Pre-Halloween Superstition Thread

When I was a wee lad, my dear granny told me if I ever sat in a wheelchair I would never walk again.

To this day the sight of a wheelchair gives me anxiety, and you couldn’t pay me to sit in one.

What about you?  What phobiastic psychological scarring did your family and friends give you as a youngster?


  1. -don’t sneeze while crossing a door’s threshold
    -don’t sleep with your feet pointed towards the main entrance of the house.
    -if a black cat crosses your path, you won’t achieve whatever you were intending. Walk back a few steps and resume. Or choose an alternate route.

  2. My grandpa used to tell my dad if he didn’t eat his bread crusts, they would look at him from under the bed. It was probably a lot scarier in German.

    I had a Wiserbud moment yesterday at my favorite Mexican restaurant, they had a poster promoting Coronaritas, they made a special bottle holder that fits on the rim of their margarita glasses that holds a bottle of corona like thus:

    I’d never heard of them, and I didn’t try it since mixing beer and tequila is against my religion.

  3. It’s pretty tough to make bread crusts seem menacing, but if anybody could do it, the Germans could.

    Also, I want one of those margarita glasses. That looks awesome and dangerous.

  4. If a deer crosses your path, while you’re going 60 mile per hour, something bad is bound to happen. Immediately.

  5. Were you scarred, Carin?

  6. I was scarred. I keep thinking deers are going to jump out and attack my car again.

  7. You need to have a cattle-catcher attached to the front of your van.

  8. Ooh, good idea.

  9. Just saw a giant doe through my back yard. Almost fell in the pond.

    Also, wife put off buying the air compressor too long. Hose to the pasture is frozen. Gonna be a fun winter.

  10. A black cat just crossed in front of me and Count sitting outside drinking our coffee

  11. My grandmother said that if I ate tomatoes while I was pregnant, the baby would have a birthmark.

  12. Uh-oh, Sohos. You’d better find some stump water.

  13. My parents let me watch the Exorcist when I was 9. My Uncle proceeded to explain that it was true story, thus scaring the shit out of me.

  14. One of the times I was really grateful to be wearing glasses was when Mom spilled salt, took a pinch, threw it over her shoulder, and got me smack in the face.

  15. MJ, I saw Psycho when I was about the same age and haven’t closed my eyes in the shower since.

  16. Jewstin –

  17. I can’t do my football homework!

  18. That’s the best advice ever, Roamy.

  19. If the needle on the tacometer went past a certain point, the car, ( a Dodge Challenger) would explode.

  20. Jewstin, do you need one of is with a purty whore mouth to kill you so you can be dead like the rest of us?

  21. I was looking forward to getting dead. If anybody wants to write my eulogy I will laugh and laugh.

  22. “If you play in that deserted house, a hobo will murder you and hide your body.” I still don’t like empty houses. . .

  23. That’s a good one MCPO.

  24. Hostage Meatup

  25. I was looking forward to getting dead. If anybody wants to write my eulogy I will laugh and laugh.

    Yea, we gotta kill jewstin but good.

  26. Are we still shunning that whore Mare?

  27. FYI, I’ve been texting with scott. He and laura are alive, so that’s good.

  28. e and laura are alive, so that’s good.

    W/o football, is it worth it?

  29. Have they cannibalized the neighbor yet?

  30. Scariest movie; “Let’s scare Jessica to Death” still scares me

  31. I am wondering where Rosetta is. Is there a tranny convention goingn on somewhere?

  32. Can someone at least tell us if the Rosetta family is okay?

    Was I being shunned? For what reason? Am I still in Phase One Shunning™?

  33. How I spent my morning …

    Click the picture to see more. The car underneath there escaped with just minimal damage, thank goodness. Just a small dent on the hood.

  34. Damn. That tree could have totally fooked the car.

  35. Missed it by that much.

  36. How can I be pro-Gaia when nature is actively trying to kill us and destroy our property?

  37. Was I being shunned? For what reason? Am I still in Phase One Shunning™?

    If you have to ask …

    *moves Mare to def con 4 level shunning

    That’s where the shunning is so high level, Mare won’t even be able to tell she’s being shunned.

  38. My husband was so mad about the end of the Wisconsin game, my dog ran and hide.

  39. Please join me on the new thread, in saying goodbye to our friend Jewstin.

    Don’t tell Mare. Its easier to shun her when she doesn’t know where we are.

    Off to church now.

  40. Every one feels Mare is taking them for a ride

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