Stump Water and Frog Hair

For Leon:

I found out why Uniball has been so scarce:

Cyn’s boudoir photo:


  1. Time for haircuts.

    Dave be pretty.

  2. Burst!


    Laura – Try this: Lay on the floor in front of the couch with the small of your back flat against the floor. Put your legs, from knee to foot on the couch seat cushions. Do this for 5-10 minutes every 1.5 to 2 hours.
    It will help relive the pressure on the lower back and alleviate any shooting pains. If you sleep on your side, place a pillow between your knees. This too will relieve pressure.

    You have my empathy. And if you need a TENS unit, call me.

  4. I just had to like this post, because Cyn looks so pretty.

  5. Cyn’s boudoir photo

    Looks like I need to change my password again for my flickr account. THANKS A LOT, JEW.

  6. We only got about 5″ of snow last night. Driveway has been cleared already. Just awaiting the borough plow to come down the road.

  7. Thanks, Aggie. Smoooooch!

  8. I think it’s about a hundred degrees here. I’m not wearing a shirt.

  9. G’mornin’ Cyn!

    It’s almost 60* F here, Jewstin. You never wear a shirt,so that’s not a good temp indicator…

  10. This stuff is slick. Packed snow on top of ice.

  11. I know there was a recall of Tylenol (dated June of last year according to their website), but does anyone know why they haven’t fixed the problem? Yesterday I had to buy the store brand again..

  12. Scott – We had about 1/16″ of ice under the snow. I threw some ice melt on the driveway after clearing the snow.

  13. Yesterday I had to buy the store brand again..

    Is that bad? It’s cheaper and it’s the same substance. Chlorine bleach is the same stuff whether it’s Clorox or Smart Buy brand.

  14. Thanks MCPO! I will take your advice.

  15. Jewstin, I threw away a bottle of generic Advil because they might as well have been sugar pills. I know they are supposed to be the same, but…

  16. Jewstin, why are you recommending that Laura drink bleach?

  17. How odd, Roamy. You would think that would be a simple thing to fix.

  18. This thing has endless uses.

  19. Hahahahaha

    The damn thing is sold out.

  20. Oooooh…I want one, Laura.

  21. I think a glow in the dark tire iron would be more better. You might actually need to use it for its intended purpose.

    Anybody wielding a glowbar is just looking for trouble.

  22. Ok, pretty. Off to store.

  23. Anybody ever try this stuff? Is it worth it?

  24. Costco. Anyone need a gallon of mayo?

  25. Dave wants to know why that company does not make a glow-in-the-dark buttplug. He would buy a dozen. He will have followers whom he would lead out of the darkness.

  26. I got my mom some of it for Christmas, lauraw.

  27. Is it supposed to look like something one would snort off a mirror?

  28. Click to access Himalayan-Salt-Slabs-care&use.pdf

  29. Laura, Himalayan rock salt is no different than other rock salt. Not worth the trouble.

  30. I think the slabs are interesting as a cook surface.

    But, yeah.

  31. Pupster, I love the zebra dancing, I could watch that a lot.

    *wonders why my life is empty*

  32. I use Kosher salt – exclusively.

  33. I got some of that for my birthday last year. Looks pretty, but not worth the expense, IMO.

  34. Petting zoo update, Never give a 5 yo a handful of bread and tell her to “Feed The Animals”
    p.s. the baby goat will recover

  35. Howdy WP!!

    I do hope PJM doesn’t read H2 today.

  36. I see Beasn has been busy this morning!

  37. Big Clint Eastwood marathon on AMC starting at 2:30 EST.

    Be there or be square!

  38. “I use Kosher salt – exclusively.”

    Well, la tee da!

  39. Mare – I can use 1/3 less and get the same results as a full measure of Morton’s. Better for your health, IMHO.

  40. Is anybody else on STORMWATCH! this morning?

  41. I was just joshing MCPO!


  43. long story short, LV has committed acts of Bread Assault on baby goats, terrified a peacock and punched a donkey

  44. HAHAHA! Did LV have a blast?


  46. Kids at a petting zoo…fantastic.

  47. master chief , she was in high cotten. we took her to Mcdonalds and grabbed a hot choc in the park downtown

    *no actual harm occurred to petting zoo animals*



  49. Bread Assault

    Fucking gluten. When will we learn?

  50. MARE!


  52. punched a donkey

    She’s a Hostage??

  53. Aggs, a true hostagett

  54. Gah…have to take the girls shopping for birthday presents.

    See y’all later!

  55. HOME.

    *looks around*

    No snow.

  56. Happy Birthing day!

  57. Hey, somebody put this SOPA thing in terms we can understand:

  58. DAVE!

  59. If I had money Laura I would spend some on those salt plates. Thet has potential.


    *pulls the pin*


  61. Harvey?

  62. How would you clean the salt thingies after cooking on them?

    Just seems weird to me, but I like ketchup with my fish sticks.

  63. Fishsticks? Is it my anniversary?

  64. It is Tattooed Intellectual’s birthday.

  65. Linda and Emmy Lou – careers over.

  66. that’s good enough for fishsticks

  67. back from costco

    *looks for space to store gallon of mayo

  68. is it hellmann’s?

  69. Says on the .pdf that you just brush them down a bit or wipe them off. Salt blocks apparently don’t harbor bacteria, so. You know.

    I have heard of places using salt-block lined coolers for dry-aging prime beef. That makes a lot of sense to me. Bet it speeds up the process pretty well.

  70. >> Salt blocks apparently don’t harbor bacteria, so. You know

    I shoulda rubbed one on my arm.

    It’s better.

  71. I saw a porcini salt there. How simple would it be to make? Rehydrate dried mushrooms pour juice over sea salt evaporate WIN!

  72. All the Americans are gone except for two. The embassy’s been hard to reach.

  73. Hey, Mare…

  74. It is the costco brand. It isn’t a gallon, but one of those bigger things. It’s about 4 bucks cheaper than Hellman’s.

  75. Making your own Mayo is cheaper Car in and as simple as using your food processor. And you can add wasabi or lime or chili just for fun.

  76. Carin, I learned this week that I should not go to Costco when I am hungry. I also learned that I can forget about gassing up there if I don’t have a debit card.

  77. fuck that shit I want Hellmans and I want it now.

  78. Making your own Mayo is cheaper Car in and as simple as using your food processor. And you can add wasabi or lime or chili just for fun.

    My food processor sucks. I hate it.

  79. Gah!!! My eyes!!!

    That first pic looks like Ahnuld and Sandra Bernhard’s love child.

  80. Carin, I learned this week that I should not go to Costco when I am hungry.

    DId they not have samples? That usually takes the bite off .

  81. Hey, Mare…

    I like the way Hotspur thinks.

  82. Well thanks for putting some context around that Andrew, you lousy fuck.


  83. Watched Lonesome Dove episode three last night. Andy, your avatard is in that show. Made me think of you.

  84. Nope, no samples. I went on Wednesday night. I found out in December that is the best time to go, because all the Protestants are at church.

  85. heck, you go to the sam’s club here and i swear that you can gain 5lbs from all the samples they give out

  86. A nice, light snow today here. Still wondering how it managed to break the f’n snowblower.

    I gots work to do.

  87. I bought a diet Dr Pepper at Target and it made me think of Sean.

  88. Where is that whore mare?


  89. I cleaned the cat box this morning and it made me think of Rosetta.

  90. I watched Dumb and Dumber and it made me think of Dave.

  91. Bummer. I got meatballs, tamales, chewy granola bars, yogurt … mango salsa, “cowboy” salsa. I didn’t try all of this stuff, I’m just trying to remember everything. OH yea, OJ, coffee, cheese soup … lol. There were a few more, but I can’t remember, because i only tried the salsa and the tamales.

  92. *sobs that nothing reminds mare of me

  93. Which one am I?

  94. I went to costco today and ONLY bought avocados, regular eggs, hardboiled eggs and spinach.

    *sells life story to Martin Scorsese

  95. Pick guitar,
    Fill fruit jar,
    And be gay-o.
    Son of a gun,
    We’ll have big fun
    On d’ bayou.

  96. I worked out today and saw the super fit gal who is about 55 with really smiley eyes and super short hair made me think of Carin.

    *true story…she always reminds me of Carin


  98. Hotspur’s already drunk.

  99. I Haz a Cookie (LV gave it to me)

  100. *true story…she always reminds me of Carin


    I think she’s prettier than me though

  101. Yikes Mare!
    Car in is only 35

  102. wpdunn makes me wish I had grandchildren (or that my own children were young again).

    I saw a cute little kid in Costco and I smiled at him and he laughed out loud.

    *wait, James Cameron just called about making a movie of my life.

  103. Yikes Mare!
    Car in is only 35

    I ♥ Vman

  104. That’s awesome wp.. the whole storyline

  105. Vman, this gal’s fitness level is better than any fit 35 year old (I said super fit). She’s really cute… short, grayish pixy hairdo. Really wears it well.

    Something she said in class led me to believe she’s older than me but doesn’t look it. Maybe about grandkids.

  106. car in IS a hawt momma

  107. She wears a sports bra and low rise, boot cut exercise pants to class. She’s kind of my idol. She looks fantastic!

  108. John Fogerty is my idol.

  109. Publix has a cooking booth with the recipe of the day (and a case next to it with all the ingredients – very smart). There are three women who do the cooking and hand out samples. All of them know Mini-me and give her extra.

  110. I use to shop at Publix in Florida and miss those booths Roamy. I still have a recipe book made with cards they use to had out with the sample.


  111. If I only had a dollar, for every song I’ve sung.
    And every time I’ve had to play while people sat there drunk.
    You know, I’d catch the next train back to where I live.
    Oh ! Lord, I’m stuck in Lodi again.
    Oh ! Lord, I’m stuck in Lodi again.

  112. Feel free to give her my # Mare

  113. How strange. This woman would not shut up about how awesome her marriage (is), how she and her husband are all over each other, how romantic their lives are together, etc., etc., etc.,

  114. I don’t want to be drunk in Publix.

    I want to be drunk in a bar.

    – Ron White

  115. “Feel free to give her my # Mare”


    Mare *hearts* Vman

    Hey, Hotspur, how do I make a heart shape on my mac?

  116. *notices Mare doesn’t ask me how to do the heart thing.

    What. Ever.

  117. Character viewer

  118. Wait, do you have a mac, Carin?

    If so, how do I load picture from a jpg on my desktop to a comment?

  119. In theory, one could be a grandparent at around the age of 24

  120. “Character viewer”


  121. Yea, Hotspur is really helpful, isn’t he?

    *give mare a snide look

  122. Ah, that’s huh with a question mark.

  123. Upper right on toolbar just to the left of the time.

  124. You load the picture into the media file at h2 (or other picture hosting) and then there’s a html code for putting it in comments. But if I tell you how to do that, MCPO will be after me.

  125. Hey, thank you Hotspur!

    My husband is not home and he just got a mac and he’s already read most of the manual…really… and watches the tutorials. Me….hey, that’s what he’s for.

  126. how do I load picture from a jpg on my desktop to a comment?

    Mash the giant mouse button real hard.

  127. “Mash the giant mouse button real hard.”

    Done and done!!

    Hey, nothing happened.

  128. “…and then there’s a html code for putting it in comments. But if I tell you how to do that, MCPO will be after me.”

    This part sucked.

  129. But if I tell you how to do that, MCPO will be after me.


    Grouchy old fart!

  130. You can type the code right into a comment.

  131. I like how Dave got his hair did:



  133. See? Abuse of power. That’s what too much knowledge of html will get you.

    Whose turn is it to ban Hotspur?

  134. Mare?

  135. Whose turn is it to ban Hotspur?

    By ‘ban’ do you mean ‘run over with a bulldozer?’

  136. well that was interesting.. try this

  137. This thread continues to be visually revolting.

    Nice work.

  138. It’s all Hotspur’s fault, Andy. can you ban him?

  139. *caresses banhammer*

    I think we can take care of that.

  140. “This thread continues to be visually revolting.”

    hahaha…among other things.

  141. Hey, TGSG that’s pretty cool!

  142. Mare, check your whoremail

  143. I just heard this on the oldies station…


  144. Yup twas Mare. didn’t mean to embed it though

  145. Stupid Firefox has a memory leak. I have to reboot every now and then when it finishes gobbling up all of the RAM.

  146. The devil’s on the loose.

  147. Jewstin, sounds like it’s not plugged in.

  148. Jeebus. Seems like there’s a really slow moving party going on.

  149. Prug that bitch in.

  150. nobody ever send me whoremail

  151. If plugging it in doesn’t work I’ll try duct tape.

  152. That top photo is revolting.

  153. clintbird is intimidated by strong women.

  154. Wow! Chrome is fast.

  155. jewstin, I had the same problem with Firefox. It was one of my add-ons that was not releasing memory (RecipeFox). Check yours out, and see if you have one that’s misbehaving.

  156. Firefox is just sloooooow.

    Try palemoon. It’s a stripped down version of firefox. And you really can’t tell any functional difference. It just runs a bit faster.

  157. I keep meaning to try that, xbrad.

    And my yearbook photo is wrong. I’m from the other school in the state.

  158. Hola, Salt-Lickers!

    We lost power during the night, but it was back on by 7 this morning. The warm temps and the rain have the snow in full retreat.

    So I think its time for a song:

  159. Yay, BiW is alive! Glad you got your power back.

  160. Partly cloudy here. We were supposed to get rain today, but instead we’re getting a windstorm.

  161. Weather Blog!!!!!

  162. I saw someone leave a link at Lex’s for comodo dragon browser it is supposed to be secure chrome. The price is right and they have several other products

  163. Vman, I’ve been meaning to take a look at komodo.

  164. I’m using Ubuntu now, but had the same thing when I was using Windows. I think I figured out it was Flash causing the problem on Windows.

  165. Where’s that whore Mare?

  166. *stretches*

    Ahhh! Man, that was a nice nap. I hope Herself is having fun with her girlfriends in D.C.!

  167. This appears to be a photo shoot at a high school with random people being photographed for their fashions. Look at all the fresh faced and attractive individuals. I wonder what’s changed? I’d love to see a random sampling at a high school today:

  168. Car in?

  169. a photo shoot at a high school with random people being photographed for their fashions.

    Needs “Bell Bottom Blues” in the background.

  170. Bookmarked that one brad.

    Prefect for my two girls!

  171. Mare – Had to be in California. Where I grew up, a bare midriff would get you sent home in 1969. But, bad fashion or not, I miss the days of respectful, clean and cheerful high schoolers, most of whom left school to go to their part-time jobs.

  172. Damn, xbrad is right. Palemoon x64 is quite fast.

  173. Damn, xbrad is right.

    Never thought you’d say that in any context, did you?

  174. Fightin’ back, MCPO.

  175. ZOMG, Keith Whitley!! Yes, I miss you.

  176. Wow, Oregon’s basketball court is UGLY!

    Watching it in HD makes me think something is wrong with my TV.

  177. Nah, xbrad, you’re right a lot.

    Self Deprecating humor, and all.

  178. Roamy – I try not to always go to the obvious choice. Having said that, I do lurve me some Duane and Eric.

  179. Here is his voice later in his short life.

  180. Cut down and logged 4 small trees today. I logged it as “Other Cardio”.

  181. MCPO, I agree. Looks like California. I would go to a friend’s house before school and change into cool clothes because my mom was so strict about skirt length and sleeve length, and bare midriffs. Wasn’t an issue in TX, because we had school dress codes in Mesquite.

  182. He was awesome, HS.

  183. Keith was great HS. Couldn’t beat his demons.

  184. Sadly, yes.

  185. Gonna make some dinner. . . BBL

  186. OH! BTW, TINS!

    This morning? I found $20!

  187. *whine*

  188. Feeling any better laura? I’m guessing no.

  189. Wait. Somebody said Xbrad was right, then he found $20?!

    Great. The fucking Mayans were right.

  190. A sudden spasm after work kinda fucked me up. If I try to lie back I get stuck. Propped up on the couch right now.

    Want to try MCPO’s exercise but don’t think I can make it to the floor safely.

    Too skeered to try.

  191. **shoots Laura in the back/side with a cannon that shoots heroin**

  192. YEAH BABY that’s the stnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  193. Ibuprofen didn’t seem to help so Scott is going to go get my prescription filled for a muscle relaxant.

  194. MCPO, I was intrigued by how good looking the people are in those photos. Scanning the people in the back ground, all around. Amazing.

  195. I found most of the hostages on retronautic

    Xbrad and Dolly 1&2




  196. MOTHERFUCKIN SQUIRRELS.. sonsabitches are eatin stuffing out of the pool patio chairs to nest. I almost kicked one.. SO CLOSE.

    *gathers up the rest of the non-eaten cushions and puts em in the garage.

  197. I pure hate you, Vmax.


  199. Laura & Scott

    One of these hoseforkers is Rosetta


    PJM and chicken


  200. Do you have anything else you can put out that they will prefer, Dave? Ripped up old rags or straw or batting from an old pillow?

  201. “gathers up the rest of the non-eaten cushions and puts em in the garage”

    Thanks Dave!

  202. Captain Schettino needs a haircut. He looks like a hood.

    *looks out corners of eyes at Shim*

  203. >> Do you have anything else you can put out that they will prefer, Dave? Ripped up old rags or straw or batting from an old pillow

    Yes. Yes I do. *load the BB gun.

  204. DWS is coming on Fox.
    *switches to the Extreme Closeups of Eye Surgery Channel*

  205. Good evening 🙂

  206. PJM?

  207. >> DWS is coming on Fox.

    Is she that whore DNC chairwhore from Florida?

  208. Aggie! Did you survive the shoppening?

  209. Afternoon, all – the Interwebz iz finally working for more than 2 seconds at a time at the TiFW casa.

    Stupid construction Mare…..

  210. Dave! Why yes, I did.

    *cleans off machete*

  211. Yes, the one with four rows of teeth that would terrify your average Great White.

  212. >> *cleans off machete*


    *checks the news*

  213. MCPO


    Wait one of these hoseforkers is Rosetta

    Top Mrs DiT

    Bottom Dave


  214. Laura – Sorry you aren’t feeling any better.

  215. *checks the news*

    Like I would leave evidence.


    Totally! 😀

  216. Vman – I keep my beard somewhat more closely cropped, but I appreciate the sentiment.

  217. Mah internet peeps!

  218. Yes. Yes I do. *load the BB gun.

    Bottom Dave

    I have friends.

  219. Lauraw, sorry you are having back spasms.

  220. They were fighting over the life boats?

  221. I just downloaded that Palemoon browser that b-rad recommended earlier. Pretty fast.

  222. Thanks guys.

    *shoots everybody here point-blank with a gun that shoots back spasms*

  223. I am disappoint
    i have just been informed that
    “I smell like a poopin cat and my ears are big”

  224. Laura – Do you have a heating pad that includes a moisture pack?

  225. wpDunn – Did LV miss her nap?

  226. *shoots everybody here point-blank with a gun that shoots back spasms*


    May I suggest icing your spine starting at the neck for a few minutes and then moving the ice bag down until you reach your tailbone. Nerves are inflamed and the ice will help, thus decreasing your pain. A suggestion from a chiro doc many years ago and helps tremendously.

    /mom-doctor hat off

  227. Master Chief, no she didnt, but i wont let her play in the rain, so i have been outed

  228. I have a couple of those rice filled things for the microwave, MCPO, and a regular electric heating pad.

  229. Laura, is it a muscle thing or a joint thing?

    My lower back goes out every now and then, but if I put on a backpack and press against the straps, something will click, and I’ll feel better almost instantly.

    My upper back went out one time and I was afraid to move anything above the waist.

  230. i wont let her play in the rain,

    You MONSTER!

  231. Muscle, Jew. This happened before, years ago. I’m supposed to keep my core strong. I didn’t.

  232. am I the only one here who’s thinkin “hey, it’s about time you had awful pain in you back and sides woman”?

    just me?

    I’m the only one?


  233. I’m supposed to keep my core strong. I didn’t.

    That is exactly the problem I have too. The worst is when I end up putting out one of my ribs. Ouchies.

  234. You are such an evil fucker. I hate you. I hate you so much.

  235. My back used to be a mess, I was in pain for years.

    I stopped carrying my wallet in my back pocket and I was fixed.

  236. I loathe you LauraW. Suffer!

  237. Nailed ’em Vman!

  238. Holy shit- a plane just went over my house so low the trees shook

  239. Scott- Yeah, I stopped that wallet thing in ’86.

  240. That wallet in the back pocket deal is magic, Scott, and worked for Mr. Cyn as well.

    We have the most awesome chiropractor on the planet who gives us that kind of advice, fixes us up, and then says come back ‘whenever’.

  241. They were fighting over the life boats?

    Yea, I was wondering about that myself.

    Course, Steyn had a piece today – it wasn’t so much they were fighting over lifeboats, but that men were pushing women and children aside to get into the lifeboats.

    Which, given that the boat was a stone’s throw from shore makes their behavior even more embarrassing.

  242. My husband wants to go out to eat, and I don’t really wanna.


  243. so cook something.

    Is this like, confusing or something?

  244. They were scrambling onto the side of the overturned hull though- away from land. Near to the island was a sheer drop from the deck, which was a real long way to jump. A real long way.

  245. Wallet thing worked for my hubby too. PT showed him how to get in and out of our Honda Civic. For some reason, my hubby always buys tiny cars.

  246. I went to a chiropractor Cyn. He showed me that my spine was crooked, and pressured me to start intensive physical therapy right away.

    I have hated chiropractors ever since.

    He could have charged me $500 and told me to take the wallet out of my back pocket. I would have been happy with that.

  247. My wallet isn’t thick enough to cause problems.

  248. Jump? Looks like a fun slide to me.

  249. There are so damn many of them that are like that, Scott. Before I found ours (15 years ago) I went to one that did the whole treatment program after a skiing accident that screwed me up pretty good. The one we have is so freaking mellow; he wears brown socks with Birkenstocks–very laid back fellow, but so very helpful. I drive almost an hour, one way, to keep seeing him.

  250. What goes in your wallet that fucks up your back? Mine is maybe half an inch thick. I don’t even know it’s there.

  251. I know a lot of people that swear by them Cyn.

    I had one experience, and it was bad.

    I still remember getting my neck adjusted. I threatened to hurt him if he ever did it again.

  252. Hotspur and Jewstin – simpatico

  253. My wallet ain’t never hurt me none.

    My arthritis on the other hand, cortisone it her bitch.

  254. Jew, my hubby’s wallet wasn’t very thick but he was doing a lot of driving and it was sitting on his wallet that jacked up his back.

  255. I had one experience, and it was bad.

    So very unfortunate, Scott, but that wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard that tale. I’m not fanatical about my chiro or even chiro treatment, but he’s helped me (and family and friends) so many times. I hesitate to call him a miracle worker, but there have been a few times when he was damn close.

    I think that they’re like hairdressers/barbers. When you find a good one, you’ll follow them anywhere.

  256. 1/2 inch is all it takes if you sit all day.
    Your lower back muscles on the wallet side will be shorter.

    When you strain your lower back, the muscles on the wallet side give out first.

  257. I think I forgot the be verb “made”

    My bad.

  258. I learned to switch wallet pockets all the time to keep from wearing out my pants. Maybe that makes a difference.

  259. Spamcock

  260. What did I miss whilst I was working and paying for welfare queens asses to expand?

  261. Racist!

  262. What did I miss. . .

    Laura has hantavirus in her back muscles. Dave got his hair did (no word on the eyebrows). Xbrad is the fourth trumpet.

  263. Thanks Jewstin. How the heck have you been?

    *wonders about xbrad*

  264. I only get back spasms on days that I work with the 40# dog food or when I stock clorox. I need to do core work too.

  265. oops…..George just told me to get off my arse and get him a salad. I shall comply.


  266. It appears as though Newt has kicked ass.

  267. Do you know when the polls close, Dave?

    I just put it on FNC… Rove.

  268. Joe Patterno is near death…..nah!

  269. nm, but thank you…

  270. It ain’t over ’til Dave falls in the water.

  271. Dang; based on the exit polls, Newt has smoked it.

  272. So you’re saying Newt is a poll smoker?

  273. If this were St. Louis, 6:45 am tomorrow.

  274. If the Tea Party solidifies behind Newt will that be enough to undo Romney? I’d rather not have to vote for Romney.

  275. HAHAHA! Exactly! Fuck you, Dick Pole!

  276. Romney gives the me the willies.

  277. If this were St. Louis, 6:45 am tomorrow.

    So you hit water Friday night and Sunday morning?? You are one clean dude.

  278. I’m so cool the butter doesn’t even melt in my mouth

  279. Anybody look at the exit poll questions? Interesting, mostly unslanted.

    This may be huge for Newt and it’s nice to see Luap so low.

  280. We talk politics and listen to the news on both radio and TV around here. The hubby and I were talking about debate last night and I made mention of the Ronulans. My almost-11-year-old giggled and I asked him why he was laughing. Not only did he know that Luap Nor was a kook, but he also knew what the word “Ronulan” meant.

    *wipes a proud tear from my facecheek*

  281. I suggest Newt’s campaign song is VH Ain’t Talkin Bout Love

  282. Cyn, great parenting!

  283. cyn, where are the exit poll questions?

  284. Romney speaking NOW.

  285. I really have a taste for apple pie right now. Too late to start one.

    *eyeballs little Banquet peach pie*

  286. Thanks osogirl!

    Here Beasns: scroll down for the real questions:

  287. Is Romney dropping out?

  288. Why is Ron Paul, Luap? Who is Luap?

    /out of most loops

  289. Spell it backwards, beasn.

  290. Called it for Gingrich with 13% reporting? Interesting.

  291. Not dropping…yet.

  292. Thanks cyn. It’s interesting to see income and education levels even thought we know who/what they are. THE middle class.

    Also interesting to see that they chose Newt as one they think can defeat Barry (prolly cause he can kick his teleprompter’s ass).

  293. When you look at the exit numbers, Jay, you’ll see it should be a pretty solid win.

  294. Spell it backwards, beasn.

    D’OH! Geez, I’m such a dumb monkey.

    HAHAHAHAHA….is that what we call him now so as not to summon his zombies, Beetlejuice-style?

  295. Damn Cougars ruined my afternoon.

    (The Washington State basketball team, not sexually aggressive older women.)

  296. Cyn, my kiddies are like that too. Generally, it comes from rational thought… a gift from God. It also helps that we listen to conservative radio and talk shop afterwards. I use to say, “I’ll respect your addition to the conversation as long as you can back it with reason and facts.” They’re conservative through genes.

    Youngest gave me a Reagan/Bush 84 shirt for Christmas, she also bought one for herself.

    The oldest tells me tales of her lib friends who have crashed and burned through life because of their lib parents.

  297. beasn, yep

  298. Holy cow, it’s up to 41-26%. No wonder they called it.

  299. Somewhere on the internets, clintbird is doing backflips.

  300. Beasn I was teasing you up thread

  301. So, so very true, Mare; gift from God and solid conversation with kids in an adult and rational fashion.

    *overnights two dozen killer brownies and three boxes of wine*

  302. Why do all the talking heads and many conservative blogs keep telling me only Romney can beat Obama?

  303. I’m a political nerd. My hubby still feels lied too because we started dating in Oct ’88 and married in May of ’90. He didn’t see the crazy until it was too late. He would vote ABO but doesn’t see Newt getting independents or disgruntled Dems. I kicked him in the poon.

  304. Thanks Vmax, I like pretty lingerie. Usually paired with underpants.

    *wonders where my pants went*

  305. Damn Cougars ruined my afternoon.

    *smiles in a seductive and beguiling fashion at Sean*

    Watch out for your evening, too.

  306. HA! Drudge is trying to salvage something for Romney:

  307. *overnights two dozen killer brownies and three boxes of wine*


    I will never question your love!!

  308. I will never question your love!!

    *smiles in a seductive and beguiling fashion at Sean Mare*

  309. I’m serious when I ask, is it only because of Newt’s baggage that all the talking heads want Romney? It can’t be his solid conservative policy…it can’t. It can’t be his open discussion of dismantling Obamacare and his desire to zero out several useless departments. What?

  310. Any one of our candidates is ten times better than the f*cker we have now.

    I do like Newt because he speaks well and to the point. Not so much spindly spine media ass kissing crap. I want him to make Barry piss his mom jeans.

  311. *smiles in a seductive and beguiling fashion at Sean Mare*


  312. Bunco time. See you cool kids in a few hours.

  313. I have got to get one of these

  314. ” I want him to make Barry piss his mom jeans.”

    Bingo! I want him to make Obama look like the SCFOF he is.

  315. Kick ass, Cyn!

  316. Mare, in ’08 my Dem family members were all on the McCain train. The Democrat primary in NM was full of shenanigans that resulted in 2 weeks of vote counting, missing ballots, and Hillary winning the primary but super delegates voting for Obama. I would have thought that they would have been for valid ID and prosecuting the cheaters. By November, it was business as usual. They really don’t understand why Republicans can’t get behind Romney. They say he is a GOPer they could vote for. But they won’t. Just like McCain.

  317. McCain beat the SCOAMF in the ’08 debates. Doesn’t matter. MFM will never report it that way.

  318. What do I enjoy the most about Newt winning in SC? All those campaign advisors who keep saying….

    “don’t be mean,” “play nice,” “don’t say anything negative about obama the numbers say people like him as a person,” “don’t make it about Obama,” “talk about working with those across the aisle,” “mention compromise,”

    …….look like assholes.

    Those dipshits are the same ones who advised that idiot McCain.

  319. The Country Club folks decided it’s Mitt’s turn and the media prefers that Country Club candidate to the one the rest of us mouth-breathers might pick, so that is why Mitt is being pushed so hard.

  320. Mare, we may love it when Newt takes on the media. The idiots that watch The View and believe his first wife was dying of cancer and his 2nd wife has MS don’t get it.

  321. Why would we work across the aisle with Marxists? That is why I despise Miss Lindsay and Juan McLame.

  322. >> I’m serious when I ask, is it only because of Newt’s baggage that all the talking heads want Romney?

    No. They want Romney because he is conservative sometimes light.

  323. I like Newt, and I will be voting for him in a week or so, but I do not trust him to be conservative. He has had a few conservative ideas. Romney not so much. Santorim is a social con (I am also) but he is a pathetic pick me! without ever having a small government idea.

  324. Paterno dead? Somehow I don’t think I’ll be shedding any tears.

  325. Andy, I am saddened by JoePa’s passing. I am equally saddened that he will be forever tied to Sanduskey. I prefer to remember him by the Something About Joey TV movie.

  326. Oops, Something For Joey. John Cappeletti story.

  327. No sadness for Joe Paterno. None. He lived a life of privilege, gave some of what he earned, and turned a blind eye to protect an institution he was intimately associated with while several lives were possibly destroyed.

    Hope he’s right with God.

  328. Interesting:

    Hmmm …. Gingrich won women by 38-19 percent over Romney, 41 percent support among married women

    Does this show Marianne made an ass of herself and looked like a bitter bitch? Possibly.

  329. Drudge is so upset by Newt’s win, he hasn’t updated about Paterno yet.

  330. Hmmm. Paterno family spokesperson says the report’s not true.

  331. I like Newt because he ‘fessed up that sitting on the couch with Pelosi was a stupid thing to do. Romney is unrepentant about Romneycare.

  332. Our Archbishop who cost our diocese millions of dollars by mishandling the pedophile priest situation and having to resign in disgrace after 60 Minutes profiled his dating habits in the 90s passed away yesterday. I have mixed emotions about that too. Lots of therapy to get to this point.

  333. Andy, it is scrawling on ESPN too.

  334. Oh, maybe Drudge is smarter than I give him credit for. I was wrong.

  335. “I like Newt because he ‘fessed up that sitting on the couch with Pelosi was a stupid thing to do. Romney is unrepentant about Romneycare.”

    Good point.

    Lots of people would feel better about Romney if he just said, “Masscare fiscally is not feasible and having it go national would be a disaster. That’s why I must repeal Obama care.”

  336. I’m, I’m not dead yet

  337. I wish Romney would fess up about Romneycare too. Saying he would repeal Obamacare isn’t enough. He is already a flip flopper on everything else, why won’t he just tell us he was wrong?

  338. Holy shit it’s basically just porn here, isn’t it? Like 4-chan you people have been up to with this thing.

    Is this the one that WickedPinto hangs out at now, or are they somewhere else?

  339. Hello, again…hello…

    /Lionel Ritchie

  340. hello aggie, how they hangin?

  341. I am reading Mark Twain’s autobiography. The quote that bla bla greatly exaggerated. Was followed by the next person to inquire was told 500 words if on death bed 1000 words if dead.

    He replied in a letter “If my letter to US Grant sold for $47 while I was alive, it will sell for $97 when I die.”

  342. Hi, Aggie.

  343. They’re so small they barely hang, WP.

    Howdy, Osita. Nice tunes tonight 🙂

  344. Vmax, you want some classic Twain?

    I give.

  345. actually i think small is good, but i ment that in a non specific way, but thanks for making me the social outcast

  346. (LOL)

  347. There’s no such thing as a social outcast around here 😉

  348. I have been struggling to get through Coopers works Dave. I struggle. not with Twain but Cooper is tough.

  349. Vman, I struggled with Cooper, too. I credit the screenwriters of Last of the Mohicans that got me interested enough to actually read Cooper. Prefer reading biographies of Simon Kenton and Daniel Boone.

  350. Thanks, Aggie.

  351. I am looking up Kenton. I know Boone.
    I was borne in Ohio from Scotch English and Kentucky. Pike County Kentucky.

  352. if thats the case, i lied, i adore small

  353. Vman, The Frontiersmen by Allan Eckert. I enjoy his books and Simon Kenton was the real deal.

  354. Night y’all. UNM at UNLV basketball getting ready to tip off.

  355. Winning!
    Pulled the breaker-panels open (the power is out, so what the hell?) and found out how to re-route the lead for the water-heater (Tankless Gas Bosch) to the emergency-buss. Now, when the generator is on, we have hot-water!!!
    Pretty damn cool!
    That is all. Shower time!

  356. You know why you struggle with Cooper? Cause he sucked, that’s why.

  357. Big time, Dave.

    That hot bath felt goooood.

  358. Dave – I hope we’re not going to have this discussion again. Personally, I enjoy Cooper. As a matter of fact, “Leatherstockings” was the first thing I read on my iPad.

  359. Hey, I liked Batman comics too. It’s not a character flaw.

  360. Meh, Cooper is no Tom Clancy.


  362. Brad, that’s so wrong 😀

  363. Hellooooooooo, Aggie.

    Is it just you and me?

  364. Did Cooper write The Yearling? That one made me boo-hoo just a teensy bit.


  366. I think so.

    *scoots over on the sofa*

  367. The Yearling was written by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Jewstin.

  368. Oh. In that case, Cooper sucks. I really hate that guy. If I’d read any of his books I’d hate him even more.

  369. I have a Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings cookbook that belonged to my grandmother.

  370. My AmLit teacher thought the ONLY American author worth reading was Fitzgerald.

    I fucking hate The Great Gatsby.

    Did I mention my AmLit teacher is a flaming lib?

  371. I fucking hate The Great Gatsby.


  372. Seconded, Brad.

    That’s awesome about the cookbook, Roamy 🙂

  373. Comment by Jewstin on January 21, 2012 11:00 pm
    Did Cooper write The Yearling? That one made me boo-hoo just a Comment by LC Aggie Sith on January 21, 2012 11:00 pm
    I think so.

    *scoots over on the sofa*

    Comment by LC Aggie Sith on January 21, 2012 11:03 pm
    The Yearling was written by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Jewstin.

    Comment by Jewstin on January 21, 2012 11:05 pm
    Oh. In that case, Cooper sucks. I really hate that guy. If I’d read any of his books I’d hate him even more.

    Comment by roamingfirehydrant on January 21, 2012 11:08 pm
    I have a Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings cookbook that belonged to my grandmother.

    Most boring thread evah.

  374. It’s a book blog, PG.

    *gives PG pr0n*

    There you go.

  375. Cooper wrote “the Flaming Donkey”

    short story I think.

  376. PG, liven the thread up a bit.

    Tell us about how you were raped in the prison shower.

  377. Fuck a bunch of Twain, Fitzgerald and Faulkner.

    Let’s talk about Penthouse Forum letters that we wrote but never sent.

  378. Let’s talk about Penthouse Forum letters that we wrote but never sent.

    Yeah, right….

  379. still here aggie, stalking and drooling

  380. I, uh, sent mine in…

  381. xbrad, my older brother used to be “The Superintendent for Edible Crops” for the Texas Prison system back during the 80’s and early 90’s. I’ve been on the inside of three of the prison units down in the Houston area. I never got raped in a shower, but I did see a faggot picking fruit out of the trees just outside the infirmary once. I’m pretty sure he got some pipe when he got back to the tent.

  382. *smooches WP*

  383. I never thought this would happen to me. . .

  384. Very funny, PG.

    //packs a box of Sox’s turds.

    //ships to PG

  385. Dear Penthouse
    What is a Rusty Trombone?
    your Pal,
    Keef Uberdouche


  387. Aggie watch out i tongue kiss on the first arrest

  388. My sex life was so boring when I was single who the fuck am I kidding…….my sex life has always been so boring that I’m not sure I could get a letter printed in Redbook Forum, much less Penthouse Forum. There’s something about bragging about copping a feel when she bends over to unplug the vacuum cleaner that doesn’t much appeal to the average reader. Probably the fact that she has a 15 year old housecoat on doesn’t help.

  389. You cop a feel while your wife, who is dressed in an old housecoat, bends over to unplug the vacuum??

    PG, that’s romance 🙂

  390. **unexpectedly discovers first potential customer for new romance novel**

  391. Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me. I was so overcome with horniness after reading this one peculiar blog on the internet. I don’t know if it was the recipes, the talk of snow in Seattle, or the Steely Dan songs, but it motivated me to take pictures of myself in black stiletto heels….nah, fuck it.


    And a subscription to Redbook Forum.

  393. Do they even still publish REdbook? Hell I was just taking a stab in the dark at something boring.

  394. Dear Penthouse
    Cleveland Steamer? WHY???
    Keith “Poots” Obermann


  396. redbook, ladies home and garden and that classic piece of snobbery
    vanity fair

  397. Is Redbook a “monthly periodical”?

  398. Ladies and gentleman, pendejo grande!
    appearing nightly in the coral room

  399. Only periodical I subscribed to was Penthouse for Hubby’s birthday.

    Someone in my family gifted me Newsweek this year. I am donating it to the animal shelter.

  400. man oh man, 29 years ago on a Sat Night id be getting poo faced and wild – nowadays i got a cat laying across my feet, a good ole girl asleep on the couch and a wee little one snoring in a trundle bed
    +1k win

  401. A new issue every 28 days!

  402. aggies thats cool, they always need shelter liners

  403. Too right, WP 😀

    Ok, time for me to get my ass to bed. Y’all have a great evening!

  404. Someone in my family gifted me Newsweek this year.

    Man, that would start a fight in my family.

  405. When PG sent in his letter, he included a photo…

  406. Newt’s victory speech was one of the most politically astute speeches I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a few.

  407. When PG sent in his letter, he included a photo…

    To be honest, I’m a bit embarrassed about the sideburns.

  408. Tell me again how inevitable Romney is?

    Three primaries. Three different winners.

  409. g’night, pond scum!

  410. Romney has the same problem he did last time. He’s a flip-flopper with more money than charm.

    Good night, XBrad, I’m not far behind.

  411. Good evening ladies, starting another midnight shift here at the center of all evil in the Airlift universe. 

  412. Phat – I’ve got 4 tri-walls of scented toilet paper I need to get to the Azores – ASAP!

  413. Hey, phat, Chief.

  414. MCPO,
    ‘Not a lot going through LPLA these days, Mainly commercial contract carriers and the occaisional C-130.

    I haven’t been there since we converted from the C-9 to the C-40.

  415. Question for people who know a thing or two about firearms:

    Is it possible to chamber a round in a semi-auto pistol through the slide and then fire it?

  416. Phat – It’s a beautiful place, but I didn’t appreciate looking out over the port wing at the center line on final. The winds there can be brutal.

  417. Sean!!!!

    Jeez! It’s after 1 am here!

  418. ‘Port wing’? Was there a wing in the harbor? Freakin’ squids.

    I did like the beer and festivals downtown.

  419. It’s only 10:15 here. What’s it like in the not too distant future?

  420. Sean – It’s seriously quiet. Herself is in D.C. whooping it up with her girlfriends.

    Phat – Flown in there on an E-A3B, a P-3C and a C-2. All probably before you were an itch in your Daddy’s pants.

  421. Nah, I’m older than you think. Entered the Colorado School for wayward Boys in 1984. Been flying since 1988.

    Targeting 1 Oct 12 for a retirement date. Might extend if it’s looking like I’ll have someone other than Obama’s signature on my retirement orders.

  422. Phat – Just request that the USAF CofS sign ’em!

  423. Off to bed. . . later, taters!

  424. Gnight MCPO!

  425. Entered the Colorado School for wayward Boys in 1984.

    If that’s the school that I think it is, that’s the year my wife graduated from it.

  426. It looks like we just got nailed by a lot of spam. Was going to spambucket it, but it appears someone else got to it right before I did.

  427. Goodnight.

  428. Hey Phat,

    How ’bout you just send a truck next time? KTHXBY.

  429. wakey wakey

  430. I fucking hate The Great Gatsby.


    Let’s start a club.

  431. Good morning. My left calf is going to explode.

  432. New poat.

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