Thanks for the Memories, Dennis

In rummaging the web for Dennis Hopper clips and articles today, I ran across a ~25-minute video essay that captures many of his greatest moments on film along with several live interviews and other performances. If you’re a fan of his work, I recommend it. (h/t Big Hollywood)

With the body of work as significant as Hopper’s, it’s hard to pick favorite scenes, but these are on the short list:

Blue Velvet (1986)

Hoosiers (1986)

Apocalypse Now (1979)

Now, to celebrate his life,  go mix a drink, get naked and/or snort a line of blow off a dead hooker’s body like he’d want you to.


The Stanley Cup Finals start tonight between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Philly Flybabies.

If you need help deciding who to root for, this is how they they do the national anthem in Chicago at EVERY game. Chills, always.  I pulled out this one because it was at the all-star game right after we went into the Gulf in ’91.  If you are in the stands, you can barely hear Wayne singing.  Cool story, Wayne Messmer was carjacked and shot in the throat.  He recovered and came back to sing the national anthem.


  1. fist

  2. My kitty keeps trying to attack the bell on her new collar. It’s hysterical.

  3. Shooter!

  4. I started drinking before the yard work was done.


  5. *peers in*

    Put your clothes on youse guys.

  6. Sohos are you packing for?

  7. Wut?

  8. “Put your clothes on youse guys.”

    Well that ain’t any fun, Hotspur.

  9. Whose turn is it to change Clintbird’s drool cup?

  10. I forgot the what in my sentence. Sohos, WHAT are you packing for?

  11. PJ left a link to a picture of Carlos on the last thread. Does that look like him?

  12. Sohos, WHAT are you packing for?

    Trip to the beach?

  13. CT I am going to CT in July

  14. This poat smells much fresher than the last one.

  15. pj check your email

  16. Please to be checking the most important post update.

    You are thanking.

  17. Update to the update: Blackhawks will beat you up — before the game…

  18. Awesome: Hitting a WALK OFF GRAND SLAM!!!

    Not so much: Getting hurt at the celebration at home plate.

  19. One of Dennis Hoppers 5 marriages lasted 8 days. Ham lasts longer than that.

  20. Can anyone see my comment from several minutes ago, because I can’t.

  21. I tried to see the photo Scott but I’m on my iPhone and it’s tiny. The guy’s in a wheelchair, looks 100 hundred years old and spit granola bar ALL over me when he talked. I wasn’t about to complain. Anyways, he’s selling his book and has photos of himself skin and bones and starved in the POW camp. He was a cool guy. I had no money on me and told him next paycheck I’ll buy his book.

    And what’s cool is his next location is right by the house we’re squatting in.

    I do not doubt this man’s veracity.

  22. Somebody fish Hotspur out of teh Spam Bukkit.

  23. Spam bucket is empty. Hotspur is drunk.

  24. I’m jealous of hotspur, but im
    on my way to Mass.

    I’ll hit up the altar boy for wine

  25. Wish I was drunk.

  26. Evening.
    What is this “hockey” of which Mesa speaks?

  27. I despise those highway signs. Our state spent millions on them, giant signs that display shit like “Caution slippery conditions may exist” during snow storms.

  28. No Red Wings!!!

    I can’t tell you how tired I got of hearing about all that “Hockey Town” stuff.


  29. Hey MC, whaddaya think?

    Four games, five?

  30. Scott – Did your Dad serve on a destroyer?

  31. I was 6 when that album came out, first one I ever owned.

  32. Mesa – 7 game series – Flyers FTW!!

  33. I don’t think so Chief. It was a gun boat but I don’t think it was a destroyer. He didn’t talk much about it and I have not seen a photograph of his boat in a long time. I only heard (2) stories, one about his nickname Jim Buoy and one about the ship getting rolled in a typhoon.

  34. Rolled in a typhoon?! Holy shit! Next to fire, that is the scariest thing a Sailor can face!

  35. That’s kind of a weird album for a six-year-old to buy.

  36. I’m just hoping it doesn’t end up like last time the Blackhawks were in the Finals.

    Talk about the Flyers peaking at the right time. Huge offense against huge defense. Should be interesting.

  37. Rolled in a typhoon?! Holy shit! Next to fire, that is the scariest thing a Sailor can face!

    I was thinking it would probably be some of the hookers on liberty in Thailand.

  38. xBrad – Unlike your piece of armor, if I ship catches fire or rolls, one does not simply walk away from it.

  39. MCPO, learn to take a joke.

    I’m far more aware of the hazards of fire at sea than you might think, as well as the hazards of storm weather.

  40. I was thinking it would probably be some of the hookers on liberty in Thailand.

    So, you’ve been to Patpong and Soi Cowboy?

  41. Girl fight!

  42. Can I look it up anywhere? I just came across a chemistry textbook from The US Naval Academy and the course list is for 1916. I am guessing its my Grandfathers.

  43. Heh:

  44. xBrad – Learn to take a joke. I’m well aware of the hazards of rolling in a APC, as well as, how 105mm howitzers can make you deaf.

    Mesa – Suck my clit.

  45. BUM FIGHT!!!


  47. All this fighting is ruining my cheeseburger buzz. Someone make with the funneh.

  48. It’s OK, Ember.

    MCPO and I will play nice from now on.

    **sticks shiv in the old guys kidney**

  49. xBrad & MCPO — learn to take a joke.

    You’re both pussies. I know what it is like to march in the Boy Scout marching band on the 4th of July when it looks like it might rain.

    So shut the fuck up.

  50. Here we go!!!

  51. Chief,
    Even after 41 years, my wife doesn’t understand why I don’t hear her when she has her back to me and mutters something. She get’s irritated at the “What?” all the time.
    Amazing how much better I can understand her when I can see her mouth. The tinnitus gets old real fast, too. Mine seems to get louder when I take a bunch of ibuprofen.
    It’s not just the 105s, but the 30-cal, M-60, and M-14 cumulative. I always wear muffs at the range now, to keep from losing any more.
    Getting old sucks. You’ll see…

  52. I mean, rain will fuck up a clarinet real bad.

  53. “I know what it is like to march in the Boy Scout marching band on the 4th of July when it looks like it might rain.”

    I don’t know why, but that just reminded me of our homecoming parade when I was a senior in high school. The dance line had just gotten new costumes that we hadn’t tried out, and none of us girls had bothered to see whether or not they were see-through.

    They were quite see-through. So, here we were, dancing in near-freezing weather, in see-through dresses that barely covered our asses, when it starts pouring rain on us.

    None of us spent homecoming night alone, as I recall.

  54. Michael,
    Did you folks have a nice dinner out, for Cathys’ Birfday? Did you get her anything cool, or is dinner out enough, now?

  55. The tinnitus gets old real fast, too.

    I got that too, only not from 105s. I think it was REO Speedwagon.

  56. Dad’s ship: (Didn’t realize my jackass senator was on there too – I bet dad doesn’t know that either)

    Grandfather-in-law’s ship:

  57. Very touching:

  58. MOM!!!! Andy is touching again!!!

  59. Who am I rooting for in the Stanley Cup? The Ottawa Senators.

    Growing up in Michigan, I have a very real and visceral dislike for any team from Chicago, and Philly can suck my left nut.

    Oh well, there is always next year.

  60. I think it was REO Speedwagon.

    And the Abba.

  61. Dammit, that puck went offside and they let it go.

  62. Because I had a late lunch at Cabella’s today with heir no. two (I think he was more excited about going than I was), dinner tonight will be a small dinner salad, grilled tri-tip steaks, with mashed potatoes and limeade with a twist of coconut rum.

    Shut yer whore mouths.

  63. Oh, I almost forgot! I made the last deployment she made:

  64. That was a very moving story. Thanks, Andy.

  65. BAM!!!!!


  66. Andy, I kid.

    I think the Arlington Ladies are a wonderful institution.

  67. >> I know what it is like to march in the Boy Scout marching band on the 4th of July when it looks like it might rain.

    That’s the funniest thing you’ve written that I’ve read in a year.

    MCPO, dad was a sonarman on 4 diesel electric boats, the Pickerel, the Perch, the Stickleback and the Bugara.

    He still remembers his service number, 3282474. One of his two best friends from high school, Wynn, was 3282475. Wynn passed away in 2007.

    I think dad was awarded a Korean Service Medal. I know he was awarded a Purple Heart. He asked me to take care of it for him in 1985.

  68. My Dad did Med deployment on the Forrestal.

  69. WOOOO HOOO!!!

  70. Five hole, baby!!!

  71. That’s the funniest thing you’ve written that I’ve read in a year.

    Aiming low is good that way.

  72. My dad crashed his car and broke his bowling ball.

  73. Dave – Those old boats had really tough guys in them. Your Dad has my utmost respect.

  74. Very touching:>

    Dang, I got some some pollen or something in my eyes.

  75. Master Chief, a story he told me that I think wasn’t dad bullshit. On those boats, in the crew galley they had a coffee maker that if you pulled out and flipped over was an ice cream maker. All the kids on the boat wanted ice cream, and all the old farts (like me) wanted their coffee. He was standing a watch, and the chief of the boat told him to go get him a cup of coffee, so he went down there and saw the machine configured for ice cream.

    He pulled it and flipped it over to make coffee, but he said the inside of the thing was cruddy, so he got him a Brillo pad and scrubbed that thing until it shined. He said it was beautiful. Then he made a pot of coffee, pulled a mug and took it back to the Chief, who took a sip, and spat it out and yelled at him “WHO THE FUCK CLEANED MY COFFEE POT”?

    He was 19 at the time. He said “I never scrubbed a pot of anything on the boat again”.

  76. The Rays are spanking Chicago!

  77. I sailed on these proud ladies

    So, basically, you were on carriers all the time with great food and a gym, and never had duty on a real boat.

    Do I have that right?

  78. MC,

    Found time in Country on these two:

  79. My cousin was on the Enterprise in the 70’s. I was talking to a guy the other day that was wearing a CVN 65 hat. His son is Ops Officer on her now.

  80. I went to go get more booze and smokes. Did I miss anything?

  81. The Rays are spanking Chicago!

    Wrong Chicago team.

    and — FUUUUUCK!!!

    This game is insane.

  82. Nope, Sean, you didn’t miss a thing.

  83. Niemi is spending way too much time on his ass.

  84. Michael – exactly right! I wish I was still in, I could have you visit the swimming pool on the George Washington with me!

  85. Sorry Mesa

  86. Chief shoots! He SCORES!!!

  87. That’s the funniest thing you’ve written that I’ve read in a year.

    Thanks, Dave. It’s nice to know that someone appreciates the effort.

    One tequila shooter on me in CT.

  88. Mesa – Were you on the Kennedy when she was out of Norfolk or Mayport?

  89. Is it too late to eat dinner?
    I am thinking home made linguine with garlic butter and olive oil. Maybe add a can of clams and Parmesan. If I have the clams

  90. Did I kill it?

  91. it be deader than Dennis Hopper

  92. whats the opposite of christopher reeves?

  93. Me Sohos!

  94. SoHoS – I don’t know, what is the opposite of Christopher Reeves?

  95. christopher walken

  96. The Mrs. and I just got caught in a mighty hailstorm just before we could finish walking the dog. Dang those things hurt. Fortunately we were passing a church, so we were able to take refuge at a graduation party they were having at their school.

    The hail was only 1/2 – 3/4 inch, but they packed quite a wallop. The ground was completely covered by the time it ended. Good thing that church was there.

  97. whats the opposite of christopher reeves?

    seveer rehpotsirhc

  98. seveer rehpotsirhc


  99. Anybody know how to drill through tile? I got a diamond tile bit and started drilling, but it takes forever (like 20 – 30 minutes per hole).

    Is there a better way?

  100. When I was a kid, my mom always told me, “Nobody likes a smartass.”

    Guess it didn’t sink in.

  101. Anybody know how to drill through tile? I got a diamond tile bit and started drilling, but it takes forever (like 20 – 30 minutes per hole).

    Is there a better way?

    Three words: Dick. Cheney’s. Cock.

  102. Guess it didn’t sink in.

    At least you can confirm that she was a smart lady.

  103. Three words: Dick. Cheney’s. Cock.

    But I only need 1/4″ holes.

  104. try a concrete bit Geoff. Just a SWAG but it might do better than 20 min! If that does not work a hammer drill with a concrete bit will!

    No guarantees on the tile

  105. SCOOOOORE!!!


    Have no idea.

    Onboard late ’90 early ’91.

    Didn’t sail.

  106. Man, I wonder if there have ever been two perfect games this close together in one season?

    Congrats to Haalliday and your Phils, Chief.

  107. Is there a better way?

    Use a tile drill.

  108. That hammer drill sounded pretty cool, but when I googled it, everyone said that you can’t use it for ceramic tile. Dang.

  109. carbide tipped drill bits.

  110. Use a tile drill.

    What’s that?

    This prompted me to search online again, where I found a YouTube vid of somebody using a diamond bit and drilling through the tile in 30 seconds.


    They were using a water stream to help – I’ve been spraying the hole between bouts, but I could probably use a lot more water.

  111. Sorry Mesa

    ’bout what?


    Don’t give up the cheap goals!!!

  112. Hammer drills work wonders on concrete, whatever tile you are drilling will be toast is my guess, but perhaps not. It is a gamble.

  113. I’m going to go drill some more. Y’all have a good evening.

  114. Don’t fuck it up Geoff!

  115. If Wikipedia is to be believed, there have never been two perfect games in one season in the modern (post-1900) era.

    Back then, there were two within five days of each other!

  116. Wow, this is the most insane game ever.

  117. Is there a sport on tonight?

  118. Already eight goals scored, barely halfway through the game.

    You folks are missing out on some amazing play.

  119. Dave, if there was ever a time to watch hockey — tonight is it.

    Unreal speed, huge hits — lots of scoring.

  120. 8-3 Tampa over the ChiSox in MLB

  121. I think it’s figure skating, Dave. Maybe curling.

  122. I were kiddin, I’m watching it. Hell of a game.

  123. What’s that?

    It’s not a graph.

  124. Unreal speed, huge hits — lots of scoring.

    Heh. I first read that as huge tits.

    * shakes fist at the heavens *


  125. Where all the da white wimmens at?

  126. I’m outta here for tonight I think bye all

  127. I did the same thing Andy 😉

  128. I wonder if Geoff plugged it in first?

  129. Hello, Hostages!

    Crap, I’m tired.

  130. ‘night sohos.

  131. Hi Romy!

  132. Hi Romy!
    Gnite Sohos.

  133. Good night, Sohos. Metrics for busty women currently online are being maintained.

  134. Hi Romy!
    So, what was the “UFO” thing the other night? Looked like a radome.

  135. It’s the demo heatshield for the Orion capsule, upside down.

  136. Oi. Leash training a cat is exhausting.

  137. Tied up again!

  138. Geez O’ Pete.

    Ten goals after two periods.

  139. 8-5 in the 8th! ChiSox are coming back

  140. >> Oi. Leash training a cat is exhausting.

    Not if you hang it over a shower rod.

  141. It is a real purty evening outside…

  142. Oi. Leash training a cat is exhausting.

    Try using it to polish chrome first.

  143. Oi. Leash training a cat is exhausting.

    Duct. Tape.

  144. Anyone seen District 9?

  145. A few jobs ago the lady across the street took her cat out on a leash. It was terribly funny.

  146. “Oi. Leash training a cat is exhausting”

    That’s easy, try teaching it to juggle.

  147. Ugh, almost scored off the drop.

  148. Chrispy, Mr. RFH and I both worked on the full size model for this

    We called it the giant space limpet.

  149. Not me MCPO, and I do not see it on PPV

  150. Anyone seen District 9?

    Yup, really liked it.

  151. Frigging Flyers yanked their goalie and the backup makes the best stop of the game.

  152. I’m watching on a stream – interesting film.

  153. How can you not be watching the game?

  154. >> Anyone seen District 9?

    Yeah, it was good.

  155. TV AND Computer!

  156. This game is too intense. Couldn’t watch a movie at the same time — maybe in between periods. Not much more boring than a hockey game between periods.

  157. I had a GP100
    But the camera keeps focusing on her ass!

    From Theo of course

    8-5 Final Rays win!

  158. Top kill did not work?

  159. YESSSSSS!!!!!

  160. Fuck! Can anyone play fucking defense in this fucking game?

  161. Loooove District 9.

  162. “Top kill did not work?

    It’s so fucking awful. I hope we’ve managed to move away before hurricane season hits in full force. The economy is all ready sputtering as a result of this here in Louisiana.

  163. I made cheddar bacon spread today. Yum!
    Shred 1# of cheddar cheese. Crumble #1 of bacon add 1 cup of mayo (pepper mayo is best). Mix and spread on your fave sandwich. Chipolte mayo is best, but use what you wish.

  164. I am sure you guys are struggling Sky. And maybe Alabama and Mississippi.
    Our tourism is down and we have no spills!

  165. Oi. Leash training a cat is exhausting.

    Try leash training a fish. Very frustrating.

  166. “I am sure you guys are struggling Sky. And maybe Alabama and Mississippi.
    Our tourism is down and we have no spills!”

    It’s really rough. Nobody hiring, nobody spending. Half the workforce out here relies on the oil industry; the other half relies on shrimping and fishing. It’s so bad. Everyone I know is short on cash. Terrible stuff.

  167. Florida, too. Friend of mine from Ft. Walton Beach says they have a half-million dollar ad campaign saying their beaches are clean, come on down!

  168. I hope we’ve managed to move away before hurricane season hits in full force.

    Yeah, could be REALLY bad this year —

  169. Funny thing is, that image is about six months old.

  170. It is the economy/oil spill
    No one is here.
    The loop current is 150 miles off shore from Tampa. A long assed ride to catch fish, and it is keeping the oil 150 miles away from here.

  171. This repeat of Jeopardy was on tonight, and I didn’t notice what the douche contestant in the middle had done with his name until now…

  172. It just occurred to me I am on Mesa and Count and Sohos’ evacuation route.

    Hunker down here, if the time comes Mesa.

  173. If I see a firecane coming — I’m not stopping till I hit snow.

  174. YYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. I wish I’da known you fine folks when Gustav hit. I hadn’t been here long enough to have any connections in the area, so we evacuated all the frakking way to St. Louis, since that was the closest place we had friends or family.

  176. I had a header message for Michael and one of you bastards put it back to the word “drugs”

  177. Mesa – One down, six to go.

  178. Me too Sky.

    An hour north of Austin is relatively hurricane safe.

    And we gots a pool.

  179. Well, if I happen to still be here in the event of a hurricane, Dave, tell your pool to be prepared for me.

  180. I napped in it today.

    It’s readay.

  181. Lost the internet at my place. Gotta swipe signal from the clubhouse. Which meant I actually had to get up and walk.

  182. For MCPO

    no one else look

  183. I looked.

  184. DinT – Thank for the info on the Blu-E cigs. One more question if I may, how long is the initial order good for?

  185. PJM – Wonderful! Graham looks delighted to meet Mr. Montoya.

  186. Hi PJM!
    I am in evacuation Zone b. After a heavy rain I am evacuated!

    I stay and fire up my generator and such.

  187. It was a cool day. So if it’s an E-cig, does that mean it’s a virtual cig from teh internet? Is it kind of like b-rad’s virtual sex he has every night?

  188. Howdy Vmax!

    Hey, how did the heartworming thing go the other day?

  189. Master Chief, I just read Lex’s poat about getting beat on the links today.

    What a hoot!

  190. Chief, I’m only halfway through the 10 pack that comes with this kit.

    I’m about to order some refillable carts and fluid though. I think that’s more cost effective than the pre-filled ones.

    It really does help. I’m still sticking to 3-4 smokes a day with this thing.

  191. Why is it, when I ask anyone a question around here, I’m either ignored or they leave?

  192. Goddam you’re so impatient.

  193. Thanks Dave – I’m trying to talk myself into this. I’ve been a smoker for 43 years

  194. Man, that kids shirt is wrinkled!

  195. Heh. You can take the boy out of the Navy.

    I’ve been a pack and a half a day guy since I was 14. I quit for 3 years from 2002-05, went right back.

    These things help.

    It feels like smoking. It makes smoke (water vapor with nicotine in it). If you drag on it like PJM sucking the brains out of a chicken head, you’ll cough.

    I think I read somewhere she takes their brains. I dunno, I might be wrong about that.

    Anyhow, good luck. I know it’s hard. Believe me.

  196. But you are still hooked.

  197. Chief,
    It’s kinda like when I ask you a question, and get no response. Just the way the world works, I suppose. But what do I know, I’m old. Disposable.

  198. Gonna take off for the night and hope I can get some signal tomorrow at the casa.

    Try not to push Dave in the pool.

  199. >> But you are still hooked.

    On nicotine? Oh yeah.

    But at least it’s less of that shit that pisses off the cancer cells.

    Not none. But not 30 smokes a day worth.

  200. If you drag on it like PJM sucking the brains out of a chicken head</i<

    *plucks feather from chicken
    *inserts it as final touch for scottw voodoo doll

    Plans to have a looooooong night

  201. Saturday Night Live is still on?

    Wow, it’s bad.

  202. Chrispy – Did I miss a question? If so, I apologize.

  203. Mesa,
    Haven’t watched SNL since the first-generation with Chevy, Dan, Gilda, John,Jane, and Garret. At that time, it was funny, and I was stoned.


    Scott didn’t say that bitchface.

    I said that.


    No wait, you had enough pain this year.

    Stick the pin in a Pillsbury Doughboy doll, dollface. I’ll feel it.

  205. Nothin’ serious Chief, Just conversational.
    No big deal.

  206. Never watched SNL.

  207. SHIT!!!!

  208. Gonna see if Prince of Persia sucks.

    I want chocolate ice cream. Who delivers chocolate ice cream?

    And hookers.

  209. Also, book review — Asimov’s Foundation was kind of boring, Foundation and Empire is not so boring. Kind of afraid to read the next in the series chronologically since he didn’t write if for about fifty years.

  210. “I want chocolate ice cream. Who delivers chocolate ice cream?

    And hookers.”

    Mesa, I’ve been trying to think of a good home business to start when I move back to Nevada. Thanks to you, I’ve decided: I will start a chocolate ice cream and hookers delivery service. Call it Tricks and Treats.

  211. The next isn’t bad, Mesa. Not great, but not bad.

  212. crap I wish I’da thought of that.

  213. Id’a? Ida?


  214. Call it Tricks and Treats.

  215. YES! I even got a rimshot for that one! *happy dance*

  216. Call it Tricks and Treats.

    Add buffalo wings and it’s a great idea.

  217. >> Add buffalo wings and it’s a great idea.

    Blue cheese, or ranch?

  218. “Add buffalo wings and it’s a great idea.”

    Done and done. Now I need to hire some hookers. And a delivery driver.

  219. Now I need to hire some hookers.

    I’m yer huckleberry

  220. I’m sure PJM could demand quite the fee!

  221. PJM, you’re hired. Now gimme my money ‘fore I gotsta smack a bitch.

    On an unrelated note, did anyone see that pitcher get hit in the head with a line drive by A-Rod today?

  222. Sky – One of the scariest things I’ve seen in baseball!

  223. My heart dropped. I’ve never heard Yankee stadium so quiet.

  224. You’re too good to me MCPO!

  225. Bleu cheese.

    It’s always bleu cheese —

  226. Damn PJM – I’d pay up to $27.34 to “date” you!

  227. Didn’t see it. Saw a dove on suicide watch once.

    Either that or he was expecting a curveball.

  228. Blue cheese is correct Yankee,

    We are of one accord on wings.

  229. That’s some whatthefuckitude, there. Poor birdie.


  231. Not discounting what happened to Huff, but this one in Houston a few weeks ago was much worse —

  232. Via the mothership:

  233. When I played little league, that happened to one of our pitchers, but the ball hit him right in the nose. It was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. Kid never looked the same again.

  234. Poor birdie.

    Look at it this way–few other birds have achieved sports immortality.

    Except maybe the one mentioned in the last paragraph here.

  235. Damn. Didn’t realize that both pitchers were from the same team.

    Dangerous year to be an Indian pitcher.

  236. Mesa, the boss looked in on Jakubauskas that evening.

    He’s that kinda guy. So is Berkman.

  237. About 32 seconds in:

  238. Via the mothership:

    I’ve seen other stories about the same thing.


    Though, we don’t have to sell war bonds anymore. However, the drop off doesn’t say much for the balls of upper brass. Politics should not play into this at all.

    The fucking left doesn’t want to acknowledge the heroes — they’d rather glorify the gitmo detainees.

  239. Blue cheese is correct Yankee,

    I hate the Yankees.

    And, people finally stopped calling me that around here. And I don’t hear the accent anymore unless it’s really pronounced. Plus, people don’t tell me that I talk funny anymore, either. Guess I’m assimilating.


    Now, why can’t the messicans do it?

  240. OH, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!!!!

  241. Hey Sky, what does L2 and L4 mean from that video with the bird?

  242. Who’s L7?

  243. The fucking left doesn’t want to acknowledge the heroes — they’d rather glorify the gitmo detainees.

    Absolutely correct.

  244. >> Guess I’m assimilating.

    Yep. I didn’t hear nuthin in the accent.


  245. Fuck, Mesa, I dunno. I watch football but I don’t follow it closely.

  246. Yee haw.

  247. And by follow it closely, I mean pay attention to it.

    I pay attention to baseball. It’s the only sport I can convince Mr. Ember to watch. He hates football. I’m lucky when I get to watch more than a handful of games in a season.

  248. I do catch myself saying ya’ll, but I won’t let anyone make me feel guilty for saying “you guys” anymore.

    People in Texas say “you guys” all the time. Just mix in a few more y’alls and drag your words out so you sound a little bit like that Slingblade dude. DFit in everywhere.

  249. Smile when you say that, podner.

  250. heh. Yep. No guilt in “you guys”.

    We’re assimilating too.

    Also I’m from Alabama originally.

    Yew all.

  251. Well, I’m off to bed. I have new Doctor Who to watch, and I have to get up early tomorrow to bake cookies. From scratch. I really, really hope I don’t burn the house down.

  252. But, quickly, before I go to bed – there are two things I’ve picked up from Louisiana speech that I hate. I say “ya’ll’ all the fuckin’ time now, and “boo”, as a term of endearment. “Hey, boo.” Ugh. HATE.

    Okay. G’night, hosefuckers.

  253. “goober” is a better term of endearment.

    I still say “ya goober” to my girls.

  254. I lived in the Bay Area for seven years without ever picking up “hella.” I still fucking hate that.

    Also, a (slightly) innaresting thing about SoCal/NorCal speech is that we refer toour freeways with “the” before the number down here, and they don’t.

    Socal: “Take the 60 to…”

    Norcal: “You should hella take 80 to…”

  255. Where the fuck did everybody go?

    *sniffs pits*

    No, that’s not it…

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