How Irish dancing started


There, new poat.


  1. Doc, Yon started out pretty good, and is still a good photographer, but pretty soon, all his writing started revolving around him.
    He’s quick to mention he was in SF, but not so quick to mention that his career there was brief and not highly regarded in the community. And he’s been booted out of embeds a time or two, and yet claims there’s a conspiracy or vendetta against him. And he’s quick to pick blogfights, and sic an army of sycophants against anyone who doesn’t kneel at the altar of Yon.

  2. HAHA! Those guys obviously aren’t near a Banglar Party Parking Lot with woods nearby.

  3. I saw the new pic of Herr, Frau, and baby Sophie in POL. Nice!

  4. Time to take dog out for some Clicker Training. Seems to be working fairly well, but too early to tell; just had trainer here Sat. BBL

  5. You train your dog to click?

    I used to train mine to speak and shake hands.

  6. Speaking of dogs, we “inherited” the grand-dog last week. Apparently Miss College Education didn’t realize that a part-Lab part-whippet wasn’t the best choice for an apartment. Especially since she was in a crate most of the day while MCE was at work.

    Much happier puppy now – although Rebecca’s Barbie dolls have suffered greatly since the transition…..

  7. I used to train mine to speak and shake hands.

    Clicking is so much more cool.

    you lazy bastard.

  8. Does Floyd click? I bet Floyd clicks.

    Rosetta is into fads that way.

  9. You guys keep saying if we have Admin Rights that we can access the pages w/o a password, but I must not have the sooper sekret admin rights, ‘cuz I’m not seein’ it. I can’t even find the passwords on the dashboard….

  10. that fuckin whore at WalMart needs to know I mean business.

    It’s business time.

  11. Wow, Coach Carr just walked in. Wonder what brings him to town?

  12. Try clicking something dave. maybe she’s click trained. I’m click training SoHoS now.

  13. Teresa, just open the dashboard then click on Posts. They all should be there.

  14. click.

    click click.

  15. Who’s here?


  17. Wow. Need new wallpaper?

  18. How does click training work? The click is the reward?

  19. click.

    shit. it doesn’t do SHIT

  20. yes laura, I had to look it up myself. You first give them a treat when you click the clicker that mind fucks them into thinking click=good. Then you can make them do anything….muyyahhhh.hhhhaaa..hhaaaaaa

  21. You guys keep saying if we have Admin Rights that we can access the pages w/o a password

    Never said that.

    Said that of you had admin rights, you could find out the passwords yourself.

  22. Lauraw, here’s a beer for ya.


  23. click-click

    *watches as Dave fetches cocktails for us all*


    Good Boy, Dave! Good Boy!

  24. Well, hey there cyn….. you’re looking especially good this evening….


  25. You’re pretty close, Count, but you got the right idea. When dog sits, you click and then treat as a way to praise the action. It’s positive training. And it seems to work better than a whiffle ball bat to my head for adopting a puppy.

  26. *CLICK!!

    Ooops, gotta go make dinner.


  27. Said that of you had admin rights, you could find out the passwords yourself.

    *grumbles, wanders off to find saved e-mail in “Website log-ins and passwords” folder, kicks poat on the way out*

  28. haaa ha ha haa

  29. cyn you’re forgetting the “loading” step:

  30. Teresa, what do you need? I can email it to you.

  31. *click*

    fuckin thing’s defective

    *click* *click* *clickclick*

    it’s busted I’m tellin ya

  32. Then you can make them do anything….muyyahhhh.hhhhaaa..hhaaaaaa

    Eggsactly. I’m trying it on him to get him to pee on command; helpful at night when we want to go to bed and he would rather play with the bugs outside.

  33. Thanks, Laura – I have all of the passwords saved in a folder in my e-mail account.

    Yes, I’m a geek…..

  34. The Loading Step–you’re right, Count.

    We did that for a few minutes with the trainer when she was here Saturday. Doggie picked THAT up licky-split.

    Boarder Collie/ACD=Very Smart Pup. But still in the squirrelly phase of life.

  35. what i don’t get is can you use it for all things good? If so how does your dog know whether to shit in the grass, leg hump the neighbor, or get your slippers when he hears the click?

  36. Wow! Neat mix. Will need tons of exercise. That’s going to be a great dog, Cyn.

  37. *Puts ciggie in mouth, aims clicker at Dave; watches as he pulls out zippo to light my ciggie, puts zippo back in shorts pocket*

    Seems to work fine for me, Dave.

  38. OHHHHHH…

    well ok then.

  39. Man, I could really go for a liver snap right now.

    *scratches behind ear with foot*

    *tucks a People Magazine under arm and heads out to the backyard*

  40. “Eggsactly. I’m trying it on him to get him to pee on command”

    That was one of our first challenges. We were dumb and got a puppy in the middle of winter.

    Try to imagine that stupid puppy stage when its about -5 outside.

  41. When I go to my SIL’s house, I grab the squirt bottle. If that fucking dog gets within 5 feet of me I let it have it. Worst dog ever. Worst owner ever.

    That dog is squirt trained.

  42. Count, you have to catch him or somehow cause him to behave in a particular manner; it might have to be done in steps too, I’m guessing. But the pooch is learning very quickly, that I know.

    I found my trainer by chance on the intertubez, but she’s affiliated with this outfit:

  43. Cyn, do you have one of these things for tennis balls?

    If you have a large area for the dog to run, this is a great way to tire him out on a walk.

  44. HAHA! Scott–no doubt! Not to mention the fact that the snow is probably taller than the pup!

    Hotspur: I’ve used a squirt bottle on my prior dog, but our trainer pointed out that this was a form of negative training. I still have it on hand, but will probably not mention its use to our trainer, if we should happen to need it. Then again, I had no problems spanking my children either. *checks to see if CPS and ASPCA is monitoring this site; runs away*

  45. Your trainer sounds like a hippie. I bet she’s a dyke.

  46. liversnaps?

    thefuckare.. no wait, I don’t wanna know.


  47. I saw one of those chucker thingies at the pet store Laura! I almost got it, but after picking up some limited ingredient can and kibble food , oatmeal shampoo, and one of them Kong dodads, I decided I needed to wait until my next trip. Our yard is pretty big; he loves it when we hurl the tennis ball at one masonry wall and it bounces over his head for him to chase.

  48. Why not just pick the ball up and throw the fucking thing?

    Oh, that’s right. Girls can’t throw for shit.

  49. bucker cyn’s trainer drives a vw bus, and wears a shirt that says “you can’t hug your kids with nuclear arms”

  50. Heh. she might be, ‘Spur, but at least she doesn’t look like one.

    When I came home last week from being gone for 55 minutes and found that Sparky had partied (think destroyed) with something from just about every room in the house, I admitted that I just needed some help.

  51. “you can’t hug your kids with nuclear arms”

    It was kinda hard to see with her shirt sleeve, but I think that was tattooed on her shoulder.

  52. no bet

  53. Hahahaha

    I’m just having fun with you, CynaDoll.

  54. Doggie picked THAT up licky-split.

    Cyn’s dog is a lesbian?

  55. I always thought the peanut butter method was a great way for chicks to train their dogs.

  56. red shoes, brown shoes, and issues:

  57. Cyn, check your email receptacle.

  58. If you find a reallllly big outdoor area (around here we used the sod farms out by the CT River Meadows), one of those Chuckit dealios will send that ball so far you can’t even believe it. And a border collie/ acd mix will run it down over and over again.

    It causes them to be very calm while in the house afterwards, too. Totally kills their curiosity about the flavor of your upholstery.

  59. Oh yeah. We have one of those Chuckit jobbies.

    Best thing short of a trebuchet.

  60. one of those Chuckit dealios will send that ball so far you can’t even believe it.

    Almost as far as Hotspur can throw it, even!

    *tackles Hotspur, gives him ‘the ball launcher’ *

  61. What in the hee-haw heck is going on in here?!

  62. *everybody shuts up and acts innocent*

  63. *s-l-o-o-o-w-l-y passes Cyn her underwear under the table*

  64. *hopes MCPO doesn’t notice the bra lying in the middle of the floor*

  65. *pretends the bong is a piece of Modern Art*

  66. HAHAHA!

    LauraW – When #1 son would do Friday night movies in our basement, there would be 10-12 kids in my basement. At least 45 minutes into the movie, I would go to the top of the stairs, turn on the lights and yell, “HAND CHECK!”

    The first time I did it I was greeted with stunned silence!


    Whereupon we learn that MCPO was a funny Dad. Well, not at that moment…

  68. I ain’t sure that’s her underwear.

  69. But she’s not wearing any. So it must be her- OH. Never mind.

    Where’s Romy?

  70. just sayin. checkered. and size 38.

    probably not hers.

  71. Underwear?

    Completely overrated.

  72. I only wear underpants on my head for formal occasions.

  73. Where’s Romy?


  74. Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it’s usually something unusual.

  75. It’s the guitar, Dave.

  76. Dave is the world’s most interesting guy.

  77. Underwear clashes with my chaps.

  78. Andy, would you please tell me how to fix the video link in my HHD poat for tomorrow? Stupid fuckers at Youtube.

  79. What? No, it is NOT Dave’s emerald green butt thong!

  80. I once had a Dos Equus with Richard Burton.

  81. Roamy, how many homosexuals are you exhibiting here tomorrow? Round to the nearest dozen.

  82. Do you have something in a low-rise bikini, mesh if possible?

  83. RC, Imma fix for you right now.

  84. Thank you, Andy.

    PG, there is something non-ghey just for you.

  85. Does anyone know who Tom Barry is? Because based on this, I think he’s a lying liberal douchenozzle, but I haven’t found anyone rebutting his bullshit yet.

  86. Fixt.

  87. *slips Laura back her lavender-paisley whatchamacallit, tucks Roamy’s yellow do-hickey between couch cushions giving her a wink and a nod*

  88. Danke schon, Andy.

  89. Done, Scott. Thx.

  90. **nods back to Cyn, distracts the rest by offering beer and whiskey.

  91. Wow, Coach Carr just walked in. Wonder what brings him to town?

    I don’t know, but I’ll give you $75 to shoot him if you hit center mass.

    . . .

    OK, $124.99.

  92. Hey now, it’s not like it’s Rodriguez.

  93. My dog, 12 yr old lab/shepard mix, was so easy to train, I honeslty don’t even remember training him. I did basic crate training which he picked up quick. He learned the boundaries of the yard really fast…partly because he doesn’t like to be where he can’t see me. In 12 years he’s only left the yard once. I don’t even have to leash him when we go out (no fence). He’s had the advantage of going to school with me every day, our Ag Science department has a vet tech class, so he’s really social with other dogs/people. Which means he ignores them while he waits for me to show up.

  94. You’re right. I’d pay more to off Rodriquez.

  95. I so ruined hawt chicks passing around their underwear.
    *hangs head in shame*

  96. Politicians… limits.

    HFB coaches……not so much.

  97. willkommen, hot chick.

  98. I once had a Dos Equus with Richard Burton. When? Where? How? Tell.

    I had Irish Whiskey with G. Gordon Liddy. HA!

  99. I guess I don’t have any real animosity toward Carr other than the bullshit sorry state he left us in when it came time to find a replacement.

  100. I met John Engler. That’s all I’ve got.

  101. Cynic: have you delurked?? If so, welcome.

  102. >> I had Irish Whiskey with G. Gordon Liddy. HA!

    When you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.

    — G. Gordon Liddy

    *ugh, I’m gettin a cold. NITE KIDS

  103. I had a smoke with Walter Williams, once.

    And I nailed a famous NFL coach’s daughter.

  104. Nighty Night Dave. Are you sure it’s just a cold? Take a hot toddy.

  105. I had a smoke with Walter Williams, once.

    Cigars or “jazz” cigarettes?

  106. Salem Lights for him, Camels for me.

  107. That’s cool, I wouldn’t admit to it either.

    Kidding aside, I just saw him on Napolitano’s show describing how boned we are. I think he and Monty may subscribe to the same newsletter.

  108. My brush w/greatness was working for a little company owned by Merv. I got to meet him and Eva Gabor. It was almost like meeting royalty; they were both so very gracious.

    Off to din din.

  109. Having arrived at the Gates of Heaven, Barack Obama meets a man with a beard. ‘Are you Mohammed?’ he asks.

    ‘No my son, I am St. Peter; Mohammed is higher up.’ St. Peter then points to a ladder that rises into the clouds .

    Delighted that Mohammed should be higher than St. Peter, Obama climbs the ladder in great strides, climbs up through the clouds and comes into a room where he meets another bearded man. He asks again, ‘Are you Mohammed?’

    ‘Why, no.’ he answers, ‘I am Moses; Mohammed is higher still .’

    Exhausted, but with a heart full of joy he climbs the ladder yet again, he discovers a larger room where he meets an angelic looking man with a beard. Full of hope, he asks again, ‘Are you Mohammed?’

    ‘No, I am Jesus, the Christ…you will find Mohammed higher up. ‘

    Mohammed higher than Jesus! Man, oh man! Obama can hardly contain his delight and climbs and climbs ever higher. Once again, he reaches an even larger room where he meets this truly magnificent looking man with a silver white beard and once again repeats his question, “Are you Mohammed?” he gasps as he is by now, totally out of breath from all his climbing.

    ‘No, my son…. I am Almighty God, the Alpha and the Omega, but you look exhausted. Would you like a cup of coffee?”

    Obama says, “Yes please”!

    As God looks behind him, he claps his hands and yells out: “Hey Mohammed-two coffees!”

  110. He was a cool guy. He gave a great talk that night, including the statement “Just don’t make fun of my basketball skills; it’s a matter of ethnic pride”.

    He’s really one of the better economists floating around out there.

  111. Hi Roamy
    Welcome cynic, are you a dude or a chick?

    You guys have been on fire today great stuff.

    I have been reading a book and lurking.

  112. Did anybody take incriminating photos of anybody else today?

  113. I try to only take incriminating photos of myself.

    Oh hey, the appraisal was today. No number yet, though, so I don’t know if we’re buying it for sure or not.

  114. *click*

  115. **racks shell in to chamber**

    click click

  116. Hi Vmax! I may be in Florida in May, if the shuttle launches on time. I hope to meet you and MJ.

  117. I will be glad to see you Romy, I hope MJ can attend too. Kennedy is 3 hours from me. Orlando is 2

  118. Do you blackmail yourself, leon?

  119. No, I just like having mementos.

  120. I finally got my travel money, now I just have to get some more strength back.

    My middle brother lives in Orlando, and I have family in Inverness and Crystal River.

  121. TPaw is on Hannity not beclowning himself and sounding pretty reasonable on fiscal stuff. Granted, this is softball stuff, but his wit is quick and his voice doesn’t grate.

  122. UConn chicks join the men in the final 4.

    Awesome, but not worth living here.

  123. I dove with the manatees in crystal river many times Romy
    Warm bellys!

  124. I dove with the manatees in crystal river many times Romy
    Warm bellys!

    Anyone bring their Vmax-to-English Translation Dictionary with them tonight?

  125. I had lunch with Ronald Reagan. No kidding. It was just me and a few of his other pals.

    (By “pals” I mean, of course, me and about 3,000 other people at a fundraiser in St. Louis.)


    I bet this author doesn’t get a second book deal after the show she puts on in the comments

  127. crystal river is 70 degrees. I wear a wetsuit under 84.
    But the Manatees that let me rub their stomachs…are warmer than me

  128. Paulitics
    crystal river is the local Nuclear plant.
    Manatees like the heat in the winter

  129. The fishing in Michigan City, IN, is best near the cloud machine over there.

  130. Anyone gonna watch the new Dana Delaney series, Body of Proof? She looks good in the previews, and an interesting plotline.

  131. Leon, what cloud machine?

    I’ve been to Michigan City, IN a few times.

    Also, has a surprisingly nice Marina, and a slew of nice lakeshore homes.

  132. I’m watching “The Village”. I forgot how beautifully filmed it was.

  133. Dana Delaney was hawt back when Brewfan had hair.

  134. J’ames,

    I love Dana, but I’ve heard the show blows.

  135. And, of course, Dana made an appearance….

  136. I’ve been to Michigan City, IN a few times.

    Yeah, it’s a nice place, but I figure they are fags if they name their town after a nearby state. They should have more pride.

  137. I’m a dude. I’ve commented a couple times, once I was even funneh.

  138. Leon, what cloud machine?

    The nuclear cooling tower near the marina. My ex always called it a cloud machine.

  139. >> once I was even funneh.

    Already ahead of xbrad. Well done.

    And welcome.

  140. once I was even funneh.

    Funnier than xBrad is a low bar, my friend.

  141. d’oh, sorry, that’s the coal plant. I always got it confused with Cook Nuclear up in Bridgman.

  142. You remember where Long Beach area of Michigan City is Xbrad? Leon? Nice stretch–my grandparents owned a little sumpin on the lake there.

  143. brad: I took the wife & daughter to the Indiana Dunes in 2007 and had a great time in Mich City. Great area

  144. I haven’t been over there in a few years. My ex-father-in-law had his boat moored there, so I used to head out there a lot more often.

  145. Cyn, I only remember the downtown area (which was old and tired, but we had a recrutiting station there), and the marina. But it was a nice area, and very popular with rich folks looking for a lake house outside Chicago.

  146. Yeah, I couldn’t for the life of me remember a nuke plant near there. There’s coal plants all around the area.

  147. Brad: yeah, I noticed that about the lake houses; damn near every one of them had real estate signs in the yard with 773 or 630 area codes.

    Also, the dunes is where I took this photo

  148. Michigan City: Home of the State Penn and Sansabelt Slacks.

  149. I’ve had a beer in Thule, Greenland. I have seen the northern lights in Keflavik, Iceland and from Anchorage, Alaska. I have worked with my back and hands under the hot sun of North Africa, Puerto Rico and Cuba. I have crossed the Equator and stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier in the North Atlantic wet with the spray of green sea water. I have marveled in the dark of the night at a million jewels strewn across the sky.

    Now, all I ask for is a fucking sammich. Is that so hard?

  150. Funny, I think I remember the mall (Marquette??) and the McDonald’s there from when I was a pup.

  151. I think you took that pic near where I threw up and passed out after a company party, Eddie.

  152. heh

  153. Yeah, we used to have training meetings in the mall once in a while.

  154. *breaks out Clicker; orders Dave to make a sammich for MCPO*

    There we go.

  155. Smears are for queers!

  156. Quit trying to kill teh thread, Ted.

  157. Do you recall down the street from the mall the Sinai Temple, Xbrad? At Franklin & Gardina Street? I walked down the street to pre-school there.

  158. Final Jeopardy was tough tonite.

    Category: “Coastal States”

    Which of the 13 original colonies had the most miles of coastline?

    I didn’t get it.

  159. Sorry, Cyn. I really didn’t spend a lot of time in MI City. It was out of the way for me. Almost every time I went east from Gary, it was straight to South Bend. The few times I went to MI City, it was either to drop off papers at the recruiting station, or to hit the mall for training.

  160. North Carolina?

  161. Oh well.

  162. What is Maine?

  163. What is Maine?

    I would expect that you’d remember from your childhood that Maine wasn’t one of the 13 original colonies.

  164. I guessed Georgia, but, again, I was wrong.

  165. You win with NC, Xbrad.

  166. I bet he watched it.

  167. My first thought was Florida, but then I remembered it was a penal colony, and started a lot later.

  168. I’m going to take some (more) drugs for these allergies and other crap.

    Just in case I don’t come back, I wish you all sweet dreams!

  169. What is Nebraska?

  170. Didn’t watch it.

    Just happened to have looked at a map on NC last night.

    That and watching 8 years of OTH kinda helped.

  171. **click**


  172. What is Puerto Rico?

  173. Brad, Body of Proof did kinda blow. But it has potential, if they develop the characters.

    I bet they don’t.

  174. What is Cameroon?

  175. J’ames, it’s a shame. I like Dana.

    But it is the same worn out shit every ME show has been since Quincy. And if I gotta watch an ME show, I might as well watch Rizzoli and Iles and get to see Angie Fucking Harmon.

  176. It’s no COD, but you still might enjoy this, MCPO

  177. Did you hear the purr of those recips? Sweet, sweet music.

  178. What is France?

  179. CALFIRE had a TurboTracker at an airshow I went to a couple years ago. The turbine whine just wasn’t the same.

  180. What is Belize?

  181. What is Belize?


  182. Sorry, MCPO, the response we’re looking for is “What is Bolivia?”

    Reading the meltdown here is a guilty pleasure:

  183. c’mon, poor little poat.

    Hang in there, buddy…

  184. I dont think I’m alone in saying, I wouldn’t read your book now if it came with a free puppy

  185. Brad: I coulda swore I saw that link earlier

  186. Eddie, in the inimitable words of Jacqueline Howett, “Fuck off!”

  187. I tried to watch Body of Proof. It put me to sleep about 2/3 of the way through. I predict it will have a “long” run … maybe as many as 5 episodes.

  188. Meh. I’ll go home shortly and watch last night’s Castle instead.

  189. Eddie, your link was just as good as the $6000 cable link on Amazon.

    xbrad, it’s old.

  190. James, I brought added value with the puppy comment. So, in the inimitable words of Jacqueline Howett, “Fuck off!”

  191. Good night, Morons.

  192. Anybody home?

  193. Guess not.

    *removes pants, rummages through liquor cabinet*

  194. Let’s see…some retsina, a dusty 1/4 full 30-year-old bottle of Drambuie, some Angostura bitters, a bottle of cooking sherry, and some creme de menthe…

    …your liquor cabinet sucks.

    *sets off in search of weed stash*

  195. *takes a toke*

    *holds it in*

    *holds it in*


    You know, for people with such a weak liquor cabinet, you’ve got some kind bud, man.

    Sorry if this shit is medicinal. I’ll leave a few bucks on the kitchen table before I abscond.

    (BTW, that’s some FREAKY-DEAKY porn and “toys” you’ve got in the nightstand.)

  196. wakey wakey

  197. Who smoke all my stash?

    I actually did visit one of those hydroponic pot places yesterday.

  198. wakey WAKEY


  199. James Hatfield on Fox news in a minute.

    You guys are going to miss it.

  200. I actually did visit one of those hydroponic pot places yesterday.
    Splanation? Growing stuff?

  201. sprouts.

  202. Is that why you’ve been so happy, lately? “Sprouts”?

    Also, check your clicker, I don’t think it’s working.

  203. *click click click

  204. Oh yeah, wiser’s Walmart sue-er is on the news this morning! Except here it’s women’s income disparity that’s the problem, not management advancement. That one must not have polled well.

    Also, every morning it’s “teachers are gonna starve!!!1!!11” here. And we didn’t get to pass the collective bargaining agreement that other states did. Our Senate leader (guess that party!) is on television more than the governor is (yep, the other party). Also, they are whining because they didn’t get done early in the Iowa congress, so that’s obviously the GOP’s fault. But, I haven’t heard about our wonderful ex-governor’s (guess that party!) abundant surplus anymore. Maybe that’s because “it doesn’t exist!”

    2 more years of this. Lovely.

  205. Morning, folks. I’m catching up on Red Eye from last night. Bill Krystal called Obama a neocon and repeated the Glenn Reynolds joke (“They told me if I voted for McCain, we’d be at war with a third Muslim country, and they were right!”).


  206. Ok, so I get a letter from the library that I’ve failed to return three books. ONE i knew was somewhere mixed with school books. The other two? I was SURE I saw them on the pile my husband returned.

    So, yesterday, I finally go to the library (after searching and searching through my bookshelves).

    The one book – suddenly wasn’t on the “unreturned” list and the other – on the freakin shelf. I bet they were both on the shelve, but the one had since been checked out and they had caught their error.

  207. *click click click


  208. Library? They still have those?

  209. This thing doesn’t do shit.

    *stomps on clicker.

  210. Why yes they do.

    Dang helpful for your average homeschooler.

  211. Mornin’.

    I left you a present in POL Car In. It’s an ass.

  212. “They told me if I voted for McCain, we’d be at war with a third Muslim country, and they were right!”


    GOOD anecdote! Funny! Yes you are a funny boy! Yes you are!

  213. She will be mine ….

  214. She will be mine ….

    Admittedly, there’s nothing cuter than baby butts.

  215. Laura, I know it’s old, it was just neat to hear Bill Krystal tell it.

  216. Old? No, ‘classic.’

  217. *runs through poat screaming with hair on fire*

  218. **pours beer on Herr

  219. oh, and HHD is up

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