New game, New Poat


  1. And now, the only game that anyone really cared about today!

  2. And now, the only game that anyone really cared about today!

    You mean Virginia Tech at Virginia on ESPNU?

  3. So Brady wasn’t the hero today? Hmmm.

  4. From the last poat, you’re right, that non-TD catch was huge.

    It was close, but I think even before the NFL got super-silly about this whole thing that one would’ve failed under the possession+”football move” standard from the old days.

    *Draws on telestrator*

  5. Wiser, the Ravens/Pats was a meteor game for me. Giants/Niners may kill me. Every dbag Dem in my life is a Niners fan.

  6. Even if I hated the Giants, I would be hoping for them to make 49ers fans cry.

  7. “Every dbag Dem in my life is a Niners fan.”

    Guess that puts me in the Giants corner.

  8. Sunday night football!! Woot!!

  9. I hope they flew Steven Tyler out to do the anthem at this game too.

  10. Yay, Mare!

  11. I’m pulling for the Giants in this one. Rematch, bitches!

    (That we’ll lose if we play like we did today)

  12. I had absolutely no skin in that game, but that last “incomplete pass” that beat the Ravens was defensive pass interference all the way. The Giant’s defender did everything but apply a condom to the guy he was grabing him so much.

  13. Well, at least there’s something on TV tonight.

    Only thing is, we gotta listen to Joe Buck again.

  14. Heh; Ace stepped on Dave’s pic at the mothership.


  15. but that last “incomplete pass” that beat the Ravens was defensive pass interference all the way.

    Forget it, Jake. It’s Patriots-town.

  16. Chills.

  17. I didn’t know they still sang the National Anthem in San Fransicko. Good job by Chenowith!

  18. Clint wasn’t that pass you are referring to less than 5 yards?

  19. Ace stepped on Dave’s pic at the mothership.

    And she looks like she can snap like a twig.

  20. She was good, but she’s no Steven Tyler.

  21. I didn’t know they still sang the National Anthem in San Fransicko.

    I thought it was illegal??

  22. They let ’em play both ways as far as interference goes. Deion Branch got mugged early in the game and they set the tone with that no-call.

  23. I liked Chenoweth in Pushing Daisies.

    I’ve never seen her play football.

  24. And she looks like she can snap like a twig.

    I’m just grateful that we can’t see her elbows straight on. Eeesh.

  25. How’s Dave’s dick?

  26. Chenowith is tiny. She makes me feel like a giant!

  27. A remake of 12 Jump Street? What, Footloose 2 wasn’t a big enough kick in the nads?

  28. I didn’t know they still sang the National Anthem in San Fransicko.

    Shockingly enough, not everyone who lives up there is a hardcore commie.

  29. It’s Galinda.

  30. Pic, Mare! I said “Pic”!!

  31. A remake of 12 Jump Street?

    It’ll probably only be 4/7 as good as the original.

  32. Eli Manning, who they say is playing the best as a QB, did not throw a perfect spiral.

    Not even close. I guess QB’s don’t always throw perfect spirals.

  33. It’ll probably only be 4/7 as good as the original.

    No, it will be 99 44/100ths fucked up.

  34. Sean, I recognized Zombies’ work. FYI, 3 of my cousins went to Stanford. Only 1 went to Berkeley. All 4 are Dems.

  35. *takes off shoes*

    Hahahahaha. Nice, Sean.


  37. Nice PJMedia article, Sean.

    I especially liked the OccupyFleetWeekRecruiters part. I’m sure that worked out well.

  38. Sean, that link did two things; it made me wretch and it made me proud.

    Good job!

    So, no decency laws in SF? Sad.

  39. I was at Michael’s house when this catch was so totally fucked up and yet made.

  40. FYI, 3 of my cousins went to Stanford. Only 1 went to Berkeley. All 4 are Dems.

    Well, at least you’ve got the one cousin who’s not a total loss. GO BEARS!

  41. Vernon Davis should run the 220 in the Olympics. Wow.

  42. Isn’t SanFran the city that had to pass a law stating that people HAD TO WEAR SOMETHING TO COVER THEIR BOTTOMS when eating in restaurants recently?

    Because there was an issue of people walking around naked all the time, and some restaurant patrons – surprise, surprise – were turned off by seeing that when they went out to eat?

    Or was that somewhere else in CA?

  43. So, no decency laws in SF? Sad.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT look for pictures from the Folsom Street Fair.

  44. Sean, she changed her name to Jasmine and teaches “Couples Yoga” in Philly. I prefer the Bears to a stupid tree and 2 lawyers.

  45. Actually TiFW, didn’t they pass the law because of health code reasons (bare bottoms on benches) rather than what people saw?

  46. I have $20 on the Giants.

    I found it this morning.

  47. Heh
    Just received a call from a polling company. second question was do you read and comment on political blogs. Why yes I do!

  48. I was at Michael’s house when this catch was so totally fucked up and yet made.

    I have a hazy recollection of your touch-down dance:

  49. Sean ♥ osoloco.

  50. Whatever you do, DO NOT look for pictures from the Folsom Street Fair.


  51. J’Ames, I think that was the “convenient excuse” they used – I’m thinking that some of the hoi polloi restaurants (that bring in sweet tax dollars) threatened to relocate, and some of the council members were afraid they might actually have to rub elbows with the bien peasants when they went out to dine……

  52. We’re a football blog now? If I want to go into a coma, I could sit around the living room with the teevee blasting football.

    blah blah football blah blah pass blah home run…oh look, laundry pile, I better take care of that.

  53. Whatever you do, DO NOT look for pictures from the Folsom Street Fair.

    Or the ‘boobs, not bombs’ rabble. *shudders*

  54. oh like I give a shit about the Giants.

  55. Sean, we lived in Sunnyvale in ’67. My Dad was at Moffett Field. My Mom is a SF Giants fan because of our being stationed there. Sometimes I think my life revolves around family and sports.

  56. Beanes!

  57. I was at Michael’s house when this catch was so totally fucked up and yet made.

    That was right before you fouled the towels in the guest bathroom.

    You could have just asked for some more toilet paper.

  58. SF’s defense is going to run out of gas at this rate.

    If the Giants can keep it close they should be able to win it late.

  59. oh like I give a shit about the Giants.

    You got to work with me here…I have limited emotional and contextual range available in gif or jpg form to work with, and also no thumbs.

  60. I could go for some pie.

  61. Lauraw, my hubby just made an apple pie. Smells divine. Acorn squash and brisket for dinner.

  62. Apple, that’s exactly what I was thinking of. Weird, so rarely crave sweets.

  63. Question for people who know a thing or two about firearms:

    Is it possible to chamber a round through the slide in a semi auto pistol and then fire it if there’s no magazine in the gun?

  64. We’ve had wind and overcast skies. Definitely called for apple pie.

  65. I believe so, Sean. Open the slide, put in the cartridge, close slide?

  66. * slowly ducks behind the couch hoping sean doesn’t notice

  67. It depends, Sean.

    Some semi-auto pistols have a “magazine safety” to prevent operation in the condition you described.

  68. Whatever you do, DO NOT look for pictures from the Folsom Street Fair.

    They show up in my searches for HHD pics. A few cute guys, but all the cropping in the world won’t help.

  69. So we learned why there’s a light bulb on the inside of the barn well pump box today. I also got to haul 40 gallons of water out to the horses from the house by hand.

  70. Addendum: I wouldn’t own any pistol with a magazine safety, because that’s just stupid.

  71. Thanks, J’ames and Andy. I saw that at the end of a CSI NY episode the other day and I wasn’t sure if you could actually do that.

  72. Can I hazard a guess that it’s a heater, Leon?

    Hope you stocked up on 100 watt bulbs.

  73. I did it with a Luger, but I wasn’t sure about the magazine situation, as the magazine was present when I did that.

    Andy cleared that up for us. Thanks Andy!

  74. Either that, or it’s a indicator of power. GFI circuit.

  75. Horsies r firsty.

  76. I just did the dishes PIE I SEE PIE HOLY SHIT OH FUCK YES PIE

  77. IIRC, the Browning Hi-Power has a magazine safety. And maybe the Beretta 92 that preceded the US military version.

    But the 1911 doesn’t have that POS, which is a clear indicator that it isn’t needed.

  78. your toilet paper was rough Michael.

    Spring for the good stuff.

  79. Time for a turnover.

  80. They show up in my searches for HHD pics. A few cute guys, but all the cropping in the world won’t help.

    I’m sorry. You can’t unsee that stuff.

  81. We celebrated the Pats win with a round of Little Debbie snack cakes…not quite pie, but damn, that Little Debbie makes a tasty snack cake

  82. You can’t unsee that stuff.

    Yeah, even with SafeSearch on.

  83. G Men!

  84. I’m thinkin someone from SF needs to crawl right up that Cruz guys uniform in the second half

  85. Manning to Cruz seems to be the game plan

  86. Screw you hippies!

  87. 10-7

    At least it’s not a blowout by half-time.


  89. Giants leading at the half is a good surprise.

    I expected this to be a 3 point game. I still think it will be.

    Hopefully the Giants win it.

  90. Posted by: Riding Trhough The Dessert Buffet On Rosie O’Donnell’s Back

    I lol’d

  91. Fired up after half time.

  92. Tuck lowered his shoulder. . . should be 15 yards.

  93. Can I hazard a guess that it’s a heater, Leon?

    Hope you stocked up on 100 watt bulbs.

    Yep, pump cracked open with the hard freeze. 46 100W bulbs remaining.

  94. I actually want the Giants to win.

    And watch them get crushed in the show.

  95. Wife’s staying home to try and get a new well pump put into place tomorrow.

  96. Touchdown Niners! Oopsie!

  97. DiT, a rematch would make for 2 weeks of endless sports commentary. I’d have PTSD from watching Tyree’s catch so many times

  98. I could go for some pie.
    Apple isn’t my favorite, but it sounds really good right now.

  99. I can’t believe I have to forgo the game in favor of Hamlet

  100. Leon,
    Get a submerged pump with a pitless adapter. It’s the only way to be sure. No exposed pipe or pump, so no danger of freeze.

  101. I’ve been eating pie for 57 years. I can say, with equivocation, that Herself makes the bestest pie crust EVER!

  102. Act I-IV: angst.

    Act V: everyone dies.

  103. No shit, MJ.

    But I have to help Eldest with the critique of the use of lighting, and such crap.

  104. Hamlet with Mel Gibson?

  105. Hamlet with Kenneth Whasisface?

  106. Branagh

  107. Hamlet by that William guy?

  108. Gibson. Already did Branagh (SYWM!!). I’m just grateful to the ends of the earth that I didn’t have to watch the Ethan Hawke version.

  109. Get a submerged pump with a pitless adapter. It’s the only way to be sure. No exposed pipe or pump, so no danger of freeze.

    Tempting, but it’d mean a rebuild of the fixtures we already have in the barn, and digging frozen earth to get it in place. Probably just going to replace it as close as possible.

  110. For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition

    I always thought that line, “shall gentle his condition”, was kind of a remarkable concept about men who are not naturally inclined to be gentle, but find it through acts of courage.

    Or something.

    *eats some more oatmeal and paste*

  111. Chief,
    She probably makes it like Anita does.
    When I was a youngun’, living at home, my mom always made pies for Christmas and Thanksgiving for the family get-togethers. Once, from the “Kids-Table” I heard; “Mom, do we have to eat the cardboard?” The child was referring to moms crust. It was so tough that, no matter what kind of pie it was, all the filling would be squeezed out before you could get the fork through the crust. It was like leather.
    After we were married for a while, Anita made a pie. I told her; “Honey this is really nice but, you can’t make a pie like my moms. Thank God!”
    The first time mom was up here and Anita gave her a piece of pie she could not help but ask; “Did you buy this crust? It’s so light and flaky!”
    We still smile about that!

  112. I thought Branagh did a very fine adaptation of Henry V, Dave.

    *gives Dave beer for the paste*

  113. Am I the only one who has muted Joe Fuck and his semi-literate side-jock?

  114. Act I-IV: angst.

    Act V: everyone dies.

    What, no Spoiler Alert?


  116. Leon,
    When we built the new house, it was a rainy Spring, so the ditching. digging, and laying plastic-pipe was easy-peasy. really glad we did it!
    Sorry that your timing sucketh pond-scum…

  117. Evening citizens!

    Another 12 hr midnight shift of airlift command and control excellence has begun. At least we have the game on the 2 story video wall.

  118. Am I the only one who has muted Joe Fuck and his semi-literate side-jock?

    Nope, but Mr. RFH is on the phone, and I’m eavesdropping.

  119. Hubby uses store bought crust. I don’t care. I get pie.

  120. Aggie, the Mel Gibson one is pretty good. Beats the David Tennant one hands down.

  121. Howdy, phat!

    Hope the shift is an easy one!

  122. “Honest Mr. Gandalf! I ain’t been dropping no eaves!”

  123. Awright, kids. Meeting time. My sponsor is taking a cake for his second sobriety birfday tonite.

  124. I liked the Gibson one, too, Roamy.

    I had to watch the Hawke one with my niece, and I almost drank Drano to get the taste out of my eyelids.

  125. Awww, have fun, Sean!!


  126. ChrisP, that’s a good family story!

    Is everything at your home working now?

  127. Phat – I used to say (on suck-ass midnite watches) that it was a privilege to be in the front line against Communist aggression!

  128. I liked the Kenneth Branagh version.

    I was mesmerized.

  129. Sean, have a good meeting. And cake.

  130. Maybe you should switch to decaf, Phatty phatty phat phat.

  131. Pupster – Robert Stack will kick a puppy!

  132. MCPO, it beats the frustration of interrogating him afterwards.

    After an hour-long phone call
    Me: So how are your parents doing?
    Mr. RFH: Fine.
    Me: What did you talk about for an hour?
    Mr. RFH: The dog.

  133. Like Rosetta said, “I don’t want to sound condescending, but I’m proud of you Sean!”

    So true. We own you Sean, so your successes are ours. (we have so few, let us have our fun)

  134. Mare,
    Yes! Power came on at 11:40 this morning, but 40-60mph wind is coming, so we kept the gen-set and candles out. The ground is totally saturated here, so the trees that did not break in the ice-storm are vulnerable to blowing into the wires tonight.
    Still 100,000 around the area without power, but 900 folks from 7 states working 12 hour shifts trying to get it fixed.
    Really nice to be warm again! We lost power Wednesday afternoon.

  135. So, Alex Smith is not a perfect QB but he’s a game away from the Super Bowl. hmmmmm

  136. ChrisPy –

  137. “but 40-60mph wind is coming, ”

    Wow, what the hell, Chris? That’s crazy.

    I did hear about your fixing up a hot shower…well done!

  138. What the hell is this crap.

  139. Phat, airlift this care package for me to Kunar Province. TIA.

  140. That was an “interesting” call. I guess NBC has big bucks riding on a NY/Boston Super Bowl?

  141. Mare,
    We’ve been down since Wed, and the gen-set would run the well, but not the water-heater. Since the power was off, I could get into the breaker panels and pull the wires for the ‘Bosch Tankless Gas water heater’ into the the emergency-buss panel. Anita was really loath to go to church this morning with 4 days of funk on her and I managed to get it working on the generator.
    She came home laughing about the pastor saying; “Thank you all for coming this morning. Keep in mind that the person next to you may have not showered for 4-5 days. Give them a break.”

  142. Some folks are getting so desperate here that they are cruising neighborhoods, looking for generators. Stopping the car or truck, running into the yard, and stealing the generator!
    Sounds like a good way to catch a bullet, or load of shot out here in the boonies.
    Oh, well. So it goes…

  143. ChrisPy – That will damned sure get you shot in Florida, Mississippi, etc. Not sure about Washingtonistan though.

  144. MCPO, in Chrispy’s neck of the woods, there’s LOTS of guns.

  145. Roamy,
    Wish I could.

    And we go to OT!

  146. Phat, how long until your current governor is under indictment?

  147. Chief,
    Yeah, up in BLUE King county(Seattle), you could get in trouble. Down here in Pierce County, so many folks have acreage, tractors, shovels , and the philosophy of “Shoot, shovel and shut-up”, not so much. Here, your neighbors would help you dig the hole and dispose of the vehicle. Not advocating, just sayin’…

  148. Giants fans everywhere! I hate this for you.


    A lot.

  149. Eeeeeevening everybody!

  150. Hi, Revvy 🙂

  151. Revvy!! You new profile pic on FaceChimp is gorgeous!

  152. Heh. This will twist some knickers!

  153. xbrad,

    They’re prepping his cell now. We’re the only state to have a ‘govorners wing. in the state pen.!

  154. Phat – You from Illinois?!

  155. Revvy!
    On FaceChimp, look for me As Chris P~ and match the avatard, send me a friend request!

  156. MCPO,

    Lived here since 2000.

    Originally from Grapevine, TX.

  157. Pro Bowl commercial?! Really? I’m not that desperate. . . yet.

  158. Lived here since 2000.


  159. I shot dove in Grapevine, growin up.


  161. Did everyone see Whittle’s newest Afterburner, starring Juan Williams?

  162. BULLSHIT!

  163. No kidding, phat? My condolences on your moving from TX to IL…..

    Revvy, friend me on FB –
    (guy on a $10 bill)
    (last name of EVIL Republican brothers or former mayor of New York or Baltimore Ravens kicker)

  164. Chief,
    As Xbrad said, folks down here are heavily armed, and conservative. The libtards in King county give us all a bad name. Eastern WA and Southern WA are conservative, but the huge population center is King county. We wish they would succeed and become the “State of King”, as the rest of us would be a “Red State”. Fuck them and the horse they rode in on.

  165. YEAH BABY!!!!!!!


  166. gross

  167. Oh God! No. NYC and Boston – again. FML!

  168. Well, if it isn’t my nemesis wiserbud.

  169. see? I called it

  170. Actually where I live in Southern IL is pretty nice. It’s all the arseholes north of I-80 that make the state a liberal pita.

    Plus, my military pay is state tax free, so I got that going for me.

    We’ll probably move once the kids graduate high school.

  171. omg so many requests… sorry, my computer died a couple of minutes after I made that post, getting on it

    Also, thank you MCPO 🙂

  172. Well, if it isn’t my nemesis wiserbud.

    *eyes Andy intently….

    You don’t have a chance in hell…….

  173. Oh, the Giants will never beat the Falcons…..

    Ummm, well, okay, but the Giants will never beat Green Bay….

    Ummm, well, okay, but the Giants will never beat San Francisco…..

    Where’s PJ? I wonder if she wants to make a bet?

  174. phat, you at Scott AFB?


    our paths are about to cross

  175. HaHaHa,
    Wiser and Andy…
    Insert dripping sarcasm here…

  176. see? I called it

    Good for you.

    Now please shut up.

  177. What an essiting game! Too bad they’ll probably lose in a couple of weeks.

  178. Well at least ESPN will be in a good mood, they got their matchup. Now the anchors don’t have to learn any new names.

  179. Dave,

    Sure am. I live in Glen Carbon, IL — about 30 min north of the base.

  180. Scott AFB? Dad was stationed there. He was working for/was there for the return of the first POWs from Vietnam. Grandma came out to take care of us, while he was flying all over the country. They came back to Scott in the middle of the night. Kissed the runway as soon as they came down the stairs. We got to go watch.

  181. J’Ames – No shit.

  182. Mom used to take us to Cardinal games when Dad was gone, and both would go when he wasn’t. They used to love the jazz clubs in East St Louis.

    My, how things have changed.

  183. Yep MCPO. Remember the metal bracelets with the POW’s name on it? Our house used to be filled with boxes of those things.

  184. our paths are about to cross

    Mini meat… squeeeee!

  185. Jay,

    Still plenty of clubs in East St. Louis.

    The clubs are now more of the ‘Naked Folk Dancing’ type these days.

  186. Wow, J’Ames…

    I’m still waiting for the last fight in Hamlet to finish…

  187. What were the metal bracelets for?

  188. ‘Naked Folk Dancing’

    So THAT’s where Rosetta has been. Huh.

  189. Cyn, they had the name of a POW to pray for. I had one.

  190. >> Now please shut up.

    Richard, I’m gonna hold you through it. I promise.

    Phat, more to come. Carry on sir.

  191. We used to go to the end of the runway, and watch the C141s and C5s take off. Still can’t believe those big planes made it in the air with so little runway used.

  192. Each bracelet had the name of a POW or MIA. You wore them as a symbol that they would never be forgotten.

    There was a very real fear that the administration would write off the POWs in an effort to secure peace.

  193. HAHAHAHA!!!! Harbaugh refused to talk to the media.

    What a fucking drama queen…..

  194. Dave,

    Rosetta and Eddiebear are just across the river. Could try and set something up.

  195. I think there was MIA bracelets as well, with the date they were declared missing. My jr. high gym teacher had one of those.

  196. Thanks Xbrad and Roamy. I did not know about those; nice sentiment.

  197. I’ll be around. Contractor company, may have to check rules of engagement. Fusion.

  198. Nee neighbor is alos a Giants fan.

    He and I were both outside and just screaming “YEAH BABY!!!!” to each other over and over…

    heh. Need to be careful.. I’m gonna need my voice this week….

  199. Cyn, this is what they looked like:

    Like roamy said, they had a name, people bought them, and the proceeds went to fund the POW/MIA organization.

  200. Thanks Jay!

  201. And what xbrad said, too. I’ll have to see if Dad has any stuff left over from his work with that organization.

  202. I have no idea where that Giants defense came from, but I’m liking it…

  203. Wow, saw this one at google images, pretty powerful!

    POW Bracelets and Dog Tags from Vietnam War Veterans

    Gotta get Dad to DC, to see the Wall.

  204. Twitter keeps shittin the bed on me

  205. >> I have no idea where that Giants defense came from,

  206. Someday, someone will tell the feldspar legend, so I will know it.

    Or not. I can wait.



  208. Just amazing Jay

  209. whoa



    Pics or it didn’t happen!


  211. Jealous?

  212. dave sleeps with the fishes

  213. The one my teacher had was copper.

  214. hokay, friend requests sent.

    Anyone else before my computer pisses itself and dies again?



    I’m not PJM! (poke poke poke)

  217. Me, if you wish, Revvy.

    My avatard has a lot of hair, and one eyeball 🙂

  218. Haha, I always think of Feldspar! whenever I see commercials for that, wiser.

  219. >.> Aggie, that doesn’t really help me search XD FB is a big place.

  220. Revvy,
    Xbrad is easy to find. I have faith in you.

  221. Brad will send you a message with my FB, Revvy 🙂

  222. heh, now all you have to do is look for the common friends.

  223. hooray!

    Also, I found Xbrad’s ChrisP =P

  224. I sent you a request, Revvy 😉

  225. Peej “poked” me last week on FaceChimp, and I have no idea how to make that notification go away. I think that that notification will be there forever.

  226. hooray, I have friends now!

    Maybe you guys will drown out all of the insipid political comics/memes my old roommate keeps posting.

  227. Revvy – At least it wasn’t hard to find me!

  228. are you adding peeps Revvy?

  229. Huh. I’ve been to both Grapevine and East St. Louis.

    They’re different.

  230. yus I am Sohos. Want an add?

    Also yes, MCPO, it was incredibly easy to find you XD Dave as well.

  231. Dave as well

    Did you look in the water?

    Try looking in the water.

  232. They’re different.

    Thank you, Captain Bruce Obvious Wayne!

  233. Yes add me my name is Sonja and I am on these guys’ friend list

  234. Sonja oHoS!

  235. Maybe you guys will drown out all of the insipid political comics/memes my old roommate keeps posting.

    Haha, send BiW their way!

  236. Speaking of…I hope BisW is doing ok.

  237. He had his power back for a while, but who knows. I’m hoping too, aggie.

  238. Why wouldn’t BiW be ok?

  239. there you go Sohos! 😀

  240. Aggie, he posted earlier today on Three Sure Things.

  241. Got it!

  242. I got a hold of BiW the other night, in case his kids needed a warm place to sleep. All their utilities are underground and they are fine. He has no problems, other than driving to work

  243. Is it wrong to be watching American Idol for glimpses of the aircraft on USS Midway?


    Good night, my friends! (((squishy hugs)))

  244. G’night, Roamy.

    I kept seeing an F-4’s nose on the previews.

  245. Revvy,
    I think I got you, but with FaceChimp. who knows?

  246. Great to know about BisW.

    And you too, ChrisP 🙂

  247. so hello? Weather is bad or something?

  248. The entire Northwest is having really bad snow and ice. Like feet of snow. Lots of people are without power, because of downed power lines.

  249. Yes, Sohos. Huge snowstorm hit the area, and very unusual.

  250. Roamy – Nighty night!

    ChrisP – Picture should be smiley blonde chick. Last name should look long and nigh-unpronouncable.

  251. Weather up by BiW has been rather shittacular this week.

  252. Ok. Thanks for the responses.

  253. J’Ames,
    We got a foot of snow, then an inch of ice on power-lines and trees on top of that, freezing rain on top of it. 250,000 without power. Trees and limbs on top of houses and cars. Some folks dead. It’s suckin’ hard here, but were coming back.
    This is the worst since 1996.

  254. Last name should look long and nigh-unpronouncable.

    HAHAHAHAHA! Not around where I live!

  255. Okay,
    Gonna eat somethin’ and go lay down. Been a pretty fucked-up last 4-days.

  256. Good luck, chrisp! I hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


  258. nighty night ChrisP.

    MCPO – the best mispronunciation I’ve heard yet was ‘Shoffenfuffle’

    That was at an awards ceremony for scholarships. So yeah… an entire auditorium had to watch me stand up and go ‘Uh… me?’


  260. how about this xbad?

  261. So – I have a question… anyone feel like giving advice?

  262. You get advice whether you want it or not, Revvy 😉

  263. Ask away, Revvy.

  264. Not bad at all, TG.

    How many days did it take your dial up connection to load those pics?

  265. …thanks? XD

    Anywho, yeah, I really wanna get back into shape, mostly from looking at photos from freshman year and going ‘holy crap, I was that skinny?’
    And I wanna get back into dancing, cause I like doing it and having a set schedule will help me stick to it.
    So I found a studio, it’s a little out of the way, but it’s cheap and the people seem really nice – the lady I sent an e-mail to to ask about prices even offered to set up a special payment plan for me if I needed it (I didn’t, but it was nice of her to offer all the same).

    But uh…. it’s a pole dancing class >.> Should I try it out?

  266. Definitely, Revvy. In all seriousness, it’s a hell of a workout.

    The guys will ask for video, just so you know…


    Send us video. We’ll offer a helpful critique as well.

  268. Aggie, that’s why I wanna try it, cause no one argues that it isn’t a good workout.

    And the place I found is surprisingly non-skeezy. Also it’s girls only (guys are pretty much not even allowed in the building), so I don’t have to worry about being ogled.

  269. Fire away, Revvy.

  270. XD Aggie called it.

  271. Yes, you should Revvy. You might also consider trying kick boxing, or similar methods.

  272. OK, seriously, if it seems like something you’d enjoy, why not?

    In fact, you sound like you’re in favor. Why would you need our advice?

  273. I dunno, I’m just somewhat worried about the connotations I guess, though some of that seems to be dissipated a little lately.

    Now, to sell my parents on the idea….
    Their response will probably be along the lines of ‘Well we can’t stop you, but if you start working in a strip club you are SO kicked out.’

  274. clint – I’ve tried that stuff, but it doesn’t hold my interest as much as dancing. I was dancing in some form or other from age 5 right up to college, but I had to stop because there weren’t any decent, affordable classes on offer near me.

  275. Revvy, if they ask…”exercise class” is the correct response

  276. X, I got a new laptop and decided dial-up was no longer appropo.

  277. TGSG – except that then my mom will ask why I didn’t invite her to come with XD She’s trying to get back in shape too, but uh… I don’t think she’s the pole-dance type.

    …in fact, imagining my mom attempting it just seems really off XD She’s such an adorable little Jewish lady.

  278. TG, welcome to the late 20th century!

  279. heh


  281. Revvy, I dated a Jewish cheerleader. Believe me, pole dancing would not be outside the realm of possibilites as something she might enjoy.

  282. G’night, folks.

  283. nighty night XBrad 🙂

    Clint – I just… no. My mom is too adorable. Also, pole dancing with my mom is not really something I want to do… ever…

  284. Anybody still derping this derp?

  285. wiserderp?

  286. yo, seanie.

    Just updating the place before the morning comes……


  287. I was just about to change it to this, but you beat me to it…

  288. heh. need to win the big game first, but I love being the underdog all the way through the postseason.

    Wiserbride thought that maybe we could capitalize on my Native American ancestry to get wiserdaughter some scholarships.

    Sadly, I am only 1/8 Blackfoot, so wiserdaughter is only 1/16th and that just isn’t enough to qualify.

    Meanwhile, during this investigation, I did learn that my great-grandfather was an acrobat for the Barnum and Baily Circus.

    so I’m a descendant of carnies and injuns.

    wisebride is soooo happy she married me…..

  289. It’s okay Wiser. My Dad was a carny.

  290. You’re an Indian? Damn. I guess we can’t hang out anymore.

  291. You’re an Indian? Damn. I guess we can’t hang out anymore.

    waitaminute, you never seemed to have a problem with Tushar!

    you raci…… ummmmmm….


    It’s okay Wiser. My Dad was a carny.

    Was your mom a Cherokee?

  292. No – but she’s Jewish, that has to count for something right?

  293. hokay, I need to sleep. Night night all.

  294. Quitters! Still on shift for 5 more hours.

  295. Sorry, phat, but I gots a meeting to run tomorrow morning. Goodnight.

  296. Is Phat still around?

  297. If I work more often I might be able to converse with him when I get off work.

    In dog news Cassie my wonderful but stupid foster pooped in my kitchen. the plus is it is linoleum. The minus is cleaning poo makes me barf.

    She is stupid because she has not grasped the concept of going potty when outside. Tonight I took her out at 7pm. Told her to go potty etc. came inside @ 7:15 at 7:25 she was staring at me going Pant Pant Pant. I take her out she goes pee.

    @7:45pm she is Pant Pant Pant I take her out and nothing she is easily distracted. Did I mention I was to be at work at 8pm?

    Arrive home ay 4am unload tools etc from truck take dogs out. I smell poo. Yup Cassie remembered to poo after I go to work.

  298. Ok I have drank enough to sleep.
    I need to renew my drivers license and apply for a job tomorrow.
    Will some nice person remind me tomorrow afternoon when I wake up?

    Thank you nice person.

    Good night Phat. Have a good sleep. These overnight shifts are freaky and completely mess with your brain, etc etc etc.

  299. Car in will be here soon. Don’t worry I will be sleeping when you go wakey etc.
    Oops I am out of vodka too. Please remind me to buy Vodka tomorrow. When I get up.

  300. I killed it dead and Phat never commented.
    Night all!

  301. VMAX,

    Sorry got distracted by the job for a bit.

    My priorities need adjusting, I guess.

    Don’t forget the vodka.

  302. wakey wakey

  303. Legs are sore. 5 miles running on an indoor track will do that.

    stupid snow covering my running routes.

  304. Still sore as well. This sucks.

  305. from the running or something else?

  306. Stupid ladder drills. I should be good in a day or so.

  307. BTW: I went to school at U of I in Champaign, Phat. You’re right about the people North of I-80. It’s basically a giant, sprawling suburb.

  308. I’m gonna hit the stepper. I can do that.Sucks because it’s going to be warmer today (although it’s raining right now). but it if it stops … I could have ran. But I’d better take it off.

    The indoor track is nice because it beats the dreaded treadmill, it’s just a lot harder on the legs.

  309. 5 miles is 63 laps. lol

  310. mj,

    The In-Laws live in Charleston, IL.

    My neighbor’s smokin hot daughter goes to U of I.

    I really enjoy the eye candy at the pool when she come home for the summer.

  311. Perv! (send pictures)

  312. Vmax, our late girldog used to hate to poop for some reason too. She didn’t mess in the house, but she would wait until the last possible moment when she couldn’t hold it anymore.

    Only thing that kind of sort of worked was to put a leash on her and take her for a quick walk. Then she’d get excited and have to go. That also helped when she was miserable with a loud yowly catbelly.

  313. CATBELLY.

    My boydog never gets it. But Ruby? Sheesh. I actually grew a crop of Winter Rye just for her to chew on. Came in real handy one Spring when she was sick nearly every week and I could just throw her in the pen full of knee-high rye and shut the door.

  314. How is your back?

  315. Good morning peeps

  316. Yeah, how’s your back Laura and your calf MJ? Phat & Carin: anything I should be inquiring of?

  317. MMM is up.

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