Please Don’t Pillage Me!

Pupster just saw the header.  Somebody get him some bacon.  STAT!

It’s the H2.  What were you expecting?

I propose we all have a brandy Alexander and tune out the endless droning of a certain miserable fucking douchebag who never shuts the fuck up.

Cold refreshing sodas are also available for two bits.


  1. obama wants this blog to be “more quicker”

  2. New digs!

    And it doesn’t smell funny in here. Nice touch, Jew!

  3. Love the Brandy Alexander, Jewstin.

    Smells like… VICTORY!

  4. * never shuts the fuck up* runs crying from H2

  5. Though that looks like a pretty confection rather than a Brandy Alexander….

  6. The sea levels are falling!

  7. Brandy Alexanders are one of the few mixed drinks I like. The last time I ordered one the bartender completely fucked it up and asked if I was born in 1950.

    Is it really that old and obscure?

  8. Damn you Jewstin for putting that ice cream in the poat. Now I must go and have some.

    Goodnight, all…

  9. Jew, yes. Don’t ask how I know.

  10. Is it really that old and obscure?

    It sure is, and I love it. It’s a classic standard, and any barkeep worth his salt will know it.

  11. * never shuts the fuck up* runs crying from H2

    Not you, Oso. I was talking about BiW.

  12. Is it really that old and obscure?

    My grandma who passed away 20 years ago just used the Ouija board to answer your question with a “yes”.

  13. Sweet dreams, Tushar. Do not let Carin see you with that ice cream.

  14. Barry, is one teleprompter readin’ muthaphucka!

  15. G’night, Tushar!!

  16. Pupster?

  17. I was talking about BiW.


  18. I grew up in a place where time has stood still for a very long time, so I got the taste for brandy Alexanders from my folks. But I’m glad I did.

    I thought it was a common thing until I met that bartender.

  19. Aggie, you’re in that link too.

  20. That was very good Beasn… i’ll be sharing that one with the boys!

  21. L to R: Rosetta, his nemesis

    shhh….don’t move or it will see you…….

  22. “Damn you Jewstin for putting that ice cream in the poat. Now I must go and have some.”

    Tushar made Dave’s Afterburner Chili

  23. Aggie, you’re in that link too.


    The Ewok killed me 😀

  24. Damn you Jewstin for putting that ice cream in the poat

    Ice cream is made from cow juice. Just sayin’.

  25. Make mine a Diet Dr Pepper Alexander, please.

  26. Hope and change people.

  27. Sean – All I have is Classic Coke and Ginger Ale. Help yourself, ice is in the fridge door.

  28. I need ice cream

  29. Ginger Ale as in Canada Dry or Vernors? My Dad spent some of his youth in the Detroit area and developed a taste for the latter. It’s apparently not genetic.

  30. Sean, don’t worry your pretty little head. There’s always a Diet Dr. Pepper option for you.

  31. “pay your fair share bitches!”….

  32. Mmmm….Vernors….

  33. Canada Dry

  34. Ok. Has Obama given his speech already?

  35. Critical Poat Update!

  36. “Fairness”
    Do nothing Congress
    No my fault
    More government regulation
    More defense cuts
    More taxes on ‘the rich”
    I’m not campaigning
    Let me be clear

    There ya go, PJM

  37. seriously his lips are moving but I have absolutely NO IDEA what he is saying

  38. Damn, SoHoS! I just posted the translation!

  39. sorry MCPO I think I have a mental block

  40. Damn, SoHoS! I just posted the translation!

    You forgot “killed Bin Laden, bitches….”

  41. oh is it going on right now?

    Meh, I’m over it.

  42. sorry MCPO I think I have a mental block

    Must come from watching his moves lipping….

  43. Cable and Internet still out, so we were spared Barry’s final SOTU. Thank you to either God (for the rainstorm) or the Fort Worth Public Works Department (for cutting a line somewhere on the next street over)….

  44. Meh, I’m over it.


  45. Who did Republicans pick to deliver the ‘Fuck Off and Suck a Lemon’ speech afterwards?

  46. Jeepers. I’m giving out a lot of fucks tonight. Does anybody need to borrow a basketful?

  47. What station is covering this? I’d at least like to see the response.

    Meh. I’m over it.

  48. Daniels picked to do the FOAD response

  49. I’m giving out a lot of fucks tonight. Does anybody need to borrow a basketful?

    To a woman whose Hubby is deployed, that’s very low hanging fruit, my friend.

  50. Mitch Daniels?! Mr. Fire & Brimstone?!



  51. Meeting time. You kids play nice until I get back.

  52. Have a good one, Sean!

  53. You kids play nice until I get back.

    You’re not my real older brother!!

  54. Play nice, heh.

  55. You kids play nice until I get back.

    *Pinches Oso

    *Points at MCPO

  56. There was never even the slightest chance in hell I was gonna watch SCOAMF blather about SotU.

  57. To a woman whose Hubby is deployed, that’s very low hanging fruit, my friend.

    bwahaha hahahaha

  58. PJM – STFU! And were are your 16 chill’runs right now?

  59. I didn’t watch it. For once, I was happy to have Disney in the background.

  60. LC, can you paint with all the colors of the wind? Inquiring minds want to know.

  61. I can maybe sing with all the voices of the mountains, but only during a blue corn moon, and while I’m having mezcal.

  62. Mmmmmmm, mezcal. Been about 12 years since I had any mezcal.

  63. But did you have the worm, MCPO?? 😉

  64. I’m pretty sure the statute of limitations still hasn’t expired from the last time I drank mezcal.

  65. Aggie – Yes ma’am, I did.

  66. We’re not in Kansas anymore…

  67. Sheldon Cooper – The man, the myth, the LEGEND!

  68. In the Spirit of the State of the Union Address I Am re-posting this:
    OUR PRESIDENT: An Imperfect Human ..AS WE.
    1. Gave the go ahead to get Osama bin Laden…check
    2. Did get Unemployment rate to 8.5%…check.
    3. 1.6 million jobs created with no GOP help…check
    4. 22 months of job and economic growth with no help…check
    5. Took the final steps to Ended war in Iraq …check
    6. DADT repeal…check
    7. Allowed Not one tax hike in 3 years….check
    8. Brought out.. of racism in the Gop…check
    9. Still carry 80% of the Afro-American vote…check
    10. Same wife for 15 years with no extra marital affairs…check
    11. Save auto industry and 1.5 million jobs.. check
    12. Assisted in ousting Khaddafi…check
    13. Only active President to receive Nobel Peace prize while in office…check
    14. Mortgage modification to prevent home owners from losing their home…check
    15. STILL fighting for middle class families…check
    16. Reform Affordable healthcare….check
    …Despite what the GOP would have you believe the President has been doing these things and more with his Administration.

  69. Count – From what obsequious toad did you cut and paste that massive pile of bullshit?

  70. Yes ma’am, I did.


    I’m pretty sure the statute of limitations still hasn’t expired from the last time I drank mezcal.

    More nicerer!!

  71. One of the 3 black dudes I went to high school with. Love the guy but man he’s see’s things way different than me. I can’t even see things that way if i stand way back and squint

  72. Justified…………….yee fuckin’ haw

  73. The last time I saw that much plastic, it was Dolly…

  74. Count – HOLY CRAP! Is any of that real? Those lips can’t possibly be natural.

  75. I am drunk and I published a poat for 2am tonight. If anyone wishes to proof it for me please feel free. If anyone wishes to squash it feel free. It is my opinion, and while I have 2 much to drink it is kind of unfiltered. Please add filters if necessary. Thank you kind Hostages

  76. I look forward to reading the drunken post at 2am.

  77. Read it now and send me your input Elliot so I can drunk make it better before 2am

  78. Vmax the only rule as far as i know is something about nipples.

  79. Hostages: Drunkblogging since 2009111!!!!

  80. Not only that, but drunkblogging the future!

  81. quick question are Raylyn and Boyd related?

  82. Sohos, no. They grew up together, and worked the mines as youngsters.

  83. ok had to delete my last couple comments.

    “You need to delete those she may be hell but she’s really sweet and her daughter is a real sweetheart” -SoHoS

  84. Raylan and Boyd are not related, but they went to high school together and worked at the mine together.

  85. Thanks xbrad

  86. I corrected some spelling issues.

  87. She’s still a hoot to look at every now and again though if you got a chance to bookmark it.

  88. On my poat Elliott?
    Thank you. I suck at spelling.

  89. Just random drunken typos. I changed a couple of words to what I was fairly certain you were trying to say as well. When I decide to drunk post you’ll have to do the same.

  90. I haven’t had a drink since the 13th of January.

  91. I fixed that one part on the post and added I Love Obama, cause I figured that’s what you were trying to say.

  92. She looks like a blow up doll.

    I wouldn’t even think about fuckinig a blow-up doll that looked like that.

    WTF is wrong with these women who think that having lips that look like tire tubes is attractive?

  93. I haven’t had a drink since the 13th of January.

    we refer to this as “the sad times…”

  94. Wiser – Yeah, I’m just about over it.

  95. Thank you Elliott
    and count for the Obamby love.
    Today is my birfday. Have a drink or 7 on me.

  96. this is the chick early 20’s pre-plastic-hell. She’s the one on the left.

  97. Wait I want some 7 and 7 and 7 and what?

  98. So, nose, boobs and lips.

  99. She’s the one on the left? Really?


  100. Happy 20th VMAX!!

  101. MCPO….. wow. That is amazing….

    Just the same stupid words year after year……

    And yet, people try to tell us that he is actually DOING something……


    I was talking to one of the idiot libs at the music store today, telling him about the Larry Summers memo, where he blatantly states that the stimulus was nothing more than a pay-off to Obama’s and the Dem’s pets.

    HE just looked at me and said “oh, a politician who lied? color me stunned!” (or words to that effect.)

    But he’ll still vote for him.

    I would show him this video, but I sincerely doubt it would change his mind.

    Pitiful, really.

  102. She’s the one on the left.

    Gotta be honest here… not sure I’m all that bothered by the new her anymore….

  103. I suspect that might not have been the best pic of her pre-plastic.

  104. Thank you Count. i wish I was 20ish

  105. Wiser – Smartest precedent – EVAH!

  106. Wiser – Smartest precedent – EVAH!

    I am sending that video to every single Obama-worshipper I know. It needs to go viral.

    It is incredible that he just keeps repeating the same tired crap over and over again and people stand and applaud like it’s the most amazing thing ever said!

    Talk about lazy speechwriters! Fuckers are just phoning it in now, knowing they have a lock on 42% of the vote already.

  107. >> But he’ll still vote for him.

    Ninja please, why would that asshole give a shit about money being wasted by government? Can he even find the FedTX or FICA line on his paystub?

  108. Where’s the hot chicks?

  109. Hey wiser, I got your back on the vid link.

    oh man, am I lyin.

    Nite cool kids.

  110. Happy Birthday Vmax!!!


  111. Lipstick!

  112. B-Bad, hahaha! I’d break a hip.

    Going to bed early, so nightzzzzzz.

  113. James Farentino died of heart failure.

  114. He got weird looking with the plastic surgery CB. That is kind of a theme tonight

  115. Eh. He was OK. Liked him in The Final Countdown.

  116. So Justified was good tonight. I think David MIGHT and I mean it MIGHT be replaced by Timothy

  117. No spoilers, please, Cyn.

    And don’t forget OTH is on tomorrow.

  118. Justified is good every episode, Sohos.

  119. Is it just me, or is that woman’s ass in the header picture quivering?

  120. The DTs are a hell of a thing, clint.

  121. Nice vid, MCPO. Shared that one.


    /Robin Williams

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