Santa has something in common with Herman Cain?

Who knew?



Honestly, didn’t we all suspect that ol’ Santa is a horndog?



  1. Let’s try this again – you guys will LOVE this, ‘cuz it’s hilarious:
    This is great:
    A Motown tribute to Nickelback

  2. I tried abusing this post, but it liked it, and wanted me to slap it and call it a whore.

  3. Does anyone have a phone (land line) that has a timer on the ringer? I’m looking around, but not seeing anything that meets that criteria.

  4. Hmmmm…….

    Your boss got you angry or sumpin, Jay? Phone with a timer? Got some sticks of dynamite you wanna strap to that puppy while you’re at it? :P

  5. *flips double birds and slowly turns 360 degrees*

    Tuesday can lick my hiney.

    *rotates one arm up and one down to make sure the curse covers the ceiling and the floor, too*

  6. Nah, don’t want the phone to ring in the bedroom while the wife is asleep. She goes to bed at 4-5 pm, while I go at 11-12. The phone can ring downstairs, while I’m up. I want the phone to ring after 11 upstairs, so if I have to fix something at work, I can get wakey wakey’d.

  7. Jay go to the other blog. Your answer awaits.

  8. Nah, don’t want the phone to ring in the bedroom while the wife is asleep. She goes to bed at 4-5 pm, while I go at 11-12. The phone can ring downstairs, while I’m up. I want the phone to ring after 11 upstairs, so if I have to fix something at work, I can get wakey wakey’d.
    Turn the ringer on and off when necessary?

  9. Where is Mare?

  10. Turn the ringer on and off when necessary?

    Exactly. And I don’t want to be the one to remember to do it, cuz I’ll forget.

    I know my limitations. They have already made themselves obvious, in this case.

  11. I appreciate your answer, cb, but those are somewhat, lacking.


  12. Have you considered a cellular telephone, Jay. They work like magic, and the owner of the device is then implicitly responsible for the ringer function.

    *prepares to duck

  13. I want the phone to ring after 11 upstairs, so if I have to fix something at work, I can get wakey wakey’d.

    “Hello? This is Peggy. How can I help you. . .”

  14. *puts bear trap outside MJ’s door.

  15. *releases bear and back up bear.

    You’re screwed, Jay.

  16. Biggest story in our local paper.

    You really have to live here to understand what a big deal this is every year.

  17. That’s pretty cool chief. Our highest days of people calling in sick are the first day of deer season.

  18. That’s fascinating MCPO!

  19. Cyn – Thank you for your kind consideration.

  20. I got 2nd place in football pool. It came down to total points last night and I had 52 and another person has 56…73 ugh! At least won my entry fee back for next week

  21. Jay – don’t know if this will help or not:

    Did an internet search for “Ring Scheduler”

  22. No, really! That was amazing Master Chief! Thank YOU!

  23. Here Jay, phone problem solved:


  24. I have electrical timers like that for my plant lights in the cellar. Work great.

    Good job, Cyn.

  25. Thanks Laura!

    At my mom’s up north, she’s got a very old tv with no sleep timer, and I need tv to fall asleep. Done and done.

  26. Cyn – Really, I appreciate your responses:

  27. I believe it’s gonna rain. . .

  28. But the cordless phone will ring, if it has a charge. The base phone still has power.

    I understand the issue, thanks Cyn. I just have to find a corded phone, with a plug. I have those timers, too. Just hoping there was a phone out there with this feature built in.

  29. Are we STILL talking about J’Ames phone?

    Solution: Don’t sleep. . . problem solved.

  30. Did you look at the link I sent you Jay? I’m not sure how that set-up would work (I’m like the caveman lawyer on SNL), but it sounded intriguing…..

  31. Jay get rid of the land line and use cell phones.


  32. I looked, TiFW, but I don’t want to convert the land line to use Google Voice.

  33. Additional problem: my cell phone won’t wake me up. It’s not loud enough.

  34. Ah well you’re probably fucked then. Too many requirements.

    *makes a sammich

  35. Solution Solutions Inc. presents:

  36. “Additional problem: my cell phone won’t wake me up. It’s not loud enough.”

    Is it plugged in? Have you tried plugging it in?

    Or moving it closer to your ears?

  37. Watch the opening scene from Ferris Bueller’s day off. That should take care of it.

    You’ll need a dummy, a trophy, a computer, and an answering machine.

  38. I’m going to go shoot my .22. And my new 9mm Sig Sauer. My goal, to kill Leon’s squirrels and to generally be a redneck.

    This is an absolutely a true copy of a sequence of texts between my husband and I…we still laugh about it:

    (He’s at Nascar at Texas Motor Speedway)

    Me….Where the hell is Edwards??

    Husband….got a bad restart

    Husband…Cabbela’s called me your gun check came through

    Me…Oh, Ford called and your truck is ready

  39. I can’t use the Ferris example, MJ. My hair isn’t long enough to make it spiky with shampoo in the shower.

  40. Jeez Jay. You are awful high maintenance for a dude.

  41. Afro spike!

  42. I want a gun.

  43. Be a dear, Pupster, and get me my Midol.

  44. Mark styen on Rush’s show.

  45. steyn

  46. You’ll shoot your eye out.

  47. Carin, shooting is a really fun sport. We found a little outdoor shooting range near our house and it’s fun taking targets out and experimenting to improve our shots.

    Zeroing the scope is fun too.

    Shooting clays is REALLY great but we don’t belong to the club where our friend takes us, so it’s few and far between opportunities.

  48. Shooting clays is REALLY great

    Yeah, but how does Clay feel about it?

  49. MJ, check your email, I sent those pictures of Carin and Jay you were asking about.

  50. Thanks Mare. I promise not to post them on www., as you suggested.

  51. I know MJ would never post those pictures of me and J’ames, because then I’d go ballistic posting those O-face pics of him from the SLMU.

  52. “Yeah, but how does Clay feel about it?”

  53. Mare, my son and I do a lot of skeet and trap shooting – love it!

  54. Hey, I found something gag inducing for anyone still concerned about those extra Thanksgiving calories:

  55. Motel money murder madness. . .

  56. I’m envious, Gml, that is a sport I would do all the time if I had access.

  57. Touche.

    Plus that’s somewhat dangerous because the O face pictures are real. Shit!

    Finally talked Mrs MJ into getting Newtons. Hopefully she likes them, because they are not cheap. I can’t remember if I told you that she ran her fastest 5k ever on Saturday night. So proud of her.

  58. Do any of you hostamages have concealed carry licenses? If so, what is your weapon of choice? I am getting the new Glock G19 for my daily carry… been carrying a Taurus .45 which is a hand cannon and a little big for concealed carry. Just curious.

  59. What’s the deal with Newton Shoes?

  60. My sigsauer is a small one for just that purpose GML. My girls and I, if the scheduling is right are getting our conceal carry over the Christmas break.

    Also, I’ve heard if you have a Texas cc and a Florida cc the two of them cover a lot of ground. Can you go interstate with those two permits?

    To me, one of the reasons to have a cc is to protect yourself if you’re doing a long drive alone or just females in the car.

  61. You know not if it’s dark outside or light. . .

  62. Also, Colin Powell is an idiot and his parents are dumb for naming him that.

  63. yes, Texas, Florida, Tennessee and a few others allow you interstate license.

  64. OMG, are those expensive, MJ. I’ll stick with my minimus. Although I’d like a new pair of Five Fingers for next summer.

    What I really like about the NB minimus or the FF is that they last a LOT longer since there really isn’t anything to wear out. I mean, when you start seeing feet, they’re worn out. Otherwise, you could be buying new shoes every two months, depending on milage.

    You said she did well, but you didn’t mention her time. I’m running slow lately (not that I was that fast before) because every time I try to pick up the base, my calf starts screaming at me.

  65. I’d like to try the Hattori by saucony. The Kinvara has about the thickest sole I’m willing to go, by their to box is too narrow for good minimalist running.

    which is odd, because it’s supposed to be a minimalist shoe. Maybe the Kinvara 2 has a wider toebox.

  66. talking to myself …

    looks for MJ’s O-face picture and wonders where to post it first …

  67. I’m listening Carin.

    But not for long, we’re heading out now.

  68. Do any of you hostamages have concealed carry licenses?
    Yes. Glock G17C. I never carry it, but I want to be able to if I have to.

  69. is that a .380, MJ?

  70. What’s the deal with Newton Shoes?

  71. Carin – My son runs in New Balance and they weigh virtually nothing. I was surprised when I picked them up!

  72. is that a .380, MJ?
    It’s a 9mm, and is probably too big for a daily carry. It’d be smaller than a .45, though. Also, it is compensated (holes cut out of the barrel) so there is very little kick. Almost none. Paired with hollow point ammo, it will stop anyone.

  73. Pipe down Car in. I’m on a conference call and I heard, “Mark, what do you think.”

    “Uh. Four?”

  74. GM Land
    Depending on the circumstances I carry a Kahr pm9 or a Kimber Ultra Carry.

  75. My son runs in New Balance and they weigh virtually nothing. I was surprised when I picked them up!

    Yep, they’re awesome. You can really feel the road when you run. You can’t cheat on form. I’d like a tad thicker sole next time I do a half, though. My foot pads got sore.

    I think the Hattori’s might be the next step up – sole-wise. THey look a tad thicker, w/o going for a full sole.

  76. I have a Davis .380 as well, but its polished and the handle is awful on it. I have shot some Glock’s lately and just love them, haven’t shot any of the C’s though – gonna have to go give em a look.

  77. “Uh. Four?”

    Duh. It was 3.

  78. Wow, Taurus makes some pretty pistols.

  79. Her time was 30 mins. I could see the timer from a few hundred yards, at 29:50 and knew it was going to be very close.

    I was thinking about your injury this morning. Do you have any idea what is going on? Is it muscle pain, or something else? Do you think its the shoes?

  80. My brother carries the Kimber.

    here’s mine –

  81. Mare, go get yourself a hand thrower then go out into the dessert and bang away.

  82. which is odd, because it’s supposed to be a minimalist shoe. Maybe the Kinvara 2 has a wider toebox.
    This is one of the reasons I like the minimalist shoes. They tend to be very forgiving if you have wide feet.

  83. I tore it pretty bad earlier in the summer. IT takes forever to heal, and even if you don’t have pain, it doesn’t mean it’s healed. I did some hills (steep, not my normal road-run hills) and it came back. I just have to baby it until it goes away. Meaning, when I run, if I feel it start tightening up I just have to stop.

    I did three long runs last week and it was totally fine. Yesterday, I ran the treadmill and it was starting to ache. I had to stop.

    Speed and hills are what are hard on the calf. So, with calf injuries, you need to avoid those two things. And stretching.

  84. Mare, go get yourself a hand thrower then go out into the dessert and bang away.

    My brothers and I used to go through boxes and boxes of clay pigeons, using just a plastic hand thrower. They work quite well.

  85. Her time was 30 mins. I could see the timer from a few hundred yards, at 29:50 and knew it was going to be very close. excellent.

    Freezing rain and snow here. No run for me today.

  86. Huh.. power outage in the middle of the day. No wind to speak of.

    *goes back to sleep, hugging a jat of Vicks and the crack pipe

  87. I’m taking today off as well. That will be three days in a row, so I should be pretty healed up. The trainer is really helping, but I’m pretty sore with that and the running.

  88. If you want a 380 GM it would be hard to beat this
    For those days at the beach and such, it might be difficult if your attire is a speedo.

  89. jar

  90. I prefer this:

  91. Oh, I’m not taking the day off. Perish the thought. Just not running.

    Probably will work out at home, because it’s nasty outside and I don’t want to go anywhere in it.

  92. Carin, I’ve been in an out of it with this stupid death cold, but I just wanted to say, that kid, little lip stickin out and bout ready to scream bloody murder,

    well, it’s just Christmas magic that’s what it is.

  93. Oh yea Vmax – that’s a sneaky looking little bastard.

    Here’s my .380, see what I mean about the handle –

  94. I prefer this:


    “do ya feel lucky? Well, do ya… punk?”

  95. Carin, I’ve been in an out of it with this stupid death cold, but I just wanted to say, that kid, little lip stickin out and bout ready to scream bloody murder,

    well, it’s just Christmas magic that’s what it is.

    Ha ha ha …

  96. GML – I’m old; it’s old school.

  97. This is my 380:

  98. That’s a nice lookin pistol, Hotspur. Love the wood grips.

  99. Vera nice HS!

  100. the hostagettes demonstrate how they hold the big guns…

  101. Crap, I have very narrow feet. Minimalist shoes may not be the way to go for me.

  102. I have a little Bersa .380 and a Walther PPK/s.

    One is a very reliable little handgun. The other one is pretty.

  103. She goes to bed at 4-5 pm, while I go at 11-12.

    Over/Under on the last time MJ got some pooter?

  104. I bought the 380 for HotBride, but some women have problems racking the slide on semis. She’s one. So BONUS, now it’s mine.

  105. Over/Under on the last time MJ got some pooter?
    That would be Jay.

  106. The first time I ever fired a 44 magnum (Ruger, long barrel), it not only scared this crap out of me, but I almost clipped my forehead with the recoil.

  107. I have a 44 mag Desert Eagle. I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought that thing. It’s a pain in the ass.

  108. 44 mag

    – – –

    pain in the ass – yes

    cool as all hell to shoot – yes

  109. Póg mo thóin!

  110. I had a 357 Desert Eagle that I loved. I traded it and eventually bought another. The new one was a POS.

    I wish I never traded the first one. My new policy is if I do not hate it it goes in the safe forever.

  111. Crap, I have very narrow feet. Minimalist shoes may not be the way to go for me.

    I don’t have wide feet. It’s just when running, your feet really need to spread out properly. That’s why minimalist shoes have a wider toe box.

    My feet fit perfectly fine in regular running shoes. I just don’t run properly in them. and my baby toes go to sleep.

  112. My new policy is if I do not hate it it goes in the safe forever.

    – – – – –

    hhmm, I don’t hate my wife…

  113. The Euro is in full melt down today. How long until the dollar follows it?

  114. Over/Under on the last time MJ got some pooter?
    That would be Jay.

    Last time MJ got some pooter it was from Jay?


  115. Hmm, this thread is not taking the direction I imagined it would.

  116. Last time MJ got some pooter it was from Jay?
    Hahahahahahaha. Bitch.

  117. A woman from Los Angeles, who was a tree hugger, a liberal Democrat, and an anti-hunter, purchased a piece of timberland near Colville, WA.

    There was a large tree on one of the highest points in the tract. She wanted a good view of the natural splendor of her land so she started to climb the big tree. As she neared the top she encountered a spotted owl that attacked her.

    In her haste to escape, the woman slid down the tree to the ground and got many splinters in her crotch. In considerable pain, she hurried to a local ER to see a doctor. She told him she was an environmentalist, a democrat, and an anti-hunter and how she came to get all the splinters.

    The doctor listened to her story with great patience and then told her to go wait in the examining room and he would see if he could help her.

    She sat and waited three hours before the doctor reappeared.

    The angry woman demanded, “What took you so long?”

    He smiled and then told her, “Well, I had to get permits from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management before I could remove old-growth timber from a “recreational area” so close to a waste treatment facility. I’m sorry, but due to Obama-Care they turned you down!”

  118. Was it the delivery? Or the content?

    either way, this joke killed it.

  119. *googles H3*

  120. I fell for you like a child. . .

  121. I liked your joke, GM – sent it on to my friends and family!

    Also sent this on, with a reminder that “Tattoos are FOH-EVAH…..”:

  122. >> Also sent this on, with a reminder that “Tattoos are FOH-EVAH…..”

    Except for when they’re fake.

  123. Dammit, I missed the gun talk.

    That’s what I get for working.

  124. My kids are old enough to get the real deal, Andy…..


  125. I’m still here Andy, what do you carry?

  126. .40 Cal.

  127. Here is the G17C. I’ve only fired it a few times in the dark, but it was pretty cool to see the flames shoot out of the barrel cut outs.

  128. I’m a card carrying member of the funemployed

  129. >> it was pretty cool to see the flames shoot out of the barrel cut outs.

    … he said as he tried to recover his night vision.

  130. All I will say is this: I’ve never seen a revolver jam.

  131. “I’m a card carrying member of the funemployed’

    Sohos, noooooooooo!

    I was counting on you to find me a job in Texas.

  132. That sucks, sohos, sorry to hear that.

  133. Sohos – Sorry to hear it.

  134. Sorry to hear that, Sohita – you guys gonna be OK for the holidays?

  135. sohos… wha..?

  136. Sorry to hear that, Sohos.

  137. very sorry to hear that, Sohot.

  138. I like that HK Andy – I’ve shot one very similar.

    That’s totally badass MJ!

  139. OK, Sohos Here’s what we’re gonna do:
    1. Buy some alcohol
    2. Drink
    3. …………
    4. Fuck it, it’s funemployment.

  140. is that what you carry Andy?

  141. I think I’ll break out my M&P 45 and go to the range tomorrow. Maybe that will make me feel better.

  142. Smith and Wesson makes a fine killing machine!

  143. Its really fine. They downsized. I filed unemployment just now. Blessing in disguize. Seriously now I can find a job I want

  144. Oh Sohos: Boo! Then Yay!

  145. Since my layoff, I’ve seen it as an opportunity to grow my real estate business, but it’s tough to do when you don’t have any money coming in. My wife wants me to find some nice cushy state job with a fat paycheck. I’d rather be self-employed.

  146. Sohos and Rich, good luck in finding the jobs you want.

  147. Where’d everybody go?

  148. Over there!

    *acts like I threw the ball, hides it behind my back.

  149. Congrats Sohos?


    No, I’m just joshing. Good luck finding something better and brighter.

  150. *searches frantically*

  151. It’s funny, though, because with all the unemployment funemployement and businesses going bust, etc … you’d think that the government (local on upward) would be a tad more helpful when you want to OPEN a business.

    Nope. They’re fucking bitches.

    It’s almost as if they lack an understanding that their salary is derived from the taxes generated by WORK.

    Nah. They couldn’t be that stupid.

  152. Gmland, is that your daughter in your avatar or you as a little girl?

    Also, Dave was that a Bersa Thunder? I just shot one today and liked it.

  153. I don’t think my spellcheck werks on the blackberry.

  154. That’s my baby girl – on set of a photo shoot for Better Homes and Garden’s Holiday issue last year. She will always look like that in my eyes.

  155. obviously it doesn’t Pup – you spelled iPhone wrong.

  156. I interviewed a guy today for a part time seasonal position at the store. He and his dad have their own plumbing business but there isn’t enough work right now. He’ll be working part time for Target and scheduling any plumbing jobs around his store schedule.

  157. I’ve got a Bersa Thunder .380 and I like it a lot. Mrs Pupster can’t rack the slide on it so she has to stick with her revolver.

  158. $7.38 says Wiser carries a Daisy pump-action Roy Rogers model in a Corinthian leather holster on the side of his bike.

  159. *closes poat’s eyes and covers them with pennies*

  160. *talks to cop investigating crime scene*

    *points to GLand and bursts into tears while still talking*

    *cop looks over at GLand and frowns*

    *cop pulls out walkie-talkie and mutters into it, still watching GLand*

  161. *Mare saunters by, cop immediately busts her for prostitution*

  162. Now my advice for those who die
    Declare the pennies on your eyes
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman. . .

  163. *scampers off at an innocent speed*

  164. I have found my candidate for Prez.

  165. *cop stops MCPO for having a gatling gun mounted on his Scamp*

    *is shocked to find he actually has a permit for it*

  166. *Mare saunters by, cop immediately busts her for prostitution*

    Again? I’m sick of this crap! I was just asking for directions!!

  167. Gmland, that’s a really cute pic of your daughter.

  168. Directions and $80.

  169. >> is that what you carry Andy?


  170. $80?! Is that for the whole weekend?

  171. Did anybody tell anybody else a shaggy dog story today?

  172. Nope Sean, but I did just have an early dinner of rosemary pork chops — yummy. 15 minutes total prep and cook time.

  173. “$80?! Is that for the whole weekend?”


  174. Where’s Oso? Rudolph is on TV RIGHT NOW – and they just sang the “misfit” song……

  175. Tifw, Rudolph isn’t on here until 7.

  176. Oh, good – you won’t miss it!

    The snowman just sang “Silver and Gold”, and now the Abominable Snowman is bearing down on them……

  177. Bumbles bounce!

  178. What is a bumble?

  179. It’s a stumble where you end up falling on your arse.

  180. How do, Sean? Why did you chase everybody off tonight?

  181. Sean has the coolest avatard EVAH!!!

  182. Dunno what happened, Jew. I’m wearing pants and everything.

  183. Oso did I read the other day that you have a relative in a wheelchair?

  184. RUDOLPH!!!1!

  185. I’m here, I’m just working on HHD for tomorrow. Sorry I missed Rudolph.

  186. We own all these Christmas flicks. The boys used to get such a kick, still do. I bought them all when they were first released on VHS thinking they would be collectors items. They are–at my house.

  187. Sean has the coolest avatard EVAH!!!

    Thanks, Chief. I worked my fingers to the bone typing “sean connery santa claus” into Google images.

  188. Somewhere in the VHS collection is one with all the Christmas specials, including Charlie Brown and Veggietales.

  189. Yeah, we own all those too. My daughter hates the Rudolph one. Hates it.

    *Plans family movie night*

  190. Scott, my relative in a wheelchair is my cousin’s 8 yr old. She just completed chemo for bone cancer.

  191. I’ve upgraded all my Christmas VHS to DVD. I won’t be upgrading to Bluray.

  192. She…she… hates Rudolph?!?

    *lower lip quivers*
    That’s my favorite one of them all.

  193. Oso email me details swood7797at geeee

  194. Don’t like Rudolph’s Shiny New Year. Christmas one is fine.

  195. I didn’t care for a lot of the new Christmas ones that have been added either Roamy. Frosty Returns is the most “recent” addition to the collection.

  196. Scott, I think I sent the link correctly.

  197. There was a Garfield one that didn’t suck.

  198. I liked A Wish for Wings That Work and I am currently searching for the animated Christmas Carol from 1969. Last year I got Emmett Otter.

  199. HAHA! That’s a ringing endorsement for Garfield.

  200. I prefer to watch gory horror films around Christmas time.

  201. GMLand,
    In the 6 weeks of “HOT” weather here in the NorthWet, an AMT “Backup”(.380) stainless.
    It fits nicely in a hip pocket.
    The rest of the year, an AMT “Hardballer” full-sized .45 in a Bianchi shoulder-rig.
    It also fits nicely in the top of my tank-bag on the Ducati(I’m ambidextrous). Using nitrile gloves to load magazines, there are no thumb-prints on the brass…
    Just sayin’.

  202. I love the Grinch.

  203. I’m a Christmas nerd. I like most Christmas movies, shows, and songs. I used to love cheesy Christmas specials.

  204. I’m a big Grinch fan myself. I should look to see when that came out. I always wondered if Little Cindy Lou Who was some kind of inspiration for my name.

  205. Christmas is the best.

  206. Cindy Lou Who is adorable. She must have been inspiration for Cyn!

  207. I can’t believe I ever thought that the Abominable Snowman was scary.

  208. Ahh, there is was: Burl Ives’ Holly Jolly Christmas.

    NOW it’s the Christmas season!

  209. Would one of you kind people shoot me and put me out of my misery?

  210. The Grinch is my favorite!
    I’m also a sucker for “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, especially when Linus explains the REAL meaning of Christmas.

    Mr. TiFW and I laughed at that scene in “Cheers” where everyone at the bar talks tough about how much they HATE “It’s a Wonderful Life” because it’s so corny and cheesy, then the next scene is all of them tearing up at the end of the movie…..

  211. I see your avatar around the fire with Charlie now, Oso, but wait… it’s Santa! It’s Santa! Squeeeee!

  212. You got what Dave had, XBrad?

    Or are we being too cutesy for you?

  213. ‘Ello, ‘ostagefolks. Just poppin’ in to say hi.

  214. *quietly loads hidden Remmy 870*

    ‘Sup Xbrad?

  215. Hi Sky!

  216. Wasn’t it Burl Ives as Santa riding around on the Norelco razor?

    The Abominable snowman in that flick reminds me of the hairy Guy in “Monsters Inc”(voiced by John Goodman) that had the little girl on his back, saying; “Kitty!”

  217. **waves to Sky**

    No, Tiff, I’m suffering from a combo of dental pain and a whopping sinus headache.

    I rarely get sinus headaches, so I’m a total pussy when I do.

  218. Cyn,
    Mines already charged, and I can see it from here…

  219. ChrisP, that would be “Sully” and “Boo”

  220. There’s a few of the old Norelco’s with Santa, but none that I could find with Ives, Chrispy.

  221. Everyone has such festive avatars. *grumble* I’m in full-on hate-the-season mode. Retail is teh devil.

  222. Chrispy, trust me, you DON’T wanna piss off Cyn. The Remmy is just one of many ways she can kill you.

    Personally, I chose “heart attack from all the wonderful bacon”

  223. *knowingly nods to Chrispy at 10:04 pm*

  224. Sox!

  225. Sky, I’ve worked retail for 30 years and I refuse to let the customers, the late nights, and the crowds ruin my Christmas. I also drink. A lot.

  226. {{{Gentle Hugs}}}}, XBrad (Mine are extra squishy, ‘cuz I’ve got lots of padding)

    We called Rebecca “Becca Boo” for the longest time, because she looked like Boo from that movie; we even got her a backpack with Boo on it. She loves that movie!

  227. Dave, you are incorrect. Thanksgiving is the best holiday ever. Christmas is second.

  228. Ddin’t Keenan Wynn do the voice for one of the Christmas villains? Can’t remember if it was the Abominable snowman or another one.

    John Ratzenberger did the voice of the AS in “Monsters, Inc.”

  229. Sox!

    How magnificent would that be to wake up to that scene every morning!

    Dang ol’ desert.

  230. Keenan Wynn was the Winter Warlock.

  231. Personally, I chose “heart attack from all the wonderful bacon”


    I’m sorry, the correct answer is “Shot by an angry husband on your way out the window”, but thanks for playing “Hostage Ways to Die” – we have a lovely parting gift for you as you exit the lobby……

  232. John Ratzenberger is in every Pixar movie, isn’t he?

  233. Cyn, go to Flag and you probably could. Or Payson in the Winter. I’ve been in Payson in May with snow too.

  234. Up until the last couple, yes – haven’t heard his voice lately.

  235. Cyn, it was fairly common on Ft. Carson to wake up to deer and the antelope playing. And nuzzling you. There was very little hunting on post, so they felt pretty safe around people.

  236. Yep. Pixar/Ratzenberger is some kind of law.

  237. I think it’s almost an inside joke that Ratzenberger is in Pixar movies.

    I’m trying to remember if he was in The Incredibles.

  238. He was The Underminer in The Incredibles

  239. Winks back at Cyn, at 10:04pm.
    We’re ready!

  240. Flagstaff and Payson, and east toward Show Low have good critters and snow, Oso. We might do Xmas at Mom’s in Payson this year. Her house back’s up to the Tonto NF and the elk LOVE her apple and peach trees.

  241. Here’s why we called Becca “Boo”:
    (That was at Halloween when she was a little over 2 years old)

  242. Haha, a mirror image, TiFW!


  243. Thanks, J’Ames. I didn’t think of the Underminer. If you’re my Secret Satan, you can expect something good. Otherwise, it’s coal for you.

  244. Cyn, we’ve seen lots of elk driving through the Tonto. I like the burgers at the Red Onion in Heber. Cold beer. I get jealous when you post from Payson. Beautiful country.

  245. Tifw, great pic of Becca Boo!

  246. Aw! What Ja’mes said!

  247. Otherwise, it’s coal for you.

    The EPA would like a word with you…

  248. Cyn,
    Speaking of Elk, they did NOT get our corn this year!
    Yeah, us!
    And we actually got so many pole-beans that we could take bushels to the food-bank! They liked them! And the corn we gave them.
    The damned deer did trash the tomatoes, and the peppers, though. We got enough cukes for 15 quarts of pickles, and enough beans for 6 quarts of pickled beans.

  249. Red Onion is good eats! I was up there for some of the big Rodeo-Chedeski fire claims nearby.

  250. I’m laughing my butt off at this video:

    This video from the small Yupiq Eskimo Village of Quinhagak, Alaska , was a school computer

    project intended for the other Yupiq villages in the area. Much to the villagers’ shock, over a half million people have viewed it.

  251. Yep, she was rockin’ that pleather skirt!

    She had just started walking, so it was a dicey situation; if she had decided to crawl, that sucker would have worked its way off in no time flat –

  252. Otherwise, it’s coal for you.

    Mommy loves getting coal, you lucky devil.

  253. That was GREAT, Jay! I’m still smiling –

  254. That was awesome Jay! Loved the dogs jumping at about 2:30 HAHA!

  255. Loved the kids flipping the Hah Leh Luh Yah signs in strange places.

  256. And Duke is getting spanked by 23. Life is good.

  257. Coyotes spanking the Blackhawks. Life is good.

  258. We’re a spanking blog now?

    Hang on, lemme search my links…

  259. NOOOOooooooooooooooooo!

  260. Go on, you know you’d spank it just a little:

  261. This entire thread confuses and frightens me!

  262. Oooh – spanking! (And after the spanking….)

    I’ve – um – gotta go to bed now……


    Looooooove the gloves

  264. This entire thread confuses and frightens me!

    Yay! We’re doing it right then.

  265. *high fives Roamy*

    That was my very exact thought as well.

  266. *Peeks in*

    *Slowly backs away*

  267. What gloves?

  268. Ohio State is stomping all over Duke with about 8 minutes left.

  269. *tackles Andy and gives him the “vintage black glove treatment”*

  270. Go Bucks! WooHoo!

  271. Always fun to play with you kids, but sweet dreams beckon me.

    Sweetest of sweet dreams to all of you.

  272. Good night, Cyn.

  273. *checks link*

    Yep, gloves are awesome….

  274. G’nite, Cynabuns.

  275. Aggie!

  276. Surprised? :D

  277. Pleased.

    How YOU doin’?

    How are things **clap**clap**clap** Deep in the Heart of Texas?

  278. HAHAHAHA!!!

    Things are good. Thank goodness the weather has turned.

    Holy shit….I AM Deep in the Heart of Texas, ain’t I??

  279. Hi, aggie.

  280. Evenin’ CB :D

  281. Pretty much.

    The weather has turned?

    Yeah, today was awful. Highs were only in the low 70s.

  282. 68* was our high here. WHOO HOO!!

    *breaks out the parka*

  283. Actually, I tried to take a nap at 2, but no matter how wrapped in blankets I was, I couldn’t warm up.

  284. A hot shower can help raise your core temperature. Plus, you can smell of flowers :D

  285. *Shakes fist at the two Desert Flowers, heads toward bed and winter blankets, quilts, etc.*

  286. G’night, CB!

  287. I almost hopped in the shower, but decided I’ll wait until just before bed.

    Clint, sorry you’ll be freezing your ass off from now until April.

    //gets electric blanket out of storage

  288. Electric blanket?

    *cuddles with her fleece blanket*

    I thought I was bad…

  289. I’ve got a fleecey blanket, a knit cotton blanket, and the ‘lectric is for emergencies.

    Emergencies being when my arthritic knees get cold.

  290. Ahhh… I understand.

    *smooches Brad’s knees*

    Does that help?

  291. Sigh…time for bed. I hope you get to feeling warmer and sleep well!

    G’night :)

  292. G’night.

    //sits by lonely self

  293. Crap, did we forget to feed Pupster again?

  294. Looks like hippie whompings may be imminent in downtown L.A.

    *pops popcorn*

  295. Cops are making their move now. WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  296. Okay, bedtime now.

  297. Hostages I am home!

  298. We have snow now. Discovered yesterday that it was going to cost us about 4k more than I thought to sell the house. Had to scramble to get cash into the right account for the check.

    We are going to be very close to broke in a few hours, but at least we aren’t whiny hippies.

  299. wakey wakey

  300. Ouch, leon. That sucks, but at least it will be gone.

  301. I suppose, Jay, but it’s a really big hit. I hope I stay healthy and nobody hits my car for a few months.

  302. Good morning.

  303. I’m also pretty sure I’m done with restaurant eating for the foreseeable future, along with coffee for which I had to pay.

    Coffee was a rare thing, and lunches out were the price I paid for getting to socialize. I’ll have to find some other way to do the latter.

  304. NEW POAT!

  305. Leon, if we could gather the cash to get rid of our house in Detroit, I’d gladly go w/o for a few months. Not to mention that I feel that every mortgage payment and utility payment we make is just more money thrown down the hole we’ll never see.

    I’d go w/o eating out. Honestly. You’ve done this for a few months, I’ve done it for years.

    It’s a good thing. Just keep repeating that.

  306. oh, and taxes. Our fucking tax bill on the house is just stupid.

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