It’s been a very sad week here at H2. Several of our esteemed colleagues have passed on, bought the farm, met their maker, bit the dust, kicked the bucket, cashed in, are pushing up daisies, crossed the river Styx, checked out, gone into the fertilizer business, bought the pine condo, etc.

I thought I would summarize the list in this here poat.

First to go was GheeMLand: he succumbed to an STD. Go figure.

Next, was pretty Roamy: somebody flipped her the bird – right smack on top of her head.

Then we lost Cyn: It isn’t at all clear how she died. But she was married to Sarah Palin, so I’m sure she’s in Hell, because she was surely in Heaven here on earth.

That was all on Monday. Then on Tuesday:

We lost Wiser and Wiserbud: it seems they set themselves on fire. First instance of simultaneous spontaneous combustion evar.

Then Carin passed: her horrendous infection was not a pretty sight near the end, but she wouldn’t listen.

Then later that day Dave went: tragic accident involving……wait fot it…..

Wednesday brought us even more tragic news.

Our fearless leader Rosetta left us: But he does that all the time these days, so no biggie.

But then MJ: Something to do with a chicken wing and an alligator. Apparently it wasn’t his first try.

Then the day concluded with the loss of Americano: They make a powder to cure what ailed him, but he was stubborn about certain things.

On to Thursday – more bad news.

MCPO left us: But at his age it was hardly any surprise.

Then we got the tragic news of BiW’s passing: Car accident. Anyone know which ambulance chaser is on his case?

Next up was me: It wasn’t clear from Roamy’s poat whether I am dead or just lost at sea.

Friday brought us two more sad tales.

Poor Mrs. Peel: A side of her was revealed that none were aware of. May she rest in piece.

And finally we were shocked at the loss of Laura: she just couldn’t take it anymore, and managed to provoke a mugging and knife fight.

Anyway, it was a tough week here.

Oh, and by the way, Rosetta, bite us!




  1. This reads like one of those old TiFW summaries. It’s every bit that pathetic. And whiney. I should’ve signed up to die and avoided this weak-assed shit.

    Oh…….and first.

  2. Love the header pic though.

  3. Did anyone kill pendejo and if not, why not?

  4. I wasn’t funny enough to sign up to be killed. Peter principle in action.

  5. Snowing like crazy here but nothing sticking. My dog is so cute! He loves snow. When I took him out to pip, he noticed it was snowing and went all Happy Feet on me. Adorable.

  6. I’m sweating. Moving the little crap from house to car and sweating

  7. These flakes are huge!!!

    It looks like a snow globe out there.

    The trees are not going to like this.

  8. Moving sucks Sohos, I don’t know why anyone does it.

  9. Hey beasn, how’s the mood in St. Louis?

  10. I hate it Scott. We moved all the furniture and big stuff last weekend now I am doing the little shit

  11. The little shit takes the longest, doesn’t it? It seems like it will never end.

  12. It’s every bit that pathetic.

    ^^^This^^^ is why I quit doing them…..

  13. You had me at “bought the pine condo”.

    Big flakes are pretty funny. Unless you’re a tree. Or a power line. Had one of those rare things a few years ago, that heavy wet, huge snowflake shit. I think they gather up like tumbleweeds just to fuck with us.

  14. Any one knows a website that sells really modern looking furniture? I am looking for a counter height small kitchen table, and everything looks like it was built by Amish people and Quackers and Shakers (no idea if Shakers are people or furniture)

  15. The worst room to pack up?

    Hands down –

  16. Usually the modern stuff is like Ikea. At least when people around here talk about it.

    You can probably find a store around NJ, too.

  17. Jay, I have been using Ikea for years, and tired of it. They haven’t introduced anythng new in a decade.

  18. garage

  19. Bleh, gotta drive to work in this mess. And then back again at 9. *Grumbles*

  20. It’s sunny here.

  21. That’s what I think too, Tushar. But I like the Amish stuff, myself. Some of the European modern stuff is pretty cool, but I like the look of real wood.

    I’m sure someone will capitalize on that last statement.

  22. That fruit is so fucking low, it’s already taking root.

  23. I’m sure xBrad will pick it.

  24. Oooh – good point, Dave!

    Of course, when Mr. TiFW and I were doing all of our moving, it was from one apartment to another (back when we were co-op students in college).

    After moving 13 times in 3 years, we SWORE that when we finally bought a house, it was going to be big enough that we would never have to move again.

    We’ve been in this house 26 years now…..

  25. Did anyone see this the other day? Warms my heart:

  26. also attic

  27. we are down to glasses and garage

  28. That child is the cutest little one.

  29. And my Pandora wont play…..MMMMMMMMMAAAAAREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Halloween Party at my friend’s place in Austin tonight. Blues Brothers appearance.

  31. Jay, modern looking real wood stuff is available, but the prices are through the roof. I am not spwnding 2500 on a kitchen table.

  32. Dave, you can go as Rosetta. Shave your head, stick a fake goatee and wear a tutu.

  33. If I went as Rosetta I’d have to wear a five-five.

    Which is a bit snug.

  34. Some of the European modern stuff is pretty cool, but I like the look of real wood.

    WARNING!!!!!! NSFW!!!!!! I repeat – NSFW!!!!!!

  35. I am not even

  36. What is a five-five?

  37. This is what I am talking about. Just the table. The chairs are ugly.

  38. *sniffs poat*

    *makes face*

    *buries poat with my hind legs*

  39. Roamy. A tutu (2-2) is too small for Rosetta. He needs a 5-5

  40. HAHAHAHA! It’s only October!



  41. Three three bigger than a tu tu.

  42. Chief, there is a chair with a round back near your new dining table. Where did you get it? If they don’t make it any more, how many puppies do I have to kill before you agree to sell it to me?

  43. mumblemumblerocketscientistmumble

  44. *backs away*

  45. Oops. Didn’t see you there, Pupster. Forget Insaid anything.

  46. Tushar – Found those two chairs out antiquing with Herself. Get near them and she may cut you. . . IYKWIMAITYD.

  47. Cut me what? Cut me a deal?

  48. Whereabouts do you live, Chief?

    DD#1 is in Philadelphia; didn’t know if I should send out the sled dogs yet…..

  49. You can tell herself she has exquisite taste in everything… except men.

  50. Does a skinny ballerina wear a one-one?


  51. Uh oh, now it’s raining.

  52. Small trees look okay where you are, MCPO. They’re starting to get stressed here. And our really really hugimous maples are getting some interesting horizontal elements.

  53. Here is the table, fully extended with the leaf in. . . It.Is.HUGE.


  54. LauraW – I don’t expect the power to last here. The big Chestnut and Maples trees are really weighed down.

  55. Holy shit! MCPO is that snow today?!?

  56. SoHoS – Yes dear. . . and it is forecast to continue until midnight here.

  57. TiFW – 3 hours west of Philly, up against the Appalachians.

  58. Ah.

    **kicks older brothers for not pulling that one on me

  59. I just cannot believe that!!!!! I mean it is only Oct.

  60. Snow did not start this early in northeast since the civil war. You remember that year, Chief?

  61. Shovel we much!

  62. See Romy…it’s funny ’cause the chief is old.

  63. Now the sun’s out. What the fuck is this shit?

  64. >> The big Chestnut and Maples trees are really weighed down.

    That shit will totally wipe out a mexican palm

  65. DinT – Quit planting illegal alien palms!!

  66. Dang, Hotspur. I was pretending I won’t have to shovel, because no one shovels in FUCKING OCTOBER.

  67. Andy – If you are lurking – Great post over at AOSHQ.

  68. Well, since it’s October, your illegal Mexicans are still around to garden. Make them do it.

  69. That didn’t take long.
    We are in the dark.

  70. oh shit

  71. Thanks, Chief.

    I was out running some errands in advance of ZOMGFsnowmageddon!!11! but now … Georgia – Florida!

  72. Andy – Used to be called, “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” when it was played in the Gator Bowl.

  73. Is GMLand lurking, by any chance?

    DD#3 is driving home on November 1st, and I need to know which neighborhoods around Nashville are “safe” for a 19-year-old girl travelling by herself to stay in a hotel.

    I’m assuming I don’t want to put her up in a place on “Rosa Parks Blvd” near downtown…..

  74. Scott – Hope you have plenty of wood for the fireplace!

  75. Oh damn, Scott.


  76. Just bought tix to take the girl to go see Puss In Boots 3D this evening at the Movie Tavern.

    Yeah, she’s spoiled…. :P

  77. It’s still played in Jacksonville, but stupid CBS quit using that term (along with “Red River Shootout” for Texas – Oklahoma).

    PC bullshit.

  78. Anyone think it is too early for a large glass of single malt?

  79. All the sports sites still call it the cocktail party.

  80. No.

  81. Too early? No way, Chief.

  82. Scott is out buying booze.
    I was just out side listening to tree branches crash and fall.

  83. Nap time!!!

  84. This Poat has a very important update.

  85. ARE YOU OK? oh.. ok, booze

  86. You guys knew a snow storm was coming and you didn’t stock up on booze? What are you going to do when winter gets here?

  87. Magnolia tree is a goner.
    Looks like it snapped in half.

  88. Sorry to hear that, Scott.

  89. And so it begins!

    Snowmageddon has arrived.

  90. People say that spouses start resembling each other after a few years. Laura’s avatard looks exactly like Scott’s. Or maybe Scott has started to refe to himself in the third person.

  91. I hope Mrs. Rosetta doesn’t start resembling her spouse.

  92. Hahahaha

  93. The maple around the corner just lost a large limb. . . with a large CA-RAACK!

  94. I just heard a large CRACK as well. That was me opening a Stella.

  95. I make women get my beer for me.

  96. the fuck?

    magnolias grow up there?

    Mine burned up in August.

  97. This is laura.
    It’s hard enough using scotts phone, without changing screen names all the ti
    On the porch now listening to the cracks and pops.
    Scott is inside making a fire.

  98. fire is good. fire is your friend.

  99. The snow is falling silently but the landscape is changing.
    Eerie peaceful destruction.

  100. Chest/Nuts roasting by an open fire.
    Jack Frost nipping at your noes.

  101. NOSE, damnit!

  102. Hahahaha

    Laura waxes poetic, and I roll out some juvenile song lyric.

  103. That just sounded like something hit a house. Boom.
    Naturally scott had to go take a look around.
    He does not listen to me.

  104. It coulda been a transformer blowin up.

    You don’t wanna miss that shit.


  106. If you have a fire and booze, you’ll make it!

    Take care, LauraW & Scott!

  107. Hahahaha

    I just looked at the weather app on my phone and it showed a snow advisory, and I was like WTF.

    Then I noticed it was still set for Philadelphia. Heh

  108. That was no transformer.
    A moment ago we just lost a huge pine bough. Fortunately dont fall straight down.
    We’re worried about the wiser bud house.
    They are surrounded by tall deciduous trees.

  109. I mean they do fall straight down.
    pine boughs.

  110. First you say they don’t, then you say they do. I’m confused.

  111. Most of the trees around me are already w/o their leaves … so we’re ready for snow.

    *polishes skis.

  112. Maybe a pine cone hit Laura on the noggin, and she is incoherent

  113. The scott/laura commenting is kinda weird. It’s interesting how a small picture sets the expectation.

    /fires up gila monster venom

  114. Someone used up all my muthafocking bandwidth.

    *looks at dad’s door.

  115. Does your dad know you have that garbage mouth?

  116. I have to go to either Vancouver or Toronto in December and I’m thinking about spending a few days extra to ski. I’ve been cross country skiing quite a bit, but not so much experience with regular skiing. Is it hard?

  117. No, it’s easy. Even Carin can do it.

  118. Hey, give him a break! Pr0n takes some bandwidth!

  119. i. I’ve been cross country skiing quite a bit, but not so much experience with regular skiing. Is it hard?

    Take a lesson. You’ll thank me.

  120. Does your dad know you have that garbage mouth?

    were do you think I learned it?

  121. One of the waitresses here is smokin hot. I mean like model smoking fucking hot. Well, except for all of the tattoos.

    Doomed to the ghetto bar.

  122. There oughtta be a law.

  123. Hotspur – Photos or she’s an ugly skank!

  124. 200,000 Power outages so far.

  125. XBrad?

  126. What about snowboarding?

  127. TiFW – HAHAHAHAHAHA! Damn, I hate when that happens!

  128. Teresa, I don’t think so. I don’t think Xbrad would charge $20

  129. Snowboarding is okay but nowhere near as effective as waterboarding.

  130. Chief, I can’t. She’s a nice young lady and I don’t want to embarrass her. You know me well enough by now to know I’m not a bullshitter.

  131. I’m worried about Layra and Scooter. It is a nice 66 degrees here in Seabrook, TX.
    So at my new house I can walk out my back door and in a few steps be at the liquor store. I think I am too exhausted to venture over there.

  132. Tifw, email me on Monday and I will help you with Nashville logistics.

  133. Would people living south of the Mason Dixon line please stop posting the temperature outside? Thank you.

  134. Ernest Tubb’s Records Shop is dark.

  135. We are supposed to get into the 50s tonight. Brrrrrr.

  136. 320,000 out of power.

  137. Layra what will yall do? And bite me Tushy

  138. Snowboarding is less fun starting out than skiing, or so people say. It has a much longer learning curve.

    Most people fall a LOT first time snowboarding.

    Either way, I’d take a lesson right out of the box.

  139. What about our OWS friends? How do you think they’re holding up?

  140. Thanks, GMLand!
    (Now I just need your e-mail addy……)

  141. When we had 70 days without a drop of rain and over 100 degree temps I listened about how beautiful is was everywhere else but hotasfuckanddryasstejas

  142. What about our OWS friends? How do you think they’re holding up?

    I think they wanted their “Valley Forge” moment, so they can HAVE their VF moment…..

  143. I heard Killington opened this weekend. Woot.

  144. I used to do a lot of wakeboarding. Loved it. Never snowboarded though

  145. Do Scott and Layra have/need a generator? Do they have to go somewhere? They won’t freeze will they? I need to know these things!

  146. Sohos, you had a typo.
    You meant ‘bite my tushy’, right?

  147. I think the hump generates sufficient btuhs to keep them safe.

  148. Laura & Scott have a fireplace and booze. They should be fine.

  149. Our neighbor has a generator.
    He dies first.
    We’ll be fine.

  150. Legend has it that anyone who looks at the hump with his naked eyes, turns into a …… Scott.

  151. Hey peeples!!!!


  152. Thunder!

  153. If anyone has a generator, put me some f’n knowledge. Do you simply run selected appliances by drawing power from the generator, or have you installed a transfer switch so you can power the whole house? If so, how much of a pain and expenditure is it to install the transfer switch?

  154. Transfer switch.

    Pain and expenditure depend on your home layout. Ours would be a pain in the ass to do yourself because the generator connection is on the opposite end of the house from the electrical panel.

    Also, most of these arrangements only run selected circuits in the house and not all of them (and no 220V).

  155. This is laura.
    I am sitting in front of a roaring fire.
    Working on a bottle of wine.
    Somehow, we will prevail.

  156. Andy is going to gift me a xfer switch, plus installation. . . I just know it!

  157. We have a fancy generator – runs on propane – which is what we use to heat our home. It automatically kicks in when the power goes out. We’ve got all the essentials loaded into it – enough lights throughout the house, freezer, bathrooms. pump – for the septic field wasn’t put in, but I can switch a plug and fit it in when it’s needed.

    I think we can do just about everything.

  158. i’m working on a bottle of wine too. No roaring fire. but we are getting ready to go to some “Haunted” something or other.

  159. Carin – I envy you your idyllic country existence, with the exception of your crappy internet service.

  160. I’m just gonna leave this here for the gals to ponder:

  161. oh wtf, how did that happen?

  162. Thanks, Andy

    Up twinkles.

  163. Carin – I envy you your idyllic country existence, with the exception of your crappy internet service.

    You are welcome, anytime, to come an partake of my idyllic country existence.

  164. Laura, switch that damn phone off and conserve battery, unless you have a charger that prugs in your car 12V outlet.

  165. Laura, let me know if I need to come rescue you guys or bring you supplies.


  166. I circumnavigated the Salton Sea, visited Slab City and Salvation Mountain.

    Kill me now.

  167. That’s it.

    I’m staying the Hell away from this “REFLECTION” place.

  168. Can anyone here tell me how miserable the #OWS douches are right now?

    Thanks in advance.

  169. We have fire.
    We have party van.
    A OK.

  170. This is kind of nice. Snow outside, but I’m all #OccupyBigScreen.

  171. It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of our…well…of Pendejo Grande.

    Mr. Grande was kidnapped by Mexican pornographers who were on a scouting trip north of the border. PG came to their attention when he was commenting on his laptop from the Delta of Venus Bar and Grille, located just outside of Albequerque. The pornographers saw his internet handle and his enormous clown feet and figured that it was simply truth in advertising.

    After tossing him in the back of their cargo truck and getting him completely shitfaced on mezcal strained through Panco Villa’s dirty underwear and Red Bull (to keep Captain Whiskeydick away, they pulled his pants down and shoved him in front of the camera with Bertha. However, the pronographers soon had to resort to Plan B when they realized that “Grande” must mean “Let me get my jeweler’s glass” in gringo.

    Not ones to easily give up on their investment, they soon found that he reacted favorably to being put into a latex sensory deprivation suit and whipped by Mistress Camilita. He met his unfortunate demise while wearing this suit on a marathon video shoot of “Whips and Chains Make Me Excited Volume I-X.

    Pendejo Grande is survived by a Wife and Children, who have moved at least three times since his kidnapping, just in case he is freed or escapes.

  172. If surrounded by a crumpled aluminum foil fairing 1 or 2 tea lights Can light a ro

  173. http://tinyurl.com/3udkfpl

  174. Snow…It was sunny and beautiful here today.

    Hell, the mountain ws even out, although it was wearing a hat.

  175. It was 86 in Niland, CA today.

  176. BiW – now you gotta do Jewstin. Rosie must have had him.


  177. Yes, Rosetta had Jewstin.


  178. Well, some of us survived this week, and here’s a song for us:

  179. ^^^^^Meh.

    If Jewstin wasn’t complaining, then who am I to judge?

  180. I’m on Rosetta’s ‘Never Kill Under Any Circumstances’ list.

    I have photos.

  181. Jewstin’s too nice to complain.

    I’ll do it if I have to, but you guys know it won’t be funnah.

    Think of it as saving yourself from having to read a poat by me …

    I mean, if Jew were like Wiser, we’d be hearing ALL about it.

    For the next year.

  182. 155,000 without power in MA as of 7pm.

  183. Ima gonna get in the hot tub.

  184. Well, some of us survived this week, and here’s a song for us:

    Wiser made me promise to let him kill you first.

    Seriously, the look he had in his eye was kinda scary.

  185. Jewstin is not dead. Just a little motion sick.

  186. I can write one for Jew, but since he offed me, that might be weird and stuff….

  187. Am I being shunned?

    Thanks in advance.

  188. Michael – Take a whiskey with you.

  189. Mare, I can do one if you like.

    I only did one for PG because he was daring someone to do one earlier.

  190. Am I being shunned?


  191. Mare – Stunned or shunned.

    *hides Taser behind his back*

  192. Walked to liquor store with Count and got a 6 pack of Sam Adams Octoberfest. Movietime!!!

  193. *hides Taser behind his back*

    Don’t shoot yourself in the ass, old man.

    At least not until we can tape it for the H2 archive.

  194. Mare, I am not shunning you. I am shunting you.

  195. Shunned!

  196. No links.
    Turning off phone.
    Good night all

  197. http://tinyurl.com/3e7htfa

  198. Did anybody gore anybody else’s ox today?

  199. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz4eHPD40w4

    those not named please move along….
    nothing to see here….
    move along…

  200. http://tinyurl.com/69olqbu

  201. who’s thirsty?

  202. Just lost a big pretty ornamental pear tree out in front of the house. Dammit!

  203. Hey beasn, how’s the mood in St. Louis?

    That we’re awesome but then we knew that.

    HA! Actually, for those paying attention, they’re pretty excited for the Cardinals. But, I’m working all weekend, store is busy, and I don’t have more of a read than that.

  204. Sean – That’s an idiom I’ve never used.

  205. Jam2 – Is that you on the right?

  206. Just lost a big pretty ornamental pear tree out in front of the house.

    Well, it’s always in the last place you look.

  207. cleanliness is next to…. something.. i guess…

  208. “…Is that you on the right?… ”
    i only cross dress on the 3rd full moon of the month

  209. OX gore.

  210. http://tinyurl.com/6fszeug

  211. And now the power. Yay!

  212. Damn, I need to seal the cracks in my brick steps. If water gets in there and freezes, I am done.

    Fuck this early snow.

  213. That tree did some not nice things to my car. Doesn’t look like the damage is too bad, but there are limbs on it.

  214. That sucks, Andy.

    But on the brightside, no one was injured.

  215. Jam,
    My mom says “Thanks!” for teaching her how to do “leet speak”….. :P

  216. Rocketboy stayed home, ostensibly to do his homework, while Mr. RFH, Mini-me, and I went to her school Halloween shindig. Got home and checked his computer to see his progress. Apparently he made a lot of headway in Civ5 and watched four episodes of Red Dwarf. Mom put teh smackdown on him.

  217. Haha Roamy.

  218. Roamy, make him wear a tutu for halloween

  219. *hides computer from roamy

  220. Just pisses me off that he had four hours without anyone bugging him, and he got bupkis done.

  221. Roamy, that is what my husband says when I spend my afternoon lurking here and at Ace’s. Dishwashers don’t unload themselves or something.

  222. Roamy, you expect a teenager to study when he has four hours to himself?

  223. Civ5!!!
    I last played Civ3. I had better get cracking!

  224. Are you really angry rocketchic?

  225. True, everyone’s ok. Glad the thing didn’t fall toward the house.

    We’re on generator now. Fun.

  226. Sorry for my freezin’ friends

  227. Generator WIN!

  228. Tushar, he’s got tomorrow booked with various activities from 10:45 to 6:00. I hate the late Sunday night crunch, especially when he goofs off Friday and Saturday. He swore he was going to do better.

    Sohos, I’m mad enough to threaten him with public school.

  229. Yay Andy! Great job at Ace’s. I forwarded it to my cousin. My 3 yr old Godson is autistic and she is still absorbing all the challenges.

  230. 320,000 Massholes without power as of 10pm.

  231. Thanks oso.

  232. Roamy, just have Firestarter set Rocketboy on fire.

  233. Make him do it now

  234. Seriously.

    Why is it every time I show up, the thread dies?

  235. Heh, good idea, except Firestarter went to bed.

  236. X
    I am here for you Bro!

  237. I’m here too. Catching up from my time fucking around with the generator.

  238. fine. I mean, I put on a clean shirt and underwear today.

  239. you gotta shower X, and brush the teeth too.

    Wait! not sure about dentures.

  240. Listening to bad comedy to cheer myself up.

    “They call it Church’s Chicken, because you pray to God you don’t shit your pants.”

  241. Actually, my mouth kinda hurts like hell.

    Don’t eat tomatoes when your mouth is all cut up and full of stitches.

  242. Bad news Andy. Al Gore is in MA

  243. Andy
    I have 1 7500 start 5500 continuous pull start Generator. And another with electric start. 2 separate 55amp 220 circuits on my roof. Keep looters out while running.

    And pigtails

  244. Andy – You had to fool around with the generator?

  245. XBrad, owie.

  246. Xbrad, how many mouth surgeries are you having?

  247. Tushar, this was my third. Two more to go, I think.

    **calls DHS and reports scary brown person**

  248. Sweet. The Cowboys are walking all over San Diego.

  249. Yeah, I had to go out and start it, hook it up to the house, etc.

    And then inside I have to run a couple of extension cords to get all the circuits I want running.

    Gotta expand the coverage to some more circuits. It’s on the list.

  250. Fookin’ Al Gore. I knew it!

  251. Apparently he made a lot of headway in Civ5 and watched four episodes of Red Dwarf.

    Could be worse, Roamy – one morning, Mr. TiFW and I got up and found 14-yr-old DD#2 had been looking at lesbian porn on my computer for at least 3 hours…..

  252. Hey will someone link Andy’s post at Ace’s place here so that I can find it easily please?

  253. TiFW, your daughter is XBrad?

  254. How the fuck is that worse?

  255. Sohos, I sent it to you on Facechimp. I don’t know how to link or post or whatever.

  256. Sweet. The Cowboys are walking all over San Diego.

    Umm….somebody tell Jewstin that the Cowboys are playing the Eagles tomorrow night…..

  257. Hah! Teresa, I’m talking about the Wyoming Cowboys. Not the other crappy ones.

  258. http://minx.cc/?post=323165
    For Sohos

  259. SoHoS – http://minx.cc/?post=323165

  260. How the fuck is that worse?

    I just meant that Roamy’s son COULD have been looking at gay porn (you know, the kind that Jewstin likes :P …..)

  261. Thanks yall and sweet sweet Oso I am so sorry for your loss.

  262. If anyone’s thinking of going, “Puss in Boots” is pretty good – Rebecca really liked it!

  263. Then again, Rocketboy could have “entertained” a young lady in his room while the rest of the family was out for the evening :P

    (There are LOTS of things the parenting manuals don’t prepare you for…..)

  264. Thanks. Sohos and everyone. He was 99. The rosary and funeral are next wknd. My family is very dramatic and I am already dealing with the drama.

  265. Sorry about your grandpa, Oso.

  266. Tifw- across the street from my Dad is this woman and her grown son who has Downs. He always worries about my Dad and calls him “Mr. Pillups” he worries about my Dad being alone and he isn’t sure if he is eating enough so he always brings my Dad over 1/2 his meals and stuff. Well his name is Will and he has Cancer and some other problems and we are following Will’s journey via a web link and emails his Mom has. This sweet young man…well there aren’t words to describe the love we feel for him. His love and compassion just makes me feel wanting as a person b/c I could never be that good

  267. Sorry about your grandpa, Oso – I hope he had a full life.

    Also sorry that you have to deal with the family drama.

  268. OSO, you have my condolences and hugs.

  269. Thanks. This is the third family funeral that the priests have accommodated my family’s schedule and not the teachings of the Church. My grandfather will be buried in the family plot next Saturday. It is one of the roadside cemeteries that Texans drive by on their way to Ruidoso to ski.

  270. Didn’t know there was anything about Church teachings and burials, except no burials between Good Friday and Easter morning.

  271. Sohos, we’ve always said that the way that we are told to live our lives at church is the way that people with DS live their lives every day without even trying.

    I’ll add your parents’ neighbor to our prayer list – I hope everything works out for the best for him.

  272. Tifw for example we finally got some rain and will had this roll up sammich that had two parts to it. He looked outside and said “Mom, Mr. Pillups probably couldn’t go to the store for food since it is raining. He must ne hungry”…so he started getting his rain gear on, wrapped up the rest of the food, got his umbrella, and had his Mom walk him across the street to give my Dad lunch…

  273. //wants a sammich//


  274. Roamy, it isn’t as strict as Old Testament but it is usually within three days.

  275. Sorry, oso, I should have worded that better.

  276. This chick is one of my FB friends, and I have no idea who she is. I think I might have to do something about that…


  277. My dad was so touched and was watching them go back across the street and there was a huge puddle of water and Will said “Jump Mom” and he jumped to make it across and Dad said that Will just laughed and laughed at making it across… Kills me

  278. I haven’t run into that rule, but I think it’s better for the family to be together. My parents quit speaking to me for a year, and one of my aunts died during that time. By the time my brother let me know, it was too late to travel for the funeral unless I chartered a plane.

  279. Huh – those dweebs at OWS don’t know the 1st thing about camping outdoors; color me shocked…..


  280. My hubby calls my family “Catholic lite” We attend a Jesuit church and my family is all Franciscan. Plus, we have all the mariachi almost voodoo stuff and he is more traditional.

  281. “Catholic lite” is Luthran or Episcopal. A third less guilt than your regular religion.

  282. He is also hispanic?

  283. I think we only took about 4 months to bury Dad.

  284. Roamy, I didn’t speak to my brother for 11 years because of the way he treated my dad. Since his divorce, he has been making an effort to be more engaged with family. My parish priest has been extremely helpful to me. I really have no regrets and no guilt. My grandfather was a troubled man with a troubled legacy and I am dealing with the fallout.

  285. Sohos, that’s so sweet!

    If he’s anything like Rebecca, the “suggestion” to his mom was just Will’s way of letting her know what he was getting ready to do; once they set their mind on doing something, you learn to just go along for the ride…..

  286. Well, it’s time for beddy-bye at the TiFW house; hope all of our Northeastern buddies are able to stay warm tonight.

    Now I’ve got to get this dust out of my eye – must’ve gotten in there when I was reading Sohos’ stories….. :P

  287. My great great grandfather was Sheriff Brady. He was killed by Billy the Kid after leaving my other GGGrandfather’s house. I have several family members that own New Mexican restaurants. My hubby always wants to know which family is catering funerals.

  288. My parish priest has been extremely helpful to me.

    So glad to hear this, and that your brother is mending fences.

  289. My brother still has my Dad’s cremains in his closet. The Navy will pick up and have a ceremony at sea per my dad’s wishes but my brother has issues. We make Tom Cruise jokes.

  290. Anybody buried under snow?

  291. Ya know my brother went to a Lutheran private school and remember he is only 19 and just lost his Mom in that terrible accident. They really prepared him for dealing with death in life but they also taught him that you must suffer in life…this makes me very sad and uncomfortable. Like God is punishing him… A little different than guilt but still not how I feel about God should be represented.

  292. My brother is trying. It has been a rough journey. I hope I am not the only sibling that shows up next weekend. My mom was still on a vent when her mother passed and my siblings didn’t show for the funeral. As of today, neither my brother or sister is coming to my grandfather’s funeral.

  293. Roamy, I always called Lutherns, Catholic Lite. My hubby calls me his heathen bride. Who knew that Jesuits were the true Catholics and everyone else was a CINO?

  294. Dave what is this snow you speak of?

  295. and everyone else was a CINO?


    I’d like a little more Jesuit at my church. I am already tired of the Gloria lasting for 10 minutes.

  296. Oh.. sorry about your grandfather Oso

  297. >> Dave what is this snow you speak of?

    No fuckin clue, peeps talkin bout it.

  298. >> I am already tired of the Gloria lasting for 10 minutes.

    It’s a very long song.


  299. If Mare was here I would tell her this is how you post back to back without wordbitch telling you you’re posting too quickly.

    Timing. I gots it.

  300. Thanks, DiT. Roamy, I hear you. My Mass at a Jesuit church is 45 minutes. Last week, the Fransiscans dragged it to an hour and 15 minutes. They sing everything. If I attend Mass at the cloister in Roswell, the Poor Clare’s last 35 minutes tops. That may be why I am on the hell express.

  301. Can’t recall the comedian who said “If you’ve never been to mass in a Catholic church, it’s still goin on!”

  302. Jake and Elwood

    Me and Elwood made an appearance tonight.

  303. Heh, Dave. It’s a prayer (http://www.ourcatholicfaith.org/mass/gloria.html), and I prefer it recited, but my church’s WONDERFUL (/sarc) music director always directs it to be sung. He takes the first two lines and repeats them until I lose all focus on what it’s about, then I lose all feeling in my feet, and then I sit down.

  304. Do you need your feets rubbed?

  305. Oso, ours here is an hour and 15 minutes on a good day. I wouldn’t begrudge God the time if I could get something more out of it than how tedious the singing is. I’m betting the music director drags it out because people show up late. They show up late, hoping to miss the singing but not the Bible readings.

  306. They hurt too much for rubbing, but thank you anyway. Time to go lie down.

    Good night, my friends. (((extra hug for Oso)))

  307. nite nite

  308. They show up late, hoping to miss the singing but not the Bible readings.

    I always just try to wait until they pass around that plate with all the money. Pretty sweet deal right there.

  309. the ushers will give you downtwinkles

  310. GO POKES! Biggest upset of the day.

  311. a funnay then I sleeps…


  312. Good morning Hostages.

  313. Mornin’

    Everybody snowed in?

  314. You don’t have to shovel sunshine. Just sayin’.

  315. Still too early here for sun. I’m going to take that as a hint and try to go back to sleep.

    later guys

  316. What are the chances that sitting here on hold on State Farm’s claims line will be productive?

    I’m betting zero.

  317. wakey wakey.

  318. What are the chances that sitting here on hold on State Farm’s claims line will be productive?

    I’m betting zero.

    Yea, no. It took a couple of days for my insurance agent to get back to me, and they are normally excellent (it’s USAA). I guess there have been a lot of deer accidents this year. They’re FINALLY looking at the car on Monday.

  319. We had fun at the “haunted” whatever last night. COrn maze first, which was a pretty good maze, but lacking in monsters. It took us about 45 minuets to get out. I didn’t have to call 9/11.

    Then the kids – since they weren’t scared – wanted to go through the haunted house.I waited at the end for them and the four of them (son took his girlfriend to a different haunted house elsewhere) can exploding/screaming out of the door – I almost peed my pants.

    the 15 y/o didn’t want to go “with the family” but we forced him and he had a riot. He said walking through the haunted house, he had the other three hugging him most of the time.

    *wipes tear

  320. I’m just going to go out and take a shitload of pictures and start the claim when their #%#^ online system starts working again.

    That way I can start clearing some of the tree off the car so I can go get more gas for the generator.

    It’s Mad Maxachusetts, baby!

  321. I filed online, and took pictures. Just didn’t get the actual person to call to set up an appointment until friday afternoon.

  322. Had a car smashed by a tree limb this year. It was fairly painless except for the deductible.

  323. MJ can keep his nice weather. Yuck.

  324. My 11 year old Corolla was worth 1500 if I had sold it or traded it in. An idiot crashed into it and totaled it. I only had third party insurance on that car. But everyone agreed that it was the other idiot’s fault, and his insurance gave me 5K. Win!

  325. New poat!

  326. You hunt deer with cars, we do it with boa constrictors. Our way is scarier, but much cheaper.

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