New Sean Bielat Ad

Alright, folks. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

Did you suffer a decline in the market value of your home over the last 3 years? If you did, Barney Frank is Public Enemy Number One!

Do you understand that kicking the can of inevitabilty down the road saddles your children with a debt that is both unpayable and unconscionable? Of course you do.

Well here’s the opportunity we have before us:

We, Moron Nation, can take out the banking queen. How, you ask? Well, for starters we have a candidate in Sean Bielat (Maj., USMCR):

Sean Bielat

Secondly. We have a model ad campaign:

Well, better than that, actually. We have Ladd Ehlinger, Jr. who did the Dale Peterson ad. He did an interview with Ace and just happens to want to do an ad for Sean. Odd how all this comes together, huh? ;-)

But here’s the deal. Ladd’s ad will cost at least $10,000. I am a max donor to Sean’s campaign – $2,400. We’re a quarter of the way there, but I’m done, thanks to the FEC. This is where you come in.

Donate to Sean here. Oh, and remember Ace’s campaign slogan (which Sean likes, BTW): When he’s not killing terrorists, he’s making robots that kill terrorists!

Let’s Fire Barney Frank!


  1. Hi

  2. hmmmm. My comment didn’t post. It was incredibly eloquent.

  3. It was “hi”

  4. I can handle the $10 cover charge.

    But is there a two drink minimum?

  5. No. Send your $10.

    I am not kidding about the ad and Ladd, BTW.

    This will be the best Internet campaign ad EVER!

    I was at a fundraiser (picture above) with Sean earlier and was live-DM’ing both Ace and Ladd from there. Funding source meet kickass talent.

    BTW, Sean is right in line with here and the mothership. Yay RINOs!

  6. People named Sean are generally pretty awesome.

  7. This one especially so.

  8. People named Sean are generally pretty awesome androgynous


  9. I’m just hairy enough to not be androgynous.

    Oh, also, new hot chick poast at my place.

  10. Mesa, Sean Bielat is a gy-reene. You in for a few $$$?

  11. Money and me?

    Not friends right now.

  12. A couple of bucks — yeah.

  13. Money and me?

    Not friends right now.

    Money talks. It doesn’t talk to me anymore, either.

  14. $10. To retire that sleaze Barney Frank.

  15. No way in hell, Sean, that chick’s bewbs are natural.

  16. According to this (yeah, hardly an authoritative source) they’re real. If you look at other pics of her, they don’t look so pushed-up.

  17. I’m not that big on the Asian persuasion, but hey, not bad.

    I’m willing to do extensive personal research to determine conclusively whether her breasts are natural.

  18. Real or not, I think they’re spectacular.

  19. Stolen from PW:

    Tan? Check!
    Likes a cocktail? Check!
    Golf? Check!
    Successful? Check!
    And now, news that he’s hitting everything but the lottery? Check!

    Holy crap! If this is true, Boehner really is Don Draper!

  20. Andy, I put my money where my mouth is. Enough is enough with this Congress.

  21. Oh, and good for whoever put Floyd up in the header.

  22. Newpoatwhichsucks!!!

  23. HasBeenRescheduledFor2PM!!!

  24. Wakey wakey.

    Today, here, it’s now windy AND cold.

    What an improvement over yesterday.

  25. Ok, some child is getting a beating. They purchased Will Smith’s Wild Wild West on iTunes last night.

  26. Awful! This would’ve been better.

  27. Who has a long list of chores for today

    I DO!

  28. There’s a H2 amusement park?

  29. Ok, some child is getting a beating. They purchased Will Smith’s Wild Wild West on iTunes last night.


    Of course, my kids are singing the Numa Numa song, and they don’t know the lyrics, so count your blessings.

  30. Car in, you obviously taught them poorly.

    Should have been this song:

  31. I’m downloading Apocalyptica’s “Heros” with the lead singer of Rammstein to counteract any ill effect my computer my be suffering from having that song on it.

  32. I see you don’t need your wake-up call xbrad. I’m not driving anyway. Husband decided after his day from hell he wanted to watch my daughter play soccer today.

  33. #2 child (son) thinks this Helden (Heros in some funny foreign language) is cool. Phew. At least I’m raising one child right.

    #2 plays guitar, and he’s good. He likes real music.

  34. Ok, one more cup of coffee, then I’m off to start my projects.

    4 plants need to get in the ground.

    At least 2 bushes need to be moved.

    Wildflower garden needs to be weeded.

    Veggie garden needs to be put to bed.

    garage needs cleaning.

    Basement needs some tending.

    I may need two more cups of coffee.

    What’s everyone doing today?

  35. Yeah, let’s save the airtime for now.

    Not that I don’t love to hear your voice.

  36. I’m driving my cousin to LAX, then coming back here for a nap. Then, after downloading busty lesbian pron for a while, I’m driving back to the desert.

    Rough day.

  37. HA@ Roamy. I want that on a bumpersticker!!!!

  38. John F’ing Kerry thinks you’re stupid.

    I mean, yeah, you are stupid (yeah, you) but he means voters in general.

  39. Obama was going on about tax cuts for millionaires (and BILLIONAIRES) again. I want to punch him in his douche-bag face every time he says that.

  40. Here it is, a report on his Saturday address.


  41. Yeah, we’re not smart enough to buy a yacht from New Zealand and anchor it in Rhode Island to skip paying taxes left and right.

  42. Jackhole

    The GOP’s “Pledge to America,” Obama said Saturday during his weekly radio address, promotes “the very same policies that led to the economic crisis in the first place.”

    “It is grounded in the same worn-out philosophy: cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires; cut the rules for Wall Street and the special interests; and cut the middle class loose to fend for itself,” Obama said.

    “That’s not a prescription for a better future. It’s an echo of a disastrous decade we can’t afford to relive.”

  43. I’m smart enough to do that, Roamy. I just haven’t found a lonely widow to fund my lifestyle yet.


  45. I hate to admit it, but Kristine Gillibrand isn’t that bad looking. I’d dork her.

    She runs counter to the very strong propensity for Dem women politicians to be quite aggressively ugly.

  46. Nancy Pelosi is complaining that the attacks on John Boehner are nothing compared to the attacks on her. That’s because no one is insinuating that she’s gotten some nooky on the side. (shudder) (brain bleach)

  47. Good Doc Zero piece.

  48. Nancy Pelosi?

    I’d hit it.
    **picks up 2×4**

  49. “Moderate” voters would be well advised to study the Tea Party critique of our unsustainable government carefully. As dramatic as it sounds, it’s the truly moderate position. The Ourboros has shown it cannot be reasoned with, and there are no firm boundaries it respects. The “living Constitution” is but the tip of its flickering tongue. Leave it alone for a few more years, and it will teach you the true meaning of “extremism.”

    good stuff.

  50. I don’t want you to hit her.

    I want her to lose her position, power, and her jet.

  51. Car in, I’m glad you like the update to your FIAF post.

  52. I gotta admit, the whole assigning a jet to the Speaker never bothered me much as policy.

    Now, her sense of entitlement always irked me, but sometimes I worry I might just be acting petty.

  53. **picks up 2×4**

    Heh. I was waiting for “with Sean’s dick” or something like that.

  54. “I want her to lose her position, power, and her jet.”

    I’ve been working on that… uphill battle, but, I’m on it.

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