Push it Down Hard

Did you know Mare used to be a little Chinese boy?

(L to R) Xbrad, Sox:

MCPO forgets things.  Like pants.

Rosetta as a baby:


  1. fisting

  2. So the record store is closed for the weekend?

    heh heh heh.

    Someone called the store tonight and asked if we had needles for record players.

    I said “No, this isn’t a record store.”

  3. BOGO on Crown at the grocery store. Just sent my hubby for “groceries”

  4. I wonder if there’s a BevMo around here. I still have a membership card.

  5. OMG, i have a whole set of those Henry Cards

  6. There is a music store across the street from Target. I think I’ll start calling it a record store.

  7. Jewstin – Imma slap the taste outta yer mouth!

  8. Wife is working late, so I was home looking after kids. They were giggling like retards downstairs, and when I went and checked, they had started the water fountain in the refrigerator and flooded the kitchen. I had to get on my damaged knees and mop up two buckets full of water. My back is hurting like it belongs to MCPO.
    I am going to cut $100 each from their college funds.

  9. HAHAHAHAHA! Tushar has boys!

  10. For a minute I thought Rosetta was back.

    Good job Jewstin

  11. No girl has been born in my family for 60 years. God could have broken the streak and given me daughters. But no. He cares more about his stats.

  12. Take $200 from each and get yourself an iPad.

  13. Brand new kitchen…. No idea what water does to new cabinets.

    Must go and wipe some more…..

  14. How come Scott and Laura never communicate with each other in H2 comments?

    He’s right here. Typing our mundane remarks to each other on H2 when we’re within easy speaking distance all day would indicate something was terribly, terribly wrong.

  15. *sniffs*

    I don’t think the water got into the grain, Tushar. Seems fine.

  16. >>He’s right here.

    Oh, I had never thought of that, Ms. Obvious.

  17. I laugh every time a look at Tushar’s new avatard.

  18. Scott honey,
    Please remind me to kick Tushar in the poon at the next meetup.
    Thanks babe.
    Your loving wife,

  19. Anyone interested in two boys?
    Now that midget wrestling is banned at many places, you could use them instead.

    As Dave says, tiny hands make nice shirts.

    You could use them as end tables.

  20. What’s their gross weight capacity?
    I need something for under the TV.

  21. Flatscreen? They should be able to manage a 50 inch TV between them. If they don’t, just poke them a bit and threaten to send them back to me.

  22. How come Scott and Laura never communicate with each other in H2 comments?

    He’s right here.

    Possible Hostage Community Theater:

    Scott or Laura poat: You wanna get naked and rub baby oil on each other for a couple of hours?

    Scott or Laura poat: No

    Scott or Laura poat: OK


  23. Ok, I updated to Snow Leopard. Not sure iffen I want to make the next step.

  24. Carin, I can give you an iPad 2 if you are willing to take two 4 year old boys with it.

  25. You deliver? Gotta tell you, we’ve tried shipping children via FedEx and it’s never a good idea. The box always leaks in transit.

  26. Two boys … lemme ponder on it.

    How are they with making wallets?

  27. *sniffs*

    Yeah, see, that one *points at a twin*
    …he’s leaking already! No deal.

  28. What the fuck is this shit?

  29. *yawn… same avatar, huh Andy?

  30. Do it, Car in. Lion is teh awesome.

  31. Huh? We changed again?

    I was flying all day.

  32. I have to wait until the middle of the night anyway to download it.

    also – I think my Word will no longer work, which may be problematic for my kids. Is there any ok word processing program I can get that doesn’t cost a million dollars? In the ap store?

    I hate word anyway. it used to be a nice, easy program to use. Now it’s impossible.

  33. Who the hell pushed my poat down?!? I word HARD on that thing. Hard I tell you dammit!!

  34. Ohai Jewstin! I like your poat and I gave you a thumbs up for not trying to find a picture of me.

  35. The daughter and I both use Apple’s Pages. It works ok. Open Office is also a good option.

  36. Ha! One day, Cyn:


  37. **goes back and reads cyn’s poat**


  38. After I changed their wet clothes and yelled at them some more, they went to their beds quiet as mice and are sleeping peacefully.

    I am rescinding my offer.

    How come monsters look like angels when they are sleeping?

    Must call dad and apologize for soaking his nice antique clock and flashlight in water… 34 years ago.

  39. Google has a document writer deal. I haven’t really figured it out yet but I know its there. Also, I will take the boys

  40. I love you too, Jew.


  41. Kids – Can’t give ’em away, can’t sell ’em.

  42. Tushar, there is a reason that puppies and kids are so darn cute.

  43. Carin, don’t get Pages. It sucks more balls than Rosetta.

  44. For PG Only! No one else can look! http://is.gd/mnQGHt

  45. Tushar, because we are hardwired to remember all the vile shit WE did as kids

  46. i think there was a court order involved vis a vis the scott-laura issue

  47. OT: POL Page has been updated with a new pic of Ghee, and if you missed it from the last poat, a nifty maps of H2 Peeps.

  48. *puts away bottle of baby oil and calls police to report a peeping Tom*

  49. My new phone is being a little bitch.

  50. Ghee? I have never watched that show.

    This is me when it comes on http://i.imgur.com/iwbpS.gif

  51. >>My new phone is being a little bitch

    I thought you and Siri were best friends already. Has she been cheating on you?

  52. I don’t know about any show, but I know that when guests come over I like to serve Ghee on Ritz Crackers or sometimes as a dip with fresh baked tortilla chips.

  53. I put Ghee in Chicken Madras and serve it with Nan.

  54. Hahahahaha

    HotBride message me back and said “Siri is a 350 lb hairy wrestler with a smelly butt and snaggle tooth.”

  55. Is it pronounced gay isn’t it?

  56. Hotbride for the win.

  57. Is it, and it is, are interchangeable Hotspur.

    Google it.

  58. Are you talking about this Ghee?


    I haven’t had that stuff in ages.
    **Remembers Moms cooking**

    Must call Mom too.

  59. Hotbride’s words are very hurtful and offensive to the Snaggle Toothed Smelly Wrestler community.

    *writes emotional letter to the STSW Anti-defamation League*

  60. I don’t know any of the passwords for the pages any longer.

  61. What’s more annoying than a dickhead who got bluetooth headphones for Christmas, and who hands them to you every few minutes and says “Listen to this.”?


  62. Check you g-male, Chief.

  63. Tushar, can’t you make your own ghee with ordinary unsalted butter?

  64. Cyn, if you have all passwords, send those to me too.

  65. Listen to my dick slap you in the head. Did you hear it coming?

  66. Nice job with the map, Cyn. Looks like Cuffy is sneaking up on me.

  67. >>Tushar, can’t you make your own ghee with ordinary unsalted butter?

    Yes you can. Mom never buys the store-bought pre-made stuff.
    She patiently collects cream from milk everyday, churns it into butter and heats it to make ghee.

    In India, we get unhomogenized milk that has a nice creamy layer. It is possible because India is not ruled by US FDA.

  68. G-string Tush!

    Thanks Roamy. There’s quite a few that look like they’re right on top of each other until you zoom in.

    Is Cuffy even still on this planet? He had better get his ass back here to say hello or HE’S OFF THE MAP!!!1!

    Am I missing anyone who’s been here recently who should be on there?

  69. Thanks, Cyn!

  70. My mom said that when she moved here from Argentina (1957), she was really disappointed with the beef, milk, and butter. I guess Argentine cattle were raised on superior pasture. Pampas grass, I assume, but don’t really know.

  71. I think there’s a mistake on the map. Didn’t Uniball move to Portland?

  72. I was wondering about that very thing Jew but from his comments it looks like he moved from Portland. I went onto FaceChimpDouche and it looks like he’s still in Utah. Maybe I just move him out into the water with Americano.

  73. Ha ha! Just looked at the map. It shows Scott and Laura 3 miles away from each other.

  74. Tushar,
    While you are talking Indian food, I bought some Balti from Penseys.
    What is it good for?

  75. I hope you all noted that I am surrounded by the Appalachian mountains.

  76. Argentine Bahia grass?

  77. Ha ha! Just looked at the map. It shows Scott and Laura 3 miles away from each other.


    *feeling her OCD kicking in, she scurries back out to interwebz to fix*


  78. Balti? That word refers to more than one things.
    Are you referring to a cooking/serving pot called Balti?

  79. Cyn, don’t bother with that!
    I see that Sohos&Count and Will&Peel are keeping their distance as well.

  80. Howdy all!

  81. Laura, i figgered Uruguayan ancestry

  82. I did go back out, Tush, but if I make the pairs too close then you cannot see them individually when you zoom out.

  83. Peej! Howzit hanging, girl?

  84. Ok. I forgot I left a comment earlier….What’s the deal with the avatars?

  85. Peej, it isn’t Christmas so we went with POL avatars.

  86. heya PJ, hows the brood?

  87. it isn’t Christmas so we went with POL avatars.


    Hush now, you’ll spoil the secret!

  88. Howdy, PJ. Are your new curtains all that and a bag of chips?

  89. VMax, I don’t know any specific Balti recipes. Balti cuisine is Northwest India and Afghanistan. I am from central India. My knowledge is no better than yours.

  90. PJM, you miss all the good stuff studying and being a mom.

  91. PJM has children?!?!!

  92. POL avatars


  93. Thanks Tushar

  94. Scrawny guys with no junk should not be wearing blue and white striped panties. Just sayin’.

    Neither should guys who are packin’ unless they are wearing them for tips.

  95. Dammit, wrong avatar.

  96. Cyn, we’re missing Gabe and Unclefacts. Uncle’s been scarce, but Gabe was here yesterday.

  97. >> Scrawny guys with no junk should not be wearing blue and white striped panties. Just sayin’.

    Hey, I ain’t scrawny


  98. . . . guys with no junk should not be wearing . . .

    You’re okay with the knee-high stockings?

  99. OH Thank you Roamy!!! I had them both on my brain to add them and then I turned my head and…oooo shiny penny!!

  100. Um…okay, not okay with the stockings, but the britches are freakier.

  101. Scrawny guys with no junk should not be wearing blue and white striped panties. Just sayin’.

    Thank goodness I went with the neon green checkerboard pattern.


  102. I like the last picture. It’s a good age. I miss it.

  103. *scrubs eyeballs with magic eraser*

  104. thank god im already mentally ill, those pix would have sent me over the edge

  105. >> I miss it.

    You liked wearing footie pjs?

  106. I’m listenin to Abbey Road.

    McCartney is an underappreciated bassist.

  107. uh dave, im in footsies right now

  108. I don’t think I’da told that.

  109. but, but dave, its an authentic Christmas Story Bunny Suit!

  110. I know I wouldn’t a told that

  111. apparently, if I run my electric skillet, crock pot and computer at the same time…….I lose power.

    Who knew?

  112. Dave – True.

  113. I was totally in the middle of a brilliant comment too.


  114. Hey Vmax, another Hammond B3 song, Black Crowes, “She Talks to Angels”

    wft is my playlist in alphabetical order by artist??

  115. im in footsies right now

    I like the dinosaurs.


  116. Jew, thats sooooooo fairy
    Bunny suits for 250 lb men with a inline holster for a S&W is a little more butch

  117. Thanks Dave.

  118. Did anybody try to muscle in on anybody else’s turf today?

  119. It would appear that wpDunn is trying to muscle in on Jewstin’s footie pajamas.

  120. And Jewstin, if you’re still around. I washed and dried the fabric yesterday and set it up to cut out today. I ran out of time……but tomorrow I will finish them.

    I just have to save up money to buy curtain rods, but soon……..soon.

  121. I think Jay wins worst avatard ever. I cannot describe how much I detest Joy Behar. Seriously we were watching Hall Pass and she is a character in it and I seriously went ballistic. I was so pissed b/c I forgot that I had boycotted that movie for that reason and BAM! Confronted with the fucking c*nt

  122. Oh that is a good one Dave!

  123. joy behar is to comedy what my penis is to ravioli

  124. Sean and MCPO are both really creepy.

  125. Speaking of movies (sOhOs) Has anyone seen Sherlock Holmes A game of Shadows? Is it any good?

  126. I’m tellin ya dude, the B3 is the anchor of classic rock. It gets respect from all the big names.

  127. Bill Maher relaxing after a grueling Christmas beat down of Tim Tebow


  128. I saw it last Sat. It did not disappoint.

  129. Vmax, it is indeed a good saturday afternoon film
    its actually a little closer to the original pacing and characterizations that Conan Doyle wrote
    Plus Robert Downey Jr in drag

  130. Well, Joy is the unfunniest comedienne evah, so she’s got that going for her.

  131. Thanks again Dave.

    Heck one of the bands I was in had a Leslie I loved it, but naming songs that used it is hard.

    Boston! How could I forget?

  132. I just got off the phone with a friend living in northern Minnesota near the Canadian border. She said that since early this morning the snow has been nearly waist high and is still falling. The temperature is dropping way below zero and the north wind is increasing to near gale force. Her husband has done nothing but look through the kitchen window and just stare. She says that if it gets much worse, she may have to let him in.

  133. More than a feeling……….

  134. jay i dont care who ya are that there is funny

  135. Yep. Boston.

    It’s almost safer to ask “how many classic rock tunes didn’t use one?”

  136. You said that in your Larry the Cable Guy voice, didn’t you wpdunn?

  137. I saw the new Sherlock last night. It was pretty good, and as noted, hews a little (but not a lot) closer to ACD.

  138. What I hate hate hate is feeling hungry and fat at the same time.

  139. Well, Joy is the unfunniest comedienne evah, so she’s got that going for her.

    Dude. Margaret Cho.

  140. Vman I havent seen it yet but hope to go next week and will report back.

  141. There are funny comediennes?

    I call horsefeathers.

  142. I am stuck in weather that makes it difficult to stand or walk. I sympathize with anyone stuck up by the Canadian border!

  143. Dude. Margaret Cho.

    Fo shizzle. She is so unfunny its sad

  144. Chief, we still have snow from last week that hasn’t melted. I have friends in WISCONSIN that had better Christmas weather than us. While you were golfing last week I was freezing. (dialing it back a notch)

  145. Leon, emotional hunger or physical?

  146. Canada would be OK if they got rid of all the Canadians.

  147. What I hate hate hate is feeling hungry and fat at the same time


  148. Leon, emotional hunger or physical?

    Physical, I barely ate today. I’m gonna just let it pass and have a big breffast tomorrow at the Asian buffet.

  149. Xbrad, certainly a LOT closer than the Rathbone/Bruce movies
    wrong ages, wrong era
    Holmes was aged 35-30 Watson maybe 3-4 years younger
    the modern BBC’s Sherlock is a very interesting vision

  150. Canada would be OK if they got rid of all the Canadians.

    True dat. The two worst whores I ever met were both Canadian.

  151. Played the last time the temp was in the 40s and the wind was less than 15 mph. . . ten days ago.

  152. sohos your cankles are sexy

  153. Dunn, I’mma watch a couple episodes of Buffy tonight, then the first of the new BBC Sherlock shows. I’ve seen all three. Pretty damn good.

  154. test.

    b-rad……are you going to a meetup with andy? I thought andy said there wasn’t going to be a meetup?

  155. first of the new BBC Sherlock shows

    GAH!!!!!! It’s on? I was SO bummed when they only had like 3 or 4. It was definitely worth doing more.

  156. PJ, we’re having lunch on the 31st. Andy, Sean, and I. And Andy’s daughter.

  157. MCPO, I’ll give you a weather pass. Got into the 40s today for the first time in weeks I didn’t need gloves.

  158. PJ, there’s only three of the new BBC Sherlock shows. I recorded them last year.

  159. Just bought 2 boston albums for $10 yea me

  160. PJ, we’re having lunch on the 31st. Andy, Sean, and I. And Andy’s daughter.

    I might be able to convince pjd to let me borrow his truck and drive out there……..not sure though because I volunteered him to install 5 ceiling fans throughout our home with a friend on that day. Not sure how kindly he’ll look on me taking his baby and having fun while I leave him with the kids and ceiling fans.

    bwahaha hahahah

  161. Didja think of a time and location yet? Because it would be handy to have something more specific than “drive east.”

  162. XBrad, wasnt a fan of buffy but i liked the spin off Angel. The SO got me hooked

  163. Vmax, did you buy them at wiser’s record store?

  164. PJ did you get your minivan fixed?

  165. so is my double chin wp

  166. Yay California!

    California will also become the first state to require students to learn about the societal contributions of gays and lesbians

    Yay Utah!
    New laws in Utah will make any daily drink specials illegal – essentially banning happy hour

  167. o….m…g…..w…..t…..f….is your avatar PJM

  168. 1. So, PJ, that’s a no?

    2. Sean- Drive East. I think Andy talked about some place called Rick’s, but I forgot. He’ll tell us something, I’m sure.

    3. Dunn, Angel wasn’t nearly as good as Buffy.

  169. soho – MORE to love my darling

  170. PJ, we’ve had the Happy Hour ban forever. All our Happy Hour promos are about food.

  171. PJ did you get your minivan fixed?


    No. I’m debating on whether it’s just better to get a used car at carmax and be done with this, or sink more money into it.

    I’ve already put several thousand bucks into it.

  172. Xbrad, probly not but a “Young man in love………..” and all that besides i had a huge crush on “Fred” Winifred Burkle

  173. California will also become the first state to require students to learn about the societal contributions of gays and lesbians

    Alan Turing helped the Allies win WWII, made enormous contributions to computer science.

    That’s pretty much it, the rest is musical theater, and that can DIAF.

  174. I remember a time back in Tulsa when the ladies drank free Sunday through Thursday nights at most locations.

  175. Just bought 2 boston albums for $10 yea me

    awesome. Did you get them at Wiserbud’s record store?

  176. o….m…g…..w…..t…..f….is your avatar PJM

    I google “windowlicker” and that’s what I came up with.

  177. No. I’m debating on whether it’s just better to get a used car at carmax and be done with this, or sink more money into it.

    Ugh; hate that dilemma. If only we know someone who knew his way around finding used cars… if only…

  178. Peej
    if you were back here I would send you to my Bro’s shop.

    I forgot to make a rue for my pot roast. Is there anyway to thicken a pot roast gravy in a slow cooker after you have started?

  179. PJ, we’ve had the Happy Hour ban forever.

    wtf? That ain’t right. You don’t live in the south………or utah.

  180. Just for you, Dunn…\

  181. That is Hell

  182. Cornstarch, vmax. Mix it with cold water.

  183. We still have Happy Hours

  184. I forgot to make a rue for my pot roast. Is there anyway to thicken a pot roast gravy in a slow cooker after you have started?


  185. Cyn, 10 days before I turned 18 the drinking age was raised to 21 in TX. 2 months before I turned 21, NM dropped drink special Happy Hours. I’m like the bad luck fairy.

  186. Normal yearly precipitation in our valley = 40 inches.

    2011 yearly precipitation = 77.3 inches

    Damp + cold = Stiff and cranky MCPO!

  187. Butter and flour works too, vmax.

  188. That is Hell

    hahaha, like you can talk.

    Ugh; hate that dilemma. If only we know someone who knew his way around finding used cars… if only…

    bwahahaha, is that vmax you’re talking about? Cuz he just told me to drive to Florida to take my car to his brother.

  189. What Jay said: add corn starch in jar with very cold water, shake and add. You’d be better off if you poured your juices into a pan on your stove, brought it to boil, and then add the cornstarch. Boiling is magic.

  190. I think a bullet in my knee would feel better.

    Fuckin knees.

  191. xbrad ill be in my bunk

    you got any sohos ankle shots?

  192. Oso, my brother missed the 19 drinking age in Iowa by 2 months too.

  193. Cyn, 10 days before I turned 18 the drinking age was raised to 21 in TX. 2 months before I turned 21, NM dropped drink special Happy Hours. I’m like the bad luck fairy.

    So, you should probably get the blame?

  194. I’m sorry Dave. I ‘member that pain before the surgery

  195. Gah! No flour unless you are going to boil!!

    *still remembers the thwacks from my grandma’s wooden spoon on my hands for that one*

  196. Dave – I hear you!

  197. Rub some dirt on em, Dave.

  198. Cornstarch is my go to thickener when I forget rue. Arrow root works well to. But I do not do slow cooker more than 2x a year. I get cornfused.

  199. **sorts through stacks and stacks of nude pics**

    Sorry, no ankle pron.

  200. My hubby’s younger sis missed that age-change-drinking-cutoff-thing while the hubby was grandfathered in. The burn on that one must have been exquisite.

  201. You have to cook the flour in butter, first, cyn. But you can get away with it.

    It’s pretty close to boiling in the slow cooker, anyway, if you crank it up at the end.

    Of course, if you did this in a pressure cooker, you’re done in an hour.

  202. Hell, I’ve been drinking in bars since I was 16. Is that a problem?

  203. Fuckin knees.

    Must be all that prayin’. Have you looked into eliminating gluten from your diet?

  204. >> I ‘member that pain before the surgery

    Oh honey, this ain’t even close to the shit you went through.

    I shut my mouf. It never hurt that bad.

  205. Good thing I was a girl and bouncers didn’t ID girls. Never had to actually buy a drink either. I may have to rethink the “woe is me” thing.

  206. Have you looked into eliminating gluten from your diet?

    CYN!!! Why did you do that to me? I have a hunk of chicken and rice up my nose now.

  207. >> Have you looked into eliminating gluten from your diet?

    I eliminated some gluten around noon today.

  208. I have a hunk of chicken and rice up my nose now.

    You’re doing it wrong.

  209. I’ve given up trying to save you people from gluten.

  210. “So, you should probably get the blame”. PJ, my birthday is 9/11. Plus, I’m Catholic. I’m used to feeling guilty for stuff I can’t control.

  211. When I was 16 in Texas the drinkin age was whatever the fuck I could steal.

    It was also 18 and Davey Badger didn’t give a shit.

  212. Finally have reliable Internet access! Mr. TiFW’s mom’s house had VERY “iffy” connections….

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

  213. Plus, I’m Catholic

    Say no more. I understand completely.

  214. My bday is 9/2 and I don’t feel guilty.


  215. Dave, we would go to Addison to drink. I was just looking forward to not having to sweat out the ID thing.

  216. Do not click this link!


  217. Gluten is wheat + water + beaten

    Nothing but wheat and beaten water. The less beating the less gluten.

    100 proof alcohol + beating = 50% less gluten

    Softly stirred wheat and water = very little gluten

    Rice = 0 gluten
    Oats = 0 gluten

  218. >> Dave, we would go to Addison to drink. I was just looking forward to not having to sweat out the ID thing.

    I grew up (from the age of 10, after moving to Texas from Alabama) 3 miles from Addison. When I was a kid it was all fields north of Belt Line, and I hunted dove anywhere I wanted to drive my truck and go.

    I’d buy you a drink there anytime, and there are way more choices than the cooler in my truck now, back in 1977.

  219. I put 5 tablespoons of gluten into a 2.5 lb loaf of wholewheat bread.

  220. Hi Tif!
    I missed you
    When I turned 18 month later they raised the drinking age to 19. When I turned 20 1 month later they raised the drinking age to 21. Good for me.

  221. Adds flour to crock pot, sets to low. Carrots are are still hard Celery and taters are soft. I need Bacon!

  222. When I lived in Mesquite, there was no Frisco. Addison had all the theme restaurants and bars with girlie drinks. We would hang out at different lakes after driving into Dallas for booze.

  223. Vmax, where were you when you turned 18?

  224. I have been buying beer and drinking in bars (in Texas) since I was 16. The drinking age danced around me so much 18, 19 then 21 that I was never questioned

  225. I grew up in Washington. The drinking age was 21.

  226. Vmax, gluten is a protein inherent in wheat. Beating wet flour just allows gluten molecules to hook onto each other like paperclips in chains. Unbeaten flour has plenty of gluten, it just hasn’t formed strands.

    Oats don’t have it, but they do have avenin — which is a similar prolamine — in somewhat lesser amounts, same is true for corn and it’s prolamine, zein. Both can have the same effect on gut permeability as gluten, which is the primary reason that all of them can cause systemic inflammation.

    White rice is relatively benign, though, it’s got nearly no prolamine content due to millenia of deliberate cultivation.

  227. I’m really glad the drinking age here now is 52

  228. SoHos, I would get carded at R rated movies. I still get carded in bars and restaurants. I can’t relax at movies if I bring outside snacks in.

  229. Paris Hilton is an awful actress.

  230. Crazy:

  231. Paris Hilton is an awful actress.

    How dare you!

  232. Paris Hilton is an awful actress human being.

  233. Paris Hilton is an awful actress.

    I’ll take “No shit?” for $1000, Alex.

  234. My bf was 3 years older than me and while my face looked like a baby my body did not so when we went places no one questioned me…when I was 19 the drinking age was 21 but by then I had a fake ID from a gf who had graduated a couple years ahead of me….

  235. Good night y’all. I promise not to eat anyone while I am sleeping. Read the Cyn and Xbad “Oso” comments this morning.

  236. How the heck did Paris Hilton get injected into this conversation?

    Stay On Topic Please!!1!

  237. goodnight oso

  238. Sweet dreams Osogirl

  239. SoHos, I had already figured out the “reason”. I shopped in the Kids department back then too.

  240. Sorry, I flipped over to House of Wax and was dumbfounded that anyone put her in even a movie this shitty.

    And Cyn, yeah, that’s pretty much what I sound like talking about this stuff. My wife rolls her eyes at me if other people are around.

  241. Topic? Topic? You wanna talk about TOPIC?!

  242. Thanks for the g’nights. I’m stalling.

  243. Thank you for the clarification. Carry on. Or not.

  244. Florida Oso

  245. work tomorrow.

    Goodnight all you weird avitar crazy people.

  246. My wife rolls her eyes at me if other people are around.

    Oh I’m sure she doesn’t at all. It really is helpful information when you need it.

  247. Nighty sweet dreams Dave.

  248. Cyn, please don’t patronize me. I know almost nobody gives a shit.

  249. goodnight davey davey dave King of the wild frontier

  250. I love hearing about glutenin and gliadin!

  251. How many people knew Melanie Griffith had a hot, red-headed sister that starred in a forgettable string of B movies? Show of hands.

  252. I knew that Michelle Pfiffer did

  253. I wouldn’t mind seeing Melanie Griffith in B movies.

  254. More black bears coming down from the mountains and getting into trouble. Can’t blame ’em though, those Wendy’s dumpsters got some good fat in them!

  255. **doesn’t show hand**

    Got a link?

  256. I wasn’t patronizing you in my most recent comment Leon. I’m thinking that you might exaggerate what your wife’s responses might be, but maybe not. I could think of some patronizing stuff to say if you wanted, but it was not intended as so in my last.

  257. Jay, have you seen Cherry 2000?

    Also, GIS for Tracy Griffith. She’s adorable.

  258. I have not seen that, leon.

  259. Cyn, I think it’s mostly that she hears it from me first, so when I talk about it in front of her, it’s old news for one, and sort of embarrassing for the pure dorkery of it.

  260. Huh. Whaddyaknow? She is pretty cute.

  261. Jay, it defines B movie, and stars Melanie long before she hit the wall. Before she was even famous, really.

  262. Aww, I don’t have to work in the morning. What a shame.

  263. Trailer, and yes, that’s a cameo by Larry Fishburne.

  264. Wow, that one looks delightful, leon.

    In the future, a man travels to the ends of the earth to find that the perfect woman is always under his nose.

  265. I’m thinking it’s time to head to the bed and the iPad. . .

  266. Dorkery schmorkery. It’s hers to get over. Dirt might help with that.

  267. I actually don’t get carded as much as you would expect. But then, I don’t buy alcohol very often at all.

  268. It’s… a movie. It’s best seen less than sober.

  269. Is that iPad for warmth, MCPO, or so you can keep reading H2?

  270. Cyn, I did send her this.

  271. It’s best seen less than sober.

    This, can be arranged.

  272. shit…the gin is done and all that’s left is beer….
    i gave my bourbon to some turd that thought it was whiskey…
    wtf was i thinking….

  273. There was a few stars that I recognized in that clip. That’s kinda eerie.

  274. Cyn, I did send her this.

    HA! Just what the doctor ordered!

  275. jam2, with the winning avatard! Bwahahaha.

  276. Tim Thomerson was sort of a big name back then, he’s the antagonist iirc.

  277. Oh Jam that is excellent!

  278. Is that iPad for warmth, MCPO, or so you can keep reading H2?


  279. Baylor game is crazy

  280. Crap, forgot about that.

    Holy cow! 49-46 in the 3rd?

  281. cyn;
    after trying desperately to bleach the blue and white striped underwear “thing” from my mind, i thought an injection of a little testosterone back into the post might help….
    only big sis could out “man” rosie o’donkey…

  282. Holy cow! 49-46 in the 3rd?

    Did the respective defensive lines just not show up?

  283. Rosie sure has it, Jam. That pic is a great mashup.

    You ever going to send me a decent POL pic sometime before SOPA kicks in, or should I load up the out of focus one you sent me a while back?

  284. It has just been insane

  285. Baylor holds! Baylor holds!

    Well, he missed the field goal.

  286. i keep getting side tracked…..?

    i’m camera shy?

    *searches for non-lame excuse for forgetting*

  287. holy shit! did yall see that?

  288. well shit this game’s going on

  289. craziness, sohos.

    Your Baptists forgot how to play defense, Dave.

  290. 102 points scored, and there’s :58 left in the 3rd.

  291. Yeah we were looking at the over under and it was 80 1/2

  292. Haha, usually they get it a little closer than that. Someone in Vegas isn’t happy.

  293. I’m gonna have to finish watching the game in bed. Good night cool kids and sweet dreams to you all.

  294. another sexy pair of sisters are kylie and Danni Minogue

  295. >> Your Baptists forgot how to play defense, Dave.

    They haven’t had one all season

  296. I am craving salt! It is making me crazy. I wish I had a salt lick

  297. >> I wish I had a salt lick

    Seven hundred and forty three jokes just got tossed into the corner to die.

  298. hahahaha! Cyn is a funny monkey.

  299. goodnight friends

  300. night sohos, Go Bears!

  301. And, Baylor recovers. Nice game. 123 points scored.

  302. For the record – “glutinous” is NOT the same thing as “gluten” when it comes to what people with Celiac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity can and cannot tolerate.

    All grains become starchy when added to liquid (“glutinous”). Almost all of them become starchy when added to water.

    There are only 3 grains that will not naturally release their starch in water – wheat, barley, and rye. Those 3 grains will only “naturally” release their starch in alcohol; in order to be water soluble, they have to undergo a chemical process called deamidization.

    Those are the 3 grains that cause problems in the digestive systems of people with CD/GS. Those 3 grains also have only a single leaf branching off of the grain stalk (all of the others have 2 leaves branching).

    Sorry – I couldn’t stay quiet about this one…..

    Signing off for the evening – everyone have a great night!

  303. wow, cue up Charlie Brown’s teacher!


    Thanks for the info, TiFW. Good to see you again!

  304. *Walks into room eating a bologna and cheese on wheat sammich, along with a six pack of caramel corn handy movie size canisters, a tube of squeeze cheese and half a box of Wheat Thins.*

    Whatchu lookin’ at, Willis?

  305. *saunters back through and throws clintbird a six pack of liquid O-H gluten laden goodness to wash the whole mess down with*

  306. 5 tablespoons. . . just sayin’!

  307. You shouldn’t stay quiet about gluten, Teresa.


  308. I only use 2 tablespoons, Chief. Glutenist.

  309. Lemme just say… The Beatles Rock Band?


    Closely followed by Green Day Rock Band, only because of the awesome amount of hypocrisy that is built right into the game.

  310. I’ve heard great things about Beatles Rock Band. I’m tempted to buy that.

  311. Wiser
    Beatles? Are you 13? and a girl?

    Damn Dogs wake me up to go poo at 2am*@V$&^&#GN#&@!!

  312. TiFW
    Glad you are back I missed you.
    I watch Alton Brown
    on the food Tee Vee
    Umm I am not a chemist?

  313. Lost a hundred at cards tonight. Shoulda hung out with y’all.

  314. ouch PG
    I wonder why I hang out here after midnight eastern

  315. wakey wakey

  316. ent by leoncaruthers on December 29, 2011 9:56 pm

    What I hate hate hate is feeling hungry and fat at the same time.

    I’ve got a great new diet technique. Have your husband come home really grumpy.

    I couldn’t eat a thing last night.

    Oh, and they stole all the pipes from our house in Detroit.

  317. That sucks Car in.

  318. That’s why they can’t have nice things in Detroit.

  319. I’ve got to go there today and clean up the mess. I’m taking one of my dogs with me. They hate people, so I think it’s appropriate.

  320. Should I take the alpha one with the bum leg, or the beta who’s healthier?

    I’m thinking alpha, because if he’s pissed, no bum leg is going to get in his way.

  321. WHere’s Roamy? I keep having to unplug my router.

    I thought she’d appreciate that.

  322. This is the last time I wake up at 5:30 expecting you guys to entertain me.

  323. I slept in until 6 today. Awesomeness.

  324. Underpants.

  325. Underpants.

    That’s always a good one.

  326. I woke up early – and figured I could download stuff ( I get unlimited bandwidth between 2 and 7 am Eastern)… well, I got the new iTunes, but something went wrong when I tried to update my iPhone (had to unplug router, as I mentioned) . It’s been acting funny.

    Anyway, maybe tonight I can wake up and finish that.

  327. Did they strip the house Car in?

    Did the neighbors see anything?

  328. The neighbors had to see something. That is not a quick job.

  329. The took everything they could get from the basement – all the pipes under the first floor. That is most of it, since the second floor only has one bathroom – not even a full bath.

  330. Silly Scott. The cops are your enemy in Detroit. You don’t call “the man” on anyone.


    Fucking criminal culture.

    Plus – house right next to me is empty (guy in a similar situation as us) and the other side is renters. They don’t give a shit.

  331. We should have a meet up at your Detroit house. Dave would be safe, and we could finish the demolition for you.

  332. Car in.


    How many times do I have to remind you that if we just spend more money on education, welfare, and healthcare, no one would steal your pipes? The people who liberated your pipes were probably just trying to make ends meet in the Bush economy.

  333. Yea, that’s exactly what the fucktards in Detroit say.

    It’s not their fault they’re all useless pieces of shit. We need to send in the National Guard.

  334. MJ, I thought you were Sinead, but now I realize you are Brittany.

  335. Whataya gonna do with that house, CaRin? Are you still trying to rent it?

  336. I hate it when people steal from me. While I was sleepless last evening it occurred to me that is what this administration and Bernankie has been doing for the past 3 years. That 3% raise you had last year?


    and about 10 more years on top of that. It is no wonder that business have been laying off 1/2 million people a month for 3 years.

    and where did the money that Bernankie took from you go? heh I could do a whole poat on that subject.

  337. I’m a NG spouse, I can be sent.

    Should have rubbed down all your plumbing with poison sumac.

  338. I don’t know what we are going to do, honestly. Now we have to fix it up (again) to rent it to someone who will most likely trash it?

    ga. It’s a nightmare.

  339. Go do a post, v-man. At my place.

  340. Would foreclosure really be all that bad?

  341. Yea, that’s what I should have done. Honestly, I suppose I should be amazed that it took this long.

  342. My husband worships his credit rating.

  343. That property tax bill must really sting.

    If it were my house it would be on fire.

  344. I worked at many greek owned restaurants that burnt down for less Scott.

  345. It’s a habit he and I share, Car in. We borrowed 5k to not sell the AA house short. 2.3k of that was escrow that we got back a few weeks later, but still.

    The problem you might have is that they can potentially come after your other real estate with a lien for the difference. I’d talk with a good accountant and see what your options are to protect your wealth. Minimally, you could probably go 6-12 months not paying before they start proceedings.

  346. Do you think I built a camp fire in my living room? Musta been a homeless person!

  347. That property tax bill must really sting.

    Oh, but the city services are so worth it.

    50% going to legacy costs.

  348. Are there any stumps in the yard?

    Just sayin’.

  349. *Sticks electric welder in outlet*
    Faulty wiring!

  350. Lots of house fires start with people stealing copper wire.

  351. *blows out pilot light on oven sets to 400*
    Um… how close are the neighbors???

  352. Let’s hope the insurance company doesn’t check Carin’s internet history…

  353. Or mine Leon!

  354. Jenna is making the most of her liberal arts master’s degree.

  355. I need to get some term life insurance, anybody have a recommendation?

    State Farm has my home and cars, but they want too much $$ for my life.

  356. Select Quote

  357. You watch Mythbusters, Leon?

  358. What I’m really worried about is that someone might actually steal the wires and start a fire, then they’ll see this conversation during the investigation.

  359. Can you add it with your health insurance from work? That’s usually the cheapest route.

  360. You should set a trap in case they come back to steal your pipes again.

  361. New high tech filler post.

  362. I’m on a HSA with no Life option. My last policy was through my old company and it was dirt cheap compared the rates I’m getting quoted now.

    Select Quote was who I was trying to think of, thanks Dave!

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