Rosetta and Hank in a couple of years

Rosetta is rightly overjoyed to have a darling baby boy who obviously got his hair genes from the other side of the family, but a few years from now…

Content Warning

I have a feeling we’re gonna love watching young Henry’s exploits over the next few years, especially after he learns how to talk.


Hank: “Da-da, what’s a ‘switey used rubba fish?'”

Rosetta: “Um…Shirlena?”

Hank: “The fish was Shirlena?”

Rosetta: “Yeah, I guess so.”

Hank: “Why?”

Rosetta: “Eat your fries.”


  1. First poop!

  2. I’m glad the first commenter chose to delurk.

  3. Er, pingback.

  4. heheh
    where is the associated spam? Or maybe yous click de link and get de virus

  5. Good morning. I have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. I am pissed right the fuck off at everything for some reason.

  6. Blearg.

  7. STFU MJ and make me some pancakes.

  8. Haha. My wife just made pancakes. They are awesome. I feel better now.

  9. Excellent.

    *re-calibrates mind control ray*

  10. pancakes….yum

  11. Good riddance Tpawl

  12. Pawlenty is dropping out.

    Oh… Morning!

  13. Can’t say I’m sorry to see TPaw go. Newt and Jon, you’re next!

  14. Andy wrote at AoS “Now we have to wait to see who picks up the coveted Pawlenty endorsement. Or not.”

    Hahahahahaha, I’m betting it won’t be Bachmann.

  15. Morning, Roamy. How’s the sleeping going? You gettting enough?

  16. Tim Pawlenty will be renting himself out to boring people to make them look interesting by contrast.

  17. *snickers*
    Good one MJ.

  18. Good morning.

    Any pancakes left?

    And what the heck has happened to the comment box?! I like it!!

    *tabs once to enter comment and smiles*

  19. Yea, even though his platform was pretty good, I just didn’t get a message of strength when he needed to stand up with it against Romney and Bachmann. He seemed afraid and not enjoying himself. Very bad sign. Bet male.

  20. TPaw quitting this early reaffirms how weak he is. He could have waited until Monday to bowout and I’d have had a bit more respect for him.

  21. Pancakes are easy, but I prefer waffles.

    Those ridges create holding tanks for melted butter and maple syrup so it doesn’t flow off onto the plate. Winning!

  22. Bet male = Beta male

  23. Why?

    I have found out when we have a string of whys, the kid just wants you to talk and then distract her. Rosie should have his princess crown or various kitchen implements handy.

    TPaw who?

  24. Mmmmm holding tanks of butter and syrup. I’m in.

  25. Just for you, my sweet Cyn.

  26. We need skinbad’s waffle recipe.

  27. *stumbles in kicking beer cans and rubbing my eyes..

    for some reason I have dog food in my pocket. WTF?

  28. I have never made a waffle.


  30. Nah, it’s really just not our thing.

  31. *is not a big waffle dude myself.

    Somebody hose me down. I’m icky.

  32. *hoses Dave down with syrup*

  33. Not. Helping.

    *gets the simonize and a brillo pad….

  34. Roamy

    Skinbad’s Waffles

    Mix together:
    -2 eggs
    -2 cups milk
    -1/3 cup oil
    -1 Tablespoon lemon juice

    Then add:
    -1/2 teaspoon salt – maybe more
    -1 teaspoon baking soda
    -2 teaspoons baking powder
    -2 cups flour

    Use about 2/3 cup batter for each waffle. Takes about 2 minutes to make each.


  35. What have you been doing to be icky, dave?

  36. Hey now, a gentleman does not rape raccoons and tell.

  37. Going to make waffles and coffee for Count now

  38. Dog food in pockets?

    Mice Or Moses has been trying to wear the pants in the family…

  39. well thank goodness it’s dry dog food.


  40. Thank you, Cathy, those were awesome.

  41. I went over to see my sister last night. (No not in that way….this is Texas, not Arkansas) She recently moved from Oklahoma to a town about an hour from me. She wanted to pay me back for helping her move by fixing me and the misses a nice steak dinner. When I got there she also had bought me a handle of Crown. I drank 4 beers and left the lid securely fastened to the Crown. I’m feeling damned good about that decision this morning.

  42. Sohos, this recipe is good. Been making fancy waffle recipes for years where you have to separate the eggs and beat the whites to a gentle peak and all. But this succeeds without all that work.

    Having a good Belgian waffle maker helps too. Skinbad was jealous of ours.

    *missing Skinny*

  43. ahhh sweet Cathy I made him frozen ones. We don’t have a waffle make anymore. I dont know what happened to it. Eggo makes a Thick and Fluffy frozen that is actually really good. Poor Count.

  44. I just thought of a good reason that Perry ought to be POTUS. Where ever Molly Ivins is in hell, and I hope it’s in the hottest part, the day Perry is inaugerated, it would be as if they backed a semi tanker load of high octane gasoline into her pit and started dumping it right on her. She hated Perry. And I hated her. That would be a good enough reason to elect him. The other reason to elect him is that he’s not Obama.

  45. yeah pendejo, but if you are already a demon, would the heat bother you?

  46. wakey wakey

  47. dang. I’ve got shit to do. see ya cool kids.

  48. Oh, just one quick thing. a pretend internet friend of mine (who lives by me in Michigan) was not only at the wisconsin fair last week and was frightened by the rampaging teens, she was in Illinois last night and was right near the accident. everyone was herded into her barn.


  49. Branstad didn’t do too bad on MTP today.

    I’ve got a sourdough buttermilk waffle recipe that kicks ass.

  50. What happened in Illinois last night?

  51. Carin may have been thinking about Indiana but her fingers betrayed her as she typed?

  52. I can eat 50 waffles.

  53. Before you go Carin, we’ve got something for you. Sohos?

  54. I’ve been wading through DU and DKos posts on Rick Perry this morning.

    *grins and sips more coffee*

    Children say the darndest things!

    He’s a wily-evil-stupid-criminal-godbag, this Perry feller.

  55. Hi Lawrau. What’s that bewitching scent you are wearing?

  56. Oh Pupster always has the supercutest gifs.

    *flips Pups a peanut butter rawhide & scritches his ears*

  57. Jewstin, some rigging collapsed at the Indiana State Fair last night, killing 5 people.

  58. Oh and Chris Mathews was losing his shit over Perry the other day saying he is a “fake Texan” with his cowboy boots…lol.

  59. Are you kidding? I’d love Matthews to say that to Perry’s face.

    Also, I think Pupster should receive a 15% share of the profits of H2. That last gif of Car in was awesome.

    Is there a way to tile that and make it my desktop?

  60. I don’t know if you remember me asking a couple of months back for prayers for a church member who had been unexpectedly diagnosed with advanced brain and lung cancer (he was basically told there was nothing that could be done – we got the e-mail in our hotel the night before the STLMU).

    I found out late last night that he had passed away on Friday (he had been under hospice care at home). If you would, please add the Murray family of Fort Worth to your prayers. Thanks so much.

  61. TiFW I am so sorry for the loss and will be praying for their family.

  62. Perry’s intro ad was pretty good.

  63. Yah MJ and I like his logo too. Looks like a manufacturing company emblem. Makes me think of things being built. Which is pitch-perfect.

  64. Herself always adds a teaspoon of cinnamon to her waffle mix. Heaven!

  65. Pitch Perfect

    Me likey Laura!

  66. Roamy, used your basic jerky recipe and am now drying the steak strips. Using the dehydrator and also the oven cause I bought 6 poundage of sirloin steak at $3.99/pound.

    Should be done late this afternoon.

  67. Someone needs to help me with my primary vote. I’m still leaning towards my former Senator, Rick Santorum.

  68. President Perry. It has a very nice ring to it. Plus, it sounds American.

  69. Scott was talking the other day about what Obama could possibly run on. On a cob email today, someone linked a NYT article that touched on that. They mentioned how the Obama administration has ideas about job creation like offering tax incentives to businesses that hire more people.

    How they can type that stuff into a computer and then actually let it go out into the world is beyond me.

    YOU JUST MADE EMPLOYEES UNIMAGINABLY COSTLY. That was actually a centerpiece of what you consider to be your ‘accomplishments.’

    And NOW you’re going to toss employers a few of their own nickels back and think they’ll be adding personnel??

    How do people this stupid get out of bed in the morning without impaling themselves on a bedpost somehow?

  70. *sneaks piece of jerky*

    *pops in mouth*

    *sneaks second piece*

    *pops in mouth*

    *gotta jerky-jones*

    *much leave kitchen pronto*

  71. Chief, I was embarrassed for Santorum yesterday after straw poll was announced and he was being interviewed by non-top-tier news outlets (we saw this live on CSPAN). He moaned and piddled about how there’s so much more money for that big bad Texan and that it wasn’t really fair that he didn’t get more questions asked of him during the debates. When I watched, I didn’t see a man who came in 4th in polling, I saw a whiner.

  72. Can one of you nerds tell me how Rick was able to flash his handle in this comment?

    Cause it’s fucking awesome, yo.

  73. By putting the word blink in between standard html brackets!

    Pretty cool.

    Does it work here?

  74. Nope.

  75. eyes

  76. Dope

  77. Blink?? I didn’t see any blinking in Chrome or IE. A FF thing?

  78. Welp, my chores are done for the day. Nothing but leisurely laundry until bedtime.

    What to do, what to do?

  79. Who you rooting for MCPO?

  80. Cyn, his handle blinks “I’m Rick Perry, B!tch” when I look at it in FF.


  81. The squirrels out here in the backyard have kicked their nut-gathering into high gear, and the Home Depot has snowblowers out.

    FFFFFFUUUUUU Winter!!!!!

  82. Are yall already thinking about snow? When is the first snow?

  83. Think I know howz POTUS race is gonna go down.

    *writes answer on small piece of paper with today’s date*

    *folds paper and inserts in small plastic container*

    *seals up container with duck tape and binders twine*

    *gives container to Peaches to bury in bushes*

    Not. Tellin’.

  84. Oh it’ll be a while. December-ish, unless there’s a freak early one.

    But the rotation at HD is always a sad event.

  85. Thanks Pup!

  86. I’m with Scott and hadn’t really thought about it much yet but what is Obama going to run on? Hope and change again?

  87. Snowblowers??? Damn, the Christmas crap cant be far behind.

  88. Scott – I’m still leaning to Rick Santorum. He is the most honest and sincere politician I’ve every encountered. But as I said yesterday, I would gladly vote for any one of them (other than RwonPaul) against the Kenyan Calamity.

  89. Heh. I was thinking PGA MCPO.

    Clarity fail.

  90. Found something again in my old emails:

  91. Oh!!!!! Andy you were saying that they have the snow blowers out to sell or on display. I thought you meant they were already out of them.

  92. Ok, I’ve accomplished nothing today.

  93. and, yes, I meant Indiana up there. I was still thinking I was going to get shit done today so I dashed it off to quickly.

    Still. I mean, can you imagine. One week, race riots while you’re trying to show your horses. Next week? Stage collapses.

  94. YOU JUST MADE EMPLOYEES UNIMAGINABLY COSTLY. That was actually a centerpiece of what you consider to be your ‘accomplishments.’

    And NOW you’re going to toss employers a few of their own nickels back and think they’ll be adding personnel??

    I’ve been bitching about this lame idea since he first started floating it last year.

    dumbest idea ever.

  95. Bachman was on fox news this morning. Yawn. We fast forwarded after 10 minutes.

  96. You think I could fit 100 of those on my bumper, Laura? That’s good stuff.

  97. so, I guess Obama’s packing for his bus tour today, right?

  98. I also went into IKEA today for the first and last time in my life.

    What a clusterfuck.


  99. Scott – Some guy who doesn’t hit it in the water the last 4 holes twice will probable win!

    *scratches head knowing he doesn’t have a clue*

  100. The squirrels out here in the backyard have kicked their nut-gathering into high gear

    Never get out of the boat!

  101. I haven’t heard of half of these guys.

    I liked the good old days when Tiger was good.

  102. If Santorum is so great, why doesn’t he answer your letters, Chief?

  103. Humn … whattaya think? His schedule seems busy.

    It says on Monday he leaves for Minnesota. On Monday. How far a drive is that?

    After arriving in Minnesota, the President will host a town hall event in Cannon Falls, Minnesota at Lower Hannah’s Bend Park. Later that day, the President will hold a town hall in Decorah, Iowa.

    He is driving to Minnesota, and then holding two town halls.
    same day.

    Mapquest says it’s 1185 miles and takes almost 20 hours.

    I’ve asked before – who thinks he is going to be on that bus?

  104. What are you going to do with the prize money, Carin?

  105. Paging Al Gore – got another “Inconvenient Truth” for ya, buddy:

  106. Let’s see. . .

    Air Force One

    Press and Staff plane

    C-141 Starlifter C-17 Globemaster for bus

    Yeah, what’s this costing the taxpayer for what is, essentially, a campaign swing?

  107. Ba haaa haaa … he’s taking air force one to Minnesota, then hoping on that bus.

    who falls for that shit? Oh yea. these folks.

    Obama Forsakes Air Force One for Bus Tour

    He didn’t forsake shit.

  108. What are you going to do with the prize money, Carin?

    buy underwear that covers my “cheeks”.

  109. >> C-141 Starlifter for bus

    I thought they retired all those.

  110. #1

  111. Andy – You are correct – replace with C-17 Globemaster.

    Mia culpa, mia culpa, mia maxima culpa.

  112. Or as they used to say at the Sgt Majors Academy; “Nice catch.” *asshole* ;-)

  113. They mentioned how the Obama administration has ideas about job creation like offering tax incentives to businesses that hire more people.

    They passed a bill back in February 2010 that forgave the employers’ contributions to SS for the remainder of the year. Didn’t do a thing. Businesses have a time horizon that’s much longer than a year, and saving 6.25% for a year is nothing compared to the pain of having to lay them off shortly thereafter.

  114. I would be concerned about security issues if any president took a real bus tour.
    Of course, going through with the pretense is still arrogant and shows contempt for the people he thinks he’s fooling with these ‘optics.’

    Just like when we were supposed to believe that these huge mature vegetables were springing out of the ground in Michelle’s garden, in May. GTFOOH.

  115. They passed a bill back in February 2010 that forgave the employers’ contributions to SS for the remainder of the year.

    …for new hires, that is.

  116. Just like when we were supposed to believe that these huge mature vegetables were springing out of the ground in Michelle’s garden, in May.

    …or that she spends any time gardening other than the infrequent photo-op.

  117. I also went into IKEA today for the first and last time in my life.
    What a clusterfuck. Scandis!!!!!

    Was in Highland’s Ranch (Denver area) when they had their IKEA grand opening last month.

    Radio stations, TV news and newspapers were all making a really big deal out of it. They even had some ‘private opening’ celebration that you could pay extra for, I think. They posted “no parking” signs near a bunch of roadways by their parking lots (we had dinner out near the store) while there were plenty of spots IN the parking lot available. The store is huge and sits up high on a hill so their ugly yellow and blue building can be seenfor miles. Fugly!

    Nearby Lonetree CO refused to permit them to put this store in their community. Good thinking, Lonetree!

    Only think I’ll add, Andy: Overplayed.

    An Overplayed clusterfuck.

    Won’t go even once.

  118. I used to go through the IKEAs in California. It was fun. Didn’t ever buy much, but it was entertaining to follow the winding path through all the different layouts.

  119. Any of you ever hear of Chantel McGregor?

    Kick ass blues guitarist and really young. I guess she is a big deal in the UK, been enjoying some of her youtube videos.

  120. Given, from what I’ve heard over the past couple of years, that the Obama’s chose to put their garden in an area where the Clinton’s had permitted some rather toxic stuff to get dumped, and that the area was found to have some levels of toxins, I doubt that anything we hear about that garden is true.

    Liars lie. They have an agenda. Fin.

  121. I need an old oak dining table and chairs. I need it to seat 10 peeples.

  122. Hey! Maybne the toxins in the White House garden soil MADE those veggies extra big!


  123. Chief, my mom has that table, but you can’t have it. Erm. Sorry.

  124. Cathy – Puuuu-LEASE!!!?!??!!

  125. Mamie in this video reminds me of our kiddo’s babysitter, Miss Karen.

    Karen, just like Mamie, didn’t take any shit from us or our kids. She was a well-qualified and respected employee, just like Mamie in this movie. We loved Karen and she loved us. She and her two awesome sons spent a lot of fun social time with us too. We paid her very well and appreciated that we could trust her with our most precious little people on this planet. Good relationships are about respect. Skin color identity had NOTHING to do with it, no matter what the world tried to tell any of us.

  126. Well alright. . .

  127. Crap. I just put up a comment here that I wanted to make over at IB.

    Yea. I’m a moron. Gonna leave my dump here… and repost it over there too.

    Chief, just to make it even worse for ya, my Mom paid about $15 bucks for that table back in 1967. Hahahaha! Erm. Sorry.

  128. Cathy – AAAAARRRRGG!!!!

  129. MCPO now is the time to buy. Antique furniture prices have tanked over the last couple of years.

    Everyone is unloading and the market is flooded.

  130. Yeah, I’m going down to look at a few pieces tomorrow. Damned thing is, someone gave me a beautiful piece (old oak bakers cabinent), and now I’m re-doing the whole dining room!

  131. I LOVE the new Eddie Haskell commercial!

  132. Thanks for dumping that video over here Cathy…I went down the sidebar and watched the Thanksgiving Hazel episode. So sweet.

  133. Poor Mr. Beasn has been trying to fix the upstairs toilet since this morning. He is very cranky.

    So I took beasnette to do some last minute shopping before packing.

  134. Hugs Beasn.

    …for a LOT of reasons, Hugs!

  135. Has Mr. Beasn consulted youtube? It helped me fix my toilet.

  136. Any interest in Hitchcock furniture MCPO?

  137. Chief, I’m actually groaning with you. My oak kitchen table has a thin veneer on top and when we set things that are moist or too hot on it, it bubbles up. I had it all pretty, smooth and sanded down again a few years back, but SOMEONE whose name I won’t mention, dumped a beverage that soaked into HIS place mat unbeknownst to me. So I got bubbles again.

    My Mom’s table is solid oak and looks purdy. She took the time back in the late sixties to remove the nasty puke-pinkish ‘antique’ finish off it and it STILL looks beautiful.

  138. Toilet repair in older houses is a royal pain.

    Things I have learned:

    Universal repair kits are not.
    Unless it’s a major problem, ignore it.

    We had one that wouldn’t flush until you ran the cold water at the sink full blast. Lived with that issue for a couple of years.

  139. Hah! Rick Perry’s college transcripts released to the press. How convenient. And quick.


    I kind of doubt that the major media will make much of this, because of the natural rejoinder that we all have in mind.

  141. Oh, I hope they make a mountain out of that molehill. I want to see proof that Obama never took a STEM class, or that he failed those he was forced to take.

  142. Laura, I just posted this in a Facebook thread with other conservative-types about Perry and his grades:

    “…Just want to add a few things. Texas A&M is a very tough university. Perry got in and after some bad grades, he recovered and did okay. We have a friend who got straight A grades in a very reputable high school in San Antonio who almost flunked out of A&M, but after making the necessary adjustments, he hunkered down did okay. Considering Perry was from a tiny little town that probably didn’t have the kind of resources that could prepare him for the tough A&M curriculum that proudly CULLS it’s students, I’d say Perry is to be applauded on that issue of his grades. Besides, if we are gonna talk about grades, we need Obama’s transcripts front and center, in my book. Hugs. I always enjoy your commenting-fun.”

  143. Hah! Rick Perry’s college transcripts released to the press. How convenient. And quick.

    Someone’s gonna pick a fight, methinks.

  144. Totally racist of Perry to release his grades.

  145. I was an A- student in high school that I had to beg to take AP tests at, and I was a B- undergrad, but I got a BSE from a real school, so I can relate.

    I was an A- grad student, but that’s really not the same thing. Grad school grading:

    A: Got it, genuine passing grade.
    B: Watch this one, he might not be up to snuff.
    C: Fail.

  146. The gal discussing this issue in Facechimp responded with something like how she wanted to see Obama’s transcripts too, but then sorta gave him a pass and assumed he’s smarter than Perry because he went to Harvard.

    I’m not falling for that shit. The man can’t form a complete cogent sentence and answer a fucking question addressed to him, and we have seen little to nothing of his academic writings.

    And don’t get me started on his books!!!!!

    *needs hard liquor, stat!*

  147. but then sorta gave him a pass and assumed he’s smarter than Perry because he went to Harvard.

    I did a little comparison between A&M and Harvard at IB last week when HuffPo released the grades.

  148. And the first ‘Rick Perry is an Idiot’ column:

    Carter: Brilliant
    Reagan: Idiot
    Bush: Semi-Idiot
    Clinton: Genius
    Bush: Idiot
    Obama: Smartest person ever

    No pattern, here. Nothing at all.

  149. Geoff, I’d have to go to IB to read it. I’m just going to assume it says that Harvard inflates grades based on ideology and connections to the ruling class, whereas A&M grades on merit.

  150. As noted at the mothership a while back, these lefties were doing ecstatic cartwheels when he finally managed to cough up a form of identification that all of us easily produced as teenagers when we were applying for a driver’s license.

    The bar, it is low.

    Remember when he caught a fly? OMG HE A NINJA!!!!1

    My grandmother used to do that routinely when she was in her eighties. She was pretty slow and she couldn’t see so good. One time she flinched and complained about pain, I looked at the body and told her she had just crushed a bee.

    Again: octogenarian female with poor vision.


  151. Geoff, I’d have to go to IB to read it.

    I understand that that would be quite an uphill struggle.

    I’m just going to assume it says that Harvard inflates grades based on ideology and connections to the ruling class, whereas A&M grades on merit.

    Not really.

  152. Oh for fuck’s sake. Just take a look at the current mess our economy is in, brought to you by the “best and brightest”, to know the worth of this credentialist bullshit.

    I don’t even care how good or bad Obama’s grades were anymore, because I’ve seen his abject failure in the real world.

  153. MJ, so much chatter on the lefty blogs was about how Perry is so dimwitted even compared to GWB.


    Oh, and also the lists of his failures is hilarious. They look like lists of accomplishments to me. Concealed carry on campus? Scads more jobs for unskilled labor? Lowering taxes? ‘Loser pays’ tort reform? Hmm. Yeah, I’m not seeing the big problem here.

  154. Meh, I wasn’t really hungry anyway.

  155. I mean, really, think about how fucking worthless the average college student is irrespective of grades. I’m much more interested in how someone handled the next 20+ years of experience in the school of hard knocks in determining whether they should be president.

    Hell, this is the core problem with Obama. He got a pass from the school of hard knocks and governs like he’s still a college student talking over abstract theories with his dorm buddies. That bullshit doesn’t survive contact with the real world for the vast majority of human beings, but we managed to find the one narcissistic motherfucker who was still a true believer in his late 40s and elevate him to the big chair.

    Results: Entirely predictable.

  156. Criminy, that was pithy and well said, Andy. Even the swears.


  158. Perry’s D in Organic Chemistry does not bother me one bit.

    Good rant, Andy.

  159. Bravo Andy.

  160. I’ll despair of Perry’s grades when the Fresh Prince of Biil Ayers releases his. . . from Occidental AND Harvard!

  161. Having sullied myself with a trip to IB, I’m sad that there wasn’t more oomph to the A&M post.

    OTOH, I wish I’d majored in “animal sciences”.

  162. Good one Andy.

  163. Fanks.

  164. Honestly, how much of a miserable malcontent bitch to you have to be, to complain when a ton of people are being employed, that they are mostly low paying jobs?

    WTF is wrong with that? Not everyone has a degree. Some people come from difficult backgrounds. Do we want jobs for the unskilled, or don’t we?

    Such pathetic, clawing-at-straws arguments from lefties, these days.

  165. Employed means not collecting unemployment and hopefully not food stamps and whatever else they are handing out these days.

    Someone has to scrub the toilets.

  166. No, laura. Only high-paying jobs matter. That gives the left targets to demonize and tax the hell out of.

    And the people at what would be the lower-rung of the salary ladder should just be wards of the state receiving government assistance and voting accordingly.

  167. Did they not watch The Incredibles? If they all pay well, none of them do.

  168. Ha!

    I love that movie.

  169. Really people! It’s the Washington Post. . . it’s like reading press releases from the DNC.


  170. * sniff sniff sniff*

    I smell a Dufner choke.

  171. Leon, why is the cat beeping?

  172. Scott – Right now, he’s wrapped tighter than G.I. toilet paper!

  173. Whoever finds the fairway wins.

  174. Scott – 3 hole playoff – not sudden death.

  175. Leon, why is the cat beeping?

    Is that a zen koan or something?

  176. I expected a Mickelson moment from one of them.

    And there it was.

  177. Keegan’s Aunt Pat must be squirming!

  178. Mount Sumeru!

  179. Tejas humor?

  180. 2 up with 1 to play. . . this is gonna be FUN!!!

  181. Having sullied myself with a trip to IB, I’m sad that there wasn’t more oomph to the A&M post.

    Could’ve written more.


  182. Didn’t really need to, Geoff, I was just expecting epic-smackdown-by-chart-fu.

  183. Lowering taxes? ‘Loser pays’ tort reform? Hmm. Yeah, I’m not seeing the big problem here.
    That’s funny, I thought the same thing today when I did some reading.

    This gem came up quite a bit: Sure Perry created jobs, but they weren’t the right kind of jobs.

  184. MCPO, I actually picked Keegan to win this week – first major I’ve gotten right all year.

  185. This gem came up quite a bit: Sure Perry created jobs, but they weren’t the right kind of jobs.

    If that meme persists I’m going to have to make a chart. That one will take some time, though, so I’m hoping that somebody else destroys it first.

  186. Clint – Both these kids seem like good people.

  187. This gem came up quite a bit: Sure Perry created jobs, but they weren’t the right kind of jobs.


    No blowjobs?

    No handjobs?

    No Biden three-letter word J.O.B.S.?,

  188. When you’ve got kids to feed, is there a wrong kind of job?

  189. Sure Perry created jobs, but they weren’t the right kind of jobs.

    They get that we can’t all be latte`-sipping office drones with web-design jobs, right? That has occurred to them, surely.

  190. Me love Geoff charts long-time!

  191. Probably should have read the rest of the thread before commenting, but you guys are totally right about the jobs thing.

    Its almost as if the left believes everyone should be paid the same, regardless of the job. Low pay is bad, high pay is bad. I think I remember a form of government with this theory in mind…

  192. Keegan Bradley wins!

    Congratulations as well to Jason Duffner.

    Great job and an exciting finish!

  193. MJ, I’m pretty sure it’s a form of theocracy.

    Because only blind faith in the absence of reason would leave you believing that bullshit could work.

  194. I’ve been a naughty-dirty girl this afternoon in FaceChimp.

    Here is an excerpt in a heated discussion with a Christian who SAYS he thinks people go to church to be in a social club and he doesn’t want anything to do with it. He also has a doctorate in Ministry and called it “dung” along with all his other degrees.

    This was my ‘Adios’ with him after he tried to frame and corner me.

    “Do you also think Jesus ignored Scripture when he did not reference the scripture to which he was referring in his didactics? Also, I’m not trying to say that I have any special authority… just responding to your comment. Authority is in the Word… not the people. Sharing my time in study to earn degrees and certification is simply to help show that I have a great amount of respect for God’s church, God’s word, God’s people. I spent my own time and money at it and I love it. I’m humbled by it all. I’m a simple moron in the big scheme of things. I hear a kind of bitterness in your words. You seem to want to pigeon-hole what I say… like saying that I am calling James a liar. James is an awesome writer and leader in the Early church. I am not in disagreement with any of James’ writings. Obviously you and I view what he said differently. There are priorities that must be considered when viewing God’s Word. I know what the priorities are and know that a good study and lots of excruciating experiences with God’s people while in study and prayer have helped me be an awesome, loving theologian. I’m comfy with that. You seem not to be. Maybe I will simply choose to walk away from this discussion. I know that I can *kick the dust* and move on. And NO, I’m not gonna start citing the chapter and verse to cooperate with you. I’d rather resist your efforts to define how things are to be done and then condemn others who don’t fall in line with you. Think I’m gonna need a shower too to get that hateful stink you exude off me, too, btw.”

  195. Ummmm…….if those jobs hadn’t been created, wouldn’t Obama’s “Unemployment Numbers” be even higher than they already are?

    The stupid is oh, so very strong with these people…….

  196. Here is an excerpt in a heated discussion…

    You had me at “naughty-dirty.”

  197. You tell ’em, Cathy!

  198. Seriously not the right kind of jobs? I swear some people are so ignorant it is painful

  199. >> I’ve been a naughty-dirty girl this afternoon in FaceChimp.


  200. You had me at “naughty-dirty.”

    Hahaha. I was hoping to have you at…

    Me love Geoff charts long-time!

    Gotta get on to supper… and check on the beef steak jerky.


  201. wuv you guyz…

  202. I’ve been a naughty-dirty girl this afternoon in FaceChimp.

    *reconsiders decision to eschew facechimp*

  203. Time to go make lunch for the week.

  204. Must be checking up on more of Barry’s relatives!

  205. Did anybody damn anybody else with faint praise today?

  206. Speaking of irony … Mrs. Andy and I did an interview for NPR’s “All Things Considered” this afternoon.

    It’s supposed to air tomorrow.

  207. Andy – The interview will cement your “RINO” credentials and increase your social circle in the People’s Republik of Massachusetts!

  208. Sean- You don’t smell bad for a bridge troll.

  209. Henry listens to AC/DC’s “Back in Black” for the first time. . .

  210. I think she’s done this before. . .

  211. What’s everybody doing???

  212. I’ve been a naughty-dirty girl this afternoon in FaceChimp.
    I thought for sure that a different story would follow…

  213. Only myself.

    I’m pretty thin for a fat guy.

  214. YAY Minnesota!

  215. Andy, i was a regular NPR listener a few years back. used to enjoy most of their programming, even though I knew I had to filter out lots of lib crap.

    Let us know, if you can, when it will air… Please?



  218. Cool vid I got from my copter fly’n nephew.

  219. ^ Actually three videos… Check the sidebar on the right.

  220. Cathy,
    Pretty cool! Look like interesting people with interesting lives.

    Helicopters are fun. Wish I could have got rated before I sold mine and lost my medical. “Flyin’ Brian” looks like he has made it into a good gig! I’m jealous…

  221. I connected nephew Chris with Fly’n Brian awhile back…

    Feels good.

  222. Sean – You’re really smart for a dumb guy!

  223. Thanks, Chief. You’re pertty sharp, too, for a senile old coot.

  224. Lighten-up, Chief!
    What did you expect, Jimmie Olsen?
    /Daily Planet

  225. Sean – I’m not sharp. I just have a pointed head.

  226. ChrisPy –

  227. Cheif,
    How the fuck did you dig that up? That was great!

  228. Cheif = Chief. Sucks being blind…
    I can’t wait until I can see the keyboard again.

  229. I have a good prospect for a job! Unfortunately it is in South Carolina. Maybe it is a multi national energy company, so it could be in oil sands of Canada or Texas refinery’s or something like that. They are looking for “civil” people. Engineering not polite.

  230. Awesome, vmax.

    Good luck.

    Where in SC?

  231. I am not sure where the corporate HQ is Andy. The Nuclear reactor base is in Charleston. My bud does CE on Nuke plants

  232. Oops I meant Greenville
    Sorry the highlands of SC

  233. Yea, Vmax!
    Fingers crossed for you!

  234. Greenville is a nice area.

  235. What up peeps!

  236. It is 500 miles as the crow flys.

    But selling my home in this market?
    I will rent a 4 dog dog house in GV. Or live in someones barn

  237. Vmax,
    “Engineering not polite”?


  239. I really liked Columbia, I wish I’d been able to stay. I visited Greenville and it seemed nice.

  240. Thanks Master Chief!

  241. Sean Young was incredibly hot in “Blade Runner”. Just sayin’. . .

  242. Good luck, Vmax! I think you should be extra rude in your interview.

    Chrispy, he meant that when he said the job was civil, he meant civil as in the type of engineering rather than as in politeness.

  243. Heh. I’m watching that right now too, Chief.

  244. Sorry ChrisP it was a poor attempt at a joke. What is not civil?

    As far as Engineering skills? Civil is the simplest. Shit, Water, Storm Water all roll down hill.

    Force Mains and Water Mains are the exception

  245. Vman,
    I’m probably looking at a $15/hour, no-benefits gig (on-call hours), but as of now, I’ve got nothing else going on. If the calls are few, I get $15/hour for sitting on my ass. If the calls are many, I lose.
    Anita is unemployed, too. She is used to $125+/hour programming gigs. Got laid-off before Christmas. Probably just about time to “turn-on” SS and my retirement from Weyco. Neither one of us really wants to go back to work full-time.
    So it goes…

  246. Andy – Me too. Most excellent film.

  247. Hey Cyn.

    Just finished watching the episode of No Reservations that was on Peru. Brought back good memories. Looks a lot more developed than what we did about 2 dozen years ago. Sheesh. That Anthony Bourdain has talent and passion… Hard not to love that guy.

  248. Hey Peel!

    Good luck Vmax.

  249. ChrisP,
    The last time my bud told me about his work. He was being paid $125 a hour. Contract work with no bene’s. I will find out more tomorrow. I anticipate a significant change from a few years ago.

  250. That Anthony Bourdain has talent and passion… Hard not to love that guy.

    Not too hard. He’s a preening limousine liberal.

  251. Good luck Vmax, Greenville is a nice place. All the good BBQ is further south, though. ;)

    ChrisP, civil engineers build targets!

  252. AB is a wild assed Lib, but he and Ted Nugent are copacetic.
    I still watch AB cause I am a foodie.

    I agree MCPO LL’s suck except when they are honest libs..
    I am not spam wordpress. Bite my Ass! WordPress sucks donkey balls

  253. Peel,
    Thanks, hope you are doing well! Hugs to you and Will!

  254. So, my headache/aneurysm is finally gone.

    **suffers crippling bout of diarrhea**

  255. Bourdain is a lib alright, and he doesn’t try to hide it, but he also doesn’t get into too much stuff unrelated to food and travel. I’ve had my eyes on him for 10 years. He has a very sweet side and lives out his passion, and has a ton of integrity. He might be a lib, but he doesn’t think his shit doesn’t stink. So I don’t see he fits that limousine lib type. He spent a ton of years dirty, sweating, and working pretty hard, and quickly admits how much he has fucked things up and doesn’t deserve to be where he is. He is no phony.

    He also makes fun of everyone, including libs, weirdos, simple folk in the deep jungles, and most of all himself. And several times I’ve caught him admitting strong respect for conservatives and their values. Honestly, if he really spent much time with his buddy Ted Nugent, Ted could probably convince him to flip to the right. Many restaurant owners are conservatives because they a small businessmen and women.

    Catch the grin on his face in this recent episode…

    Dude is not taking this shit seriously, but he is being a kind. After all he is out for adventure as a traveler and guest.

  256. Hey, Xbrad.

  257. Heya, Cathy.

    How’s that beef jerky coming along?

    Dear mother used to make homemade beef jerky for me. Great stuff. Literally as we were boarding the Bradleys to invade Iraq in 1991, the mail arrived, with about 5 pounds of beef jerky made from sirloin.

    That was a real treat.

  258. All done, Hon. Used a recipe Roamy gave me. Stuff is very good, I think. Will be great for the coming zombie apocalypse, I figure.

  259. Well, choice of meat is important.

    Gamey stuff like hobos need a little more salt.

  260. Dead hookers should never be used to make jerky.

  261. The recipe Roamy gave me is pretty much the same one I got from a couple we knew at our church in San Antonio. The hubby was an Army Chaplain. I misplaced my recipe, so I’m very glad Roamy rescued me. Hers is better than the ones I was finding on the Internet.

    Maybe its like your mom’s recipe also. I’m going to watch beef prices and maybe make some more. Much easier than I remember.

  262. The only real challenge in making jerky is cutting and trimming the beef. That’s something of a hassle, but not insufferable.

  263. Cathy’s beef jerky is as good as bacon.

    I can’t really say more than that.

  264. Is there anything Cathy doesn’t do well?

  265. Have you ever read Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, Cathy? Fantastic book about the restaurant industry, and you can actually hear his voice as you’re reading it, which is actually quite an accomplishment for a writer.

  266. I finished Season 1 of Friday Night Lights last night. What a great season of television.

    It’s no One Tree Hill, but it is pretty fucking awesome.

    Lyla or Tyra?

  267. Xbrad, Alton Brown had a good suggestion for getting the meat sliced at all the same thickness. Freeze it a tad before slicing. I didn’t bother with that. It wiggled around a bit on me, but I kept my knife sharpened using my steel and ran the blade in one direction and that seemed to help.

  268. Wow, the thing they’re running on Fox right now is trying really hard to be Chappelle’s Show and is failing really, realy badly.

  269. I usually sliced it mostly frozen. But that means you need a sharp assed knife, and dear mom only buys crap blades.

  270. Sean, I read Kitchen Confidential when it first came out and made our son read it before we let him go to the Culinary Institute of America. I’ve also read Cook’s Tour and am now watching all 100 No Reservations episodes with Michael available via Netflix.

    Our son saw him on campus. He lit up a cigarette indoors while giving a speech, and our son said no one told him that he needed to put it out. I guess they were all laughing their asses off with him and figured he could get away with it.


    This guy needs to have a (rhetorically) boot shoved up his ass, especially for this:
    “In broader terms, it was diplomatic caution that helped lead to the collapse of the Soviet empire. In retrospect, for all its tragedy and hatefulness, the Berlin Wall was something of a geopolitical blessing in disguise.”

    If only I knew of somebody who could do that

  272. Xbrad, I’d go nuts with dull knives. When I know I’ll be doing a lot of prep work in the church kitchen, I bring my own knives and steel.

  273. Anybody who’s thinking of getting into any part of the restaurant business needs to read that book.

    I haven’t had a chance to read A Cook’s Tour or The Nasty Bits yet.

  274. So, I watched the most recent episode of Surviving the Cut, about the Army’s Sapper School.

    The final exercise?

    Capture, kill, dress and cook either a bunny or a chicken.


    We did that at the Lightfighter’s Transition Course, in Hawaii in 86.

    Good times.

  275. I also remember the time Wade Risser and I were guarding the platoons equipment at the rally point, and a wild turkey wandered just a bit too close.

    Wade jumped up and grabbed that fucker with his bare hands.

    When the platoon came back from its mission, we had dinner ready for them.

  276. The Dirty Dozen is on–of all things–a local PBS channel right now.

  277. The Making of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman is good too. Also our required reading for our son before the CIA entry… And that worked out very well because he had to read it for an intro class in his first unit of coursework, so he was ahead of the game. Ruhlman is kind of a jerk, but he has done some No Reswrvations episodes with Tony which are very funny. They ruthlessly pick on one another and it’s great entertainment.

    Xbrad, I’ll look for that show. Nor seen it yer, but it sounds like good stuff.

  278. Sheesh, Brad. Your buddy Wade is something. Wild turkey are pretty cagey and easily spooked. Much tougher to hunt than deer.

  279. Wild turkeys in Hawaii always struck me as much stoopider than their mainland cousins.

    The boars on the islands were pretty dumb too. Aggressive though.

    Surviving the Cut is a Discovery channel program. I’ll find you a streaming link if I can.

  280. Wade was something of a character. Good bayou boy from Louisiana.

  281. Thanks, Xbrad. I’m all for getting waited on…

    What are we drinking?

  282. Are those turkeys native to Hawaii or were they brought there by Captain Cook or something?

  283. Captain Hook, I think…


    I’m waiting for the episode on Army Unit Alcohol and Drug Program Coordinator, a grueling 40 hour course on how to administer a piss test.

    Or Unit Level MILES Training Device Representative- an intense 3 day course on how to put velcro on Bradleys.

  285. Did your Wade buddy have Cajun in him, XB?

  286. I’m pretty certain the turkeys were introduced, but by whom or if it was deliberate, I just don’t know. I was focused on other matters at the time. Like drinking beer and chasing surfer girls.

  287. Did your Wade buddy have Cajun in him, XB?

    b-rad was in the Army before DADT, but I’m pretty sure they still didn’t talk about that back then.

  288. Bwahahahaha, Sean.

  289. Sean make a funneh.

    A very minor one, to be sure. But hey, you take what you can get.

    Pretty sure he wasn’t Cajun, just backwoods.

  290. We had a Cajun landscape architect do our home in San Antonio. Different kind of dude, for sure.

    Gone walk Peaches and Rosie and charge my iPad. So g’night you fine fellas.

    Much say much enjoyed it, much.

  291. G’night, Cathy.

    Give the poochies smoochies for me.

    I’m out as well.

  292. Fuck

  293. Hi Hostages! *waves*

    I hope the rest of your day gets better PG.

  294. Hi Brew!
    And PG is prolly at work now so I won’t trouble him.

  295. I would say Brew kilt it, but it died when Cathy left.

  296. Moar ning. Servers down.

    Honestly, its like rubbing two sticks together in this office without the network.

    *paints mastodon on cave wall*

  297. That piece Eddie linked last night was unreal.
    Commenters are taking the wood to it.

  298. Good morning

  299. Crap

  300. Whose turn is it to poat?

  301. Wakey wakey

  302. I think it is Lipstick’s turn.
    Has she ever poated here?

  303. Mornin’

    I hope everyone else had a deliciously, delightful weekend with 2 scoops of homemade vanilla to top it off.

  304. *hides*

  305. Yay, Monday. How is everyone this morning?

    All these people, and Car in sleeps in.

  306. Wow, you can almost hear the Soviet National Anthem playing as you read the link that Eddie posted.

  307. Hello J’Ames. I just had a thought about Peelio being a few days after her due date. Today is the day I predicted for Baby Peel to make his entrance.

  308. Today would be an awesome day, Lipstick, wouldn’t it?

  309. Is it your birthday today?

  310. Yes it is. Yours too, isn’t it?

  311. Yes! *does silly little birthday dance for both of us*

    *lumbago flares up*

  312. *throws firecracker into Car in’s bedroom*

  313. Happy Birthday to Lipstick and Jaymes!!!

  314. Happy Collective Birthdays Lipstick and J’Ames!

  315. Lipstick, we can’t party like we used to, but we sure can appreciate it. Happy Birthday to you!

    Thanks Michael.

  316. Thank you Michael.

  317. Thanks GMLand. No strippers, the boss wouldn’t like it!

  318. Thanks GLand.

    I will assume everybody else will say Happy Birthday (so you don’t have to feel obligated). Thank you everybody.

  319. I did a wakey wakey up there. My internet was acting up earlier and I had to plug it in/jiggle the handle/ hit it in the back a few times.

  320. Good morning. Work sucks, that is all.

  321. Car in, when you say “wakey wakey” you’re also supposed to shake the Buns O’ Steel at us.

    It says so right here in the H2 Rulebook.

    *points at page 37*

  322. Good morning cool kids.

  323. Happy Birthday, Lipstick and Jay!!!

  324. Car in, when you say “wakey wakey” you’re also supposed to shake the Buns O’ Steel at us.

    I had to wakey wakey from my iPhone. My skillz are limited on that thing.

  325. Thank you Laura. mmm, cupcake! nom nom nom

  326. Wow, it’s J’ames and lippy’s birthday? Happy b-day.

    I’m going out on a limb and guessing that peel’s gonna have her baby today. If she didn’t have it already.

  327. Happy Birthdays Lay in Ames and Jipstick!!

  328. I got the first of that Dresden series Peel recommended. So far, it’s pretty good!

  329. Heh, no candles on the cake. It’ll set off the smoke detector.

    Thanks all!

  330. New Post!!!!

    And happy birthday to all of the birthday people!

  331. Thank you everybody. I am eating Doritos for breakfast.

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