Happy Birfday Wiserbud! & Important Henry Update

Henry watches Rick Perry in the debates.


Anne Geddes FAIL!


How about when I’m done with this bath, I kick your ass?


Donald Trump


Ivana Trump

BONUS:  Ivana, profile


  1. Hahahaha.

    You’re FIRED!

  2. This truly is the best post in the history of posts…..

    Floyd, is a lovable douche too.

    Henry….is perfect!!

  3. Anne Geddes FAIL


  4. We use to have the kids do funny poses and they laugh hysterically over them now.

    Babies sitting in boxes in a bare room, etc.

  5. Happy birthday to my good buddy wiserbud!

  6. Laura accused us once upon a time of being totally gay for each other.

    I’m not confirming that. But I do love you assholes.

  7. Holy Smokes, it’s Wiser’s Birthday…Well, well, well, Happy Birthday to our own little special guy.

  8. Dave, you total douche!! We love you too.

  9. Happy Birthday, Wiser!

  10. Oh, gay…that was for the guys..

  11. Happy Birthday wiserbabe!!!

  12. Babies sitting in boxes in a bare room, etc.

    Hahahaha. I need to do more of that.

    There are also other pictures of Donald and Ivana but my lazy SIL hasn’t sent them to us yet.

    You can’t really tell from the picture in the poat but Henry has a 3-piece suit on with a sweet tie.

    Number of times Floyd tried to eat his wig: 187 trillion

  13. Looks like those “Lace Wigs” spam comments at the mothership finally paid off. Too cute!

  14. Floyd with a wig on looks a lot like ET with a wig on.

  15. About this time of day, exactly a year ago, I was hungover and drunk at the same time.

  16. Best poat evar. And happy birthday, Richard. Open the door.

  17. About this time of day, exactly a year ago, I was hungover and drunk at the same time.

    I can’t believe that’s been a year already. Holy crap.

  18. Henry looks great!

  19. I’m still laughing over the Anne Geddes FAIL!

  20. >> Dave, you total douche!! We love you too.

    Shut up and meet me. Someone. Anyone.

  21. No, you shut up!

  22. Bitch I wil cut you

  23. Everybody, calm down!

  24. All is well!

  25. jebus, henry looks like me after a plate of re-fried beans and prunes
    (Shut up, they are delicious)


  27. Cute baby and I love mrs. Rose’s hair

  28. Who thought Michelle Obama going to a NASCAR race was a good idea?


  29. cut im

  30. Cute baby and I love mrs. Rose’s hair

    She got sick of Henry barfing in it so she cut it.

  31. Rosetta, did you see the discussion of Michelle O going to NASCAR on the last poat? Check it out Henry’s daddy!

  32. I think they sent Michelle Obama to a NASCAR race because they knew she would be booed.

    Every sentient being knows that she hates those people and they hate her.

    Of course she is in the 1%. Maybe they were booing her because of that.

  33. Why were you drunk and hungover at the same time Scooter?

  34. Don’t mean to be a buzzkill but just read the chalkboard you can skip the videos although they’re good.


  35. And why are there no pictures of this event?

  36. Wiser is a major douche, but welove him anyway.

    Happy Birthday, Otter!

  37. Rosetta, did you see the discussion of Michelle O going to NASCAR on the last poat? Check it out Henry’s daddy!

    No. That poat is dead to me.

    I wonder what Richard is doing on his birthday.


  38. Wiserbuds 50th was the drunk part.
    The hangover was from the night before when we met up with Andy and Rosetta for martinis and Jager shots.

  39. Middle America has a long memory Rosetta, slights (big slashes) from her and her husband have burned in our hearts for a long time.
    We know she’s a fat assed bitch trying to control our food, we know she was only proud of her country when her affirmative action husband won the nomination, we know they called us bitter clingers, we know they call us racist and we know she and that dumbass husband of hers call us lazy and yet jet set around and play golf more than any President in history.

    I’m not forgetting and with regard to them I’m not forgiving.

    Oh, and he’s a socialist and that bugs us too.

  40. Has Henry been laid by the neighborhood hoochie yet? If not, why not?

  41. The hangover was from the night before when we met up with Andy and Rosetta for martinis and Jager shots.

    Jager shots and martinis was the worst idea ever.

    Stupid laura.

  42. “Jager shots and martinis was the worst idea ever.”

    It sounds horrible.

  43. Has Henry been laid by the neighborhood hoochie yet? If not, why not?

    He has high standards. Plus he’s good looking. He doesn’t need to troll the slut gutter.

    He scores supermodels and shit.

  44. Fox sports could be showing a football game but instead are showing a limey soccer match. What The Fuck?? Over.

  45. Why has Henry been calling my house late at night?

  46. Late game is CBS.

  47. “Jager shots and martinis was the worst idea ever.”

    It sounds horrible.

    It was fun for exactly 60 minutes. Laura was sitting in a booth next to scott and dancing to some funky disco music which was hilarious.

    Then we all choked on our own vomit and died.

    Good times.

    And scott and laura had to work the next morning which was very cruel of the 1%.

  48. Why has Henry been calling my house late at night?

    I told him you stole his binky.

  49. Then we all choked on our own vomit and died.

    Ya know, I’m actually pretty glad those pics didn’t make it into The Meat Locker.

  50. Hahaha! Wish I could have seen Layra dancing. Sounds like good times :)

  51. Hey Cyn, can you email me the password to the meatfucker? I can’t remember it.

  52. Ya know, I’m actually pretty glad those pics didn’t make it into The Meat Locker.

    I know someone has pictures of that weekend. Andy has at least a few. Richard needs to ask Mrs Richard. I bet she has some.

  53. Is the meatfucker still a labyrinth of 9,000 password protected links to different pages spread all over the webtubes or has that shit been cleaned up?

  54. I love these photos.

    Mini-me flipping the bird to her brother when she was three months old. She has this look of “Get this clown away from me” on her face.


  55. I replied to your email, Rosetta. I’m sure you’ll read it, and I’ll send Henry’s awesome baby gift when he is ready for college.

  56. No! And you can’t make me MJ!!!

    P.S. Check you email.

  57. Thanks Cyn!!!

  58. Might still be a labyrinth Rosie. Cleaning it is on the to-do list between cleaning the spokes of my bike with your toothbrush and expressing Floyd’s glands.

  59. Oh, and happy birthday to Wiser and Wiserbud. Sorry no card this year.

  60. You should express Floyd’s glands with Rosetta’s toothbrush.

  61. I just might save a chore doing it that way! Thanks ‘Spur!!

  62. Happy Birthday, Wiser!
    (Hope ya get lucky tonight – once a year, right?) :P

  63. YAY Henry pictures! YAY Floyd!

    That bath picture looks like daddy.

    So does the Ivana one.

  64. Where are all the tabs?

  65. “Where are all the tabs?”

    HAHAHAHA…Shades of Count!

  66. I can’t wait until Henry is old enough so Uncle Hotspur can teach him to belch really loud.

  67. This picture still makes me laugh Roamy. The meatup thing is really fun, and I can’t wait to see you douchebags again.


  68. Looks like good times…..I know! I know!

  69. If you’ll notice, Wiser and Rosetta are hugging in the background.

    Homo evidence #1287503.

  70. Too bad you missed the full on the mouth wet kiss with MCPO and Manlezbo.

    Vomit ensued.

  71. The meatup thing is really fun

    They are a blast. I cannot wait to not meat Mare at the next one!!!1!

  72. Cyn, don’t you have some glands to express?

  73. Da Bears!

  74. I have some opinions to express.

  75. Opinions are like assholes.

  76. Mare: m’wah!!

  77. Cyn has some assholes to express.

  78. Ha! Hotspur, for no reason at all: http://tinyurl.com/klxwjy

  79. I express my contempt for the current administration almost daily.

  80. If you’ll notice, Wiser and Rosetta are hugging in the background.

    Homo evidence #1287503.

    Real men aren’t afraid to cuddle.

  81. Me too, Chief. Every morning when I get out of bed. Then I flush and turn on the fan.

  82. Rosetta and Techno viking have an evening out:


  83. And I’ve never been sodomized by a rocket scientist.


  84. Rosetta and Techno viking have and evening out:


    Unnecessary d.

    – 180 million points.

  85. >> And I’ve never been sodomized by a rocket scientist.

    And there I sit sipping my cocktail just taking it all in. Classic.

  86. I’ve never been rocketed by a sodomy scientist!

  87. Unnecessary d.
    Do not know what you are saying.

  88. Mare – I played 18 holes today and consider cursing as an additional aerobic activity. . . What did you do today?

  89. And I’ve never been sodomized by a rocket scientist.

  90. Mare:


  91. Unnecessary d.
    Do not know what you are saying.

    Rosetta and Techno viking have and evening out:


    Not figuring out “unnecessary d”.

    – 195 quintillion points

  92. http://imgur.com/U6bXA

  93. I couldn’t isolate it..still think the crap you say is unintelligible.

  94. Count is feeling like I did yesterday. I’m at the chines place getting him food. There is a mechanical waving cat next to me. I feel like I am in one of pupsters gif’s

  95. Mechanical waving cat?

    You should find a new Chinese place.

  96. I feel like I am in one of pupsters gif’s


  97. http://imgur.com/U6bXA


  98. Mechanical waving cat?


  99. I couldn’t isolate it..still think the crap you say is unintelligible.

    Mare, 3rd grade.


  100. Hahahaha, Scott.

  101. The look on MJ’s face…

    I’d say something about the chocolate dong, but I had better not.

  102. In celebration of wiser’s birthday:

  103. I’d say something about the chocolate dong, but I had better not.

    That is still in Floyd’s toy basket. I need to do another photo shoot with that thing because that’s some funny shit.

    And Floyd’s not going to run for President so what does he care that there are pictures of him on the internet with a black dong in his mouth?

    He’s not Barack Obama.


  104. I saw this bumper sticker on a piece of shit the other day and I tried to run the person off the road.


  105. Did the Rapture just happen? Where is everyone?

  106. Oh SHIT!!

    Well it looks like I’m going to hell.

  107. I saw this bumper sticker on a piece of shit the other day and I tried to run the person off the road.

    I hope you succeeded.

    There’s a minivan in the parking lot at work with an “Obama 2012” sticker. I want to meet this person and point out how many empty parking spaces there are now that Obama has decimated the space agency. “Last one leaving, please turn out the lights.”

  108. Hi, cool cyber kids. Did you know you can now make video calls to your Faceplant friends if you have Skype installed on your computer. Hillarity awaits.

  109. Henry is awesome! Who’s the father again?

  110. Of course you both have to be on FB at the time.

  111. Last one leaving, please throw Obama a towel to wipe the jizm off his face.

  112. Clint, meet Three Years Ago.

    Three Years Ago, Clint.

  113. Of course it’s in beta release so …….

  114. Oh, FaceBook. Well, nevermind.

  115. Actually this is supposedly a new attempt. The first one didn’t work so well.

  116. Hotbride just drove in. Later, masturbators.

  117. *Raises hand

    Um, If you both need Skype and Facebook, wouldn’t it just be easier to use Skype in the first place?

  118. I would guess that to be true assuming everyone on your FB page is also in your Skype contact list.

  119. I just tried the FB app in a call to my bro-inlaw. It worked but not as well as it will when it moves out of beta.

  120. It’s almost time for Hell On Wheels on AMC.

    *Does that famous skylia ember happy dance.*

  121. Have you tried vid calls in gmail CB? Can’t recall who, but someone mentioned that it wasn’t too bad.

    I still don’t have a cam as that would mandate the wearing of lipstick at all times and also that I could no longer wear my hair in pigtails.

  122. I’m not keen on the video phone. I’d probably have to put on a shirt.

  123. You are so right, Jew.

    And I’d probably also have to ask PJ to sew me some kind of curtain as a backdrop with the fabric that I picked up but then told her tha…

    My wall doesn’t look bad as a backdrop after all.

  124. *Does that famous skylia ember happy dance.*

    **throws Zero candy bars

  125. I been waitin’ all day for Sunday night.

  126. “*Does that famous skylia ember happy dance.*

    **throws Zero candy bars”

    What did I miss?

  127. It’s time to watch MCPO’s Iggles cry.

  128. It’s either Zero candy bars or Clark bars that Skylia had never tried, and clintbird either sent them to her or researched where to find them.

  129. Pretty sure it was the Zero.

    Mmmmmmm … Zero.

  130. My new little pal’s worn out from all this football …

  131. This game is about to get ugly.

  132. Puppeh!!!!!

    I got Henry, Aaron, and puppeh pics today. Thank you, I needed that.

  133. U R welcome.

    *Traps puppy breath in jar and FedEx’s to Roamy*

  134. Awww! Sleepy Sunny :)

  135. Hey all, what’s up?

    Just watched Alton Brown’s Thanksgiving. I swear he started cooking in July.

  136. Not much up Jenn. We got a football game and a cute puppeh pic.

  137. Was looking for a recipe for ciabatta bread and found another really great-looking recipe site. In Brazil, apparently.

  138. Imma let you finish. But first, I just wanted to say that Wiserbud’s birthday was the best birthday of the year. . .

  139. LauraW – If you find a good recipe for ciabatta bread, please pass it along.

  140. Well, here’s her version that I will be trying, with the prep for the sourdough sponge too.


    A lot of these online recipe people think they’re so smart when they bypass making the sourdough.
    “This ciabatta isn’t sour, but the texture…”

    Uh. NO. It’s not ciabatta if it doesn’t have that flavor.

    I will try it this week, let you know how it tastes.

  141. Also, when I was a kid, Zero bars had whole roasted almonds in them.

    Now it’s just chips.

  142. Happy birthday wiser!

  143. LauraW – Do you already have the sourdough starter?

  144. Do they have the equivalent of a kangaroo court in football? I know an Eagles player that’s gonna get it.

  145. I saw that too Roamy. That was a pretty lame move.

  146. This is for the birthday boy when he gets here for his spankings: http://youtu.be/YwdlXZzZpRM

    You think he’ll notice much if we start cutting into his birthday cake?

    *drags finger nonchalantly at the bottom of the cake to get some frosting*

  147. With all screens and functions
    In sync lock with Tripstar
    This cool rolling bubble
    Is all set to samba. . .


  148. Wiser’s birthday cake.


    I thought the rainbow was a nice touch.

  149. HAHAH! I definitely want a slice with a piece of the rainbow.

    Mmmmm… cake.

  150. there is something pretty awesome about watching a stupid zombie flick with your youngest kid when she comes home for the holidays.

  151. Dave, Zombieland?

  152. DinT – One of yours is home already?! SHAZBOT! I’m jealous.

  153. Hello, Hotchicks.

    And Dave.

  154. That’s some good awesome stuff, Dave.

  155. **tap, tap**

    I said “Hello”

  156. Hi XBrad. I was just looking for this. (sound NSFW)


    Rocketboy and I watched this movie together. Every now and then, one of us will say, “Snowballs? SNOWBALLS?!” and make the other one laugh.

  157. Howdy Xbad. I was reminiscing on an old thread. Whatchu up to?

  158. Hello xbrad. What were they serving at the Grill tonight?

  159. I’m chillin’ out and hanging with the hawt chix.

    I’m celebrating Wiserbud’s birfday (but not that cocksucker Wiser’s) by drinking a Pepsi.

  160. I have 3 loaves of bread to bake and other important chores before the company gets here!

  161. We’re goin Romero, old school.

    Nite kids.

  162. Heya, Lippy.

    The grill is closed tonight. I’m actually sitting outside the clubhouse. I’ve got a nice quiet little nook where I can sit, smoke, surf.Life is good.

  163. All you need is a sammich, Xbrad.

    MCPO, what kind of bread will you be baking?

  164. Sweet dreams Dave and baby girl at home!

  165. A sammich sounds good. Maybe you can make me one from MCPOs fresh baked bread?

  166. I think I’ll have one of those if it’s on the fresh bread. I’ll whip up some chips and queso and maybe some veggie sticks with spinach artichoke dip.

  167. You get ham if Rocketboy hasn’t eaten it all, grilled cheese with sharp cheddar if he has.

  168. Ham sammich is good.

    As long as the grand jury doesn’t indict it.

  169. http://tinyurl.com/7b9bamq

  170. Cinnamon Raisin, Light Wheat and Whole Wheat with dates and walnuts.

  171. I was stung by a wasp today.
    Whimp! Is that all you have?

  172. Cheddar biscuits! Yum.

  173. Light wheat, TYVM.

  174. It was Zero Candy Bars, roamy.

    Cyn, yes I have and it worked fine, as does video calling through Yahoo Chat.

    Frankly though, Skype is still hard to beat.

  175. Cinnamon raisin has my name on it please!

  176. Cyn – For you, I will hand grate the cinnamon sticks!

  177. I was stung by a wasp today.

    OUCH! It was a wasp that instilled the fear in me of flying stinging insects when I was about 6 years old. Hate them suckers; bees too.

  178. I’ve used the gmail video. It’s not bad.

    This little netbook doesn’t really have the horsepower to run skype. I mean, not an do anything else.

  179. If FB can get the bugs worked our w/Skype, I’m thinking it’ll get a ton of use. There are usually many more people on folks’ FB lists than Skype lists. We’ll see???


  181. Glad my memory hasn’t totally failed, Clintbird.

    Smooches and sweet dreams to y’all.

  182. Nighty nite Roamsies.

  183. Cynabuns, check your g-spot.

  184. Life is good.

    Yes it is.

    Every time MCPO says he is baking bread I think about how good his house must smell. mmmm, bread…

  185. I checked it about an hour ago. Thanks though.

    *lights another ciggie and reclines*

  186. CB, my kiddos are already creeped out enough by me “stalking” them on FB – if I added Skype, they’d disown me….

    They’ve been using it for a couple of years now – that’s how DD#3 met the boy; she and DD#2 talk to each other all the time on it as well.

    I’m afraid my visage might break someone’s computer glass…..

  187. Congrats on another successful orbit about the sun, Wiser!
    Wishing you many more, regardless how painful they are!

  188. I imagine that yummy smell too Lipstick.

    I should break out mine and pull some banana’s from the freezer for bread.

  189. I’m graduating from the machine. I can make bread without it.

    . . . and with that, I’ll wish you all a goodnight and a great day tomorrow!


  190. Happy Birthday Wiser! Hope you’re having a great day.

  191. Sweetest of dreams Master Chief.

  192. Lippy, how many ferrets are on you right now?

  193. There would be 4, but they are cruelly locked in their cage tonight.

    They are like the OWS crowd — poop making machines.

  194. Oh. Yeah, don’t need critters pooping on me.

  195. Actually, they have more poop control than the OWSers. They are better mannered.

  196. Smarter, too.

  197. And their hair is better cared for.

  198. s’funny. Seems to me I remember rosetta always giving me shit for talking about my kids so much.

    bwahahaha hahahaha

    You’ve become one of ME!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m gonna call you Kathy Rosetta Gifford

  199. I’m gonna call you Kathy Rosetta Gifford

    THAT’S gonna burn a lil’bit.

  200. Welp, I was just rolling off to bed. XOXOXO Hawtsausages.

  201. //takes off pants

  202. //manhandles pants back on

    You’re welcome.

  203. You could have waited until I finished pooping on the cop car!

    G’night, folks.

    Mesa, don’t be a stranger.

  204. The cop was a friend of mine.

    Try another one next time.

    Not a stranger, just…

  205. Hi Ho; Hi Ho. It’s off to work we go.

  206. wakey wakey

  207. YEA it’s MOnday>!!!!

  208. So I hadn’t been playing close enough attention.

    The Super Committee’s job was to figure out how to shave off 1.4 trillion OVER TEN YEARS off a FIFTEEN TRILLION debt.

    First problem, the Super Committee is unConstitutional.

    Second problem, asswipes were on the committee

    Third problem, dems thought it was possible to help fix a problem caused by overspending by not cutting spending in any way.


  209. You know, I hate to sound like a cynic, but you think it was just RANDOM that they had a biracial family stand up with Michelle at the event yesterday?

    I mean, I’m sure they were TOTALLY surprised, right?

  210. the problem was that the super committee was a set-up to begin with.

    It was doomed to fail.

    Good thing we raised teh debt ceiling though, because the super committee was going to solve all this stuff.

  211. It really works:


    Fortuño gave himself a 10 percent pay cut. He trimmed his agency heads salaries by 5 percent. That bought him the credibility to chop overall spending by 20 percent. He booted some 20,000 government workers, through attrition as well as layoffs, saving $935 million. (Compare that to Bush-Obamas 11.7 percent hike in federal civilian headcount since the Great Recession began in December 2007 excluding temporary Census jobs.) Fortuño has shifted remaining government workers from old-fashioned, statist, defined-benefit pensions to modern, market-friendly, defined-contribution plans.

  212. Michelle is damn lucky she had that military family with her or she would have been booed worse.

  213. Yes, Carin the super committee cleaning up a corner of Zucotti park would have been more beneficial.

    Oh and congress gets 10 FRICKEN days of vacation for Thanksgiving. What are our working people here getting?

  214. Good morning. It isn’t a surprise that congress is corrupt considering they lie to get the job in the first place.

  215. Oh, and that sword video is the greatest thing ever.

  216. Mare, you know we work to support them. Duh.

    10 days for thanksgiving – and how much for Christmas?

  217. Yeah, MJ, I just watched that video and thought, “this is great on many levels.”

  218. I’ve always loved Mila Kunis, but I love her even more today.


  219. “Mare, you know we work to support them. Duh.”

    It hurts because it’s true.

  220. GO read NOW.

  221. I need about 10 days of vacation for Thanksgiving, but the only way I’d get that is by Occupying Nojob.

  222. Posted here because I think I wanted to re-read it a few dozen times:

    The man making $60,000 a year who can’t afford health benefits for his family looks at you, the liberal elite—sorry, guys, but let’s call a spade a spade—and sees that the fix is always in. You went to the same private schools. You graduated from the same handful of Ivy League universities. You live in the same exclusive urban neighborhoods, and you summer in the same exclusive enclaves. Your children—like us—network through your pre-established connections to the top of society. You prescribe conduct for others that you will never have to follow yourselves. You pass laws that will never apply to you. You turn on your own constituents, like public-school teachers, at the drop of a hat. You sell out the middle class by passing legislation that makes it almost impossible to declare bankruptcy. You make the middle class pay with soaring premiums for expanded Medicaid programs that will bankrupt state treasuries, thus fueling the backlash against the push for universal health care.

    1000000+nobels and black dong awarded to the author.

  223. Difficult bankruptcy isn’t the problem. Easy credit is.

  224. Good morning kewl kids.

  225. Don’t quibble, leon. That article is GOLD I tell you.

  226. He’s making the larger point, not regarding how we got into this mess, but why people in “not-rich”class support the party of “the rich.”

    That the liberals claim to help the little guy but do nothing of the sort. They help “the poor” by giving them stuff (which in the long run chains them to poverty), but do very little for the middle class.

  227. It’s just not realistic to expect everyone to live a comfortable life. Sorry, but the truth is there will be crushing disappointment, which will only be exacerbated by trying to relieve people of this simple fact.

  228. That was depressing, sorry. Chocolate Dong.

    There, now you are laughing or at least kinda smiling.

  229. I dunno, living in a house is pretty comfortable. Our level of “comfort” has changed through the ages. constantly going upward.

  230. Chocolate Dong
    There, now you are laughing or at least kinda smiling.


  231. He’s largely right, Car in, I just saw that and hit a speed bump in my head.

    And MJ, there is vast, vast wealth that has been locked away from us all, rich and poor alike. We can’t all live in fantastic luxury, no, but “comfort” is within easy reach for an honest day’s work, or could be, if the chains were loosed.

  232. More from that article, because I don’t think you guys are reading it

    What you tell him is that he should put his life in your hands. Yet you scorn his religion. You mock his faith in the sacredness of conception. You deride his belief in family. You tell him that his love for hunting makes him a murderer, and that his terror at being economically displaced makes him a xenophobe and a racist. Then you emasculate his hope for the future by telling him that if his ship comes in—that dream of a ship that makes the grinding disappointment of daily life worth living through—you’ll help yourself to a big slice of it. And you expect him to believe your rhetoric about fairness and equality when, all the while, you are accusing him of gullibility in his politics and bad faith toward the least fortunate of his fellow citizens. When, all the while, you are living untouched by your own policies. When you are cushioned against life’s hardness, not by government, but by simply knowing other people in your class. You expect him to buy your talk about equitable distribution of wealth when you are sailing through tax loopholes off into the sunset. For this man, his emotions make all the rational sense in the world.

  233. also – to build on what Leon said up there – comfort is different for many people. There is comfort in not being chained to a job that raises your blood pressure – being a business owner for example. When I bartended – I went to work, made my money, and went home. I knew -roughly – what I was going to pull in and what I could afford. A teacher can live rather comfortably. Risk takers are those who decide – I’ll live with the stress for a few years, and possibly lose my shirt – on the chance that I’ll succeed.

    And, that’s cool, you know?

    The thing that BURNS is that there is a class of folks (looks at Washington) who are taking no risks and making out like bandits off our OUR money. They parlay their office into vast swaths of money that few would agree has been in any way earned.

    I mean WTF did Michelle Obama do to make that fat salary in Chicago?

  234. Car in, is there a link for the whole article? I might need to read that while doing some testing at work.

  235. I linked it at 8:02.

  236. It’s a liberal addressing the “Occupy Harvard” folks on what they need to tell their family over Thanksgiving break.

  237. They parlay their office into vast swaths of money that few would agree has been in any way earned.

    Von Mises would call it “extracting rents”.

    We all know it’s nothing but parasitism, and that’s a sin so basic it’s not even written in the Book. Every revolution has started with the idea that we’ll get rid of the parasites, and every revolution has ended with a new set of them.

  238. And the comments in the article show the left for being as … idiotic as ever. sad. They completely lack the ability for self- reflection.

  239. That’s why a revolution to extract the parasites is a bad idea.

    The MEDIA is supposed to clean them with sunlight.

  240. Car in, the author is a Jooooo, have they brought that up yet?

    They’re thinking it.

    Work time.

  241. The MEDIA is supposed to clean them with sunlight.

    “Turn off Fox News! Bad News for America!”

    My soon-to-be-ex-neighbor has this bumper sticker.

    Okay, really leaving now.

  242. Yes, yes, yes, but have we determined if ground flax seed in my shake is good or bad?

    Also, I don’t want to get custom drapes, do any of you know besides Bed Bath and Beyond, where I can find pre-made 108″ drapes that don’t look like crap?

    Probably Pottery Barn. Any other ideas?

  243. I ‘m not sure about flax seed, but I’ve switched to chia.

  244. It’s amazing how much the system requires an ethical media to keep the politicians honest.

  245. Carin, please tell me what you know about chia.

  246. If you go somewhere to buy them, they’re called “curtains”.

    Drapes come to your house.

    I learned that.

  247. Dave, actually they are called “window treatments.”

  248. I hate it when drapes come to my house. Don’t answer the door.

  249. I’m old school.

  250. Chia is some sort of miracle seed that the meso-American super runner eat all the time. I used to ad flax to my yogurt, but now I add chia. I don’t know much, but here’s something I cut and pasted from somewhere else:

    1. Help weight loss. Chia seeds are popular for weight loss. They reduce food cravings by preventing some of the food that you eat from getting absorbed into your system. This blockage of calorie absorption makes them a great diet helper.
    2. Feel fuller faster: They can also help your diet by making you feel full. This is because they absorb 10 times their weight in water, forming a bulky gel.
    3. Hydration for athletes: They are also great for athletes because the “chia gel” can hydrate the body.
    4. Reduce your blood pressure: There’s evidence to suggest they can reduce blood pressure.
    5. Omega-3: They are the richest plant source of Omega-3 (the vital fats that protect against inflammation—such as arthritis—and heart disease). In fact, they contain more Omega-3 than salmon!
    6. Benefits for diabetes: Because chia seeds slow down how fast our bodies convert carbohydrates into simple sugars, studies indicate they can control blood sugar. This leads scientists to believe chia seeds may have great benefits for diabetics.
    7. They are easier to digest than flax seeds, and don’t need to be ground up.

  251. I’m so glad that the treatment for “windows” doesn’t involve those messy oozy creams anymore.

  252. Yeah, “window treatments” is bs.

  253. they are hard little seeds, but after soaking for a bit they kinda swell – sywm

  254. Thank you, Carin!

    I can throw the “whole” seed into my blender?

  255. Happy belated, wisercutie!

  256. I suppose. they are tiny little things.

  257. Carin, I want to comment on that article but don’t want to register at daily beast…one woman is pointing out that the cost of Harvard is $50k per year and saying that the students are also concerned about their debt. My response: If you voluntarily assume $200k of debt in exchange for a degree that teaches you no marketable skills, that’s YOUR problem, not mine.

  258. Meghan McCain wants respect, but she’s incapable of giving an opinion about a republican without saying something teenage and insulting.

    She’s “sick of being talked to like that,” but she’s done nothing to earn anyone’s respect. She shows her fat boobs on twitter and can’t figure out why that’s sexualizing herself. She uses more “like, you knows” than Caroline Kennedy and her writing skills are nonexistent, even after graduating from Columbia.

  259. the comments are a cesspool over there.

  260. Meghan McCain is a perfect example why we should ignore the children of the rich and famous.

    I swear, I’ve been really irritated by this lately, and it really does speak to that article I linked. It happens on the right as well, but I’m sick to death of nepotism that is just everywhere. Even are fucking entertainers are nobody but the children of entertainers past.

    Do Not want.

  261. Carin it has always frosted me that actors who play a part end up giving testimony in front of Congress on the issue related to their part.


    Also, I heard Bill Bennet read a quote from Paul Ryan, after being asked about what he considers is the biggest problem we face and his answer was (paraphrasing slightly) moral decline.

    I’ve been looking for the quote I heard but haven’t found it yet. I did see that he has addressed the issue previously.

  262. This should be on every SAT or ACT exam:

    Guaranteed government credit is to increased housing prices as guaranteed government credit is to increased __________ prices?

    A) Mangina
    B) College
    C) Orange Juice
    D) Your mom

  263. Good one, MJ.

  264. Wow! NiceDeb does a thorough job of skewering these idiot politicians.


    Also, I’ve been wondering how much Ayers is involved in Obama’s pushing class warfare for the last year or so.

  265. it’s raining cats and critters here… just so you know.

  266. And, I may be late to the party, but happy birthday Wiser. WP has a setting where you can enlarge the words on here if you have trouble seeing them.

  267. hey, thanks for the birthday wishes and sorry I wasn’t around yesterday.

    My FiL decided to help me celebrate my b-day yesterday by attempting to poison me.

  268. Here Wiser:


    Feel better young man! You are 51 right?

  269. You are 51 right?

    Yes, maam.

    My hip and my back have been in severe pain for the last few weeks. So Saturday night, I decide that dancing all night would solve that problem.

    Not so much. Woke up and could barely walk. So FiL offers me a Percocet. Sounded like a good idea at the time.

    Except that I now know that Percocets make me violently ill.


  270. I’M OLDER THAN WISERBUD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    (only by a month, but still…..)


  271. Oh – I liked that article very much, Car in; passed it along!

  272. Bummer about the drugs, Wiser. they make me feel like crap too. It’s morphine or nothing for me ;)

    Happy belated b-day

  273. Happy belated b-day

    still feeling the after effects today.

    yay me…..

  274. Happy belated birthday wiserdouche. I hope when I get to be your advanced age a trusted family member doesn’t attempt to put me down by slipping me a darvocet. Pushing the wheelchair in front of a bus will be just fine.

  275. With whips and chains and big great Danes.
    Hi Ho. Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho.

  276. OMG! OMG! OMG!

    The president of IKEA responded to my letter personally this morning!!!

    When I get back home I’ll show it to you guys!

    I am the luckiest girl EVAHR!!!!!!

  277. There’s gonna be no living with Peej now…..

    (Seriously, though – it sounds VERY exciting!)

  278. This doesn’t tell me what they think it should

  279. Congrats on the Ikea response PJ!!


    Yikes–that’s some suckage on your birthday wiser. So, um, you got any of those Percocet left? I’ll help you get rid of them.

  280. >> The president of IKEA responded to my letter personally this morning!!!


  281. Andy – HAHA!

  282. I missed the IKEA story. Did one of Peej’s kids get locked in one overnight, and she didn’t realize it until the next day?

  283. I missed the IKEA story. Did one of Peej’s kids get locked in one overnight, and she didn’t realize it until the next day?
    No, she won the IKEA hot dog eating contest.

  284. ‘Spur: PJ wanted to get a particular goat headbutting fabric at Ikea and they ran out at her store. She then contacted Sohos and me to try to get the fabric as well as Tushar, Chrispy & TGSG volunteering but all the stores she tried ran out. So she wrote a letter to Ikea Friday and they responded today to help her get the fabric.

  285. And then I found $20.

  286. Hotspur, I sent everyone the letter through email. I didn’t want to tarnish the companies reputation by posting it here.


  287. I don’t mind if the letter is shared either. I just don’t want politics or my name involved.

  288. I’ve gotten Vicoden a few times, but always ended up throwing it away. I also have about 100 Soma, but they just make me really tired.

  289. MJ, my buddy ran the Tough Mudder over the weekend. He said he’s completely sore, and it was really hard, but he’s willing to do it again.

    I’m pushing him to join me for the one in April.

  290. Cute story, Peej.

    Now go make me a sammich.

  291. There is a regional stock manager for midwest who was fretting for a while about how to get rid of a large stock of butt-ugly fabric. He must be doing backflips of joy.

  292. bwahaha hahahaha

    you are evil

  293. Mr. TiFW oughta luv me tonite:

    That, and a thickl, juicy tenderloin steak and some sorta green vegetable are on the menu for dinner this evening.

  294. Just read upthread, then went and read my e-mail – how sweet of IKEA to do that for you, Peej!

    (Nice letter, BTW) ♥

  295. I’ve gotten Vicoden a few times, but always ended up throwing it away.

    I can handle Vicodin, which is why I wasn’t scared of the percocet.

    So if you don’t want them, send them my way.

  296. So we’re a prescription medication trafficking blog now?

  297. This just might be the best post I’ve ever seen on the tubes. Lesbott done good.

    How is everyone?

    PJ, nice story/letter. You didn’t tell them the part about making a hundred ninety-six dollars and twenty cents selling your body one dime at a time then not reporting any of your earnings to the IRS.

  298. So we’re a prescription medication trafficking blog now?

    I didn’t say I would buy them.

  299. Eesh: http://www.star-telegram.com/2011/11/21/v-print/3542092/prisoner-found-hanging-in-the.html

    This was the brother of one of my little guy’s therapists, She started working with him when he was 2 and moved up here after we did to work at his school.

    She, as well as her mom and dad are some of the nicest folks you’d ever want to meet. She’s in medical school in California now, and we consider her a part of our family.

    Her brother, who I never met, was obviously a troubled young man though. He was on his third strike and was headed to Federal PMITA prison for a good long while.

    If you’re the praying kind, please say one for the Davis family.

  300. I just met with another new client with “SOLUTIONS” in the name.

    For the ones I’m starting, I’m just going to tell the clients “No, you don’t want to put “Solutions” in the name. This year’s pointless additive is “CONCEPTS””.

  301. Oh, and Happy Bifday Wiser and Michael.

    I never knew you guys had that in common.

  302. I didn’t say I would buy them.

    *raises hand*

    I will.

  303. MJ, my buddy ran the Tough Mudder over the weekend.
    Looks like a ton of fun. Once I get past this half, I’m going to see where this whole fitness thing is going. I start with a PT tomorrow.

  304. It’s heeeere!! On the phone at the moment and I’m on hold listening to this… http://youtu.be/Up1t5siifEw

    You’re welcome.

  305. Somebody gonna put up a new poat this week?

  306. I got one that I think is just about ready, MCPO. brb

  307. Everyone remembers the iconic “Sailor kissing a girl” photo from WWII, right?

    Behold – the picture of love at the “Battle of our time”:

  308. Oh, Jeez, Andy – didn’t realize that was in my neck of the woods. So sorry to hear that about your therapist’s brother; the family will definitely be in our prayers.

  309. NEW POAT

  310. So if you don’t want them, send them my way.
    I already threw ’em out. Sorry, buddy. And happy birthday, BTW.

  311. I’m going to have vicodin in a couple of weeks. My periodondist says I need surgery to reduce my gums.

  312. Teresa, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them as “after 6 months of meth use” images.

  313. Four hour drive ahead of me in the early AM. Had intended to stay ’til Sunday, but have to return for a funeral on Saturday.

    How inconsiderate!

  314. WTF, We’re on the wrong poat!

  315. Hahahaha

    My phone automatically puts me on the poat with the latest comment.

    Leon, you numbskull.

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