Your Hit of Floyd for the Day

I know you were jonesing so here you go.  I finally figured out how to get pictures off our new camera because I AM THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE!!!11!!

Chicks dig Floyd because he’s a good looking mofo like his daddy.

Please feel free to update this post with stupid, lame shit you think is funny but everyone else thinks is fucking gay other important news of the day and y0ur trenchant analysis.




Rosetta stopped, bought Floyd to avoid embarrassment


  1. Floyd is a lame-ass substitute for barely-concealed fat mams.

  2. Every time Rosie mentions Floyd, I think of the boobs that weren’t.

  3. How many comments can I get in before someone decides to join me here?

  4. Maybe if you showered once in a while…

  5. Floyd is simply Rosetta’s displaced longing for his own long lost manliness

  6. Floyd needs a snuggle. I can tell by the way he’s looking at the camera. He’s wishing he could crawl right through the monitor and into my arms.

  7. Floyd’s attitude is bigger than Rosetta’s inflated ego.

    Good Floydie, good boy.

  8. And just for the record, this is a dog:

  9. There is a bar in Portland every town that offers a 7:00 AM early bird special on drinks.

    FTFY, Uni

  10. I almost said, “Rosetta’s ass,” but I don’t think Floyd’s attitude is that big.

  11. H/S, I have no conception how interwebbies work via phone.
    YOU call her and explain it to her.

  12. Later folks. Have to go, now.

  13. Look, Floyd is a fine fellow and all, and a good looking dog, but where’s the love for Sox?

  14. Katy Perrry has nice boobs.

  15. Driving. G’nite, y’all!

  16. Funny how something so goofy looking can be so cute.

    It gives me hope.

  17. Floyd hasn’t fallen in Long Island Sound yet, Dave.

    Don’t get your hopes up too much.

  18. Seriously, Floyd reiminds me of someone I know. Can’t put my finger on it.

  19. Floyd wants Rosie to get off his ass and retrieve a doggie treat!

  20. When Floyd takes a dump outside, when he’s done, we both look at it and I point at it and say “Mare” and then we both laugh and laugh and laugh.

  21. **smears “Mare” all over Rosie**

  22. What do you mean, I’m funny; funny how? Like I’m a clown, I amuse you??

  23. Hahahahaha.

    If any blog would have a commenter named Pile of dogshit, it would be this one.

  24. Please, someone, help me! I’m being held captive.

    You can’t imagine what that fat guy makes me do!


  25. My name is Floyd, and I approve of this poat.

  26. I wonder who would win in a fight between Sox and Floyd now.

  27. I think some of the other pet parents here should post some pics as well.

  28. Sox is a… well he’s not a lover, since his nuts were cut off, but he’s not a fighter either.

  29. I can smell the puppy breath through the puter.

  30. RE: Pet photos, here are two of my ferrets:

  31. Thanks, Lips. They are cute.

  32. I think we need a Pets Held Hostage page to go along with all the other crap on this crapfest of a crap blog.

  33. Here is our two. The good one (she is blind)

    The evil one

  34. YES. We need a pet page!

    and, uni . PLEASE. Haven’t we talked about Katy Perry’s boobs enough? They’re NOT all that.

  35. Floyd’s so cute! And Rosie is totally smitten…….

  36. And poor Car in is traumatized by #1 daughter being old enough to need a training bra – I can sympathize, sweetie……

  37. My pet:

    Everyone pulls their weight in my home.

  38. Hah. I’ve met the evil dog. He didn’t really warm up to me.

  39. Thanks xbrad.

  40. 5-6 years ago he would have put holes in you.

  41. He has given me the gift of holes a couple of times, nothing recent though.

  42. He wasn’t growly or anything, more nervous I think. Just not real sure of me.

    I try the non-threatening pose, get down lower so they can see me, hold out my hand, use a kind voice. He gave me a few sniffs but just wasn’t likin the deal so I let it go.

    So he’s perceptive anyhow.

  43. Maybe he thought if he stood too close to you he would get splashed.

  44. Poat updated.

    **awaits either ass-kicking or tackle by Rosetta**

  45. YES. We need a pet page!

    There ain’t enough pixels on the Internet for all the chickens, goats, guinea pigs and inflatable sheep.


  47. Heh, from my link, Michael said something smartassy in comment number 6 and I went in and changed it. He never said anything about noticing.

  48. Heh. I like that sign Romy.

    Check out my update / sign.

  49. OK, I give you a pet page.

    **waits patiently for applause and adulation**

  50. The evil one

    What the hell are you talking about???

    That dog loves me!!



  51. I have no memory of that, Lipstick. Maybe I just missed it.

  52. xBrad – I uploaded a photo of my dog AND commented. WTF do you want?

  53. From previous poat
    Somebody fucked up and gave out the password to the yearbook the other night

    I fixt said comment.

  54. New pic added to pest pet page

  55. WTF do you want?


    Or maybe more than one ice cream a day?

  56. There should be a red stain in the last photo, maybe a nice splatter pattern.

  57. Car in was asking what all was in the new Small Business Bill:

  58. I have no memory of that, Lipstick. Maybe I just missed it.

    I think you just missed it. I was giggling and waiting, but no response.

  59. Sox?


  60. Next time I have to help someone move I am going to do this

  61. Scott, bwahahahahaha!!!!

    Reminds of the time a co-worker filled in the note line on a personal check from another co-worker. “Sexual favors” She said she got a funny look when she cashed it.

  62. New Load HEAT

    **still wondering why only Sky has sent me photos for LH**

  63. Re: Load HEAT. The green outfit looks painful.

  64. **still wondering why only Sky has sent me photos for LH**

    It’s the 12 pics. Get one pic each from 12 Hostage wimmin.

  65. Yeah, I’m experiencing some discomfort myself… IN MY PANTS!!!

  66. It’s the 12 pics. Get one pic each from 12 Hostage wimmin.

    I’d be pretty cool with that- doing a “women of the H2” kind of thing.

    In fact, while I’d never thought about it in a H2 sense, I think some LH is going to be along the lines of that, say a “women of Joss Whedon” or “Women of True Blood” or shit like that.

  67. I mean this in only the kindest, most gentle way: Anyone who reads or lurks at this blog who voted for Obama can eat shit and die. THIS should make you proud:

  68. I’d be pretty cool with that- doing a “women of the H2″ kind of thing.

    Does cleavage have to be involved?

  69. No, Lips. Just whatever level of cheesecake the wimmens would be comfortable with.

    Mind you, your photo (with or without identification- your call) would be visible to the general public.

    BTW, are you on the PoL page yet?

  70. >> Does cleavage have to be involved?

    Only if you don’t feel like showin off those awesome wheels of yours.

  71. There’s the pic from bewbquake day. That could work.

  72. Oh, I’ve never seen Lips.

    But I hear good things about her feet.

    Which, you know, I’m a leg and ass man. Feets are cool, but not in a creepy-Rosetta-foot-fetish kind of way.

  73. Would you believe I lost the password to Teh Meat Locker?

  74. Roamy and Pupster 10,000 points.

    To be used for dog treats, hard liquor, condoms and candy.

  75. “When Floyd takes a dump outside, when he’s done, we both look at it and I point at it and say “Mare” and then we both laugh and laugh and laugh.”

    It’s all fun and games until Floyd steps in some “mare” and tracks it all over Mrs. Rosetta’s new rug. Then who’s the asshole?

  76. emailing it to you, XBrad.

  77. That’s when Mrs Rosetta shakes her fist at the sky and screams………….

  78. “Next time I have to help someone move I am going to do this

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……Scott earns 5000 points. To be used for red markers.

  79. thanks, Roamy, but, uh, could you check your email again?

  80. I can honestly say, nothing makes me laugh more than the crap that goes on here other than the resemblence of Rosetta’s face to this:

  81. hahahaha….Oh crap, I linked the wrong thing.

    I meant this:

  82. Thanks, Mare.

    **barfs all over the blog**

  83. BTW, are you on the PoL page yet?

    No, I don’t have access to any of the “extra features”, which is fair because I haven’t contributed.

    I dunno; the internet is so permanent.

    And thanks Dave, you flatterer. :)

  84. Lips, the way to get access to the Proof of Life page is to, well, send proof of life. Email a pic to me, Rosie, or one of the other admins, we’ll add it to the page, and email you the password.

    Only people with a PoL pic get the PoL password.

    But if you’re shy, that’s cool too.

  85. Whew! Dog Farts!

    Good thing there is a new poat up.

    Stay, Floyd! Stay!

  86. I have a critters program tomorrow w/ 20 3 yr olds. Someone kill me now.

  87. Lipstick does have a POL photo. . . someone send her the pass word(I’m old and forgot it).

  88. MCPO, sent

  89. xBad, I can affirm through a personal meeting that Lipstick is long, lithe and Heidi Klum-like. Plus she had cute feet. I got a picture of them.

  90. MCPO, I sent the passwords to you. I don’t see Lipstick on POL.

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