1. Oh, that gave me a hardon!

  2. You wish.

  3. The second video was filled with awesome.

  4. That target of a Muslim guy in the first video was RAAAAACIST!!!!!

  5. Poor thread. Stillborn.

  6. Is it wrong for me to bag on emo kids when I was listening to this?


  7. Or this…


  8. Or…


  9. I’ve been told that I had those albums.

  10. Thankfully, I got over that…


  11. Hey. I posted a video instead of a link to a video. Couldn’t do that again for money.

  12. I have everything Joy Division ever recorded.

    I’d like to think that Ian Curtis heard this at least once:


    “Autumn Leaves” were his thing.

  13. Sweet choice. I find your taste in music impeccable.

  14. I listen to classical of various stripes most of the time, any more. Here’s a kind of bizarre little thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVuP1BjbhAg

  15. If you’re into the Jazz brunch thing, you could do worse than this:


  16. Linky stinky.

  17. Okay, fuck that anyway, this is a long distance dedication from Will to Mrs. Peel…


  18. This poat needs a cat flushing a toilet.


  19. Music to drink martinis by and I’m sliding a garbage bag over a naked 6 year old’s cast so he can take a bath….

    How the mighty have fallen.

  20. Hey Sauerkraut,

    I extended an invitation to you yesterday morning, not sure if you saw it.


    I’m persistent and not prone to pick up on subtlety.

  21. It wasn’t your subtlety that was lacking. I’m pretty oblivious about half the time. I get up there every other once in a while. I live near Wilmington right off 71 so it’s really not that far. Thanks for the invite. I may take you up on it in the near future. I’ve got a buddy lives in Dublin I need to get up and see.

  22. Heh. Cranked that Smiths tune up to wake up the kids. They’re not happy bout that.

  23. Cool. pupstersez AT yahoo Dot yadda yadda.

  24. Mornin’ all.

  25. My old man used to blare his Statler Brother’s record to wake me up on Saturday mornings to go do chores.

    I fully intend to feast on the larynx of those boys if I get the chance.

  26. Hi Andy.

    Bail bondsman is on the job early I see.

  27. What is everyone doing awake this early on Sunday? I’m going for a run. I fully expect to see Car in jogging down the road with the remnants of a kitchen table chair trailing behind her. This is based on the assumption that her family had to to tie her up to keep her inside.

  28. OK pupster, will let you know.

    See y’uns later today.

  29. Good morning, y’all!!

    Those videos were perfect for a wakey wakey.

  30. The bail bondsman gave us a great group discount.

  31. ‘Morning, Andy! I take it there was a Meat Up over in Boston? I came late to the thread.

  32. Yes, there was a meat up at a dark, dank sports bar in Boston. We drank, ate, drank, bullshitted and drank for a few hours; however, the party did not find its way to the Banglar Party Van this time.

  33. the party did not find its way to the Banglar Party Van this time.

    Pity, that…

  34. the party did not find its way to the Banglar Party Van this time.

    You were doing it all wrong. The party does not find it’s way to the Banglar Party Van. The Banglar Party Van finds its way to the party.

    Scott evidently didn’t bring his A game.

  35. I’m pretty sure my nuts are gonna want to crawl up inside me when I go out in the cold to have my first smoke. It just looks chilly out there.

  36. Good morning, Brad.

    Wear pants this time.

  37. Ok, so I took my one cat to the vet yesterday … urinary tract infection, kidney failure … we got some stuff to treat him and he was doing better as the day went on. Eating again, didn’t have that glassy look anymore.

    Last night – sitting with the kids getting ready to watch Toy Story 3, and the cat has a MASSIVE seizure. Not just a little twitchy dealo. Freaked the kids out. I held him a while afterwards and he started purring (after one more small seizure).

    He’s eating today, so I guess it’s ok for now.

  38. Yikes, Carin… is it from the medications?

  39. Yep. It’s cold.

  40. *hands Brad a blankie and a cup of coffee*


  41. Many thanks, Aggie. Sox quite wisely decided to debouche from his snuggle spot on my bed and retire to an alternate curling position on my sister’s bed.

  42. How is Sox? Is he more co-operative this morning?

  43. No. Too early for photos.

    I mean, would you want pics taken of YOU just as you wake up?

  44. mean, would you want pics taken of YOU just as you wake up?

    Oy…. I see what you mean.

  45. Besides, he’s a little grumpy because I woke him up 18 hours early.

  46. where is my coffee?

  47. Thanks for those videos in the poat, Edward Bear. That looks like one helluva lot of fun.

    The only outdoor ranges around here are highly supervised and a little snippy about shooting at anything other than paper targets or clay pigeons. There is a private club that has a hogan’s alley type setup with pop-up targets and steel plates. They do tactical and cowboy shooting events, free to watch, pay to play.

    Shooting pumpkins and gallon jugs is more betterer.

  48. Today’s REad. Very good. American Narcissus.

  49. Yikes, Carin… is it from the medications?

    I don’t know. I’ll call the vet tomorrow.

  50. where is my coffee?

    I didn’t want it to get old, so I didn’t start the pot yet.

    Or grind the beans.

  51. snippet:

    Obama’s friend and law firm colleague Judd Miner agreed. “The reality,” Miner told Remnick, “was that during his first two years in the U.S. Senate, I think, he was struggling; it wasn’t nearly as stimulating as he expected.” But even during his long, desolate exile as a senator, Obama was able to find a task that satisfied him. Here’s Remnick again: “The one project that did engage Obama fully was work on The Audacity of Hope. He procrastinated for a long time and then, facing his deadline, wrote nearly a chapter a week.” Your tax dollars at work.

  52. Hurry up, Car in!

  53. How does Sox feel about NASA?


    How about now?

  54. I guess I should get started on my day. See y’all later!!

  55. Pups, if I show Sox that, he’ll kill me.

    Then throw up on the white carpet.

  56. Aggie, you come back here and waste the entire day, dammit!

  57. I cant decide to go get in the shower and start my day or get some more sleep. I still dont feel 100%

  58. Join me in the shower, Sohita. I’ll have to get ready for church eventually.

  59. **feels Sohos**

    No, you’re 100%. Trust me…

  60. With one or two possible exceptions, that is. Remnick reports that “Jarrett was quite sure that one of the few things that truly engaged him fully before going to the White House was writing Dreams from My Father.” So the only job Barack Obama ever had that didn’t bore him was writing about Barack Obama.

    Money shot from Car in’s Weekly Standard link.

  61. I just went and made my own coffee…what is the world coming to?

  62. Yea, that one was good too.

  63. sorry about your cat Carin

  64. Car in, how can you let poor Sohos suffer so? Maybe you two should snuggle…

  65. He’s been a good cat. As long as he can be comfortable. He seems hungary today, so that a good sign.

    Sorry I didn’t make your coffee. I hope you can forgive me.

  66. it’s ok. Count usually makes it but he left for work at like 5 or 6 this morning so it would have been cold.

  67. It’s odd how such impersonal critters as cats can worm their way into our hearts. Nothing at all like the unconditional love of a dog. Of course, you don’t have to let the cat out to chase deer at 1am….

  68. **still waiting for Car in and Sohos to snuggle together**

    **talk about tits and ass!**

  69. Dick, what inspired that comment?

  70. got this in an email from someone who told me one of the hostages got married….
    not sure who it was.
    I think the dress is too tasteful for any of us….

  71. Jam2, that might just be the smallest pic ever linked here.

  72. oopps bad link…
    try this one-

  73. sorry… laughing at dick’s “suck it up” comment….

  74. So Clear Creek (not Lake) made it to the playoffs and they won their first round last night! I am so excited!

  75. i run into shitheads like that way too frequently anymore.

  76. Good for you Dick! proud of ya

  77. OK, Dick. He’s a dick.

    I hold the traditional contempt for the Guard that every Active Duty soldier does, but I’ll grant that a heck of a lot of young Guard troops are doing the job well overseas. They aren’t the weekend warriors busy farting around that we used to see.

    Still, who brags about being a staff weenie?

  78. Has anyone heard from Rosetta? Does he know he’s batting for the other team yet?

  79. So anyhoo, my brother that’s going to Iraq in a month or so is a National Guard member after having been a Marine for a long time.

    His single brigade will be replacing THREE brigades in Iraq because they’re cutting down on forces there. Just thought that was interesting.

  80. Rosetta rarely comments here anymore. I mean maybe once a week right?

  81. I think Rosetta is distracted by Floyd

  82. I replied, “You’re the battalion S3 officer of an Infantry battaltion. Suck it up and deal.”

    I don’t think I’m getting this job.


    I love dick!

    I love saying that, it cracks me up.

    Maybe he’ll actually respect you because you told him to dork himself in his squeekhole?

  83. Sohos, is a divorce in the works because of Clear Creek?

  84. nevermind, just saw your fb response


  85. PJM, I’m one of those rare assholes who’s exactly like his persona on the net.

    Me too!

    Cept, I don’t really think I’m exactly an asshole. Although my kids might think I am after last night. My God, they wouldn’t go to flippin’ sleep!

    Why isn’t carin here? I need her to wake me up. This coffee ain’t cuttin’ it.

  86. So, PJ, wanna go to the airport and decline to go through the scanner?

  87. I’d just go thru the scanner. They can check out my boobs while I have all the stuff stashed up my vag

  88. Eeewwww.

  89. Interesting article on the Whooping Cough thing in California because it’s BS


    This link shows it’s BS

    Click to access PertussisReport2010-11-09.pdf

  90. prayers for your brother PJM

  91. well thanks, sohos.

  92. I’m here peej.

    Back and forth.

    doing shit.

    My husband was in the guard but he’d have never-ever name dropped like that. Also, he was enlisted – full time regular army and then did the guard when he got out because he loved the military.

    He still misses it.

    Also, my bil is guard and he’s done two tours in the ME so far. Bagdad and then Afghanastan.

    No pussy jobs either.

  93. Punch yourself in the, Dick.

  94. I had only read b-rad’s comment before I made my National Guard comment. Dick’s guy was a complete DOUCHE!!

    Have any of you guys seen the TV show, “The Middle”?

    Carin, it’s one that you could let your kids watch. It is SO clean and so cute. My kids love it because it basically seems like their family life. It’s with Patricia Heaton

  95. I’ll just bet life in his battalion is a barrel of fucking laughs, Dick.

  96. My brother re-enlisted in the Guard I think because he wanted to get a Federal job and that was the easiest way to go about it. That and they paid for his schooling.

    He did his 4 years in the Marine Corps first and then several years later, re-enlisted in the Marine Corps again and then later did the National Guard.

  97. The guy was a douche because the guard doesn’t have a rule against allowing douches.

    Not even the weekend military could undouche him

  98. the Middle? Never heard of it.

    I’m not actually ever allowed to choose tv. There is football, and Man V Food. That’s it.

  99. Check out this episode


  100. Of course, if you want to rag on how an where inner city folks serve in the guard … my husband would join you.

    My husband was in an infantry unit IN Detroit. the armory was on 8 mile. Anyway, there wasn’t a brother in that unit.

    But you’d see an all-black group? Support staff. Word.

    He had a few African Americans … they always switched units. They hated the two weeks in the woods at Grayling.

  101. peej, you poated that as if I could watch videos.

    *runs from blog crying

  102. But it’s so cute, the kids would like it carin.

    It’s like a clean Malcolm in the Middle

  103. pjm the whisper thing is hysterical!

  104. That is the kid from Malcom in the Middle

  105. Scott, I found you a new avatard: http://bit.ly/dnW8Gv

  106. Ha. from Andy’s link:

    “If President [George W.] Bush was the great decider, then President Obama is the great considerer,” Muzzio said.

  107. Carin has a crappy computer?
    oh man, that sucks. Or does your work block youtube videos carin? Shame on your husband.

    That is the kid from Malcom in the Middle

    He does look like him doesn’t he? He also reminds my family of Gavin.

  108. Peej, it’s like you dont’ ever listen to me when I bitch an moan.

    (there should be a lesson in there somewhere)

    I have satellite internet, which as bandwidth limitations.

    My computer rocks. It the stupid connection.

  109. Isn’t there like a telephone pole or something you can climb up carin?

  110. I guess he’s not but he looks like the youngest’s little brother

  111. hahaha, you KNOW satellite internet sucks when you look at a satellite retailer and their tagline says, “You deserve better than dial-up”


  112. Ok, looks like my day didn’t start. Guest is watching Avatar, and I’m trying not to hurl.

  113. OMFG!!!!!!!

    I was getting these speeds off my parents wireless for free and it was SO frustrating. Poor carin!

    Elite More Information 2.0 Mbps/300 kbps $119.99 500 MB

    TWO MBPS for $119.99?!?!?!?!?!

  114. Let’s see how this new one works out…


  115. I guess he’s not but he looks like the youngest’s little brother

    Sad thing is, the kid’s 12, but he has brittle bone disease in real life.

  116. Yea, it totally sucks.

    We only get 425 MB per day.

  117. That’s your BiL, right Aggie? Can’t you, well, not kill him, but hit him hard?

  118. Satellite Internet Connection: Kicking Dail-up’s Ass!

  119. This is Hubby’s best friend from childhood, and I can’t beat her up. BIL will be here this evening, and him I can torture. And probably will. Fucker drank the vodka last time he was here.

  120. Man, Car in, that sux. Hard to download a decent farm porn collection with that limit.

  121. Why on earth would carin need to download farm porn? She has chickens……..and is SO jealous of my goats

  122. I hate Sundays .

    and it’s really gray here to boot.

    We’re supposed to get snow on Thursday.

  123. Yea, Xbrad. Peej and I live the dream.

  124. I’m so happy to live in South Texas….

  125. I do, Dick. Better than watching this tripe, anyway.

  126. Yea, Xbrad. Peej and I live the dream.

    WOOT! WOOT!!

  127. Hey, Brad, nice choice on your recent :likes” at FB 😉

  128. Well, if things don’t get better politically here …

    Actually, I love having four complete seasons. Summers are hot; winters we get snow. Spring is marvelous with the greening after so long of going w/o, and fall is wonderful as well.

    Husband and I have always said that while we can’t really see ourselves moving south, it would be wonderful to just be able to travel in Feb when you’re really missing the heat.

  129. I mean, michigan summers are hot enough for me. I hate it when we’ve got days upon days when it’s too hot outside to go running. I can’t imagine it being worse.

  130. I’ve got to go find a fricken breaker. Sigh. The stupid electrician who did our house mislabeled shit and now we can’t figure out which circuit the garage outlets are on.

    My chickens need their lamp. Egg production is way down. They need a few more hours of light.

  131. Aggie, you mean Victoria’s Secret on facefuck?

    Why not? What’s not to like about wimmens running around in their undies?

  132. I mean, since people aren’t willing to pay $7.50 for a dozen eggs, I gotta get these ladies to start pumping them out.

  133. Aggie, you mean Victoria’s Secret on facefuck?

    Oh, I didn’t mean to imply there was something wrong with it, Brad. It’s a compliment.

  134. No offense taken, Aggie.

    Indeed, pics of you in YOUR V/S are solicited.

  135. Indeed, pics of you in YOUR V/S are solicited.

    Hm…. I don’t see a “Modeling VS” tab above, Brad, so you’re out of luck. Maybe.

  136. Yeah, uh, send me the pics, and I’ll put a tab up there.


  137. Having said that, time to get ready for church. After that, I’m taking a 95 y/o vet to lunch.

  138. See ya later, Brad. Enjoy your time at church and at lunch, and give him a hearty THANKS!! from me 🙂

  139. Damn, kids are hungry. I guess my time here is up for now. Back later!

  140. Actually, I love having four complete seasons. Summers are hot; winters we get snow. Spring is marvelous with the greening after so long of going w/o, and fall is wonderful as well.

    I envy that carin. Growing up here in in SoCal, I’ve never been able to enjoy a cool crisp autumn breeze, or a white Christmas. I lived in Utah for about a minute and enjoyed the snow, but since I moved from SoCal to Utah, I only had flipflops and shorts, so I was uncomfortable for a bit.

  141. I love Fall here in Houston. It is so beautiful….seriously

  142. Andy, Scott’s current avatar is the mugshot of a dazed huffer who had burst into flames after being tased by police.

    Your new fellow seems a bit too much of an aggressive menace to really fit Scott’s personality, but I will leave that link up in a separate tab for when he gets home today.

    Dick, your non-customer sounds a LOT like someone who should have been an engineer but missed their calling. Engineer types commonly think they’re always being ripped off by approximately 50% and can’t understand why tradespeople won’t work for just the cost of their materials + maybe minimum wage (maybe).

    Missing the first appointment was probably deliberate. Sends a signal to let you know who’s boss, don’tcha know. If he was dicking with you then (no pun intended), just imagine what it would have been like after he had retained your services.

    Even at your original price the job would ultimately not have been worth it in terms of time and energy and being pestered and second-guessed.

  143. I LOVE scott’s avatar…..please don’t “let” him change it

    How was the meetup laura?

    Who was there?

  144. I love Fall here in Houston. It is so beautiful….seriously

    I keep trying SO hard to get pjd to move to Texas. I don’t even care where in Texas, just go………but nope, ain’t happenin.

    I even asked him to pray about it this weekend while he was at his men’s retreat.

    All that happened was that he texted me telling me he dreamt we had another baby.

    *please kill me

  145. Morning. Man, I really needed that 12 hours of sleep!

  146. Well speaking of my brother, he just texted me to tell me he’s leaving and sent me this photo


  147. Morning. Man, I really needed that 12 hours of sleep!

    You really got 12 hours sleep? I don’t think I’ve had that much sleep total, since 1997

  148. I just sold my sociology book online and need a translator please.

    “Here is the payment. Please kindly well pack it and ship it to me with invoice at your earliest convenience. Besides, PLEASE DON’T use post office “Ready Post ” envelope to ship. It’s very easy to break and create many dusts. BTW, if you are going to send me any book not the same as the description, such as instructor edition, international edition or any book different from the ISBN. Please don’t send it and refund me. It will create many headaches for both parties. Thanks again.”

  149. PJ, is he headed over to Iraq?

    I think he’s going to Ft. Hood, then they send them to Iraq from there.

  150. Mornin’ all! Sohos, hope you get to feeling better soon. PJM, have PJD come to Texas for a visit – he might change his mind once he sees all that we have to offer. Then again, you could agree to have another kid if – and ONLY if – you move to Texas….. 😉

    So I’m sitting here this morning, and my throat starts feeling scratchy, my nose starts itching, my lips feel swollen, and my eyes are burning. The only thing different from yesterday is that I brought my new sweater downstairs to put in the car (I had also noticed the same reaction the day that I bought said sweater – hmmmm).

    When I bought the sweater, I looked at the tag, and it said “3% Other” for the fibers that were used, so I thought I was safe – I’m highly allergic to wool, angora, mohair, etc. Well I look online at the store’s catalog – turns out that “Other” is Angora.

    At least I’m not imagining things…..

  151. hahaha, dick, I can’t stand looking at your new avatar

    Sure Teresa, I’ll tell him he can come stay at your house. 😉

  152. Hi Guys!

    I feel better today.. The “Alien” on my face is better! None of the small children at church pointed and ran for momma in fear (any more than normal, that is..).

    About cats.. I have to protest, my cats are popular because they are like dogs! Pull quote from a recent customer’s email today:

    “He loves his new cat tower and all the toys I bought him. He loves playing fetch and loves his treats!!! He talks to me all the time and lets me know what he needs mostly he wants to be held like a baby. If I’m sleeping on the couch he finds me and jumps in for a snuggle also if my husband is holding him and I walk into the room he always jumps from him and runs over to me I truly believe he thinks I’m his mother. He gives kisses and is starting to do tricks and the next thing I want to do is start taking him in the car with me because every time I leave he gets a little upset!!”

    Sorry about the commercial.. I really do not mean it that way but, Cats can be personable and interactive as dogs. They just need to be well bred.

    Hey look, another twenty!

  153. Peej, what a handsome fella! He will be in our prayers – along with the rest of your family as well. Please tell him “Thank you” from our family for his service.

    Dick, where was this house that you were doing the estimate for? Nice avatar, BTW – wasn’t quite ready for that first thing in the morning!

    So who do we think got up later this morning: The Boston Moron Meat-Up crew, or the newlyweds?

  154. Many thanks and prayers for your brother, PJM {{hugs!}}

  155. I don’t ‘let’ him do anything, hon. He decides every day if he still likes me or not. So far, so good.

    Meetup was fun! Good mix. I love meeting new Morons. Turnout was smaller than I thought, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks were turned away by traffic. It was insane. Impossible to find parking for a while.

    I was glad to really get to talk to several of the Boston Area Morons. Cool people! Here’s some typical regional stuff Inoticed; when you complain about their rude drivers and terrible traffic, they nod sympathetically but actually look a little proud, heh. Like us when Californians complain about our weather. OUTside we’re all “Oh, I know, it’s terrible,” but INside we’re thinking, “You’re a wuss.”

    It was great to have a mix of people I know and those I don’t. Walking into a big crowd of strangers (like when we first started having meetups) is daunting for me. Shy, you know. But with friends there it’s so much easier.

    Dick, I’m sure that like me you have developed a list of customer behaviors that set off your radar.
    I find it difficult to decline work (I have had to fire a customer or two in spite of that) and generally think a personality issue can be worked out ok. But everyone I’ve ever done work for who set off my ‘don’t work for this person’ radar has made me regret taking the job and cost me money and/or aggravation.

  156. Peej, ya’ll are welcome at our house anytime – you just have to agree to pretend it’s not as messy as it truly is, and you absolutely must pinkie-swear not to tell anyone else what the interior of the house is like!

    Catman, we had a cat that loved to play “Fetch” with the pull-tabs from milk cartons. He would only play it with Mr. TiFW, though – apparently the cat wanted some male bonding time. He would bring the tab to Mr. TiFW while we were in bed – that was the only time he would consent to play this game. Mr. TiFW would draw one of his knees up and put the tab on top of his kneecap, then he would flick it off onto the floor, and the cat would go running. When he was ready to do it again, he would bring the tab back, and they would start the game all over again. If Mr. TiFW didn’t comply, the cat would rub his nose on him until he finally flicked the tab again.

    Haven’t been able to teach any of our other cats to do that since…..

  157. Dick and Lauraw ,

    I find it the same. When we break our rules for a customer, it always ends badly. ALWAYS! If they cannot purchase on our terms then it will not go well. No exceptions, so far..

  158. Tifw,

    The Egyptians were not dummies. They viewed cats as representations of Gods on earth.

    Cats have not forgotten..

  159. catman, we absolutely ADORE our cat. I love an animal that potty trains itself, plus, look what my baby did for me the other day WITHOUT digging a huge whole in my yard to accomplish this task.


    oh and thanks guys about my brother, kind of freaked me out the other day that this could be the last hug I ever give him.

    I asked him to like off himself or something if he was caught by the Muslims, but he said no, because it’s a sin or something. He said he’d rather die in a firefight, but what if he just gets unconscious and then they get him? I really think too much sometimes for my own good. AND I’ve watched too many of those videos.

    AND I can’t get over feeling terrible about Garmin. I’m sick. I should have given him to someone that wanted him as a pet, not food.
    Look how cute he was when he got the flypaper stick stuck to his head.


  160. Anybody got a recipe for grilled cheese sammiches?

  161. Shy, you know.

    but SO cute


  162. PJ, prey animals all die horribly in nature. Do not beat yourself up. He had a purpose, and that purpose is all done now. Don’t worry about a thing.

    PJD needs to take your oldest boy hunting and bring home a deer to hang and dress right in the backyard. Eating the venison will fix your mind up, and your kids too.

    Is food.

  163. Peej, always remember the first rule of the family farm: Never, never, NEVER name the food……

  164. PJ, prey animals all die horribly in nature. Do not beat yourself up. He had a purpose, and that purpose is all done now. Don’t worry about a thing.

    You’re right! You’re right! You’re right! I’m just so surprised at my reaction. Ugh.

    Seriously, I kept waking up with nightmares. It was the noise he made that got to me.

    but you’re right

  165. We all end up as food. It just depends on what feeds on us..

    Speaking of rude customers.. I was just hung up on. After I told the customer the price, he said he could get it for 500.00. I asked him where and he said “on the internet..you look it up” then he hung up! Oh well..

  166. Never, never, NEVER name the food……

    hahaha, when we had a cow one time when I was growing up, my parents named him “Din-Din” so no one got any ideas other than his intended purpose

  167. My vet gave us a goat that was paralyzed from a back injury but otherwise was in good health. We decided that he would make a great addition to our Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

    We went the Ball peen hammer route too.. It was surprisingly difficult but, the third time was the charm!


  168. “Chuck” has an “Appointment” on Dec 8 that I think he is going to receive some bad news.

    As I look on the calender, “Steak and BJ day” is on the 17th! What a coincidence!

  169. I was really looking forward to some pro football today, but the only thing on is the Bengals.

  170. That Falcons and Ravens game was good. I was pissed that ESPN seemed to want the Ravens to win awfully bad

  171. A bullet in the head just seems more humane. However, PJD grew up on an Angus cattle ranch and they used a hammer in the middle of the forehead…amongst other things

  172. I’m so sorry, PJ.

  173. *snuggles up to lipstick
    *admires her painted toenails

    man, I reeeeeeeeeeeally need a pedicure

    and for pjd to come home from his retreat

  174. Dick, if it was a house on Swiss Avenue, it’s probably better that you decided to pass on the job. Some of those folks are pretentious pricks; not all, but some. I’d be willing to bet there was an Obama sign in most every yard on that street in 2008…..

    Peej, yeah, I can understand the nightmares – it sounds like it was pretty traumatic. I’d much rather “the deed” be done somewhere far away from me!

  175. I’m immune to livestock death. When I was 5 a tornado hit our farm and brought a stone bank-barn down on a bunch of cattle. I watched my father shoot 9 injured cattle in the forehead with a .38. We ate half fed-out hamburger for four years.

  176. Moo?

  177. Herr Morganholz has been in the shit, man. He’ seen it all. Give him some space, yo.

  178. I watched my father shoot 9 injured cattle in the forehead with a .38. We ate half fed-out hamburger for four years.

    That’s what I said is the proper way to do it. Not smacking a goat over the head multiple times to no affect, but having the goat scream in pain is horrific. They started at his neck, which was so weird to me. course, goats do ram each other, so maybe it’s too difficult to smack him between the eyes and knock him out. I don’t know.

  179. The smell of peppers and onions gives me flashbacks.

  180. Cats can be personable and interactive as dogs.

    Some are good at sports, too.


  181. Yeah, I don’t get the hammer. God created the .22 as a compliment to the ear canal of most common livestock.

  182. What does “half fed-out” mean?

  183. *snuggles up to lipstick
    *admires her painted toenails

    *snuggles right back to PJ

    *looks down and notices her own toenails need some work*

    It’s so cold here I’m wearing socks AND fuzzy slippers.

  184. Cats can be protective like dogs, and warn you of danger.


  185. No Peej, they started at the back of the head, not between they eyes, for that reason.

    There is a seam in the back of the skull where it is easier to make the kill. Shooting a firearm into a goat’s skull is unpredictable, dangerous and can ruin meat.

    But, in any method it is not a pretty or neat thing.

  186. No Peej, they started at the back of the head, not between they eyes, for that reason.

    oooooooooh, so they knew what they were doing? either way, ick

    Hey lipstick, we’ll be driving thru Vegas not this coming Tues, but the next Tues. So fascinating huh?

  187. >>Shooting a firearm into a goat’s skull is unpredictable


  188. I will be back later… I am going to kill something! *Shoot some hoops with the kids..*

  189. What does “half fed-out” mean?

    It means they had to slaughter cattle who couldn’t make Rosie’s BBF lineup.

    Seriously, beef cattle are usually slaughtered when they’re in the 13-1400 lb range. HM probably is talking about cattle that were about half that size.

  190. Basically. They were still “grassy”. The last couple months of life, beef cattle are given corn, which forms a hard, white fat. “Grass fat” is softer, more translucent, and tastes like, well, grass. These had just been brought in off pasture when they got hurt, so they weren’t completely purged of that grass fat. It’s a quite different flavor, depending on what kind of pasture they were on. Some cattle, like longhorns especially, taste outstanding fresh off pasture, and longhorns eat anything. More commercial breeds? Not so much.

  191. “Cats can be protective like dogs, and warn you of danger.



  192. I enjoy grass-fed beef. It does have a completely different flavor, that’s true.
    When PJD and I had money, all we used to buy was grass fed beef.


    When I had the goats in my minivan, people at the stoplights were trying to get my attention to ask me what on earth I had in my car.

  194. *doink*

    Jets need a new kicker.

  195. It depends on the pasture. Some farmers in the midwest manage their pastures pretty intensively to keep their cattle on real high quality forage, and that’s pretty good meat off grass alone. We had shit-and-stuff in our pastures. Cattle that graze out west on their poor forage are cheaper to raise until it’s time to feed them out, because they require a lot more corn to put on weight and fat and get the sagebrush and coyote assholes they graze on out of their systems.

  196. Hey lipstick, we’ll be driving thru Vegas not this coming Tues, but the next Tues. So fascinating huh?

    If you want a fun-ish stop for the kids, The Silverton has a huge fish tank with mermaids swimming in it from time to time. They interact with the kids, waving, etc. There’s also a big outdoor store in the property.


    The coffee shop has good food.

  197. Dick – I stand corrected about the denizens of Swiss Avenue. Good to know!

    And this story warms the cockles of my heart – the “good” folks of Westboro Church found out they weren’t welcome at the funeral of McAlester, Oklahoma’s fallen son:
    “Nice tires on that there van, gentlemen. It’s a shame nobody in town is willing to replace them after they got slashed…..”


  198. ok, that totally makes sense Herr.

  199. bunch of motorcyclists from my hometown got dead. Damn shame


    hopefully no one I know

  200. That’s horrible, PJM. And who’da thunk it would be a drunk Mexican that plowed into them?

  201. I think I’m in the spam bucket love with Pupster.

  202. Awwww. That’s sweet Lipstick honey.

    But I don’t think it’s going to work out, cross-species wise.

  203. 3:30 PM and shadows are already very long.


    Winter’s coming.

  204. In winter in the woods alone………….

  205. So I went to a talk yesterday by this woman


    she was pretty interesting. Divorced twice, had 8 kids and became a nun and now lives in the Tijuana jail helping the prisoners there

  206. Actually, the wiki article says 8 kids, but yesterday when they introduced her, they said 7. I dunno

  207. this is still making me giggle

  208. Awwww. That’s sweet Lipstick honey.

    But I don’t think it’s going to work out, cross-species wise.

    HAHAHA! Plus the ferrets would be confused.

  209. How do you say “It’s a lion!” in Korean?


  210. PJ, my lost comment was a recommendation that on your way through Vegas a good stop, right off the freeway, is the Silverton hotel. They have a huge fish tank which kids love and at certain times real live mermaids swim in it and interact with the kids.

    There is also a Bass Pro Shop on site. Plus the coffee shop is good.

  211. Yes. The ferrets.

    Think of the ferrets.

  212. It’s always the freaking ferrets.

  213. the ferrets would be confused.

    Pupster moves in with Lipstick, is caught having a Soon Yi moment.


  214. That’s cute Laura, but it makes me nervous. I wouldn’t let ferrets interact with a dog. One chomp and it’s curtains!

  215. hahaha, that bear looked like he was going to faint.

    Lipstick we usually stay in Henderson. I don’t like to drive thru the Vegas strip because my cheeks are burning the whole time they were reading the billboards. Wasn’t a problem till they learned how to read. I swore I wouldn’t do that again if I have a choice

    but that hotel sounds interesting.

    dick, hells no. There’s no way I’m leaving pjd

  216. hehehe, “Soon Yi moment”.

  217. awwwww, that’s so cute. The ferret and the dog all cuddly. We used to have a ferret. I remember it stunk. That’s pretty much all I remember, oh and that they were illegal here.

  218. PJ, it’s not on the Strip, but just off the 15 as you’re coming into town.

    I know what you mean about the billboards, a friend’s kid said, “Look, it’s a bare hiney!” when we were driving down the Strip.

    Henderson is very nice, too.

  219. Depends on the dog Lipstick.
    I wouldn’t let ferrets interact with my current dogs, but I can assure you that our old Black Lab would have been their best friend and no problem at all. I saw him gumming over baby rabbits with his whole mouth and they emerged completely unharmed. Soft slobber-mouth Retrievers, paugh, I don’t even think they bite their food.

  220. Onside kick! Bengals recover! 15 yard unsportsmanlike against Indy!

    Fumble. Beautiful.

  221. They were asking me what “gonorrhea and other STD’s” means

  222. You want a piece of this, humpty dumpty?

  223. They were asking me what “gonorrhea and other STD’s” means

    Oh goodness. I would have totally lied and mumbled something about “medical conditions probably related to high blood pressure” or something.

  224. Bengals lose by 6!! I beat the spread!!

  225. They were asking me what “gonorrhea and other STD’s” means

    “Ask your Grandma”.

  226. I totally lied.

    I can’t remember what I said, but I LIED

  227. I saw him gumming over baby rabbits with his whole mouth and they emerged completely unharmed.

    Wow. Ferrets bite hard when they’re playing, so I’d be worried that would provoke biting back. Your old guy sounds like a real sweetheart.

  228. You want a piece of this, humpty dumpty?

    Some dogs…you just can’t reach. This is what we call ‘a failuuuuure, to COMMUNICATE.’

    *menacingly flexes the Spatula Of Discipline*

    *whistles enticingly*

    c’mere boy!

  229. I have been a bad, bad dog. A bad, bad dog…

    *Smiles learingly*

  230. The woods are lovely, dark and deep. . .

  231. You might be a redneck if … your dad texts you a picture of the deer he shot this morning.

  232. Lipstick, he was a Good Boy.
    He was the best alarm clock, too.
    He’d come over to my side of the bed, put his face just inches from mine, and just sit there breathing his funktooth stank at me. When my eyes opened, he’d be there, all long-faced and grim like American Gothic. Then he would put his nasty wet cold nose on my face way too close to my mouth, or lick my eyeball and have a panting doggy-laugh at my sputtering reaction.

    Pain in the ass, now that I think on it.
    Forget it, forget everything nice I said about him. Jerk.



  234. *menacingly flexes the Spatula Of Discipline*

    Oooh baby. You know I like the rough stuff.


  235. Shot an 83 today, but it looks like our Indian summer is over. The weatherman is calling for pretty crappy conditions for the next week. *sigh*

    We really did have a beautiful autumn.

  236. I just saw an Avartard commercial and now I want to paint my ass blue and run down the block hugging trees.



    Yes, that makes a lot more sense.

  238. Pain in the ass, now that I think on it.
    Forget it, forget everything nice I said about him. Jerk.

    Funny, your description of him made him sound like SUCH a sweet dog to me.What a cutie

  239. Mare – You’re REALLY gonna like that movie.

    *snickers behind his hand*

  240. Hiya Mare.

    Come sit on my lap and lets talk about Texas High School Football.

  241. Where’s Scott? Brett Farve is talking post game right now.

  242. Puppers, I lke Texas high school football. From what I’ve been hearing, the most aggressive action comes from the mothers of the cheerleaders.

  243. *snickers behind his hand*

    It’s THAT good?

    *snickers behind my hand*

  244. Hmm. Pupster is frisky today.

    *laces Alpo with saltpeter*

  245. Mare, please lock yourself in a room, watch Avatar and then write a review for us.

    Thanks in advance.

  246. Is it wrong that now, everytime I see Brett Farve, I have his lame penis picture in my head?

  247. Oh, so THAT’S where Dick got his new avatar…..

  248. “Lame Penis” would be a really shitty band name.

  249. Dick’s avatar is more interesting and bigger than Farve’s wee wee.

  250. I choose not to comment. I don’t like where this is going.

  251. This Call of Duty: Black Ops commercial is great:


  252. Evidently, lots of guys get drunk and take pictures of their private area.

    Thank goodness that’s not a Hostage trend.

  253. *trying really hard to change the subject here*

  254. Andy, everytime I see that commercial I flip. I love it (and I don’t even have a game system or know what the hell it is). It makes me want to buy one though. Well done, marketing!

  255. I like the fry cook at the end.

  256. *laces Alpo with saltpeter*

    So, when’s the next meet-up?


  257. 6-3

  258. >> I like the fry cook at the end.

    Yeah, that’s awesome. Very Boondock Saints-ish.

    I like the concierge.

  259. I have Call of Duty 4, mainly for my little brother to play when he’s visiting. I play it once in a blue moon, and it is pretty awesome. Just not much of a gamer.

    That said, I’ll probably pick up that new one.

  260. Wade Phillips isn’t enjoying this game.

  261. Did anybody bury anybody else alive today?

  262. Did anybody bury anybody else alive today?

    AOSHQ appears to be down. . . think anyone will find the bodies?

  263. Change that, he is enjoying this game. They still suck.

  264. Ahem, scott,

  265. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YkPtWUohaA

    “You’re adopted.”

  266. How to offend the entire planet


  267. >> How to offend the entire planet


  268. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZtkIUps3lU

    “A little bit of civility, if you don’t mind.”

  269. I’m not understanding the “Libertarian’s wet dream” section

  270. Yeah, that was the one that escaped me, too.

    But “Tech Support” was perfect.

  271. Evenin’, proles.

  272. I’m not understanding the “Libertarian’s wet dream” section

    Um, that’s Somalia. Not exactly known for having a strong central gubmint.

  273. Oooh, Sean’s all smart and shit.

  274. Any PA updates?

  275. Oh look at sean with his condescending “um”

  276. Excellent question, Scott. We need a PA update, stat!

  277. Those of you who are friends w/Count on facechimp should go and look at the greatness (Seafood Gumbo) that he is making me…shrimp and crab…YUMMY!

  278. They fire their coach and now start winning a game *suspicious if’n you axe me+

  279. Gumbo with shrimp and crap….WOW

  280. 19-6 halftime Cowboys over the Giants.

    Blow me.

    Shouldn’t this be directed at Kelly?

  281. I’m sorry, Dick, I know I shouldn’t point and laugh, but I’m laughing at your avatar, honest!

  282. hahahahahaha….I meant crab.

  283. hahahaha MMMAAAAAARRREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. Don’t get excited yet. There is still plenty of time for them to open a can of suck.

  285. When are the Saints playing? Can’t find them. Is it Monday night?

  286. Peej, what cracks me up about all of those funny maps is that Icaland is ALWAYS “Bjork” 😀

  287. I wanted Colt McCoy to win that game. He did a great job again.

  288. They are off this week Sohos.

  289. Thanks Scott. 🙂 We have guests now so I gotta go be hostess

  290. Your new avatar seems happier then your old one.

  291. Cannot believe this!!

  292. Carl Edwards won too!! If you don’t know who that is…….bite me!!!!

  293. *bites Mare*


  294. Looking for an update on PattyAnn… help?

  295. Is our Patty at home?

  296. She left a brief comment yesterday.

  297. Hotspur, I think she will be doing well to get out of the hospital Tuesday.

  298. Hey Meadowlands…is it plugged in?

    Try plugging it in.

  299. WTF, I’m watching a game I give little shit about, but I get interested because the underdog is doing well, but they switch games.

    I hate the NFL.

  300. 7-10 days?????

    That’s a long time in a hospital. Poor baby.

  301. Hotspur it will be back, the lights went out.

  302. hahaha

    As soon as NY builds momentum, flip the breaker.

  303. but other than that, I know dick.

    heh. Self-awareness at H2.

  304. I know dick.

  305. If you like that funky cornchip smell of old, slow poat, Stay Here!!!

    If you like that new poat smell, and the idea of sullying a virgin poat makes funny things happen in your swimsuit area, there is a new poat!

  306. * Health alert *

    If you have any Soy sauce or Oyster sauce from Asia. You might want to throw it out.

  307. link would help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3-MCPD

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