It’s our specialty


  1. My FIRST!!! degree was in Stupid.

  2. xbrad, your embeds suck.

  3. Well, I bet you took a ton of time composing this post.


    Pats xbrad on the head.

  4. The meticulous research required to compile this post is amazing. I myself have composed many a post on this site and understand the complexity of the task.

    Well done, my special friend. Well done!

  5. Wow. I had a real girl touch me!

    You are a real girl, right Car in?

  6. Well Mare, there are sixty..

  7. {looks in shirt}

    I think so.

  8. fuck….

    Is that an order?

  9. ’cause I don’t think my REAL dad would order me to do such a thing.

  10. HAHAHAHA! Get’em, Moe!

  11. Like I said, take it easy, Catman.

    Got it covered.

  12. Like I would believe a drunk horse…

  13. hahahahahaha…A tv ad for FAIR GAME says that the Huffington Post considers it one of the best films of the year.

  14. That horse is napping.

  15. Mare , from now on I’m only going to movies that YOU have reviewed.

  16. Well then, FAIR GAME is out. I can smell the douchyness from here.

  17. Taking a week off from the gym is hard. Also, my sleep is shitty.

    I can’t win!

  18. I’m surrounded by mouth breathing retards.

    Today, the son of one of the Frau’s friends was transferred to the Correctional Reception Center, and I look forward to seeing him again in 2023 so I can kick the ever loving shit out of him for shagging a 13 year old. But at least his sweet, loving 9 year old daughter, a dear friend of my children, gets to live with her mother. Here’s to her mother taking her medication.

    So I get home, and the white trash woman a quarter mile down the road is crying in my kitchen because her husband, a true winner in the lottery of life, got drunk Friday night and punched a cop, so he’s enjoying 3 hots and a cot while she’s out of water in their cistern and he has the food stamp card. She has no money, can’t drive, and is stuck in a trailer in the middle of a pasture. She also, literally, has the mentality of a twelve year old. And no teeth.

    So in accordance with my Christian duties as outlined in Matthew, I’m going to go take this dumb fucking shitball some underwear and socks. Still in the original packaging, of course. Hopefully I can get her food stamp card, too.

    Did I mention that I’m surrounded by mouth breathing retards?

  19. Dinner tonight will be something out of a can. Probably with a cartoon chef on the label.

  20. Well done, Herr.

    So many people make bad decisions over and over again. They’re not the only ones who pay for them either.

    I slept well last night because I had a good workout. Today is a day off and I’ll be up all night.

  21. “She also, literally, has the mentality of a twelve year old”

    That’s the part that is hard to ignore. Be careful though, those types can suck the life out of you.

  22. Herr Morgenholz – You like in Arkansas?

  23. Herr, have you ever been a blurry guy on Cops?

  24. Mare has a point, H/M, there’s a difference between doing your Christian duty, and getting sucked into their world of lunacy.

  25. Today is a day off and I’ll be up all night.

    You’ll be tired after playing, “TSA” with Rosetta all evening. . . or you’re not doing it right.

  26. We lived here a while. We know these tards. Generally harmless, but dumber than a bag of high-grade owl shit. They tried the “suck the life out of you” routine not long after we moved here.

    My wife is a flaming bitch about such things when she wants to be. It was pretty funny to watch her shoot that shit down. And yes, she is essentially of such a mentality and intelligence as to be non-functional. She can’t help that.

  27. The tard, not my wife.

  28. “The tard, not my wife.”


    What did they try to get out of you guys?

  29. >>Herr, have you ever been a blurry guy on Cops?

    No. I was the guy yelling “Bitch got my wallet! Bitch got my wallet!”

  30. Jesus says to love them. Not “always like them.” Mare is right, and I have been there, they will take and take until there is no more. Be Careful.

  31. It’s times like this I’m thankful for my neighbors that have talked to me a total of once in 6 years.

  32. >>What did they try to get out of you guys?

    Rides to town. Cigarettes. A truck battery. You name it.

    I think I gave them enough coffee for a pot once. And an onion, another time.

  33. I’m pretty sure Jesus endorses “tough love”.

  34. Sorry Herr, blog delay..

  35. Inbreeding is not good.

  36. My neighbor’s have always been the, “Come over I’ll make you gourmet pizza and we’ll drink some wine” types.

    Mare wins!!!

  37. Yeah. If I’d married a cousin, I was planning to adopt.

  38. Nap time.

  39. Inbreeding is not good.

    Are you too good for your own kin?

  40. My cousin and brother in law says Hi > He is a handsome devil!

  41. We’ve been here 3 1/2 years, and as neighbors go, they’re great because they’re better than a quarter mile away, so if they want anything between Thanksgiving and St. Paddy’s Day, we get to laugh at them as they fall down in the snow walking home.

    Jesus says to love them. Not “always like them.”

    Exact thought I’ve had. She’s out of water. We’ll get that for her. He’s sitting in a jail cell without socks and in 5 day old underwear. Can’t really let that slide. And the $50.00 it’s all going to cost me? Priceless when I take it out of his ass.

  42. Dick, I like that too. I don’t want people coming over all the time….BOOOOOOO!!!

  43. We have one neighbor, an elderly gentleman who lives alone. Herself and I joke that if we have an extra 20 minutes, we say “Hello XXX, how are you today?”

  44. Dick, I like that too. I don’t want people coming over all the time….BOOOOOOO!!!

    *tackles Mare, gives her “The Welcome Wagon”*

  45. Are you too good for your own kin?


    Listen Billy Bob, when I want some hicks opinion I’ll ask Jewstin.

  46. Make him do some serious neighbor shit like hide the body or clean the litter pans.. did I mention I still have to do the pans?

    I am still at the hospital waiting for the FIL to wake up. He is asleep though, not passed out from the surgery. He looks good..

  47. “*tackles Mare, gives her “The Welcome Wagon”*”

    Alright, now leave.

  48. Herr has been an excellent addition.

  49. Are you too good for your own kin?


    Listen Billy Bob, when I want some hicks opinion I’ll ask Jewstin.

    Now that ain’t very neighborly at awl. And after I brought you sumthin’ real nice, too.

    *sets jar of pickled pigs feet on front step, hitches up overalls, and walks back to the tar paper shack*

  50. Good to hear for your FIL, catman.

    Off to the Walmart, that paragon of value and quality, so I can drop this shit off at the County Lock-Up during approved hours. Back in a bit.

  51. With the cistern reference are we to assume that you are in Texas too, Herr?

  52. Yeah, where do you live, Herr?

  53. “*tackles Mare, gives her “The Welcome Wagon”*”

    Alright, now leave.

    *frowns, tosses wet leaves on to Mare’s side of the fence*

  54. Hello

  55. *Sets decanter Merlot on floor of Poat*

    *Waits in shadows with big net*

  56. I’m not sure how to feel about this.

  57. “I think some of the Republicans in the Congress feel pretty strongly that he and his actions potentially cost us the majority by encouraging candidates that ended up not being electable,” Murkowski told POLITICO outside her Senate office. “And I think Delaware is a pretty good example of that, and I think there’re some folks that feel that DeMint’s actions didn’t necessarily help the Republican majority.”

    She and Ace are completely in agreement.. fancy that..

  58. This place is a retard comment swarm. I do some shit for a minute and there are 100 new comments.


    Everyone can only comment once every 10 minutes!!!!

    *waits for 10 minutes to make kick ass next comment*

  59. Shut up, Dick.

  60. Rosetta – How often do you check your email?

  61. The H2: Trolling our own blog since March 2009.

  62. Rosetta – How often do you check your email?

    When someone yells at me check it.

  63. Rosetta – CHECK YOUR EMAIL!

  64. Rosetta! Check your AssChimpPamphlet!

  65. Huh. A thread on stupidity and Rosetta shows up.

  66. Anyone else have a Droid? I need to know if there is a way to make the print larger on H2.

  67. *Sets decanter Merlot on floor of Poat*

    *Waits in shadows with big net*

    hahahahahaha…I fell for it.

  68. Shoot, Scott my husband just went for a run, he has one. (It also has a cool GPS that will track his run and tell him the distance, the calories, his average speed and other cool junk.)

  69. My Pre is a touch screen. You put your thumb and index fingers together, touch the screen and then pull them apart, diagonally.



  72. Anybody here need a dose of tittytwister?

  73. Yes, Herr’s neighbor.

  74. PG – Where we going for dinner tonight?


    hahahahaha….good one, old man! (almost my age)

  76. I think I remember Herr saying he’s from Indiana. Sounds like he’s from the part that butts up against Utah.

  77. PG – Southern Indiana is some serious redneck country. Lots of deer poaching and stills.

  78. Hose B,

    Be careful! I smell a trap!

    HOLY CRAP DICK!! Poor girl. Now you are skeering me. Hell I already have a concussion, black eye and knot on my head.

  79. *looks at World Atlas, sees Indiana butting up against Utah*


  80. Scott I have the Droid X and I think the Dolphin browser will allow you to set the default font. I will look..

  81. They insult our intelligence. . . Every.Fucking.Day.

  82. Hey, what do you think Will and Mrs. Peel are doing right now? Whatever it is, it is now sanctioned by God. Yeah, newlyweds.

  83. I’m not sure how to feel about this.

    Two things:
    1) Even a broken clock is right twice daily. On this protest – and ONLY this protest – I am 100% behind them.

    2) If’n their tires get slashed, I’m betting that the Muzzies use something a little larger than an icepick. Those folks from WBC had better hope that their tires are the only thing they use their weapons on…..

  84. They looked so happy. Marriage can be so completely great. And stay that way. Well, not every day but most days.

  85. Yes, Dick, dresses that require a woman to push around what appears to be a large IV unit is always sexy.

  86. Jose, you’ve mentioned a fiance and you also mentioned someone you needed to kick in the apples (paraphrase). I hope they are not the same person.

  87. Yes, It was actually as Rosetta would say, “a kick ass dress.”

  88. Ok scott. You can set the default font in both the standard browser and dolphin under tools advanced settings text size..

  89. Dick, the conversation would be with my dog telling him don’t get under my feet in the dark.

    Mare, fiancee needed to have his nuts busted the other night, I did it over the phone. All is cool now.

  90. So glad to hear PA is out of the hospital.

    **tackles Rosetta, gives him the “Key Lime Pie”**

  91. Glad to hear that, Jose.

    Hostages don’t like anyone messing with their women.

  92. Are we still talking about colon health?


  93. Speaking of colons – HARRY REID IS STILL MAJORITY LEADER!!! Way to go, SEIU!

  94. Rosetta, your colon sickens me.

  95. “Ok scott. You can set the default font in both the standard browser and dolphin under tools advanced settings text size..”

    Dolphin? Tools? I don’t have either option

  96. Scott, set your racoon to buttsnap, then hold the T-5 for 8 seconds, then copy the delapitator to your echo chamber.

  97. Dick, dinner is done, boys are off at the Scout meeting (RocketBoy is trying to get Star rank before the end of the year), and I have a few minutes before my daughter reads to me.

  98. Why will no one hire me for their tech expert?

  99. Rosetta, your colon sickens me.

    Worst pick up line ever.

  100. Howdy again! And dinner was gooood 🙂

  101. Scott, my husband says go to your browser, then go to main menu button, then click “more” then “settings” then “text size.”

    Then choose between tiny and huge.


    *doing her part for the Greater Good(tm)*

  103. Submitted under the heading “Only in San Francisco”:

    Diversity Gone Wild……

  104. Scott, I wasn’t kidding that second time. Scooooot!

  105. Aggie, tell us about your days as a famous Christian porn star.

    Well, let’s just say The Song of Solomon was not meant to be a one-act play, Dick.

    *gives Dick tequila, finds $20*

  106. Well, that was fun.

    I’m in Ohio. Lots of water hauling in my area because the water table’s way the hell and gone down there.

  107. Did anybody here get slapped by a white teacher today?

  108. I just found that Mare. I went with huge because that is how I roll.

    Thanks MARE and MR MARE

  109. Mare, thanks. : )

    No one will ever put their hands on me EVER!!!

    If so, I will call Dick and let him take care of it. : )

  110. I’ve GOT to invest in popcorn and Slurpee futures – sales are gonna go through the roof over the next two years……

    So what’s the over/under on Soros getting one of his minions to spike Bambi’s ciggies with the same poison that was used on that Russian guy awhile back?

  111. Where in Ohio HM? I went to college in Marietta.

  112. Jose, the nice thing about having Dick take care of a “problem” is that he is a bricklayer. There’s no telling how many bodies are mortared up in chimney stacks all across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex……

  113. So Soros thinks Obama is a lost cause now, huh? I wonder what he is planning for 2012…

  114. TIFW – George needs a more competent guy to ruin the country. OhBambi just doesn’t have the speed/quickness required to hit the off tackle play.

  115. Heh
    Human Target was good tonight. The new chicks were nice and meh.

  116. Speaking of Christian porn stars:

    I recently moved to another piece of shit small west Tx oilpatch town. So, I have to get me a new hair cutting lady. My wife found one she like so I went to see her last Thursday and she did a bang up job on me. Just the right length, hair laid down nicely after the first wash. Plus she’s kinda hot in a Jennifer Anniston needs $10,000 worth of plastic surgery kinda way. So she texts my wife today and tells her that she’s found Jesus, and is quitting the hair cutting business to go full time into the ministry. First time I’ve ever been dumped by a woman for Jesus.

  117. Between Dayton and Cinti, Scott. Wilmington area.

  118. Soros is the kind of guy who can make people disappear.

  119. PD, your hair made her go to Jesus. Also, what did you do to her while you were in that chair?

  120. On a completely separate note, I don’t think we’d have finished Apollo if JFK hadn’t been murdered. I think his death made it something we had to do, damn the cost.

    This has nothing to do with my other comment. Nothing.

  121. So My Tivo is a little late

    I was dehydrated today and sunburned. Doing Formica outside. Glue Route File, Repeat.

    No trees available to work under. Burnt head….Yup!

    *Wearing my hat Menyana! Backslash on the whole cabinets. Then go home!

    The shortest day this week. I already have 36 hours, maybe I can quit at noon and have 40! On Frikin Thursday!

  122. My husband went huge too, Scott.


  123. Also, what did you do to her while you were in that chair?

    I might have farted.

  124. My husband went huge too

    I always heard that shit didn’t really work.

  125. First time I’ve ever been dumped by a woman for Jesus.

    Ladies dig those smooth Latin Lovers.

  126. What Geographic location are you PG

    NW, SE etc, be general, not prying.

  127. “I might have farted.”

    Okay, you’re losing some of your mystique with me.

  128. I’m in Ohio. Lots of water hauling in my area because the water table’s way the hell and gone down there.

    This pretty much never happens in MI. Dig down 60′ and you’ve got groundwater in most places.

  129. It appears many people are living “real” lives this evening. Whadda bunch of losers they are!! 🙂

  130. Italics fail!

  131. I always heard that shit didn’t really work.

    Aw, PG, the woman who told you that probably didn’t want to hurt your feelings…..

  132. What am I scott, a Chinese Entree’? Well, I see how you roll, you and your “special H2” cabal can go stick it.. I’ll just go to a REAL blog like IB! You and your Droid can take a light saber and stick it..! Elevety!!!!

  133. Hubby, BIL, and son are watching Zombieland. And I’m drinking with y’all. I got the better deal 🙂

  134. I’ll just go to a REAL blog like IB

    Haha, catman made a funneh.

  135. Teresa, LMAO

    Dick, you are so funny. My story is ALWAYS the truth. Don’t believe the other side. LOL

  136. MCPO, aren’t we good enough for you? HUH? HUH?

  137. vmax, I live in what’s known as the Permian Basin. Nearest towns to me that might show up on a map are Midland (hometown of Laura Bush) and Odessa (hometown of underperforming overpaid Dallas Cowboy reciever, Roy Williams).

  138. Heheh Leon

    I dug a mailbox hole and was in the water table 1′ down.

    SHWT is surface here, SLWT is 2′ down. (seasonal High water table and seasonal Low water table)

    We are, after all floating between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean)

  139. Okay, you’re losing some of your mystique with me.

    Mare’s dumping me for Jesus too.

  140. Are you in da Awl Bidness, PG?

  141. Mare – I was hoping that Wiserdouche and the man-lesbo were gonna hang for awhile. ‘Cause they make me laugh.

  142. There ain’t no other bidness out in these parts.

  143. It’s funny at my house “fart” was a very bad word. We NEVER said it growing up. In my own home we don’t say that either. Just a throwback. We say something silly like toot or passed gas or, “please don’t Rosetta here.”

  144. New TSA sign


  145. Vmax, is it fresh water or does the salt carry even that far into the land?

  146. PG,
    I have a step aunt that lives in longview. I know that is close to Tyler. If I remember right, Midland is close to there.

    But what do I know? I live in west central Florida!

  147. Same here, Mare. Besides, kids like the euphemisms better.

  148. MCPO, I wish they were here too. They make me laugh too. Douches or not.

  149. Agreed, Vmax … Human Target’s second season opener tonight rocked!

    Dick, you were jackin’ around here and missed it, didn’t you?

  150. There ain’t no other bidness out in these parts.

    Detroit used to be like that. Now we just manufacture welfare cases. We make a lot of ’em, though.

  151. Chief, kinda funny how those two walked out together, huh?

    Probably google-chatting about their Thanksgiving outfits.

  152. Midland is about 400 miles from Tyler, Vmax. Or at least it seems so.

  153. Where we are is right where the glaciers stopped, so we’re all sitting on top of a giant gravel pile.

  154. I can make you laugh, Mare.

    Hey, Mare! Pull my finger!

  155. Whose turn is it to put scorpions in Dick’s sock drawer?

  156. THAT is NOT my finger, Mare!

  157. When I was about 17 or so, my mom had her church lady group over to the house for punch and cake and gossip whilst keeping a bible on your lap. They met at somebody’s house every month or so I guess. My dad comes home from the farm dirty as hell and tracking mud across the living room carpet and mom chews on him a little bit just for appearances sake so that it doesn’t appear that she lets people track mud in the house at will. He apologises, walks back outside and takes his boots off on the porch. He then walks back through the living room and goes to the bathroom. About 2 seconds after the door closes he rips a monster fart. My mom totally wilted and all the other church ladies acted like they didn’t hear a thing. My little brother and I were sitting in the dining room eating some of the church lady cake while staying out of the way, but we could view the entire living room. We still get a hell of a laugh about it to this day.

  158. WOW! Geography and geology on one blog post!!

  159. Leon,
    Even 5 miles from the Gulf, it is heavy hydrogen sulfide, tannic fresh water. On the barrier islands there is a fresh water lens, from runoff. but salt is very very close.

  160. Wow Texas geography fail!
    My bad

  161. So not exactly the stuff you’d make lemonade from, then? Darn.

  162. My Daughter is lactose intolerant. She and her brother (twins – 10) were born premature – often happens in preemies — anyway we called her “putt putt” for a long time because of her emissions!

  163. Cllint, I like you because you care.

    Laura, I’m in near Dick (shut your whore mouths) I’ll do it.

  164. That’s interesting vmax. We have hydrogen sulfide in the water here too. But you have to drill down anywhere from 3000 to 18,000 feet to get to it. Which has been done thousands of times. Everybody who works in the oilfield wears an H2S monitor and knows how to but on an SCBA in under 15 seconds.

  165. Bed time. Y’all try to keep it between the ditches and under a hunnerd tonight.

  166. Goodnight, PG!!

  167. PD goes to bed at 8:30??

    He’s lamer than me.

  168. Dick asks if we want to know what mare is wearing and people get quiet??

    Well, I DO!! I DO!!!

  169. I think I’ve been saying PD all night…..hahahahaha Sorry PG!

  170. All of our shallow wells here PG smell like rotten eggs. Until you get into the Florida aquifer.

    Where I live the FA is hit or miss. (It and the sinkholes stop around Tampa) From Tampa south it is sand and surface water.

  171. Well, I am the night shift at the hospital tonight. So, I have to spend it with you jackholes..
    couldn’t think of anybody else I would rather spend it with (or, that was willing, for that matter..)

  172. Wanna know what Mare’s wearing right now?

    Only if it’s something skimpy.

  173. Hospital, eh? I remember working nightshifts for the cardiopulmonary dept.

  174. I’m headed for bed as soon as I finish my drink. I want to be at the office by 7 if I can.

  175. Vmax, how deep does a well have to be in your area before you get good water.

  176. Aggie, it’s a kitteh hospital.

  177. I don’t like to leave people alone in CVICU without someone there..

  178. LC, Father in law is recovering from heart surgery..

  179. Wait, so it’s not a kitteh hospital?

  180. Good water Mare?
    umm with the proper filtration 10′ without? The Aquifer. (300′-500′) More or less

  181. I completely forgot the situation, catman, apologies. I thought you were at work.

  182. Calling it a early sunburned tired night.

    (Ruby barks at 3:30-4am)

  183. I made broccoli slaw for Mr. RFH’s Thanksgiving potluck at work tomorrow. **looks at calendar** Holy shit, when did that happen?

  184. I’m so sorry to hear that, Catman. I hope he is recovering well?

  185. Roamy – No kidding! We’re going south this weekend and then company next week for the Holiday. AAAIIEEEEE!!!!

  186. All is well, no biggie LC. Thanks Aggs!

  187. Can I burn the house and have it rebuilt before next Thurs.? *looks for kerosene*

  188. CatDude – Hope your FIL is resting well. What is the forecast for his recovery?

  189. Prayers for your FIL, catman.

    Vmax, hope you feel better and that Ruby sleeps through the night.

  190. Well, time for me to hit the bubblebath. Goodnight, y’all!

  191. have forgotten how to stop the monsoon of blood.


  192. Hey girls, Moustache Rides for a good cause tomorrow:
    Do it for the children…..

  193. Pressure. Ice if it needs it.

  194. have forgotten how to stop the monsoon of blood.

    Toilet paper. Lots and lots of toilet paper!

  195. Hey girls, Moustache Rides for a good cause tomorrow:
    Do it for the children…..

    Uhh, I thoroughly enjoyed Cranky Coworker day not too long ago, and I just don’t feel right indulging in another holiday following so quickly on CCW’s heels.

  196. Dick, why are you shaving at 10:00 at night?

  197. cool cartoon….

  198. Leeches. Try leeches.

  199. Dick, why are you shaving at 10:00 at night?

    Trying to avoid tomorrow’s holiday?

  200. Tatts – How is everything on the great plains?

  201. FIL is resting well as he can so far.. I am the night shift. I am here in case there is a complication while he is in CVICU

  202. Tatts – How is everything on the great plains?

    Plain. 😛

    Actually, I need snow after the 26th, but before the 4th. Think you can make that happen?

  203. >>Dick, why are you shaving at 10:00 at night?

    That’s when the ear hairs are at their most vulnerable.

  204. Ok, I’m stumped. How/what does shaving at night save water?

  205. Actually, I need snow after the 26th, but before the 4th. Think you can make that happen?

    Sure! *scratches head to release old man dandruff over Tatt’s furniture”

    I’ll be back on the 27th to give you the full treatment.

  206. Just had an amusing exchange with a lib douchebag on FaceFuck. Unfortunately it was on the page of somebody from my church.

    Eh. Fuck ’em.

  207. Moustache Rides for a good cause tomorrow:


    True story. Freshman year of college, I told Mr. RFH that I thought mustaches were sexy. He started growing his mustache that day.

  208. Herr, are you in POL yet? You are definitely a Hostage. Don’t fight it. Give xbrad or Rosetta your picture for the POL page.

  209. “Unfortunately it was on the page of somebody from my church”

    Priceless…hahahahahaha….Churchy douche.

  210. I’m going to bed, because I’m tired and you people aren’t funny. But mostly because I’m tired and the boy gets his cast off tomorrow. At 7:20 AM. Thirty miles from here. Goodnight.

  211. >>Herr, are you in POL yet?

    No pictures. And no math. Those were the rules.

    Eh, I’ll dig up the camera and a full length mirror here in the next week or so.

  212. HM, my advice is to wear pants for this photo. The rest of us have, and it’s a trend that should continue.

  213. As long as you do not divide when taking it, Herr. We will let it pass..

  214. *sniff, sniff*

    Man, I showered and put clean skivvies on this morning.

  215. >>HM, my advice is to wear pants for this photo.

    See? I knew the photos I currently have are unusable for this purpose.

    Night all.

  216. Absolutely do not divide by zero when taking it. I don’t want to see your NaNs.

  217. I need to do a new PoL. I’m a lot less round these days. I’m not gonna get that view behind me again, though.

  218. Huzzah! I kilt it!

  219. Nah. It’s barely even a bruise.

  220. Hmmm. Maybe it’s worse than I thought.

    Any wimmens here? Mare?

  221. I’m here. Whatchu want?

  222. Left to Right: Wiser; Rosie

  223. I want a cookie.

    You have to ask?

  224. MCPO, I’m somewhat afraid to think what you were searching for when you came across that…

  225. Which reminds me, I should get the snickerdoodle recipe from MRS. Peel. Or dig out my grandmother’s cookbook. It will be baking time before I know it.

  226. Nothing like the scent of cookies baking on a cool fall evening.

  227. Romy – If you’re baking, I’ll take peanutbutter cookies with Toll House chocolate chips.

  228. the mustache thing:
    started at 16
    well kempt till bla bla bla….
    baby daughter cried at sight….
    cool for a couple of years …. then daughter said mooose tache OK
    re=grown ever since…
    rides negotiated for a GOOD cause

  229. catman
    keep the faith
    praying with you.

  230. Herr Morg….. Got a similar story…. my wife still thinks i am too soft…
    with neighbors that is…

  231. for the rest of you……

    FUCK SALT!!!!

  232. I’m a chocolate chip guy, but MCPO’s thoughts are intriguing, and I might subscribe to his newsletter.

  233. o!

    how the hell do you tit fuck her in the ass??

    no reaally

  234. MCPO, I make peanut butter cookies with Hershey’s kisses pressed into them when they are warm from the oven. Also called thumbprint cookies – if you do a thumbprint on the freshly baked cookies, you can add jam to the dent. Chocolate wins, for me.

  235. how the hell do you tit fuck her in the ass??

    anal with no penetration? ‘twixt the cheeks?

  236. Left to Right: BiW; xBrad

  237. for x brad….
    your ginger for the day:

  238. The video at the top was like totally rad.

  239. how the hell do you tit fuck her in the ass??

    anal with no penetration? ‘twixt the cheeks?

    Things you learn at the hospital and you can’t unlearn them…

  240. Where the hell is Sean??

  241. Catman, sometimes, your first serious girlfriend is waiting for marriage.

    Sometimes, she’s willing to let ‘virginity’ be a really, really technical thing, and anything else goes.

    I’m not saying it happened, it’s just a hypothetical.

  242. JAM2, that looks just like my high school girlfriend’s little sister.

    I dorked her.

  243. That’s your story.. I’ll let you stick to it..

  244. You dorked your girlfriend’s little sister?

  245. *Insert Sean M expletives here* Gabe is up to the normal shit slinging again…They just do not get it do they? I am thinking Dick might have the right idea after all.. The republic is gravely wounded and probably will not recover.

  246. Catman – Enlighten me please.

  247. You dorked your girlfriend’s little sister?

    Yes. I did. Years later, though.

  248. Cheer me up Roamy! How is Mr. RFH? Is your Dad ok, now that you are better?

  249. Did everyone migrate to H3 and not tell us?

  250. Catman, my dad did chew me out for trying to do too much too soon, but he loves me. Mr. RFH will be damn glad when I’m back to 100%. And my daughter is still charming the socks off everyone.

  251. Catman, I know pretty well what it is like to pull the night shift at the hospital. Prayers for your and him.

  252. @ 11:03, MCPO:

    *Crying here.*

  253. You think I’m fucking around? We have the technology. I’m gonna disable all your shit.

  254. Hell, I dorked the sister plus her twin sisters, and all of ’em knew it, and none of ’em had a problem with that. Ah, yes, the 70’s were certainly a different time.

  255. If they add scramblers to cars, I’m opening a scrambler-neutering service.

  256. I’m gonna disable all your shit.

    Good, I’ll get that parking spot right next to the door of the liquor store.

  257. I now hate Clintbird.

  258. What took you so long, Leon?

  259. I did twin sisters, but they were fraternal twins and it was 3 years apart.

  260. Oh, they are after DeMint for being conservative and voting principles over party. I would like to know from Ace and company, if we had all three branches of the Government fully big R , if Government would change. I now think they are afraid it would, and that makes them part of the problem. It is hard realizing this. I used to like Ace’s so much.

    BTW.. I read the whole thing and you were boned.. You might have gotten a little heated but, you are known. Known quantities are supposed to be giving the benefit of the doubt. Gee.. Master Chief Petty Officer means nothing to them does it? I would give you the doubt before some one year wonder.. but, that is me. I am a long time lurker almost from the beginning at Ace’s because of my business can be hurt by being political. But, I said fuck it and came out. Sorry this was building up and the place here is totally deserted..

  261. Hey everyone. What up? I’ve been working on my Michael Steele impression.

  262. “I’ve been working on my Michael Steele impression.”

    Now you see him, now you don’t?

  263. “Now you see him, now you don’t?”

    No, basically being a useless, blithering idiot who sucks. How am I doing?

  264. Catman – Yeah, I think that is what pissed me off more than anything. They circled the wagons and treated me like they never heard of me before. I’m over it.

  265. No, basically being a useless, blithering idiot who sucks. How am I doing?

    Join the club.

  266. It’s okay, I bother less and less with AoSHQ these days, and I’ve been reading/commenting since 2003. When it’s him writing, and he’s on his game, he’s still great. That’s getting to be less and less often, though. Further, he’s sure he’s the pragmatist in every situation, and that schtick is starting to wear a little thin. Gabe is… Gabe.

  267. Mega, you’re gonna use your position to pimp your new book

  268. Mega, you’re going to lose your job to a MI businessman?

  269. I’m off for some shuteye.

    CAT- give my best to your FIL when he’s up.

    Leon – Go to bed, knucklehead! 😉

    Goodnight, all!

  270. From Ann Coulter’s new column ….

    “Please have your genitalia out and ready to be fondled when you approach the security checkpoint.”

  271. I just wish I had some cheap tequila to go with the mood..

    LauraW and DIT, no insult to you..

  272. “Mega, you’re gonna use your position to pimp your new book?”

    Only after agreeing on TV that everyone I represent are just a bunch of backwards skinheads. Hey, look, I said REPRESENT!

  273. MCPO is right, I oughtta sleep. Still haven’t finished my drink, not quite. I’ll never succeed at alcoholism at this rate.

  274. Clintbird, LC and catman:

  275. Switch to gin martinis, Leon. That’ll help hasten your decent.

  276. Mega, you need to blow some cash at the local bondage bar next.

  277. Tiff linked a guy with a good description of TSA: Scope or grope.

  278. We all have to aspire to something LC. Becoming a professional Alcoholic takes dedication and commitment, ask Rosetta!

  279. “Mega, you need to blow some cash at the local bondage bar next.”

    Way ahead of you, roam-dog.

  280. You could deny that you are “acting white” and thereby verifying and legitimize the Democrat’s racial paradigm.

  281. Sorry big word warning..

  282. How cumzs it’s pronounicated pair a diime, when it’s spelled pair a dig ’em?

  283. catman, I dropped “neotenic evolution” last night and no one laid into me. You’re fine.

    Ok, off to bed. Hope the night passes well in the hospital.

  284. I don’t kuh-no..

  285. Thanks LC way to make the drink last! good dreams..

  286. New Poat!

  287. Paradigm is one of those buzzwords. If we have gag gift Christmas at work this year, I’m going to make up a buzzword bingo game. Lean six sigma!

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