You’re gonna learn sumfin this mornin’ and you’re gonna like it!


  1. If things get slow here today, here’s a hostage swarm candidate & perennial favorite, Matthew Yglesias.

    Here’s Matt bitching about the Fall of Journalism, railing about an article comparing crime stats for the whole nation of Sweden against the city of WashDC, hollering apples and oranges and all that:

    Now for the gold:

    “In fact, there are 9.3 million people in Sweden and only 600,000 in Sweden.”

    Yes, he wrote that sentence. Fall. Of. Journalism. Indeed. Heh.

  2. Wakey wakey. I don’t have much planned this weekend. My dad is still in the hospital. My mil is coming tomorrow for a visit. But no big cookouts or camping trips.

    Perhaps I’ll get to weeding my wildflower garden.

  3. Today is my baby girl’s birthday.

  4. Mornin’

  5. Happy birfday baby girl.

  6. I didn’t learn anything and I wouldn’t have liked it if I did. Which makes me a typical American. So STFU!!!

  7. I, too, love lasagna:

  8. Lasagna. It’s good to eat, yes?

  9. Hey, genius, if you’re so damn good at “steering currents,” why not try doing it in the Gulf of Mexico?

    H2 tip of the day: Mark Steyn’s column gets posted at the Orange County Register before NRO.

  10. Howdy, heya, happy birthday to the kid.

    coffee… yes. good thinkin Dave

  11. You guys brought the funny last night.

  12. Good morning, H2ers. Sean, sorry if I somehow inadvertently trampled on your world class poat. When I scheduled mine last night, I saw no signs of anyone with one already scheduled.

    Here, have a cup of coffee on me.

  13. Cat has been up all night MouseHunting.

    *Can’t wait ‘ get “home” for BBF!!! BBF!! RAWKZ!!!*
    *Finally gets “home” 3:30 AM*


    * Breaks out Either, Lighter, Bong, “Good Stuff” *

    * Begins FreeBasing CatNip *

    Now why would Rosetta be putting up Michelle “MyBelle” Obammy’s cuter sister for BBF? Is he/she trying to wrangle an invite to a WhiteHouse RoseGarden Party?

    OoOoHhh…the Conspiracy Possibilities are EndLess….

    *** Cue Rod Serling “TwilightZone” Music ***

  14. Good Morning Douchebags!

    Whose turn is it to boil MCPO’s bedsheets?

  15. Miss Sohos, Mesa, got an emergency in Brownsville. STILL in Morgan City La. Iffin’ it ain’t in the Middle of the Night when I come back through, I’ll try to get up with y’all.

    *** Tosses Coffee on Counter ***

    *** Packs Extra MouseTraps ***

    Watches DinT steal BrewFan’s copy of “Vogue”…..

  16. Hey Ms. Laura!!!11!!!

    Uh, we better get you to the Doctor STAT! The “Hump” has split in two!!…

    Oh, NeverMind. Thats the front view. Sorry.

    *** Swears off of FreeBasing CatNip for the rest of the week ***

  17. Later y’all….

  18. Safe travels, Sox.

  19. C YA!!
    Thanks again for the coolest stuff EVER!! I was checking out the hat again the other day. Wicked awesome.

    I’ve had too much caffeine to watch this video. A minute in, and I’m getting totally skeeved out. Will you tell me if anybody gets punched, please?!

  20. Nah, he was a reporter trying to get into a (valid) story, and the PR dork was being an idiot, tried to be an intimidating guy to the press but when that didn’t work he called off the meeting.

    Not a reason to punch. But a good reason to keep digging into the story.

  21. I would have punched.

  22. Some of these are funny

  23. >> I would have punched.

    Oh sure, I would have too.

    But he was a reporter. It would have worked out badly, and the douche was apparently an official with the organization.

    *reminds myself to touch Scott’s shoulder a lot in July and duck the haymaker*

  24. All you ever need to know about Leucochloridium paradoxum.

  25. Scott, they left out Dents Or Death Going Everywhere
    Please Leave Your Money On Under The Hood
    and one for Pontiac that would get the mob with pitchforks after me.

  26. one for Pontiac that would get the mob with pitchforks after me

    Hahahahaha. Raaaacciiistttt!!!!

  27. *clicks over to H2*

    *has epileptic fit*

    Seriously, that header pic? GAH.

    Scott IM’d me a minute ago that he found one of these in our basement:

    In unrelated news, I have also been informed that he no longer does laundry.

  28. Just found one of these in the basement. Scary mother

    Never going down there again!

  29. >> In unrelated news, I have also been informed that he no longer does laundry.


    Take all your shit to the cleaners.

  30. and once again, Andy knows exactly what I’m thinking. Scary.

  31. President Obama said at his BP press conference that when he was shaving the other day, his daughter Malia asked him, “Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?”

    If Obama wanted to give her a quick lesson in how the world works, he might have said: “No, dear, that’s beyond my capacity. I can’t stop oil from gushing from a well 5,000 feet beneath the ocean’s surface. Now, did you do your homework?”

    As Rich Lowry points out in the article, Malia is 11 years old. Does anybody honestly believe she asked the question the way Barry said it? That’s something a 4 year-old would say.

    I honestly think the whole thing is made up.

  32. In unrelated news, I have also been informed that he no longer does laundry.

    hahahaha! Thats brilliant!

  33. and once again, Andy knows exactly what I’m thinking. Scary.

    Redneck upbringing. Priceless!

  34. header pic is very wrong.

    very very wrong

    *fuck.. .all I’ve had is coffee for 24 2 hours

  35. * googles spider shot *

  36. I don’t hate all spiders.

    I hate spiders that are on me.

  37. I tend to hate the ones that are too big to put a glass over.

  38. I woke up one morning when camping near Lake Possum Kingdon (all hail Albert, King of the Possums in 1976) to one that was fist-sized on my chest.

    I think I woke everybody else up too that morning.

  39. Put a collar on that spider and name him, “Fluffy”.

  40. ooooh I love PK LAke

  41. I had a Tarantula in college. He escaped once and I didn’t find him for a few days.
    I didn’t sleep much.

  42. I dont like spiders but I dont hate them. I have one that I play with in my office. It is little and he likes to antagonize me. I got bit the other day by this spider that dropped down my shirt in the garage and I crushed it in my fingers. I felt a little bad about it but it hurt. Now roaches! ICK!

  43. ooooh I love PK LAke

  44. Scott – Did you ever answer my question last night?

  45. The spider that scott found though is scary hideous!

  46. >> by this spider that dropped down my shirt

    Well I’ll be. I made it through this world 50 years without envying a spider.

    Until now.

  47. Gotta run. Everyone have a good day (except Scott) and don’t set yourself on fire.

  48. Morning. You guys didn’t drink all the coffee, did you?

  49. playing golf fibf?

  50. Brad, coffee is for closers, bitch.

  51. Brad, coffee is for closers, bitch.


  52. Dave, I AM a closer.

    Just ask your mom.

  53. I can’t ask her anymore, except in prayer.

    She said you came fast tho. She hugged you through it.

    That’s my mom. A giver.

  54. Cash and an umbrella.

    I cannot improve upon this advice.

  55. Comments to that post turned into a goofy discussion.

  56. That is remarkably good advice. Who knew an internet article could be useful?

    **pushes Dave into traffic**

  57. Here ya go Brad.

    This is for closers.

  58. Damn, lauraw, that would have been an awesome hostage swarm.

  59. WTH?

  60. My dermatologist is gonna be sooo pissed off at me about this weekend.

  61. Bow ties are for losers.

    Seriously, do you think George Will is knee deep in pussy?

  62. Dave’s autobiography?

  63. #83 Nina did NOT approve. You Godless hankie-tuckers!

    Nina’s kinda craaaaaazy.

  64. Heh. That’s what made me think of the swarm. Nina would have had a grabber.

  65. Seriously, do you think George Will is knee deep in pussy?

    I’m quite sure a pussy is the first thing he sees in the mirror every morning.

  66. I offered up a freebie over there.

    Because I know the secret to a girl’s heart.

  67. Hahahahaha. Dave’s such a giver. He gives and shit.

  68. “Bow ties are for losers.”

    Bow ties are cool.

  69. It’s on.

    They have a new thread that’s going pretty good right now too.

  70. >> Bow ties are cool.

    Fuckin A

  71. “Happens to me all of the time — ”

    I love your modesty, Mesa.

  72. Kid is a genius —

  73. “>> Bow ties are cool.

    Fuckin A”

  74. Dammit, they deleted both Dave’s and mine.

  75. Yes, Sky, we see what you mean:

  76. Here they were, for posterity:

    Dave in Texas May 29, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    Do not wipe your privates on the drapes.

    This is gold here. I’m just giving it away.

    Andy May 29, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    How about your wife. Is it o.k. to bring her along?

  77. Clint, it’s not my fault that the bowtie has been reviled and stereotyped for all these years. Would you say as a result of that picture that shirts are uncool, too? Huh?

  78. Did they just delete our comments over there?

  79. Where are ya’ll commenting at? *blink. obviously didn’t pay enough attention when reading upthread*

  80. A gentleman who can tie a bowtie has advanced dexterity and knowledge of shape.

    He also has a spastic foot. You gotta watch out for that.

  81. Dearest Sky,

  82. “Dearest Sky,

    Well played, Clint. Well played. *smooches back!*

  83. I was Sheik Yarbuti.
    I quoted Andy and my comment was “Which one”

  84. I didn’t see yours, laura, but I’m sure it was hilarious.

    * sucks up to the hump *

    We need to launch an all-out swarm on their comment-deleting asses.

  85. Must have a moderation queue.

  86. Dave in Ocean is a spazz?

    Why do I feel like I already knew that?


  88. It saddens me to report this, but honorary Hostage Dennis Hopper has passed away.

    Rest in peace, Dennis.

  89. Dennis Hopper is dead.


  90. Guessing that Sky never saw this movie either. Fucking classic.

  91. Come on folks. Those weeds aren’t gonna pull themselves. Get moving!

  92. Or this..

  93. I just hopped over to IMDB; the only movie he’s been in that I’ve seen was Waterworld, and I hated every fucking minute of that movie.

  94. Buenas tardes, ‘tards! Did Scott ever answer my question?

  95. True Romance and Blue Velvet are amazing movies. So far out of the mainstream that I’m surprised they were ever made.

    Hopper did a LOT of wild movies.

  96. Hopper did a made for TV movie called Nails that I remember enjoying. Also had Anne Archer, who was very MILFy in it.

  97. Watch this scene and tell me that you’re not going to run our and rent this today —

  98. Well, I guess I’ll add some Dennis Hopper movies to my Netflix. C’mon, Hostages, which ones do I add?

  99. My avatard is partial to this one:

  100. Ahhh … I just had a phone call from the RNC that will be among the most satisfying things that I’ll do all weekend.

    I kindly informed the gentleman that I will not be renewing my membership nor giving them one thin dime as long as Michael Steele remains chairman.

  101. oh man, I’ve been walking my egg laying vampire dog on a leash all morning and I’m worn out now.

  102. So, I’m going to teach myself to make cookies from scratch this afternoon. I thought that would be fun with Ember Jr.

  103. What did you do with yourself before you had any kids ember? No cookies, no cakes nuffin?

  104. I think tonight is a mojito night. [goes and checks mint]

    Oh yes. Coming along nicely.

  105. I don’t like sweet things, PJM. I don’t normally eat cookies, or cakes, or candies. Or chocolate.

    But if I ever had a craving, I used to have the best gay roommate who would cook just about anything that I asked him to while getting me totally hammered.

    I miss those days.

  106. I make my kids make ME cookies.

    Snickerdoodles are my fav. Not too sweet. Just perfect.

    [goes put a bug in one of my kid’s ear]

  107. i like sweets, but I don’t have them often. I found, though, that a cookie (or something sweet after lunch) puts an end to my mid-day eating binge.

  108. Sky:

  109. I’ve pretty much lost my tastes for sweets. I don’t know why.

    Now, give me some crostini with goat cheese, pesto and baked garlic and I’ll love you forever.

  110. I replaced the header because it was killing my eyes.

    Speaking of head. PJD would like to see my BJ photo so he can fantasize.

  111. But if I ever had a craving, I used to have the best gay roommate who would cook just about anything that I asked him to while getting me totally hammered.


    I used to be a fruit fly.

  112. “HAHAHA!

    I used to be a fruit fly.”

    We call my husband the flaming heterosexual. Everyone’s pretty sure he’s gay. Heh.

  113. I forgot how yummy margaritas are. I had one last night and I am craving about four more. My favorite scene is Hopper in Blue Velvet (Candy colored clown) I think Mesa linked it

  114. Jim Treacher: Here’s the awful joke I made the last time three celebrities in a row died:

  115. *Scott points at plank of wood on cellar floor*

    “I dropped that shelf on it”

    Me: “It’s still under the shelf?”

    Him: “I hope so. You check.”

  116. Will someone please email me when/if Laura or Scott ever answer MCPO’s question? I don’t have time to keep checking back in here and after all this suspense I don’t want to miss it.

  117. Mr. Ember is now lecturing me that I haven’t seen Blue Velvet. I shouldn’t have mentioned it to him.

  118. What question?

  119. what was the question?

  120. Did I mention I hate Tyd-E-Bowl?

    I look like I gave Smurfette a Minivan.

  121. Also, I need some help here. The Hostages have the keys to post a great post over at Piece of Work In Progress blog (Dan Collins and Enoch Root, among others). Just because we haven’t had a post here worthy of being cross-posted over there does not mean that it will never happen. POWIP has requested a short bio of the Hostages. Heh. Help me out. I know I need to type more than “an assortment of morons including one man-lesbian and one heathen shoe worshipper”.

  122. Blue Velvet was my favorite movie for years until it was replaced later by Reservoir Dogs

  123. Laura and Scott, MCPO asked if you would like to be the proud owner of a Challenge Coin.

    Also, I asked you to email me an address where I can send you a muddler for the meat-up.

  124. POWIP has requested a short bio of the Hostages.

    oh. my. gawd

  125. Tell Dan we count a notorious Jell-O pudding smuggler among our ranks.

  126. Am I the heathen shoe worshiper? ‘Cause I want to add that to my own bio.

  127. Thanks, Andy, that’s the kinda stuff I think they want.

  128. Yes, Sky, that would be you. Unless Tattoo ever comes back, then I’ll have to change it to “two heathen…”

  129. OH. Scott would be honored, of course.

  130. And I will send you an email later on PA.

  131. Laura, I think it’s been kinda funny. I thought maybe you and Scott were deliberately ignoring him. He’s asked about 6 times now hehehehe

  132. Thank you, Laura!

  133. How short of a bio? You need to mention The Beginning, The Crappy Middle, The Schism, and The Renewal.

  134. I’d like to start the Hostages bio with “Trying to describe The Hostages is like [ fill in the blank ].

  135. Ooopsie. *scratches head*

  136. Good idea, Laura. I think Mesa should write “The Beginning”. Anyone volunteer for The Crappy Middle, The Schism (I nominate wiserbud for this one) and The Renewal?

  137. How short of a bio? You need to mention The Beginning, The Crappy Middle, The Schism, and The Renewal

    Michael would be so proud of your religious knowledge.

  138. How about it opens with “I BREAK BITCHES!!!”




  140. Laura that’s more of an autobiography.

  141. Gotta go! I’ll check back later.

  142. “Trying to describe The Hostages is like [ fill in the blank ].”

    [ trying to describe the stench of a rotting egg in a way that makes it both palatable and appealing. ]

  143. Andy, do you remember WickedPinto? He used to comment at AOSHQ a while back and at IB. Hangs around Mrs. Peel’s now. The original Hostages started out as his blog, sorta.

  144. PJ, you should do “The Renewal”

    Now I’m really really really gone for a while.

  145. [trying to eat a soup sandwich]

  146. laura, you got put in spam because you said the “w” word

  147. Really? I didn’t notice that. That’s a filtered word?

  148. why is this bio being written?

  149. yes. It looks like it’s approved to you, but no one else sees it. I get an email sent to me letting me know when someone is put in purgatory.

    I said a little prayer for you and POW, to the hostages you went.

    I think you’re in hell now.

  150. Nothing like thrash metal to get you going!

  151. Andy, do you remember WickedPinto? He used to comment at AOSHQ a while back and at IB. Hangs around Mrs. Peel’s now. The original Hostages started out as his blog, sorta.

    Oh yeah. The “autobiography of the hump” joke wasn’t as funny in practice as it was on the drawing board.

  152. For sky:

  153. And of course, Sky, after you watch Easy Rider, you MUST watch this one even though Dennis Hopper was not in it. It’s the counterbalance to Easy Rider and is also considered an era classic:

  154. For PattyAnn ….
    and includes an assortment of more experienced gentlemen, who are long on buillshit and short on memory, and who, from time to time, have been known to pee on their shoes.

  155. Okay, so I’ve added these four to my Netflix:

    Blue Velvet
    Apocalypse Now
    Easy Rider
    True Lies

  156. And there’s also this:

  157. Cool Hand Luke

  158. Mr. Ember just called me pear shaped. *blink*

  159. Pears are juicy and sweet.

  160. Now he’s threatening to serenade me with Fat Bottom Girls.

  161. That means you’ve got a hot ass.

  162. You’re right, Ember, that’s really ghey.

  163. time to pack and maybe take a nap

  164. Now he’s threatening to serenade me with Fat Bottom Girls.

    I imagine that he’ll be serenading you from beyond the grave.

  165. “I imagine that he’ll be serenading you from beyond the grave.”

    Most likely. Although he is volunteering to go to the store so that I don’t have to leave the house at all today, which may save him from death temporarily.

  166. Describing the Hostages would be like trying to herd cats.

  167. the hunter-gatherer has returned from HEB.

    tenderloins tonight. film at 10.

  168. What are you packing for sohos’?

  169. I have a great ass. He can sing Fat Bottomed Girls at me all he wants, I know my ass is phenomenal.

  170. The Hostages Bio:

    In the beginning there was void. And The Hostages looked upon the void and said “Let there be ribald revelry.” And it was so. And The Hostages said, “Let everyone post, but let no one comment on the post, save to insult the author or stray off-topic.” And they looked upon the blog and saw that it was good.

    But time passed and The Hostages grew bored with their format, so they said, “Let us spend at least 50% of our time insulting each other, calling down multimedia strikes upon one another until all have been brought low.” And so it came to pass that The Hostages became a 24/7 slamfest sullied by only the occasional thoughtful comment.

    Out of the void came noise. And it was loud and good.

  171. >> What are you packing for sohos’?

    She decided to head to South Padre with me for the weekend.

  172. Say wha??

  173. I have a great ass. He can sing Fat Bottomed Girls at me all he wants, I know my ass is phenomenal.

    I think we need an evidentiary hearing on this matter.

  174. Llama

  175. shama

  176. I’m too lazy to upload any of the pictures that show off my ass in its best light. Here’s one from the FaceChimp for ya, xbrad.

  177. A little teriyaki marinade for teh steaks, and a nap in the pool.

    Top it anyone. C’mon.

  178. I nominate geoff for hostage story teller. Terrific bio!!!!

  179. Llama llama here’s a llama Shauna llama
    *throws wrench at mcpo

  180. PJM – The picnic ham, with the garlic slices inserted, is almost done! Herself is making potatoes precious and cole slaw. Think it is time for a brewski!


  182. The Hostages’ on the anvil–hear the idiots ring–
    Clanging from the seven am wakey to the Tyne!
    Never was a blacksmith like our moron King–
    Hostages being hammered, hammered, hammered with drinks and lime!

    Hostages’ on the anvil! Puffy are the blows!
    (But the HHD post will be absurd hormonal, when it’s done.)
    Little bits of normal cannot stand against their foes.
    Hostages’ getting hammered hammered, hammered from more than one.!

    There shall be one poat–it shall serve one Mod–
    (Neither PJ nor MCPO shall escape!)
    It shall have one- video and joke, point and meme and embed.
    Hostages’ getting hammered, hammered, hammered into… ok they’re pretty much hammered

    with apologies to RK

  183. A little teriyaki marinade for teh steaks, and a nap in the pool.

    Top it anyone. C’mon.

    I’m putting 6 racks of ribs on the smoker soon. Dipping into my applewood stash.

    I might experiment and mop a sorghum glaze on a rack or two.

  184. Dammit! It just went from beautiful to pouring rain in about 2 minutes.

    Outdoor furniture cushions … soaked!

  185. Mr. Ember is indulging me and making burgers on the bbq by the pool this evening. He won’t let me have the cheese, though. *pout*

  186. >> He won’t let me have the cheese, though.

    pffft. Give up the bread. The cheese is better.

  187. … I just realized, since I’m moving back to Nevada next month … I get to vote against Harry Reid again! *squeals like a schoolgirl*

  188. “pffft. Give up the bread. The cheese is better.”

    Excellent advice.

  189. Save some for me! I’ll be there in a bit just picking Graham up

  190. 5 lb fresh picnic ham, fat scored and slices of garlic embedded in the flesh. Slow cooked, on the grill for 4 hours. Roasted new potatoes with rosemary and EVOO and home-made cole slaw finish the meal.

  191. That sounds freaking awesome, Chief. I like ham. I like ham a lot.

  192. Cuffy – This is a fresh ham, not cured. So, in reality, it’s a huge pork roast.

  193. I knows my cheeburgey.

    For tomorrow I have 6 stuffed with blue cheese and peppers. Both girls coming home for a visit.

    Life got even better.

  194. RIP Dennis Hopper.

  195. Afternoon, Stalker. *pours some Saturday afternoon whiskey*

  196. Sean – That’s all you bring to the party?

  197. Sky, add Giant and Rebel Without a Cause to the Dennis Hopper classics list.

  198. Yes. I bring a sense of decorum to the party. Now, go fuck yourself.

  199. Will do, Andy.

    Note that these are the end of a very, very long Netflix list. It may be months before I get to’em.

  200. MCPO, did you see that your question to the w’s was answered ^^^ up there?

  201. Andy – No I didn’t. I had given up on getting an answer.

  202. Sean – Ha! I see what you did there!

  203. Sky, that’ll also get you 2/3 of the way through the James Dean trilogy. Bonus.

  204. Hmmm … thinking about it a little more … that pretty much takes care of the entire cast of Rebel.

  205. Just met a guy that survived the Bataan death march. Had Graham take a pic with him.

  206. What an honor for young Graham!

    Did you find the right shoes for him?

  207. PJ, awesome.

  208. Found the right shoes, he went to ft rosecrans and put the flags in and then we met up with him at the santee street fair where the cadets have a booth. And that’s where we met the guy cuz he was selling his book.

    Gonna buy it next paycheck

  209. When I learn of or meet guys like that, I’m always grateful I never had a chance to display valor.

  210. Chief, I am sorry about that, been in and out and somehow missed it.

    Yes, I would be honored and that’s very kind of you.

  211. I took a picture of his POW photo and will show u it when i get home

  212. Scott – QUIT GOING OUT!!! I’ll rummage through my collection. . .

  213. Been fighting this old house. Old houses suck big time!

    Removed 3 windows, stripped off all glazing and loose paint and then primed them. Once primer dries I can glaze them. Window glaze takes 3-4 days to dry and then I can paint them and put them back in place.

    Step one was 6 hours.

  214. PJ, what’s his name.

    I hate to say it, but I always run guys like that through

    If they are legit, it tells me a lot about them.

    If not, it tells me that as well.


    dang.. I went through that a few years ago.

  216. That should be:

  217. Carlos Montoya google him course there’s a flameco guitarist with that name so put battan death march in ur search

  218. Just fixed a shelf in the built in corner hutch. Somewhere in the not too distant past a shelf decided that it would split in two and crash to the bottom. Never seen anything like that happen before.

    Old houses suck!

  219. this was under the photo.

    Cannon members march to honor Bataan POWs

    Bataan Death March survivor Carlos Montoya shakes hands with some of the more than 4,400 participants in the 19th Annual Bataan Memorial Death March March 30 at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. Military units from all 50 states as well as more than a dozen foreign countries gathered to honor the men who endured the death march in 1942 and prisoner of war hardships until 1945. (U.S. Air Force photo/Greg Allen)

  220. I was gonna fix a shelf in this old house.

    But I decided to drink two martinis and take a nap in the just perfectly ready pool.

    I chose wisely.

  221. New poat, because this one is past its expiration date.

  222. A couple of years ago I was removing an air conditioner from a window. I noticed a board had rotted, then a loose brick, and another. One hour later Laura walks in and screams, “Why is there a giant fucking hole in the side of our house”.

    The yard was littered with bricks, window and frame.

    It takes about 10 minutes to remove a window air conditioner tops. Not in an old house! It’s a 6 hour job, several trips to home depot for wood, concrete, new window and paint.

    Old houses suck!

  223. Hello?

  224. Look up.

  225. Hahahaha

    Sohos, I pack the morning I leave for a trip.

  226. Top it anyone. C’mon.

    Lounging in my pool today, with larger banana trees.

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