Game On, Irene!

Time to do final prep for this stupid thing. Generator gas and extra booze (because who doesn’t need extra booze) are on the list … we’re pretty well stocked otherwise. OK, more ammo for teh looters.

I’ll never forgive this bitch for screwing up the meetup and my daughter’s birthday party. We did manage to catch Lyle Lovett in Hyannis last night, though. He closed with Goodnight Irene.

Stay safe, NE cabal.


  1. Are you sure you are ready, Andy? Like love, water will find a way.

  2. Boo-yeah.

  3. CERTAIN DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You can’t fool me, Scott. I can feel the anger and pain behind the sarcasm. You have to let it go. Let go, Scott.

  5. That looks like my basement last year, pups.

    *stares nervously at basement*

  6. …water will find a way.

    It’s in the trees!! it’s coming!!

  7. It’s cloud busting, Daddy!!

  8. …and when it does, you’ll be running up that hill.

  9. Sorry – been up all night running cases, and if this last one comes out well, I can finally go to bed.

    Please, please, please…

  10. I am glad Mr Andy is prepared, however I suspect it will be a long rainy day with power outages.

  11. Starting now

  12. oopsie,
    Did I ruin Geoff’s owning the comment record? Sorry

  13. Run Car in! Run!

  14. Good luck CaRin.

    We are all counting on you. Try not to poop yourself.

  15. Vmax,

    How many dogs are in your computer room RIGHT NOW?

  16. 2 pups

  17. If your daughter gets bored with V-sits Geoff, have her try this:

  18. Good for the core.

  19. That’s crazy.

    Run like the wind, Car in.

  20. Car in paid to run and got up early to do it.

    * shakes head *

  21. Run Carin Run!

  22. Have an awesome run, Carin!

  23. Be safe Andywho’s and everyone in N.E.

  24. Kick Butt, Carin!

    And don’t poo your pants at the end of the race, it ruins the proud moment.

  25. Layra are you and Scooter prepared in case this beast comes your way?

  26. So Mare are you back from never-never land or whereever you were?

  27. It’s coming our way honey, and it won’t be bad. We’ve got everything we need. Gonna pull things in off the lawn and do laundry today.

    Ain’t no big deal. We’re thirty miles inland. We’re expecting some flooding and downed trees and power loss. Eh.

  28. Oh wait- sorry. That was wrong of me.


    *ominous thunderclap*

  29. Good luck Car in!!

  30. I’m back, Sohos. I was staying with my 86 year old Mom for two weeks…came home left the next day with my husband to meet my oldest daughter to hang with her and visit some old friends.

  31. You need bread. And milk. Things most people do not eat until there’s a hurracane

  32. I still haven’t seen any real news on the stoopid hurricane b/c of getting everything in order for SM’s funeral. I hope to catch up here in a bit with some coffee. I hate when the stinkin’ power goes out! Mare I hope yall had a good visit.

  33. My fluid analysis is done! It’s emailed!! I’m a hero!!! More importantly, I can go to bed!!!!

    Wake me up if the hurricane comes…

  34. I think you’re supposed to soak the bread in milk and throw it at each other or make sculptures, just as a diversion during an outage.

  35. Good luck, Carin, run like the wind!

  36. If we had us a hurracane I’d stand outside nekkid and shake my fist at the sky.

    (this’ll never work)

  37. *molds wet bread into a statue of Carin running*

  38. If the power goes out, do not underestimate how quiet it will be. The EXTREME IMPENDING DOOOM lack of background noise is weird.

  39. Counts’ sister HATES all things soggy and you can’t even say the word soggy or she freaks out the bread in milk game cracked me up. For our next hurricane party I will suggest that *insert evil laugh*

  40. Just want to get this right, when it’s a slow hurricane season (meaning statistically very few), then any hurricane that develops is due to global warming?

    Did we have hurricanes before we used coal and when almost no one had a car?

    Man, I’m sick of this idiocy. Global warming is my judging issue. If a candidate believes the obvious lies, he’s a fraud, a cheat and an idiot.

  41. MJ is your avatar a bumble bee choking a hot dog? WHAT IS IT?!?!

  42. Me, when some ass mentions global warming is the cause of anything:

  43. *Finger paints ‘Carin’ across chest.

  44. MJ, it’s during/ right after blizzards that we experience that amazing quiet. Here there’s always a background noise because we’re close to a highway, and there’s birds and crickets and stuff. But fresh snow dampens all sounds and the silence is amazing.

  45. you can hear the killer’s footsteps, padding through the snow

  46. Congrats Geoff go get some sleep buddy!

  47. Hey Sohos!

  48. Heh. Global Warming Skeptic Cat is awesome.

    *tackles mare, gives her the ‘carrot’*

  49. The “carrot” isn’t my favorite but it’s a start.

  50. This is our dog’s reaction when we told her a hurricane was on the way.

  51. Well, that was weird MJ.

  52. Thanks MJ it has been making me crazy. Daughter Dear loves dub_step

  53. The “carrot” isn’t my favorite but it’s a start.


  54. Lazy.


    Too true.

  55. I love all the new data coming out against global warming. Wish OCO and Glory hadn’t ended up in the ocean.

  56. >> Wish OCO and Glory hadn’t ended up in the ocean.

    I know the feeling

  57. Morning

  58. Is it wrong that Mr. TiFW woke up this morning and sing-song cackled with glee, “We’re getting rid of a kid today…..”?

    ‘Cuz I was laughing my ass off.

    Anyhoo, it’s the kid’s birthday today, so head on over and see the funniest “new baby in the hospital” picture you’ll ever see:

    (Seriously – several years later we ran across it again, and realized that everything we ever needed to know about that one was captured in that moment…..)

  59. Romy what type of data did they carry? *sohos not a rocket scientest*

  60. Good one Dave.

    *feels water*

    Wow, it’s really warm. You should check it out.

  61. It is??

  62. “watch that rock, it’s kinda slick”

    Things that weren’t said but ought to have been. Sorry dear.

  63. it is?

  64. Good morning sweet Cyn

  65. Ha ha ha haaa

  66. Heh. Don’t worry about that. If we go crazy warning people about stuff we’ll never have any fun at all.

  67. Poor Dave *hugs the sweet water bug*

  68. Yeah, was just watching Bloomberg talk to everybody like they’re kindergarteners.

    Imagine being in his household.

  69. Morning Cyn.

  70. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Count is still asleep. This is seriously unheard of. The man wakes everyday around 4:30am

  72. Start brewing coffee.

  73. “watch that rock, it’s kinda slick”


    let’s see what happens.

  74. How many pots does it take to fill a bath tub?

  75. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Turns out, the Jews were right.

  76. HAHAHA!!

    Neighbor is having an energy efficiency assessment done today.

    Doesn’t he realize that life as we know it ends tomorrow???

    The FOOL!

  77. Sohos, OCO is Orbiting Carbon Observatory and was going to measure carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There is a 2nd built that is supposed to launch in 2013. Glory was going to measure sulfur compounds and aerosol content (usually fine dust particles).

  78. >> Poor Dave *hugs the sweet water bug*

    Darn. This worked out awful.

    Darn darn darn.

  79. Wiserbabe! How the hell are ya?

  80. How many pots does it take to fill a bath tub?

    I KNEW I should have bought that Dunkin’ Donuts franchise….

  81. Wiserbabe! How the hell are ya?


    been missing you, babe!

    How’s life, beautiful?

  82. I have a meetin at 9 but I ain’t goin until Sohos decides she’s done huggin on me.

    That’s how I roll.

  83. I need to go tie a few things down.

    I’ll be back once she stops making noise.

  84. Thanks Romy! Smart girl 🙂 Tifw I am happy for yall! Great baby pic!

  85. For those with iphones, ipads, blackberries or android phones: search your appstore for “ispeech obama”. Type whatever text you like, and Obama will say it out loud. Very gratifying to hear the fcuker admit in his voice admit in his own voice that he is a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure. Unfortunately, you cannot record a video of it, but otherwise fun. There is ispeech Bush too, in case you want the Prez to speak out what a nuisance his successor is.

  86. Sohos, I didn’t work on either one, but I did a little bit on CALIPSO, which is another aerosol/climate monitoring satellite.

  87. You aint going anywhere Dave. Wiserbabe its been Hell week but funeral for ex-step-monster is Monday and my Dad will be home tomorrow thank God



  90. I’m not?

    Oh darn.

  91. Great baby pic!

    It’s so funny, because when she was born, she was such a cuddle-bug; when we saw that picture, we just thought what an AWFUL picture it was for such a sweet little girl.

    When Mr. TiFW’s grandmother passed away, we got back all of the pictures we had sent through the years, and we had to laugh when we saw that one.

    As I recall, we both looked at each other and said, “It was there ALL THE TIME!!!!”

    Let’s just say that she’s taken us for a hell of a ride……

  92. VMax, I think I may know why you keep getting put in the Spam bucket –

    I found this in the Spam bucket at my place:
    vimax capsules

    My guess is that your screen name is so close to that of a product for “Penis Pills” that WordPress/Askimet automatically assumes that all of your comments are just spam (which would explain why changing your screen name isn’t going to help; they probably have your ISP flagged).


    HAHAHA! That has to be my all time favorite. I must have a mean streak in me. I used to be so sweet before H2.

  94. Fox is apparently going to fill 12 of their 24 hours of coverage with the sound of Shep’s incessant bleating.

  95. Morning. Good news. Although I feel some pain, it’s nothing like what was happening yesterday… Will still get to my dentist soon, very soon.

    Tushar, loved your “animals being dicks” vids,, but wanna rename the second “animals eating dicks”

    Hugs, Sohos.

    Thinking about Carin. Hope, for hubby’s sake, she gets a ride home…

  96. Oh, and TiFW, your birthday baby is lovely.

    She’s got attitude. She’ll go far.

  97. We are supposed to avoid downed power lines?

    Who knew?

  98. I used to be so sweet before H2.

    Was that back during your frat days?

  99. Teresa’s nailed the VMax spam mystery!

    *tackles TiFW and gives her the Big Poke Pill Box™ *

  100. >>Comment by scott on August 27, 2011 10:38 am
    We are supposed to avoid downed power lines?
    Who knew?<<

    No. You'll be fine if you're in high tops and wearing your tin foil cap. Just grab it like ya mean it.

  101. Scott, did you pack one of these in your emergency kit or is the Hump buoyant?

  102. Laura is not happy with Scott

  103. Was that back during your frat days?

    HAHAHA! I’ve come a long way baby.

  104. Lost power here for a few seconds. Wonder what that was all about.

    *continues doing laundry*

  105. As long as you are touching something metal you are safely grounded.

  106. Tushar, are you ‘cane-ready?

  107. “We are supposed to avoid downed power lines?”

    Cathy absolutely correct. My cousins brother in law is a 9th grade physical science teacher and he told his wife who told her and in turn told me they just say that to be safe. Truth is you’re ok with rubber soles. It’s best to go outside and pick them up and move all the power lines out of the street so emergency vehicles can get through.

  108. EWWWW Tushar!

    Just had another thirty second outage.


  109. Helpful Hurricane Tip-O-The Day:

  110. What is cane-ready?

  111. When Laura was a little girl, her dad too her to the zoo. Once.

  112. DId not poop self. I think it was all the positive vibes (or my name across jewstin’s chest) but I had a great run!

    It was a fun, fun run. THey had bands or Djs about every half mile. People lined the streets to cheer folks on and handing out water or gator aid. Some kids were passing out beer, and one chick was handing out jello shots.


    Ok, now back to Storm Watch Of DOOOMM reporting.

  113. Hahahahahaha, good link, Cyn. First comment is “Worst. Fleshlight. Ever.”

  114. Candy Cane, silly.

  115. C’mere Tushar.

    *holds full can o’ whoopass behind back*

  116. Welcome back Carin.

  117. Great job Car in!

  118. I’ll tell you my time when I get the “official” results. I did better than I thought I would – hoped – considering my foot thingy.

  119. Congrats Carin!!!

  120. I’m looking…….and looking…….and looking…….and I can’t find any tasteful displays of enormous human female mamary glands. Surely we didn’t miss BBF around here. Surely. I mean……..what’s this dump coming to?

    Guess I’ll have to decorate this joint up a bit.

  121. Ha ha. You’ve been lied to pendejo. sucka

  122. Were you wearing your belly button ring?

  123. Good for you, Carin. Sounds like a fun bunch too.

  124. The FEMA sign language guy is cracking me up. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a signer doing the news, like they did when I was a kid.

  125. Pendenjo, you call them enormous? She should use some acne cream, and whatever is there will clear away.

  126. Where I go, my belly button ring goes.

  127. Congrats Car in, take the rest of the day off.

  128. Kudos, Carin.

  129. Car in’s running made me tired, I’m gonna take a nap for her.

  130. Rocketboy just started his cross country race. Go Falcons!

  131. Run like the wind, Rocketboy!

    If that doesn’t work, chuck a rock at the fellow ahead.

  132. I thought about walking a couple of miles. Seriously. I thought about it.

  133. You’re a champ, Pendejo. For lunch I’m going to need a red beer to recover from your effort.

  134. Jewstin, cross out my name on your chest and put Rocketboy’s name on it.


    Hostagettes. Take notes. There will be a test.

  136. 25:52 for 5K. That sounds pretty good to me, especially considering I *might* be able to do 1K in that time.

  137. From Scott’s link, #22. Next meat-up, I think there’s enough Hostagettes to pull this one off.

  138. We lost power here AGAIN for ten minutes this time. WTF?? Storm won’t be here for 24 hours! I am getting seriously ticked off.

  139. Jewstin, cross out my name on your chest and put Rocketboy’s name on it.


  140. Ha ha haaa, Scott just emailed me from the road to tell me that the sex toy store is packed.

    I guess everybody is preparing for a few days without TV.

  141. Julie Banderas is so cute in her little cap and tee.

  142. I guess everybody is preparing for a few days without TV.

    Lots of May babies will be on the way!

  143. Having another pizza craving. It’s caused by eating too many vegetables.

  144. How is a pizza craving not a vegetable craving? It’s got tomatoes and garlic and onion.

  145. Good point Jewstin.

    But I think I’m craving the toasty crunchy crust and cheese and oil.
    Especially since I’ve been eating a couple garden tomatoes almost every day this week.


    Darling is picking up a pie on the way home.

  146. Hope he gets here before Scott does.

  147. Hahahaha.

    Sounds like CT may have its first “hurricane death”.

  148. So what’s up? Have our east coast friends drowned yet?

  149. Shhhhh… You’ll wake Aaron and Mama Peel.

  150. awwwwwwww, howdy will!

  151. Good morning. No sign of the hurricane of DOOM here.

    But the day is young.

  152. How would one go about developing a hypothesis about carbon, aerosol or particulents in the atmosphere without any baseline data? Sound like situation ripe for more of Hansen’s manipulations.

  153. Technically, tomatoes are a fruit.

  154. Technically, anyone who brings up the tomato fruit/veggie discussion is a dick and should be subjected to a day long seminar by Wiser about his cover band hypothesis.

  155. Crazy talk.

  156. Just started raining here.

  157. Technically, YOU’RE a fruit.

  158. Intelligence is knowing tomatoes are a fruit. Wisdom is not putting tomatoes in the fruit salad.

  159. Will – Well put.

    xBrad – Bite me.

  160. MCPO, are you in the Irene Death Cone™?

  161. Andy – No. Looks like some wind in the 30s and about 2″ of rain here. Lancaster and east will be a bit more dicey. The creeks will probably flood and Lancaster sits pretty low in the Susquehanna valley.

  162. Model is saying we’re going to get about eight inches of rain.

  163. LauraW – My offer stands. I’ll put fresh sheets on the guest bed.

  164. wow it’s 104 already. That escalated quickly.

  165. Dave – Has the pool temp hit 96 yet?

  166. Offer? Think I missed that. But thanks!

    I actually suggested to Scott on Thursday that we just secure the place and go West for a couple days, but he said we have to stay here to man the buckets and fight off orcs.

    I liked my idea better.

  167. Just had a wind gust of 3 mph.

  168. We’ve gotten our first 0.0000002″ of rain. It’s gonna be a bad one!

  169. Ooohhhh. Thunder.

  170. Dave, I’ve been doing a terrible job with the Rain-Wishing for you. I try, but apparently my aim sucks.

  171. Laura – You just need to bring a case of Pawtucket Patriot with you. 😉

  172. Intelligence is knowing tomatoes are a fruit. Wisdom is not putting tomatoes in the fruit salad.

    see what fatherhood has done to Will? Look how clever he is.

  173. How would one go about developing a hypothesis about carbon, aerosol or particulents in the atmosphere without any baseline data?
    It feeds into the models somehow.

    Sound like situation ripe for more of Hansen’s manipulations. That’s why I like the data from Aqua refuting him.

  174. It’s 92 here and creeping up. sticky, icky

  175. >> I try, but apparently my aim sucks.

    You gotta re-wicker the pointy things on the whatsitcalled thingy. The business end is this end.

  176. bring a case of Pawtucket Patriot with you. 😉


    *bings ‘pawtucket patriot’ *


    MCPO almost sent me on a snipe hunt!

  177. Are you sure Dave? Looks like it’s supposed to shoot out of here…(tries it again)

    *starts raining harder outside*


  178. Hahaha! I thought you would get the joke without having to ‘Bing’ it!

  179. I try, but apparently my aim sucks.

  180. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but the times I’ve seen that show I thought it was hysterical.

  181. try plugging it in

  182. Wweeeeeeee!

  183. Hah! We’ll be kayaking in the back yard again.

  184. I made homemade salsa (hcg diet friendly) and I had it with my lunch and told myself I was counting the tomato as one of my fruits for the day and then here yall are talking about it

  185. SoHoS – How much have you lost so far?

  186. 20 pounds in 25 days

  187. Wow! Is that in addition to the weight you lost on Adkins?

  188. I think I found some of Sohos’ weight.

  189. Wow!! Go girl! You must feel like a million bucks.

  190. “Why don’t they tear up Michelle’s garden – she’s bored with it anyway – and install a golf course at the White House so that Barack can stay home once in a while?” – Doug Urbanski

  191. Yes, since I have started (and you have seen me) I have lost a total of 33 pounds

  192. Layra I do feel so much better but I would like to lose 25 more so I will have to do two rounds of this diet. I have a week left on this round.

  193. I think I found some of Sohos’ weight.

    Would you mind giving it to Mr. RFH?

  194. 33?? I would not have guessed you were over by that much to begin with. You can’t be far from your goal. We need pictures.

  195. Sohos – Are you working out too?

  196. 25 MORE??

    WTF, over.

  197. I can’t work out on this diet mcpo b/c I am only consuming 500 calories a day and they say nothing more than a brisk walk. Layra when you saw me I was 60 pounds over weight so I have lost 1/2 of what I want to lose.

  198. I like the cut of Mr. Urbanski’s jib.

  199. Romy Counts needs it too he lost 15 that he didn’t have when he was in the hospital. I will post pics when I get to goal I promise

  200. OK, I won’t be working the ‘Guess your weight’ booth anytime soon.

    We still require photo documentation of these unauthorized changes. I don’t make the rules, it’s all in the H2 binder you were issued.

  201. Sohos – If you are emailing the photos directly to me, feel no need to get dressed or anything. . . just sayin’

  202. WOW, Sohos you rock!

  203. >> We need pictures.

    What she said. Get on it. Stop yakking here and make it happen.

  204. She said when she reached her goal. Lay off the poor thing.

  205. Time Marches On:

  206. C’mere, Sohos.

  207. Roamy?

  208. Nope, we’re gonna keep pecking at her, and she loves it, anyway!

    *jumps Hotspur and gives him ‘the carafe’ *

  209. I just drank the shittiest beer I’ve ever had – a Rainier Draft Light.

    Gag me.

  210. ‘the carafe’ *

    I want one.

  211. Playground time. These kids should have just gone on that run with me this morning. My goal for next year is to get one of my kids to join me.

  212. Gotta love the asswipes at Disney Co. Walt’s head must be spinning in the cryonic chamber. . .

  213. Why? Are you coming apart?

  214. *hands Mare a carafe of melted butter*

  215. *gives Lauraw the “power outage”

  216. Rainer beer is one of the lousiest I’ve ever had the misfortune to try.

  217. *dips a donut in it before mare gets it

  218. *gives Mare the fetlock massage*

  219. *gives hotspur the “grammar marm”

  220. RARRRR

  221. Now I’m drinking a Bell’s Oberon.

    That’s better.

  222. You know what? When it’s 104 degrees outside and I feel kinda hot, I get in the pool, then get out and sit under the fan and smoke another cigarette.

    That’s what I do.

  223. *hands Mare a carafe of melted butter*

    At least it’s not a carafe of sugar.

  224. Dave, you left out the part about the beer.

  225. The cigarette is key to the evaporative cooling process.

  226. MAre, why don’t you come and run the Crim with me next year?

  227. Man! A cold beer sounds so damn good!

  228. *gives LauraW the sump pump*

  229. Guys are stupid and I’m a guy (streaker behind Weather Channel dude on a live broadcast, also NSFW unless you work with blind hookers).

  230. *gives Sohos “the monkeybars”

  231. *gives Dave “the bad link”

  232. *gives carin the 5 fingered vibram*

  233. The electric company just robocalled to say that life is gonna suck, and soon, but they still love us.

    It was very comforting.

  234. Ok, hell with it, I’m just gonna drive down to Houston tonight and check Sohos out for myself.

    Stay tuned.

  235. Ha. Mare is nasty. Lol

  236. hahahahahaha….gross!

  237. *gives Carin the cramped achilles*


  239. *gives carin the 5 fingered vibram*

    UStream, please!

  240. *gives LauraW the sump pump*


  241. Dave you are always welcome!

  242. You gotta stretch that out, chief.

    Actually you don’t,

    Recent research has shown that those who don’t stretch before have fewer injuries. Amount of stretching I did before the ten miles today? Zero.

  243. And just so you know, Mount Gay Eclipse is available in a nautical limited edition bottle. It’s pretty badass.

  244. So, did Rosie punk you guys or do you think he’s going to throw some breasts up here today?

  245. Halfway to a weeks supply of coffee!

  246. >> *gives Dave “the bad link”

    Shut up I posted follow up. Recent reseach shows if I stretch before I hug you again, who gives a shit, I’m huggin Car in again?


    Whoa… it’s like, you’re reading my mind or something. How’d you do that?

    *fires this one up

    I am not responsible for outfits. I said the guys get shirts.

  247. Rosetta said he would do it today. He probably won’t though.

  248. I am not responsible for outfits. I said the guys get shirts.


  249. I could call him on the off chance that he accidentally answers the phone.

  250. Carin, my friend Christy ran the Crim in 1 hour 33 minutes. How did you do?

  251. 1:40:26. I’m pretty happy because I’ve been having trouble hitting ten and a half mile speeds and slipping closer to eleven. That puts me almost at tenth flat. For a distance I’ve never run.

  252. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!lebenty!!!!!!1!1!!1!1!11

  253. Chief, why are you stealing all of Carin’s bandwidth?

  254. Hotspur – Cause I’ve got a real, real, real bad feeling.

  255. Car in, do you wear spandex shorts while running?

    Are there hawt sweaty pics of your race this morning?

  256. Pam Geller is out of control.
    Yes, the first thing he ever said to her was ‘you have nice jugs,’ but that’s only because SHE first asked him, “How come you always call me Atlas Jugs on your blog?”

    She’s trying to mischaracterize him as some profane dick, by making it look like he walked up to her and said that out of the blue. There’s no way. Frankly, I can’t really even imagine him just walking up to someone and spontaneously engaging them in any kind of conversation…he kind of has to be cornered and forced to interact, lol.

  257. Carin, I’ve been meaning to ask, have you started The Historian?

  258. LauraW – Who is “he”??

  259. I’m frankly shocked that Pam Gellar would mischaracterize a situation to slam another person.

    Did I say “shocked”? I mean “that’s what assholes do”

  260. Ace

  261. I’d still hit it.

    I just wouldn’t call her in the morning.

  262. Oh. Couldn’t get through to his site this morning. The server kept timing out.

  263. I did wear spandex today for my run.

    No I haven’t started The Historian. I’m finishing up Freedom, then onto that.

    Thanks Hotspur. I feel pretty happy about it. Next time I’ll aim for nine and a half miles.

  264. Sorry- Ace. Just ticks me off that she would commit a lie of omission like that, just so she can perpetuate her little feud.

    In the same piece, she bitches that none of the people that criticized her ever links to her blog.

    UH. Yeah? And why do you suppose that is?

  265. If any of you are interested in some awesome fiction, I highly recommend Daniel Silva. Start with The Kill Artist. There are eleven books in the series thus far, and each one is a masterpiece.

  266. I never cared for her writing – she’s sloppy, prone to severe bias, and traffics in innuendo and wild exaggeration.

    She might fit in here, though.

  267. Wow! That is one long screed! Day 2??

  268. I’m reading the latest one right now, and it pisses me off that when I finish I will have to wait an entire year for the next one.

  269. Awesome! Thanks hotspur! I have been looking at getting into a series.

  270. …that’s only because SHE first asked him, “How come you always call me Atlas Jugs on your blog?”

    …which wasn’t a mystery to anyone who watched her build up readership for her blog.

  271. Yeah, chicks who invent bikini vlogging to build traffic don’t get to bitch that people notice their tits.

  272. …which wasn’t a mystery to anyone who watched her build up readership for her blog.

    NTTAWWT, but if you’re using swimsuit photos to attract hits, then you shouldn’t pretend to be surprised when people take note of it.

  273. Ahhh, I remember the brown bikini in Miami. Then, I read some of her stuff and realized that she’s pretty much bat-shit insane.

  274. Guess xbrad and I are on the same wavelength.

  275. yeah, she never ever, sold her tits to the blogosphere.

    one at a time.

  276. I’d rather read Ace’s writing and see Pam’s pictures than read Pam’s writing and see Ace’s pictures.

  277. Plus, there is that annoying Fran Drescher-like voice. . .

  278. How to impress with your intellect.

    Methinks she doth protest too much.

  279. Without divulging any details, I heard she’s a bit of a vamp/ cougar*, too. Crazy is supposed to be great in the sack, right?

    * I feel really sorry for delusional women who think of themselves this way

  280. uhm.. crazy is just kinda, crazy.

    Not attractive. And also don’t leave firearms nearby.

  281. Crazy’s great in the sack alright. Right up ’til the point it Bobbitts you.

  282. Oh, do please divulge details!

  283. Crazy is supposed to be great in the sack, right?

    True, but crazy also calls 27 times while you’re at the movie theatre and bangs on your door at 4:00 in the morning.

  284. Oh, that was a hell of a rainstorm just now. Flash flooding like a mofo.

    And the hurricane’s NOT EVEN HERE YET!

  285. Fortunately, Andy had a pair of flood pants in the Hurricane Preparedness Kit:

  286. never fuck crazy.

    just don’t

  287. But you dont know they are crazy ’til you fuck em…

  288. No, Sohos, you can tell.

  289. I thought it was okay to fuck Crazy, just not move in with it

  290. ok, ok OKAY..

    Unless it’s Cyn or Sohos. In which case crazy might kill you but you will not give a damn.

  291. Fucking Goofy is always better than fucking crazy.*

    *apologizes to Micky, Minnie and Pluto

  292. **puts a gold star by Cyn’s name**

  293. Or marry it.


  294. Cyn – Don’t remind me. . .


    it’s hot there too, ain’t it? Wanna go tackle Sohos with me?

  296. Started getting warmer an hour ago, and much more humid. Everything in the house feels damp. Bleargh. Sure way to get sick.

    Storm windows down, AC cranked for as long as we have power. Dry this place out a bit.

  297. If it’s cooler with you and Sohos, I’m there!

    It’s like a desert here.

  298. Yall come on down!

  299. It’s like a desert here.


  300. She won’t know what hit her.

    well, ok she will.

    Humidity. I’ve heard of this. Right now it’s so dry here the twins feel baby powdered except they ain’t

  301. Started getting warmer an hour ago, and much more humid.

    Yeah – I just went to go replenish my supply of cookies and candy (bring it, Irene!) and it was warmer and more humid on the way back than on the way there.

  302. I’m jumping in the car right now. Let’s do this!

    New quickie poat. Sorry if it sucks.

  303. Humidity. I’ve heard of this. Right now it’s so dry here the twins feel baby powdered except they ain’t

    Har. Texans don’t know dry.

  304. my balls.. ok nevermind

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