would.

    emphasis mine.

  80. Have you guys heard about this top recruit from a CATHOLIC high school who would NOT stop tweeting? Michigan is not recruiting him anymore. I’m sure Notre Dame will have some kind of redemption story for him. Read the tweets:


    (My condolences to all of you)

  82. I read that part, and did a o_O, Dave.

  83. Seems like a great kid.

  84. Oy, Mare… what a little fucktard.

  85. Mare – Some of those tweets were almost in English. . . never mind the crude content.

  86. I see Ace hat-tipped Wiserbud on the RNC video of Obama’s reruns. I never thought to send it to anyone other than you morons.

  87. Yes, MCPO, I’d love to see his English/writing grades. Also his SAT scores.

  88. Of course, cynical me also wonders “why in the hell would you cop to something you didn’t do, something Justice and FBI declined to investigate?” unless there was something else that was worse hanging over your head?

    Everybody on both sides of the aisle wanted him to go away.

  89. I hate flying and they just told us to expect a bumpy ride until we get to B-ham…ugh

  90. He’s so arrogant he didn’t stop tweeting after being told numerous times. Sounds like he’d be a great addition to a team.

  91. Wait, I literally just heard the University of Colorado recruited him. By the way, The CATHOLIC school kicked him out. Good for them.

  92. “…unless there was something else that was worse hanging over your head?”

    I hate playing into this, but could this be what that horrible, bitch, hag, freak face Pelosi is referring to?

  93. Ahh, the brewing October surprise!

  94. Dave, look at Drudge right now. I’m so disappointed.

  95. Strange how Romney loving Drudge moved this from smaller type to his main story.

    Rubio is well liked….pretty good pay off.

  96. I notice the young man aspires to marry a bad-ass white woman. . .


  97. All I need to see is the two giant diamond earrings to know all I need to know about that fucking little criminal.

  98. This is kind of cute:

  99. That is a “bad” ass, MCPO.

  100. Hi. I refuse to let professional pundits, dimocrats, marxists, and chronic naysayers tell me what I think about our Republican candidates. I can read, listen and think for myself.


  101. I like these Obama flashback vids.. There really never was a time when he looked promising was there?

  102. I agree, Clint.

    I really like Rubio. His comments weren’t exactly an endorsement (unless I missed his official endorsement) but Romney does remind me of Crist…a lot.

  103. The worst part of being a sports radio junkie? Having to hear 24/7 limp dick remedies.

  104. “why in the hell would you cop to something you didn’t do, something Justice and FBI declined to investigate?”
    He told the crowd yesterday that he instructed the Republicans to vote for the measure, thus the 88%, so that they could move on to governing. It played well with the crowd, but I’m not sure that ‘splains everything, Lucy.

  105. Well, if your dick ever goes limp you’ll know what to do.

  106. “Well, if your dick ever goes limp you’ll know what to do.”

    Like that would ever happen.

  107. Did you try plugging in your dick, Mare? Try pluggin it in.

  108. Newt also mentioned that Romney is using the Christ campaign personell in Florida, more than once. Big laughs and boos.

  109. The woman’s ass in the header picture is breaking my concentration on a fairly routine basis.

    Have we actually confirmed that it’s Carin’s, or is that just an urban legend?

  110. >> but could this be what that horrible, bitch, hag, freak face Pelosi is referring to?

    Nobody knows senora.

  111. MJ, I don’t have the problem, evidently 40% of men do.

  112. “Nobody knows señora.”

    Are the investigation files open? Would Newt gamble like that? There’s a lot to lose.

  113. Have any of you used Rosetta Stone to learn a language?

  114. Did anyone see Pelosi last night? I only watched the first 40 min, but I don’t think I saw her at all.

  115. We had it. I still can’t speak German.

  116. Rubio Scolds Gingrich
    “I prefer Mitt Romney’s inaccurate, inflammatory ads to Newt Gingrich’s inaccurate, inflammatory ads. Besides. Romney has really been sweet-talking me behind the scenes.” [rdbrewer]

    Sidebar at Ace’s.

  117. I started a Rosetta Stone course but after a week it made me feel a certain way about men that I had never felt before so I shitcanned it.

  118. Thanks Carin.

  119. “I started a Rosetta Stone course but after a week it made me feel a certain way about men that I had never felt before so I shitcanned it”


    ….Holy crap that’s funny

  120. Shoot, I forgot to call Pelosi a whore…I feel badly I forgot that part.

  121. . . . they all call big Jim boss

  122. I need a hostagette to come cheer me up. Or a hostage in a wig. What’s the difference.

  123. TMI – No. . . and blow me.

  124. Is John Boehner a pussy? What’s his problem?

  125. Pelosi is just so frickin’ bizarre. Her facial expressions, her reactions to things.

  126. Pelosi’s blinking used to creep me out.

  127. Stupid worky work crap, but HHD is in the can and cued to show up momentarily!!! Get ready for the hawtness!


    *dashes away Grace Kelly style with a scarf daintily tied around her neck and flowing gracefully behind her*

  128. Just curious, Has anyone seen Ann Coulter on any talk shows the last couple of days?

    I wonder if her “reality wake up call” (I’m looking at you Lauraw) made her think twice about nonsensical rants?

  129. TMI – No. . . and blow me.

    Hey, there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

  130. Just curious, Has anyone seen Ann Coulter on any talk shows the last couple of days?

    Why? Has she stopped being stupid? I love her, don’t know what the hell happened. Godless is a masterpiece.

  131. Ann was arguing over a very slight dig on RedEye the other night, with Andy Levy. She’s definitely changed. And not for the better.

  132. Mare- Saw her on RED EYE. She completely dominated the conversation and kept repeating the same 4 talking points. I usually enjoy her sarcasm and insight but, I’m afraid she’s out on the ledge on the 23rd floor right now.

  133. The Mega Independant = Too Much Information.

    Hmmm, unfortunate acronym conflict.

  134. Coulter’s twitter says she is on Beck’s show this morning.

  135. Someone was listening to her on Beck, and said that she’s lost her mind. I agree.

    I wonder how much of this is “stirring the pot”.

  136. BTW, I wasn’t listening. I quit listening to Beck. He’s lost his mind, too.

  137. *cough*NEWPOAT*cough*

  138. Mare, I sincerely doubt she knows or cares about some fourth-rate blogger ragging on her.

    She’s The Golden Coulter.

    OMG, the shit I got from the Morons when I ragged on her years ago! Criticizing a female conservative is reacted to worse than blasphemy.

  139. Hmmm, unfortunate acronym conflict.

    I know, right? Especially ironic when you consider that I’m very discreet. Like I would never mention the fact that I sometimes look at squirrels and wonder if they’re female to ANYONE.

  140. HHD is now up…..

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