Dear Losers

Fuck you. Fuck you forever with a freedom popsicle created from frozen liquid fuck. Fuck your arrogance. Fuck your cluelessness. Fuck your refusal to listen to the American people, who told you not to go so far, so fast. Fuck your disregard for the Constitution. And fuck you just because I fucking cannot stand anybody who seeks to mortgage our futures for a shitty policy goal and then calls me into question for demanding I hold my elected Congresscritters accountable.

Did not the last 19 months of protests, rallies, marches, speeches, town halls, and debates serve to convince you that working with people who wish to fuck us over would be a groovy idea? Let’s hear from a lesson learned from dickfister Mike Castle:

“The Tea Party movement really is quite a bit different than the old Republican conservative movement, ” Castle said. “They’re more than willing to take out Republicans, call us Republicans in name only, or whatever it may be. It was one thing when you were dealing with Democrats and Republicans. Now you’re dealing with divisions within your own party.”

Yeah. Figures. Fuck you for that, ex-Rep. Castle. Fuck you for trying to scold us for *gasp* demanding we hold Congress accountable. Fuck you for scolding us for having standards. Fuck you for scolding us for demanding that our betters work for us and not their next re-election campaigns. And fuck you because I am fucking sick of hearing from RINOs that cooperation with the left is acceptable.

As I look at my daughter, I see the greatest gift ever given to me. I see the future, knowing I have the ability to shape it. I see the ultimate responsibility, knowing that if I fail her, I fail the future. And I will not go down without a fucking fight. The last fucking thing I want for her is to have her subjugated to the State and its eunuchs. I owe it to her to tell her I stood for fucking something other than the next election. I owe it to her to tell her I stood for her future. I owe it to her to tell her I would rather lose as a freeman than allow a statist to work with those who wish to ruin her future. And fuck you if you disagree with me. So in honor of my daughter and the future, loser brigade, I demand that our elected officials stand for us. I demand you stand for liberty, not enslavement. I demand you stand against the creeping statism. And fuck you for getting upset when we hold you accountable for doing anything less.

Oh well. I am fucking glad fuckheads such as Castle and the others lost. Yeah, I wish we had won a few more Senate seats. I wish our side learned from this election and pick better candidates next time. I hope we realize that certain set within our own party wishes to sabotage Conservatism in defense of their own fuckheadedness and move beyond them. And I hope we learn that anything less than fucking over statism and its enablers is unacceptable.

So fuck you, losers. Fuck you for not seeing how things now are. Fuck your refusal to face the facts. And fuck you for the future’s sake. Get lost, go to hell, and fuck you forever in the name of the future.

[UPDATE: Rosetta]

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A Gift

Something my friend Retired Geezer shot me the other night.

Nice tune.  Probably old.  Don’t care.

Merry Christmas my friends.


[UPDATE: Rosetta]

I need to buy a new anti-virus program for my laptop.  Do any of you sons of bitches know which one is best?  I know McAfee and Norton but maybe there’s something better than those two.

If you have a recommendation, please let me know in the comments.

Thank you in advance for your help, nice people.

That’s what Christmas is all about

Merry Christmas, Hostages of all faiths or of no faiths of all. There were many of us who had some trying times over the last year, and yet somehow this band of brigands, Tom Sagets!!, buttholes, and shitbirds always sent out prayers, good wishes, and the best of their hearts whenever it really mattered.

All of the Baby Jesuses in all of the mangers of the world may grow up to hate you for various annoying or embarrassing things that you do, but they love you right now.