Why Not Let The Honey Badger Run The Country?

Hell, he can’t fuck anything up any worse than the crew there now.


  1. Now, THIS is a birthday present I would have liked to send Barry – thanks, Politico!


  2. Furst!

  3. …NOT!

  4. *pictures mayonnaise when seeing the word malaise*

  5. …Hellmans! Of course.

  6. **tackles Cathy**

    **gives her the “Best Foods” special**

  7. Why not the tangy zip of Miracle Whip?

    So, I took daughter to Penneys the other day for some clothes shopping. They had a decent sale and we spent more than $200. We get home and there is a Penneys flyer in the mail saying, spend $100 get $20 off, $75 gets you $15 off, etc.. Grrrr….

    They let me bring my receipt back in and rerung it for me. Girl rang it up in two separate orders and I got $35 off.

    Most excellent savings on top of the already decent sale prices, especially in the current climate.

  8. And with that, back to work and hoping Napoleonette decides to quit on her lunch break.

  9. Nice save, beasn.

    But really, Miracle Whip over real mayo? Have you fallen down lately? Hit your head?

  10. Good move, Beasn.


  12. Re: Politico, they actually think they can pick up Georgia??? What are they smoking?

  13. Politico also has been pimping Huntsman for months, so I take their analysis as a sign to do the opposite of what they want.

  14. Re: Politico, they actually think they can pick up Georgia??? What are they smoking?


  15. They’re going to need a Chicago-style vote in Atlanta to get enough.

  16. here I have some fun with a Politico dipshit

  17. Major Kudos, Beasn! Definitely worth a trip back to the store. BTW — recently read that Penny’s is doing well financially. Kinda surprised but happy to hear it.

    Miracle Whip has it’s place. My SIL asked us to bring on our trip to Britain (or mail her) some Miracle Whip when they lived in London. Sheesh! If you check the ingredients, you can kinda make your own Miracle Whip when appropriate.

    Bring on the Hellmans! Bring out the Best!

    *slathering dry rub on pork roast – prepping my pulled pork*

    *mouth waters*

  18. *tackles Cathy*

    *gives her the ‘secret sauce”*

  19. *sneaks behind Cathy and gives her ‘the coleslaw side’*

  20. **slips Cynabuns the “baked beans”**

  21. *gives xbrad “the sweet relish”*

  22. *eats fried chicken.

    Did I do that right? I really like fried chicken so I saved it for myself.

  23. What? No “Texas toast”?

  24. Pretty close, MJ.

    Except you really shouldn’t fuck the chicken beforehand.

  25. Except you really shouldn’t fuck the chicken beforehand.
    Beggars, choosers. However that phrase goes.

  26. *pushes poat off a cliff and watches it fall into the ocean*

    *lights a cigarette and makes a phone call*

    * “It’s done.” *


  27. *gazes at poat’s crumpled and sodden remains washing up against the shoreline,

    “Well well well, look what the tide washed up”

    *rips off sunglasses


  28. Or was it “puts on sunglasses”?

    I don’t know. He was a faggot in that show anyhow.

    *puts on sunglasses


  29. *pork in dry rub and marinating*

    *now rubbing chicken – basically same dry rub*

    *cole slaw – tomorrow!*


  30. Pulled chicken recipe. New territory for me.

  31. Steaks for dinner tonight. Any suggestions for a marinade?

  32. Vermouth.

    I heard vodka is good too, but the lady who told me that said to use caution if you are broiling indoors. I guess it’s not uncommon for small explosions to blow the oven door open.

  33. roamy, the standard salt, pepper, and garlic powder always works well.

  34. A splash of sweet vermouth about 20 minutes before they go on the flame.

  35. Hey! Who stole my 1,200 Dow points in the last 10 days? Terrorists?

  36. >> A splash of sweet vermouth about 20 minutes before they go on the flame.

    Yeah, but what about what to put on the steaks?

  37. Why vermouth? I haven’t heard that one.

  38. I wonder how Rosetta is enjoying the ride?

  39. Did I miss a “Steak & BJ Day” announcement?

  40. I mean, who has steak mid-week??

  41. Trying to keep up with Texas, Sooners?


  42. I mean, who has steak mid-week??

    Cyn, when Target has ribeyes marked down to $3.99 a lb. They may be awful, but I thought they were worth a try. That’s also why the thought of a marinade, in case they are tough.

  43. The market is being flooded with meat right now.

    Enjoy it while it lasts.

  44. Nice score, Roamy! I hope they are tender for you. I’d always heard about this but never tried it:

    Meat tenderizer:
    As a tenderizer for tough meat or game, make a marinade in the proportion of half a cup of your favorite vinegar to a cup of heated liquid, such as bouillon; or for steak, you may prefer to a mix of vinegar and oil, rubbed in well and allowed to stand for two hours.

    Some friend of ours told us about chuck-eyes at Walmart so we picked up a few…they were awesome and we’ll be picking up those again.

  45. Did I miss a “Steak & BJ Day” announcement?

    – – – –

    check your email – it was supposed to be private!

  46. btw – the steaks are almost ready 😉

  47. Scott, I’m stocking up where I can. New York strips were $6.29 / lb. Funny, though, ground beef was still $3.29.

    Is it the heat wave that’s causing the meat selloff?

  48. RFH, wildfires and drought caused feed prices to skyrocket.

    Ranchers can’t afford to feed them so they are slaughtering them.

    When prices go up they will probably stay there for a while as cows don’t breed very quickly.

  49. Woo-hoo! We’re #1:

    The head of the National Weather Service calls it a heat wave longer than any he can remember — and Dallas is the poster city: 34 straight days at 100 degrees or hotter.

    Meantime, I’ve got Neeraj from Microsoft Support stumped right now – we’re “chatting”, and he had to go check with his source. I know how to screw things up when it comes to computers….

  50. FIL had to sell most of his cows due to the drought – it was getting too expensive to water the grass

  51. >> Is it the heat wave that’s causing the meat selloff?

    Yep. Cows are cheap right now.

  52. Can This Marriage Survive?

    Hellmans vs. Miracle Whip

    I, the peacemaker, have compromised and we use Miracle Whip. Where is my Nobel Peace Prize?

    *tapping foot

  53. The 1980 US Heat Wave

    In Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, high temperatures exceeded 100 °F (38 °C) a total of 69 times, including a record 42 consecutive days from June 23 to August 3. Dallas/Fort Worth reached an all-time high when the temperature hit 113 °F (45 °C) for three consecutive days on June 26-28. In all, the Dallas/Fort Worth area saw 29 days in which the previous record high temperature was either broken or tied

  54. Remind me of this when it’s snowing like a muthafucka


  55. http://theoatmeal.com/blog/miracle_whip

  56. Miracle Whip?

    He probably drinks Pepsi too.

  57. He just laughed at that, Scott. It sounded to me like an evil laugh…

  58. holy fuckshit, came home to take a siesta and the dow was -3 hundie wake up a couple hours later dow down 512 for the day.

    Glad I’m not answering phones at Rosettapalms shop today.

  59. Uh oh, count, I bet my FiL is having a cow. He lost his ass when the shit hit the fan the last time but decided to just play a little bit afterwards. He has the grandkid’s 529s to worry about too.

  60. I don’t eat either Hellmans or Miracle Whip anymore. They upset my stomach for some reason.

    If I could though, either sounds fantastic with ham and a mater. And I miss deviled eggs. Or mixed with tuna. Or slathered on the inside of a grilled ham and cheese and mater……


    stoopid plumbing.

  61. * pukes

  62. Cathy, I suspected Penney’s was doing well, because they have been redoing their stores here recently and they must have a new buyer – they have some really cute stuff (besides the American Living brand – which I lurve).

    Our $175 got us 2 pairs of Levis, 1 Dockers (clearanced AND they fit), 2 belts, 3 pairs of silver earrings, 5 shirts.

    *most of beasnette’s bday shopping is done *

  63. Now that the economy is fixed it’s time for Obama to enjoy a well deserved vacation.

    It will look like he is golfing but he will really be focused like a laser on jobs.

  64. What do they get for a pair of Levis RFH? Last time I was there they wanted $50.

  65. RFH is code for Beasn.

  66. Cavuto just said dems on the hill are claiming that the market proved today that spending cuts were not what the economy needed.


  67. Our $175 got us 2 pairs of Levis, 1 Dockers (clearanced AND they fit), 2 belts, 3 pairs of silver earrings, 5 shirts.

    Nice work, beasn, I’m in awe.

    I love a bargain, and my latest one is v-neck L.E.I. shirts from Wal-Mart for $7. They look awesome on me if I do say so myself, etc. Plus there is the glory of knowing that they were cheap!

  68. Scott, I know you can get men’s for around 30 – 35 on sale. Women’s about $30 – 40. The sale we hit, we got one pair for $33….oh and I just looked, the other pair was their Arizona brand for $18.

    Their brand (AZ) have always fit my tall skinny chirrens well.

    And make that 7 shirts and a pair of flip flops.

    Good sale.

  69. Lipstick, three of the shirts my daughter chose, wound up being $4.92.

  70. I just dropped an egg. I blame beasn.

  71. Remind me of this when it’s snowing like a muthafucka


    Andy, truly this has been one of the most glorious Summers in recent years.
    Could have used just a little more rain, but that is such a minor quibble it feels wrong to even say it.
    Has been simply beautiful with very few bad days.

  72. I got really small in the market towards the end of last week.

    You could see this coming a mile away, although I have to admit I didn’t think it would drop this far.

  73. Brother sent this to sister.

    Discuss –

    ………….”Let’s see: “War Criminal” Bush racked up almost 7 trillion dollars in debt with around 20 plus increases of debt ceiling. Obama so far has added an additional 2.5 trillion dollars to the debt with only what, 5 increases to the debt ceiling. And who do you hate? Do not include banking de-regulation and mortgage fraud and bank bailout “TARP”. Who do you hate? Stop being stupid!!!…….”

  74. *sends Beasn my boys’ school shopping list with sizes and preferred colors*

  75. Yup. My in-laws were up here from Dallas this week and we almost had to call the cops to evict them when it was time for the return flight.

  76. You could see this coming a mile away,

    I was looking for what would be a good deal at what price and started buying.

  77. When Bush passed the baton to Barry, we were how much in debt?

    How many times was the debt ceiling raised under Bush and by how much?

    Banking deregulation by whom?

    We know who sucked on Fanny/Freddy’s balls.

  78. Hello scum. Who bought into the market this afternoon?


  79. beasn, tell him his numbers are wrong for starters. Direct him to this article at noted Reich-wing Rethuglikkkan website CBS news (and it’s old – Obama’s accumulated even more debt on his watch): http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20019931-503544.html

    Banking de-regulation? Why that would be Glass-Steagall enacted under Clinton. Mortgage fraud? Brought to you by Dem house organs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. TARP? IIRC, the only opposition to that pig was the House GOP.

    Or you can just tell him he’s a fucking idiot.

  80. Hahahaha. I was writing that comment and didn’t see beasn’s followup.

  81. Here is more. My sister sent him another article about the debt ceiling and made the remark about ‘how about he stop taking so making f’ing vacations and this is what she got in return…….

    ………”ARE YOU MAD!!! How about congress on vacation for next 4 weeks while thousands of FAA workers are on furlough and may lose their houses!! Stop listening to Rupert Murdoch news… and stop being racist. You should know better; he is not running the nation. Educate yourself before sending me biased garbage.”…………

    The crazy is strong in my brothers.

  82. Rosetta!!!

    How short were you going into the day? Did you cover?

  83. Who bought into the market this afternoon?

    You tell me…….

  84. This isn’t good. I’m about ready to go honey badger on his ass. This little asswad owes me a lot of money.

    There is no reasoning with him so I am going to list him simple facts in simple sentences, then tell him to repay my husband, then call him a dumbass. I’ll report back.


  85. Is this the violent brother, beasn?

  86. Rosetta?


  87. Dell tech support is so fucking bad, today after 40 minutes, I asked if I could talk to Peggy.

    Fucking idiots!

  88. Wiser, no, this is the asshole asshole brother. Total parasite. And asshole. One time, when he had his own business, a client tried to get out of paying him, so he did something to the guy’s furnace? on his last visit, so that it would seize up and break. Or he would trap the neighbor cats who got into his yard and do something with them. I didn’t ask and I didn’t want to know.

    *rethinks things*

    The weird one, I will not have anything to do with – he is full on batshit.

  89. I’m not buying into it strong yet, Rosetta. I put on a straddle last Friday that’s doing very well, though. Very well indeed.

    /Monty Burns voice

  90. he is full on batshit.

    Call him a racist. Tell him it is obvious the only reason he supports The Won is because he is black and that makes him a true racist by every single definition of the word.

    That should send him over the deep end.

  91. Today is a great example of why no one is going to downgrade our debt. At least in the near future.

    If they did, they would be totally ignored as completely irrelevant.

    Obama is moving down the road to a 49 state Mondale-type ass beating in 2012.

  92. Obama is moving down the road to a 49 state Mondale-type ass beating in 2012.

    From your lips to God’s ear.

  93. **tackles Rosetta, gives him the “limit order”

  94. **tackles Rosetta, gives him the “limit order”

    *goes long dong, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

  95. ERCOT issued a level 2 Emergency Power Conservation Warning for the entire Texas grid this afternoon. At level 2, they are shutting down customers who agreed to be paid for that during power emergencies.

    At level 3 there will be rolling blackouts.

    *checks forecast*

    Which is gonna happen.

    *puts on sunglasses*


  96. I can’t WAIT for teh Krugman’s next column.

    Stupid tea partiers.

    I read some bullshit today that libs are blaming the market and economic meltdown on the GOP winning the house 9 months ago.

    But Obama is still blaming shit on Bush who has been out of office for 32 months.



  97. I went long on annacott steel today

  98. Awesome, count!

    Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel.

  99. Roamy, 38k+ pageviews today. You win.

  100. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx1Qn7Ucwvo

  101. It’s old, Count.

    We watched that video while you were still trying to convince Sohos to loan you some turds so you could get out of the hospital.

  102. “*pictures mayonnaise when seeing the word malaise*
    …Hellmans! Of course.”

    HAHAHAHA….That also reminds me of my mom who use to say, “I ONLY use Hellman’s” hahahahaha…..

  103. Hey Andy, thanks for that link. I sent it to my sister along with other ‘facts’. We’ll see how fast he calls her a racist again.

  104. MARE! http://i.imgur.com/dnpwB.jpg

  105. Obama and Perry both inherited Bush’s economy.

    Krugman can kiss my ass.

  106. you would think someone who has owned their own business would be a little smarter, no?

    Well, he used to get pissed when people would call him after hours or before 10am.

    He could have had a very profitable business in a short time, if he would have just wanted to work. He gave his girlfriend 10K to help him get his records straight. She kept the money and wouldn’t give him his records back. HAHAHA…..So he finally got them back and asked me if I would get his records straight. He got pissed when I made him pay me the $200 he promised on completion of said task.

    F*ckng libturd.

  107. Storm damage at NASA

  108. damnit xbrad sucks playing catchup. Here maybe you haven’t seen this one yet

  109. We had a cold front move through today.

    The high was only 113.

  110. Scott is the interwebtube King of awesome kitten/cat links.

  111. Hi Mare! Good to see you again.

  112. How was rehab?

  113. That’s some decent damage Roamy. Will that impact you?

  114. It’s been overcast here, most of the day. No rains. Yet. I hope for some rains.

  115. I can’t believe the Huntsman campaign is imploding.


  116. The rain was light and didn’t last very long here this morning, beasn.

  117. Well….if it isn’t my nemesis Mare.


  118. Mare! http://i.imgur.com/wf9WT.gif

  119. >> I can’t believe the Huntsman campaign is imploding.

    If a tree fell in the forest …

  120. If a tree dandelion fell in the forest …

    There you go.

  121. Cyn, it’s not my building, but I have several friends who work there, and it’s just one more damn thing.

  122. Mare! http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/177/e/9/week_old_wolf_dog_puppy_by_greensh-d3k3ym2.jpg

    The trifecta = kitten, asian kid, puppy.


  123. Inga Barks is subbing for Mark Levin today. Woo-hoo!

    Thank GOD it’s not Tom Marr again.

    Kitchen smells heavenly, btw.

    *mouth waters*

  124. How was your day Rosetta?
    How many phone calls did you get?

  125. How was your day Rosetta?
    How many phone calls did you get?

    My cell phone only dials out. I had some good emails though.

    BUY LOW!!!

  126. Inga Barks


  127. Tom Marr


  128. Hugs, Rosetta.

  129. “I had some good emails though”

    They were probably written in May.

  130. Inga is a bit cuter than Tom.

  131. Inga Barks is one of the worst names ever.

    Sounds like something that bleach or antibiotics would fix.

  132. They were probably written in May.

    They were from March 2000.

    I didn’t even have email then.

  133. Who would like a G&T?

    Beefeater. Lemon, not limes. Beggars can’t be demanders. But they can be kicked in the mangina.

    Decide wisely.

    BTW, my body is falling apart. Tennis elbow for over three weeks now. And my nose is itchy, so that means I’m gonna get in a fight.

    And my nose is big, so it’s going to be a Big Fight.

    *raises eyebrow, curls lip, and snarls*

    *sets battery on shoulder and issues challenging look*

    *battery falls off*

    Hold on.

    *picks up battery, sets it back on shoulder, it promptly falls off again*


    *rifles drawers looking for tube of Gorilla Glue*

    OMG I am so gonna kick ass once this shit is set

  134. I emailed your kids HS graduation gift about a month ago.
    I hope it gets there in time.

  135. I emailed your kids HS graduation gift about a month ago.
    I hope it gets there in time.


  136. Inga Barks. . . but only when you hit that shit doggy style!

  137. http://tinyurl.com/3jospxz

    Hahahahaha. The best thing that could happen for conservatives in 2012 is the re-emergence of Gore.


  138. *jumps MCPO*

    *realizes mistake too late*

    *struggles ferociously to escape*


    Too late, my pretty!

    *accidentally rubs up against the Hump*


    *runs into the woods screaming*

  140. Babyfest will be 8/10-8/11.

    Cool kids are born on the tenth and eleventh.

  141. Scott – We having a baby pool?

  142. The science is settled MCPO.

  143. I don’t know
    I don’t know
    I don’t know where I’m gonna go

    when the humpback overflow

  144. I heard that shit is really tough to get out of a shirt.

  145. Nah, club soda and a little hairspray, then blot with a live possum. Easy peasy.

  146. Neem oil works well on Spider Mites and Inga Barks.

  147. Dave – You know those moisture-wicking golf shirts? Melted to my chest after coming in contact with the hump. I think it excretes some kind of lava-like lymphatic fluid.

  148. Wd-40 then in the washing machine will remove any stain

  149. Oh fine, FINE, a live possum.

    Now you tell me. *kicks the freezer

  150. Count – How you feeling?

  151. Babyfest will be 8/10-8/11.

    Cool kids are born on the tenth and eleventh.

    That may be a good call. Mrs Rosetta will endure another couple of nights like last night and then she’s going to call an audible.

    *scratches off “use the word ‘audible’ in a sentence” from bucket list*

  152. When Rosetta gets sassy Mare shows him who’s boss:


  153. Cool kids are born on the 9th, however, the 10th or 11th is cool too.

  154. I’m leaving again tomorrow and have 1,867,220,003 things left to do. So, I’m going to drink and put them off and end up here eventually.

  155. I think Missus Rosetta should wait till the 25th.

  156. Mare- Are you coming to my hobbit hole for a visit?

    *runs around frantically*

    Whatever shall I wear?


  157. Cool kids are born on the 8th but the 9th, 10, and 11th is good too

  158. Cool kids are born in September.

  159. >> Cool kids are born in September.

    Except for me!

  160. Grumpy old guys are born on the 12th. Now, STFU and get off my lawn!

  161. I think Missus Rosetta should wait till the 25th.

    That’s actually the date for the scheduled C-section. Which would be awesome because I’m pretty sure he’s going to be born without a shirt.

  162. Nah Dave, you’re the coolest.

  163. Rosetta, what are you going to do if she goes into labor before then and gives birth on your side of the bed?

    Is your catcher’s mitt washed and sanitized?

  164. MCPO, what’s your new avatar?

  165. MCPO, I AM going to your hobbit hole….Lord, I hope that means what I think it means.

  166. Roosevelt – It’s a Balrog.

    Mare – I’ll put fresh sheets on the guest bed.


  168. Hobbit hole = crawlspace festooned with meathooks and rings of homemade sausage

    Dressy-casual, Mare.

  169. “Dressy-casual, Mare.”

    HA! Okay!

  170. And my nose is big, so it’s going to be a Big Fight.

    *raises eyebrow, curls lip, and snarls*

    *dives behind couch*


    Cool peeps are born on the 25th of the month.

  171. LauraW – When we moved from our large house on the golf course to the Condo (and got rid of three rooms of furniture), I chose to call the condo, “The Hobbit Hole”. ‘Cause it is so small by comparison, see?

  172. **birthday is 10/25!**

  173. **birthday is 10/25!**

    What’s your point!

  174. What’s my point?

    That I’m not a WHORE!!!


    NO, YOU ARE!!!

  176. Neeraj handed me off to Dinesh (SYWM), and 3 hours later, we STILL don’t know WTF is going on with my software problem. They’ve got all of my file information, and are going to look into the problem and call me back next week.

    Why am I always the one who gets the “stump-the-tech-support” issue?

  177. Why am I always the one who gets the “stump-the-tech-support” issue?

    Because you’re the failure analyst for software?

  178. MCPO, were you ever in Andalucia, España? Zeke has a fan there.

  179. Hello, this Peggy.

  180. Tomorrow I negotiate away $40k on a $550k job in order to stay out of a lawsuit.

    Welcome to a karate kick to the crotch.


    4 indians and counting.

  181. Mare brings the pain.


  182. Vman – I think it’s some sort of furry site, dude.

  183. Hotspur, is this the satanic couple?

    **gets voodoo dolls ready

    Hey Laura, what works better, hair or nail clippings?

  184. Just over 44,000 page views today.

  185. Really MCPO?!?!?!
    I thought it was a little girl.

  186. I may have to kill DD#2 – she’s baking cinnamon rolls in the oven. Full of gluten, they are.

    And they smell divine.

    I hate her….

    (Mr. TiFW went in the other room to breathe in the fumes – he calls it “food porn”)

  187. hair, but you have to get the root

  188. Just over 44,000 page views today.


  189. “That I’m not a WHORE!!!”

    hahahahaah….Good one, zbrad.

  190. Did anybody run anybody else off the road today?

  191. Hey, Vman, are you any less awesome than you usually are?

  192. The 15th is the best day and that is when Baby Peel will be born.

  193. Teresa, I have given up sugar except for fruit…..if offered, I will throw that cinnamon roll back in your daughter’s face! However, I am upset I will be missing out on the gluten.

  194. **birthday is 10/25!**

    We share the 25th with Jesus.

  195. I forced a ’92 Dodge Caravan into a ditch on Burnheisel Bridge Road. Some sort of church youth group. That’ll teach ’em to drive 5 mph under the speed limit!

  196. Obviously, the 15th is cool too!

    Back to packing and drinking!

  197. Mare,

    You know that I love you and fap to your PoL pic every other Tuesday at 11pm Pacific.

  198. Did anybody run anybody else off the road today?

    In my dream.

  199. xbrad, is there any other better expression of love? I think not!

  200. My homemade sauerkraut came out incredibly good. I’d been worried, because you aren’t supposed to use iodized salt, but it still worked.

    Aw crap, Mare’s here?

  201. Chief, been wanting to ask… Just what is your avatar?

    Too small and too dark for me to make it out… or make out to it either.

  202. Hotspur, that sucks.

  203. The Tenth is a nice smooth, round number to bring babies forth upon.

    Off with you lot, and your jagged, irregularly-shaped numbers that cannot safely support a fat healthy baby.

    The kid will cut his poor self on that sharp-ass five.

    *shakes head in disapproval*

  204. Sean,
    Would you be interested editing a book for Mrs. Pupster? I’ll pay in cash or toads.

    Did anybody run anybody else off the road today?

    Mrs. Pupster took out a mailbox with her side view mirror today. Luckily it was somebody elses mailbox.

  205. Mine is the 30th, but I would not wish that on Mrs. Rosetta.

  206. Partial to numbers to the second power.

    I like things squared up. Kinda like the Army.

    Tushar twins too, Xbrad.

  207. August 10th is also a fine day. It brought forth the baby sister that I had prayed for.

  208. Cathy – It is a Balrog of Morgoth


  209. Thanks, Chief.

  210. If you’re serious pups, shoot me an email.

    breacanyonmonument at yahoo dot com

  211. Would you be interested editing a book for Mrs. Pupster?

    It was a dark and stormy night. . .

  212. I could totally edit that their book.

  213. Would you be interested editing a book for Mrs. Pupster?

    Her heaving bosom glistened like a Thanksgiving turkey fresh from the oven. . .

  214. *draws handlebar mustache on Lippy with blue pencil*

  215. Would you be interested editing a book for Mrs. Pupster?

    There I was a 10 thousand feet, the port engine on fire and the fire bottle completely depleted. . .

  216. Whose turn is it to hit Leon in the face with a two week old salmon?

  217. Her ample bottom jiggled like a lime jello salad at a Luthern church meeting.

  218. Would you be interested editing a book for Mrs. Pupster?

    Andre, a simple peasant, had only one thing on his mind as he crept along the east wall: “Andre creep… Andre creep… Andre creep.

  219. Would you be interested editing a book for Mrs. Pupster?

    Like an overripe beefsteak tomato rimmed with cottage cheese, the corpulent remains of Santa Claus lay dead on the hotel floor.*

    *In case it’s a children’s book

  220. Would you be interested editing a book for Mrs. Pupster?

    I thought it was me, a pack of Marlboros, and a bottle of Jameson’s that foggy night. Then she walked through the door. . .

  221. Would you be interested editing a book for Mrs. Pupster?

    Mike Hardware was the kind of private eye who didn’t know the meaning of the word “fear,” a man who could laugh in the face of danger and spit in the eye of death– in short, a moron with suicidal tendencies.

  222. Whose turn is it to hit Leon in the face with a two week old salmon?

    Doesn’t matter, they’re pretty tiny at that age.


  223. Would you be interested editing a book for Mrs. Pupster?

    I was lathering up after my first day in the Navy when I dropped the soap. I thought it was just a coincidence when the Master Chief Petty Officer suddenly appeared in the shower…

  224. >> NO, YOU ARE!!!

    That’s it. We’re sumo-wrestling over this shit, right now bitch.

    On birfdays. I do not insist that you have your babies on MY birfday, mostly because I am fucking awesome and I don’t want to share it with your little rugrat.

    However I will say that the youngest daughter of the lady who plays piano in my church band, who is way cool, was born on my birfday AND last year got married on my anniversary. And she didn’t even plan that.

    I don’t think. Not the birth thing anyhow.

  225. Brewfan, you guys gearing up for the recall?

  226. Would you be interested editing a book for Mrs. Pupster?

    A wolf howled in the distance. Maureen shuddered and looked up at Xander, taking comfort in his strength and fangs. . .

  227. A wolf howled in the distance. Maureen shuddered and looked up at Xander, taking comfort in his strength and fangs. . .

    I cannot tell you how fucking sick to death I am of waaaaampires.

    Please, dead lord, let them move on to something else. Anything else. I’d even take mainstream furries over this crap. Vampires are monsters, dammit, not love interests.

  228. One of my coworkers shares my birfday. He’s my sister from a different mister.

    Or my evil twin.

    He is the comic relief and unfortunately is out for a week because he sprained his chest *WTF?* while sliding into home during a kick ball game. He was actually in the hospital for two days because they thought he punctured a lung.

  229. Check your yahoo.

  230. Would you be interested editing a book for Mrs. Pupster?

    She’s a ghostwriter, you know.


  231. I has punctured a lung once.


    It’s not as fun as it sounds.

  232. Damn it, Leon….you bested me again!!!

  233. I can’t wait for it to be over beasn. The only people benefiting from this are the radio and tv stations. They are raking in the bucks big-time. Some real shenanigans going on too with the democrats trying to buy the election by throwing ‘block parties’ with free food, drink and raffle tickets and, coincidentally, free bus service from the party to city hall to vote absentee.

  234. I was born on my parents’ third wedding anniversary. The gift they couldn’t take back.

  235. Prolly a bruised/cracked rib(s), beasn. They really hurt.

  236. http://tinyurl.com/3bcsdhy

  237. I sent you a reply, pups.

  238. I think you’ll enjoy it Sean. It’s a heart worming tale about my favorite veterinarian.

  239. Jeopardy time. See you skaters, haters, and taters later.

  240. Front to back
    Mare Pupster

  241. Vman, is that your kitty? I know it’s a long shot. You’re a pup man!

  242. No Mare, a Flickr Friend
    Psssst Mare Zeke has a secret to tell you.

  243. I think it might be a “fall asleep on the couch watching tv” night.

  244. What cute kitty’s and golden retrievers kill it?

  245. I should get a flickr account set up so I can kill threads with horsie pictures.

  246. Sleepytime. See y’all in the AM.

  247. I saved a dog’s life today, and while I was gone Ginger climbed in the fireplace. She tracked soot all over the house!

  248. Go Leon!

  249. Mike Hardware was the kind of private eye who didn’t know the meaning of the word “fear,” a man who could laugh in the face of danger and spit in the eye of death– in short, a moron with suicidal tendencies.

    That was really good.

  250. Comment by MCPO Airdale on August 4, 2011 9:05 pm

    Cathy – It is a Balrog of Morgoth

    GET OFF MY BRIDGE!!111!!1!1!!

  251. http://tinyurl.com/3haj9qa

  252. Good night everyone. Where and why is Mare leaving us again?

    I told her last time she couldn’t go . Bitch still left.

  253. she needs a spanking

  254. I had to mop my floors today I hate mopping floors. Because Ginger..
    Never mind I said that. Well the fireplace that.

  255. Can anyone explain to me how 44% of adults polled by the NYT/CBS pollsters believe that the current economy and deficit crisis is the fault of G.W. Bush? WTF?! Are 44% of the voting public retarded or cave dwellers?

  256. I gave Ginger a bath today because she was covered in soot from the fireplace?

  257. Chief, yes

  258. My mom’s Rudy ‘found’ my sock and had my mom mail it to me.

    Ain’t that cute?!

  259. Yes MCPO,
    Retarded stupid mislead deluded lied to misinformed too busy to take the time cave dwellers

  260. Ginger’s new nickname: Sooty.

  261. Did I mention that I had to do laundry? Ginger slept on my bed covered in ashes. Her Dog bed is in the laundry now.
    Doing laundry from 5pm to 11pm FAIL!!!!

  262. Did I mention I had to wipe the soot off of my leather couch?
    and the recliner?

  263. Whatever reason I moved the screen away from the fireplace?


  264. Well crap, Vmax. First you thought it was just the carpet…and then…

  265. Fortunately Lipps I have no carpet in my 100 yo house. Oak only. Except for Vinyl over oak in the Kitchen and Bath

  266. Smokey!
    Sooty works too.

  267. Is she aware of the mess or are dogs just generally oblivious about something like that?

  268. *imagines running through neighborhood yelling here sooty here sooty*

    Sounds kind of lame.

    *rethinks sooty*

  269. Oblivious of course Lips!

    She was not thrilled with the bath. She loved being dried off after!

    Zeke likewise tried to run off with the towel. Then Bear stole it from Zeke. Much fun followed.

  270. Chief did you not see my comments about my brother above? Parasites wanting ‘your piece of the pie’ still think Bush caused everything.

  271. Yeah, on second thought, Smokey sounds better.

  272. hehe, towel stealing dogs, that must have been funny.

  273. Brewfan, that is so frustrating. Not sure what the GOP is doing to get out their message but how can they when they are not flush with thug cash.

    I did donate a few bucks. I hope it doesn’t jinx ’em.

  274. *puts Dave in headlock*

    *gives him noogies*


  275. Rut Row!
    *checks time* *Checks Indians*

    545am looks difficult..

  276. Nite cool kids and sweet dreams

  277. WordPress sucks.

    My past 6 comments were spam? Really? WordPress sucks sweaty donkey balls.

    True Dat!

    Hi Beasn!

  278. Nightaaaaah, Cyn.

  279. Hi Vmax. G’nite Vmax and Lips and everyone.

    Give your critters some scritches from me.

  280. I want to kill Carin first, but I like her too much. When she calls me a “whore” it’s definitely a term of endearment (in my mind).

    So…I guess I have to kill Wiser first…..no, I can’t, he understands how Michael is trying to kill H2 by talking about crap only a douche would care about. Unlike all the stuff the H2 douches care about.

  281. My cat is so awesome, I’m want to kill anyone who wants to tease me about how much I love my sweet, funny, cat.


  282. Mare, you can kill me first, but first you have to not meet me.

  283. “I’m want to kill?”

    So I’m wasted? What of it????

  284. TGSG, strangely, you are one of the few here I would like to meet that doesn’t appear to want to kill me.

  285. THE ONLY, ONLY thing about this site that doesn’t make me want to kill, is the comment that doesn’t generate a, “you are commenting too quickly.”


  286. Mare, give your sweet little cat a pet from Aunt Lippy.

    What cute things has he/she done lately?

  287. This site is crap!!!

    Why does Cathy hang out here?

    IB, maybe…..here…..no way!

  288. Well, Lippy, Lil’Bow is helping my husband pack by jumping into his suitcase and pulling out whatever he packs. In the middle of the night (4:30am) he cuddles up to me and purrs in my face.

    Most husband aren’t that cute. (My husband is…. but only if he reads this site….which of course he doesn’t because he’s not a malcontent like the rest of us!)

  289. You know how I can prove I’m not the bitchiest, uglyist bitch on the interwebs? Yeah, well, shut up! Here’s proof………


  290. They love the suitcases, heh.

    My Squeaky used to nestle between my knees when I was sleeping on my back (and probably snoring). Then I would hesitate to move so as not to disturb her.

  291. Good Lord, I just read the Roseanne comment on your link. My IQ has dropped a ton.

  292. Lippy, you’re one of the good ones! Definitely.

    If I die in a fiery crash please kill xbrad first for me!


  293. TGSG, strangely, you are one of the few here I would like to meet that doesn’t appear to want to kill me.

    What am I, rotten liver?

  294. Good Lord, I just read the Roseanne comment on your link. My IQ has dropped a ton.

    Wow. Just…wow. That’s some bad crazy right there.

  295. *gives Mare a smooch on her cheekbone

    *ignores rotten liver and institutes plan to kill xbrad

    Good night, it’s not all that late here but I’m tired.

  296. This is my favorite quote:

    ’ That you can have a gay parade on Christopher Street in New York, with naked men and women on a float cheering, ‘We’re here, we’re queer!’ — that’s what makes my heart swell. Not the flag, but a gay naked man or woman burning the flag. I get choked up with pride.”

    Jeneane Garofalolfofofofofofofofof

  297. I suppose it’s nice that we have a First Amendment that allows naked gay people to burn the flag, but I don’t think that’s what she’s really getting at.

  298. I killed a poat in Reno, just to watch it die.

    *carves another notch into handle of six-shooter*

  299. This is the worst sausage fest ever.

  300. I can take that one of two ways:

    1.) There are few guys here, so it’s not a good sausage fest.


    B.) You are demeaning my dick.

    I’m guessing it’s probably the latter.

  301. I suppose that the quality of the mustard could also be an issue.

  302. I just finished cleaning the kitchen from all the meat I pulled. Pulled pork and pulled chicken… Wow, i made a mess! Now need a swim and then a shower, but wanted to say night to the sausage fest crowd.

    Night Sean. Night Rosie…

    I like the Hostages, Mare!

  303. I just finished cleaning the kitchen from all the meat I pulled.

    You know, if I happened to be a lower-class person, I would make a crass joke right about there.

    (Damnit, I just implied the joke.)

  304. I’m amused. There’s an infomercial for kettlebells on right now. There’s so much marketing for these things, I gotta believe they are just rock-bottom dirt-cheap to make.

    OTOH, as a fitness fad, this sucks a whole lot less than cardioglide.

  305. Or, for that matter, jogging.

    God, jogging… ugh.

    Who does that?

  306. Sell! Sell! Sell!

  307. I think its pronounced yogging, Leon.

  308. Time for work. Might make it back for bewbs, might not.

  309. Mare didn’t say where she was going.

    She is robbing somebody of the pleasure of not meeting her.

  310. New post, pre BBF!

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