Not sure if we’re going to get a HHD poat just yet, so here’s a little sumpin to kill some time.

Oh yeah? Well screw you too!

And remember…


  1. From the last poat….HHD?

    Palate cleanser:

  2. Comment by Cathy on June 29, 2011 10:00 am
    Need caffeinne. And time away from the computer.
    Hope you come back later Mare. I’ve really missed ya.

  3. OMG, OMG, OMG…..I was first everyone!!! Do you believe it? This is the best day of my life!!!!

  4. “Hope you come back later Mare. I’ve really missed ya.”

    On that sweet note, I’m going to go exercise and think happy thoughts.


  5. Not first!

  6. Congrats Mare. Feels good,huh?

    *high fives by self… Dork*

  7. Kinda late to the party (Rebecca is very high maintenance in the a.m.). To answer MJ’s question:

    So apparently our nephew is teething and screams a lot. He’s coming to stay with us for a week. What should we do? Wait. Lemme rephrase. What should my wife do to keep the baby kinda happy?

    Well, Mr. TiFW’s grandmother offered us her bottle of whiskey when DD#1 was very young – you rub it on their gums. Then you take a snort or two yourself – everybody’s happy.

    Or you can get some popsicles or those “ice pops” in the plastic wrap that you put in the freezer. Unless mom and dad are “anti-sugar”. Another good thing is a frozen Eggo waffle – take it out of the freezer and give it to Junior to gum on. Since it’s frozen, it will be semi-hard, and the little pockets soak up all of the drool.

    The bonus with that method is that he gets fed at the same time – as the waffle unthaws, he can eat it!

  8. I’ve got some shopping to do. . .


  9. HHD, huh. I was wondering why the ladies were circling the blog this morning.

  10. Heh. Terminator movies are fun.

    *wraps bandana around head, buys Jeep, adopts German Shepherd dog*

  11. Hey Jay. Yeah, maybe we get HHD from Roamy a bit later. Or I’ll throw one up if needed. Not that I have a stash of hawt men on my computer or anything. Nope.

  12. Cyn, check your hawt-mail.

  13. I did an image search for ‘Swedish Golfer’ because I can’t remember that hunk’s name.
    This was among the top images returned. http://is.gd/gcXCi7

    The internet is awesome even when it’s wrong.

  14. Laura – Are you talking about Henrik Stenson?


  15. Hawtmail checkted and replied Cath.

  16. Ah, here’s one. http://is.gd/jVbech

  17. Gah! No.

    Robert Karlsson, MCPO.

  18. The internet is awesome even when it’s wrong.


    *gives Laura the “Swedish Golfer” then relaxes on a chaise lounge*

  19. Just a friendly reminder – this week (yesterday in particular) is the anniversary of Operation RedWing in Afghanistan.


  20. This golf thing kind of interests me.


  21. Nice catch, GMLand! One of the greatest stories of heroism of our time.

  22. Also, how can you not laugh at wikipedia, when they misspell the operation in the title, but get it right in the subtitle.

  23. Yeah, was going to link another page, but got a kick out of the site’s errors as well as the propaganda type slurs of Marcus’ account.

    Liberal suckatude.

  24. I was just going over the list of sources, GMLand, and this one really stuck out: Foreign Policy: Lone Survivor Smackdown

    That author is a real piece of work. He starts with arguing about the name of the mission, then proceeds to knock every aspect of it. It’s the same thing the left is doing to GOP presidential candidates, right down to the demonization and the dismissal of accomplishment.

    I’ll agree with one thing he says. The entire story defies belief that it actually happens. However, unlike him, I believe it DID happen.

    I won’t be buying that book, that’s for sure. I’ll look for a “free” copy of the ebook.

  25. Oh my, sounds like Beck is gonna “Breitbart” the people that harassed him at the movie in Bryant Park.

  26. J’Ames – FTR, I have no clue as to what you are talking about.

  27. Chief, Beck went to an outdoor movie in NYC, and some people harassed him and his wife and daughter, including spilling (intentionally?) alcoholic beverages on his wife. Evidently, some have said it never happened, and he was just being dramatic.

    He is coming up on something in his radio show, where he is going to prove them wrong, hence the “Breitbart” label. I assume he is going to hang them with their own rope. Just interesting, in that his show is ending on Fox.

  28. President Obama is offering my business ‘financing.’

    I don’t need ‘financing,’ I need customers. How about you take your knee off my customers’ balls, and let them do what they need to do, so they can hire me?


  29. laura:

    1. Go into debt
    2. ???
    3. Profit!

  30. I don’t need ‘financing,’ I need customers. How about you take your knee off my customers’ balls, and let them do what they need to do, so they can hire me?


  31. Madeleine is playing Scrabble with some random opponent on pjd’s iPhone.

    M: mom, they did the word “war” for 18 pts. Look how they spelled it.

    I glance over “whore”

    Wow honey, that IS a really crazy way to spell “war”

  32. “1. Go into debt
    2. ???
    3. Profit!”


  33. PJM how long is your vacation?

  34. We leave Sunday. What’s fun is the Bmac’s invited us to come visit them in Vegas. They are such sweet fun people, not unlike my sohos family

  35. President Obama is offering my business ‘financing.’

    That all by itself speaks volumes. This ass does not understand the first thing about business. He’s been giving away and spending other people’s money his entire life. That’s the only thing he knows how to do.

    This man has got to go down.

    Hugs, Laura. Hang on!

  36. Hugs to you and Count also, Sohos.

  37. Duh, Lauraw. If you got Obama’s financing you could hire a few folks.

    I can’t believe I have to explain this to you guys.

  38. Shut your war mouth, Peej.

  39. WOW. I’m watching the Obama presser.

    The chicken has been so thoroughly fucked that it is actually starting to like it. Stockholm-sodomy-syndrome.

  40. We loved having the PJ family at our place. That was fun. We still say: I hate it Mom….I love it Mom. Hugs to you Ms. Cathy!

  41. Peej, you want me to send you a picture of my new chickens? They’re all grown up now, and they are just so cute.

  42. Peej, thanks for the laugh!

    LauraW, I’ve gotten a couple of similar calls from companies wanting to offer me “free money” for making my house more energy efficient.

    When I try to explain to them that the money isn’t “free”, they tell me I don’t know that I’m talking about. If I’m in a peckish mood, I try to explain it to them.

    It’s like talking to a brick wall…..

  43. Of course, I figure the longer I keep them on the line, the less money that is flying out of my pocket, since they aren’t closing a deal at the end of the conversation…..

  44. T, the offer was a line in Obama’s presser today.

  45. haha, thanks sohos. We’ll have to come visit again so you can pick up some new lines. 😉

    Carin! Yes! Pics please.

  46. I so wish yall would come!

  47. Ok, sending them in a second.

  48. i could use some financing. I’m sure I could employ someone. Hookers and blow dealers gotta work, too.

  49. Lemme rephrase. What should my wife do to keep the baby kinda happy?

    Ask his parents what they are doing to keep him happy.

  50. Ask his parents what they are doing to keep him happy.
    They are not doing anything. I’m not sure what I believe, but they told us he screams at night, all day, etc. They are usually full of shit, but I wanted to be prepared.

  51. Bwahahaha, evidently fundraising isn’t going quite so swimmingly for Obama. This is from the email I just received from the Obama campaign:

    Jay —

    We’re closing the books on the first fundraising quarter of the 2012 race at midnight tomorrow.

    A lot of folks will be interpreting our numbers as a measure of this campaign’s support.

    They’re not wrong, but they are wrong about why.

    We measure our success not in dollars but in people — in the number of everyday Americans who’ve chosen to give whatever they can afford because they know we’ve got more work to do.

    I’m asking you to be one of them. Please donate $5 or more before midnight tonight:

    Even Obama’s cash is drying up! It’ll be anarchy, dogs and cats, living together!


  52. Hey Hostage Ladies.

    I gots HHD ready.

    Are you ready?

  53. ???

  54. I’m ready!!!

  55. MJ – are you watching the baby for them? As in, they won’t be there?


    I would never leave a baby that was having a difficult time with anyone. My second born was colicky for YEARS, and I simply didn’t leave him with anyone except my sister and even then only rarely.

    I didn’t go anywhere w/o my babies. I never left them overnight. I just didn’t. Until they were old enough to deal. Three.

  56. Bring it on!!!

  57. New awesome HHD poat is up.

  58. Car in, I was the same way. I did watch a neighbor’s baby for a short time and she never told me that she was weaning him. He would scream if I wasn’t holding him. But my kids were little and I had to tend them……thus had to listen to him scream.

    For two weeks. Then she hired a nanny to just sit and hold him all day.

    MJ, use the suggestions on the last thread. And then when you have him and need help, give us a holler.

  59. MJ – are you watching the baby for them? As in, they won’t be there?
    They’ll be here, but my BIL will be working, and I want to give the girls some time to catch up.

    I’m really not sure what’s real and what isn’t. They were supposed to be here last week, then delayed, then called to say they would be here tomorrow. Its always difficult figuring out what is real, and what is BS with them.

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