What a Poat looks like without Coffee

Enjoy the randomness.

Scott gives an early Christmas present:

Happy Saturdaying.


  1. Coffee ready finally.

    Nectar of the Gods.

  2. I’m on the second pot of coffee, Cyn.


  3. I’m watching an 80’s horror movie called Vamp. The protagonist characters are at a strip club they don’t know is staffed by vampires (including Grace Jones).

    It’s weird to see how even lingerie fashion has changed since then. They were obsessed with high-waists that made all the women’s asses look like they went halfway up their spines or something.

    I’m sure they didn’t think they were making a period piece at the time, but damned if it isn’t a time capsule today.

  4. Comment by daveintexas on December 10, 2011 9:35 am
    Never pet a burning dog.


  5. An animal is never more friendly than when it’s covered in mud.

  6. All the old movies are a kick to watch for the hair styles and the clothing and sometimes even the language. And then I feel old.

  7. Good to see you Geoff!

  8. That was performed in zero gravity, right?

  9. Cyn, when is the Secret Santa group grope present opening?

  10. I’m on the second pot of coffee, Cyn.

    Nice. I was hoping to catch up on some zzzz’s after allergies have been keeping me awake at night. Instead I was awakened to the sound of a dog coughing up a hairball. Yay.

  11. No, Aggie, that woman is strong as Hell. I want her on my team in the zombie apocalypse.

    Okay, that’s not the only reason.

  12. Mornin’ Andy.

    Secret Santa Opening Thursday 12/22/11 at 9:00 pm Eastern.

  13. shit I better get this thing to UPS today.

    Laura, do you know if UPS has any shipping restrictions on toenail clippings?

  14. Thursday at 9pm?

    No can do, I’m washing my hair.

  15. Suck it Andy.

  16. >> No can do, I’m washing my hair.

    How long could that take? You’ll be done before 9:01

  17. HAHAHAHA! I go out to the kitchen to grab more coffee and my 10 year old is awake and playing some shooty thing on the Wii. After I smooch him, he looks at me and smiles evilly and says, “I love the smell of dead zombies in the morning.”

  18. Your Christmas music for the day:
    My Advent Calendar of Music – Day #10: The Bells of Christmas http://t.co/UM2O74lB

  19. >> How long could that take? You’ll be done before 9:01

    Yes, I meant the singular version of “hair”.

  20. They’re interviewing some of the evicted occutards on the Boston news this morning. God what a bunch of idiots.

  21. Oh good then after toweling, moussing, drying, and styling, you’ll be able to join us at 9:00:52 pm.

  22. A phone booth!

  23. Comment by MJ on December 10, 2011 8:06 am
    “….I think it’s possible. But…I’m not in the job of prognosticating on the economy. I’m in the job of putting in place the tools that allow the economy to thrive and Americans to succeed. Sometimes when I’m talking to my team, I- describe us…as…I’m the captain and they’re the crew on a ship, going through really bad storms. And no matter how well we’re steering the ship, if the boat’s rocking back and forth and people are getting sick and…they’re being buffeted by the winds and the rain and…at a certain point– if you’re asking, “Are you enjoying the ride right now?” Folks are going to say, “No.” And are they going to say, “Do you think the captain’s good—doing a good job?” People are going say, “You know what? A good captain would have had us in some smooth waters and sunny skies, at this point.” And I don’t control the weather. What I can control are the policies we’re putting in place to make a difference in people’s lives”.

    I dunno about you, Skippy, but I sure as heck would be telling all of my friends not to ever get on any boat run by that company again. You ever hear that saying “Smooth seas don’t make skilled captains”? You’ve had nothing but “smooth seas” your entire life, and it seems to me that you don’t know how to HANDLE rough waters….

    You might wanna ring up Joe Hazelwood and ask him how many boats he got to captain after his little “incident”……

  24. Laura, do you know if UPS has any shipping restrictions on toenail clippings?

    *flips open HazMat guide*

  25. >> moussing

    no details please.

  26. Stabbing vampires with stripper heels!

  27. Andy, I got a cheerleader pic for yuz. http://is.gd/mQVjpa

  28. Or you could use this one Andrew.


  29. That chick on the pole has w-a-a-y too many clothes on!

  30. Car on fire => car asplode!

  31. Comment by Cyn on December 10, 2011 10:01 am
    HAHAHAHA! I go out to the kitchen to grab more coffee and my 10 year old is awake and playing some shooty thing on the Wii. After I smooch him, he looks at me and smiles evilly and says, “I love the smell of dead zombies in the morning.”

    TiFW ♥’s Cyn’s boy (SYWM)

  32. Wrapping Christmas presents, BBL……

  33. Herself left at 0630 to visit her brother in Manhattan. Of course, she woke me up drying her hair at 0615. I’m on my 2nd pot of coffee. . . I may get dressed by noon, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  34. I want to publicly thank Cyn for decorating my avatar for Christmas. She’s a peach.

    To Cyn.
    *toasts with coffee*

  35. I’m cracking up aty Leon. I have seen that movie. I hated the high waisted. High hip look of the 80’s. It was so much better when they went back to the low slung look of the 70’s

  36. On campus, I’ve seen it get too low slung, I see girls now with their pants so low on their hips that it makes their asses look square or deformed. Not too common, thankfully.

  37. I take low slung vs high waisted anyday but I know what you mean. When I taught high school it was a constant battle to get girls to cover their asses.(G-strings)

  38. SohoS – I hated those 80’s waistlines!

  39. Thongs should be a T, not a Y. In the 80’s, it was all Ys.

    Almost time for sunbathing, time to go scrape the deck.

  40. There is a sweet spot where the pants should hit to make a person look good. Fashion shouldn’t dictate.

    that really low stuff doesn’t look good on ANYONE.

  41. I like this left-handed shooter on “Guns & Gear”.

  42. *toasts Laura back with mug and an air kiss*

    Now into my second pot of coffee. Winning!

  43. I used to have a pair of red pants in the 80’s that buttoned so high they were over my bottom ribs.

    They were very cute with a big blousy top.

  44. Carin is right. Really low or really high looks so ridiculous.

  45. …and they buttoned off to one side, not straight up the middle.

    Cute as all Hell. Really!

  46. Really low or really high looks so ridiculous.

    Yes and Yes.

  47. Laura – Were you 12 or 13 then?

  48. >> She’s a peach.

    She fixed mine up too.

    >> It was so much better when they went back to the low slung look of the 70′s


  49. 16 or 17, MCPO.

  50. Were they wide legged like sailor pants Layra or skinny legged?

  51. I’ll bet LauraW had to beat the boys off with a stick at 17!

  52. I’ll bet the boys beat…


  53. Oh, no Sohos, they tapered on down to the ankles like a zoot suit, lol! With a slim little cuff.

    MCPO, I was a fattish dorkling. The only thing I needed to beat is everybody else to the donut counter.

  54. was

  55. That’s awesome Layra!

  56. Fourth cup of coffee.

    Bite me.

  57. Anyone know what time Army Navy starts?

  58. That I was a fatass nerd? Yeah, okay, glad it makes you happy Sohos.

    *puts Snowshoe on my Kill Immediately List*

  59. I actually prefer no pants on some women.

  60. *knocks Layra in the head* the pants…I cannot imagine you ever being “fat” you forget I have seen you.

  61. Hotspur – 1430 EST on Fox.

  62. Ha ha ha haaa
    I was a weeble. You have no idea.

    With a mullet, and eyeglass frames as big as the palm of your hand, lol. There are some things I loved about the 80’s (we looked nicely dressed, and new jeans looked new, not like something somebody found stuck inside the filthy wheelwell of a truck), but I do not miss the hair and the glasses.

  63. Thanks, Chief. Ghetto bar, here I come.

  64. Excellent, I should have just enough time to get to the gym and cook a steak before the game.

  65. Occupy Downspouts


  66. I cannot even visualize that Layra. I miss new jeans looking new. We went shopping for Count some new jeans yesterday and nearly every pair looked brown and dingy. Why is that even a “look”? We finally found some that were actually blue and got those.

  67. So the plumber is back today with a locator, hooked it up to the snake that was stuck in the downspout drain and GUESS WHAT? Turns out the drain goes to the back yard, not the front. So that big hole we dug last weekend was totally uncalled for.

    Just finished digging out the pipe and got the snake out, now he took the locator back to the rental place and we will auger out the rest of the line, hopefully. Got a 5 foot long trench in the yard full of black water. The PVC was collapsed and full of roots.

    I’m hoping to find more than $20.

  68. Sucks pupster.

  69. I equate the “fatass nerd” LauraW with the “humped, psycho” LauraW.

    Unless I see photos, I ain’t believing it for a second!

  70. Merry Christmas, elves of douche.


  71. You guys will NEVER see a picture of me from high school.


    My senior pictures was so unbelievably bad. Ugh. I took the worst pictures, but I can’t claim they didn’t look like me.

  72. *ignores Rosetta

  73. Its 23 degrees out. Think I could go for a run? It’s sunny.

  74. Car In, you went to high school?

  75. LOL


  76. L to R: OWS protester wanting income equality, life


  77. My Sr. pic is in The yearbook tab. Why I thought a tuxedo would be ok is beyond me…I am now officially blonde again just bleached the red/brunette out.

  78. Rosetta – Are you working in the toy testing dept at the North Pole again this year?

  79. Car In, you went to high school?

    *continues to ignore Rosetta.

  80. http://tinyurl.com/7b3yz8x

  81. Rosetta – You missed me!

  82. Mr Car in is installing cross bars on my minivan, and it’s making his blood pressure go up and he’s getting very cross.

    I think I need to dope his juicebox.

  83. Rosetta – Are you working in the toy testing dept at the North Pole again this year?

    No. I lost my job because of ATM machines.

    What are you doing today?

  84. Mr Car in is installing cross bars on my minivan



  85. Rosie – Herself went to NYC. So, I’m laying around on my dead ass awaiting beer thirty.

  86. I think I need to dope his juicebox.

    *gives Carin 12,050 Nobel Peace Prizes for Best New Euphemism*

  87. Damn, Carin! There has to be a better way than rufies for your poor husband!

  88. Laziness test http://imgur.com/zkMfU

  89. Baked chick or a porkchop for lunch?

  90. He should tell some ‘went into a bar’ jokes so they wouldn’t be so cross.

  91. Rosie – Herself went to NYC. So, I’m laying around on my dead ass awaiting beer thirty. downloading 9 TB of gay porn.

    There you go.

    Occupy MCPO’s House


  92. A midget, a priest, and a cannibal walked into a bar, the bartender said,”What is this…some kind of joke?”

  93. Occupy MCPO’s House

    Rosetta! Get off my roof!

  94. I think I need to dope his juicebox.

    *gives Carin 12,050 Nobel Peace Prizes for Best New Euphemism*


    *thinks of certain folks always asking for juice box*


  95. A man, a dwarf and an elf walk into the Riddermark, a horseman of Rohan says, “What is this. . . some kind of joke?”.

  96. Hahahahahahahaha.


    Get it? I hope that’s real.

  97. Two Wongs made a Wright?!

  98. Two Wongs made a Wright?!

    Hahahahaha. It took me a second to get that.

    And by “a second” I mean “43 minutes”.

  99. Really? I thought the LOTR joke was just as funny.

  100. http://tinyurl.com/c7392ey

  101. Everyone knows R2D2 is teh ghey!

  102. http://tinyurl.com/bmrtcet
    Get it? I hope that’s real.


  103. (L to R) DinT; Wiserbud


  104. Hey Mare, I found that information you needed.

  105. Who wants ice cream?

  106. I scream

  107. Oh, you will.

  108. I’m trying out this new Fancy Boy Lip Glitter.

  109. *sniff, sniff*

    Something smells like shit.



  110. Better than real soccer. All players and the referee have a dog shock collar strapped to their leg.


  111. http://tinyurl.com/72ln46h

  112. Did my last link work?

  113. I have a classmate stealing story if anyone wants to hear it. Or I can just go find $20.

  114. That video is hilarious Scott.

    Give yourself two punches in the balls.

  115. Roamy – What happened?

  116. What the fuck is this shit?


  117. >> What the fuck is this? Shit.


  118. Two questions both remain unanswered. Time to crack open a beer!

  119. Laziness test http://imgur.com/zkMfU

    hahahaha BUSTED

  120. My youngest brother lived with my grandparents (loooooong story). For Christmas one year, he received a really nice $$$ Atlanta Falcons jacket. My grandmother insisted on putting his name in it, and he kept arguing that he didn’t want her messing it up. She finally turned one of the sleeves inside out and wrote his name on it.

    He wore the jacket to school, and it was stolen the first day back. He got into a fight with the thief and ended up in the principal’s office. They called my grandmother to come down to the school and pick up my brother because he was suspended for fighting. She stormed into the office and found out the whole story. The thief was just sitting there with a smug look and the jacket. The principal had decided that my brother was lying about the jacket (I’ll allow that even at a tender age, my brother could give lessons to Bill Clinton in lying.) She snatched up the thief and pulled the jacket off of him, turning it inside out. “THERE”

  121. Hey Mare, I found that information you needed.

    Thank you……………..hahahahahahahah

  122. And yes, MCPO, your last link worked!

  123. Roamy, that’s a good story, I like it when the good guy wins. I hope you left out the part where your Grandmother punched the principal in the face and kicked the thief in his scrotum.

  124. Nah, then Grandmama said some extremely racist things. Brother got into fights with the thief a few more times, too.

  125. great story!

  126. Roamy – My Mom used to do the same thing. Everything I owned had my name written/stitched on it somewhere.

  127. Two T-bones, resting. Sweet ‘tater hashbrowns currently being eaten.

  128. Don’t EVAH try to match wits with a grandma…..

    ….and don’t ever mess with one of her grandkids……

  129. Comment by scott on December 10, 2011 2:04 pm
    Better than real soccer. All players and the referee have a dog shock collar strapped to their leg.

    Anyone here ever had a nerve conduction test done?

    I told the guy who did mine that I expected him to buy me dinner afterwards –

    (He was impressed that I didn’t start screaming and/or crying like most people do – I told him I would be more than happy to….)

  130. I wish we could do that shock collar thing with all of the politicians/bureaucrats in D.C.

    They’d think twice before voting on some of that crap…..

  131. Mean grandmas live longer.

  132. I am so glad my girls knew my mom.

  133. Oh CRAP! Teh iWon has to come on and fuck up my football watching experience?! Screw you, you feckless ninnie!

  134. Was it one of his dadhood PR campaign commercials, or a live appearance?

  135. MCPO, when doucheface, went on the field to toss the coin hardly anyone, yelled, then they announced that the coin was in honor of Reagan the crowd really cheered….made Obama look dumber than usual.

  136. I like what Laura said earlier about how Bush has the power to fuck up the economy two years after he’s out of office, but Obama is a storm-tossed helpless piece of shit.

    **works on secret NASA machine to eliminate Tuesdays just for her.

  137. Leon – He’s in the booth with the announcers – ’cause it’s all about him. Fucktard.


    also SPACE PENS

  139. MCPO, I’ve never been so happy to not be watching football. Please let me know when the SCOAMF is off the air.

  140. Hiney

  141. If he stays there the whole game, I think that’s impeachable.

  142. >> Hiney


  143. ” ’cause it’s all about him.”

    HA! MCPO, that’s just what I screamed at the tv in front of my husband and daughter. I think “asshole” was thrown in there too.

  144. YEAH!!!!! Another strip! Navy recovers!

  145. Fucking hell…

  146. What the what???


  147. C’mon, guys! Punch it in!

  148. I read that yesterday, Mare.

    I suppose the ICRC&RC is wanting power. They no longer do anything remotely humanitarian.

  149. Aggie, I’m all for “Go Army, Kill Beat Navy” but the fact is, the Army concentrates on a different task.

    And anyone who reads CDR Salamander’s blog knows USNA is a D1 football program that has an academy attached to it.

  150. There is that, Brad.

    *cheers Army*

    *pushes pins on Navy Ram voodoo doll*

  151. It’s bizarre, Aggie.

  152. TOUCHDOWN!!

  153. xBrad – STFU.

  154. **works on secret NASA machine to eliminate Tuesdays just for her.


  155. Mare, not only is the ICRC&RC ignoring the fact that these are VIRTUAL GAMES, their mission is to distribute aid, not to enforce so called international laws.

    If this is so dangerous, why are they not going after TV shows, movies, music and the like as well?

  156. The videogame industry is a multi-billion dollar behemoth, virtually (heh!) untouchable by the global community. Do the math on that, because it sure seems as though the ICRC did!

  157. The Calgary Hitmen just had their Teddy Bear Toss game. Fans throw teddy bears on the ice after the Hitmen score their first goal; the toys are collected and distributed to Cerebral Palsy Assocation, Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Alberta Children’s Hospital.

    It’s cool just to watch the avalanche.

  158. Actually, the ICRC is the entity generally charged with observing for violations of the Geneva Conventions.

    Having said that, they, like most organizations, have far exceeded their mandate, and are more interested in the welfare of the organization than any persons they are supposed to assist.

  159. God damned Army

    /Bobby Troup, M*A*S*H

    Also, god damned Army jeep

  160. They observe, and report, but not enforce, correct?

    Who does the enforcing?

    *glares at UN*

  161. Yeah, like the Red Cross is gonna show up at my door to take my copies of Call of Duty games.

    Molon Labe, assholes!

  162. That’s correct.

  163. >> C’mon, guys! Punch it in!

    What are “things heard in the shower after four months at sea”, Alex?


  165. Sir,
    Perhaps we could interest you in this delightful knitting videogame.

  166. Of course, the Red Crescent thinks video games like “Slay the Infidel” should be distributed to every child.

  167. Is the ICRC doing anything about real people being beheaded?

  168. Hm…. good question, Roamy.

  169. They’re chastising the US for it, probably.

  170. Oh wow, roamy, the Teddy Bear toss is hilarious!

    It would be cool to sit in the lower deck and get bombed with teddy bears.

  171. Ha. I wanna see a video of that douchbag at the army navy game.

    what an asshole.

  172. I’m filing that under the same asshole heading as the gov’t regulators who shut down eBay businesses because they can’t afford to prove they don’t have lead in their kids toys, but then allow Mattel, etc. to keep importing shit from China with lead and Lord knows what else.

  173. what about the games where you are attacking the US? Are you still classified as a terrorist then, Red Cross?

  174. Is SCOAMF still at the Army-Navy game, or is it safe to watch now?

  175. They just had SCOAMF on the TV, Car in. You missed it.

    Too bad for you. Now your hubby won’t get to hear you say “asshole” again.

  176. Someone has to have a video.

    asshole asshole asshole.

    He gets to hear me call Obama an asshole a least once a day.

  177. I saw a comment to the Red Cross thingy somewhere (can’t remember where now, probably weasel zippers)

    “If the Red Cross has money for this, I guess they don’t need my donations anymore.”

  178. *throws a teddy bear at Car in.

  179. **throws a grizzly bear at J’ames**

  180. Aww, thanks xbrad!

    *hopes it’s actually Sarah Palin in costume.

  181. MCPO, I never heard that song before. Thanks.

  182. http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7338068/president-barack-obama-attends-army-navy-game

    LANDOVER, Md. — It was in early in high school when President Barack Obama got the idea that he wasn’t cut out for football.

    “I played football in 9th grade and then I realized I was more built for basketball,” he said Saturday from the CBS broadcast booth while attending the 112th Army-Navy football game. “I was a big kid in the 8th grade and then in the 9th grade suddenly everyone started getting a little heavier than me.”

    Why didn’t someone tell him he’s not cut out to be president, instead?

  183. Navy SCORES!

  184. Good song, chief, but this is more my speed:


  185. I liked this bit:

    He did say that while he lived in Chicago, he cheered for Illinois. “But now that I’m in Washington, I’ve got to admit, most Saturdays I’m working.”

    Yea, right.

  186. J’Ames – Robert Palmer and Elkie Brooks. You should listen to the whole album, it’s outstanding!

  187. He’s working on his backswing, Carin.

  188. Carin – He is as full of shit as a quartermaster’s turkey.

  189. Dang, that’s why that sounded so familiar, chief. Didn’t even read Robert Palmer in the title, just Vinegar Joe.

    Guess the laziness test works on me, too.

  190. GO ARMY!!!

  191. What Aggie said.

  192. Whatchya doin’, Aggie?


  193. I don’t wear animal prints….

  194. LANDOVER, Md. — It was in early in high school when President Barack Obama got the idea that he wasn’t cut out for football.

    “I played football in 9th grade and then I realized I was more built for basketball,” he said Saturday

    From what I’ve seen, he ain’t cut out for basketball, either.
    (I mean, seriously – you’re the only black kid on your school’s BB tean and you ride the bench?)

  195. http://tinyurl.com/78sjxxz

    Hey! I think she was in the movie Mr. TiFW and I watched last night after we put Rebecca to sl…..

    Never mind –


  197. Just finished printing up some fake boarding passes for DD#3′s Santa present (a ticket to London to visit her sweetie). Saw a cute idea for making envelopes out of old maps – I’ve got a Texas map in my car that is being held together by threads of paper pulp just barely hanging on; might conscript that sucker into service…..

  198. That’s such a great idea, Teresa.

  199. I wrap everything in newspaper and scotch tape!

  200. I wrap everything in the skin of the fat daughter of a US Senator.

  201. Don’t forget to puts lotion on its skin, Brad.

  202. Actually, true story, I put Vaseline on my garage door opener today.

  203. Any particular spot or did you just grease up the whole door?

  204. I put Vaseline on my garage door opener today

    Was it good for you?

  205. I put Vaseline on my garage door opener today.

    What’s his name?

  206. I just slicked up the screw. Honest!

  207. lithium. grease.


  208. I just slicked up the screw.


  209. I don’t have any lithium grease. The guy from the door company said petroleum jelly would work well enough. Just have to replace it more often.

    Anyhoo… off to lunch, then dinner with the Admiral later.

  210. NAVY!!!

  211. Don’t know if this is an old clip or not, but we blowed ’em up real good, whenever it was…..

  212. >> The guy from the door company said petroleum jelly would work well enough

    Hey.. you business is your business..

  213. Mare, what are you studying?

  214. NAVY WINS!!!!

    10 in a ROW!!!

  215. That was a great game.

  216. I love the post-game tradition as well. What a great American tradition!

  217. It’s awesome, MCPO.

  218. I love it too. College football at its best. None of these guys are going to the NFL. They’re all going to serve you and me.

  219. I hope they stick to their goals, Hotspur. I still recall the brouhaha over David Robinson being released from his commission early so he could go into the NBA.

  220. Aggie – Ensign Robinson had selected for submarine service his sophomore year and then grew a full foot at the Academy. He no longer qualified at over 7 foot tall. He did, however make good on his commitment with 2 years of active service as a Navy Civil Engineer, followed by 6 years as a Naval Reserve Officer.

  221. But his commitment was for five, MCPO. I don’t begrudge him, just remember how some people in the service were upset over it.

  222. Time to cook, and yes, I’ll be barefoot in the kitchen, MCPO!!

  223. Aggie – Send me another set of those “special pictures”, OK?

    *wink, wink*

  224. http://tinyurl.com/yktp4xn

  225. Ha! Protest sign in Moscow..

    ” We are the 146% “

  226. Math is hard!

  227. * kicks blog in the poon *

  228. I blew off a family function for this?

  229. *streaks thru the blog at top top speed*

  230. Scott – Good move.

  231. HAHAH! Guess I shoulda F5’d!

    Taking a break from putting up lights on the tree but first the tree branches had to be spread just so because they weren’t spread before they got attached.

    *realizes speed talking isn’t helping; covers self with pillows from the couch and make a mad dash for clothes*

  232. RGIII Baylor Nation

  233. It was a long week.

    I like Laura’s Dad, but he can be pretty intense and you have to ready for it. The last time I went over there tired he called me a bleeding heart liberal because I wouldn’t denounce Newt over his immigration policy.

    He is very conservative, yet pro union. It can be difficult.

  234. Oops.

  235. *Streaks through blog at a moderate amble.

  236. Drugs means roids right?

  237. Is anybody else struggling with their Secret Satan gift? I’m two-thirds finished with mine, but can’t figure out the finishing touch. I have until tomorrow to figure something out.

  238. I opted out for that very reason Jewstin.

    It’s hard enough getting stuff for people you know well.

  239. It’s not like we’re a discerning crowd. If nothing else I can grab a handful of stuff out of my junk drawer and toss it in the box.

  240. Did anybody leave a flaming bag on anybody else’s doorstep today?

  241. “Performance enhancing drugs” scott. So maybe C-Alice.

  242. Sean – Just the one. . . and I don’t think anyone saw me.

  243. Mare got me an 8 horse snow blower, or a picture of one.

    I’m good with that.

  244. How Rosetta spends his evenings now: http://tinyurl.com/7goj7pe

  245. You sure about that, Chief?


  246. Rosetta is starting Hank’s training early. Hank is gonna be a contender. He’s gonna be somebody.

  247. I went to Austin last week on bidness and the adult book store where I got Hotspur’s disgusting SS gift last year has been closed. So this year’s SS will probably get something boring. A gross of breath mint wrappers or something.

  248. The Crap Tree, 2011

    Crap Tree 2011

  249. Mare moves to Texas.

    Adult book store closes.


  250. WooHoo Baylor!


  252. I stayed up all night and made Mare a card just in case she gets pregnant again. http://i.imgur.com/anGUX.jpg

  253. To be fair, mesa also moved to Houston. The adult book store prolly just opened in a more lucrative location.

  254. OMG! A DEBATE!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  255. I like your crap tree, dave.

    I need more crap on mine. *too tired to poat mine*

  256. Beasn! http://imgur.com/SLYLx

  257. Am I the only one who thinks Bachmann always looks like she’s wearing a bad wig?

  258. Jew – Enough hairspray to hold up Mt. Rushmore!

  259. Moderators: We want all of you folks to cannibalize one another on stage.

    Candidates: That sounds swell!

  260. I’m going to hell for laughing at this, aren’t I?


  261. HAHAHAHA! Good one, Roamy!

  262. I laughed.
    Mr. TiFW laughed.
    DD#3 informed me “That is really old, Mom – as a matter of fact, EVERYTHING that you show me that you think is funny is really old.”

    I’m replacing all of her Christmas presents with coal…..

  263. Dave, the CRAP tree looks lovely, as always.

    I just realized that a disproportionately large number of the presents under the TiFW tree are being given to someone who isn’t even a member of the family yet…..

  264. Remind DD#3 that she, too, will be old someday, and what goes around, comes around.

  265. You aren’t going to hell RFH, you might be pushing the envelope though.

  266. Rick Perry just lost Michigan.


  267. I’m going to hell for laughing at this, aren’t I?

    Probably not. This, on the other hand…


  268. Sean, I thought that was going to be the gif of Michael J. Fox shakin’.

  269. I don’t know why I’m always disappointed with the quality of comments made while I’m gone.

    I mean, I know you guys are stoopid. Why do I get my expectations up?

  270. Watching the live thread at the Mo’Ship

  271. I’m not a monster, roamy.


  272. XBrad, how was dinner with the Admiral?

  273. Sorry, just can’t rouse myself to give a shit about tonight’s debate. I’ll read y’alls analysis tomorrow.

  274. Dinner was excellent.

    I had a martini. Shaken, not stirred.


  275. I need another Republican debate like I need another page on my to-do list. I’ll watch the highlight reel.

  276. http://tinyurl.com/6q63wjk

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, now that’s a Hostage gif.

  277. Romie, are you my Secret Santa? Can you get me this?


  278. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, well, I will fess up, Pupster, I am your Secret Santa. Your present is already on its way, so you’re too late in asking for this year.

  279. Peanut butter is surprisingly hard to eat with no teefs.

  280. I was talking to Rocketboy about English (his worst subject by far). His response (I forgot the question): “Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, burned the T-shirt because I hated it.”

  281. I sent out my Sekrit Satan gift today. I hope they like carbon offsets!

    *crosses fingers*

  282. //burns Sean to a small lump of carbon.

  283. Apparently I have stunned Pupster into silence.

    **wonders if this is a new secret power

  284. >> I will fess up, Pupster, I am your Secret Santa.


  285. Dave, it’s the dreaded USEFUL Christmas gift.

  286. DaveinTejas and Andy –

    Nice job. . . now, pass me the Nyquil!

  287. Tif’s Christmas avatar looks like Skylie’s regular one.

    Except less slutty. I mean that in a good way. Cross my heart.

  288. NO TELLING!!!!

    (I shipped mine today)

  289. Nothing in the house to drink and I’m to lazy to go out. Somebody mail me some whiz. Put a rush on it.

  290. DaveinTejas and Andy –
    Nice job. . .

    Hear, hear. Definitely made watching more interesting!

    Back to tree decorating.

    Smooooches all.

  291. I think he would have figured it out anyway. A whole case of astronaut ice cream…

  292. Here is the recently decorated Crap Tree. in all it’s glory.

    Crap Tree 2011

  293. Dave, my daughter pointed out a tree with white lights in a picture window and said in the snidest voice ever, “that’s a NIIIIIIIICE tree.”

  294. **sends some homebrew to Pendejo

  295. >> that’s a NIIIIIIIICE tree.”


    damn… girls. they love nice thangs

  296. NO TELLING!!!!

    (I shipped mine today)

    I can give you yours now Dave, if you want it.


  297. Damn, Pup!

  298. //hands out free slap MCPO gift cards to all the Hostagettes.

  299. I can take a punch.


  300. WHoops! Sorry, wrong gif.

    I meant this:


    We gots a man down!


  301. I had the most astonishing “conversation” with a bleeding heart lib on FB today.

    Logic doesn’t work.

    Facts don’t work.

    She engaged in ad hominem, and kept saying things she refused to support with any proof. I kept asking her for some. That was somehow “bullying”, and “being mean”.

    Then it dengrated into how I was “uneducated”, and “ignorant”…as she continued to avoid supporting anything she said.

    Finally, she decided to call me names and leave “because I didn’t know what I was talking about”…after I directly quoted the law she kept claiming was “unconstitutional”.

    It was like arguing with a Paultard, only worse.

  302. I’m not so sure you know what “astonishing” means BIW

  303. pupster did you get the gif i posted for you yesterday?

  304. Yes, thanks Count.


  305. Count, did you powdercoat anyones junk today?

  306. How many of you had to gavel a candidate tonight?

  307. negative shut the powder coating shop down about a month ago. have a life again.

  308. Sorry to hear that. What are you up to these days?

  309. Are any of the rest of you encountering scripting error messages/problems at this blog now that the Amazon connection has been added?

    Just wondering, ’cause I am and it all started after Amazon joined our party???

  310. Except less slutty. I mean that in a good way. Cross my heart.

    I was going for the really slutty look, but I had to stay within the parameters of the “no-nip” rule…..

  311. Not having any errors myself.

    I’m on Chrome. What are you using, Clint?

  312. IE 8 but I have the other 2 browsers too. Only happens on this blog not on my other WP blogs???

  313. Maybe it just doesn’t like you.

  314. CB, it’s not us – it’s you….. :P

  315. It’s not the Amazon link. That’s just a plain-vanilla URL (which is why it has to open into that other page).

    WordPos.com doesn’t support any of the embedded scripts that Amazon provides, so that page actually runs completely outside the blog.

  316. Hasn’t happened to me. . . yet.

  317. Oh, and I ordered an XBOX 360 Kinect through that thing today.

    *Rings meatup fund bell*

  318. Andy – Let me know if you like it. It is a large expense for me, but I’m eyeing – HARD.

  319. //hopes Andy was my Secret Santa!

  320. Will do. I got it for the little guy since he should be able to use the Kinect controller.

    I now own a PS3, Wii and XBOX, so if anybody needs a product review …


  321. OK, playas and game haters. I’m out. CU2MORROW!

  322. Okay, thanks guys. I will figure it out.

  323. Don’t make me scroll, I’ve had a long day. Who won the debate tonight?

    Also, what’s the difference between Coke Zero and Diet Coke?

  324. Stephanopolous.

    I can tolerate Coke Zero. Diet Coke not so much.

  325. PJM – Diane Sawyer was blitzed! It was hilarious!

    IMHO, it was a tie between Newt & Rick Perry.

  326. Newt probably won or at least didn’t go backward. Bachmann did better than she had in awhile. Paul actually scored a few points. Santorium wasn’t too bad. Romney and Perry both went backward.

  327. And MCPO is correct. Dianne seemed quite blasted.

  328. I missed the whole thing but at this point I’m pretty sure I know how it went without watching the damn thing. I did just get the 2nd to last beer out of the fridge and catch my self giving a nod to the last one, as if to say we’re good.

  329. I hate to sound disconnected, but I’m about ready for the gop to come up with a notobama. That’s about where the bar is for me. Just give me someone other that the bamaslamma.

  330. What’s Bob Dole doing these days?

  331. I hear ya Pendejo. Same here. Romney, Gingrich I feel like it’s 08 and I’m cheering McCain again. Who cares, guess i’ll just vote against someone again this time.

  332. dole? http://www.slick.com/wildpics/gotwood2.jpg

  333. Comment by daveintexas on December 10, 2011 11:02 pm

    Here is the recently decorated Crap Tree. in all it’s glory.


    It needs Cat Ornaments…

  334. Comment by xbradtc on December 11, 2011 12:12 am

    //hopes Andy was my Secret Santa!

    Just ’cause you got Opposable Thumbs don’t mean ya gotta Rub It In…

  335. Comment by xbradtc on December 10, 2011 10:41 pm

    Peanut butter is surprisingly hard to eat with no teefs.

    Mom hiding your Meds in the PeanutButter again?

  336. Sox!

  337. Hey, Vmax! Hope things are getting better for you, Sir! Just got a call from the hotel desk. Gotta run. Leave Macae for either Rio or Navegantes. UGH…

  338. Sounds sweet Sox, safe travels!

  339. After 3 weeks of building bikes for 12 hours a night, I no longer feel like I was hit by a truck after a shift. Maybe fell off of one, and no I did not see anyone cooking meth tonight.

  340. wakey wakey.

    Glad you’re feeling better/acclimating to that bike building stuff vman.

  341. I can go to sleep now Carin you will not wake me up.
    I heard Sinatra singing about Christmas Pheasants. I Binged and who knew Pheasants were Christmasy
    Dean Martin also sings about Christmas pheasants.
    /drunk rant off

  342. Check Drudge for Meth story
    Nighty Night!

  343. Dear God, please keep these away from PJM.


  344. Okay, I’m going to work on a new poat. brb

  345. Downspout update:

    The contractor who renovated the master bath (before we bought the house) did not tie the downspouts to the storm sewer. He ran the PVC to a spot in the yard and covered it with dirt. Did not put a cap on it either.

    I’d like to find that bastard rather than $20.

  346. ROAMY!

    I’ve got one in draft if you want to top it off.

  347. Here is where I’d like to spend my Sunday:


  348. NEW POAT!

    (Pupster, I left yours alone. Maybe later?)

  349. This is the tropical version of my Sunday, you have to imagine this below freezing.


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