BBF Tryout, lemme see how this works…

Welcome all, to my first try at the legendary H2 post, BBF. A tradition that is passed down from internet generation to internet generation.

First, I must include a music selection, so we will go for a classic from The Rolling Stones:

Today’s model was born in Seattle, Washington June 6, 1983. Her first job was at a hamburger restaurant in Seattle called Dick’s Drive-In. After being approached about modelling, she eventually tried it, figuring that if she did not like it, she could stop. Well, I guess she liked it, because she went ALL the way. She walks in at a tall 5′ 11″, and 145 pounds. Please welcome 1st time guest Gianna Michaels.

As a cool down, I give you Echoes:


  1. She’s too tall.

  2. sohos are bigger

  3. My boobs were that big for a small time.

  4. sigh

  5. I hate [teaching] long division.

    divide /multiply/subtract … where do I put what number?

    oye. It never ends.

  6. ECHOES….. amazing…!! THANKS

    Oh by the way.. Gianna is sofa king hawt!

  7. Yay, Seattle.

    Morning all.

  8. I hate [teaching] long division.
    I don’t get homeschooling. Do you have to teach them a certain curriculum?

  9. Car in, small ones are just as good.

    Have you looked at Khan academy? Here’s his arithmetic playlist.

  10. MJ, there are a number of homeschool programs out there. I’d probably use one for math just so I didn’t miss anything.

  11. Is mixology part of the car ic ulum?

    It should be.

  12. You can do it many ways, MJ. I use “Singapore” Math, because their country is ahead of ours 😉

    They’ve marketed their program to homeschoolers.

  13. cool site there Leon.

  14. Is mixology part of the car ic ulum?

    It should be.

    That’s part of my AP curriculum.

  15. Holy Fuck. We had some things EXACTLY the same.

    Hah, did we pull our events calendar from the same place?

  16. When you get to stats, I’ll sub for you.

    1st lesson: It’s all bullshit
    2nd lesson: Recess!

  17. Car in, he has exercises too. It’s a phenomenal site. I use it to refresh my memory on stuff from calc from time to time. I’ve actually heard of a few high school math teachers that assign the videos as homework, then do problems in class with the students to reinforce it.

    Also, if your kids log in, they can earn badges and trophies a la XBox live by watching videos and doing exercises.

  18. I need to go through the stats curriculum. I’ve never had it formally, so I’m occasionally out of my depth when I need it at work.

  19. Dammit, Steven Crowder can press more than I can.

  20. Allright, time for work.

  21. Now I see why BBF comes out at noon.

  22. Yea, J’ames, morning is “my shift” and I just don’t get terribly excited about BBF.

  23. Hmm, 13-1 odds on the Cardinals for the World Series.

  24. Thought it would be a change of pace. Oh well.

  25. Most Excellent BBF, Jay!

  26. *high fives J’Ames*

  27. Hey J’Ames – on the Babe Ruth pic, what is “Whiskery”? And where can I get some?

  28. Why thank you, all.

  29. Good Morning Bewb Lovers.


  30. I just find em, I don’t proofread.

    That, or I haven’t discovered whiskery yet. Maybe that would be basis for a meatup?

  31. Statistics is a marvelous COI! Only problem was, we got taught by PhDs, who may be great in their respective fields but can’t teach worth shit.

    Oh BTW, the carpet cleaners came while I was in the shower, so I’m trapped for the next 2.5 hours. Joy! /sarc

  32. Great work on your first boob-job Jay!

  33. Happy Birthday Roamy!!

  34. Yes indeed, Happy Birthday Roamy!

  35. Roamy turned 29 today?!


  36. Happy Birthday, roamy!

  37. Morning school rush time. Later cool kids.

  38. Gina has one of THE hottest videos on youporn. Someone told me that, maybe Xbrad or Cyn???

  39. Hmm, this should get interesting…

  40. Hah!

  41. Wow.

    see what happens when you poat the bewbs early? You need to make everyone wait and beg for them.

  42. Fine.

    *stomps out of blog, slams door.

  43. That big? Really? I call bullshit.

  44. I was assigned to complete a course on timely decision making by the end of the year and I’ve waited until the last day to do it.

    Suck it corporate HR goons.

  45. “see what happens when you poat the bewbs early? You need to make everyone wait and beg for them.”

    Just like in meatspace?

    Morningwood, all. Hellooo, Giana. Who’s buying the first round today?

  46. I was assigned to complete a course on timely decision making by the end of the year and I’ve waited until the last day to do it.


  47. This is wrong. All wrong.

    There shouldn’t be bewbs here until 4pm Eastern at the earliest.

  48. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Cool cake, Cyn.

  49. Hope you have a great birthday, Roamy!

  50. What’s with the BBF chicks ‘duh face’?

    Speaking of duh, I read these words but am not comprehending……

    Really? it’s probably more like, ‘I want you dumpy so the tramps will stay away.’


  52. Bad part about this birthday so far: still fighting stupid cold/ flu/ Mongolian Death Cough.

    Good part: home alone, feet up, wearing butterfly “lounge suit” (read: pajamas), Netflix in the background, not doing a damn thing I don’t want to.

  53. Happy birthday, Rocket Chick!

  54. Happy happiest birthday Roamy!

    *pours Roamy 4 fingers

    you can save that for later.

  55. Did I say good morning?

    And in all my time in the PNW, I never met Giana or anyone remotely like her.

    Most chicks up there I met had moss on their north sides.

  56. Really? it’s probably more like, ‘I want you dumpy so the tramps will stay away.’

    If I were her, I think I’d start working out a bit.

  57. been cleaning the kitchen cupboards, etc. Guess I should head to the bathroom and start there.

    sigh. My life is so glamorous.

  58. Four fingers?

    //This><close to being a fisting blog.//

  59. *pours xbrad “the minivan”

    You can save that for later

  60. *pours xbrad “the minivan”


  61. **gives Car in “the Big Rig”**

  62. Happy Birfinday RFH!

  63. James Fenimore Cooper wrote a lot of books!

  64. Happy B’day, Rocket Chick!

    Anitas sister sent her a card;
    “Have a few drinks to celebrate your birthday!” on the front.
    “Old people are funny when they’re fucked-up!” on the inside…

  65. Hey it is Romy’s birthday!
    Happy Birthday Romy.

  66. Please pass along Happy Birthday’s to Anita, Chrispy!!

  67. Happy birthday to Anita!

  68. Will do, Cyn!

  69. Thanks, y’all.

  70. Happy birthday Anita.

  71. Why hasn’t anyone brought me a slice of cake?

  72. and, since it IS BBF, how about a glass of milk?

  73. What’s going on xbrad? Where you been?

  74. Uh, I’ve been here. Every day.

    You know, the boring guy?

    The guy whose comments you skim over and immediately forget?

  75. Hey xbrad. What’s going on?

  76. MJ, did I ever mention I can kill you with a spoon?

  77. Where’s xbrad been?

  78. kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, laundry.

    Swept the first floor.

    What do you guys say? Is that enough?

  79. MJ?

  80. Mmmm…. Pie………………

  81. Kind of doubt I’m getting a birthday cake unless I make it myself. I’m hoping for brownies, actually.

  82. Yum … brownies.

    My husband used to get me these really yummy (way to expensive) cakes for my birthday every year. I loved it and hated it. LOL. The place went out of business. It was a shame. She used REAL buttercream, etc. best cakes you’ve ever had.

  83. Mmmm…. Cake………………

  84. Some may be NSFW – as they feature pornography in frosting .

    but funny.

    Obscene cakes

  85. OK, yeah, now I want brownies instead of cake.

  86. I once ate special brownies and fell asleep. Waking up was…interesting.


    Moron Runn. that’s funny.

  88. My daughter is fixxen to make some oatmeal raisin cookies.

  89. pornography in frosting

    This cake tastes like ass!

  90. pornography in frosting

    This cake tastes like ass!

    You took the wrong piece.

  91. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice entendre.

  92. >> OK, yeah, now I want brownies instead of cake.


  93. mmmm, oatmeal raisin cookies.

    I am currently re-heating Jack in the Box egg rolls. Alert the media.

  94. Happy Birthday, Roamy!

  95. Heh.

  96. Fuck this. Last day of the fiscal for me. I’m making a Giana sized cocktail.

  97. I’ll have what MJ’s having.

  98. New post.

  99. Wow. Slow day at H2.

    MJ, that’s why writing for NASA with a birthday on Sept. 30 usually sucks. End of year reports.

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