HHD: I’m On Fire Edition

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and since most of us will be doing some cooking for Thanksgiving, I found a few guys to cool the flames.


**REMINDER: Secret Santa Sign-Up Cut-off is Sat. 11/26/11**



  1. Mmmmm. Burnin’ down the house.

  2. Since there’s no work tomorrow, this feels more like a Friday than a Wednesday. Bring on the boobs! (and I do NOT mean Dave in Texas and Pupster)

  3. Shit. I believe I’ve been hacked out of my work email account.

    Can’t even get into the master account.

  4. That’s just me stalking you, lw. Pay no attention to the naked man behind the curtain.

  5. You mean the one with the tiny peen?

  6. I would like to second the proposal set forth by composmentis

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Gabriel.

    (I’m prescient)

  8. For Count. Not that Hotspur douche. http://tinyurl.com/ceu967z

  9. Oh thank you, Cyn! With all teh crazy yesterday, I forgot what day it was.

  10. I didn’t know there were that many ghey firemen.

  11. *lights match, holds it under smoke detector in hopes that Fireman #6 will show up at the door*

    Thanks for the stuffing sampler, Cyn! :P
    (Who needs turkey?)

  12. Thanking Cyn for browsing the web for naked dudes is like asking Dave in Texas to find a way to get soaked during a moron meetup. They’re both a given.

  13. For composmentis:


  14. Hi Compos!


  15. Morning Morons.

  16. Awesome on the HHD, Cyn.

    …and my hair is still red, btw.

  17. Hi Dave! My mom, eh? I don’t believe your dad is appproving of your sense of humor.


  18. Aw, just kidding around. C’mere big guy, hug it out.


  19. I like the one with the boot. He looks like he has a good sense of humor.

  20. I like the one with the boot. He looks like he has a good sense of humor.

    Agree, Peel. I saw that same thing. And YES. A sense of humor is a must. Glad my butt is getting so much humor-mileage here. Low hanging or otherwise. Laughing is much less painful than a few days ago. Got into jeans today… and YES! My hair is RED!!!!

    Did I tell you my hair is now RED?

  21. *hisses and recoils from cathy, shielding her eyes from the soulless one*

    just kidding. I’m totally going to go auburn myself one of these days. I bet you look awesome! (as always!)

  22. The best debate synopsis I’ve read so far this morning:


  23. here here on the synopsis

    I’m so agreeable this morning

  24. Omg. A bazillion nobels.

    *nominates Cyn for hostage of the year

  25. *Tackles Carin. Gives her the full turkey basting treatment.*

  26. Woot!

  27. Important Thanksgiving related header update.

    There will be no math.

  28. Fun thing to try for green bean casserole fans:

  29. *&#’ Stupid #%^@ mother &*#^+ Dog *#@& Muhm&^#
    Waking me up #$&^% !*^+
    I am pissed!

  30. *sets house on fire

  31. *tears off shirt, puts on g-string, grabs ax, jumps on harley, heads to pj’s

  32. Peel you are sweet to me. You are so beautiful just the way you are and majorly hawt.

    I colored my own hair and it came out much redder than I would have wanted. The color was purchased from the natural foods store and was not cheap. I’m happy with the texture and condition, but I think I need to blend some deeper browns and highlights in there. Right now my dark eyebrows need some of the same colors to talk to them and play nicely…

    *hopes that makes sense*

  33. Hahahahaha

    I just looked in my spam folder and I got the email from PJ’s cousin too.

  34. Speaking of Spam. Gotta question for you computer-smart peeps.

    Got an email today supposedly from the Google Team customer care telling me that if I don’t reply to their email with my name, password, date of birth and country of origin, that I risk them shutting down my Google email account.

    Is that fake? Sounds like something I need to ignore big time.

  35. *tears off shirt, puts on g-string, grabs ax, jumps on harley, heads to pj’s

    *goes to bank withdrawals $5 in one dollar bills

    Bring it!

  36. I just looked in my spam folder and I got the email from PJ’s cousin too

    hahaha, which one did you get? The one where she’s in Madrid, or the one where she’s in the Netherlands?

    Did you offer to help? It’s sure fun to get them all excited and waste their time.

  37. >> Sounds like something I need to ignore big time.

    Total bullshit. Spam can it.

  38. Actually it’s worst than bullshit, it’s a lame attempt to hack your account.

    Neveh eveh give out a password.

  39. Cathy, Google will never ask you for your password. Nor will any reputable site.

  40. Ok. I just Googled to look for my situation, and it is SPAM.

    Just pissed that my spam filter didn’t catch it.

  41. Ignore it, Cathy. In fact, delete it. Google will never ask for your password, or your username. They already know it.

    Same with any reputable company. If in doubt, visit the website. Type in the link, don’t click on anything in the email.

  42. She is in Madrid. I told her to enjoy herself. She’s sitting on a gold mine.

  43. Thanks, Gents.

    Glad you two jumped on that like a fly on doo-doo.

  44. and thanks Jay…


  45. She is in Madrid. I told her to enjoy herself. She’s sitting on a gold mine.

    oooooh, ask for a souvenir!

  46. Good morning, hump day denizens.

  47. I think Cathy ought to create a gmail account Iamastupididiot@gmail.com and give him the password

  48. I need some new ideas for Thanksgiving.. Weirdest good recipes?

  49. I got PJ’s cousin’s email also.

    I told her to call PJ and gave her cell phone number. Said PJ was just dying to help.

  50. heh, catman, I’m going through the recipes thread at Ace’s right now.

  51. Wiser’s probably in a corner cutting himself and crying.

  52. Nice recipe for crescent dinner rolls there, but I don’t care for how the person writing the recipe is fucking yelling at me. Everything has an exclamation point.


  53. Laura, I haven’t gotten to Ace’s yet. Gimme a minute.

  54. This isn’t the Pepper Spray Poat I was looking for…

  55. Link for the Ace thread? I can’t see through the Romney Love/Hate fog there…

  56. Pepper Potts?

  57. I need some new ideas for Thanksgiving.. Weirdest good recipes?

    Catman, How about “Cranberries Jezebel?”

    Is that weird enough for you?

  58. Don’t you people have any panic-inducing preps left to do?

    *runs around in a circle waving arms*

  59. This year:

    2009- the pumpkin dip recipe in the main blog part got rave reviews from commenters:

  60. Cranberries Jezebel
    Combine in saucepan and heat until boiling:
    1 cup water
    ½ cup cane sugar
    ½ cup brown sugar
    1 bag (12 ounce) fresh cranberries
    Stir continuously until mixture returns to boil and boil for 10 minutes. Cool mixture. Before serving, add:
    3 tablespoons prepared fresh horseradish
    1 tablespoon Dijon mustard.

  61. This is a twist on the same concept (spicy cranberries):

  62. Don’t you people have any panic-inducing preps left to do?

    *runs around in a circle waving arms*

    No. Shopping is all done. Turkey is brinning. Most of the cooking can be easily done tomorrow.

    House is pretty clean, I’ll spic and span it on and off until tomorrow.

  63. I ain’t sharing recipes with NO ONE.

  64. Cathy sounds good.. I might serve this as a dip for Sweet potato fries!

  65. I do Chestnut-Wild rice-Sausage dressing (we are glutenous free here too)

    But Chestnuts are not in the budget this year… :(

  66. Comment by Car in on November 23, 2011 2:03 pm

    I ain’t sharing recipes with NO ONE.

    You suck.

  67. OMG, look at ‘someone’ recipe for smoked, stuffed, bacon-wrapped jalapenos!

    I met someone at the Boston thing in 2007, my first meetup ever.

  68. You suck.

    That’s not what I hear…… :P

  69. Carin is a stud! I mean that in the good way.

  70. No. Shopping is all done. Turkey is brinning. Most of the cooking can be easily done tomorrow.

    How’s the Green Bean Casserole with Funyuns coming along?

  71. I ain’t sharing recipes with NO ONE.

    So then I shouldn’t tell anyone about the recipes you’ve emailed me?

  72. Cyn, you are a someone, not a NO ONE. Silly girl.

  73. And I gave Carin a really nice recipe for holiday cookies last year. Ungrateful little minx.

    *shakes head sadly*

    *snaps on nitrile gloves with a flourish and cracks knuckles*

  74. I will be making white turkey chili this weekend.


  75. *Trying to figure why I am a “No One” (sniff)

  76. That’s very niggardly of you, BiW.

  77. *heats nipple clamps with blowtorch so they are ready when Humpy calls for them*

  78. BiW – Why are you making chili with Rosetta?

  79. you are a someone

    Yay!! This is better than the new phonebooks arriving!

  80. How many of your are actually going out Friday for the “Running of the Negr …” er, I mean “Black Friday”?

  81. BiW – Why are you making chili with Rosetta?

    Hey, if you’re gonna start in on how my friends are funny, you can just eat the beans, and like it, Mister!

  82. The only time I’ll be exiting my domicile on Friday, CB, is to attend a Sun Devil football game that evening.

    Hate, hate, hatey-hate shopping with a passion. Girl born w/o the shopping gene–who knew!

  83. Yeah the chili is good but the uric acid content will kill you…

  84. Yay!! This is better than the new phonebooks arriving!

    Anything to help your self esteem. Now shouldn’t you be passing bacon out to everyone but Car in?

  85. Yeah the chili is good but the uric acid content will kill you…

    1) Everything is killing me. Breathing, eating, not eating, reading the headlines, listening to our elected officials, listening to those who want to be our elected officials…everything.
    2) I don’t have El Goutcho, so it can FUCK SALT! and have a bowl of TOTAL!
    3) If the ten years I save are the ones in a nursing home, in a wheelcahair, spent drooling on myself and staring off into space, then I’m gonna eat the damn chili, enjoy it, and fart in your general direction, sir.

  86. Herself is home. Of course, I just sat down for the first time!

  87. Bacon got passed out this morning, BiW, but I saved a bit just for you.

  88. Whoa.. Sorry! – I meant chili that is made with Rosetta! You know “Ground White Turkey”

  89. Bacon got passed out this morning, BiW, but I saved a bit just for you.

    This is why you were always my favorite pledge, and why I wouldn’t let Rosetta or Wiser and Wiserbud stick you with a bad nickname.

  90. I love you too Blackie. M’wah!

  91. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyXabSNXL4Y&feature=share

    Marcus Luttrell for Rick Perry.

  92. I ain’t sharing recipes with NO ONE.

    Good! Be that way! Iffin peeps want any of MY recipes, THEY can contact me directly.

  93. http://is.gd/5WY00Y




    This poat needed a good old Rogering.

  94. Laura your last Roger needs to do something about the smoker stain on his teeth. Sure he can afford it.

  95. Tooth-bleaching can only be done by prescription under a doctor’s oversight in the Brit NHS. Roger made an appointment to set an appointment, but ultimately was denied care due to his age.

    He is going to have to go to Costa Rica for the procedure.

  96. What’s ^her excuse?

  97. I ain’t sharing recipes with NO ONE.

    So then I shouldn’t tell anyone about the recipes you’ve emailed me?

    dangit Cyn.

    But srsly, I’m not really making anything terribly interesting – i don’t have any special guests coming and it’s not as if my kids want anything that’s different. The only “new” thing I’m trying is a scalloped potato dealo that has reg (ass) potatoes and sweet potatoes. I can’t really share that recipe because I don’t know if it will be any good. It looks yummy.

  98. at way! Iffin peeps want any of MY recipes, THEY can contact me directly.

    that’s xactly what I did, didn’t i?


  99. I almost bought stuff to make the green bean casserole as a joke.

    I could prolly take a picture of it after dinner with not a serving taken out of it.

    We love beans here. Just not those beans.

  100. actually, I’m already looking forward to the turkey carcass soup.


  101. Where’s that whore mare been ?

    Her daughter comes home, and we’re just suddenly some strangers she’s never met or something.

  102. Shit, maybe I should just start throwing recipes up …

    *goes off to make bacon

  103. Daughter was gonna bring the GB casserole cause she loved it so much but wanted to make sure it was gonna be non-GMO.

    *rolls eyes*

    But she now chooses to dine with a family who protests GMO issues in Boulder and is looking forward to eating an entirely ORGANIC meal.

    *rolls eyes*

    OK. I’m TRYING to understand this… I guess eating a non-organic meal with our semi-dysfunctional family and playing silly games afterward was not a big enough ‘sell’

  104. *realizing… not really much of a fan of GBC*

    I’d rather eat freshly grilled Brussel Sprouts.

  105. *invites Cathy to Thanksgiving at my house

  106. Starting to work on Sausage Stuffing right now and pumpkin pie is in teh oven. Moar updates to follow!!1! Squeeeeee!

  107. I really prefer my veggies to not be casseroled in any way. green beans, broccoli … etc. Why must they be smothered in cambells soup an baked until they lose all texture?


  108. Pumpkin pie is in it’s plastic wrap in the garage.

    Listen to me. I have something important to say.

    “I bought my pie at Costco.”

    *looks steely at everyone, in the eye, w/o an ounce of shame

  109. …speaking of dysfunctional Thanksgiving…

    I need a walk. Later Lovelies!

  110. actually, that’s not 100% true. I may make creme brulee too. I’m saving Cathy’s pecan pie until Christmas. When I can take it to mil’s house or something and not have the whole thing here for me to eat it to go to waste.

  111. …and YES! I’m NOT planning to change my link. Iffin anyone is upset Himself can change it.

  112. Carin, I just finished TWO pecan pies. One for tonight at church and one for tomorrow.

    OK. Later! This time for real.

    *Hugs Carin!*

  113. Cathy, the chief is too busy running around with his arms in the air to worry about us today ;)

  114. *coughs* Sara Lee Pumpkin Pie *coughs*

  115. ha ha ha …

  116. *hugs cathy back, doesn’t grab her ass because … you know …*

  117. Fence installer guys cut the internet line. I was in the middle of setting up my phone again, so I had nothing.

    Twilight Zone.

  118. The wifi signal in my kitchen sucks so I may not be able to give you the full live blogging feel. I should be live streaming this instead! Now where’s Andy with the cam and lights when I need him dammit

  119. MJ, did you find $20?

  120. Actually, no. But I did go shoot the shit with real live people. And I got a few cigars. THEN, I found $20.

  121. Actually, no. But I did go shoot the shit with real live peopl

    Wow, that’s so sad. It’s terribly what one is reduced to when they have no internet access.

    *hugs computer

    “I hope nothing bad happens to you EVER!”

  122. Happy Thanksgiving my friends! Hope you all have a lovely holiday..!

  123. I didn’t find $20. But I did have Pho for lunch.


  124. You met real live people… for real?!?

  125. I am SO not in the mood to go running. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

  126. Here ____, have some wine.

  127. a swig of beer might actually help, J’ames. LOL.

    Two sips, enough to get be over the pre-run anxiety.

  128. HAHA! Thanks Jay

    *takes carafe and inserts two straws for Carin and me*

  129. Sausage cooked. Onions chopped and sauteeing, celery peeled and ready to chop.

    *grabs carafe for a big slug, but instead pours some into the onions and butter*

  130. *grabs carafe for a big slug, but instead pours some into the onions and butter*
    Your doing it wrong.

  131. Your doing it wrong.

    Not Exactly

  132. *grabs carafe for a big slug, but instead pours some into the onions and butter XBrad*


  133. Haha. You are so cool. That is Mrs MJs favorite song to listen to while running.

  134. I really dig that whole album MJ. The biggest kick I get though is when I can rattle off some of the song titles to my 13 y.o.

    Coolest Mom Evah

  135. You’re 13 year old is going to be pissed when you leave your husband for Sarah Palin. Good thing you are on the kid’s good side now.

  136. http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/pe

    This looks pretty good. In her description she reminded me that when I was a kid Mom used to keep a big bowl of whole nuts in the house with nutcrackers sticking out of it.

    Brazil nuts are my favorite, I bet they’re pretty good baked in a pie.

  137. *gif of dog slugging back double vodka and sprinting to a plane*

  138. Sohos won’t be home for an hour, it’s early, should I start drinking?


  139. Cyn ‘n Sarah sittin’ in a tree… charging viewers two-fif-ty. HAHA!

  140. Oh, man, Laura: that recipe looks like a keeper. You going to try it?

  141. Sohos won’t be home for an hour, it’s early, should I start drinking?
    You chose…wisely.

  142. Run, Pupster, Run!!


    I won’t tell if you start early, Count. Go for it.

  143. You mean that “DeadMau5” is a real group??? I thought it was some sort of cruel Youtube joke someone had pieced together.

  144. I think the cruel joke begat the real group

  145. Well, technically, no, deadmau5 is not a real group. It’s a dude with lots of computer stuff.

  146. Deadmau5 and recipes.

    Don’t we ever talk about the weather here anymore!?

  147. I think I may have “tasted” too much stuffing.

  148. that recipe looks like a keeper. You going to try it?

    Maaaaaybe. I’m not cooking this Thanksgiving, but for Christmas it would be a nice change.

  149. Potato Casserole

    2# bag of hashbrowns
    8oz shredded cheddar
    16oz sour cream
    one onion chopped or onion power to taste
    1 can cream of mushroom
    corn flakes
    butter or margarine

    Layer hashbrowns in 9 x12 pan. Mix sour cream, mushroom soup, onion tog. Spread over hashbrowns. Spread cheddar next. Top with crushed corn flakes. Dot with butter. Bake about 45 minutes at 400 or 425 (can’t remember which), ’til center is bubbly and steaming when checked with fork.

  150. Okay, off to make tiramisu balls. Trying to decide if I should make the apple pie tonight or tomorrow morning.

  151. I’m not eating any, it was the son’s idea for something different.


  152. You’ll have to give the taste results when you make it Laura!

    That looks soooo yummy Beasn. I’m jotting that down. That would be great for Easter brunch too!

    I seem to have inherited boy pick up duty today so I’ll catch you kids later.

  153. OK; what is Google Plus? Is that pretty much faceborg for google?

  154. Pretty much, humpy.

  155. Run Pupster, run!

  156. It’s a huge improvement over facebook. None of those stupid games (or at least I can more easily pretend they’re not there, as they don’t show up in my stream), and circles allow you to easily choose to whom you want to disseminate information.

  157. I’m really digging google+. It appears to be more about following interesting people as opposed to following friends and family. Less “just got back from the gym, cooking dinner for my incredible hubby”, and more interesting shit like this: http://pieterjangrandry.com/the-gif-player/

  158. SCOTT! (stick with it….fun begins at 1:08)


  159. HA HA. I saw that a couple days ago Beasn. The jumps crack me up.

    Rosetta should try that with Floyd.

  160. Nah, Floyd in a wagon, attached to Rosetta’s tricycle, isn’t a good idea.

  161. I hope Occupy Black Friday turns out just like this…


  162. Floyd would have to keister a lot of ice cubes before he tried that.

  163. Don’t we ever talk about the weather here anymore!?

    BEAUTIFUL here today. Sunny. No wind. Sixties.
    Gonna be even nicer tomorrow. Seventies.

    Just got back from walking ‘The Bluffs’ 2.7 miles in mile-high altitude and not even winded. YAY!

  164. Cathy! Great to hear you’re recovering…I can’t imagine going for a long walk so soon after surgery!
    You’re awesome.

  165. Hey, Laura. Thanks. Can’t say I didn’t feel it, but I figure that my butt is gonna hurt no matter what, so at least if I get out and take a walk, look at the snow-capped mountains and talk to the other walkers and dog lovers, at least I get my mind on something else and get some exercise in the process.

  166. “I’m really digging google+.”….

    *hoo boy… cat in a glory hole…. oy.”

  167. 8 mile run. Felt good but I’m whipped now.

  168. Kudos, Carin!

  169. Header pic: She’s burning the bacon.

  170. Thanks. I have run loping distances since the half. Stupid calf thing I injured a week after the race. Stupid. Any way I’m trying to get my weekly milage up above 25 miles a week- and I only run 3 or 4 timed a week. So I gotta go far when I run. Or run consecutive days which I don’t want to do.

  171. Hawt stuff!

  172. I am still resting for my next big run.

  173. So let me get this straight Chicago…tomato, peppers, dill pickle and celery salt are standard on a hot dog along with mustard, onion and relish, but catsup is some kind of cardinal fucking sin?

  174. Pups, that is just wrong.

    *shuns Chicago

  175. Our neighbor has some awesome stuffing in our oven. It’s got amazing stuff IN it and it’s completely wrapped in BACON!!!!

    Supposedly the stuff is so awesome that not a bite will remain at dinner cleanup.

  176. I like mustard, ketchup, dill relish, and cheese w/ a couple shots of tabassco on my dogs

  177. Possession is nine-tenths of the law.

    Not a bite will be at her dinner table.

    You can do this.

  178. *mesa bait*

    Anybody else in Chicago? I got a couple of hours to kill.

  179. Chili, slaw, onion, mustard.

    Hillbilly dog.

  180. Isn’t it ironic that Americans spend the most money on new things the day after they give thanks for what they already have?

  181. Brad? http://i.imgur.com/Mdaof.jpg

  182. I do not like sauerkraut on my dogs one time in NYC a pushcart vendor gave me one loaded up with sauerkraut for free. It was one of the best I have ever eaten.

    I was really really hungry at the time, and still hate sauerkraut

  183. stuffing:

  184. The son and his companion made it safely. The ham is baked, along with, the 3 loaves of bread and 2 apples pies. Now settling in to watch a movie.

    Life is grand!

  185. NYC pushcarts have the best dogs on the planet. I was there 3 weeks and probably gained 10 lbs. I ate them every time I walked down the street.

  186. Header pic: She’s burning the bacon.

    That pic has bacon in it?

  187. Sauerkraut is great if you make it yourself.

    I will have vicodin in a couple of weeks thanks to some maxillofacial surgery. I expect to need it.

  188. You’re finally having boobs permanently sewn on either side of your face? Congratulations, man. I knew you would finally find a doctor to take you up on your idea.

  189. I also had a memorable chili dog some where in El Paso Count.

  190. Four hour drive ahead of me in the early AM. Had intended to stay ’til Sunday, but have to return for a funeral on Saturday.

    How inconsiderate!

  191. Making my snickerdoodles and almost forgot to put on my special apron. Yay!

    I like cheese on my dogs. nom nom nom

    My fave hot dogs are the Texas Heritage sold in HEB. Just don’t read the package…they are actually made in Ohio.

  192. Ohio hot dogs suck.

    We ship real hot dogs to people that live there.

  193. If someone in Ohio could figure out how to make a good pizza, they would be rich.

    I lived there for 5 years and Dominoes was the best they had.

  194. Dad’s already asleep.

    Tired puppy.

    Who got boobs on their face?

  195. I’m always hungry an hour after I eat Domino’s pizza.

    Probably because of the vomiting.

  196. Domino’s sucks.

    Most of the chains do. There’s an eyetalian joint here in town that does ok, but the best pizza I et was from places in the northeast or Chicago.

  197. Have any of the Hostagettes claimed those bewbs in the header picture yet?

  198. Right now, I am eating the best white pizza I’ve ever had. There have to be about 3000 different kinds of white cheese on here with an alfredo sauce on a thin crust. Buci is the restaurant; in the middle of no where, literally, but I will be going back.

  199. My wife’s homemade pizza kicks all chain pizzas’ asses.

  200. But Papa John’s isn’t half bad.

  201. When we get the chain stuff, it’s Papa Johns.

  202. I’m having my gums reduced on both sides behind my upper molars. I also have early stage periodontis and might have to switch from biannual cleanings to triannual cleanings.

    The doc actually said “you might have to try a little harder to have the same results as most people get with less effort”. It took effort to hold back my lecture on the topic.

  203. We’ve also found this chain to be different and GOOD.


  204. Gah! Baci is the name of the joint. good stuff.

  205. I lumme some pizze margherita.

    There was a place called Antonio’s that came to Northgate (an area of mostly bars and a few food places, right in front of the appropriately named Church Street, north of the A&M campus) the last year or so I was on campus. They had like 100 different kinds of pizza, and they were awesome. (Their pizza margherita sucked, though.)

  206. I like Papa John’s but the rest of my family doesn’t so we generally end up getting something frozen or Little Caesar’s. It’ll do.

  207. When I ate it regularly Papa > Hutt > Caesar > Dominoes, and Anthony’s was several orders of magnitude above them all.

  208. I don’t want to tell you any bad/scary stories, Leon, but have you considered getting a second opinion on your dental surgeries?

  209. I want one of those Spin Pizza’s near me. Their pies look incredible CB!

  210. One of the best pizzas I have ever had was Mariello’s on the corner of 57th and Broadway in NYC.
    It had the thinnest crispiest crust ever!

  211. I will give you 9 pizzas and 9 wings for 9 dollars.

  212. City’s Pizzas & Subs

    One door over from the ghetto bar.

    Ann Arbistan, Michigaggin

  213. I hate to admit it, but I like Dominos.

  214. What the fuck am I sayin, I’ll go broke doin that.

    Get me Walter in Marketing!

  215. They are, Cyn. Really different and really good.

  216. This was the second opinion, and it’s the same as the first. The risk is that the gums are so high they leave me prone to abscess. I’ve had two of those already, and the root canals to go with them. My insurance covers half of a root canal/crown, but 90% of this, so it’s good move economically. I’ll just be on soft foods for 7-10 days and have to live in fear of infection.

  217. Leon, unless you’re prone to infection, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

    Trust me.

    I know all about getting your gums cut up.

  218. Starting the drive to Maryland tomorrow morning for a Thanksgiving with wife’s two cousins and their families. They are all awesome people.

  219. That’s really sad Xbrad.
    I hope that you can experience real pizza some day,

  220. Tushar, where do you live?

  221. Scott, I’ve had great pizzas. Really.

    But I’m perfectly OK with Domino’s.

  222. Why Maryland Tush?
    Not why are you going there why did the cousins pick Maryland?

    My local pizza joint. Most excellent food

  223. Count just made us the most amazing dinner. Grilled chicken, pasta, spinach, tomato, parm. Cheese, garlic bread…I am in a food coma

  224. Hotspur, unfortunately I live in New Jersey.

    Vmax, no specific reason. One couple is both architects. Other couple are both technology people. They all found jobs there more than 25 years back and settled down.

  225. live in fear of infection.


    Good, strong, long acting antibiotics should be insisted upon. Really.

  226. Safe travels to you Tushar and a happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

  227. Good, strong, long acting antibiotics should be insisted upon. Really.

    Every time you take antibiotics, you risk damaging your internal colony. I have enough digestive problems as it is, so I’m hoping to not need them.

  228. Leon my thoughts and prayers are with you

  229. The header pic? Yeah, that is greatness.

  230. Luckily I will not be in the company of football fans tomorrow, so I won’t have to see the Lions lose to Green Bay.

  231. Grilled round steaks and chicken noodles here.

    The steak was perfect.

  232. Just curious Tush, if you move to America why do you want to live where you do?

    I have lives a lot of places but I keep picking Florida

  233. Leon, I had that done for one gum, a really crappy dentist put a crown in there that went too far into the gum line (Scottish dentist, go figure) and I kept getting abcesses.

    That was 25 years ago and I haven’t had a problem since. When I gets my gums checked, I get all ones and twos with the occasional three.

  234. oh fuck

  235. Vmax, my skillset is developing software for investment banks. NY is my best long term employment bet. There are jobs at other places too, but in NY I have to shoo away recruiters.

  236. Last time I had my gums check, I sounded like a Subway commercial, dave.

    “Five… five… five…”

  237. If I could get good jobs anywhere, I would move south in a heartbeat. FL, TX, GA, NC are all on my radar.

  238. Happy Thanksgiving Cyn. I will NOT be pardoning a turkey tomorrow.

  239. Dave busted with his sockpuppet!

  240. Tushar – I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!

  241. >> “Five… five.. five…”

    Heh. I know you’ve had some hell with the teefes xbrad. Mine ain’t perfect, lotta maintenance over the years. I think I have more teefes with crowns than without, although last year I decided the top front four needed “cosmetic” ones, cause they were so chipped and dingy it just bugged me.

    I smile a lot more now since then.

  242. You too, Chief.

  243. Hey scary brown person, safe travels tomorrow.

  244. My teefs look fantastic. I just can’t put ’em in my mouth.

  245. Dave, it will be a good drive. First road trip in my Rav4

  246. My theory is love or money Tushar. You move for family or other love interest, or just plain $.

    In 1972 my Dad was sick of working in the cold, so we moved to a town that a great aunt and uncle lived in that was a family/weather related move.

    Check Clearwater Tush or just greater Tampa Bay. They pay you with sunshine here so you will have to decide between $$$ and sunshine

  247. Most of my teeth at 3 and 4, but those molars are 6s.

  248. Aaron almost has more teefs than xbrad. I think it’s just a matter of days before the first pair pokes out.

    *wipes tear*

  249. What? No curried Turkey?

  250. Aaron’s had a chance to play with bewbs more recently than me, too.

    I hate that little snot!

  251. >> *wipes tear*

    Aww.. *hugs*

  252. Breastfeeding a teething baby is painful, or so I have heard.

  253. *holds Mrs. Peel back from murdering xbrad*

    Wait, what am I doing?

    *lets her go*

  254. Does he have a red bum yet Peelie? Have an ointment AND Caldesene powder on hand in case he gets diaper rash from teething. Oh and that Caldesene power is awesome on big boys and grown-ups in the summer time in places that rub when it gets hot.

  255. Meh. Gets me out of having to have dinner with my family tomorrow.

  256. How does one get diaper rash from teething?

    If the kid can gnaw on his own hiney, he’s going to have an interesting life.

  257. I see why Pupster fled Ohio


  258. HA! No Leon, I believe it’s the pH change in their saliva that goes thru their little systems. Some kids get the rash when teething and some don’t at all. My oldest had it badly, but the youngest not quite so much.

  259. Teething babies can:

    run a fever.
    be cranky as hell.
    have diarrhea.
    get a butt rash from it.

    Difficult times.

    I prefer Gold Bond to the Caldesene myself, for that summertime thing (swamp nuts). But I wouldn’t recommend it for a baby.

  260. I just googled that teething – rash thing and the ‘experts’ conflict as to cause. Naturally.

    Tylenol and Ibu on hand are musts too, unless you’re going the whiskey route for you and Aaron.

  261. I’m no longer breastfeeding, so no worries there.

    Yeah, he’s got a very red little butt. Poor kiddo. We are slathering him up every time we change him, even if he just peed. (He pees like a champ.)

  262. You should also give him a snickerdoodle for his teeth Peelie. They are magic.

  263. When the girls were babies, we had a great pediatrician who was partnered up with a cranky old pediatrician. The great ped said “we don’t know why some babies get fever and rashes when teething. Could be coincidence.” The old cranky one said “you’re an idiot if you think teething causes fever and diaper rash.”

    I said, to the great one “It’s confusing, isn’t it?”

    I said the the old cranky one “I don’t know either hoss. All I know is when they teethe, they get a fever, and the runs, and a diaper rash. Oh, also, you’re fired, for being an asshole.”

  264. You’re done breastfeeding? Isn’t he only like 4 days old?

  265. If a fence will not work on the Southwest border why don’t we take down the one around the White House?

  266. LOL, Dave! The confidence does come after a few months with the babies doesn’t it. I think I’d have stepped off a curb and into a bus if our ped had suggested it for about the first two, maybe three, months. After that, pffft. I know my kid–just gimme the drugs and STHU.

  267. “Sects! Sects! Sects!” said one monk to the other monk. “Is that all you ever think about?”

    and with that, I’m out. nighty night, kids

  268. My mom told her pediatrician he was nuts when he started blathering that bullshit about smoking and drinking during pregnancy being bad for the baby.

  269. Cyn, that old fart just loved bullying young moms. Mrs. Dave came home in tears after that (he said it to her), and I called the next day to make an appointment “for my kid”, except it was just for me to meet with him and give him that message.

  270. Howdy Hostages!

    Rocketboy, Mr. RFH, and I split the driving today. That was actually kinda cool.

  271. Bed time. I’m going to try and get a good 12 hours in.

    Someone should feed the cats (the fat fluffy one gets 3 units of Prozinc, it’s in the fridge) and let the dog out at about 7. KTHXBAI

  272. You didn’t give Rocketgirl a chance? How rude!

  273. Happy Thanksgiving snausages!

  274. Heh. #OccupyFrontSeat

  275. You too, Mesa!

  276. Happy Thanksgiving MesaBoogie Lone Star.

    RFH, good for you.

    The more they drive, the more they learn.

  277. Wow, that’s like… two Mesa sightings this week!

  278. Sweet Dreams Leon.

    Howdy Roamy and Mesa.

  279. Not exactly sure why mom felt the need to get a 19 pound turkey for just three people…

  280. Leftover Win.

  281. #occupy grandma’s house

  282. Not exactly sure why mom felt the need to get a 19 pound turkey for just three people…

    Is Rocketboy coming over to your house?

  283. If he is, he’s not getting the drumsticks.

  284. Heh. I mentioned to Son1 that the sausage stuffing was done when he got home from school–I had to whack on him a few times to get him to stop so there’d be some to put in the turkey tomorrow.

  285. **starts to call DCFS on Cyn for beating her child**

    **realizes I’ll never get bacon again**

    **hangs up phone**

  286. OK, chilluns, I’m done for the night.

    I hope you Hostages and Hostagettes all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  287. Sweet Dreams X.

    I’m out too. Sweet Dreams and Happy Thanksgiving!

    See you in the morn.

  288. I’ll see some of you tomorrow, miss some of you tomorrow.

    Both my girls are here, dad’s here. There is feed and football and naps, laid on for tomorrow.

    Are? Are feed and football.. ok whatever. Subjects must agree with they verbs.

    My kindest wishes and hugs to you all. To you and your kids and your parents and cousins and in-laws, even the ones you don’t like. I’m generous that way.

    And also, if you have someone you care about who is leaning forward as part of our armed forces, whether standing a post or in harm’s way, God bless them. Keep them safe, and bring em back to your hugs and kisses.

    I love you idiots. I will be back to annoy you tomorrow.

  289. Happy Thanksgiving, Hostages!

  290. Insomnia on the night prior to a holiday doesn’t actually suck all that bad. Nothing to have to concentrate on tomorrow so sleep isn’t critical.

    Mrs. Pendejo can GO when it comes to getting her sleep on.

  291. I love you idiots. I will be back to annoy you tomorrow.
    Dave is gay. Happy Thanksgiving.

  292. Hope this don’t break teh Blog, Happy Thanksgiving to All Y’all from Brazil. DinT, iffin’ you see me today, well as Bugs Bunny would say, “Boy did I take a Wrong Turn in Alba-QuoiKee”… Hope to be home for Christmas…

    And would somebody slap BrewFan and complain about the Late Wakey-Wakeys to Ms. Ca Rin? Or is it now the four hour time difference from U.S. Central that has screwed up everything?

    *Resumes Freebasing Peruvian CatNip*

  293. wakey wakey

  294. I suppose MJ is off on his Turkey run?

  295. I didn’t get home from work until after 5. Had to set up and sign all the doorbusters. There isn’t a single thing in the Black Friday Ad that would get me in line tonight. Going back in at 11:30 tonight.

  296. Happy Thanksgiving good people!

    Sox is a cat of the world!

  297. You deserve a laid back Thanksgiving, Osolosososococo. Do you have to cook, clean up and generally kick butt?

  298. Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all youz.

    (There are some great internet sales going on.)

  299. I mean, er, let us not forget the true meaning of Thanksgiving!

    (I just scored some great linen slacks for $15.00)

  300. “(I just scored some great linen slacks for $15.00)”


  301. Mare, J.Jill. :)

    Ann Taylor has 40% off, J. Crew 25%, Gap 20%.

  302. What mare said: You deserve a laid back Thanksgiving

    What my brain did with it: You deserve to get laid on Thanksgiving.

  303. Ah Dave, thanks.

    Every day I am so grateful to live in this country, to not have to worry if I’ll have food and shelter and to have the best medical care, among many other things.

    And I’m sure Mr. L will agree that we should follow what your brain said!

    Hope everybody has a wonderful, relaxing and meaningful Thanksgiving.

  304. Happy Thanksgiving Turkeys!

    I’m grateful my butt hurts less this morning than it did yesterday.

    I’m grateful that I will be walking the Bluffs in a few hours with my sis and a girlfriend and will see the mountains as I breathe in fresh air.

    I’m not going to get laid today. But I’m grateful that my dinner will be with friends and family and be laid back and not stressed at all.

    I’m very grateful to have a place with friends, where I can say words like butt and laid, and iffin I’m lucky, get some hugs and enjoy laughs with at meat ups.

    Thanks, Hostages! Happy Thanksgiving!

  305. Upthread reading…

    Both out kiddos got the worst diaper rash when they teethed.

    Thank God for Desitin.

  306. Ok. Time to get dressed and get some coffee in me….


  307. Happy Thanksgiving Hostages.


  308. I gots a lot to be thankful for today, including youse guys. Happy Thanksgiving.

  309. New Poat Friends

  310. […] The H2 has Big Boob Friday…whoa, that is, um, whoa! And some Rule 5 for the ladies. […]

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