Everyone clap!!!


  1. Its pretty freaky here in the car wash

  2. Ooooh pretty pink, blue, yellow and green…acid trip

  3. Oh, I thought it said everybody HAS the clap.

    I was gonna say, the shots cleared it right up.

  4. If I had been the first, I was gonna say !!!

    but since I’m not, I won’t say it

  5. Why don’t you go visit her parents, PJ?

  6. Peej, that’s really not cool. She’s nuts, and she scours the internet for mentions of her name. Please, please edit your comment.

  7. -LauraW don’t shoot Brad by mistake


    Uh, don’t shoot me on purpose, either, please?

  8. Gah, what a nutjob. I hope Jeff can get the book thrown at her for good this time.

  9. Peej, that’s really not cool. She’s nuts, and she scours the internet for mentions of her name. Please, please edit your comment.

    really? You don’t think we’d have a little fun with her?

  10. *Aggie hugs the gentleman named Dick*

    (She ain’t falling for a trap….)

  11. Why don’t you go visit her parents, PJ?

    I’m thinking it’d be a good idea. In fact, I’d love it if Deb would come to my house for a visit. My last name ain’t Winchester fer nuthin’.

    have at me deb

  12. Dick, I posted that at my place yesterday, in recognition of your son’s chosen service’s birthday.

  13. Behar & Whoopi Storm Off Set after O’Reilly says “Muslims killed us on 9-11


    Petulant beeyotches! Oh, man, is that funny!

  14. LC Aggie Sith, are you a chick or a dude?

  15. Dick, I’m working on a post on the infantryman’s load.

    What was a typical load you carried?

    Also, if you ever want to write a semi-serious piece on the Army, lemme know and I’ll let you have author status at my place.

  16. Nice. Anybody with that last name is now a potential victim of mistaken identity.

  17. LC Aggie Sith, are you a chick or a dude?

    I am all woman, PJM 😀

  18. Aggie is a chic I axed that last week

  19. Dick, I also posted a pic of me in a midshipman’s uniform, so he can’t hate me too much.

  20. Nice. Anybody with that last name is now a potential victim of mistaken identity.

    nah, someone already took down my “she who cannot be named” comment

    I wonder if she googles herself under “she who cannot be named”

  21. Aggie STILL hasn’t provided any pictoral evidence that she’s a, well, she.

  22. I am all woman, PJM

    sweet! And howdy.

    It helps with my mental image to know what I’m talking to

  23. Aggie is a chic I axed that last week

    You axed her that question?

    hey, how’s your old man doing with the powder business?

    and has uni moved to Oregon yet?

  24. Brad, you have my e-mail addy. Ask me and I’ll send one through e-mail 🙂

  25. in fact, she’s been named here before

    first time

    2009/03/12 at 8:33 pm by mesa

    apparently she doesn’t google herself here

  26. Aggie, I’m thinking more of Proof of Life.

    I mean, I’ve seen the great photo of your roach shirt, but we already have a man-lesbian, and a conservative shemale, so having bewbs is no proof of gender here.

  27. We’re training him in the ways of the punk rock.

    So that’s why you hated my links!

  28. So that’s why you hated my links!

    nonsense. I lurves your links, like I love b-rad

  29. Can you give details on the whole “Proof of Life” thing? Full-frontal? Bathing Suit? Birthday suit? Exactly what kind of pic are we talking about here??

  30. He is doing pretty good. Has a great guy working in the shop and the two are rockin and rollin

  31. apparently she doesn’t google herself here


  32. I take it yahoo is down?

  33. He is doing pretty good. Has a great guy working in the shop and the two are rockin and rollin

    It’s crazy. I’d never heard of powder coating before, but I see signs for it everywhere now. and I notice crap that’s been powder coated. I must be obsessed with you guys


    she who cannot be named. I mentioned her name and people cried about it. even though she’s been mentioned by name, on this blog a few times. You can see that if you do a comment search. I said apparently she doesn’t google and find herself here is what I meant


  35. Aggie, no. Just send a regular pic of yourself. My pic really does show me on a bed with an inflatable sheep, but most are just pics that you’d see on facebook.

  36. Can you give details on the whole “Proof of Life” thing? Full-frontal? Bathing Suit? Birthday suit? Exactly what kind of pic are we talking about here??

    Just a photo of yourself. It’s supposed to be that you’re a frequent commenter and you’ve been around about a month before you submit your photo…you know, so people know you’re kosher, but I haven’t been around a while so I don’t know whether you’ve been around or b-rad is jumping the gun cuz he wants to get in your pants

  37. Dick, our AGs carried the tripod, everywhere, all the time, no exceptions. I don’t recall hauling that much ammo (I remember EVERYBODY carried 100rds of 7.62 and a 60mm round).

    I spent about half my time in HI as an RTO. Liked the job, hated the fuckin’ radio.

  38. I started out with a steel pot, but switched to K-pot after about 6 months.

  39. I don’t know whether you’ve been around or b-rad is jumping the gun cuz he wants to get in your pants

    Well, I’ve only been commenting here less than a week (I think)…..

  40. Here’s little video we like to show the new hostages LC Aggie, it’s important you watch it


  41. Thanks PJM….

    I shall now endeavor to NOT picture Brad so scantily dressed.

    Or as a Lego.

  42. I shall now endeavor to NOT picture Brad so scantily dressed.

    Or as a Lego.

    You can tell by his fig leaf that he’s a Little People.

  43. It worked too.

    Not on me brother I knew you when…..

  44. wiserbud made that video.

    his videos make me laugh every time

    cept of course the one he made about me

  45. Aggie is new here, but she’s a long time Moron, and has been hanging around DPUD and Aardvarks forever.

    And, c’mon, a chick with a blog named “Hookers&Booze?”

    That’s our kind of girl.

  46. Dick?? Family safe??

    Never, EVER thought to see those terms in the same sentence. I have lurked at your blog for a long time, so I know better.

  47. PJ, how’s Gmaddy?

  48. Yeah, some wigged out on my booze pick for this week, Brad. But the hooker was sure nice 😉

  49. It worked too.

    For the Gein family….

  50. PJ, how’s Gmaddy?

    very good b-rad, how’s Gmommy?

  51. Hello, Hostages!

    Had to laugh – I’ve been part-time for 14 years, and one of the MANAGERS in my lab just found that out today.

  52. I lurves your links, like I love b-rad

    Well, unfuck you very much!

  53. I sure have, Dick. You have a wonderful style 🙂

  54. RFH, how are you doing today??

  55. She gives your links the clap?

  56. First time I saw Aggie was at the Rottweiler’s place, IIRC.

  57. Dick, we usually tried to avoid flipping the piston. Nothing like a singleshot when you really, really need suppressive fire.

  58. Well, unfuck you very much!

    Is that the same thing as a Merry Unbirthday? Are you getting all Disney, Alice in Wonderland on me now?

  59. I made it through work today by sitting at my computer like Jabba the Hutt and writing reports all day and weeding out the inbox. Still wore me out – I need a nap. I never thought I’d say this, but I can hardly wait for Monday to see the cardiologist. (You’ll hear a *thud* when Mr. RFH reads that and faints.)

  60. That’s right, MCPO, and lately at Soylent Green, and McGoo’s. The Rott is the reason I identify myself as Sith 🙂

  61. I hated lugging that fucking weapon when I was in the NEGDF back in the 70’s.

  62. Aggie – I love me some McGoo. He is seriously out there!

  63. seriously though b-rad, how’s your mum?

  64. Dick, saw that about Stinky – congratulations! I know you are proud of your son.

  65. Dick, I fired expert with every weapon I ever fired. Having said that, I’m actually a rather lousy shot.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that an M60 on SS is far more accurate than I am.

    You should see how accurate an M240 is. Especially mounted coax on a Brad. I shot that damn thing out to 1800m on point targets.

  66. Shit!

    NEGDF = Naval Emergency Ground Defense Force. Augmenting the U.S Marine Corps. We had a USMC Captain in charge of our training and a senior MarCorps NCO running the company.

  67. And so it begins …

  68. Dick – Loved having it. . . hated carrying it when other guys just had their Mattel toy rifles and ammo.

  69. Who crashed Yahoo? (please say it wasn’t me!)

  70. PJ, she’s miserable. She was actually a little perky today. I took her to the library to get some books. And just give her a chance to get out of the damn house.

    Plus, the library has wifi.

    she got tired, so I dropped her off at home, and now I’m hanging at Starfucks.

  71. United Way fundraiser tomorrow, with a Dunking Booth. Everyone here gets to “nominate” a dunkee by paying money for points, top 3 point earners get wet.

    I thought I had em beat but everybody who works for me pooled $, and put it in just ahead of the cutoff. I am #2 on the list.

    The fun never ends in the dunking booth.

  72. Bout like a sledgehammer.

    Yes….yes, like that 😀

    I love me some McGoo. He is seriously out there!

    First laugh of my day, he is!!

  73. Plus, the library has wifi.

    I don’t know why that made me laugh.

    I’m sorry about your mom though. That’s hard.

    ok, I have to go run and get the kids

    Hi Dave, my future boss. 😉

  74. I fired expert with every weapon I ever fired

    (needs link to pic of XBrad with M1 Garand “get off my lawn!”)

    The fun never ends in the dunking booth

    I detest United Way but you know I would have chipped in on that. Wear your special shirt.

  75. Dave, what shirt will you wear.

    And you must provide pics.

  76. Newsflash about H2’s candidate: http://is.gd/g2gVa

  77. dick, the M240 is the replacement for the M60. Which is kind of funny. it’s basically the Belgian FN MAG58.

    It’s older than the M60.

  78. thank you

  79. Clint, WTH is up with the rabbit ears??

  80. >> Dave, what shirt will you wear

    Might as well be the one I wore in the ocean.

    Seems appropo

  81. dick, that day when I was at the range, I was feeling pretty proud of myself poppin’ coke cans at 100m offhand with the M1. Then the can started hopping all over the place.

    Two assholes from the Olympic pistol team we standing next to me, zapping it rapid fire with .22 pistols.

  82. Y’all mentioned Legos earlier. My co-workers didn’t understand why I found this so funny.


  83. Hahahahahahahaha!!! Alvin Greene fucking RULES!!!!


  84. Roamy, did you notice the name of the spacecraft?

  85. I *heart* Legos, RFH. Which is why I have to work really hard to not picture Brad as one.

  86. XBrad, why do you think I was laughing?

    “And now everyone can have a mini-LEGO Rosetta”

    heh heh heh

  87. I get SOHOs pictures, too.


  88. […] Courtesy of Mesablue at the H2. […]

  89. Ok, here’s an idea. Someone come up with a good acronym for my next flight experiment.

  90. What does your next experiment deal with?

    Please use small words, as I’m a Moron.

  91. Flight experiment??

  92. Dick, that news is not in the least surprising. What I’ve always found surprising is that they haven’t tried some lower level attacks, such as Clancy’s fictional attacks in Teeth of the Tiger.

    (still haven’t started your book, [BUT I PAID FOR THE THING!!!!] so don’t give up any spoilers)

  93. The Obama’s – the smartest people on the planet


  94. Dick, I do materials experiments on the Space Station, and NASA lurves teh acronyms.

    So, for example, Laura could suggest Huntsville Unmanned Materials Processing or HUMP.

  95. Building Experts With Better Stuff.


  96. STFU Space Test For Unmanned

  97. Huntsville Outer Orbital Construction Hardware Investment Experiment.

  98. And she will get a total pass, Scott.

  99. Dedicated Infrastructure Construction Kilogram Savings

  100. Dedicated Reusable Integrated Non-Kinetic Systems.

  101. Brad is really good at this game.

  102. Thermal Isolation Tile System.

  103. So, did Mesa ever find that golf cart charger?


  104. I’ll be damned if I can come up with names for POON or PUPPY

  105. Reusable Uniform Mechanics

  106. Portable Oscillating Operational Nanobytes?

  107. Finding Uranus Neptune Quarks

  108. Orbital Reusable Generic Assembly System Module

  109. Portable Oscillating Operational Nanobytes

    (second try)

  110. Vmax reminds me of my favorite Dogbert cartoon. He recommended a company have a name that reflected astronomy and technology. The name he recommended?

    Uranus Hertz.

  111. Odd…tried commenting twice and no show….

  112. Someone check the spam filter, please.

  113. Aggie,
    me too. I was told it was a dupe, but it does not appear.

  114. And it was a good one for Brad, too 😉

  115. Bingo.

  116. You guys are out of the bitbucket

  117. Thanks, Xbrad!

  118. http://tinyurl.com/2f6thqa

  119. You’re welcome.

  120. Shootin’ ’em just doesn’t have the same emotional satisfaction as watching them weep and piss and moan the day after losing elections.

  121. clintbird,
    Thanks to you, too!

  122. Oh, Dick, you’re so emotional.


  123. Hahahahaha, good ones, y’all.

    I did see someone come up with one for TWAT – that one got shot down.

  124. Critical Upgraded Materials Spaceflight Huntsville Operations Test Series

  125. Heh, too bad, RFH. That would have been good.

  126. XBrad, you *are* good at this.

  127. Fuck

  128. You broke the blog, Roamy.

  129. Looks like it’s working fine now.

  130. Aggie sent me a pic.

    I’ll, uh, be back in about 3 minutes.

  131. Aggie, check your email.

  132. Crap, how do I alphabetize LC Aggie Sith?

    Under “L” or under “A” or maybe “S”

  133. Just use “Aggie”. Keep it simple 😉

  134. A if she’s cute, S if she’s not.

  135. LMAO!!!

  136. WordPress is unstable. . . like Joe Biden talking about the economy.

  137. Sorry, I went full tilt boogie. She’s under LC Aggie Sith.

    I just kind of thought she’d like being under Jewstin.

  138. Oh, she’s cute.

    Otherwise, I would have had “technical difficulties” when it came to adding her pic.

  139. I just kind of thought she’d like being under Jewstin.


  140. She is cute! Too bad the photo is cropped right above the bewb level.

  141. She already sent us a pic of her sweater puppies.

  142. Heh, who added “Your Mom”?

  143. We are a babe magnet!
    Hi Aggie!

    It must be MCPO’s charm that brings the hotties here.

  144. Nice try, x-Brad! Nobody around here thinks you are a gentleman!

  145. Not only is MTV casting the audience for the Obamaslobber broadcast, they’re screening questions:


  146. Nice hair, LCAS.

  147. What a nice album. I could scrapbook it 😀

  148. I took the pic to show people my gray, Clint. And to hide my face 😉

  149. No need to hid your face.

  150. Ok, dinnertime. Y’all have a good one!

  151. It’s FRINGE night. Hooray!

  152. Yes, Clint, there is a need 😀

    I have to sneak up on a glass of water…


  153. LC, you do the Aggies proud! We have all the good-lookin’ wimmens, cuz all of the Lilith Fair wannabees head over to Austin to attend college…….

  154. MCPO, sweater puppies are here:


  155. Too right, Teresa. The things I have seen there, that cannot be unseen!!!

    See y’all later, for reals 😉

  156. One of the season’s best new shows that most of you aren’t watching yet:


  157. Looks like the GOP might pay some attention to what the hell the Oczars are up to after the election:


  158. XB, have you found a firm date for Justified’s return yet? I cannot find anything.

  159. Hahahaha, one of the questions from XBrad’s link.

    Mr. Obama, are you a top or a bottom?

  160. Good shooters will make the average look fairly foolish every time.

    That guy with the .22 pistol at the Elm Fork range during the Texas Moron Meetup was unbelievable. Scott got me to go watch him for awhile. You couldn’t tell which bulls-eye on his target he was shooting at, because he was just shooting through the existing holes. I never saw him miss.

  161. Clint, they haven’t even started production.

  162. http://is.gd/g2qec

  163. Thanks, XB.

  164. Michael, the rifle team at my high school shot .22 target rifles. Matches were routinely scored with micrometers, because the edge between winning and coming in second was often less than 1/100th of an inch.

  165. A long time ago Michael I used to shoot gallon jugs at 100 yds with my snub nosed model 19. I hit 6 of 6 the majority of the time.

  166. What the hell is this sausage fest?

  167. Boortz has a way with words, gotta love him.

  168. Rosetta, quit shoving LEGOs up your nose.

  169. It’s LEGO cocaine.


  170. Raylan should become a Hostage. Who’s got his phone number?

  171. Well, his boss reads Ace.

  172. Then we should invite both of them!

  173. Dinner. Yay! Later taters and taterettes.

  174. I have no idea what’s going on here, but, dude, it’s Marissa Miller in a swordfight:


  175. Raylan Who?

  176. I saw that X,
    Where did her dagger go?

    I know she has a nice butt. I was looking at that mostly.

    Not A BTTF whiz Dick, Ask me about Stripes.

  177. Yeah, I was lookin’ at the butt mostly, V.

    Time to run. I’ll try to check in later.

    When the chicks come back from dinner.

  178. A cutlass. I get so tired of pirates with rapiers. . . totally lame!

  179. I liked the Cutlass MCPO, but you killed it or the Dagger did.

  180. Fringe coming on!! Everyone get a snack and behave for the next hour!

  181. Everyone get a snack and behave for the next hour!


  182. Fringe?

  183. trying to make myself watch the Reid – Angle debate on cspan.

    out of the gate it’s a contest to see which one is boring me more.


    No, but he IS your grandpa.

  185. Dave in dunk Tank, don’t forget about the phone.

  186. Thanks Scott. I woulda forgot.

  187. Anyone hear from PA? I am confused. She had a test that showed blockages, so they decide she needs splints and they go in and she doesn’t get them.

  188. I think she said she would check in tomorrow, scott.

  189. Scott, I think the deal is, the tests indicated possible blockage, and warranted the further look, but until you get in there you really don’t know what you have. The teensy cam in her arteries showed no blockage i.e. her symptoms have some other cause,

    I may have gotten that wrong. But I did fix a complicated SQL query today, so I got that goin for me, which is nice.

  190. oops bad link

  191. did I kill it?

  192. Nope Vmax.

    I was stunned by your dog updates and feel like scum for not being more like you.

    You are a wonderful person.

  193. awwwww sweet Ruby Vman you are really so incredible

  194. Scott, you are good people. No worries.

    If you wish donations are accepted, but not a requirement at all.

  195. When I can Vmax. Laura’s dog was pretty much a rescue, he bit me in the face twice and he is still alive. I should get 1.375 points for that.

  196. is my hour of time-out up yet?

  197. Kinda of a weak debate, both looked lame. But I think Sharron held her own. Reid was Washington wonky.

  198. heheh
    1.375 point bonus given. No other points required.

  199. I should get 1.375 points for that.

    Dog should get 8.625 points for that.

  200. my niece ditched her Husky puppy. Zeke is very dissapointed.

  201. Michael rocks!

  202. I never got bitten in the face by a dog. Got bit in the ass and my shoulder though, when I was a kid. (slow runner)

  203. Another great Fringe episode.

  204. Michael is showing off his mad math skills

  205. I have never been bitten by a dog, and I would like to keep it that way. Almost got bitten by a lousy chihuahua, for feeding him.

  206. Plus, chicks dig scars.

  207. Evenin’ gheylords.

  208. It depends on the scars.

  209. Andy – How is Rep. McGovern reacting to his new-found fame?

  210. By being a douche. So no different than any other day, really.

    BBIAB. My computer’s being an Obama and I need to give it the 3-finger salute. Then Imma put up a new poat.

  211. On to Rossi-Murray. More interesting

  212. When I was a wee lad, the neighbor’s dog bit me on the ass.

    The neighbor was a Lieutenant Commander who worked directly for my Dad.

    He was terrified that my Dad was going to hold it against him.

    Nope. I got spanked (right on the dogbite) for approaching a strange dog.

  213. Michael is showing off his mad math skills

    I didn’t even use the calculator on my iPhone.

  214. My election wish list is first for Frank to lose to Sean. Then I wanna see Patty Dumberthanabagofhammers Murray lose.

    After that, just hearing Dems cry will be good enough.

  215. Scars from header off my bike – not interesting
    Scar from climbing onto the roof of the hotel during sci-fi convention – interesting.

  216. Rosetta’s scars from his breast implants are surprisingly entertaining.

  217. “Scar from climbing onto the roof of the hotel during sci-fi convention – interesting.”

    Who doesn’t have those.

  218. I should ask my dad for an update in AL-02. Last time I talked to him, he said Bobby Bright’s ads were annoying.

  219. I have a scar under my eye from breaking up a bar fight while standing shore patrol. I have another one on my forehead from a childhood fall, and finally, one on the heel of my left thumb I got rough-housing, dislocating my thumb and severing the tendon.

  220. After that, just hearing Dems cry will be good enough.

    Yup, that is going to be fun.

    I want to hear it all night long.

    – Tea Party extremists — wah wah wah

    – Wall street fatcats and the Chamber of Commerce — wah wah wah

    – Special interests and foreign money — wah wah wah

    – Stupid disengaged Democrat voters — wah wah wah

    – Feckless young and minority first-time voters — wah wah wah

    – We tried so hard to be right that we neglected the politics — wah wah wah

    – Bitter clingers and racists — wah wah wah

    It won’t cross their minds that they’re just plain wrong on policy.

  221. Yeah, Michael, Ace notes, and I heartily agree, that the Dems just can’t comprehend that the public is well aware of the policies they pursued, and that is exactly what is being rejected.

    But they cannot under any circumstances believe that, as it would repudiate everything they stand for.

  222. MCPO, IIRC, you are missing part of a finger and you have a tattoo. You got interesting in spades.

  223. I don’t know if you guys know this, but Michael has a blog. On this “blog” he writes, “blogging is easy. Commenting is hard.”

    I think we’ve exposed that for the lie it is.

    Commenting well might be hard. But we’ll never know.

  224. Well, let’s not forget:

    – Obama inherited the worst economy evah — wah wah wah

    – Off-year elections normally break against the party in power — wah wah wah

    – Obama got stuck with two wars he didn’t start — wah wah wah

    Also, watch for the White House to start throwing Reid under the bus if he is not reelected.

  225. No tattoos, but I used to write radio freqs on the back of my hand in ball point pen.

    And I got a paper cut once.

  226. blogging is easy. Commenting is hard

    That blog was actually started by Retired Geezer, the Man of Honor at AOSHQ who has met Paul Anka.

    He came up with that tag line, not me.

  227. Oh, yeah, forgot about Reid. I’ve bee really hoping he gets tossed as well.

    Kinda given up hope on O’Donnell. Mind you, no matter how many Dems across the country lose, THAT will be the signature race and the exemplar of the TEA party throughout the MFM for the next 2 years.

  228. –Change takes time!

    –You people are stupid for expecting miracles! (Like the seas receding?)

    –The Republicans obstructed us while drinking Slurpees!

  229. Mr. L and I will be doing our part to get Reid out of here.

  230. New poat

  231. Yeah, michael, I know. I’ve seen the video Dave put together.

    But Geezer was smart enough to bail on it.

    Mind you, I fubar’d the tag line.

    “Anyone can blog- commenting is hard”

  232. I have numerous scars and collarbones that do not actually line up, all the result of stupidity by me (e.g., totaling two motorcycles).

  233. Hello! Sometimes what they think they see on the films is not there. This was one of those times. Yay! No stents.
    They went in through my wrist so it’s swollen and weak today, but no major pain. After the surgery, they asked me how long I’ve had sleep apnea. WTF?
    Now I’m waiting to hear when my big surgery will be.
    Thank you, everyone, I think I’m on the home stretch now.

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