Wake Up To Some Power Pop

Did you know that Sohos was in a band back in the day?

They got bigger.

My dad sold Keith Moon some video equipment once.  True story.

I never met Matthew Sweet, but I think I met Lum once back in college.  Mushrooms may have been involved.

If none of the previous songs woke you up, listen to that.  Assholes.


  1. Fuck you, Sony!!!! Fuck you. VEVO!!! Don’t start with me, BiW!!!

  2. What the fuck are those things going after the chips? Look like a lobster shagged a cockroach.

  3. Comment by Sox on December 19, 2010 9:00 am

    Hey Ms. Romy! I am supposed to head out the 23rd, be home 24th. MIL will have a bunch of arteries unplugged the 21st. Will probably spend a week running back and forth to hospitals. Gearing up to spend a LOT of time in Brazil next two years. You doing better, Kind Lady?

    Just in case Ms. Romy comes to this thread….

  4. Well, there’s been more than an inch of rain here, so allow me to get philosophical before we drown…

    Life will continue in one form or another. Grasses will take to the wind. Worms will struggle up out of the earth. The birds will find shelter somewhere. Somehow, gluten will find a way.

  5. Good morning 🙂

    Nice music, Sean!

  6. Look like a lobster shagged a cockroach.

    Considering lobsters and cockroaches are VERY closely related, I wouldn’t be surprised, HM.

  7. God are you people still here? :>)

  8. Lobsters don’t taste as gamey.

  9. Lobsters don’t taste as gamey.

    True, but it helps to soak the roaches in milk for a few hours.

  10. I get to do some laundry and go to a neighborhood party. Yay!

  11. Morning all!

    Aggie–did you linky a pic yet of you all gussied up? I miss dressing up.

  12. Trilobites are extinct because they ran out of Doritos.

  13. Iggles v. G-men today!

  14. Trilobites, lobsters, pill bugs, roaches……eventually they all turn to dust in the wind……
    I wonder if trilobites were as delicious as lobster?

    And to everyone, I apologize if I am a bit bitchier than normal. In order to have the arteriogram done, a contrast iodine dye had to be used. Iodine is a BIG no-no for people with Myasthenia Gravis – it can aggravate the symptoms, and perhaps even bring about a myasthenic crisis (which could potentially mean time on a respirator for TiFW), so great care has to be exercised.

    However, the test HAD to be run, so it was decided that in order to counteract any possible effects of the iodine LARGE doses of steroids would be used (I currently take 10mg/day; they’re giving me 60mg/day). Unfortunately, one of the side effects of that large dosage is extreme agitation (along with other things, but they don’t affect my mood…..).

    I’m stepping down the dosage day by day, but it can’t be done cold turkey, so I may be this way for a few more days. Thanks for putting up with me in the meantime!

  15. And as far as the other kids bringing “forbidden” food into the house, I’ve never told them they couldn’t eat it and/or have it in the house, as long as they exercise EXTREME caution.

    As long as they keep stuff out of Rebecca’s reach, it’s OK – if they bring it into the house and leave it laying around and I don’t know that it’s in the house, THAT’S a problem (and that’s what happened yesterday).

    If they have leftovers, they are asked to bag them up in a Ziploc bag and put it on the topmost shelf of the refrigerator. That avoids cross-contamination and keeps it out of Rebecca’s way.

    The reason they aren’t always vigilant is that Rebecca was only diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. DD#3 is much better about things, because she has been around the house all that time.

    DD#2 has been away for 1 1/2 of those years, so she’s not as “up” on all of these things. However, her belligerence is what got me so upset yesterday – at this point, she is more of a GUEST in the house, and some consideration would be most appreciated…..

  16. I’m done writing my books now – thanks for listening!

    Aggie, I hope you have some pictures from last night’s shindig up soon –

  17. Sean, I just read your comment from the other thread about your Grandpa and the chemical testing. Holy guacamole, he’s one tough bird!!!!!! I’m glad he’s still around – I bet it’s a hoot to hear all of the stories…..

  18. Interesting poll to start your day:


  19. Dick, it may sound that way – I’m just laying down the background. It’s not bad for most people, so I feel the need to explain how it affects OUR family. It probably sounds very preachy without the benefit of face-to-face communication.

    I’m sorry – I’m just talking about what’s going on around our house and sounding out some of my frustrations with you guys. Otherwise, you’d be reading about me on the police blotters…..

  20. *buys police scanner*

    How big an antenna do I need to pick up DFW from here?

  21. Speaking of postal; If I was running the USPS, I’d start selling some serious advertising on stamps. That’s right, stamps! Chevy Stamps, Pepsi Stamps, T. Rowe Price stamps.

    Figure it out. Millions of tiny adverts crisscrossing the nation. The USPS could actually function in the black if the take my idea. . . . . . . . . and shitcan the union.

  22. Well, THAT was easy! Saw a 1-day deal online at Williams-Sonoma for something I’ve had my eye on for a long time for a price that couldn’t be beat. Mr. TiFW was saying just this morning that he wishes he knew what I would like for gifts, ‘cuz he never knows what to get me.

    There’s a store near us, they’re open early today, so I called, they have a few in stock (it’s one of those “limited-quantity” deals), and Mr. TiFW is on his way right now to get one for me. They might – if he’s lucky – already have one pre-wrapped so he can get to church on time……


  23. Chief, that’s a GREAT idea – which is why it will never be tried (it makes WAAAAY too much sense)…..

    Who changed the picture? That’s a CREEPY dude! I kinda liked the lobsters and the doritos – they were really cute.

    And yeah, if I ever go postal, it’s not gonna be pretty. It’s bad enough when my head splits open and the monster pops out –

  24. Didn’t steal it from anyone. Had two “postal” thought patterns running through the back of my mind.
    1) Another increase in the price of 1st class postage and USPS continuing losses and;
    2) England worried the the Queen won’t be on stamps after they privatize the Royal Mail.

    Somehow, those things spun around in my head for awhile and you were the recipients of the resultant brain-flatulence.

  25. The EPA may finally have crossed their Bridge Too Far / met their Waterloo:


    Ya wanna talk about carbon emissions and stuff like that, it’s all nebulous shit. You come between a video gamer and his toys, it is ON.LIKE.DONKEY.KONG…….

  26. Great idea Master Chief, but the results would be identical to feeding more money to anything in Washington DC. It can never be fed enough.

    The USPS has a legal monopoly on First Class mail (which I flout every time I get a chance); their fleet is immune from parking tickets and other traffic violations that cost other shipping companies significant coin; they routinely engage in a myriad of anti-competitive activities that are sanctioned by laws they help craft.

    Yet they consistently lose more and more money.

    I remember when just a few years back they lost one paltry billion and everybody thought it was a big deal…

  27. Lobster are arthropods so more like spiders than roaches

  28. Laura – Ever been to USPS headquarters in Maryland? Makes the Taj Mahal look like a Motel 6. The perks enjoyed be their executives amount to those of a third world potentate and the union workers have extremely generous benefits. The USPS has become a scam and I rarely use them if I don’t have to.

  29. That was almost like a sohoswing plover drive-by comment.

    “LOBSTERS are arthripods so more like spiders thatn ROATCHES”

  30. Yeah, but do spiders taste good when boiled and served with drawn butter?

  31. I don’t know ask xbrad

  32. They’re delicious like a muhfucker!

  33. The USPS has become a scam and I rarely use them if I don’t have to.

    Similarly, my advice to anyone who ever has an opportunity to enter a contract with them is DON’T.
    They put a nice guy I know out of business one day just on a whim, when he had lived up to his side of the bargain.

  34. http://is.gd/j1j7U

  35. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghFBvBmXv4E

  36. Dick – 10 more! I’d like to get to 220.

  37. I need 30 more off me

  38. Dick – I lose about 8 playing 18 in the height of summer (I sweat like a fat girl in a prom dress), but gain them back by the next morning.

  39. At your height/size I’m surprised you’d even notice ten pounds, MCPO.

    You can probably take care of half of that by exfoliating and getting a pedi.

  40. Also, MCPO, prunes … think prunes!

  41. Mmmmmmm. St. Etienne.

    That takes me back.

    1990-1991, Club X, Detroit.

    Incredibly hawt wimmins, tracks from the Foxbase Alpha album, and other tunes thundering in my ears, dancing until 3 am, and collapsing on the floor at my friend’s place.

    Good times, good times.

  42. LauraW – I’ll accept your slam. . . this time.

  43. Well, THAT didn’t take long.

    The overturning of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is likely to create a ripple effect in addressing other gay-rights issues, as many states continue to debate issues including same-sex marriage and the right of gay partners to share benefits the same way legally married couples do. With gay service members serving openly, it will become difficult for policy makers to justify, say, withholding visitation rights or survivor benefits to the same-sex spouse of a wounded or fallen soldier.


    I shouldn’t be surprised. People have had the idea that federal power and policy trumps states rights for a while now.

    It won’t be long for the inevitable challenges to state law in federal court. It’s only a matter of time now. Especially since they are working so hard to characterize it as a civil right.

    When we’re having this discussion over the “right” of child buggery in 20 years, I won’t be saying “I told you so.” I’ll just be shooting anyone coming near my grandchildren with their pants around their ankles.

  44. BiW – The two issues are only related in the minds of liberals.

  45. That was not a slam.
    It was meant to be goofy.

    As in, you’re such a big guy, you’ve probably got five pounds invested just in calluses and toenails…it kind of sucks to have to explain this.

  46. One other interesting tidbit I found out while hospitalized – my PCP has been wanting to switch me to beta-blockers for my high blood pressure (the ace inhibitors make me cough and gag like nobody’s business), but they are another BIG no-no for people with MG (as are ace inhibitors).

    I found out why – I had only been on them for two days, and my right eyelid drooped so much that I literally couldn’t SEE out of it! Yeah, it brought my heart rate and blood pressure way down, but jeez Louise –

    Sorry, doc……

  47. Chief must be on the gluten again – it would explain the grumpy……. 😉

  48. Laura – Lighten up, Frances.

  49. I was just fine until you started getting snippety.

    Now we’re going to have to armwrestle.

    I hope you know a good doctor.


  50. Left or right hand – your choice, little bit.

  51. Teresa, thanks for the charts and tables and stuff on the cholesterol last night.

  52. Either one is fine. I wiped snot on both.

  53. My money’s on the gal with the hump…..

  54. PattyAnn, you’re most welcome! Hope they help –

  55. Teresa, it’s infuriating. They want to treat me as if my problems were caused by high cholesterol, when they weren’t. And I don’t have high cholesterol, yet they want me to take medication for it.

  56. Unfortunately, this advice came too late for this crew:


    Dick’s takeaway line from this whole lesson?
    “Rest assured that salami will ALWAYS get eaten”……

  57. Oh, Chief will win the arm wrestling, Dick.

    The doctor is for the vicious cold he’s going to catch from me in the process.

    Had some soup and pretzels, now I need to go lie down again…

  58. Patty Ann,

    I know it is frustrating and that is why I went overseas for my surgery. I paid cash and wouldn’t you know it, they listened to me when I spoke because I WAS PAYING THE BILL.

    Tell them, in a quite voice, you will have your attny. follow up about your medical questions and see how fast they listen.


  59. I’m still suffering from the worst cold in the history of mankind.


    **wipes snot on poat**

  60. Ummm, PA, WHY would any doctor want you to take meds for something you DON’T have? The stuff they give you to “lower” your cholesterol doesn’t do shit, and it really messes with you.

    When Mr. TiFW was on it (for less than a month), it almost caused his homicide. Between me and the girls, it was gonna be a contest as to who snapped first. DD#3 actually came into the room one day in tears and told me that I had better tell ‘YOUR HUSBAND” to quit taking those meds……

    There has NEVER been a large long-term study that has been able to make ANY correlation between cholesterol and heart disease; as a matter of fact, EVERY LAST ONE shows NO SUCH THING……

    Interestingly enough, for women, their total cholesterol numbers have no bearing on fatal heart attack risk; for men, the LOWER the cholesterol number, the HIGHER the risk of heart attacks (51% of fatal heart attacks occur in men whose total cholesterol is below 200 – chances are that most of those are due to cardiac arrest, which usually has very little relationship to heart disease).

  61. Yeah, you threaten my business in any way, with an attorney or anything else, you are no longer a client.

  62. So….XBrad and LauraW both have bad colds with sniffles……

    Inquiring minds want to know……when did XBrad visit LauraW, and what exactly went on? Was “the hump” involved?

    It’s a regular Peyton Place around here, I tells ya!

  63. This game is ugly.

  64. I think Laura got some gluten on me, that’s all.

  65. Actually, I wrote my doctor a nice letter and included documentation explaining exactly WHY I wasn’t going to be taking cholesterol medication. I also told her that if I keeled over from a heart attack, she was absolved of ALL responsibility – this was my decision, made against her advice, and I am willing to take all of the blame if something goes wrong…..

    She’s not happy about it, but she understands that she’s not gonna change my mind, either –

  66. Scott, I’m so sorry you had to get caught up in the middle of all of this….. 😉

    The spouse is always the last to know in these situations –

  67. Oh, THAT game.
    Never mind…….

  68. It’s actually raining here. Well, drizzling, at any rate.

  69. One of our two high schools in my current town of residence won the Texas 5A championship yesterday.

    I bet they could take on Dallas….

  70. How is it that you send a man to a store, PAPER IN HAND, WITH THE PICTURE OF AN ITEM, ITS PRICE, AND ITS DESCRIPTION CLEARLY MARKED, and it STILL gets screwed up?

    For Heaven’s sake, all he has to do is shove the paper in front of the cashier’s face, point to what it is that he wants, grunt a few times, and walk out of the store with the right item!

    In all fairness, the lady helping him is the one who got it wrong, but he ended up paying $50 more than the price listed on the paper, so now he’s grumbling about having to make an extra trip for something that wasn’t his fault in the first place (he’ll go there to get his money back, obviously, but still……)

  71. Good morning, Ms. Aggie.

    How was the party?

  72. I am not feeling the love today people.

  73. Congrats, Aggie! Which school?

    I’m assuming Aledo won their division – we caught a glimpse of their game on the TV in the restaurant on Friday night and they were ahead by about 30 points.

    Two minutes before half-time…..

  74. Screw you, Dave.


  75. How was the party?

    It was fun 🙂

    Hubby was awarded the Order of Military Medical Merit, so I am very proud of him. I didn’t get to dance, but got to socialize with some friends. And there were many, many PYTs in attendance in very short, very tight dresses 😉

  76. Teresa, Cibolo Steele Knights beat Denton Guyer Wildcats 24-21. It was a very good game.

    *gives Dave the Hullabaloo treatment*

  77. Sorry, Dick…

    Meant 5A Division II, I think 🙂

  78. Dick,

    That just proves my point. They would listen because they know if they attnys get involved the insurance company gets involved and they will loose the ability to take insurance if they loose their rating. I totally agree on playing the lawyer card, but dammit, they speak over and around you like what you have to say is for shit. Especially in the hospital. It really is a game.. and you will loose if you play by their rules. You were never their client to begin with you were the contract work in question..

  79. Damn, Giants look GOOD today!!!

  80. The Cumberland Valley Eagles made it to the championship game again and lost the state championship game AGAIN. Bishop McDevitt lost their bid for the state 4 A championship as well.

  81. All in all, I would rather go to the Vet… at least there i could whine and get patted on the head. Possibly put to sleep humanely..

  82. Congrats to hubs, Aggie! Whoop!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Phili – NYG Dick. MCPO is probably getting grumpy.

  84. Aggie, did you suppress the urge to swing a rusty 14″ machete at any PYTs? Did any of them make eyes at your hubby? Did any of the youngsters make eyes at you? They should have, at least, out of range of the Machete of Doom!

  85. Scott – 5 starters out on the Philly defense. I expected little more than what I’m seeing. Still sucks though.

  86. MCPO is probably getting grumpy.

    How could you tell the difference?

  87. Thank you, Teresa 🙂

    Ok, question: am I wrong in being irritated by the fact that hubby is playing a computer game, and not shopping for a certain person’s Christmas gift??

  88. No dancing? Don’t those MEDDAC guys know how to party?

    WTF, over?

  89. Ok, question: am I wrong in being irritated by the fact that hubby is playing a computer game, and not shopping for a certain person’s Christmas gift??

    Yes. How do you know he hasn’t already bought that certain person’s present already?

  90. Brad, I was never tempted to swing my switchblade at anyone…. and no one “made eyes” at me, except one young lady to ask where I had gotten my “white streaks” done.

    I told her they were God’s Highlights. She was a bit embarrassed 😀

  91. Yes. How do you know he hasn’t already bought that certain person’s present already?

    The response brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department.

  92. I am not feeling the love today people.

    Nobody likes you. Do the math.

  93. Nobody likes you.

    I like Dave.

    Do the math.

  94. Hubby has problems with his ankle, so no dancing. Too bad you weren’t there, Brad!

    Wiser, I know because he told me he hadn’t. He is honest to a freakin’ fault…

  95. Wiser’s a nobody?

  96. Wiser, I know because he told me he hadn’t. He is honest to a freakin’ fault…

    Maybe he’s playing with ya?

    I’ve been telling wiserbride that I have absolutely no ideas about what to get her this year. Meanwhile, I’ve already gotten her a couple of things, one of which she suggested yesterday that I had already purchased.


  97. Aggie, I recall a time when every young officer was expected to do a “duty dance” with the other officer’s ladies.

  98. Projection ain’t just a river in Egypt Michael.

  99. Just don’t do the Lambada with them…

  100. Everybody likes Dave. Wiser, on the other hand. . .

  101. Wiser, on the other hand. . .

    That upsets me so, as I try so hard to be liked by everyone……



    I would consider he is tugging my chain, Wiser, except for the fact that the last time he purchased a gift for me for Christmas was 2003. The rest of the time he has asked me to get myself what I want.

    Well, considering he is leaving soon, I was hoping he would go through the trouble. But it’s no big deal, and I shouldn’t be irritated. This Christmas is all about him 😉

  103. except for the fact that the last time he purchased a gift for me for Christmas was 2003.


    You win.

  104. Just don’t do the Lambada with them…

    I can dance many dances… That ain’t one of them!

  105. Wiser’s a nobody?

    Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

    WOOO HOOO!!!! Eagle turnover recovered by the Giants with 9 seconds left to the half!

  106. Can you do a lap dance, cuz that’s the only one I really like…

  107. Can you do a lap dance, cuz that’s the only one I really like…


    I didn’t picture you for a tango 😉

  108. And touchdown!

  109. as I try so hard to be liked by everyone……


  110. Wiser gets my vote for Miss Congeniality.

  111. Heh. I just noticed Dave’s NFL thread at the mothership, bitching about the Cowboys not sucking as bad as the Redskins.

    Dude, no one cares about those two teams anymore this year.

  112. Wiser gets my vote for Miss Congeniality.

    See, MCPGrumpy?

    Jealous much?

  113. Oh, and my SS gift arrived from Spelunkin’ Inc, and it was wrapped in newspaper from the New York Post, and featured the NYPD Daily Blotter.


  114. OK, tomorrow’s Load HEAT is scheduled, so even if I die of this cold, you’ll have the chance to enjoy that.

  115. even if I die of this cold, you’ll have the chance to enjoy that.

    Now that’s devotion.

  116. What can I say, Aggie?

    I’m a giver.

  117. I’m a giver.

    As long as you don’t give me your cold, we’re good.

  118. **gives this poat cooties**

  119. >> Dude, no one cares about those two teams anymore this year.

    Why. Did they do a cover tune and ruin their careers?

  120. I wanna see Bono and U2 end their career by doing a cover of Woo Hoo, Baby Monkey.

  121. Yeah, Dick.. I hear ya but,

    My experience with two surgeries and two heart surgeries with my fathers— both of them almost killed because the hospital staff did not care enough to look at the freakin’ charts, my wife almost dying because the doctors were arguing whether or not to give her Oxygen manually or with a machine while she turns blue, while giving birth to my twins.. and my almost dying due to a Dilaudid allergy that they fucked up and then hung a bag of Dilaudid on me, and when I protested to the nurse she blew me off and called me a problem patient to my mother and law. Five min. later I WAS DEAD… and being brought back in the ICU.

    So, I might default to Asshole now…

  122. ZinG! Good ‘un, DinT!

  123. Why. Did they do a cover tune and ruin their careers?

    They might try to do a cover version of a professional football team winning.

    Couldn’t hurt at this point.

  124. Cancer for Dummies.

  125. I take it you know how to play doctor, Dick?

  126. I’m not an OB/GYN, I just play one on weekends.

  127. Fixin’ Yer Own Gut: Abdominal Surgery for Amateurs

  128. Everything I Needed to Know About Obstetrics I Learned in Kindergarten.

  129. Usin’ The Whole Fist, Doc?: 101 Great Proctology Tips

  130. The One-Minute Proctologist

  131. “Caring & Sharing: HIV and You”

  132. I spent my youth reading passages from the good book.

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?

  133. Daddy’s Fingers: Home Vagioplasty Made Easy

  134. What’s That Smell?: Know Your Vajayjay

  135. Disclaimer: my boss posted this.


  136. Seven Habits of Highly Effective Oncologists.

    alt title for wiser’s last – Who Stole My Cheese?

  137. Hello, God? It’s Me, Herpes.

  138. Amputations Illustrated, 4th Ed. (Home Depot Press, 2010).

  139. 101 Uses for Your Old Liver

  140. Suck It Dry: The Layman’s Guide to DIY Transfusions.

  141. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Repurposing a Placenta but Were Afraid to Ask.

  142. Do It Yourself Heart/Lung Transplant: Hey, You Have to Use Those Hobo Parts For Something!

  143. Find It, Freeze it, Forget It: Removing Your Genital Warts at Home

  144. Gee Your Farts Smell Terrific: Gastroenterology and You

  145. Controlling a Sucking Chest Wound with a Pack of Smokes and Val-U-Rite Vodka.

  146. Hustler.


  147. Chest Pains and You: The Flintstone Vitamin Fix

  148. MCPO, did they ever teach you to control a sucking chest wound with a pack of smokes? Because they taught me that in basic.

  149. Compound, Schmompound: Just Rub Some Dirt On It.
    Fixing Broken Bones the Manly Way

  150. The Permanent Repair: DIY Whiskey Cauterization

  151. The At-Home Vasectomy Kit

  152. xBrad – Every fucking year for 20 years!

  153. Sorry, MCPO, I just figured the only first aid you Navy guys got was how to suck venom out of a snakebite on a guy’s dick.

  154. Two for You, None for Me?: The Art of the Surprise Kidney Transplant

  155. Sorry, MCPO, I just figured the only first aid you Navy guys got was how to suck venom out of a snakebite on a guy’s dick.

    MCPO taught himself how to do that in junior high.

  156. Hold My Beer and Watch This Shit: Home Surgery Made Easy.

  157. “101 Uses for Your Old Liver”

    by Betty Crocker

  158. KEVIN BOSS!!!!

  159. The Appalachian Guide to Dental Hygiene: One Tooth at a Time.

  160. Want those shoes LIKE BURNING!!!!

  161. cold medicine leads to some really interestin google searches, don’t it?

  162. A New Nose by Nine AM: Rhinoplasty Made Simple

  163. The Homebrewer’s Guide to Curing Your Yeast Infection Naturally

  164. Inflate to 35 PSI: Maintenance Tips For Your New Bewbs

  165. They’d just squander it, Dick.


  167. 4 TD passes today for Eli!


  168. DIY Home Liposuction Techniques: Sponsored by Dyson

  169. And here comes the Eagles.

  170. God, I am laughing so hard I think I popped somethin’ – you guys are the bestest!

  171. And the Redskins

  172. 4 TD passes today for Eli!


    Interviewing at ESPN, I see.

  173. What a dick.

  174. Interviewing at ESPN, I see.

    heh heh heh .

  175. If the hooker was still alive, Dick, he got more for those picks than they have out of a lot of the players they’ve drafted. If she’s dead, it’s pretty much a push.

  176. Scott, what’s the spread on this game?

  177. Reed is really going to regret not throwing that challenge flag.

  178. Well you showed em who’s boss Dallas #christwesuck

  179. The G-men better get some containment on Vick.

    *sends comment to NFL Network*

  180. wiser, 3 pts.

  181. Giants by 3.

  182. Eagles will cover.

  183. un fucking believable.

  184. AND the Giants choke.

    Welcome to the club NY.

  185. AND the Giants choke.

    Got too aggressive. Used the blitz too much.

    Not over yet, though.

  186. Hey, look at the bright side. Regardless of the score, NY has all three of their timeouts.

    *behind every silver lining, there’s a dark cloud.

    Did the Chief pass out already or does he need a defibrillator?

  187. Laura, Sky already owns those.

  188. The Giants need to get in field goal range or this one’s going to overtime.

    *Sends comment to Fox Sports – Joe Buck bronzes it*

  189. He has a fork in the toaster Andy.

  190. Oops that was Dave.

  191. *Sends comment to Fox Sports – Joe Buck bronzes it*

    You’re listening to that idiot?

    I’ve learned to tune his voice out. Don’t even hear a word he says.

  192. Oh. My. God!

  193. are you kidding me?

    Fucking Giants.


    Oh that’s classic.

  195. Stupid fucking defense in the 4th quarter by the Giants and then they end it with and even stupider play.

    Ya know, it’s games like this that make me reconsider being a Giants fan.

  196. Oh that’s classic.


  197. 7 minutes? I have never seen that much suck.

  198. Fucking great album, go buy it.


  199. It’s the Cinderella story, came outta nowhere..

  200. And the crowd goes wild…..

  201. 7 minutes? I have never seen that much suck.

    Defense kicks ass for 3 quarters then totally falls apart in the 4th.

    They absolutely deserved to lose that game, the way they played in the last quarter, both offense and defense.

    Total suck. I hope they lose out the season after this. Fuck ’em. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  202. it’s, it’s in the hole! It’s in the hole.

  203. DiT,

    I just opened the Christmas card.

    Thank you very much.

  204. Coughlin’s taking it out on the punter there at the end was kind of funny.

    They’d have totally won if he didn’t suck so bad.

  205. >> Thank you very much.

    Merry Christmas. Although I totally blew my cover on the SS bit, didn’t I?

    Oh well. I’m stupid. But nice.

  206. Coughlin’s taking it out on the punter there at the end was kind of funny.

    Yeah, it was totally his fault that the Giants were in that position…..

    Coughlin would be the same fucking idiot who didn’t expect the on-side kick earlier, right?

    Fucking idiot.

  207. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEE0OGJUE-4
    Check this out. Good stuff.

    I forgot that football was on. First time I have been home alone in months.

  208. hey, welcome back, one-nut.

  209. OK, I’m still sick, the wimmens aren’t here, and no one is emailing me scantily clad photos of themselves except Wiser, who I wish would stop.

  210. *shoots brad a shot of me in the emerald green butt thong.

    For those who can’t see it, try to imagine a pear, wearing a rubber band.

  211. Thanks Wiser!
    How are things going for everyone? Did I miss anything?

  212. **shoots brad… it’s a mercy killing**

  213. I’m going back to bed. I’ll see you guys later.

  214. http://is.gd/j1TlH

  215. How are things going for everyone? Did I miss anything?

    I leave it to someone else to get you caught up on the details, but nothing but the same old shit, basically.

  216. **shoots brad… it’s a mercy killing**

    I know I feel better now.

  217. Thanks Wiser, that’s good news. No news is good news.

    Thinking of going out to eat, any suggestions?

  218. Thinking of going out to eat, any suggestions?

    Not me, but laura does:



  220. time to start dinner.

    later, haters.

  221. http://is.gd/j1ULD

  222. she’s gonna need some ibuprofin.

  223. Wiser – How ’bout them Iggles?

  224. I heard the best Christmas commercial on the radio yesterday. Apparently nothing says I love you better than a gift certificate
    for laser treatment of toenail fungus.

  225. I was thinking of giving my wife a copy of the classifieds for Christmas.

  226. Scott – Really? Damn, now you tell me!

  227. Is that a hint, Babe?

  228. Uni – How’s thing in Oh we’re Gone?

  229. Did you get to see it MCPO?

  230. A hint indeed.

    But is he asking, or buying?


  231. Well, the University of Washington School of Law pretty much just ensured that they will never get another dime from me.

    I just opened a card inviting me to a Tacoma-area Alumni Recption where the Dean witll introduce the School’s expanded mission:

    Leaders for the Global Common Good

    Weep for this nation. Weep.

  232. Scott – Herself made me turn it off due to my volume/language. Kept up with it on the NFL Live website.

  233. MCPO,
    That’s pretty accurate.
    The job is going really well, like way better than I could have imagined. It’s kind of like there is so much authority and potential to grab, you just have to grab it and do something with it. That’s kind of the key. Lots of people come up with ideas then form committees but then don’t do anything. So far, I have implemented a streamlined process to how we do things which ended up in pissing off all the right people.

    It’s crazy how lazy people can be.

    I love Portland, and am beginning to like Oregon. There is kind of a social libertarian view in this state that I dig, reminds me of Nevada a bit.

    How are things going for you?

  234. “Leaders for the Global Common Good”


  235. Uni – Pretty damned good for an old, broken-down Sailor.

  236. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Efg1h0EzLeE
    Cool sound.

  237. Try to catch the highlights, it is a classic.
    That makes 6 in a row Mister.

  238. Heh! My wife was sitting with my daughter during the veterans day parade here in Portland and some old guys sat next to them and started swearing. My wife said, “Hey! Little girl here listening!” One said, “Ah shoot, I’m sorry, I’m just a salty old sailor.” It turned out to be pretty funny and they were good guys in the end.

  239. Anyone else here watched Brooklyn’s Finest? Older film but pretty good.

  240. Sorry…. went to be a bit creative and finish off a gift for a friend.

    Giants lost? Sorry Wiser.

    Brooklyn’s Finest? Is that with Dennehy?

  241. I am taking off, gonna pick up a few gifts, then some dinner.
    Y’all have fun.
    Glad to know everything is going well with everyone.

  242. “Mom, would you please pass the fucking salt?” = Sailor, immediately after deployment, being polite.

  243. What day are we opening gifts?

  244. We are opening the SS gifts on the 20th, sohos.

    TOMORROW!!! YAY!!!!

  245. SoHoS – Everybody but you and Wiser are opening tomorrow.

  246. And me…..

    *sobs softly into her corn flakes*

  247. Reading the real-time comments on the Eagles – Giants game was hilarious.

  248. Darn….should we wait until Tuesday or Wednesday, then?

  249. I plan on being seriously drunk Tuesday through Christmas day.

  250. I plan on being seriously drunk Tuesday through Christmas day.

    I wish I could be….

  251. OMG, I just realized I haven’t been able to drink an alcoholic beverage since Feb. 9th.

    *cries and tears up Hostages Certificate into a million tiny pieces

  252. yaboobleley!

    I just needed to say that.

  253. Aggie, don’t hold the festivities on my account – we’re leaving town tomorrow, so it wouldn’t matter if my gift got here before Christmas anyway. I’m just playing the guilt card…..

    Incidentally, I just e-mailed my family Christmas newsletter to everyone on my Hostages distribution list (whether you wanted to get a copy or not…..). There may be some people whose e-dresses aren’t on that list, so if you want your very own copy and didn’t receive one, let me know ASAP if you want to read it before Christmas!

    It’s been swell getting to know all of you guys and gals. Thanks for letting me play in your sandbox!

  254. Love your tree, Roamy – I’m a fellow space nerd. And who doesn’t love those ornaments of their kids that were made in school? I STILL have the drum ornament I made in 2nd grade using a wooden spool, fabric, and the ubiquitous glitter.

  255. Roamy, the Saturn V in the background makes it.

  256. I tell ya, I should have bought stock in the glitter companies. Which reminds me of the time Mr. RFH and I were watching Olympic gymnastics, and he commented that there must be a worldwide shortage in glitter while the Olympics are on.

  257. New athletic poat up in honor of Carin.

    Peeples who want to honor Carin should move to the new poat.

    Peeples who don’t want to honor Carin should kiss her tight arse!

  258. That’s an awesome crap tree.

  259. Roamy, the Saturn V in the background makes it.

    That’s a Puzz-3D puzzle. Mr. RFH and Rocketboy put it together one Christmas.

    My favorite is the rocket-shaped lava lamp.

  260. I don’t have my SS gift yet.


  261. me either PJ.


    oh shit. mybad.. MYBAD

  262. are you saying you have your dave?

  263. no, nada here. I was making joke about me being your SS, but I ain’t him.

  264. I forgot the “s” after my word ‘your”

    it changes everything

  265. Why isn’t Tifw opening hers?

  266. >> I forgot the “s” after my word ‘your”

    I forgive you.

  267. Why isn’t Tifw opening hers?

    Probably guilt for not sending me mine. Is she Catholic?

    I forgive you.

    Thank you Father

  268. oh shit, I need to move up so I can honor carin


    *rolls to next poat

  269. Currently at sea. Won’t be home until the 28th. There better be a ss on my porch or I’ll sick wiser on somebody’s ass.

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