Look At Henry. LOOK AT HIM!!

Sorry for the radio silence the last few days.  Henry obviously doesn’t know what his daddy does for a living or he would have picked a different week to make his appearance.

All is well in our world.  Mrs Rosetta and Henry came home yesterday and everyone is doing the tired version of awesome.

The hair.  Seriously.  Because of the hair, when he wears his little yellow cardigan and scowls, he looks like Benjamin Buttons.  HIPPIE!!


Here is Henry when he first realized who his dad is.


Henry is going to have some blue eyes.  It’s awesome to see him sit in his little baby lounge and look around.  He looks drunk but I assume that’s because he can’t focus.


I have now changed 3 diapers.  The last one was a sold A+.  And apparently he shits some form of money because his dirty diapers are green.

(1)  Have baby

(2)  Give him breast milk

(3) ????

(4)  Profit!

Things are great here and I’m still in a cloud.  I don’t know what day it is until around 1pm.  I think after a week or two, we’ll have a routine and I’ll figure out my stupid blog time.

In related news, Floyd loves his baby brother.  The only bath Henry has had since he’s been home is a Floyd tongue bath but it’s been awesome.  Floyd does get upset when Henry cries though.  He doesn’t like it.

Today we took Floyd to doggie day camp and he had a pool party and stuff.  In summary:


  1. Hinky!!!

    All the best my friend. Don’t fear green poop diapers.

    You can just be afraid about when God puts that smell in it.

  2. Cute kid. Who’s the father?

  3. Awesome!

  4. Awwww. Sweet.

    Smoochies, Rosie and Family!

  5. I hate wordpress. Saying awesome is not spam bucket worthy

  6. YAY!

    Henry has more hair than me, Rosetta and Andy -combined!

    Please give Mrs. Rosetta a gentle kiss on the forehead from her favorite retired Sailor.

    Oh, and get some sleep. . . you look like shit.

  7. Roamy,

    Sent one. It’s kinda neat… especially the technique, which I think I’ll try.

    If you have a good recipe, I’d like your ideas too. Last one I had used soy sauce and brown sugar.

    Hi Rosie

  8. Yes all that hair is scary!

  9. Rosie, please say hi to your lovely lady for me. I’m so wanting to help… but I’ll just help in prayer and good thoughts right now, figuring she’s got more ‘help’ than she needs.

  10. Yay for Hank!!!

    And Floyd!!

  11. That baby is so cute!!!!!

  12. Hank looks like he’s going to be a brawler, look at the meat-hooks on that kid.

    You better start working out Rosie.

    Thanks for the updated pictures, some of the hostegettes were getting twiterpated.

  13. I told you he’d be slightly wrinkled.

    Cute kid. Have you been telling him to use his words?

  14. I think I just ovulated.


  15. Well, she does prefer her eggs fertilized.

  16. Cute kid. Who’s the father?


  17. That kid’s got hair like Samson.

    I have hair like a god.


    a god-damned dog.

  18. Henry has more hair than me, Rosetta and Andy -combined!

    That made me LOL in my dinner gown.

    Please give Mrs. Rosetta a gentle kiss on the forehead from her favorite retired Sailor.


    Oh, and get some sleep. . . you look like shit.


  19. OMG! He is sooooo farking adorable!!!

    I love that first picture. Sweet little baby legs and baby BOOTIES!!

    I want one!

    You know, in that second picture, you add another inch to his locks, he would be you with your mullet. HAHAHAHA

    Sweet baby.

  20. What a darling baby! I love his blue booties.

  21. Ca rin, I thought that when that whore Rosetta would show up with pictures, that we would decamp from his bushes.

    Now I want to go in.

  22. Hank looks like he’s going to be a brawler, look at the meat-hooks on that kid.

    You better start working out Rosie.

    Thanks for the updated pictures, some of the hostegettes were getting twiterpated.

    I knew I better not make an appearance without some photos. The chicks that hang out here will cut you if you don’t do what they say.

    And he’s going to have giant hands and feets like his daddy-o.

    He can already leg press more than me.

  23. I have a pair of booties just like that. They get me kicked out of a lot of stores for some reason.

  24. Babies sleep about 20 hours a day, it’s just the 4 that they are awake come scattered during most people’s sleep cycles.

  25. Ca rin, I thought that when that whore Rosetta would show up with pictures, that we would decamp from his bushes.

    Now I want to go in.

    Hahahahaha. Henry is good with getting passed around for Aunt and Uncle love.

    When he meets Aunt Beasn he’s going to drop a load. I’m positive.

    Good boy, Henry.

  26. Beasn?


  27. The good thing about him dropping a load on my watch? I get to hand him back to you for a hosing down.

    That, or I’ll just change him. Newborn poop don’t skeer me.

  28. Beasn?

    HAHAHA…yep, that’s me standing on Ca rin’s shoulders.

  29. Mrs. Rosetta done good … beautiful baby!

    *Silently wonders who the father is.*

  30. Speaking of poop, time for pig duty.

    Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful little boy, Rosetta! You are truly blessed! Hugs to Mrs. Rosetta and knaw on Henry’s toes for me, will ya?

    Later, gaters.

  31. Babies sleep about 20 hours a day, it’s just the 4 that they are awake come scattered during most people’s sleep cycles

    No shit!!

    Babies sucks ass at time management.


  33. This is not an exaggeration, Henry has more clothes right now than I’ve ever owned in my entire life.

  34. Sean, did your house burn down today?

    Why not?

  35. Oops, sorry, most honorable Sean. I hadn’t read up thread.

    Oh well …………………….. suck it.

  36. Henry has more clothes right now than I’ve ever owned in my entire life.

    But, less ball-gowns and tutus.

  37. http://is.gd/HBsqDp

  38. >> Babies sucks ass at time management.

    You got your schedule. He has his.

    Guess who wins?

    He’s a beautiful baby boy, and I could not be happier for you and the missus. I am quite certain he got his good looks from you, because you look like a good look “bleeder” and Mrs. Rosetta knows how to hang on to hers.

  39. Ca rin, I thought that when that whore Rosetta would show up with pictures, that we would decamp from his bushes.

    Now I want to go in.

    Let’s just wait until they fall asleep. then we can smell his head all we want.

  40. Comment by Woo Hoo on August 12, 2011 10:02 pm



  41. Car in’s turn:


  42. Rosetta – I hope you have lots of tee-shirts. . . baby spit up plays hell with your Led Zeppelin concert tees.

  43. Let’s just wait until they fall asleep. then we can smell his head all we want.

    He is the best smelling baby ever. I never thought I would say this but new baby smells better than new car.

  44. And he’s going to have giant hands and feets like his daddy-o.


  45. . I never thought I would say this but new baby smells better than new car.

    Yea, rosie. that’s why I had 5 of them. I was a baby-head smelling addict.

  46. I never thought I would say this but new baby smells better than new car.

    That is so very true! He’s beautiful Rosetta. Mrs. Rosetta did a good job. And your three minutes of contribution seems to have helped too. Smooooches

  47. yea, I’m gonna have to back up what Cyn said. The Mrs did all the work.

    9 months of baby making. I’m constantly reminding my kids that I Made them. IN MY BODY.

  48. *wonders how andy’s party is coming …

    I’m glad you checked in, though. We were starting to worry. We’ve got wild imaginations.

  49. 3 minutes? Oh, shyeah, if you’re like, Superman or something.

    OT something I’m also grateful for, a kid who works with my youngest at a summer camp got bounced off the back of a flatbed trailer and it ran over his head.

    He’s fine. Thank God it wasn’t loaded, and he apparently has a Rosetta-strength skull. He has a beat up face (oddly, also like Rosetta), and some stitches, but he’s fine.

    Abby didn’t freak out, she called me and told me what was goin on and then she was busy comforting others with emotional triage.

    That made me proud. But my pride aside, I’m really glad the boy’s ok.

  50. Hey, yeah. Wasn’t Andy supposed to UStream his party? Bastard.

  51. glad to hear everything was ok, dave 🙂

  52. so, cyn. whatch drinking?

  53. Thanks Car in. Me too. They had unloaded it and were headed back, and I don’t like to think about the other way it coulda gone down.

    Also I’m hopeful his stupid stitched head was a good safety lesson.

    NOW, back to baby adoring. Damn I’m so glad this little boy has the best uncles and aunts in the world, to go along with his amazing parents. I’m so lookin forward to Peelie’s little guy joining us here as well.

    I intend to spoil them with drum sets.

  54. I’d like to tell you I’m on my third frozen vodka water, but it’s actually Sierra Mist, warm from a can. I ate some Messican for lunch today and I am now surmising that the shredded meat taco that I presumed to be beef really wasn’t.

  55. That is good to hear the boy’s ok. Boys are tough like that.

  56. Woo Hoo: who are you and how did you find us? Glad you have delurked, now get Carin a glass of wine and answer all of our questions immediately.

  57. Dave- had peel posted anything since earlier?I saw her on facebook this morning, but I haven’t checked lately. I think I had three of my kids the day before (or so) their due date. They obviously knew how to understand how calendars worked.

  58. Sorry to hear about the forced sobriety, cyn 😦 guess I’ll have to drink one for you.

    It’s a tough job, but somebody had to do it.

  59. Imma pretend like I’m drinking tonight.

  60. woohoo looked, a lot, to me like Peej.

  61. I’ve got you covered, chief.

    Man. Covering for cyn and chief. You guys will be lucky if I wake up alive tomorrow.

    The things I’ll do for pretend, internet friends.

  62. Sean, did your house burn down today?

    Why not?

    Relatively high humidity.

  63. Please do drink one for me, but I’ll be fixed here in a jiffy.

  64. >> Dave- had peel posted anything since earlier?

    Not that I’ve seen. She misses seein her feets, last I heard.

  65. <Please do drink one for me, but I’ll be fixed here in a jiffy.

    You don’t have to share the details of the “fix”.

  66. The things I’ll do for pretend, internet friends.


  67. I remember the joy of tying my own shoes after birthing.

    the little things.

  68. I think Woo Hoo is a real gen-U-ine lurkerer.

    C’mon, show yourself again!

    *gets the nets and duct tape ready, gives Carin the nod to get the ballgag, fishing line, and toothpaste out*

  69. 🙂

    Invisible? Is that better.

    You know I love you Chief.

  70. *puts on barefoot shoes

  71. I remember the joy of tying my own shoes after birthing.

    the little things.

    On the other hand, your shoe-tying servant was now out of a job.

    Conservatives truly are heartless.

  72. *backs away

  73. Car in – But we met and broke bread together!!?

  74. He’s beautiful, Rosie!

    And he’s going to have giant hands and feets like his daddy-o.

    His future wife will be one lucky lady…..

  75. Car in – But we met and broke bread together!!

    Yes, true. But to my children, you are all my invisible friends.

    My pretend friends.

  76. you are all my invisible friends

    This is always difficult to explain.

  77. Glad to know that Hank is doing well.

    Only three diapers though?


  78. He is the best smelling baby ever. I never thought I would say this but new baby smells better than new car.

    That’s only fitting. You are going to have more invested in him.

  79. Man, his hands really are big. He’s going to be one tall boy. Maybe a football quarterback; those guys know how to palm things.

  80. Henry appears broad of chest and narrow in the hips – Linebacker or Offensive Lineman.

  81. His torso is long…I say swimmer or gymnast. Then he can borrow dad’s tutu.


  82. yea, I’m gonna have to back up what Cyn said. The Mrs did all the work.

    Oh that’s just bullshit. We gotta act all caring and shit, and then we gotta do foreplay!

    Sheesh. That’s the heavy lifting.

  83. Ohmygoodnesssweetbaby!!!!! I want to hold him. Yall done good Rosetta’s. Carin have a drink for me too please.

  84. also before I crash, best wishes to count and his continues gettin wellness and stuff

  85. Thanks Dave he is about 60%

  86. goodnight all

  87. Here is Henry when he first realized who his dad is.

    cheer up, kid. It can’t all be unicorns and skittles.

    he’s just lucky he’s absolutely beautiful!

  88. Evenin’

    What’d I miss?

  89. Nuthin’ much Andy. You didn’t live blog your bar party and we were disappointed.

  90. well howdy Andy! Are we sober?

  91. Ok. So I have a new program………um, who has a hotmail account they’ll let me hack?

  92. anyone?

  93. A hacking hotmail program? Sweet. But only if there’s money to be made.

  94. cheer up, kid. It can’t all be unicorns and skittles.

    Well, then, what the hell did anybody vote for Obama for, anyway?

  95. No hotmail acct for me. And I have no money.

  96. We?

    No, I doubt we are even if you’re stone-cold sober and we average the Indians between us.

    Yeah, no liveblogging. I was too busy makin’ margaritas.

  97. No, I doubt we are even if you’re stone-cold sober and we average the Indians between us.

    damn it, if I was drunk I think I’d be able to understand that

  98. See. I told you!

  99. Is hotmail even still a thing? I think I might have had an account at some point, but I forget.

  100. The Indians Win!!

  101. But only if there’s money to be made.

    No. But if you’re as nosy as I am, it could be fun.

  102. A large tribe passed through here earlier.

    One of my little guy’s autism therapists who has been working with him since he was 2 is moving away. She started working with us when we lived in Dallas, and she moved up here about 6 months after we did and lived with us for a while.

    Needless to say, she’s like part of the family and we had a big sendoff for her.

    She’s moving out your way, peej. Redlands.

  103. Hmmmm….nosy….

    *begins perusing the master email list*

  104. The Indians Win!!

    3-2. You from Cleveland?

  105. One of my little guy’s autism therapists who has been working with him since he was 2 is moving away

    ooooooh, Andy, I’m sorry. Is your little guy gonna be ok with this?

  106. Ha! No, but I hear that Cleveland Rocks.

  107. God, I love this place.

  108. Is hotmail even still a thing? I think I might have had an account at some point, but I forget.

    I’ve been trying to wean my mother and my brother, but it ain’t happening. It’s no fun to hack her account because i already have the password

  109. The Royals beat the White Sox tonight, 5 – !. I’m fairly certain it was an accident.

  110. Hah, look, it’s Zeus! Howdy Zeus.

  111. Yeah, he has a whole team.

    She actually wasn’t spending that much time directly with him anymore, but she worked at his school.

    Sweet girl. Like another daughter to us.

  112. How long you been a lurker Zeus? Apparently a reaaaaaally freaking long time if you know about the bruising on my butt.

    that sean caused

  113. She’s quite a mover. From Texas to Ma to Redlands……she’s copying me.

  114. Cyn, gmail stat. i need to talk smack on tom swifty.

  115. She’s not copying you peej. ‘Cuz I’m sure she’ll make it over to Palm Springs when I come out for New Year’s. O_o

  116. Ok, but if I remember, he’s only here during the day.

  117. ‘Cuz I’m sure she’ll make it over to Palm Springs when I come out for New Year’s. O_o


    two snaps up and a circle

  118. Are you for sure come out this way Andy? I may have to roadtrip!

  119. Every year.

  120. OK, since the Mrs. is in charge of the schedule, we actually have an early-morning appointment.

    ‘Night hawt chicks and Sean.

  121. I’ll put that on my calendar for a possible West coast meat up.

  122. That would be fun. I think if I started planning now……I could TOTALLY make a Palm Springs meetup my New Year’s day.

    for sure. let’s do it.

  123. Sweet Dreams Andy.

  124. Ha! No, but I hear that Cleveland Rocks.

    All the little kids growing up on the skids…


    I used to be in love with Christa Miller before she went all botox.

  125. wait………….does this mean I’ll have to meet sean?

    this might not be such a good idea.

  126. I don’t know; I hear rubbing on Sean’s head brings you good luck.

  127. Okay cool kids; I’m signing off too.

    Sweetest of Dreams to All with an extra special smooch and a nibble of Henry’s facecheeks.

  128. *gets in car
    *heads north

  129. I not is bald. That’s where you get the good luck from, for some reason.

    You’re thinking of Rosetta. Or Andy. Or just about all the other guys here. Seriously, the H2 guys should get a Hair Club For Men group discount.

  130. *turns car around
    *heads south

  131. I actually have a surprisingly thick head of hair, considering that my maternal grandpa was balding pretty much by the time he was graduating from high school. They called him “Skinhead Ray” in the Navy in WWII.

  132. Huge thumps up for Rosetta.
    Congratulations you magnificent bastard.

  133. Gotta go, just dropping by. But hello there PJM, you super beautiful gal.
    Hello everyone.
    Going to the beach tomorrow.

  134. Uniball! I was just thinking about you the other day!! How are you?

  135. PJM, I am great. Whenever I see your picture on Facebook I think of how great you look, and what a kind person you are.
    Going to the beach tomorrow, wife is wanted me to get to bed early.
    I hope all is going well with you.

  136. I not is bald.
    I actually have a surprisingly thick head of hair
    *takes sean by shoulders

    *shakes sean

    I believe you! OK? YOU HAVE HAIR! I believe you!

  137. PJM, send me a note on facebook if you have a minute, one of those personal notes, not on my wall, I try not to put anything on my wall. It’s an easier way for me to communicate.
    IF not, I will shoot you a note.
    Gotta go.

    Big hug where I can feel your boobs against me

  138. We’ll meat up someday, peej. It’ll be fun. I’ve managed to interact with several Hostages without a single punch being thrown.

  139. awwwwww, poor uniball’s done lost his mind.

    that’s what happens when you live in liberal land.

    night uni! I miss you.

  140. We’ll meat up someday, peej. It’ll be fun. I’ve managed to interact with several Hostages without a single punch being thrown.

    I’m planning on next New Year’s eve day. This is definitely advanced notice.

  141. OMG!
    *shakes sean

    I believe you! OK? YOU HAVE HAIR! I believe you!

    As Vince once said, “You’re gonna love my nuts!”

    (Okay, that was in bad taste.)

  142. Deez nuts?

  143. When the “deez nuts” thing was originally going around, that was when email was becoming a thing. One of my friends decided to make that his uclink email address, but he did it as “deesnuts,” so it looked like he was talking about Rick Dees’ nuts.

    No, there really isn’t a point to this story.

  144. but was it on hotmail?

    because I have a proposition for you.

  145. because I have a proposition for you.

    Are you a cop? Because if you are, you have to tell me. I read that in High Times.

  146. Awww! Give
    little Henry a pinch on the cheek for me. (either one).
    Congratulations, Mr and Mrs. Rosetta!

  147. Hey Deb!

  148. Someone manages to squeeze a kid out of his nutsack and gets all the love–YAY!!–but I put together a successful international black tar heroin deal down at the waterfront that goes along smoothly enough so that none of the parties ends up dead, and nobody gives a shit about that?

    I honestly don’t fucking even know why I try anymore.

  149. Sean, our buddy Rosetta is gonna need lots of encouragement in his love bank for all the times Hank tests his patience.

    That and lots of booze.

    See what you are missing?

  150. Finally got around to watching the video Scott shared in the earlier thread about the brothers who got a 1969 Norton bike restored for their dad for Christmas. It was well worth the 16 minutes.

    Off to bed.


  151. So wait, there’s a bunch of cheap beef hitting the market?

    I have a little room left in the freezer.

  152. wakey wakey

  153. G’moring Car in. Is PJM moving in with you?

  154. sigh. busy day. my mil and bil are making an unexpected visit. It should be nice, but I’ve got to spiffy up the house,as well as get my work out and drive kids around to practices.

    I’ve got my coffee time for h2 and you hosefockers are all asleep.

  155. I don’t think Peej is moving in with me just yet. Wouldn’t it be fun, though?

  156. I’m drinking a chicory/hazelnut coffee mix that I brewed last night.

  157. I am not asleep Car in. I was on the roof fixing a leak. Before the sun makes me melt.

  158. Oh, yesterday Peel mentioned that she has seen “the Notebook” and hated it and said she figured the book would be bad.

    My friend. You have no idea. In comparison, the movie is a masterpiece.

    Honestly, I don’t think I can trash that author enough.

    WTF is up with the state of published books? THey are – how you say – awful? Just terrible.

  159. Morning v-man. Leak all fixt? Did yo use one of those blue tarps?

  160. You know, Leon, I’ve got chickory growing everywhere. I wonder how hard it would be to make it from the fresh stuff.

    It’s a pretty flower.

  161. I’ve pretty much given up on fiction. The modern field of horror writers is pretty sparse on talent, and most of the recent books I’ve read in the genre have a very paint-by-numbers, gore-can-make-up-for-a-thin-plot-and-occupies-pages, 270-pages-is-what-my-publisher-wanted feel to them.

  162. No tarps Car in. Siliconizer.
    That stuff is teh awesome.

    Today is family day here have to go to moms for dinner.

  163. I’ll look it up, I wouldn’t mind growing my own. I’ve got granules, but I don’t know if they’re seeds or dried parts. I’m sure you could easily make some kind of a tea out of them, like they do with hibiscus.

  164. RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. I want to take Henry’s feet and go NOM NOM NOM on em.

  166. Found this link. Looks like I’m brewing roasted, ground roots. Also looks like I might want to watch my consumption and not overdo it. Wouldn’t want to mess with my menstrual cycle.

  167. I have been reading lots of 99 cent fiction on my kindle Leon. Some of it is worth much more than 99 cents.

    If one has low expectations….it is much easier to be impressed.

  168. Carin, you need to read Honor Harrington. Or the Discworld books. Both series entertain me.


    PRECISELY. The next-to-last Homer Hickam book was like that. “Oh, I reached the 300 page mark, I’ll just do this to the main character and call it good.” Haven’t read Dinosaur Hunter yet, and I’m kind of afraid to, for the same reason.

  169. what I don’t understand, Leon, about writers is if it is a total lack of talent, or is demand for crappy books simply that high?

  170. I can absolutely attest to the sedative effects.

  171. Good morning. This post is fantastic.

  172. the sad truth is that you can find better writing/stories in some YA fiction.

    Not all, obviously. There’s some crap in there too.

  173. I have been reading lots of 99 cent fiction on my kindle Leon. Some of it is worth much more than 99 cents.

    I’ve been doing that a bit too.

    The worst is paying 6 or 7 or 10 bucks for a book that absolutely SUCKS. I get kinda mad.

  174. Morning. Sorry to interrupt the book and reading discussion… But please give a shout out for us here in Texas…..


    Ok. Thanks… As you were, Lovelies.

  175. I think it has to do with saturation. Straub and King were huge for a long time, so a lot of writers tried to emulate them, and most horror writers work cheap (well, writers in general), so publishers just stack shelves with them. If the big-box bookstores go away for real, the phenomenon will likely change.

    It also doesn’t help that a whole lot of grrrl-power chick lit gets lumped into “horror” these days because it has vampires and werewolves in it.

  176. Leon, my husband hired a woman who’s a fitness nut, and she can do 6 pull-ups. She’s just a few years older than me, so I can use age as an excuse for my utter failure.

    I now have a goal.

    I must.

  177. I should really break down and get a Kindle at some point. I can read on the netbook with the Kindle app, but it can be eyestraining.

    Maybe when the other house sells.

  178. Don’t get me started on King.

    Congrats on the rain, Cathy.

  179. Can’t. – I mean.

    I love my kindle.

    I’m looking at some chickens right now. I need more. a guy near me is selling 9 month old hens and 5 month old. If I find a moment, I may run out and get a few more.

    we eat a LOT of eggs. I’ve got 9 layers … and they don’t all lay every day. That’s just not enough.

  180. Car in, the key to big pull-up sets is high frequency, non-failure sets.

    I sucked at them until I got a door-jam pullup bar at my office. For a few weeks I did 1-4 pullups every time I walked under it. Not enough to get tired, just enough to get my CNS used to the movement. Before long I could hit 10-15 if I pushed hard.

  181. Rocketboy had to read A Year in Provence for AP European History summer reading. I read it, too, and it was better than I expected.

  182. It is happy hour for Cathy’s lawn and garden.

    Waitress! I’ll have another bloody and some bacon!

    heh pull ups

  183. We still don’t have laying hens. We’ve just been too busy to get started with them. Going to have to make the time soon, coop’s almost overgrown.

  184. Just about time to head out and do errands for the morning.

    1) Get mail and make sure other house is still there.
    2) Get cat litter.
    3) Get groceries.
    4) Get insulin and needles if possible (vet might not be open).

    Gonna be a pricy morning.

  185. FINALLY!!! Something on this POS blog worth seeing!

    How is it remotely possible Rosetta can father such a beautiful baby?

    Well done, Rosettas…..he’s perfect!

  186. How is it remotely possible Rosetta can father such a beautiful baby?

    Mrs rosetta. that’ll explain it all to you.

    If you ever went to a meet-up.

  187. Is it arrogant to say something like “just don’t have time to be reading bad literature” ??? and if so, then call me arrogant.

    Roamy, thanks for the jerky marinade recipe.

  188. I thought hard about buying that book Romy. I would have, but the kindle edition was 2x the paperback (thanks Apple for screwing us)

    I will not pay more for something that costs less.

  189. Henry is very handsome. But I’ll argue that Rosetta is too. Ok, so he lacks some hair up there, but those eyes of his are almost bewitching. No wonder his bride fell for him.

    Ok. That’s enough. I’ll go back to teasing him now.

  190. Do you guys still read books made of paper that had printing on the pages?

  191. Not anymore Cathy

  192. I prefer print books.

  193. I still read paper books. I keep all my gaming books as PDF, but that’s just to save weight in my backpack.

  194. Vmax, I do. I picked up Ken Follett hardback at a thrift shop last week for a dollar. I have a set of thrift shops and used book stores that I frequent. I never pay much for a book unless I’m reading to study a particular subject.

    Got my Kindle on the iPad and love it, but I still like to save money.

  195. Okay, time to head out.

  196. Carin I just finished Inkheart (YA) for fun and I am reading Lord of the Flies with DD for AP summer reading English. I want a Kindle

  197. I’ve got Inkheart somewhere around here – I was trying to remember what book to get Erin to read and that’s it. I couldn’t locate. Perhaps it’s on the downstairs bookshelves ….

  198. Real books are still my favorite but I like the easiness of the Kindle too. There aresome classics that I want to read and according to my Dad they are only .99 cents

  199. ♫ ♪ Rain, glorious rain…… ♫ ♪

  200. What a cutie! I’m getting very impatient for mine to get here.

    I’m entertaining my in-laws, which is why my computer is off. Will’s is still on, which is why I am commenting as Will.

    Yes, Carin, much of today’s fiction is pure suckitude. I’ve gotten a lot meaner about it – nowadays, a book better be good from the git-go, or I’m dropping it. I recently dropped one of the Hugo nominees, the one about the dervish house, because I read 10% of it and had yet to read anything interesting. Life is just too short for a bunch of pretentious present tense.

    Nothing will ever replace printed books, but I do love my Nook. I like the convenience of having thousands of books in something that weighs less than one paperback, and I love the one-handed operation. Makes it so much easier to read while cooking, eating, doing laundry, drying hair, picking up stuff, vacuuming, exercising, etc., etc. (Possibly also nursing? Will let you know.)

    Will and/or I will keep y’all posted.

  201. Inkheart sounds like a lot of fun, and I guess there’s a movie too.

    Still raining, T… Nice gentle rain.

  202. There are just so many pluses to a kindle I do not miss paper books.

    I have not put my contacts in yet today. I bumped the font size up to compensate.

    You want a book now? Right NOW!

    No shipping $ either

  203. Smooches, Peel.

    I still prefer a real book in my hand for reading, but am amazed at the convenience and ease of the iPad. Will probably move to more ereading as the years progress.

  204. It was fun. I picked it up when Count was in the hospital and read it for pure escapism while sitting with him for 15 hrs a day.

  205. Grumpy that the Solders Angels package I ordered for my nephew on June 26 still has not reached him.

  206. I have a question Peel, with B&N out of business where do you get books for your nook?

  207. Or am I confused?

  208. Want. Book to read right now? Hahahahahahahahahaha!

    Vmax, because I love browsing the shelves at my favorite half price book stores, I got a stash of great books by several authors just waiting for some love… Perry o’Shaunnessy, Follett, Hillerman, Alexander McCall Smith, Ann Tyler, and some non fiction too.

    To each his/her own.

  209. I think that this Tuesday would be a good day to have a baby, Mrs. Peel; that’s DD#2’s 20th b’day.

    Just sayin’…..

  210. Vmax, B&N is still open, it was Borders that closed.

  211. Roamy, I would be concerned too.

  212. B&N is still in business, VMax; it’s Border’s that went belly up.

  213. Carin, about why crappy books find an audience … Jersey Shore is the number 1 rated show on cable. That same audience buys books. This says much about the ever declining intelligence of the average American-educated citizen. Do you need additional clarification on this now?

  214. You are correct Cathy, with the current pricing structure for ebooks it seems that one pays full price or 99 cents. With real books you get markdowns and used. That is much better if you are reading a series and do not want to wait 100 years to get it discounted.

  215. It’s raining here, too, Cathy – and it’s glorious!

    It even SMELLED like rain last night as we were heading up to bed. I didn’t want to get my hopes up…..

  216. I love wandering the book stores. Favorite passtime besides reading. How is the Left Behind series? Seems like I startes it in the 90’s. Not sure what happened.

  217. I guess I was not paying attention they both start with a B!

  218. Yea… And about B&N and Amazon. I love that I can quickly link into searching for used and out of print stuff from small book distributors they work with and get stuff cheap. When I’m researching a topic, and can’t find a volume in my used book stores or no longer available new, the online marketplace has been invaluable. They also have gotten into the textbook market and that is how we ended up buying many of the very expensive editions for my son and daughter in their upperclass subjects a few years ago.

  219. That would be started. I am typing in the dark on my phone and no coffee yet…CB, we watch Jersey Shore (kind of a guilty pleasure) we know how disgusting they are but we somehow keep watching.

  220. In addition to B&N not being closed, B&N is not my only source for nookbooks. One of the great advantages of the Nook is that it reads epubs, which is an open standard, so I can get books from anywhere that makes epubs. That includes the Sony ebookstore and Project Gutenberg. Plus, an epub is just an XML file, so I can make my own pretty easily.

    Ok, gotta entertain. The in-laws have invited some of their friends to our house, so I need to take a shower and get ready to receive guests.

    (obviously, this is still Peel commenting as Will)

  221. Sohos, I purchased the entire Left Behind series because daughter wanted to read it and I thought I might get into it. But when I realized that its premise fits a theological stance that I simply can not fathom, I lost interest. No biggie. I just prefer to spend my time reading something that won’t annoy me. Yea. People have tried to get me to reconsider saying it’s just fiction, but I enjoy fiction that isn’t nonsense. Even fantasy like magic, alternate universes, spiritual powers and all can make sense. Bad theology for a theologian is just nonsense. I won’t read Dan Brown either. He and his ghost writer/researchers are just plain lazy.

  222. Look lovely and Rubinesque, Peel and have a great day.

  223. Left behind- bad writing. My cousin recommend the series to me. I don’t take her recommendations anymore.

  224. Sohos, I hope when you and Count come for a weekend visit that we make time to get to a Half Price bookstore. The biggest one is not too far from my house and well worth the drive.

  225. I like wandering book stores too. Best way to find a book. But the closest store to me is thirty minutes away. So the kindle works.

  226. It’s raining here. I’ve got one kid on a soccer field and another on a football field.

  227. Same here, Carin. A girlfriend at church was ranting and raving about them and almost pushy with our pastor about how we all SHOULD read all of them. Sheesh, she was kind of an idiot about our denominational beliefs to recommend them to our pastor and me!

  228. The problem with the “Left Behind” series isn’t the theological perspective, it’s the crappy writing. It’s dull, pedantic, character development is two-dimensional, the plot is almost non-existent.

    They are just poorly written stories. I made it through one and a half, and gave up. Boring.

  229. I suppose I can stop using that sock now since they fired the crybaby

  230. Given your circumstances, Carin, I would do the same thing…

    When we lived in Montgomery County Maryland, I drove 30-45 minutes to purchase groceries. We had 2 bucolic acres, but shopping was atrocious.

  231. I think when ever someone re immense a book, the best thing tondo is ask them what their favorite book ever is. If they say something crappy, you can know to ignore whatever they’re currently suggesting.

  232. I agree Dave. I can read a book that doesn’t necessarily jive with my beliefs – horror novels could be thus categorized. But bad writing? Nope.

  233. We would love that Cathy. Count loves wandering bookstores too. We both love books. He has gotten into Cabeza de Vaca and the Karankawa Indians so we are on the hunt for some books.

  234. Carin, I feel good when I see your itypos. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  235. My thumbs are two big for good typing on my iPhone. And editing is a pita.

  236. Sohos, you guys pick a few weekends that would work for your busy schedules and let us know. I need to plan some stuff for regional grassroots events and training, but can work around my higher priorities, like you guys… So lemme know. We mean it.

  237. I think when ever someone re immense a book

    Carin, I much say, your comment is much difficult to read.

  238. It seems like in the early 90’s I picked one up (LBS) and thought it was poorly written. I can’t remember but I am looking for a long series to get into. Any suggestions?

  239. Jewstin, you simply much come up here and meet me.


  240. Cathy we were just discussing it so I will send you some dates in an email later and we will see what works we really want to come up.

  241. Honor Harrington Sohos (8 Bazillion books) Or Patrick O’Brian (17 books with a movie tie in)

  242. Sohos, have you read Harry Potter? That would be my first suggestion. If you enjoy classic studd, my next suggestion is to read all of Jane Austen. And there is a cute movie, The Jane Austen Book Club, that is quite fun too.

    And for shorter, somewhat delightfully different stuff that’s like a vacation in a third world country, I highly recommend Alexander McCall Smith’s series, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

    I want to start a new IB Book Club post, but have not decided on what. Would like better participation this time and would welcome suggestions…

  243. Jewstin can always ride up with us. We are going to have our mini-meet soon.

  244. Morning peeps.

  245. Sohos, if you wish to try the On Basilisk Station, the first in the Honor Harrington series, we have it in the IB Book club… Including how to access an ecopy free.

  246. Texas Cool Down Come On Up MiniMeat!

    Kewel. Morning Cyn. How you feeling?

  247. Almost perfect, thank you for asking 🙂

  248. WEB Griffin’s stuff is good.

  249. I looked at Henry.

    *gummy-noms his little feets*

  250. Cathy, sadly, I have read all of those. I have read the HP series twice all the way through. I love Jane Austin and have read some of the LDA. Vmax I will look into yours. Vmax sent me some great James Patterson books and I’ve read all of those.

  251. Sohos, we will have fun in the bookstore!

  252. Let me look it up I read a cheep entertaining series of ebooks that were reminiscent of HH I think it is written by Thomas DePrima
    A galaxy Unknown was the 1st in the series or 6 I think

  253. And Vaughn Heppner has a good Sci Fi series called Doom Star and a lot of biblical fiction where he takes something mentioned in the bible and makes a interesting story about it.

  254. I gave up reading and lost 47 lbs.

  255. MH Sargent has 5 books of Military Spec Ops type fiction.

  256. Dresden Files, Sohos? 13 books right now; kinda like Harry Potter for grownups. (Not that this grownup doesn’t love HP 🙂 )

    Will loves Wheel of Time, but I haven’t read them myself.

    Terry Pratchett? Robin McKinley? Everything by her except Dragonhaven is good.

  257. I just saw that Pioneer woman has a TV show now. Who links her here?

  258. *punches Scoot in the head*

  259. I liked the Wheel Peel (heh) but gave up on it after book 6 or 7 I was disgusted that he could not finish telling a story in 1 book.

    It seemed to me someone signed a multi book deal wrote 1 book and made 3 out of it.

  260. Vmax, I like the Pioneer Woman and own her cookbook in hardcopy, cause I got it on sale

  261. Scooter if you lost 47 pounds you would blow away…

  262. I will check it out Peel. I LOVE HP. Thanks for the suggestions yall. I am totally out of books and want to get into something long. SYWM

  263. Her cookbook was expensive. I looked at it because my sister liked her.

  264. Dave, WEB Griffin is one prolific writer.

    If I were going to give him a try, which one would you suggest for starters?

  265. I like how the pioneer woman has tons of photos in her recipes. Kinda a no fail way to cook.

  266. Off to the Straw Poll. They are already packing them in.

  267. Take pictures Jay

  268. Glad to hear Jay is gonna represent!

  269. http://is.gd/DaVoY1

  270. Since everyone took off I am heading to the grocery store. I also have to get gas. These are both my most hated errands

  271. I’m waiting for my experimental ground chuck curry to cook down. I’m optimistic it’ll turn out, but it’s still pretty soupy.

  272. Listening to Herman Cain, great speaker!

  273. It’s creepy being around all these Ronulans.

  274. Got a customer here doing paperwork- she’s one of those who compulsively licks her fingers each and every time she goes to touch a piece of paper.

    I am totally skeeved out.

  275. I am totally skeeved out.

    You should go like this: http://tinyurl.com/yay44b4

  276. *licks my fangers

    I think WEB’s best series was “The Brotherhood of War”, but you do sorta have to be into military fictional/history.

    I just learned a lot from it, and he is a very engaging writer.

  277. Laura — ewww. I had a boss who did that and would then hand the stack of papers to me.

  278. *hands Lipstick the stack of papers

  279. Lipstick, yeah. I was like, “You can keep that pen”

  280. Damn. That’s a money quote. That’s the whole thing right there in a nutshell.

  281. Agree on WEB, fantastic writer.

    I started reading his Badge of Honor series a long time ago. Really good if you like police procedural novels. I just googled and found out there are four more I haven’t read yet.

    I really liked The Dresden Files, too…although I haven’t read the latest one yet.

    I’m almost done with the Honor Harrington series, I think they kind of slacked off toward the end. Normally I’m not a big Sci-Fi fan, but they held my attention through 6 or 8 books.

  282. Ah, yeah, the Badge of Honor series.. very good.

    Also his one on the OSS.

    *rubs pupster’s belly… “good dog, good dog”

  283. *burns papers, uses hand sanitizer

  284. I hate finger lickers.

    And I do not see a problem with the Bear Woman. Her neighbors need to STFU.

    And I met our new store manager. She went to my alma mater. We are now BFFs. I just know it (jk).

  285. You should go like this:


    That’ll teach her.

  286. I told daughter I met my new store manager and she graduated from where she will be going.

    Beasnette – ‘What is with all these people winding up at ‘our store’. This is not giving me a good feeling about my choice.’


  287. Decided to wait and watch Rick Perry enter the race. On now

  288. Use the bear, beanses.

  289. Dang, that’s scary, pups. Would not want to be knocked on my ass by a bear.

  290. Rick Perry does not enter the race.

    The race waits until Rick Perry is good and god-damned ready.

  291. LUNCH OVER!

    After I get the orders done for tomorrow……..VACATION BEGINS!

  292. Now that’s one Rick I’d like to Roll.

    *fans self*

    He sure is saying all the right things.

  293. The knocking on the ass isn’t so bad, it’s the subsequent biting and mauling and screaming. That’s pretty bad.

  294. I hope Perry gets the nomination.

  295. I’m really, really hopeful we can get a good pic of Perry in front of or touching a large bell.

    I have really, really missed Ace’s cowbell poats, and they’d be needed for sure.

  296. I just clapped out loud and Woot’ed at my TV. Can we haz elections now please?!

  297. I started reading his Badge of Honor series a long time ago. Really good if you like police procedural novels. I just googled and found out there are four more I haven’t read yet.

    RE: Web Griffin

    Avoid any book of his books where the co-author is his son, William E. Butterworth.

    They truly suck and have ruined every single series that WEB started.

  298. I did too Cyn at “pink0slip” comment

  299. Yes Sohos!!

  300. Ohai Wiserbud.

    How’s the new job working out? http://tinyurl.com/3tl5nza

  301. and with that, back to cleaning the bathroom.

  302. If Rick Perry is running late, time had just better slow the fuck right down.

    (one of my favorite Norris ones)

  303. I am actually tearful watching him speak.

    Now Perry is HOPE and CHANGE.

  304. I have cried several times b/c it is so great to FINALLY hear someone who is saying how I feel

  305. He just uttered the Inconsequential quote.

    I want to have his babies please.

  306. I hope his servers hold up under the donation cascade.

    And I hope it’s big enough to scare a sand worm on Arrakis.

  307. Sorry, I had to call my doc, because this boner is likely to last four hours or longer.

  308. Ha Ha! Rick Perry: Erections Have Consequences.

  309. I hope your workout was as satisfying as mine.

  310. Did your workout have a happy ending, chief?

  311. Leon – If 40 crunches followed by a 3 minute lat stretch is a happy ending, then yes. . . yes I did.

  312. Get the happy ending next time. It’s more satisfying.

    Totally worth the extra $5.

  313. Of course, by “happy ending”, I mean poached eggs and a side of bacon at Leo’s Coney Island. It’s right next to my gym. Excellent post-workout meal.

  314. Perry’s speech just gave me a “happy ending”.

    *lights cigarette, sips on gatorade*

  315. You know why I like Cyn?

    Because she’s a dirty, dirty girl. That’s why.

  316. You new Perry-peeps are funny.

    Think he’ll knock a few current contenders out? I do.

    And if so, then whom do you think will get knocked out?

  317. Santorum

    Gone, gone, gone, gone.

    Although, IMO, Santorum would be a good VP pick for a southern governor.

  318. HAHAHA! I’m just picking up for that slacker PJM.

    Speaking of cleaning *glares at wiser*, catch you all later.

  319. Because she’s a dirty, dirty girl. That’s why.

    It’s a big part of the appeal, certainly.

    And if so, then whom do you think will get knocked out?

    I think the last bit of air has just been knocked out of Pawlenty’s balloon. Newt will stay in as long as he thinks he needs to to stay relevant on the speaking circuit. If she’s smart — and I think she is — Bachmann will start running for VP now.

  320. Huntsman is and always was a nonfactor. McCotter should also start running for VP. He could destroy Biden in a debate.

  321. I missed it and can’t find video of it.

    * cries *

  322. >> And if so, then whom do you think will get knocked out?

    The rest of em.

  323. You know why I like Cyn?

    Sparkling conversationalist?


  324. DinT – Romney has a shit-pot of $$ and Bachmann is on a mission from God (as she sees it). So, basically, it will be 2 conservatives against the country club Republican establishment.

  325. Cathy and I decided we’re hoping for Perry/Rubio ticket. Gives the ticket some sex appeal with a Cuban for VP, and hopefully locks up Florida. Plus, Rubio is cool.

  326. I didn’t watch it either, Scott. Was busy… And I knew what he would say and have heard him speak before. Yes. He is awesome, Dave.

    So who for vp?

    I like Bachmann and think this may be a good strategy for her. She is no slouch in politics, economics, law, and the tax code. She is cleaner thqn Perry. But I’m wondering if Perry will, instead, try to get Rubio or someone else from the south or the non whitey vote. Will be interesting.

    What do y’all think about vp?

    And, I HOPE Palin stays out and does what she can do best, which is to keep poking the libs in the eye with their own stupidity. She is the queen on that and I love her for it.

    Scott, if you latch onto a video of Perry’s speech, lemme know. I gotta get errands done. Crap, now it’s like a steam bath out there.

  327. . . . aaaand, Pupster knocks one out of the park with a knocker gif.

  328. Hubby and I are copacetic.

  329. Rubio would be a very shrewd choice.

    But that’s a chicken before it’s hatched.

    It will take a ton of money. No doubt.

  330. Bachmann is represented very well in Ames today. Just saw santorum speak, then Kim Reynolds, ot gov of Iowa.

    Judging by the crowd, Ron Paul is about to speak.

  331. Do All of you Texans here like Perry? I loved his speech.

  332. Perry does not qualify as country club establishment. This isgonna get interesting….

  333. also, your VP nominee has to be a killer attack dog. A throat cutter.

    That ain’t Bachmann. Or Pawlenty.

  334. RwonPaul is a spittle-flecked lunatic. But hey, that’s just my opinion. . . I could be wrong.

  335. H2’s making me lazy!

    Gotta run.


    I’m gonna see if I can pick up a cheap WEB Griffin book at half price, Dave… Just to give him a try. Fanx.

  336. No a problem for me if Bachmann is not vp. She will have a place at the table. She is that good. I’m with you Dave. We need a killer junk yard dog for vp. But one who will be supported and protected by the POTUS candidate… Not left out hanging by herself the way they treated Palin.

    Gotta run, Vmax. Dave and I prolly don’t see eye to eye on Perry. But I’m more pragmatic than I might communicate. I’ll let him respond to you on Perry.

  337. I have bought and gotten rid of WEB Griffin books too many times. Now I just get ’em at the library.

    My personal favorite is the Brotherhood of War, but I’d probably actually recommend The Corps to a new reader.

  338. Thanks, xb. I’ll look for that one too. Wish me luck. Gotta go.

    *Lmao thinking about ‘the corpse’*

  339. Rick Perry. He ain’t no pussy.

    Which means he won’t be a pussy like McCain was to his VP nominee. And he’ll fire shitheads on his staff if they are.

  340. So, anything interesting happen today?

  341. Not much, Andy.

    I’m looking forward to hearing PJ’s last minute excuse why she no-shows us New Years.

    And of course, looking forward to seeing Cyn again. I hope she brings a supply of bacon, and her countertop griddle to cook it.

  342. Sorry, I had to call my doc, because this boner is likely to last four hours or longer.

    Ha ha ha …

    so, I missed his little talk – I’m too busy cleaning. what did he say?

  343. *hands Cyn a smoke

  344. Ron Paul just got done, was exactly what you’d expect.

    Senator Rand Paul was on stage with him afterward.

  345. The last of the Spruance destroyers slipped beneath the waves today.

    Ex-USS Arthur W. Radford was sunk as a reef today.

    A sad end to a wonderful class of ships.

  346. Steve king is giving quite a red meat speech. Tpaw up next.

  347. Ray Spruance. A destroyer skipper who led aircraft carriers to the most strategic naval victory of WWII.

    Also, when Rick Perry looked into Putin’s eyes, he thought “yep. Asshole.”

  348. I have no idea what’s going on here, I just thought I should share:


  349. The campaign ads have been great. Bachmann up next.

  350. I kinda like Santorum. I would def. Like a Perry/Rubio

  351. I dont think the one on the right has on panties xbrad

  352. I’m pretty sure it’s a skin tone pair of panties.

    For sure, it’s not a merkin.

  353. Oh wow! Pouring down raining here.

  354. You SHOULD be pouring bourbon for me over here.

  355. Mccotter on now, starts out with a dry joke. So cool.

  356. I like Thad, but he’s sounding pretty dull.

    And I’m sorry, but I just can’t see him as a serious presidential candidate.

    We need to keep some good studs like him in the House.

  357. He started slow, but he warmed up.

    I agree xbrad, he’s there to position himself.

  358. I’m trying to take today off from working out, but I’m having a hard time doing that.

    Must. resist.

  359. Herman Cain coming up.

  360. Looks like FNC is blowing off Cain and going to some other segment.

  361. Herman had the best campaign commercial.

  362. Any opinions on Haley Barbour? I know he’s been helping Perry out behind the scenes; don’t know if there are aspirations there or not…..

    I could see Rubio as VP.

    I loved a commenter’s suggestion that Perry make Palin his Press Secretary, just to watch MSM heads explode……

  363. Sarah for Secretary of State.

    *holds tarp up between self and DaveinTexas’ head*

  364. Anderson Mitchell is here now, it must be serious.

  365. I broke up a dog fight in the house over an hour ago, and I’m STILL tired from it. (Stupid grand-dog doesn’t know her place in the pecking order…..)

    I hate this disease – can I haz remission now?

  366. I’d like to see a Perry/West ticket.

  367. Andrea, even. Stupid Android.

  368. So, they did come back for Cain. Couldn’t reallyhear him, but he sounded fired up.

  369. There are thunder boomers but no rain. Where’s the rain?

  370. its pouring over here Jewstin and I am just like 5 miles from you

  371. Guys like West need to stay in the House a while longer.

  372. Cain was most certainly fired up.

  373. Caught the tail end of Cain on CSPAN; not too shabby.

  374. Sohos, stop stealing all the rain!

  375. With Rick Perry sucking all the air out of the room, I’m surprised there aren’t tornado warnings in Iowa right now.

  376. Jay: are you near Andrea Mitchell? I just saw her on. Maybe you could stand behind her and wave to us!

  377. Guys like West need to stay in the House a while longer.

    Well sure. But West himself needs to pile drive Joe Biden. Who wouldn’t pay to see that?

  378. Spotted Robert stacy mccain. Haven’t spotted se cupp though.


  379. My cat could pile drive Biden in a debate.

  380. Hey! Where is Sox anyway? Still in South America, or what?

  381. Jay, if you see Dana Perino, tell her that MJ says, ‘no, the phillips head screwdriver.’ She’ll know what I’m talking about.

  382. Comment by xbradtc on August 13, 2011 4:07 pm
    Guys like West need to stay in the House a while longer.


  383. NEW POAT

  384. Fox really has an outrageous Hot Newsbabe bias. I’ve been watching all afternoon and I feel like I’ve had Telemundo on this whole time. Half-expecting these two broads talking about gas prices to start hurling spanish curses at each other and roll around on the floor.

  385. Humpy, yeah, the furball is still working in Brazil and having his fur stroked by a bevvy of beauties at the Copacabana.

  386. I have no idea what’s going on here, I just thought I should share

    I don’t know either, but whatever it is, my pool is available for their next event.

  387. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the ladies. And Congratulations on the new Baby Hostage, Henry Wayne Rosetta! And those green […]

  388. That’s one cute kid you got there. How would he like to star in my next film?

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