Hostage Halloween Treats

With so many Hostages dying off last week, you poor boys never did get a BBF, did you?

Since it’s Halloween, I decided to treat you guys to our lovely Hostagettes in their costumes; I had to do some real detective work to find out what the ladies were wearing this year:

Never fear, fellas - TiFW (as Velma) is on the case!

 First up, we have our lovely Sohos:

Alice in Wonderland, of course!

From the Wild, Wild West, we have our newest Hostagette, Oso Loco:

HOW are you doin'?

Also out west is our sexy Cyn:


Our studious student, Pajama Momma:

The secret to good grades? Polishing apples....

The winsome Lipstick (she of the sexy feet):

This little lady can tame any wild beast....

And our very own burlesque girl, Skylia:

Sky knows how to rock an outfit!

Down South, we have that whore, Mare:

That shiny coat, those beautiful lines.....oh, and Lady Godiva

Our beloved Cathy:

Our favorite cowgirl!

The oh-so-luscious Roamy (a.k.a. “Rocketchick”):

She went with the "Betty Boop" outfit this year....

And that other Texas gal, Mrs. Peel:

Lookin' good for a brand-new mama!

We can’t forget everybody’s favorite midwestern gal, Beasn:

A sweet little treat!

Way up in the frozen North, we have our wild child, Ms. Car in:

That belly button ring is in there somewhere....

Our youngest Hostagette, Revvy:

Isn't she the cutest?

And last, but certainly not least, we have the lovely LauraW:

Ooops!  That’s only during a Full Moon…..Here ya go:

This is her hobo-hunting outfit.....

Well, there ya have it, fellas – Hostagettes in Costumes. 

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!



  1. You left out xBrad.

  2. If I left anyone out, PLEASE let me know ASAP…..

  3. *Gives Tifw the ‘Jack o’ Lantern’*

  4. You say thar like its a bad thing.

    You, ore than anyone should know that once you have seen a dude in a dress, you’ve seen them all.

  5. Hey laura can you help me pick out a belt for tonight? I was thinking the neon green…

    Hey, you know I have no talent for fashion. You need to ask one of your boyfriends.

  6. You left out xBrad.


    You should have seen the pictures that came up when I was looking for Mare’s costume.

    The ones for sheep are MUCH worse (and I didn’t want to shut the site down again…..)

  7. (L to R) Rosetta and xBrad

  8. At least we aren’t looking at Rosetta’s skort.

  9. Nice bunch of whores. I feel dirty just looking at ’em.

  10. Ha Ha! Too cute!

  11. Do you ever wonder if Peter Scolari is bitter?

    His co-star moves on to become Hollywood royalty, and he gets a gig on Newhart and erectile dysfunction.

    Worst career outcome ever!

  12. I wouldn’t be caught dead in those shoes.

  13. Worst career outcome ever!

    – – – –

    he must have told someone at a Hollywood party he voted Republican one time.

  14. Guy may have the straight skinny here!

  15. Scolari almost edged out Helen Mirren to play Elizabeth in The Queen.


  17. Missing Lipstick.

    Oh and Skylia Ember and Revvy.

  18. Laura – You making fun of my facial hair?!

    *sharpens Bowie knife with whetstone*

  19. Pack your child’s rectum with razor blades to make him/her less desirable to would-be molesters.


  20. Did MCPO stab the poat with his Bowie knife?

  21. Dress your child in all-black costume to make him/her virtually invisible to potentially dangerous motorists.

    It’s like they’ve taken a page from our family’s traditions!

  22. You left out Rosetta

  23. Andy, why haven’t you frozen to death yet?

  24. OK, I did a little scottw-like pondering of my remaining tree on the garage roof situation.

    I tied it off to the tie-down point on my car so it couldn’t slide in an out of control way and then I cut that fucker down.

    Now if they’d just get the power back on …

  25. Oh, shoot!


  26. All those leather catsuits out there and you go for the metal bikini? Aw c’mon, Teresa. Here’s one:

    I also liked this:

  27. (but seriously, nice work!)

  28. Wow, Rosetta looks like he’s lost weight.

  29. Laura – You making fun of my facial hair?!

    I just thought it was a funny comic.

    “A spider covets.”

  30. Okay, the other 3 ladies have been added – sorry about that!

    Peel – ya want me to change your costume for ya?
    I kinda figured Will would take a shine to the Leia outfit…..

  31. This whole Cain sexual harassment thing stinks to high heaven. No names, no specific charges, no conclusions from investigators. And it comes months after he enters the race when he is surging. It gets broken on a fucking left wing site, and then the lefty scum blame it on the republicans.


  32. You still left out xbrad.

  33. I told you, those sheep costumes would get us banned from WordPress for life……

  34. Evening.

  35. All right, HS – since you asked (NSFW):

  36. Americano is going out as a Filipina:

  37. Yes! We have ‘lectricity.

  38. My latest blog post: (nothing fancy; just light-hearted fun!): Happy Halloween!

  39. Yay, Andy!

  40. Andy?

  41. Poat updated with new costume for Mrs. Peel –

  42. Oh, my. Pupster:

  43. I think Will would prefer the leather catsuit look to the Princess Leia outfit…

  44. I’ve sexually harassed more than Herman Cain.

  45. Nice poat, TiFW. Did someone text Rich?

  46. I once told a subcontractor in a joking manner that I hated her haircut. I got an “don’t do that again” email.

    .’. I’ve sexually harassed more women than Hermain Cain.

  47. “This whole Cain sexual harassment thing stinks to high heaven. No names, no specific charges, no conclusions from investigators. And it comes months after he enters the race when he is surging. It gets broken on a fucking left wing site, and then the lefty scum blame it on the republicans.”

    SOP for liberals/dems……scum

  48. I swatted the secretary on her tight ass with my 18″ architectural scale when I was a baby draftsman.

    Hoo boy. That wouldn’t fly today.

  49. Anything I did was tame compared to two other women in the group. One of my favorite stories is about the time that one of the women got tired of one of the contractors staring at her bewbs instead of making eye contact while she was talking. She cupped one and said loudly, “SAY HELLO TO THE NICE MAN!”

  50. None of our secretaries are hittable. Not even with an architectural scale.

    We had one that was, but she only lasted 5 months before retreating to Maryland. I miss her sweet ass.

  51. At the County I flirted with the sows in the clerk’s pool. It was the only way to get them to move my things to the top of their list.

  52. Oh, and good job Teresa!

  53. I should introduce the lady who was accusing Cain to one of my former customers, the soon to be serial rapist / killer. She might have a different view on things.

  54. Roamy, I don’t know Rich’s text handle, or I would have.

    Great story about the lady in your group!

  55. The other lady whose bra strap I am unworthy to pop pulled some good ones, too. One of the guys had had a vasectomy and kept touching himself, adjusting himself, fidgeting with himself, until we were all thinking, “Goodness, man, leave it alone, or it’s gonna fall off.” She and I were standing in the hallway, talking to him, when I noticed that she was mirroring every movement he made. He dug around a bit, she did the same. He adjusted, she “adjusted”. He LIFTED HIS LEG to dig around underneath, she lifted her leg and did the same. That was when I walked away and busted out laughing. That was when he finally caught on to what she was doing and turned beet red.

  56. I like my costume, Tifw. Nice pics.

  57. We had no trick-or-treaters at all. I can’t say I’m surprised, I think our youngest neighbor is 55.

  58. Heh. Good one Jen.

  59. ty

  60. I can’t read verbal or facial cues. It is pointless to flirt with me or sexually harass me because I wouldn’t notice.

  61. The sexual harassment thread over at AoS actually has funny bits.

  62. I notice I just dont respond usually. Outright harrassment I just make sure they know they are on notice.

  63. Well, hello there, Oso. How yer derrin’?

  64. Oso, how did your husband get you on a date?

  65. Roamy, threads like that at Ace’s make up for the infighting, bloodletting threads. I love the flame wars from the old days too.

  66. Missing Lipstick.

    Oh and Skylia Ember and Revvy.

    Lipstick (heart) Cyn!

  67. *swats oso on the bottom with the 18″ architectural scale*


  68. HAHA, Tif on the pic. I’ll wear that next time I have to wrangle ferrets.

  69. Leon, I met him at work. I thought he talked to everyone and didn’t realize he was flirting until he asked me out.

  70. So far Batman has been the most seen costume.

    Princess, fireman, superman right up there.

    Best so far, possibly the astronaut but lacked the helmet….stupid safety.

  71. Oso, I pretty much quit reading the comments at Ace’s. That one looked like it had possibilities, and I’m glad I looked.

    **swats Hotspur on the bottom with a T-square*

  72. When some ass guy walks by and grabs his crotch, I loudly say, “Evidently LICE.”

    Makes them double take red faced.

  73. I can only read Ace’s front page from work, so I pretty much don’t bother looking at them anymore.

  74. Ace is blocked at work for me, as is H2.

  75. The H2 isn’t blocked for me, but there’s no way in Hell I want to load it at work.

  76. ** measures Roamy’s ass with Vernier calipers.

  77. Good point, leon.

    In other news, Rocketboy has started conditioning for spring baseball. He misread the weights and thought he was putting on 20 lb. weights. They were 20 kg. (darn you, metric system!)

  78. Happy ‘ween, Snausages!

  79. YAY! We have leftover candy!

  80. Goats watching goats…..hahhahaahahaha

  81. What’s the house news, Leon?

    Did you make a deal?


  83. Had the inspection today. We’re playing the telephone game where I explain — again — to my realtor that the storm system backed up, NOT the sewer, and that it was due a tree root. Tree’s gone, pipe snaked, flood water professionally cleaned. it’s as safe as it can be.

    They asked about the washer and dryer after we agreed to a purchase agreement without them. I’m hoping to concede them if anything comes up during the inspection that they want money for.

  84. Sean,

    Did you get any trick or treaters?

    (picture of windowless van with “Free Candy” written on the side)

  85. The rule is to trick or treat at those houses with the porch lights on.

    We could tell the kids who weren’t with their parents.

    Btw, has anyone heard from that lardass rosetta?

  86. Pupster – Bad limky-poo!


  88. Btw, has anyone heard from that lardass rosetta?

    You’re not fooling anybody beanes.

  89. Bedroom is 44 degrees.

  90. Scott have you considered that your bedroom is cold because it’s a “hot bed” (hahahaha) of ghost activity?

  91. Scott – How is your fireplace fuel holding out?

  92. No, really, you probably have ghosts.

  93. I’d rather have ghosts than bedbugs.

  94. I mean, shit, bedbugs are real. Scary.

  95. Damn, scott.

    Any idea when they’ll have the power back on?

  96. Sean,

    Did you get any trick or treaters?

    (picture of windowless van with “Free Candy” written on the side)

    It’s just getting dark here right now, so nobody has come by yet.

    (And I parked the van out by the the abandoned sybian factory.)

  97. You’re not fooling anybody beanes.

    Damn, foiled again!

    *shakes fist at Pupster*

    Tasted like bacon. *burp*

  98. June.

  99. Power is predicted to be restored to little Mount Holly Springs by Saturday!

  100. Why don’t you drive over here tomorrow and grab my generator? We have power back now.

  101. Are your pipes in jeopardy Scott?

  102. Power outages in cold weather really suck.

    In hot weather too.

  103. Lots of trick-or-treaters here. Great weather in the low 70s. I thought the candy supply was way too much, but I may have to give up some of the Snickers and Paydays I was saving for myself.

  104. Treaters just starting to arrive here now.

    One boy will go out with me while the other stays home to finish a project.

    My next door neighbor that has since moved away was my drinking buddy as we walked with our kids. She just called me up to ask if I had the cups ready. Ha!

  105. Today I applied to 3 jobs in Texas. (thank you Sohos for the best lead)
    1 job in South Carolina, and 1 job on the PA NY border Sayre something.

  106. Vman – I’m hoping you find something!

  107. Good luck VMax.

    We had treaters this year. Last year I don’t think there were any, maybe a couple.

    Moses got petted by cute little kids.

  108. Laura here.
    We’re fine! Roaring fire and Scott is snoozing on the couch.
    We’re camping but we are warm and there is no risk of frozen pipes. Plenty of firewood.

    No worries!

  109. YAY

  110. Laura, I just texted scott.

    You’re welcome to use the generator if you want to come over and get it in BANGLAR PARTY VAN!!!

  111. Lauraw…good to hear. Actually sounds pretty cozy.

  112. Haven’t heard a peep from Wiser. Hope they are all ok.
    And that bugger Rosetta better be dead.

  113. Throw a couple of potatoes in the coals . . . yummy!

  114. Hi Hot undead Mare!

    It was supposed to cool down here.

    It did not but I Kicked A/C down to 74!!!!!111111eeek!

  115. Wiser actually said he was heading for NC for his cousin. Donno when he was supposed to return.

  116. So, I have yto leave a comment before I read the comments…does that make sense to anyone? Great job Tifw and Mare’s avatard scares me

  117. Wiser was returning today and was stuck in DC because of some flight SNAFU as of 6pm or so.

  118. Wiser called today.
    He is fine but stranded in the airport on the return leg.
    Mrs. Wiser & kids are fine. They have power and we might berobbing their woodpile on day eight if it comes to that!

  119. cook the shrimp

  120. Thanks andy! We should be okay.

  121. Gabe tweeted this pic today and it’s cuter than hell.

  122. I think Laura and Mrs. Wiser should share a bed and snuggle, just in case!

  123. Guess what happens next!?

  124. Great, I have a trip lined up for Tampa for next year, and Vmax won’t be there. :(

  125. Ahhhhh hell. Well the one thing I enjoy has been fucked up. I don’t have a computer set up here at the new house, I’m too scared/busy to go to H2 at new job and my comment box (sywm) has become worthless. I am very unhappy :(

  126. **tackles Rocketchick**

    Don’t leave me alone here with that creepy old guy…

  127. …?



  129. I’m still here!

  130. **looks around for creepy old guy

    **brandishes frying pan

  131. This “threads die early at night” bullshit has GOT to stop.

  132. Mwaaahahahahahahahaha!

  133. **sees MCPO

    **uses frying pan to make grilled cheese sammich.

  134. **raises hand**

    I’ll take a sammich!

  135. Mmmmm, I loves me some grilled cheeses!

  136. I’m something of a heretic, in that I prefer chicken noodle with my GCS, not tomato.

  137. Don’t have chicken noodle. Chicken and rice or chicken and stars?

  138. I have four cans of tomato soup, and none will actually be eaten as soup, I bet. Poor man’s meal or blushing bunny.

  139. Chicken and stars. TYVM.

  140. Mini-me has gotten on a cream of shrimp kick. She picked it out at the store, she’s gotta eat it.

  141. Well, the TiFWs are turning in for the night.

    I hope all the gentlemen enjoyed their “treats” (it was fun putting this thread together!).

    Scott and Laura, hope you are able to stay warm tonight.

    Sweet dreams, everyone!

  142. I like being Betty Boop, though I’m keeping my current avatard for a while longer.

  143. So, XBrad, any good birthday loot?

  144. I got pudding. That’s about it.

    And that was really because I’m on a soft food diet.

  145. I think Mare should keep her scary avatard year round and good night all. I can’t keep scrolling down then Up then down again…

  146. They had pudding at the Wounded Warriors fundraiser. I almost took a picture of it. Very arty pudding.

  147. I’ll be turning in as well, nighty-night!

  148. **short sheets MCPO’s rack**

  149. **hands out handfuls of candy to all the sweet Hostagettes**

    **hands out arugula to the Hostages**

  150. **picks out a Twix and a Sweet-tarts.


  151. **saves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for myself**

  152. Back from T or T with quite a haul. Plus I drank while I walked so there’s that.

  153. Wiser has made it home.

    Still no word from Rosetta.

  154. *picks out a Twix and some red Twizzlers*

    Thank you!

  155. Well, Cyn’s here. So it’s all good.

  156. You up kinda late Roamy…??

    I think I may be up for a bit. Now waiting for my tylenol to kick in.

  157. **hands over four dozen red Twizzlers to Cyn.

    I loathe those things, and Mini-me always seems to get a ton.

  158. Good night, lovely ladies.

  159. Yeah, I should go to bed. 6 AM comes early.

  160. Love those Roamy!

    I’ve got some… *digs through Son #2 pillow case* … Almond Joys, some Whoppers, and Peanut M & M’s to trade.

  161. Sweet Dreams Xbrad and Roamy and any other lurkers out there.

    I’ll hang out for a bit and see if anyone turns up.

  162. I do want to say that a little bird told me that it was Sox’s birthday today. He gets a new catnip toy, a fresh bag of Friskies, and petted with one of those nubbly gloves – guaranteed no static cling.

  163. If you haven’t tried the pretzel M&M’s, they are awesome, Cyn.

  164. Slight change of plans. Downloading one more clip of pron.

  165. Sox’s birthday today? As in 10/31 or today 11/01?? And how is it that he’s not on the list?

    Happy Birthday Sox!

    Pretzel M&M’s=Heaven Win!

  166. 10/31.

    I may have let that cat out of the bag.

  167. *slaps knee for effect*


    I add him to the list now.

  168. He’s now on the official list.

  169. I got Sox a day spa appointment:

  170. I got Sox a longer appointment:

  171. Any treaters in your ‘hood Xbrad?

  172. OK, really, I’m going to bed this time.


  173. Nighty, Xbtc.

  174. Thank Y’all for the BirthDay wishes. *Puts PaperBag on Head* With being a mostly BlackCat, you don’t really want to advertise a Halloween BirthDay. Especially around here. I was reading an e-mail from the “Boss” while at work, and was getting abused via cell phone text messages at the same time. It sorta slipped…

  175. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on November 1, 2011 12:13 am

    I do want to say that a little bird told me that it was Sox’s birthday today. He gets a new catnip toy, a fresh bag of Friskies, and petted with one of those nubbly gloves – guaranteed no static cling.

    Oh, I gotta couple of “Little Birds” for him all right…

    FRESH BAG OF FRISKIES! Just gotta go score a jug of Either!

  176. Comment by Hotspur on October 31, 2011 1:54 pm

    Halloween in the ghetto bar. What could be better?

    I’m kinda worried that the Marauding Zombies might catch some sort of Terrible Disease off the Brass Pole at the GhettoBar…

    Talk about System Contamination…

  177. *Wonders how many Marauding Zombies Ms. C arin managed to run over last night with her Amazing Driving Skills*

  178. Comment by Cyn on November 1, 2011 12:27 am

    Any treaters in your ‘hood Xbrad?

    We went through four cases of Geritol, and twenty five pounds of Prunes…

  179. Thats enough Cats in a row. Sure hope Ms. Sohos gets her computer set up quick!

    Off to MouseHunt…

  180. The cold is here now. It’s 51 outside. :-( I spent so much time carrying an extra 25 lb in Houston in August in a record drought that I forgot how much I hate cold weather. It was nice to be properly cold again…for about 10 minutes, then it got old and I’d like my hot back now, please.

    (For the last few years, I’ve spent more time each year seriously considering how to move to a warmer/more moderate climate…)

  181. (For the last few years, I’ve spent more time each year seriously considering how to move to a warmer/more moderate climate…)

    When I do it, it’s sensible. When you do it, it’s farce.

    51 degrees is t-shirts and shorts weather.

  182. We went through four cases of Geritol, and twenty five pounds of Prunes…


  183. wakey wakey

    The candy haul was good. We ran out (meaning my sister – because no one trick or treats out by me) at 7:45. It was unbelievable. Sis bought the same amount of candy she always does.

  184. *Wonders how many Marauding Zombies Ms. C arin managed to run over last night with her Amazing Driving Skills*

    I didn’t count.

  185. Work time. Be good, y’all.

  186. >> (For the last few years, I’ve spent more time each year seriously considering how to move to a warmer/more moderate climate…)

    I can’t think of a more moderate (miserable) climate than southeast Texas. It gets cold there (and here even) in fits and spurts, but it doesn’t really last.

    Goddam summer goes on forever though.

  187. New comment thing still sucks but glad that Peel posted the temp so I knew how to dress :) I now pass by Peels office every morning on my new route (at least that is where I think she is)

  188. 51 degrees is t-shirts and shorts weather

    Sure, if you have a really low surface area to volume ratio and/or a severe hormone imbalance. But if you have a high surface area to volume ratio and your hormones aren’t out of whack, then no. Nooooooo. It’s got to be like 100 before I break out shorts. I wear jeans even when it’s in the 90s.

    (of course, part of that is that I’m embarrassed to wear shorts in public, and I will accept a great deal of discomfort to avoid doing so)

  189. That’s where “more moderate” comes in, Dave. A tropical climate is “hot” (i.e., pleasantly warm) year-round but doesn’t get as extreme. I just looked up Barbados as an example: “From December–May the average temperatures range from 21 to 31 °C (70 to 88 °F), while between June–November, they range from 23 to 31 °C (73 to 88 °F).” That would be basically perfect – cool enough that I could totally rock the layered look I prefer year-round, but warm enough that I’m not shivering for six months.

  190. I get cold really easily, and it’s got to be really warm before I wear shorts. but I love skiing, so I just bundle up.

    I *hate* being cold, and once i’m there it can take hours to warm me up. Sometimes, I go and sit in my car – I have heated seats. It’s the only thing that really works once I’m chilled.

  191. Woo Hoo! They restored power to 62,000 homes yesterday.

    Only 677,000 to go.

    * does math *
    * cries *

  192. Math is hard, Scott. Maybe you’re figuring wrong?

  193. *thinks the Rocket Scientist should have figured out by now that a little extra weight might solve that “cold” problem…..* :P

    Mr. TiFW LOVES having me around in the wintertime – I keep him nice and toasty warm on cold nights!

    (And all the babies love sleeping on me – I’m like a big, warm, fluffy pillow……)

  194. This is sorta OT (ha, sywm) but I’m finishing up “Unbroken” and it’s got me mad all over again about Obama wanting to apologizing to the Japanese.

  195. This poat is so last month.

    Imabee right back.

  196. Gnu poat.

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