Kind Friends

Yeah, this post has a sappy title. Blow me.

Below is proof that Roamy is the bestest human being since Sir Isaac Newton, and with better mad math skillz:

L to R: Purple Afghan by Roamy, baby Carin's trying to steal, Doll By Roamy.

And she’s a hell of a lot better than you. Keep that in mind.

(Thanks, dear).

For those who don’t think this post appropriate, here’s a midget stripper:

Tuesday Bacon Worship

Bacon is a cured meat from a pig. It is first cured using large quantities of salt, either in a brine or in a dry packing; the result is fresh bacon (also known as green bacon). Fresh bacon may then be further dried for weeks or months in cold air, boiled, or smoked. Fresh and dried bacon must be cooked before eating.

Boiled bacon is ready to eat, as is some smoked bacon, but may be cooked further before eating. (English people probably do it this way).   Continue reading

President’s Day

A day off from work to do chores for some, a workday for others. Either way, it’s President’s Day so let’s celebrate.


And a Happy Birthday to TI!!

A Narrow Doorway

Little boys get into trouble. I have this reminder times two every day, and I am glad for it.

With patience, and a steady hand, little boys can be turned into men. One of the more difficult lessons that little boys learn on the way to becoming a man is that there is a difference between excuses and explanations.

Excuses are reasons for things that can be forgiven. Hence “I forgot to set my alarm clock!” or “My car broke down!” coupled with real embarrassment or anxiety over the inconvenience to others can be accepted as a reason for letting someone down.

Explanations are what is given when forgiveness is dependent solely on grace alone. They can help the subject of the apology to understand why the offense occurred, without expectation that it be excused.

In a world of political correctness, sometimes unreasonable expectations, and press agents writing “statements” for public figures, who author excuses when explanations are called for, it can become easy to believe that one is a substitute for the other.

I don’t want to be one of those people.

I have good reasons for this. I have two young men who I want to have learning the right things in life from me. I also have a belief in a savior who knows my imperfections and helps me to deal with them by reminders, subtle, and not so subtle, at times when I need them most, which also happen to coincide with the times I want them least. Because my boys don’t really have a clue about what I do on the internet, I have to admit that my reason for this is the former, not the latter.

Its no secret that recent events upset me a lot. Yes, I was upset because of the treatment a friend received. And yes, I was upset that even after his removal from the company of people I trust and whose company I enjoy, that some very hurtful things were said in reference to him. And I was upset that the decision appeared to have been made by one person, when we had a precedent that was not followed. I was reminded of that precedent, having recently re-read emails from that earlier time. I felt that this disrespected a trust that had been built up over the course of years.

As a result, I said some things in a new forum that were not appropriate to be raised there, thus doing my own part to disrespect a trust built up over years. I can’t say that the reasons don’t matter, but I can also say that they don’t excuse what I did, and after stepping back over the last few days, and considering things that people have said to me, I can see that it was very much piling on to someone who has enough going on in his own life without me saying things that I realize must have been hurtful. It isn’t an excuse, and frankly, I know better, which is why it has been so painful for me. And I got my reminder of that fact in spades this morning, because my heart was in a place that allowed me to hear it. I have enough to answer for on the day I meet my maker. I don’t want to be looking at the carpet and hearing how this was a place in my life where I disrespected Him, and presented a face to those who know me that showed something ugly when I claimed to live according to his teaching. Not without publically acknowledging it and apologizing for it, anyway. The list of charges to be reviewed on that day is already too long.

I’m sorry, Wiser. I know all the crappy feelings that come with unemployment for any period of time, and I failed to keep any of that in my mind when talking to/with you in the last month or so. And knowing what it is to be a parent, I cannot imagine how hard the current issues at home have to be for you to deal with. As close as I am to my boys, I really cannot fathom not being able to get through to them and keep them from doing things that have a high probability of turning out badly. I certainly failed to consider all the crap that makes being human such a lousy condition at times. Regardless of my feelings about what had been done, and my impressions of the aftereffects, I said things that came from a place where I shouldn’t have let my heart be dwelling, and you had every reason to expect better. For that, I am sorry.

Andy, you also have quite a lot to deal with. I think we both know that the biggest blessings in our lives carry some heavy baggage all on their own without ever seeming to realize it, while our perspective means that we feel every damn ounce of it. Whatever my feelings about things that you’ve done or said were, I let those get way out in front of my perspective on things as a whole. I can look back and know that you also think of The Hostages as family, and that while we may not have the same perspective on what that means, it doesn’t make your feelings any less valid. Because it is family, you also had every right to expect better from me. And I am sorry for letting you down in that expectation, and for not informing my own opinions with what I know and not just what I felt. That makes it damn easy to let my tongue (or in this case, my fingers) say something that is completely out of proportion to the events that caused me to say what I did.

To lauraw and DiT, I apologize. I wasn’t meeting my own standards for being a friend. I had no right to judge how you were doing it. As for the “Northeast Clique”, again, hard thought on a larger perspective made me realized that if there is such a thing, it isn’t the only one in the Hostages, and I would have to claim membership in at least one, as well.

To anyone who wasn’t “invited”, at least initially, and was hurt by that, I also apologize. While I turned on the lights, and put a name on the place, I never intended for it to be “my blog”, as I have read some refer to it. I already had one. And another that I shared with good people. I knew that some people didn’t want to blog with my friend, and that some people were just disturbed by what they had witnessed. There were some people who didn’t appear to be bothered by what happened. And then there were some who’s feelings weren’t known to me. If you didn’t get an invite, isn’t a reflection on you, I just didn’t want it to be a big deal or awkward for someone who didn’t want be a part of that.

None of these reasons are excuses. There is no excuse for my behavior. But since this became a public thing, I thought that saying I’m sorry should be as well. If left to my own pride, this is something that never would have come, but I was reminded this morning that I don’t live for myself alone, and that what I said didn’t just dishonor me. Whatever you think of me, please do not judge others who follow Him based on my actions.

If you could, would you “do” high school again?



[UPDATE: Rosetta]

Everyone’s probably already seen this on Drudge but it’s the perfect picture and the perfect caption for the Wisconsin hippie freakout sobfest.

If that alone doesn’t make Scott Walker fire all their asses, he’s a much nicer person than I am.


[UPDATE II: Rosetta]

There is a great quote about unions that I’ve been meaning to look up in light of the protesting taxpayer-leeches in Wisconsin.  Here you go:

“Back in the 1930’s, the unions were like a 21-year-old woman.  She was beautiful and had a gorgeous body, a sparkling personality and she seduced a lot of people into the union movement.  That’s fine.  The problem is that this 21-year-old siren is now in her 60’s and she’s forty pounds overweight, needs a face lift and has a terrible disposition.  The difficulty is that she still thinks she’s 21.”

Eric Hoffer

and you are applying for what position

Nothing says Fuck Corporate America quite like this.

There is a new movie out, that I guess, is trying to express the idea that underneath this “look” are a kind, wonderful people. Just give them a chance YO! Looks like one of the Olson twins is in it….’nuff said

Nothing makes me angrier than to see these earrings especially from someone who is serving my food.  Scoot said it pisses him off as well. Not sure how the rest of you retards feel.


[UPDATE: Rosetta]

Read THIS and laugh and laugh and laugh.  And prepare to get excited for 2012…

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Should Rosetta Be Banned?

OK, I am going to do this right.   (Wiserbud, take notice.)  I am seeking community input prior to exercising a ban on Rosetta.

I’m not exactly sure why I want to ban Rosetta.  Maybe it’s his lack of hair.   Maybe it’s because I met him and he stuck me with a tab for five beers and two shots of tequila.



Anyone else think this is how it all ends for him someday?

As I told my daughter the other day, when I’m looking for insightful political commentary on issues that are important to Americans, I turn to a 16-year-old Justin Timberlake wannabe from Canada.

I was watching this the other night and you almost hear the cries of all the broken-hearted tween girls in my neighbor at this moment.

Up next for the Biebster, a wardrobe malfunction at the opening game of the Stanley Cup Finals with Celine Dion.

Friday Night Stupid




My favorite Shay Laren pic.

Big Boob Friday™

Hell freaks and hot chicks.  Welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today is making her second appearance in this esteemed forum.  She’s actually one of the finer discoveries of the last year.

*phones this part in by copying and pasting from her last appearance*

Here some stuff you will need to know.  Today’s peach was born in Georgia on December 31st, 1985.  For some reason she’s shifty regarding the actual town which is odd.  She currently resides in Hawaii so she probably hangs out with Mare Obama a lot.

She was the June 2006 Penthouse Pet which is nice.  Her most favorite color is red and her favorite movie is Garden State which is actually a pretty good choice.  She likes to listen to the Stones and The Doors.  The combination to her vault is 36D-28-35.  I know from her dossier that she likes to touch other women’s naked buttocks if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you hate your job and want to be fired immediately, you can visit her website HERE.

But before you do that, please punch the nearest goat and welcome the newest member of the BBF club and your beauty queen for today, Friday, April 30th, 2010 February 18th, 2011, Shay Laren!!  YAY!!!

Here are some trivia nuggets that you can use to amaze your friends and family.  On this day…

* in 1885, Mark Twain’s “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” was published.

* in 1895, George “The Gipper” Gipp was born.

* in 1922, Helen Gurley Brown was born in Portland.

* in 1947, Dennis DeYoung was born in Chicago.

* in 1950, director John Hughes was born.

* in 1954, John Travolta was born in Englewood, New Jersey.

* in 1957, Vanna White was born in Myrtle Beach.

* in 1965, rapper Andre Young was born.

* in 1967, Robert Oppenheimer died at the age of 62.

* in 1968, Molly Ringwald was born in Roseville, California.

* in 1995, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were married.

* in 1998, broadcast legend Harry Caray died at the age of 77.


I’ll be attending THIS tomorrow night which will be awesome.  Other than that I will be enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and maybe doing some death-defying stunts projects around the house.

Whatever you have going on this weekend, I hope you fun and that you don’t get arrested and sodomized in prison.


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