Is This Raaaaacist?

Notorious old white guy speaking here:

Notorious song about keeping black people down:

Notorious old white guy who speaks about wanting to keep black people down:

And finally, since some people thought invoking the phrase “We The People” was coded racism, lets go to the Constitutional Experts to express their racism:


  1. first?

  2. Turd?

  3. Where all the white homos at?

  4. Out hte gate doin’ 98. Gotta work tomorrow.

  5. digging the Flava Flav jewelry on the President’s cabinet in Idiocracy.

    (figured I’d better qualify that. Don’t think Hillary goes for the bling)

  6. (figured I’d better qualify that. Don’t think Hillary goes for the bling)

    Not in public.

    But you just know she’s got the jungle fever.

  7. This thread is “overwhelmingly white” and an affront to the memory of Redd Foxx!

  8. MCPO, want some gorilla cookies?

  9. This thread is “overwhelmingly white” and an affront to the memory of Redd Foxx!

    Nah, it’s all good.

  10. What is a gorilla cookie?

  11. Fire is my friend. Screw the neighbors.

  12. Hahaha, Scott. Still burning, huh? Big John made this contraption forming a tall cylinder from some sheet metal that he screwed together then drilled air holes all around it. He gets some charcoal burning really good, then puts his ring around the stump then dumps the charcoals in. Burns the stump right out.

  13. PA, since he brought up Redd Foxx.

  14. Sounds like Scott if remaking Clan of the Cave Bear in his back yard.

  15. Here in the great state of Washington, we have a EPA burn Ban until Sept 30. For the air quality, don’t you know. What a crock of shit!!! We can not nurn anything, leaves, brush, whatever. Bullshit!

  16. nurn=burn…

  17. Over the line. NYTOL!
    Love you guys!

  18. Love you guys!


  19. Good night, Chrispy. The day is winding down for me, too.

  20. Wiserbud,
    Kiss my little pink ass!

  21. *Snerkkkkkk.*

  22. Hahaha, Roamy. I’d never seen that episode.

  23. Kiss my little pink ass!

    take off the Depends first, please.

  24. I looked at Roamy’s video and thought of Obama and his wookie eating lobster.


    Somehow, this comes to mind

  26. I knew I could kick that stumps ass!

  27. Tomorrow’s Headlines: “Origin of Connecticut Underground Fire Has Authorities Baffled”

  28. Seems like the inaguration was only yesterday:

    Tee heh. See what I did there?

  29. Nah, flames were below 20′ most of the time.

  30. It’s glowing bright red, she might notice.

  31. Goodnight, you princes of New England.

  32. Goodnight, you princes of New England.

    *locks princes of New England in tower*


    *shakes fists at sky*


  33. Another reason not to use Google. A search earlier for “Lincoln Memorial” brings up something else.

    Someone needs a kick in the ass over this.

  34. That doesn’t pop up anymore when you search Google maps for “Lincoln Memorial.”

    But, yeah, that was stupid. And weird.

  35. Hmmmm…

    Was it Google itself or a lefty Google-bomb? Only Google’s hairdresser knows for sure.

  36. Hi Sean. Didn’t know anyone else was still up.

  37. *locks princes of New England in tower*


  38. What the hell are you still doing up, Roamy? I thought you were a productive member of society.

    (Meanwhile, “Scream Blacua Scream” is on here.)

  39. Still sick, and trying not to bother Mr. RFH with my coughing.

  40. Some lemon juice, a little honey, and a generous dose of whiskey will help with that cough.

    (If you don’t have any lemon or honey, just double the dose of whiskey.)

  41. Excellent idea, Sean.

  42. The afros and moustaches in this movie are impressive.

  43. Dude, the guy in the cape might just be Blacula.

    (I should TOTALLY be twitching this!)

  44. I’ve never seen Blacula. Dark Shadows, yes. Even had the board game.

  45. Oh, wait, Twittyface wasn’t around in 1973. Then again, neither was time travel.

    *shakes fists at sky*


  46. Somewhere there was a list of things that this year’s graduating class has always had or known. Always had email, Clint Eastwood was a kindly director, not Dirty Harry, etc.

  47. I saw that list. Kids these days also never wear watches for some reason.

  48. I don’t wear a watch, but it’s because they don’t make the really cool calculator ones anymore.

  49. I never knew that an afro could have a widow’s peak! This is exciting!

  50. 6:00. Meds time.

  51. 4:00 Beds time.

    Blacula died at the end, by the way, which proves that Glenn Beck is a RAAAAACIST!!!!

  52. Mornin’

  53. Beasn?

  54. Hey Andy.

  55. Good morning, Andy.

    Good morning, Carin.

  56. Good morning, roamy.

  57. Saw your tweet on that, Andy.

    Good morning, clint.

  58. Hope Scott got that fire put out.

  59. wakey wakey.

  60. Geez Romster…did you get any sleep at all?


  61. *goes back to bed*

  62. Pups, about 4 hours.

  63. Ur doin it rong.

  64. PA, I am going to try that method.

    If that doesn’t work I will move on to dynamite.

  65. Nice pick, Clint. I’m not much of a dead fan, but I’ve always loved that song.

  66. Chicken coop is cleaned. Cleaned out some of the veggie garden beds. Topped it with the chicken crap. I figure it’ll compost in just fine for next spring, plus the cedar shavings should choke out weeds.

  67. New Poat!

  68. Pththth pthtthth

  69. Clint! No stepping on Patty Ann!

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