Saturday Wrapping Up

I’d like to take a moment and wish all the Hostages a Merry Christmas. You have all become like family to me, only better because you don’t visit and ask for money.

Get yourselves fortified for the activities of the day.

I will be making Peanut Butter Fudge, wrapping gifts, and generally being lazy as is my want.

Good luck to you all with some assembly required and batteries not included.


  1. This poat is awesome.

  2. Merry Christmas Pups.

  3. A ancient family recipe
    Holiday Eggnog
    Beat until stiff 12 egg whites
    Beat in 1/2 cup sugar
    Beat until very light 12 egg yokes 1 cup sugar 1/4 tsp. salt

    Combine the egg mixtures and stir until thoroughly blended. Add:
    1 quart heavy cream, beaten 1 quart milk 1 quart bourbon whiskey
    Beat well. Add: 1 cup rum
    Pour into a gallon jar. Store in a cool cellar. Shake or stir thoroughly before serving. Sprinkle with nutmeg.

  4. The cool cellar thing has me scratching my head

  5. I suppose cArIN is too busy to wakey wakey this morning.

  6. New poat little elves.

    Again: dwarf. I feel insulted.

    Just got two presents wrapped for my mom and niece-or-nephew. Badly. I’m hoping my wife will see how badly and do the rest.

  7. Merry Christmas MJ and Vmax.

    That nog recipe looks kick ass. I don’t think I’ve ever purposely drank rum and bourbon together. The heavy cream and raw eggs would probably bridge the gap nicely.

  8. The cool cellar thing has me scratching my head

    Too cold and the fats will start to go solid, too warm and it’ll be unpalatable (and possibly grow nasty bugs while you’re waiting to consume it).

  9. Santa’s Dwarfs doesn’t have the same ring to it, Leon.

    Badly wrapped presents are a Christmas tradition in the Pupster house…also the use of Gorilla Glue and heavy duty packing tape on every box-joint.

    We open our presents with pry bars and plasma torches.

  10. That first gif makes me miss Zusanna. The new gal is pretty phenomenal too, though.

  11. We open our presents with pry bars and plasma torches.

    That’s awesome. I want to party with you guys.

  12. *re-reads Vmax’s recipe*

    You know, there seems to be a lot of beating in Vmax’s holiday past.

  13. That first gif makes me miss Zusanna. The new gal is pretty phenomenal too, though.

    *does that thing where I smile and nod and act like I know what the fuck your talking about*



  15. Sorry – wakey wakey

  16. I selpt in until 8.

  17. Pupster, your first gif was Zusanna, the gal from

    She’s sorta moved on at this point.

  18. The egg whites are a PITA however they do make it a “lighter” than leaving them out

  19. Crap, we were supposed to leave at 9.

  20. where’s leon going?

  21. Edwardsburg, Mom and Dad’s. Have to get there early to start my roast. I talked them into grassfed sirloin tip roast instead of lasagne.

  22. Yum. Sounds good. get moving.

  23. I see stupid people.

  24. >> I see stupid people.

    Where?! Don’t get any of it on you!!

  25. I have come to a conclusion, anyone walking into a ‘pack and ship’ store on Christmas Eve is an idiot.

  26. What if they bring you cookies?

  27. I know that Andy lives in Mass and the W’s and Wiser live in CT. What other hostages live in New England? I’m asking for a friend.

  28. Steve the Pirate. But not in the wintertime I think.

  29. West and Revvy are in CT, too.

    And Slublog’s in Maine, but I think that’s part of Canada.

  30. Revvy and West are up here too.

  31. Wefwesh

  32. I was distracted by an idiot.

  33. Scott is the Grinch.

  34. AgileDog is from MA. Not sure if he still qualifies though. I think Jam is from NJ.

  35. and the brown guy.

  36. >>>I was distracted by an idiot.

    Sorry. Should I come back later?

  37. *puts off going into Pack and save

    I actually do have to mail stuff, but I don’t care when it gets there. I’ve just been too busy. My bil already knows it’s going to be late.

  38. I’m just hanging here. Waiting for an opportunity to go for a run. Husband isn’t ready for me to leave. @@

  39. agile dog showed up at my site the other day. He’s been dealing with life. He says he’s trying to make a come back.

  40. >>>agile dog showed up at my site the other day. Heโ€™s been dealing with life. He says heโ€™s trying to make a come back.


  41. Call it a “cover”

  42. Just waking up–Good Morning Sunshines!

  43. >>
    Just waking upโ€“Good Morning Sunshines!

    Lazy. I been up for 3 hours and am already half-way to the in-laws.




    *morning Cyn

  45. Not Slacking.

    Making an investment in my beauty sleep, which wouldn’t kill you either.

  46. >> Making an investment in my beauty sleep

    You must do that a lot because, wow!

  47. Can I give you my grocery list, Dave? I already survived the Total Wine store and Walmart last night at 5:00 pm. I’m askeered to go out again.

  48. That’s not good Dave. I can see the grocery store parking lot from here and it’s ugly.

  49. Bring pepper spray.

  50. I just know if I have to go out again I’m going to be using some of the new sign language I’ve learned.

    *practices ‘twat waffle’ sign*

  51. The Mrs. is going to do even more last minute shopping in a bit.

    I went with her yesterday and was one Masshole gridlocking an intersection away from making the national news.

  52. wait, wait.. what’s the one I learned?

    Oh yeah, “suck it now!”

    *puts my .45 in the middle of back holster

    I’m ready

  53. So PG is headed back East? Steve the Reunion Guy is also there.

  54. I should update the H2 Map of Peeps. I’ll add that to my To-Do List.

    What do you all think of the idea of putting names on it, but tucking it into a password protected Tab?

  55. Damn rural towns with no damn service…

  56. >> Can I give you my grocery list, Dave?

    Sure, as long as I get to deliver the groceries.

  57. I should update the H2 Map of Peeps. Iโ€™ll add that to my To-Do List.

    What do you all think of the idea of putting names on it, but tucking it into a password protected Tab?
    As someone who travels quite a bit, this would be pretty useful. Hanging out with Cathy and Michael was really fun, and she made a pie!

  58. Heh

  59. pie.


  60. All I see is a brown mushy heart.

  61. Thanks for the feedback MJ!


    Scott – Ha! Evil

  62. Oh goodness yall have me laughing this morning. Seriously got so tickled that I had tearts coming out. Scott when I worked retail for 7 years I started to get panicked that the customers could hear my thoughts. I was seriously screaming “IDIOT” in my mind while smiling and helping.

  63. Wow, look at those earrings.


  64. Thanks Dave! Speaking of pretty jewelry, we had Christmas at my Dad’s last night and he surprised me with my Grandmothers Ruby/diamond ring set in white gold. It is so beautiful. Ruby is also my birth stone. I am so honored to have it.

  65. Oh my! How wonderful hon!

    It’s Festivus for the Rest of Us!

  66. I was laughing so hard reading last night’s joke thread. Oh man that was great.

    Watching the Three Musketeers. Oh my god it sucks.

    Has anybody ever made a good 3 Musketeers movie? I can’t remember any. Think they all sucked.

  67. >> Has anybody ever made a good 3 Musketeers movie?

    The Three Stooges made a decent short.

  68. I used to love the Tom and Jerry cartoons that were Three Musketeer themed.

  69. “Has anybody ever made a good 3 Musketeers movie?”

    No, but someone made a damn fine candybar.

  70. Changed the channel when I saw Charlie Sheen. You have got to be frickin’ kidding me.

  71. Hello from Virginia. Uneventful trip here. Now I can be like Carin with a dog on my foot.

  72. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a good 3 Musketeers movie. I didn’t see the most recent one with all the CGI either. Lauraw, the Disney version with Sheen was the worst.

  73. Brisket is marinating in the cool cellar, gifts are wrapped, I’m sitting in my jammies drinking coffee. At some point, I have to bake the last loaf of bread.

  74. I used to love the Tom and Jerry cartoons that were Three Musketeer themed.

    With the smaller mouse. (Tuffy?) “Oui, Monsieur Pussycat!”

  75. At some point, I have to bake pinch the last loaf of bread..


  76. Anyone else tracking Santa with NORAD?

  77. Tushar is fully inculcated to North Jersey, I see!

  78. Central Jersey

  79. Tushar – You live in Trenton?

  80. Thought Jerseyans always said what exit rather than what city. (Mr. RFH is exit 16W.)

  81. Oh goodness last nights joke thread was awesome. Thanks for pointing it out Layra

  82. Roamy – Exit 7 for me.

  83. *sneaks in… looks around*

    Hey, Hostages. Hope you all are having a great holiday and a Merry Christmas. Sorry… been out of it. Lots going on.

    Thank you to Sox, my Secret-Santa for the puppy-dog. He’s under the tree.

    Gotta get moving. Might try to pop back in later, but crap! I’m not ready this year.

    Squishy hugs and Sloppy kisses. Love you guys.

  84. Good God. My FIL can’t hear himself farting, and he just cropdusted the place. Dayum!

  85. You should tweet that Roamy!

    High gear time for me cool kids. BBL.

  86. I am between 8A and 9

  87. **goes to hug Cathy, gets runover by MCPO’s Rascal**

  88. Roamy, may be you can have the JPL folks meet your FIL and get some ideas.

  89. Hugs, Cathy. Your father is up there, looking down at his goofy son in law battling moths and laughing.

  90. Cathy – Love ya!

  91. Hi Cathy!

    I was at exit 13 the 2 years I lived in Jersey

  92. I remember this 3 Musketeers from my yout:

    Mostly because Faye Dunaway and Raquel Welch showed lots of cleavage.

  93. Tushar, I think maybe a grant for alternative energy sources (methane).

  94. Good day, y’all.

    I have Eldest baking, and me sitting at the laptop. YAY!!

  95. Good morning, Hotsausage McMufflers.

  96. Aggie – What is your eldest baking, if I may ask?


    #1 with a bullet.

  98. Roamy, are the poinsettias all dead? Has the Christmas tree started shedding needles already? Is the paint peeling from the walls?

  99. Tushar, nah, it was just noisy rather than smelly. He can’t hear very much, so the TV is always on BLASTYOURSOCKSOFF LOUD.

  100. Roamy – He needs some wireless headphones for the TV.

  101. Good morning, Sean!

    MCPO, she is making Amish bread. One of her friends gave her the starter before the school break.


    …doesn’t get any credit. Otherwise, pretty cool.

  103. MCPO, then he would be considerate of others. Heh.

  104. L to R: Roamy’s FiL (out of frame), Roamy:

  105. I am being summoned. In case I can’t get back here, Merry Christmas, my friends. Squishy hugs and vodka shots Diet Dr. Pepper for all.

  106. Merry Christmas, Roamy!!

    *gives Roamy a red wine I.V.*

  107. Sean,

    “This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

    I don’t know why, but seeing you in the comment que made this scripture pop in my head.

    Merry Christmas my friend.

  108. After that horrible drought we had here in Texas, we are loving the constant rain.

    Kids want snow, but not happening this year ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. Pupster, I laughed at your categories!

    Merry Christmas Dog!

  110. Oh, and the “generally being lazy” link made me LOL.

  111. we are loving the constant rain.

    “If it keeps on raining, the levee’s gonna break. . .”

  112. Thank you Master Chief, I am discovering I have a new appreciation for Zeppelin.

  113. Ted Nugent with Anthony Bourdain on Travel Channel right now. It’s pretty funny.

  114. Howdy, Vmax!

    The bread here smells divine ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. Howdy, J’Ames!

    Got everything set for tomorrow?

  116. Gonna cook brisket overnight tonight, but 2 bags of charcoal are waiting in the garage.

    Whip up a few rolls, and I’m good.

  117. Ted Nugent with Anthony Bourdain on Travel Channel right now. Itโ€™s pretty funny.
    I’ve seen that episode. It was interesting considering they are complete opposites.

  118. […] Christmas Caturday! Via The H2 […]

  119. *spreads thick chocolate frosting all over MCPO’s pate*

    Dude, you look great as a brunette.

  120. *licks sideburns*

    Thanks, Laura!

  121. Hello Hotsnausages.

  122. My sister is generally a rather useless creature, expecting to be waited on hand and foot when she visits.

    But she did bring the Gene Autry Christmas album.

  123. Did you serve her an adult beverage and bring her brunch?

  124. Howdy, Brad!


  125. Dude, I just got up. I left her a half a cup of crappy coffee and some stale bread. And she’s lucky to get it.

  126. “My sister is generally a rather useless creature, expecting to be waited on hand and foot when she visits.”

    She seems wonderful!

  127. Aggie – Gmail me the recipe for the Amish bread and starter – if you have it, please.

  128. Mare, you complete me.

    Let’s run away together.

  129. Merry Christmas Pupster.

  130. And the rest of you nice people as well.

  131. Rosetta – Quit with the holiday greetings and make me a drink!

  132. MCPO, here’s the starter and recipe the girls used:

    Instead of using a bowl throughout the 10 days, they used 1 gallon ziploc bags. Worked very well, too.

  133. My sis works as a fundraiser for a non-profit, so I wanted to share last night’s joke thread with her. Turns out, out of a couple hundred, only about 4 were both funny and SFW.

  134. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Rosetta! *smooch*

  135. And Happy Christmas to you, manlesbian.

    I’m glad to hear Mrs. Rosetta got off with just a warning. That was close!

  136. Thank you, sweet Aggie!

    Rosetta – Imma die of thirst over here!

  137. I could use a beverage also!

  138. It is soooo almost time for Anta-say Ause-clay to start hittin’ the sauce.

  139. Andy–there’s a Bailey’s for that.

  140. **tacklehugs Cyn**

  141. *lets Xbrad tacklehug her as a Christmas present*

    Merry Ho Ho!

  142. Thanks, Cyn.

    It was good for me.

    //lights cigarette

  143. *looks at Pup’s link*

    *checks stocking*

    Nope. Nothing yet.

  144. Just off the phone with my Kentucky sis. Told her I was sending her a box of goodies and a redneck wineglass. She asked me how much it held.

    Me: Half a bottle.

    Sis: How do you know??

    Me: Practice…

    Sis: Has your MIL been to visit??

    Me: That was my practice…

  145. **puts “chew toy” on Xmas shopping list**

    OK, that’s Laura’s gift.

    What to get Pupster?

  146. I need a little help. My friend has a small blog, and she wants a lot of people to comment. She’s a nice gal, and her mom reads her blog, so be nice.

    I’ll give you smooches ๐Ÿ˜‰

  147. Kilt it ded??

  148. I’m checking out the blog you sent me to. Is the chick hawt?

  149. NOT my area of expertise, MCPO. But she is a sweetie. Posts at several places under the nic “The Queen”.

  150. Santa is in Moscow RIGHT NOW!!! SQUEEEEEEE!

  151. Does “The Queen” like gifs?


    She’s not H2 material, Pupster ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Santa is in Moscow RIGHT NOW!!!

    I am SO GLAD I’m not the only one tracking him!!

  153. Moscow?

  154. Huh. It turns out that gift wrapping is a lot easier when you don’t have the shakes and you’re not dripping sweat on everything. Who knew?

    Oh, and I saw the Psalm you quoted earlier, Puppeh. Thank you very much.

  155. God bless you, Sean.

    *gives Sean a case of Diet Dr Pepper*

  156. To the Hostages:

    Merry Christmas to all of you. You don’t have to get me anything, because you make me smile every day, and make my day a little brighter!

    Thanks for that, and have a great night/day/week/season!

  157. Sean – I use tissue paper and bags. . . and I don’t shake!

  158. Aw, shucks Ms. Aggie.

    *looks down at shoe, kicks pebble*

  159. We lived! Not too bad out there and DD and I have matching red nails ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. Merry Christmas to you also, J’Ames!!

    *gives J’Ames canned sunshine*


    Pupster is a bad, bad man!

  162. LOL, Pupster ๐Ÿ˜€

  163. My last loaf of bread is baking and smells delicious! Too bad it’s a gift.

  164. MCPO, the Amish bread is divine!!!



    I hope Floyd doesn’t ever see that. That poor fat sausage can’t even get his tongue in the neighborhood of his junk.

  166. But I bet you can.

  167. Your father is up there, looking down at his goofy son in law battling moths and laughing.

    I only killed about 8 pantry moths today. I think I am winning the war.

    I made some bread in the bread machine this morning, just to taunt them.

    Don’t think that I will ease up on Christmas Day. Oh no. I will be ruthlessly snapping them out of the air with my dish towel.

  168. But I bet you can.

    This is why you’re going to hell.

  169. HAHAHAHA!

    Rosetta – What is you libation of choice this evening?

  170. Merry Christmas, one and all!

  171. Rosetta โ€“ What is you libation of choice this evening?

    A Christmas Eve tradition of an Old Fashioned served in an over-sized snifter made by the lovely and talented Mrs Rosetta.

    And you fine sir?



  173. MCPO, have you seen this movie trailer?

    That’s a must see.

  174. Rosetta – I will be imbibing some 12 y/o Irish whiskey this evening in front of the fireplace.

  175. I didn’t do my annual Hostage Chrimmas greeting today.

    So here’s last year’s.

    Lazy fuck.

  176. So hereโ€™s last yearโ€™s.


    Love it ๐Ÿ˜€

  177. Merry Christmas Rosetta. Give the Mrs a hug for me. But no grabby hands, you pervert. That would just be weird.

  178. I didnโ€™t do my annual Hostage Chrimmas greeting today.

    So hereโ€™s last yearโ€™s.

    Lazy fuck.

    Hahaha. That’s awesome buddy.

    When I played that Mrs Rosetta said “Aw, he’s such an awesome guy.”

  179. You can go ahead and grab her butt for me. She’ll understand.

  180. Mrs Rosetta and I wish you and the siren that is Mrs MJ a very Merry Christmas.

  181. Hahahahahaha

  182. Merry Christmas to all – I’m on my phone, so i can’t link very well. Click on my name, and you can hear some very special music that i picked out very carefully for this most special of evenings.

    Love to you and yours!

  183. Merry Christmas, Teresa!! Smooches to you and yours!!

  184. Merry Christmas, everyone. Don’t make baby Jesus cry with your antics.

  185. Merry Christmas Tushar!!

  186. Cherry Mistress

  187. Merry Christmas, Tushar!! *smooch*

  188. My lib buddy Andy grew up on a farm in Vermont. His family makes maple syrup (award winning.) He just brought me a quart for Christmas.

    That’ll be good for 50 more Special Forces stories.

  189. Santa is in Casablanca, Morocco!!

    I wonder if he played it again.

  190. Santa is in Paris.

    Ride her hard, Old Man.

  191. Ride her hard, Old Man

    Santa doesn’t like sloppy seconds, or thirds, or fourths, or…

  192. Hahahahaha

    It’s just you and me, Aggie.

    Wanna dance?

  193. I’m so full I could cry. You know up until yesyterday I’ve only had 500 calories a day. I could burst

  194. Vodka

  195. John E., you’re a One Trick Pony.



    Sohos, take it easy!!


    *pours vodka rocks for John*

  197. *dips Aggie*

    Let’s waltz.

  198. At least you didn’t call me a dip.

    *waltzes with Hotspur*

  199. >>>John E., youโ€™re a One Trick Pony.

    It’s a cool trick, though.

  200. 1.2.3
    Turns on heel

  201. *twirls around*

    Hey! You didn’t even spill your drink!

  202. Santa is now in Cork, Ireland, and will be stopping in Dublin next.

    *pours Santa a Guinness*

  203. Also, Merry Christmas all. Thanks for going easy on the hazing.

  204. Merry Christmas to you, John!

  205. 98% done cleaning the house for tomorrow, and about to start dinner her at the in-laws.

    Bracing myself for boys wound with anticipation.

    Pray for me, I’m leaving the quiet calm of the deck and going in.

  206. Mmmmmm … Santa likes wine.

  207. Wow, my miserable pick ’em effort today may have dropped me below Dave. Holy schnikes!

  208. I should have thought of this sooner, if any Hostage has any assembly required for Christmas. I can be bribed with any number of items.

  209. *Checks watch*

    Yeah, that’s not gonna work vmax. But thanks.

    Actually, I don’t even have anything that needs putting together this year. Maybe the first time ever.

    *Yells at kids to stop growing up so fast*

  210. Actually Andy could bribe me with puppy breath. I will bet Zeke would teach puppy to play

  211. I’ll be praying for you, BisW.

  212. What does your pup smell like Andy?

    Zeke was unusual (to me) he smelled like firecrackers!
    Max smelled like orange blossom honey
    Anastasia smells like bananas.

    Anna Banana!

  213. I will bet BiW has some assembly tonight.

  214. Santa took care of all assembly stuff here, Vmax.

    Next time, I will be sure to call you ๐Ÿ™‚

  215. Thanks Aggie

  216. >> What does your pup smell like Andy?

    You could bottle the classic “Puppy Breath” smell if you could get her little snout in a harness.

    Although I’m either getting used to it or it’s really fading fast.

  217. Nice Andy!
    Very nice!

  218. Happy Christmas Eve! Herself and I are ensconced in front of the fire with adult libations and Christmas music.

  219. I have Charlie Brown playing and drinking a margarita ๐Ÿ™‚

  220. Did anybody jingle anybody else’s bells today?

  221. Those aren’t bells and I’ll thank you to keep your hands to yourself!

  222. We have vino and It’s a Wonderful Life going here.

    Just waiting for the kiddos to turn in so we can get to work.

  223. I just discovered Cassie and Anastasia and Zeke respond to whistles. Hahaha! goes outside and whistles!

  224. I am in the spambucket?

  225. Take a moment. . .

  226. I looked in teh bukkit, Vman, and you don’t seem to be there.

  227. Sean M – You spending the day with family tomorrow?

  228. Yeah, Chief–Mom, Dad, my brother, and Riley. I’m also going to a meeting before breakfast and one after dinner. Busy, busy, busy.

  229. Sean M – I hope you have a wonderful day and wish you a grand Christmas!

  230. Peace…
    *and not in a hippie fucker ows sort of way….*
    be with you all…

  231. Thanks, jam2!

  232. Thanks, Chief. Likewise to you and yours.

  233. Sounds very nice, Sean.

    No, won’t be able to jingle any bells until after Hubby comes home from deployment.

  234. no package

  235. Only one day of this crap left!

  236. Packages unwrapped, dishes put away, and the effects of the Bailey’s Mint Chocolate and Coffee have worn off.

    Santa is in Holetown!!!

  237. Sorry to hear that, Sohos ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  238. Santa’s next stop: GRENADA!!!

  239. Sorry to hear that Sohos. USPS lied to your Secret Santa. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  240. no package

    *looks down*

    How RUDE!

  241. It’s your new jammies, Chief. They look like they’re built for comfort.

  242. Cyn – Thanks, sweetie!

  243. *makes that clicky sound in my cheek, winks and does that finger gun thing*

  244. It’s not all smooth sailing for Santa…

  245. My assembly was done this afternoon.

    I came here to the in-law’s to put together Ethan’s electric scooter, and Jake’s drum kit.

    Then her Dad brought them over to me after she left with the boys to come here.

  246. Poor Santa.

  247. Dinner was a beautiful roast pork tenderloin, brussels sprouts, broccoli, baked tater with all the fixins, dinner rolls, and Belgian chocolates for dessert.



  249. Good thinking putting stuff together where the boys couldn’t see it BiW. We did that one year using the neighbor’s house that we were watching while they were away.

  250. And please Santa, don’t let the reindeer poop over Brazil.

  251. Night kids.

    *dancing sugarplum visions*

  252. Merry Christmas Pupster. May you find wonderful things in your stocking tomorrow when you wake.

  253. G’night, Pups.

    Don’t bite Santa when he comes down the chimney.

  254. You make breaking into a foreclosure and cooking up a batch of meth inside sound so wholesome, Cyn.

  255. HAHA! I was on a mission, Sean, and no one was going to stand in my way.

    *fixes slightly askew garland halo*

  256. When I snuggle in bed tonight, I’m gonna watch the most recent two episodes of One Tree Hill, and be all warm and fuzzy and happy because it starts its season on January 11th!

    In other good news, new Justified starts Jan 17th!

  257. If you do that Xbrad, you will be missing the Sound of Music that’s on ABC right now, at least here in our time zone.

  258. How many margaritas am I allowed on Christmas Eve?

  259. How many margaritas am I allowed on Christmas Eve?

  260. 11 2/3rds, but not 12

  261. Cyn, I’ve got SoM on my hard drive.
    But I don’t think of it as a Christmas-y movie.

  262. Get your math straight.


  263. Do the kids in Bogota Columbia leave blow on a dead hookers ass for Santa?

  264. I knew BiW had Assembly to be done.
    Lunch or dinner was all he needed to offer. Bikes 4 min Grills 5.

  265. Santa is in Colombia!!

  266. 20 if you are hard core
    11 if you are normal
    6 if a light weight

    Is that better?

  267. I can always count on you, Vmax ๐Ÿ˜€

  268. Aggie!

    That’s not a candy cane in my pocket, and I’m very glad to see you!

  269. Santa is in Haiti? I wonder if he’ll hit Cuba.

  270. Thatโ€™s not a candy cane in my pocket

    Snausage, maybe?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  271. You are welcome Aggie
    have another 10!

  272. Cyn, he was kind enough to stop in Guantanamo ๐Ÿ˜€

  273. I just saw he was there Aggie.

  274. How many margaritas am I allowed on Christmas Eve?

    Not more than two buckets.

  275. Buckets??

    Fuck, I’m behind.

  276. Guitmo! he is here next!!!!!!!

  277. Time to take the boys out tooling around in the car to look at Christmas lights.


  278. Have a great Christmas, Cyn!!


  279. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxo’s to you Cyn!

  280. Thank you Aggie, and to you, and everyone as well. Love you guys.

  281. Vman: smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooches!!


  282. I’m pretty sure bucket is the correct unit of measurement for margaritas.

    Especially those blue ones that leave behind a nasty headache.

  283. Vmax, are the dogs gonna get spoiled with chewtoys and hugs tomorow?

  284. Happy rubbernecking, Family of Cyn! And merry Christmas!

  285. Happy Chaunakka, Jewstin!

  286. Xbad
    They demolish compressed rawhide, they snack on rawhide. I have resorted to cow hoofs and they only last a day or 2 at the most. Is there anything tougher than cow hoofs?

  287. VMAX!

    What does your pup smell like Andy?

    Zeke was unusual (to me) he smelled like firecrackers!
    Max smelled like orange blossom honey
    Anastasia smells like bananas.

    That’s so funny. If you had put your nose to our late girl Ruby’s head, she smelled just exactly like Froot Loops. Exactly!

    Whereas my Yankee smells like a little like something burning in the kitchen. Not firecrackers. More charcoal-ish. Hard to describe.

  288. Is Tropicana, Patron, and Cointreau a margarita?

    I kinda doubt, but I’m not sure I care.

  289. an Army steak?

  290. Don’t forget Tennis balls
    Zeke will get 3 tubes of tennis balls. They will be all nice and green not black and dirty like the 2 he has left now.

  291. 6 hours in the car, 6 cookies eaten, 1 piece of ice cream cake, 1 serving of monkey bread. I’m already going to be sick tomorrow. May as well be hungover too.

  292. Leon, it’s close enough! Cheers!

  293. AIYEEEEEEE!!!!

  294. And to you, Xbrad. Have you spiked your mom’s eggnog yet?

  295. DAVE!!!!

    *gives Dave a margarita*

  296. Fruit Loops!
    You have to name him Toucan Sam or something!!!

    Well Firecracker is not Zeke, so maybe not.

  297. 6 hours Leon! are you in Idaho? or NYC?

    Maybe Calgary or Birmingham?

  298. I slipped a rufie in your mom’s, Jewstin. Is that close enough?



  300. G’night, Hostages, Lurkers and assorted Morons. Merry Christmas to the best bunch of friends and Fake Internet Family a man could hope for.

  301. Merry Christmas, Brad!!


  302. 6 hours Leon!

    Day trip: 3 hours there, 3 hours back.

  303. Toast Laura?

    Fish sticks?

    *fish sticks and clams are real fires caused by drunken room mates in the past*

    I would rather live under a bridge than with a room mate.
    Under water than with a room mate.

  304. Merry Christmas XBrad.

    We don’t have lurkers, do we? Who the eff would lurk here?

  305. Just had grilled lobster tails for dinner.

  306. My roast beast came out pretty good.

    I saved some for Cyn dee loo hoo.

  307. I made filet mignon for the kids.

    *polishes Mom of the Year Award™*

  308. I would rather live under a bridge than with a room mate.

    I agree with Vmax.

  309. must have been spiny lobster Sean.
    No one leaves claws off for grilling.
    Yum Lobster tails!

    Mix the legs with Ritz crackers and a bit of tamali with mayonnaise. Yum!

  310. I wouldn’t live under a bridge, but I would squat in a U-Stor-It.

  311. Maybe burning sugar, Vmax? It’s hard to describe. Definitely a burnt food smell. A ‘something went wrong in the kitchen’ smell.

  312. I had oyster stew. It’s tradition.

  313. Jew I could room with you.

    When the bikes and grills dry up I will look you up!

    Wait I need gas for a 2000 mile road trip.

    Maybe not Jew.

  314. Burnt Sugar!
    Hot Honey Buns!
    Toasted Cinnamon!
    Burnt maple pancakes!

  315. I didn’t grill them or buy them, so I’m not sure what kind they were, Vman. I think I heard that they were from Honduras.

  316. Oyster soup!


  317. mmmm, oyster stew. Mom used to make that.

    I hope all of you are having a splendid Christmas Eve.

  318. If they had claws Sean they were Maine Lobsters or North Atlantic Lobsters.

    If they were just tails they were spiny lobsters. spiny do not have as much meat as Maine. Who has Claws!

  319. Hi Lips!!!!!!!

    Oyster stew rocks!!!!!!!

  320. Wow, I never heard of oyster stew.

  321. Got off work at 9:35. Merry Christmas Hostages. Thanks for all the laughter.

  322. I burned all my hair off.


  323. I wonder if Mom has a recipe, Laura, other than “put this ingredient in until it looks right. . .”. I’ll ask.

    *tackles Laura, gives her The Oyster Cracker*

  324. Merry Christmas, everyone.


  325. *tackles V-man, gives him The Cow Hoof*

  326. Merry Christmas, Osito, Lipstick and Laura!!

  327. Oyster Stew:

    Milk – half a sauce pan
    Butter – 1 dollop
    Onion – half of a whole
    Garlic – be generous
    Oysters – many (canned are fine, fresh shucked are better)
    Salt – a good dash
    Pepper – to taste
    Worcestershire – four or five splashes
    Tobasco – as desired

    Put everything together, heat to simmering, let it be until the chopped onion is tender. Don’t boil or the milk with curdle.

    You can also add some chopped potatoes, but it takes much longer to cook.

  328. * turns fire extinguisher on Dave*

    It’s best to be sure.

  329. Merry Christmas, Aggie!

  330. I look stupid without hair.

  331. *Tackles Leon, gives him the Cider Vinegar with the Mother.*

  332. David, how did you burn your hair off?

  333. Jewstin- that’s chowder!

    Never had it with oysters. Will try it fer sure.

  334. >> David, how did you burn your hair off?

    You know when they say you should not put gasoline in the fireplace?

    They are so right about that.

  335. I look stupid without hair.

    You must be one of those fellows with a lumpy head.

  336. I have a big scar on my forehead from the steering wheel of a 1965 Chrysler. It’s bumpy.

  337. It is delicious, Laura.

  338. New Sherlock Holmes movie, fun.

  339. if you have hair I meant.

  340. Shut it Dave. I have hair. Some hair. Only half of it has gone white.

  341. *counts grey*


  342. Merry Christmas snausages!!!

  343. I don’t have any grey on my head.

    It sure is in my beard… stash too. Chest.

    Ok I’m done talking about it now.

  344. Merry Christmas Mesaboogie.

  345. I look stupid without my three hairs.

  346. Merry Christmas, Mesa.

  347. Merry Christmas, everyone.

    Santa duty’s done. Time to hit the hay.

  348. 3 minutes, and it will be Christmas in CDT too.

    Brisket is on the smoker, starting it’s slow journey to deliciousness.

  349. Merry Christmas, Jew.


  350. >> I look stupid without my three hairs.

    To be fair you kinda looked stupid with em.

    I keed. Merry Christmas my friend.

  351. Okay,
    Last time. Merry Christmas, and may God bless us, everyone, even Rosetta!
    /Tiny Tim

  352. merry christmas, fools.

  353. Up on the housetop derp, derp, derp…

  354. We wait all year for rain — we get it right when I pick up my Harley.

    Oh well. We need it.

  355. Have a blessed christmas guys
    i love each and one of you
    Bless our little folks henry,aron,moses,der missy mogenhertz,becca and all those little ones out there
    sleep in heavenly peace
    may the G_d of your fathers look over you

  356. what he said

  357. I’m hoping for thunder boomers on Christmas. That would be a novelty.

  358. Merry Christmas, ChrisP, Jazz, Mesa, J’Ames, and WP.


  359. Merry Christmas Aggie and late nighters

  360. Jewster, are you staying here for Christmas?

  361. Ok by, I go play video games until way too late and then wake up and find a bar that is open on Christmas.

  362. Yeh, Mesa. I can’t swing a trip to the hinterlands this year.

  363. Very Charles Buchowski, mesa. ๐Ÿ™‚

  364. Merry Christmas, Jazz. I’m glad you aren’t face down in a gutter.

    Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

  365. Merry Christmas, hostage darlings! Long day, Santa work is done, sleep, then up to cook.

    I hope I remembered everything. Oops, no cash for the kiddies. Hope they take checks. *snort*

    *double thwaps Jazz and Jewstin on the hiney with empty wrap roll*

    Blessings to you all. G’nite.

  366. Yes Jazz, that was my plan.

    Jewstin, there may be a few places open tomorrow – someone told me that Twin Peaks or Big Ben in Webster are going to open in the afternoon. Meet me for a beer — dammit.

  367. What beasn said, before I hugged her.

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  368. Chag Chanukkah Sameach, Jewstin, and many brises more.

    Merry Christmas, ags. ๐Ÿ™‚ Same to you, beasn. ๐Ÿ˜€

  369. JAZZ!!!


  370. Sounds like a good deal to me, Mesa.

  371. I’ll check it out…

  372. Visualizing Jew at a breastaurant on Christmas…


  374. Merry Christmas everyone.

  375. Merry Christmas, Scott.

  376. Merry Christmas.

  377. And another Merry Christmas!

  378. This is going to be a 3 pot day.

    I was apparently poisoned with garlic last night, or had a reaction to my FIL’s cat. Asthma type symptoms kept me up between 2-4 this morning and then the stupid dog starts barking at 7:30 because his breakfast is 15 minutes late.

  379. Merry Christmas jake legs and jake leggettes

  380. Santa din leave nuthin . Is it cause my kids are in there twenties? Or because I drink?

  381. It’s because Santa drinks Pendejo. He got drunk last night and ended up stuffing dollars in g-strings. He didn’t make it by here either

  382. Merry Christmas

    New Post.

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