Going After A Real Criminal Must Have Been Too Difficult

There are real penalties for running contrary to the Left’s agenda…especially when you have the temerity to not share their priorities and you dare to move freely in their territories.  This cautionary tale comes courtesy of the Philadelphia Daily News.

Unlike a Somali youth who did his damnest to carry out the cold-blooded murder of innocent people, and was only stopped due to FBI involvement, Brian Aitken is serving a 7 year sentence for transporting two handguns, ammunition, and magazines he legally owned.

Brian, a law-abiding citizen who was in the process of moving from Colorado to New Jersey after a divorce, expressed some disappointment with his life after his ex-wife cancelled a scheduled visitation with his son.  Mom, a social worker, was concerned that he might do something stupid, and called the police.

 Sue Aitken, a trained social worker, decided to play it safe and called police, but she hung up before the 9-1-1 dispatcher could answer. Police traced the call and showed up anyway, and found two handguns in the trunk of Brian’s car.

Thanks, Mom!  Clearly another case of government involvement improving the lives of average, everyday citizens.

But unlike that Somali youth in Oregon, Aitken had the misfortune to have offended the gun-fearing-wussies (GFWs) of New Jersey, and there would be no mercy for this heinous crime of transporting firearms and ammunition legally owned.

When Mount Laurel police arrived at the Aitkens’ home on Jan. 2, 2009, they called Brian – who was driving to Hoboken – and asked him to return to his parents’ home because they were worried. When he arrived, the cops checked his Honda Civic and, inside the trunk, in a box stuffed into a duffel bag with clothes, they found two handguns, both locked and unloaded as New Jersey law requires.  [emphasis added]

Aitken had passed an FBI background check to buy them in Colorado when he lived there, his father said, and had contacted New Jersey State Police and discussed the proper way to transport them. [Again, emphasis added]

Transported in the manner that the law required, just as he was informed when he asked NJ authorities.  But wait!  There’s more!

In the Garden State, Aitken was required to have a purchaser’s permit from New Jersey to own the guns and a carry permit to have them in his car.

He also was charged with having “large capacity” magazines and hollow-point bullets, which one state gun-control advocate found troubling.

“What little I can glean about the transportation issue leaves me puzzled, but a person with common sense would not be moving illegal products from one place to another by car,” said Bryan Miller, executive director of CeaseFire NJ, an organization devoted to reducing gun violence.

Imagine that, a gun-fearing-wussy who fears guns for a living can’t imagine how it might be that a person might not consider that ammunition legal in one state might not be legal in another, and that the owner might not think to check on that when moving.  Huh.

And it couldn’t be that there might be an exception for someone moving, could there?

New Jersey allows exemptions for gun owners to transport weapons for hunting or if they are moving from one residence to another. During the trial, Aitken’s mother testified that her son was moving things out, and his friend in Hoboken testified he was moving things in. A Mount Laurel officer, according to Larry Aitken, testified that he saw boxes of dishes and clothes in the Honda Civic on the day of the arrest.

Mom said he was moving, car full of stuff that people might have in their home, but would be unusual to carry around in your car for no reason, friend said he was in process of moving in.  Damn.  That is a hard one to figure out.  At least for the judge and the prosecutor.

The exemption statute, according to the prosecutor’s office, specifies that legal guns can be transported “while moving.” Despite testimony about his moving to Hoboken, a spokesman for the prosecutor said the evidence suggested that Aitken had moved months earlier, from Colorado to Mount Laurel. “Again, there was no evidence that he was then presently moving,” spokesman Joel Bewley said.

After Nappen raised the moving-exemption issue, he said, the jury asked Judge Morley for the exemption statute several times and he refused to hand it over to them. Morley, in a phone interview, echoed the sentiments of the prosecutor’s office.

“My recollection of the case is that I ruled he had not presented evidence sufficient to justify giving the jury the charge on the affirmative offense that he was in the process of moving,” Morley said.

Yes, because dishes and clothes in the car, and the testimony of your Mom and your new roommate isn’t sufficient evidence.  And that whole “presumption of innocence” and conviction on evidence “beyond a shadow of a doubt” thing?  It doesn’t apply to those who would assert rights the nanny staters do not wish you to have.

Of course, the Judge’s mental acuity really isn’t all that, either, as you note at the end of the news story.


  1. Reason #43,652,000 I didn’t move back to New Jersey.

  2. I like the blue satin number.

  3. or should I have left that at the old poat?

  4. ….a person with common sense would not be moving illegal products from one place to another by car,” said Bryan Miller…..

    Miller went on to say, “Whenever I want to move illegal products, I always go by transporter. Either that, or I whistle, and my dragon comes and picks me up at my house.”

    And then he found $20.

  5. Maybe he was living in his car?

    Seriously, I hate stories like this. They perfectly expose how we have been forced to give up more and more of our liberties in deference to the whiner class.

  6. Maybe Miller wouldn’t be so delusional if he used gluten-free bread for the sndwich he ate for lunch?

  7. .a person with common sense would not be moving illegal products from one place to another by car,”

    But what about legal products, you fucking douchebag?

    Bryan Miller seriously needs to STFU.

  8. I’m thinking that “a clear abuse of discretion” standard should be applied in the appeal, and the Judge gets overturned.

    Something for him to ponder while he and his cop-friends enjoy retirement on the farm.

  9. I only move frozen puppy organs and black tar heroin by car.

  10. Maybe Miller wouldn’t be so delusional if he used gluten-free bread for the sandwich he ate for lunch?

    Alas, there are some things that even a gluten-free diet won’t cure….

  11. he jury asked Judge Morley for the exemption statute several times and he refused to hand it over to them.

    Is this fucker still sitting on the bench? If so, he needs to be impeached.

  12. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of Philly … why what a couple of nice-looking young men standing outside the polling place.

  13. The judge, the prosecutor and the Mt. Laural police officers should all be sanctioned.

  14. the coolest thing about this whole farce is the same judge released some cop dude for face fucking a cow (or some such) on some dumb ass technicality (in his own mind)… ”
    “”Morley said there was no way of knowing whether the calves had been “puzzled” or “tormented” by the officer’s actions.””

  15. The judge, the prosecutor and the Mt. Laural police officers should all be sanctioned.

    If by “sanctioned”, you mean choked with yards of their own inexhaustible stupidity, then yes, I agree.

  16. Well,
    Conservative “Wunderkind” Chris Christie could just make this all go away,
    Oh, SNAP!, except that he’s a rabidly anti-gun douchebag…
    Damned good reason to stay the hell away from “The Garden State”.

  17. BiW,
    “If by “sanctioned”, you mean choked with yards of their own inexhaustible stupidity, then yes, I agree.”
    Choked with yards of their own intestines, in the public square, on live TV, at noon.

  18. Christie fired that judge. Or, well, didn’t re-appoint him — same thing.

  19. Lipstick,

  20. From JAM’s link;

    A few weeks after Aitken’s trial over the summer, Morley learned that Christie was not going to reappoint him, due in part to a 2009 case in which he dismissed animal-cruelty charges against a Moorestown cop accused of sticking his penis into the mouths of five calves.

  21. Well, yeah, but the calves didn’t run, so it was consensual, right?

  22. Morley said there was no way of knowing whether the calves had been “puzzled” or “tormented” by the officer’s actions.

  23. Lipstick,
    Morley needs some SERIOUS psychiatric evaluation. Not to determine whether he sits on the bench, but rather to determine if he is fit to walk freely among normal folks (if ‘normal folks’ exist in New Jersey). That guy is (To use the DSM IV term) “Fucked UP”!

  24. Word.

  25. fuck

  26. I wanna know why the prosecutor didn’t take one look at the case and decide he had better things to do…

  27. Did anyone explain who mpfs is?

  28. Sohita,
    MPFS is ‘Mrs. Pauls Fish Sticks’, a long-time commenter at AoS.

  29. Sohos,
    You probably already knew that, didn’t you? Sorry…

  30. No, I had no idea I don’t read that blog

  31. No, I had no idea I don’t read that blog


    You got that right, sister!

  32. Me neither!

  33. HHD is ready for 8 AM tomorrow. I think I like the earlier time, though that increases the chance it’ll be pushed down like the nerdy kid by the time I get home from work.

  34. Roamy – I’m sure I can post some kind of crap by noon.

  35. Interesting:


  36. Dazed & confused, and half in the bag.
    G’nite Hostages! Sleep the sleep of the just.

  37. the sleep of the just what?

    Just masturbated?

    Just got out of federal bang me in the ass prison?

    Just picked your nose?

  38. Hey! We may have 12 – 25 million illegals running around the country, but we shut down a fucking website showing TV reruns!!

  39. Just hoping it’ll warm up so I can quit freezing my butt off?

  40. Anyone hear anything about the Restrepo documentary?

  41. xtc – tis puzzling

    along with ChrisP…
    i’m out

  42. Seeing as how I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, mesa, no. No. I have not heard anything about that.

  43. Mesa, I’m gonna watch it tonight.

  44. In 2008 Sebastian Junger (The Perfect Storm) and Tim Hetherington dug in with the men of Second Platoon for a year. Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley, a stronghold of al Qaeda and the Taliban, has proven to be one of the U.S. Army’s deadliest challenges. It is here that the platoon lost their comrade, PFC Juan Restrepo, and erected an outpost in his honor. Up close and personal, Junger and Hetherington gain extraordinary insight into the surreal combination of backbreaking labor and deadly firefights that are a way of life at Outpost Restrepo.

    Ever wonder what it’s really like to be in the trenches of war? Look no further. Restrepo may be one of the most experiential and visceral war films you’ll ever see. With unprecedented access, the filmmakers reveal the humor and camaraderie of men who come under daily fire, never knowing which of them won’t make it home.

  45. I’m assuming that this is what you meant…


    I don’t get NatGeo, so I hadn’t heard of it.

  46. Gonna go take Riley for a quick walk. Be right back.

  47. Um, what the hell? Where did everybody go?

  48. So true — http://i.imgur.com/CmfSE.jpg

  49. Go make me a sammich, Mesa.

  50. Ain’t no party like a UN Climate Change party!


  51. http://xbradtc.wordpress.com/2010/11/30/heh-9/

  52. Crafty Jooooos!

  53. it’s like a trademark, right?

  54. I’m out. Try not to set Car in on fire when she shows up.

  55. Although the article sez that the building was put up decades ago by Israeli architects, I like to think that some IDF engineers and Mossad guys snuck in and put it up recently.

  56. Watching Restrepo right now, those guys were totally in the suck.

    Huge respect.

  57. *accidentally sets Ca rin’s house on fire*

    Aw, damnit.

  58. I just finished the first half, Mesa. Shit, shit, shit.

    My nuts hurt just watching the hump up the hills.

  59. Mornin’.


  60. Why are they so afraid of hollow point bullets? They are much safer, they don’t pass through the intended target. New Jersey sucks.

  61. You know, I haven’t been to the range in a while and the Mrs is out of town. I think I’ll swing by there tonight, and grab a big steak for dinner.

  62. >> Why are they so afraid of hollow point bullets?

    Why are they so afraid of pistol grips, flash suppressors and bayonet lugs? Those never hurt anybody.

  63. Hey, they’re just doing the jobs Americans won’t do … http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/local/12002887383566/police-drug-bust-in-revere-was-monumental/

  64. But I’m sure they confiscated her 4 oz. bottle of Purell and her HP toner cartridge.

  65. Wakey wakey.

  66. Damn. who started this fire?

  67. Dick, on my trip last week I never saw any of the “enhanced” screenings taking place either (in Boston or Atlanta). I’m wondering how pervasive it really is.

    I did think it was classic TSA horse-is-out-of-the-barn crap that there’s a new sign in Logan that says toner cartridges aren’t allowed in your carry-on.

    Going after objects instead of people is mind-numbingly stupid.

  68. Damn. who started this fire?

    **points at scottw

  69. Time to make to donuts and by donuts I mean get my lazy ass up and go to work

  70. Dick this is probably as close as a midget strip club that I’ll get. I dropped off the Mrs at 5am this morning. Oh, and if you haven’t seen Death Proof, I highly recommend it.


  71. No more rain, please, thank you very much.

  72. snowing here.

  73. Snow?!? This is the coldest day we’ve had this year, and the high will be 65.

  74. Interesting analysis of the DADT stuff the media is trumpeting today/yesteray.

    I think this is a big point:

    Only about 10 percent of our Active troops are combat-arms troops like myself. Having a gay soldier work with you in an office environment? Sure, why not? It’s similar to any other office environment in the world.

  75. I remember a while back some lib was jabbering on about how 10 of our combat men were gay … based on the national averages (although I think that number is inflated) . I laughed about it to Mr. Car In.

    Cause, you know, by using that metric – only 10% of male fashion designers, or interior decorators, and hair stylists are gay.

    In my experience, half of all waiters are gay. Bartenders are mostly hetero. I’ve never worked with a gay bartender.

    I’ve never worked in a gay bar, though.

  76. I didn’t work with any gay bartenders either. The girls were mostly bi, but I think that had to do with their age more than anything. The waiters were about 30%.

  77. I think you haven’t seen the intrusive pat downs and I’ve heard scanners have been screened off with tape at some airports because people complained so much. Do you think they want you to know you made a difference?

  78. Gays love to say they are 10% of the population. No way, although looking around and throwing in the metro’s lots of men look femmy.

  79. I have a gay friend who is a bartender. He also has HIV. He works in a gay bar that I’ve never been in. (just in case you were going to say something Hostagie)

  80. Step 1 – Spend 100 million dollars on scanners, installation and training

    Step 2 – Turn them off.

    Step 3 – Profit

  81. Yea, see I figured there were gay bartenders in gay bars.

    I’ve just never worked with a gay bartender, and I bartended for almost 20 years in a half-a-dozen different bars.

  82. Unbelievable:

    Ford said she believes her brother attempted suicide Friday because he was in a deep depression.
    She said her brother was fired from his job with an Ohio trucking company about two weeks ago. She said she believes he had been taking time off work to see his sons when their mother would allow it.
    She also said he was fired from another trucking company more than a year earlier for drunken driving.
    “You can only push a human so far,” she said.

    Guy gets fired, as a trucker, for drunk driving … you can only push him so far. He’s got no option but to kill his kids and pretend to kill hisself.

  83. Step 3 – Profit

    Ha ha haa. Why didn’t we think of this?

  84. Scott, we bought them, Chertoff gained, what does he care if we use them?

  85. I don’t get the young women being bi deal. Why? I don’t dispute they are, I’m just wondering why.

  86. “I don’t get the young women being bi deal. Why? I don’t dispute they are, I’m just wondering why.”

    ’cause someone has to make the girl on girl pron that Hostage men enjoy!


  87. TeeHee.

  88. I don’t know either. I guess its socially acceptable now. Literally every girl I know under the age of 30 has been with another girl. Maybe bi is too much, maybe their just open to it. I doubt most of them would bring a girl home to mom and dad or have that experience without drinking.

  89. Good morning.

    And for all the people wonder why I fucking hate.hate.HATE cops and prosecutors with the explosive force of a hundred million irritated, liquid bowels, see this post for a prime example.

  90. Agreed.

    Gay combat troops = non-existent non-issue

  91. That’s unfortunate, Jazz. I grew up with and know some really fine ones.

  92. Maybe they are just blond and in the south…

    “Hey honey, get me a drink, lickity split!

  93. Not trying to get too personal, but does anyone have strong feelings against gay marriage?

  94. I grew up with and know some really fine ones.

    I’ve run into them in court, and no matter what people say about them, every goddam one of them lies in the course of their job, and they all push governmental power to limits. Cops and prosecutors are necessary evils, but that doesn’t mean I respect them in the least. And I don’t.

  95. My cousin was a lesbian for a while. Then it wore off.

    I was supposedly targeted by her (when she was a lesbian) for being hatey. Apparently my daughter said something silly – she’s known to do that.

    My cousin (who was around 19 or so at the time ) asked my 6 y/o daughter what “I” would say if one of my kids were gay.

    FIRST of all – why would you ask a young child that? WHY? My daughter – you’ve got to know her – answered somewhere along the lines that I would be horrified.

    I’d never had any sort of conversation with any of my children about such a thing. Why would I? I don’t think discussions of sexuality are appropriate with 6 y/os.

    Anyway – my cousin very pointedly sent me a Christmas card (the only one i’ve ever gotten from her) from her and her lover. @@

    Of course, a year later, the lesbian stuff wore off and she’s been dating a guy (living with him) for the past 6 years or so.

  96. Miserable, bitter yes..

    Gay? No

    I think Homosexuals deserve to be unhappy too…

    *just joking honey!

  97. I don’t like lap dances becaue they get in the way of my drinking.

  98. Not trying to get too personal, but does anyone have strong feelings against gay marriage?

    Yes. I strongly oppose it. I have a gay sister, and this issue is relevant to my family dynamic.

  99. I was supposed to be upset by the card or something, I guess.

    FAIL. I could really have cared less. ‘

    The funniest thing is while they were trying to be all in-my-face with teh gayness, they were totally hiding it from grandpa. Who would have really shit the bed about it

    Ha. To this day he still doesn’t know.

    Brave soldiers they were.

  100. One more bit:

    My uncle divorced his wife (shocker, really) while my cousin was in high school. Cousin was very upset. Her and her “best friend” started spending a ton of time together. Matter of fact, her friend practically moved-in. heh.

    It wasn’t until they were in college that my uncle figured it out.

    In retrospect, I think her friend was the gay one. She was just along for the ride (heh) during a very vulnerable time of her life.

  101. Jazz, does your sister want to get married?

  102. Well, are we talking Marriage, Marriage… or a legally sanctioned relationship so you can visit your partner in the hospital and shit?

    Marriage, as in vows before God.. Um.. no, not for it. Recognizing that we need some way to legally solidify consenting relationships … OK

  103. My gay sister is really gay – never been fond of guys. She’s not a lipstick lesbian, though, and she dates mannish girls. It’s really quite gross. I visited my mother’s house one Christmas Eve while my mother was at the Christmas Vigil and Midnight Mass. Lesbo the Younger had showed up earlier in the day with her g/f, and, evidently, they didn’t want to go to Mass with Mom (which I didn’t know). As I was walking through the house, I went into the den to retrieve some hidden presents and stumbled upon the fishmongers getting biblical with each other.

    I’m still fucking scarred. There is no eye balm to remove the images of one’s brutish sister and her thugnasty wench on a love spelunk.

  104. G’morning Hostages and ‘ettes.

    Hate to change the topic away from gay bars/bartenders/marriage, but I just had to share this Facechimp post and associated article from a lib “friend.”

    The article, from the Seattle PI: “Two Americas: The Overprivileged and the Ignored.”

    Her comment: “A view from Seattle – The author states Arizona’s governor has made death panels a reality.”

    I responded as politely as I could, which was, “FDR-worshiping Robert Reich needs to read Amity Schlaes’s ‘The Forgotten Man.'” But that wasn’t what I *really* wanted to say…

  105. Smooth html work, jakeman. If a mod can delete my dooshbaggery, I’d appreciate it. :)

  106. Fixed that for you, jakeman. ;-)

  107. Thanks, Jazz. You are fookin SPEEDY.

  108. I agree with Catman.

  109. Yeah, Car in, it sounds like your cousin was exploring her options. But I understand why she sent you the card. You just give off these vibes of hate for teh gays. And the lesbians.

    Me> I just hate the gays. Not the lesbians.

  110. Jazz, does your sister want to get married?

    She doesn’t really talk about it, but in the discussions I’ve had with her, she’s rather conservative in her approach to her relationships. If she were inclined toward gay marriage, she hasn’t met anyone she’d marry yet, so the current structure hasn’t really impacted her much. I don’t think acquiring the ability to marry is something that she’s fixated on, though.

  111. Good morning :)

  112. YAY!!! I’M BACK!!!!

  113. I’m surprised they let you go, Aggie.


  114. Welcome back, Ags. Where ya been?

  115. BTW, NEW POAT.

    Where? It’s not on the main page.

  116. But I understand why she sent you the card. You just give off these vibes of hate for teh gays. And the lesbians.

    It’s funny, ’cause I don’t hate teh gays at all. Hard to be in the restaurant business and hate the gays. I had tons of gay friends. It was funny, because here was this privileged, sheltered little snit lecturing me in kind (I lived and worked in Detroit at this time) about tolerance. Really typical, to be honest.

  117. WP was a h8r on Monday. It kept putting me in spam, Jazz. And then I had to go to Ft. Hood yesterday, so I was gone from my Hostages :(

    But looks like I’m back… heh heh heh….

  118. ¿Donde esta el Neuvo Poat?

  119. That’s weird. You’re right. It isn’t.

    Scroll down and use the link below.

  120. Weird. I went in to the dashboard and edit, hit “update” and now it shows.

  121. HA! This has something for everyone, my sister married a policeman. He was the world’s biggest ass, nerd, douche. Evidently, he was abusive and after that, she “became gay.” Every woman who has lived with her has stolen from her and then moved out.

    She is the opposite of a lipstick lesbian. She has a very good heart and is wonderful person but her life is so screwed up. Her son who is about 30 lives at her home with his wife (they married two years ago, she has five children, the kids don’t live there) She was an attractive teenager and young adult. Now, she really looks terrible. I love her but getting involved in her life is a landmine.

  122. Where is the ACLU? Why aren’t they standing up for this mans constitutional rights? Why aren’t they SUING the fuck out NJ! If god wanted you to have a gun in NJ he would have miracle-ed one there … WTF I wouldn’t watch dogs f%ck in NJ

    But seriously why isn’t this treated as an affront to his constitutional rights…?

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