Have at it

Anyone up for a little “Fun With Captioning” today?

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Oh and here; this was kind of cool.

Now get back to work or masturbating or whatever the hell it is you do.


  1. Picture #1:
    Tastes like chicken.

  2. Picture #1:

    Tastes rike chricken.

  3. Heh.

  4. Loved the photos to music, Andy. Watched awhile ago and ‘needed time’ to just think about your lady and how you guys are gonna miss her. You can see her sweet spirit in the pics. So, major hugs, Pal.

    Peel, so glad to hear you have that doc. Sounds like a major blessing to you. I agree with Carin, however… stay home for as long as you can. My Michael will agree. Hahahaha!

    … and Cyn, thanks for treating us. The chocolate milk and Krispy Kreme are hitting the spot.

    Better day today? We shall see.

  5. Picture #1:

    Cros sheve

  6. Picture #3

    Babies on one end…..babymaker on the other.

  7. Who wants to do my workout for me this morning? I’m having a real hard time getting motivated today.

  8. Pic #2

    I swear to God honey, I have no idea…

  9. Picture #2:

    Even government whores get their piece of the action!

    Screwing you coming and going.

  10. Photo #2 has been updated like a mofo. Go look now.

  11. My sister got a couple of betta fish for my nephew. He named them Chef Fish and Mickey Fish. I suggested calling the latter Mickey Fin.

    So far, 2/4 people have gotten the joke, and only one of them (my dad, of course) actually laughed.

  12. Hotspot, I had to look twice.


  13. Picture #2:

    8.1% sales tax??? WTF??!?? That’s outRAGeous!!!

  14. Picture #2:
    Don’t forget to rinse and spit.

  15. That Pic #4 is kind of creeping me out. That face looks so human.

  16. Sure hope to get the chance to meet your folks someday, Peel.

    Picture #3

    Following in Daddy’s footsteps.

  17. Picture #4: Lauraw never thinks of the poor victims of her insane Portuguese recipes…..

  18. Picture #3:
    Um, Rosetta, these are not the baby pics we were hoping for.

  19. Picture #2: Well, it’s still cheaper than being married.

  20. Picture #3:

    Honey, have you seen the twins lately?

  21. Wiser. Hahahahaha!

    Y’all, my morning is so much better now, and the day is bound to go well. Fanx and smoochies.

    Picture #4

    WTF?! Thought I knew what making hay would get me, but this isn’t it.

  22. Picture #4:

    Fukushima caterpillar?

  23. Picture #1:

    Morning breath. You have it.

  24. Picture #1

    Let’s get a room, lose the suits, and do this right.

  25. Walter E. Williams always hits a homer.


    Stupid liberals.

  26. #1: Hold still…ok, got the eyelash!

  27. Picture #4:

    Stand up Llama, let us see ya! Oh, god. What am I talking about.

    –Joe Biden

  28. Forcing kids to work for their beer? Shame on you.

  29. Wiser, you gonna go to the Busway thing at CCSU Thursday?

  30. Scott – WOW! 30,000!?!!

  31. So I am at docs. Office to get my staples out and there is this huge waiting room separated into two sitting areas the way the furniture is arranged. One side all blacks the other side all whites. Th only available chair was on the black side, so I tool it. I feel like a traitor

  32. #4 We have wormsign

  33. count, the Rosa Parks of our generation

  34. I didn’t actually “tool” it. I took it then I was spell checked.

  35. Wiser, you gonna go to the Busway thing at CCSU Thursday?

    Sure. You?

  36. from Scott’s link:

    but “I am confident no official CMU site would promote this kind of activity.”

    nooooooooooooo…. never………….

  37. 30,000 is the cut, not the total.

    Mind is blown.

    We probably do that here too, if we don’t I am sure we will soon.

  38. Happy Tuesday: 931 days of failure. 931 days of class warfare. 931 days of regulatory overreach. 931 days of pointing fingers. 931 days of profligate spending. 931 days of shifting the blame. 931 days of a downward spiral.

    931 days of the Obama administration.

  39. 931 days of ass rape.

  40. Yep. Revvy wants to go too.


    Russell watched helplessly as the rapist approached…

  41. 931 days of ass rape.

    Lube up, he ain’t done yet.

  42. We need a Brewfan update on the WI recall elections.

  43. I say if rosie doesn’t update us soon, we vote him off the island.


  44. Give him a break, Car in, he’s still having the baby’s portrait finished. The painter’s almost done.

  45. WHO’S WITH ME?

    Hell YES!

  46. Ray discusses watching gay porn when you are straight.


  47. Laura–HAHAHA!

  48. Onstad is a genius.

  49. *holds mirror up to poat’s nose*

    *calls for priest*

  50. Pat is an asshole. Every comic strip needs one.


  51. Picture #1: Me wruv you wrong time.

    And hey, the person who saved the receipt in Picture #2 probably itemizes his Sales Tax deductions……

  52. The ” Happy Ending” is going to cost A LOT more than $50.

  53. John McCain is an F’ing idiot!!

  54. “Fuck along, now.”

    I want a bumper sticker that says that.

  55. Mare – This is a revelation?

  56. This should make you Texas folks feel a little cooler: FoxNews: Texas Once Linked to Antarctica, Researchers Say

  57. I want one that just says FYNQ so I can be privately obscene.

  58. “Fuck along, now.”

    Heh. You need to say that in a bored, dismissive tone.

  59. Heh, google search of fynq brings up a Brewfan/Michael quote as the first result.

  60. That’s from Retired Geezer’s “FYNQ” entry at Urban Dictionary, right?

  61. Yep. I brought up the mousepad on the adbar, and I’m thinking I should order it. Except it’s inappropriate for the office.

    *still laughing

  62. Dead?

  63. *recites a solemn bard over poat*

  64. The puns write themselves. http://is.gd/Lf73KO

  65. Car in, if you need any new equipment I would get it soon.

    The smartest man alive just made sure that we won’t be able to afford them starting in 2014.


  66. The puns write themselves. http://is.gd/Lf73KO

    Like there aren’t enough dumbasses in California already…..

  67. Like there aren’t enough dumbasses in California already…..

    – – – –

    dude stole my line!

  68. dude stole my line!

    it’s a CT thing. You wouldn’t understand……

  69. Did you know California has paid maternity leave?

    I bet businesses love that.

  70. bet they don’t

  71. One of the beeeg companies I worked with in CA was ChevronTexaco, a fairly “open to that sort of thing” California-dreamin kind of company.

    They moved out of San Francisco though in the 90s. The prevailing view was “it didn’t matter what the hell we did to appease them, it was never enough”.

  72. Democratic leaders of Congress told the Supreme Court on Monday that President Obama’s stance on Medicaid will place more roadblocks in front of low-income people seeking healthcare, according to a New York Times report.

    The leaders said Medicaid beneficiaries should be able to file suit to enforce their right to care and to challenge state Medicaid cuts. The Obama administration holds that beneficiaries and healthcare providers should not be able to sue state officials over cuts to Medicaid payment rates.

    ….Well, I have to give credit where credit is due.

    The friend-of-the-court brief was filed by seven Democrat leaders, including Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.), Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

    Sounds like a setup for a Carnac gag.


    Name a windbag, a douchebag and a scumbag.


  73. 4 months paid leave per kid.

    That explains all the lezbos out there, straight chicks can’t find work.

  74. 77 degrees out there. Too hot to run?

  75. *applies gel to defibrillator paddles*

  76. Holy shit, the Dow is in negative territory again?

    Did Obama give another speech??

  77. CLEAR!

  78. 107 degrees here, Carin, but not too hot to mow the lawn.

  79. what happens if you don’t cle…

    *bites through my tongue and hits the floor twitching

  80. Where’s compos been, btw?

    I was thinking of him this morning.

  81. compos? I dunno

    *scoots crate behind the tarp in the garage… whistling

  82. Dave, did the TSA get a good grab on ya this morning?

  83. Hahahaha

    Chief, you shit stirrer.

  84. Without comment: http://fwd4.me/08cV

  85. Wonder how Mare’s weight loss is going?


  86. *Shoos flies off poat’s face while waiting for the morgue van*

  87. Afternoon honeys. How much more bad is the market today than yesterday. I’m too lazy/tired to go look. I’m vewwy vewwy nervous about Wisconsin.

  88. Work wasn’t so bad. I had to cut 2 hours and Napoleonette wasn’t there.

  89. Lemme help ya, Laura.

    Done this sort of thing before…

  90. No new baby pics? WTF? Momma will prolly go home tomorrow which means someone has time to poat us some.

  91. *Puts lilies on poat to keep the stink down*

    Here’s a little pick-me-up:

    (h/t: Instapundit, seen at Legal Insurrection)

  92. Evening all. I second Beasn’s indignation over the lack of new baby pics.

  93. Dow Jones is about the same as where’d we closed yesterday… Maybe 2.6 up. Fed announced earlier that interest rates would be kept at near zero but we would not have another round of quantitative easing… So that is good.

  94. Interest rates held at near zero until after the election.

  95. So…..we’re taking DD#3 to college in NY at the end of the month; wondering if we should swing by Philadelphia to visit DD#1, as that is where she is working right now.

    Now I’m reading about all of the stuff that’s going on around there, and I’m halfway tempted to go there and drag her back to Texas…..

  96. Did not get molested by TSA either yesterday or today.

    Maybe it’s me?

  97. Oh gross, I haven’t been really following the Warren Jeffs stuff but the few things I have read……..*BARFS*

    That muthafuUUUUUUUUUUUUu better get his ass beat in the big house. 50 brides…..on front page for now


    I hear that when babies were born that had ‘issues’, they would be drowned.

  98. I gots scanned and my bag was searched.

    I thought I checked it but whateves.

  99. Interest rates should be permitted to rise a tad if that is where the market takes them… Problem is that so much of our economy is controlled by government and non-market forces now. Not sure what would happen in the short run.

    Crap, I hate this shit.

  100. 78 wives ….yeesh

  101. It’s good to be the queen….


    And why take only one daughter, not both of them?

  102. And why take only one daughter, not both of them?

    Because she only loves one of them. . . the other is an unwelcome burden.

  103. so much of our economy is controlled by government and non-market forces now.

    By the likes of Dodd, Frank, Soros, etc……

    *still wonders why Soros is not room temperature or why his ass isn’t retired in dirt*

  104. “Now I’m reading about all of the stuff that’s going on around there, and I’m halfway tempted to go there and drag her back to Texas…..”

    Nice huh? Flash mobs organized by text messaging on government issued cell phones.

  105. If I were parent of a fallen soldier, prince Barry, had better keep his distance.

  106. If I were parent of a fallen soldier, prince Barry, had better keep his distance.

    I’m an old, retired fart and his posturing makes me want to kick the shit out of a brick wall for an hour or two.

  107. Teresa, mayor of Philly to punks-

    “You have damaged your own race”

    Now he needs to bitch slap a few of them like a real father would have.


  108. Chief, if one is to be a ‘Commander in Chief’, one must be required to serve some time where ‘his’ troops are having the worst of it.

  109. Anybody else figure Barry got beat up a lot as a kid?

    Just wondering…

  110. Anybody else figure Barry got beat up a lot as a kid?
    My guess is that this is the first time he’s gotten his ass kicked, which is the problem.

    I would wager that he’s only gotten his ass kissed

  111. I don’t think he did Cathy, unless it was in Indonesia. I think he was coddled and his turds gold-plated, thus the stick up his ass condescension.

    His peers probably ignored him because he was a big goober.

  112. Okay, I did not use the italic thingie and I got italicized. WordPress is pooping in my comment box.

  113. testes



  114. Haha. Beasn broke WP.

    *backhands internet

  115. Beasn, maybe that’s why his mom sent him back to Hawaii.

  116. IT’S BOKE

  117. Hahahahahaha

    Way to go BeasnsKneesns.

  118. Total bullshit that there’s an 8% charge on rent a mare.

  119. Has Ace been here to fuck up the open tag??

  120. Beasn, you might be right. But sumpin really stinks about him. That arrogance is not new. I’m looking under rocks here.

  121. trying to fix now…

  122. another test

  123. me thinks it was MJ…testing

  124. Yay!

  125. *smooches Cyn*

  126. Cyn for the win!


  127. This is for MJ only! http://is.gd/dkkHFl

  128. Wow, for a bit there, I thought this was a right leaning blog.


  129. MJ – Break it again and you’ll be mess cranking until the Rapture.

  130. HAHA! Well that was good for a few laughs.

    Now we can get back to bitching because there’s no freaking pictures of Henry!11ty!

  131. I was really trying to find the open/close tag Tits shirt for MJ, but alas. Anyone have a linky for future use?

  132. This is for MJ only! http://is.gd/dkkHFl


  133. don’t………click……..on………link…….P………J………or……..else…… STOP.

  134. Cyn – http://fwd4.me/08cu

  135. Anyone have any good recommendations on a 3 in 1 wireless printer that is easy to use? My FIL wants one, and I want to make sure I’m not technical assistance for the next six months.

  136. Cyn ♥’s MCPO.

    If it’s any consolation MJ, I used to wear this shirt. A lot.

  137. Not HP, Roamy. Buy anything but, and I’m guessing you’ll do fine.

  138. damn it! I clicked. SONOFABITCH!


  140. FIL was thinking about Kodak because they advertise they have the cheapest refills, but I hate the one Kodak printer I’ve worked with.

  141. MJ – Break it again and you’ll be mess cranking until the Rapture.
    I don’t speak Old Navy™.

    Thanks for fixing everything.

    *punches self

  142. *gives MJ an extra kick in the poon for GP*

  143. RFH, this one I just got is working out ok. And for $70 bucks, if you hate it you can throw it away.


  144. Can I kick MJ in the poon even though I have no idea what’s going on?

  145. Absolutely! He’s still a n00b and should be kicked weekly, as well as massaging our feet and bringing us drinks with pretty umbrellas.

    *snaps fingers toward MJ to get crackalackin*

  146. Oh man, I sure could use a foot rub. I mean, I’m gonna have to watch Garren at soccer practice today. Do you understand how exhausting that is?

  147. MJ’s not a n00b. Not after that meatup.

    But he should still bring PJM and Cyn drinks with little umbrellas if he has any sense of self-preservation.

  148. Not after that meatup.

    I hate it when I miss good stuff.

  149. Thank you, Dave.

  150. Epson – accept no substitutes.

  151. The Southern Poon Kickers would be a great name for a band.

  152. Got same printer Dave has about a month or so ago.

    I’m pleased and the price is right.

    Got mine at Sam’s cheaper… And the ink things were cheap with their sale too, so I stocked up. Can’t believe how fast that sucker prints too. Still want to learn more about the wireless part of it…

  153. Creedence Clearwater Poonkickers.

  154. Picture #2 is awesome, btw.

  155. You do have a point about the meatup, Roamy.

  156. heh

  157. The Blue Poon Hounds.

  158. Cathy, we’re a 1) Windows 7 laptop and 2) Mac household, with wireless, and the occasional drop in kid, all iPhones too (shut up Michael you’re welcome already), so a wireless printer was importante.

    The set up was easy, our last wireless printer was an HP too, back when wireless printers were as rare as spontenaety.

    Carts will always be pricey, the real money in printers has always been consumables, always will be. Glad you got a deal on the carts. (I’m going to Sams now so thanks for the tip).

    And yeah, it’s way faster than the old clunkmobile. Scans well. Photos look good.

    The cart-replacement routine, where you have to print an alignment page and scan it to align the carts, kind of a negative. My only minor complaint.

  159. **psst, MJ, no marked bills, m’kay?

  160. Ouch. I’m in pain here.

    some sympathy?

    and a drink.

    with an umbrella.

  161. No whiney bitches on this blog.

  162. Peel has been quiet for a while.

    Just sayin’.

  163. *snaps fingers toward MJ to get crackalackin*
    *Pushes pitchers of mohitos toward all the chicks.

    There. Off to dinner with the family.

  164. I don’t care what those emails say, you can stay MJ. Have fun at dinner.

  165. I need a drink something fierce right now and I’m looking at 3 more weeks without one!!!

  166. I have a Brother MFC 7860 DW. It is a wireless Black & White Laser 3in1 with a fax so that is kind of a 4in1. I paid $120 for it. 5000 copy toner cartridges are $40.

  167. Carin, we got no umbrellas. We do have hand painted wooden tropical birds on swizzle sticks for stirring your concoction.

    Michael got them in Brazil on business trip…

    *mixes drink, sticks birdie in glass, slides toward Carin*

  168. The cart-replacement routine, where you have to print an alignment page and scan it to align the carts, kind of a negative.

    I think that’s a deal-killer. Seriously, my FIL can barely deal with plugging it in.

  169. >> I hate it when I miss good stuff.

    We have the best parties ever.

  170. I have an HP photosmart that uses a different cartridge for black (grey) when printing photos. Every time I swap the black cartridge it demands to do an alignment page. Fuck that. Never again.

    And all of my photographer friends swear that Epson is superior – mainly because their papers and ink are better.

  171. So sorry, Sohos. Got a suggestion I learned from a gal friend long time ago. When you can’t drink but want to fool your taste buds, squeeze a wedge of lemon or lime in a glass of water or lightly sweetened lime or lemonade. The little bite from the citrus helps you think you are drinking a vodka tonic or sumpin similar.

    Ok. Just an idea… Sorry…

  172. Oh, and HP is notorious for infecting your OS with all kinds of bullshit.

  173. Sohos, why are you on the wagon?

  174. My wireless printing problem has to do with our wifi, Dave.

    Got it working… Then something caused problems, not sure what, and it would no longer print wireless for me. Now that I’m home again I need to get back to finding the root problem.

  175. >> I think that’s a deal-killer. Seriously, my FIL can barely deal with plugging it in.

    Don’t do it then. It’s annoying, I can deal but I’ll bet you would be techsupporty too much on that.

    Hey, eliminating bad choices is helping!

  176. >> Oh, and HP is notorious for infecting your OS with all kinds of bullshit.

    That’s interesting folklore. I will admit, my experience is anecdotal, but it’s sound. Never happened here.

    Cathy, don’t mess with it. I’ll come see ya and fix it and if I could have some pie that would be nice.

  177. Name your pie price, Dave.

  178. Hotspur I am on a very restrictive diet…sigh

  179. I am forever turning off HP stuff so it doesn’t mess with my OS. It really slows down my poor little machine.

    Too bad really; HP used to make an awesome product. It was even worth paying the high prices of the cartridges. No more though.

  180. Sohos, that’s why God invented weed.

  181. HP – high price…..huh.

  182. >> Name your pie price, Dave.

    Is there a pie called “awesome hug?”

  183. there should be, I’m just sayin

  184. If I had weed then I would eat…munchies and all that. Thanks for the tip Cathy

  185. Good point, Sohos.

  186. Hobbit meeting.


  187. Rosie Cotton dancing. . . she had ribbons in her hair.


  188. HP sucks. The unneeded alignment page, and the crapware that they insist has to go along with the printer drivers.

  189. **pokes thread with a stick**

  190. Ow. Sharp stick.

  191. I’d hang around, but I find printer discussions as exciting as watching grass grow.

  192. Cyn, just be glad it was a stick I poked you with.

  193. For large format Plotters we used to call them Hp is fantastic. For home printers I hate them with a passion. They install 4 processes to keep you up to date, then they install 2 processes to up the update processes.

  194. The sun is still out: It’s too early for you to be poking the poat with anything other than a stick.

  195. Actually, I was sitting here trying to see if there was a way for me to somehow bluetooth a few pics I took today of a Black Hawk flying around on the nearby Reservation to my HP printer. Stupid machine.

  196. Where is Mare? Oh nevermind………CYN! http://i.imgur.com/c9sW0.jpg

  197. Well, I might throw a rock at it…

  198. just be glad it was a stick I poked you with.

    xbrad, you better be glad that it was a stick you poked her with.

  199. Riots fixed.

  200. SCOTT!!

    I want one of those NOW please!!! Better make it two. Awwwww!

  201. An armed populace is a populace that does not put up with looter bullshit.

  202. Been napping. Zzzzz.

    My family has had HP printers for a long time and never had any problems. The occasional time we’ve gotten a different brand, it’s crapped out within a year. I’ve never had an HP crap out on me; my ancient 932c was still working just fine when I finally got a new printer a few years ago. That one, no longer new, is connected to the NAS right now and still going strong. I know a lot of people have had problems with HP, but I’ve never experienced any myself.

    What I really want is a multi-page document scanner…I have tons of old documents, mostly dumb stories I wrote when I was a kid, that I would love to scan and archive before they’re ruined by heat/water/plain old age. But that would cost like $400 and wouldn’t have many other applications, so I haven’t gotten one. Maybe someday when I’m rich.

  203. HA! Obama’s approval rating in this state is 60%.

    We are number one!

  204. Napping? So then it’s settled, 10th or 11th.

  205. Scott – No newspapers and limited internet in Connecticut?

  206. The 11th might be an apropos day, what with the CME hitting the Earth and all. BOOM…and then there was a Baby Peelio.

  207. Well apparently not everyone in Great Britain can’t find their balls.


  208. HA! Obama’s approval rating in this state is 60%.

    Why? What the hell is wrong with CT? How much of our tax moneys are Conneticuttians getting?

  209. *double negative.. D’OH

  210. Dave – The indigenous population has been cowed by years of prosecution of white people defending themselves from thugs and thieves.

  211. It’s a numbers game MCPO. If you add up the government employees, union workers, and professionally unemployed we are at about 75% of the voters..

    We are the model for Obamanomics.

  212. Heh, I likey this quote –

    “The police wanted to arrest one of my friends because he punched some of the guys,” said a waiter at the Somine restaurant. “We didn’t let them.”

  213. Scott, there was a headline a while back that Obama’s approval in TX was like 45% or something. My reaction was, “That high??”

    Baby Peel is so getting a spanking once he gets out here. He’s thrashing around and clobbering me in the bladder and sticking his feet under my ribs.

    Now, what to have Will fix me for dinner…hmmmmm…

  214. Methinks Baby Peel is getting ready to launch – he’s just doing the pre-flight positioning…..

  215. Peel – I certainly hope Will is waiting on you, hand and foot!

  216. In honor of Britain’s riots, I watched Harry Brown the other night.

    Highly recommended.

  217. I’ll second Leon’s recommendation. Takes a while to get going, but ends strong.

  218. This whole wilding yoot flash mob phenomenon has me contemplating my concealed carry situation and thinking carrying a couple of extra mags might not be a bad idea.

    Nope. Not a bad idea at all.

  219. Mrs. Peel, does baby like to be tickled? My son would stick his foot waaay out to get tickled. He still likes tickles. The daughter would put a foot out and pull it back so fast when I would poke on it…..she likes the tickle but it’s too intense.

  220. Andy, I’d double up in general. Fanny pack holster, plus shoulder.

  221. Okay, no more printer discussions. I sent an email off to FIL and will wait to hear back.

  222. done running the kids around.

    Just tipped back my second glas of vino.

    sore foot up. aaah.

  223. Dunno yet. I usually rub his foot to get him to tuck it back where it belongs. While it is amusing to see the tiny foot poking out, it doesn’t feel so great…

    I absolutely hate being tickled; always have and always will. So I doubt I’ll do more than an occasional brief mini-tickle to the baby, unless I can tell he actually likes it. The problem with tickling, as I know from experience, is that it looks like you’re enjoying it even when you are hating every millisecond and fighting your hardest to get away from the tickler.

    (yes I would totally talk the second my interrogator even looked like he wanted to tickle me. that’s why I’m not a spy)

  224. what I’m listening to right now :Beware of Darkness.

  225. >> Nope. Not a bad idea at all.

    No it ain’t. I carry at least one extra all the time for that reason.. there’s some kind of turning point with a gang, you have to impress them with your willingness and ability to keep killin em.

  226. Peel – those who like it sit there and taunt you to tickle them again.

    My kids love being tickled.

  227. I always keep two mags loaded with hollow points. I don’t ever want to use ’em, but if I have to, I’m going to aim for the shoulders so I can watch their arms come off.

  228. This bowl of fruit Will fixed for me tastes sooooo sweet. Mmmmmm.

  229. Car in is listening to Clapton?

    Up is down.

    I am scared and outta here.

  230. It’s metaphorically flavored with the sweat of his brow. *savors every drop*

  231. It’s just ’cause of the song, scott. I lurv it. concrete blond covered it back in 86 or so.

  232. right now I’m listening to Metallica. Master of Puppets.

  233. Did anybody steal anybody else’s Lucky Charms today?

  234. For anyone who might be interested, I’m getting an iPad.

  235. Hey, C arin, did you watch the No Reservations with the guy from QOTSA last night?

  236. For anyone who might be interested, I’m getting an iPad.
    Excellent. I’ve been using my Mom’s while she’s here and may pick one up.

  237. I carry 2 8 round mags for my ultra carry .45 but only 6 in my Kahr so I can only shoot 22 zombies. Unless I am close to my truck. Then I am good to go for quite a while.

  238. MJ
    Email me!

  239. V—

    My dad is here now! I’ll ask him if he’s still in.

  240. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwE58OUShE8

  241. Huh. I thought the lead singer on this song was a chick…


  242. I’ve hated Apple irrationally for twenty years, and I want an ipad so bad. The dissonance between these two feelings is killing me.

  243. Anyone up for some camping?


  244. Sean, Mr. L. and I watched Black Dynamite (the movie) a few months ago and laughed our asses off.

  245. Let go of your hate, young Jedi.

  246. Henry????



  247. Until this afternoon, when I was looking up the cartoon on IMDb, I didn’t know it was originally a movie. I’ll have to check that out.

  248. MCPO, after that Polar Bear attack in Norway, no way!

    Well, yes, the answer was no way even before that. No sleeping on the ground where bugs can crawl over me.

  249. or fire ants

  250. Sean, Mr. L. and I watched Black Dynamite (the movie) a few months ago and laughed our asses off.

    It’s been in my Netflix queue ever since the last time it was mentioned here. Unfortunately my queue is pretty long.

  251. so here’s this google chrome thing.



    HAHAHAHA! That is about to be a header pic!

  253. Evening guys.
    My family is really weird to watch movies with.

  254. Now we know where XBrad disappeared to


  255. Revvy – How come?

  256. I don’t talk during movies.

    Don’t mean I ain’t weird.

    Also midget showgirls is just wrong.

  257. Someone feel free to punch up the tag line.

  258. Nice costume, Dave

  259. All you need to know, MCPO, is that this exchange occurred during the film:

    Me: Flaming Teddy bear! I call flaming teddy bear in the next minute!
    (minute later)

  260. >> Someone feel free to punch up the tag line.


  261. Punchy indeed.

    I like it.

  262. heh

  263. #2
    Additional Mistress

    Additional Distress

  264. Heh – looks like the Dems are only going to win one of the six recall elections.

    Guess old Georgy Boy is gonna hafta cough up a lot of that sweet downgrade cash he made the other day if he wants to get folks to support the Democrats in 2012 elections…..

    Seems as if the folks in Wisconsin really DO want to live in a Republican state……

  265. I’m sure you all were worried, but the emergency crisis with my fingernail has been averted. Super glue to the rescue. Whew.

  266. Typing with wet nails seems to be posing a bit more of a problem than anticipated.

  267. >> Heh – looks like the Dems are only going to win one of the six recall elections.

    Look again. It’s going to come down to District 8.

  268. Teresa, what about the recall of the dems who fled? Or is that on another day?

  269. I just looked at a few pictures of the SEALs who perished. Such beautiful spirits.

    I feel like throwing up.

    Effing commie in chief can give a flying f*ck less.

  270. “Which smells worse: Henry’s diaper or your comment? ”

    it’s not me…. it’s Dad dammitt!
    don’t make me track you down and put a cap in yo binky punk…


    I just done got a batch of homemade kimchi from my neighbors. And it’s got spicy radishes in it, too!

  272. *puts clothespin on nose*

    Hey Sean, what’s up?

  273. I’ma take the dog for a walk in a couple minutes. I’ll try not to fart eastward.

  274. Henry’s Diaper, please tell your changer that we need some pictures please!! And that he’s missed too.

  275. Well, you can always blame it on the dog.


    Number of diapers I’ve changed: 2

    Number of diapers I’ve changed like a fucking champion: 0

    When the nurses change Henry, they throw him around like he’s a sack of non-ass potatoes and they can change a diaper and wrap him up like a burrito in 5 seconds.

    I change him like I’m polishing a Ming vase and it take 4 minutes, all of which suck ass for Henry and me.

    In other news, he’s is a world breast feeding champion. Good boy.

    Tomorrow is official picture day so more pictures to follow. And when he cries, which is still rare, his lower lip quivers which I’m pretty sure is a drama queen move and I’m not buying it.

    Lastly, today Henry and I hung out for 3 hours while mom slept and he didn’t cry once. He did fart most of the time but I assume that means he loves me. He knows his daddy and that’s the best thing ever.

    More news to follow…

  277. That sounds wonderful Rosetta!! Hugs and kisses to all of you. Try to get some sleep if you can, easier said than done with a beautiful son to stare at. xoxoxo

  278. It’s not all that hot out. Why am I sweating so much?

    Oh, right. The whole fat guy thing.

  279. I sense a pride that only comes with parenthood. Congrats to ya, sirlancealot.

  280. Henry and I hung out for 3 hours while mom slept and he didn’t cry once. He did fart most of the time

    He and Floyd are gonna get along just fine. They can have contests.

  281. Ah, he knows his daddy. Great to hear from you Rosie — it sure beats discussions about printers.


  282. Awww sounds like he takes after Floyd!

    Is he making those adorable newborn puppy grunts? And yeah, that sleep thing….you better get it while you can.

  283. When the nurses change Henry, they throw him around like he’s a sack of non-ass potatoes and they can change a diaper and wrap him up like a burrito in 5 seconds.



  284. Hah. OMG that was awful to watch Sean. I wonder how long that kid would have been allowed to stay in the home once CPS got their hands on that video.

  285. What happens in Russia, Stays in Russia.

  286. Meh…sleep is overrated. Henry squeaks a lot which is fun to listen to while he sleeps.

    I forget if I said this already but I’ve been stealing Henry hospital blanket wraps each night and Floyd and I sleep with them so he gets used to Henry’s scent. So far so good.

    They’re going to be best friends.

    We’ve discovered that when people visit and the nurse says aloud “you’ve had enough visitors today and you and Henry aren’t getting enough rest”, the visitors in the room think the nurse is talking about the OTHER visitors. Oblivious!

    Today, the thing I like most about you people is that you don’t live in St. Louis. Hahaha.

    Seriously…if I spend another hour with my family in the hospital room, I’m going to turn cutter.

  287. In Putin’s Russia, you throw up on baby.

  288. Today, the thing I like most about you people is that you don’t live in St. Louis. Hahaha.

    I was raised a Cubs fan. The Arch is stupid.

    (I won’t bother making disparaging remarks about StL sports teams since you don’t give a shit.)

  289. Very good call on teh blankets, Rosie. That will help bunches and Floyd is less likely to think that Henry is a Scooby Snack. And feel free to boot out the visitors, they will understand, especially if you hold the door open for them as you tell them to GTFO in a sweet voice. You will have to do this when you get home too, but also keep in mind that a quick nap for you and Mommy can be yours when family is over.

    Sweet Dreams to you, Daddy, and all the other cool kids here. Can’t wait for pics tomorrow. See you then.

  290. (I won’t bother making disparaging remarks about StL sports teams since you don’t give a shit.)

    We have sports teams?

    I was raised a Cubs fan. The Arch is stupid.



    I think the Arch and the Cubs have both won the same number of World Series in the last 100 years.

    And the Arch can’t pitch for shit.

    Good night all.


  291. Hi Daddy Rosetta.

    Such fun to have you paling with the late night crowd.

    Love hearing the good news. Hugs and smooches for you, Mrs. & Henry and good Floyd too…

  292. I think the Arch and the Cubs have both won the same number of World Series in the last 100 years.

    You’ve got me there, but, um, at least Chicago doesn’t have a gigantic frowny-face as its symbol!

    (I’m not even actually from Chicago.)

  293. Insomniac HHD is up.

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