Pictures that you get when searching for shuttle

POHANG, Republic of Korea (Nov. 14, 2007)  U.S. Marines from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit and Republic of Korea Marines from the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, prepare to move to the next objective during the Korean Integrated Training Plan exercise. The U.S. light armored vehicle was transported to the beach by one of the three landing craft, air cushions that shuttled Marines and equipment from ship to shore from the amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD 2). U.S. Navy photo (Released)

081211-N-8053S-138 FORT WORTH (Dec. 10, 2008) The Space shuttle Endeavour, atop a modified Boeing 747, departs at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth,

Oops I dropped something!

090730-0-9999X-001 SPACE SHUTTLE ENDEAVOUR (July 30, 2009) The Atmospheric Neutral Density Experiment 2 (ANDE-2) satellite suite designed by the Naval Research Laboratory is deployed from space shuttle Endeavour. The ANDE-2 suite consists of two spherical satellites to monitor atmospheric density and to improve methods for placing space objects in low Earth orbit. (Photo courtesy NASA/Released)

100714-N-5082P-019 NORFOLK (July 14, 2010) Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Equipment) Airman Anthony E. Blanchfield performs pre-operation maintenance on the shuttle and spread component of catapult one aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65). Enterprise is preparing for her 21st deployment. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Brooks B. Patton Jr./Released)


What I was searching for!!!!

110224-N-5549O-199 CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Feb. 24, 2011) The space shuttle Discovery lifts off from the Kennedy Space Center on its final mission. Mission specialist Capt. Stephen G. Bowen, the first submarine officer selected by NASA is on Discovery’s 39th and final mission to deliver a cargo storage unit to the international space station. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kevin S. O’Brien/Released)

Unrelated this was first. I think appropriately.

070419-N-4790M-032 GIZO, Solomon Islands (April 19, 2007) – Aviation Warfare Systems Operator 2nd Class Thomas J. Trotto loads rice on a HH-60H helicopter for shuttle to outlying islands in support of humanitarian efforts. Military Sealift Command (MSC) roll-on/roll-off ship USNS Stockham (T-AK 3017) is in the Solomon Islands to facilitate the U.S. Department of State and non-governmental organizations humanitarian assistance operation. On April 2, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami struck the Solomon Islands causing casualties and significant damage. U.S. Navy photo By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Andrew Meyers (RELEASED)


  1. oops! Worst!

  2. Whut?
    Where is Car in?

  3. Or Sean and Xbad? Wait? PJM? Are you around?
    Where are my west coasters??????????/1111111111!!!!!!!!!!Eeek!!!!eleventy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111

  4. Whoh!!!
    wasn’t that a Steely Dan song?

  5. What the shit is this fuck?

  6. So I awaken to the sounds of a kid puking. Bonus points: It’s not my kid. The girls had a friend stay with us this weekend. So now I’m wide awake in the middle of the night while someone else’s kid sleeps on my couch with a big old margarine spread tub handy. Bonus points: I’m directing the choir at Church in the morning.

  7. Well we’re awake because we had some dude walking around in our front yard and then he left. Where we live, we don’t get any foot traffic and barely a car at this time of night.

    PJD’s getting the guns set up as we haven’t set them up since we moved in 6 months ago.

  8. oh and what the heck? Count’s son can’t remember me? I see how it is.

  9. It’s below freezing out right now. Stupid Global Warming.

  10. Oh, I hope Charlie Manson didn’t break into your house, Peej.

  11. I’ll take PJM’s silence as a hopeful sign that the guy either wandered off or got his ass shot by PJD.

  12. wakey wakey. time for more skiing.

  13. Well, this isn’t much of a poat to read. Who the hee-haw heck started a thread so early/late that I don’t have anything to read?

  14. Derp.

  15. Skiing is fun. At least it was after they groomed the hills.

    Oh, and I’m still mad – my season pass broke off yesterday. I’m thinking that icefield did it in and it’s somwhere over on a black diamond buried in snow.

    They want me to pay $50 to replace it. Almost lost my cool. They gave me a lift ticked for the weekend, and I’m going to have my husband deal with it.

    I’m not a bitch, but I really lose my cool when I feel like I’m being screwed.

    You should have heard me when the city of Roseville wanted me to pay a ticket for a car illegally parked who had STOLEN my license plate.

    I asked the lady — gee, was the car parked REGISTERED to the license? “no” … yet they just gave it a ticket, and mailed it to me.

    I think I may have swore a bit.

  16. Skiing is fun.

    Tried it once. I’m not a fan of falling down, getting cold, sore, and wet.

  17. I didn’t mean it as the “sport of skiing is fun”. That is a given. I meant, we’re having a good time.

    Actually – the lines are unbelievable. Apparently many of the schools were off this week and it’s been busy the whole time.

    As for the getting cold, sore and wet. I’ve got a solution – don’t fall down.

    I only fell once, and really I wasn’t even skiing – I was trying to get out of a complete ICE field.

    Horrible slope, I should have known it hadn’t been groomed in ages.

    That’s prolly where i lost my pass, because I slid backward on my ass for a while.

  18. I’m dressed, ready to GO. The kids are still sleeping.

    We’ve got to be out the door in a hour.

  19. The ski lodge was warm and featured coffee and brandy, neither of which the ski slope had.

    I made my decision, and I stand by it.

  20. As for the getting cold, sore and wet. I’ve got a solution – don’t fall down.

    Thanks, Coach. I’ll also hit a home run every time I come up to bat.

  21. I came in first in every race!!!

  22. Football?

    Fuckin’ MVP. Offense, defense, and special teams. Played all three flawlessly without any training.

  23. Don’t even get me started on curling.


  24. Moarnin Sean.

    See you in hell.

  25. mornin,
    smoke them stogies drink that coffee

  26. Moarnin Count.

    *goes for more coffee*

  27. the title page says it all….

  28. that should be my avatard

  29. Spent all day yesterday smoking briskets. Today I eat. Tomorrow I plead for mercy from the high blood pressure gods.

  30. Good Morning Raisins and Raisinettes.

  31. damn that sounds good. We didn’t make it to the rodeo cookoff this year. Yesterday final day. The older I get the more I hate being around crowds.

  32. Moarnin Sean.

    See you in hell.

    Hail fellow, well met.

  33. so i was watching that pathetic video that was posted at Ace’s with the protesters putting shit all over the monument then clicked over to althouse blog who did the video. They have a second video there:

    It’s the chick from the first vid. giving a tour of the capital and then she’s pointing out all these letters on the wall from people against Walker. She reads one allowed “I am a registered republican and I appose your bill as it is currently written….blah….blah….blah… from Cathy Connoly.”

    According to google Cathy Connoly in Wi. is far from a republican, but I’m sure that’s a different Cathy Connoly.

  34. aloud rather

    *pours second cup of coffee

  35. They always love to astroturf and pretend all these people on the other side of the ideological divide are supporting their cause.

    If Republicans are such hardcore Nazi-types, and wrong about everything, why do they need R-decoys to bolster their credibility?

  36. Hippie irony as evinced by the video at Ace’s:

    1. They all try to be non-conformist in the way they dress, look etc. but then end up looking exactly the same.

    2. Students, ie the unemployed, always seem to be rallying or protesting for labor, ie the employed.

  37. Mornin’

    I woke to a nice few inches of fresh Global Warming outside. Can’t put the snowblower away quite yet …

  38. >> They all try to be non-conformist in the way they dress, look etc. but then end up looking exactly the same.

    Hahahahaha. Funny how that happens, huh?

    I heard some clips of interviews with these idiots on Rush’s show, and one of them said “It’s like the ’60s”.1 Same thing at any garden variety lefty protest. That the strongest desire of “progressives” is a nostalgia trip back to 1968 to protest The Man™ is about all you need to know.

    1 Period placed outside quotes to irritate Mrs. Peel.

  39. Wind is posta blow 65 mph today. Good day to work in doors.

    Speaking of which: dont ever buy home furnishings through Mrs. Pendejo bought a bookshelf from them and I spent a good amt of time ytd taking what was left of it after shipping apart, and putting it back together. Biggest piece of shit I’ve seen in a while.

  40. seems like every new generation strives to have their own 60’s style protest. The causes are totally irrelevant and generally not very well understood by the protesters. They just want to stand for something, anything will do. There are always plenty of SEIU’s willing to prey on that early 20 year old need.

  41. need a new air compressor for the shop and found a dude on craigslist who has a wife with a fondness for prada and is willing to trade.

    *wonders if SoHos will notice she’s missing a couple purses

  42. Second smelly hippie video posted at Ace’s.

    Thanks, Count.

  43. huh?

  44. That guy doesn’t have a router table listed by chance, does he?

  45. he’s got all kinds-o-shit

  46. Bye bye Prada

  47. Count, I notice down at the end of that list he’s got a chipper-shredder. Might cone in handy at the next meat-up.

  48. The whole thousand-dollar purse thing is so retarded I can’t even stand it. I can understand status symbols, but shouldn’t they DO something? A cool car usually has nifty features or speed or whatever. But any grocery bag can mimic the awesome contents-holding ability of a Prada.

    Women can be as mysterious to each other as they are to men.

  49. Mornin’

  50. MCPO likes nice purses

  51. Oh crap, sorry Sohos. I didn’t read all the way up. I’m not calling YOU a retard…


    I just don’t get it, is all. Maybe you can splain to me.

  52. SoHoS get’s hers as gifts that I can pawn off later for shop equipment. It’s a great arrangement and no fault of her own.

  53. Count – Don’t give a shit about purses, but a do like a well-built, well maintained air compressor.

  54. Hahahahaha Layra! Some women spend money on a new purse every year or every season. Some spend a little more and carry it for years. I don’t keep up with current fads. I like classic pieces and I own a few nice ones but I am also known to shop at second hand shops as well.

  55. got a set of ping zing red dot irons I’ll trade for a compressor MCPO

  56. PHEW

    Ha ha ha haa.

    OK, that I understand. It’s like jewelry, then, heh.
    …which I also never wear, so might not be the best person to critique how other women adorn themselves.

    Gonna proceed with the whole ‘shuttin’ up’ strategy of social interaction now. Which has never been a bad idea no matter how many times or in what situation I’ve used it.

    See you guys later. Shuttin’ up….now.

  57. You know, if some of the folks doin’ the protestin’ would show as much enthusiasm and dedication in a private sector job they would probably be quite successful.

  58. while you don’t come right out and say it MJ this private sector job stuff you type of sounds like actual work. Waaaaaaay harder than protestin’.

  59. Hey man, its not easy finding a vegan burrito place for lunch. That takes dedication. Ok, maybe not in Madison.

    I was thinking about how quickly a hippie could turn into a yuppie. Kind of like, ‘Trading Places’. I’m sure there’s a few good laughs in there somewhere.

  60. My headphones gave up yesterday, so I wasn’t able to hear Count’s son’s opinion of the Hostages. Gonna have to buy a new pair.

    I blame Mare. (Where IS Mare, BTW?)

    As to purses, last year I saw a purse that I just HAD to have. My old one had given up the ghost, and I had bought a replacement purse with the same “required” features, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

    Well, there in a little boutique “Western” store in downtown Fort Worth sat the purse of my dreams. In tooled leather, so it looked much cooler than the one I had been carrying before (and yeah, I carry ONE purse until it breaks).

    It just about killed me to hand over $100 for a PURSE ($30 is more my style), but I LOVE that darn thing!

    Don’t even get me started on shoes…..
    *looks over at well-worn $30 sneakers from Wal-Mart*

  61. I haven’t bought a purse since 2005 and before that it was 2001. I have had 2 purses over the last 10 years.

  62. “I wasn’t able to hear Count’s son’s opinion of the Hostages.”

    huh? Was that here or facechimp?

  63. Rosetta has more purses than Sohos, and I bet his are bigger.

  64. It was here last night in the comments

  65. from last thread..
    my 14 year old son started talking about H2 last night at hooters and I was laughing so I video taped it:

    total stalker

  66. Count – Good thing is didn’t mention me. . . there are stalking laws in this country you know! 😉

  67. I think I am going to change my name to FiFi and become the hostage formerly known as sohos

  68. My wife has 4783 purses – in other words, almost as many as she has shoes.

    I have 0 purses and about 8 pair of shoes.

    Also it’s foggy here this morning. I blame FiFi!

  69. this is a few days old… but kind of interesting… a possible run at the 14th Amndnt?

  70. Sohos, you and I are sympatico….

  71. Props to Sen. Russell Pearce


  73. if XBrad ever shows up…. here’s a couple of naked chicks with guns for him…

  74. JAM2 – HAWT!

  75. Ooops!!!

  76. Master Chief!
    how’s the golf game going?


  78. Rigor Mortis

  79. I wonder if I can get Styrofoam peanuts on Craig’s List.

  80. Mitchell !!!!! Wassup?

  81. Who’s a retard?

  82. eh?

  83. Are we gonna migrate to the new poat?

  84. There was no new poat notification!

    I’m taking this to the Union Foreman.

  85. Nothing much. Putting together my shopping list and going to hit Costco in a bit. Oh, and if any of you ladies are in the market for a new purse might I suggest you consider a Saddleback Leather Tote? With a 100 year warranty they’re daring you to try and wear it out.

  86. That Saddleback stuff is niiiiice!

  87. Mitchell, you should put your link up on the newer, fresher post.

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