Best birthday present — ever

That’s right. It was my birthday — you slackers.

These are the shit:

That’s endangered species and quite awesome — to all you hippies.

Best part of the night?

I met Mrs. Peel.

She is smoking hot and super cool.  Just an awesome person. Much too nice for you Hostage types.

All in all — a great birthday.


  1. I’m glad you like the rug they got for you.

  2. Also, happy birfday.

  3. Nice Boots, Mesa. Miss Tat has a new chaise lounge you can park them on.

    Question: Is it a chaise lounge, or a WIDE ottoman with a built in cliff for the midget to jump off of?

  4. *** Puts Coffee on Counter with three Bottles of Aspirin ***

    Y’all be careful about using the bathroom. Pledges Andy and FNG Forrestererer haven’t cleaned it up to Ms. PattyAnn standards after Ms. PJM and Rosetta trashed the place.

  5. Hey, Ms. LauraW, still got Genghis’ e-mail? Invite him over. I’ll let him clang the cymbals next to Rosetta’s ear…..

    Electrify your Cat, INDEED, Sir/Madam…….

  6. Ms. Ca rin, you can add this to your work out routine….

  7. Dave don’t seem to like Cats much. I can’t get into his house. I am kind of curious about what type of stuff he has on the BACK SIDE of the “Crap Tree”. Can anybody sneak in there and let me know? Thank you “nice people”.

    Oh, look, a mouse….

  8. Ms. Skylia has a new pair of shoes. Miss Tat, Rosetta, jealous much?

    No, Michael, they don’t come in your size……

  9. O.K, I’m packing, I’m packing….

    Stupid Clock….

  10. Safe travel, Sox…home finally I presume?

  11. I wished you happy birthday yesterday Mesa, but here it is again for you:

  12. Mr. Cyn got all the lights up yesterday on the house and they looked wonderful. We still do the icicle lights, they’re our favorite. It just really lights up the house nicely. We’ve also got a lighted train (stationery) that has lights that look like the train is rolling. We also have a waving Santa near the front door. The boys still get tickled to see it every year.

  13. Good coffee Sox, but don’t need the asprin thank you.

    I’ll need the caffine today: putting up our tree then headed to my mom’s house with my boys to put up hers. I woke up early (dammit) and it’s going to be a long day.

  14. oh my fuckin head.

    what happened?

  15. Ah! Those are some damned fine shitkickers mesa.

    Happy birthday pal. Welcome to Texas.

  16. “what happened?”

    Must have been the valve stem.

  17. Starting a fire from the embers with kindling = another stamp on my man card


  19. Oh it’s on now Cyn. You, me, right here, right NOW.

    ok can I finish my coffee first and let the ibuprofin kick in?

    *grumbles about those fuckin valve stems



    Um, yeah; I can wait.

  21. I am so gonna heal up and crawl over there to kick your ass.

  22. Uhoh Cyn, you better run.

  23. The Tiger Woods wife kicked his ass?

  24. HAHAHAHA! I’m askeerd!

  25. Okay Dave, Imma ready for you!

  26. punk

  27. So who were you out with last night before those she-males kicked your asses?

  28. Good morning, sausage heaters!

  29. What? I can’t hear you. I am inventing a coconut flamethrower.

  30. Good morning Cuffy. You look loverly today.

  31. **takes off coconuts and give to xbrad to play with outside in my bushes to avoid the heat-seeking coconut flame thrower**

  32. Wind gusts to 50 mph today.

  33. Those are nasty winds. No golf for you today scott. Will it be cold too?

  34. Mortgage contracts bad, Acorn contracts good.

  35. Good morning Cuffy. You look loverly today.

    My tucking skills are getting rusty.

  36. 50, I think. I was planning on raking leaves but now I don’t have to. Some jerk in Rhode Island – “Where the fuck did all these leaves come from!”

  37. I saw that on Drudge this morn, Forrestirer. Bastage.

  38. Well, see all y’alls later. Off to repair a tire on my wife’s car that has a nail in it (fucking nails! Know your fucking place, you cocksnoggling pussytubers!), then ti rake leaves, chop wood, then get ready for my sister’s birthday.

    Oh, and happy b-day Mesa. What animal are those?

  39. Raking leaves is for suckers.


  40. (forgot this was a birfday post)

    Happy birthday, TexMesa.

    Mariachis should have more automated string instruments.


    fuck! And I have to get outta here for the day!

  42. CRAP. Visit to MIL’s was cancelled …so I didn’t go for a run.

    Now, last minute … we’re going CRAP.

    Crap crap crap.

  43. CRAP.

    No, that isn’t strong enough.


  44. Could you run to you MIL’s house? Kill two rocks with one bird?

  45. That would be the workout, now wouldn’t it.

    The best I can hope for is a LOOONG walk with my dogs while I’m there. I could walk fast.

  46. While I’m finishing up this bathroom and waiting on Ms. PA to show up with her white glove and clipboard, here’s Mark Steyn on ClimateGate for your reading pleasure:

  47. It’ll be warm enough to be nekkid outside this afternoon.

  48. HA. I just posted on that at AoS andy.

  49. HA. I just posted on that at AoS andy.

    Well damned if you didn’t. That Mark Steyn uses his mouth purtier than a $20 whore.

  50. It’ll be warm enough to be nekkid outside this afternoon.

    Good lordy; at this moment, I’m glad I don’t live near Dave.

    *grabs funnel, pours bleach into ears to wash away nekkid image of DiT in brain*

  51. Froggie loves daddy? Daddy love Froggie.


  52. Damn, there went breakfast.

  53. Missus is still outta town this weekend, so I’m gonna build her a surprise. It involves woodworking (but not doors).

  54. Happy Birthday Mesa!
    Those are some badass boots.

  55. and I thought I was gonna have to pack away the leopard print thong for the winter.

    Not yet!!

  56. Ok, put up a picture on my blog on the side. Tell me what you think.

    I have a reprieve until tomorrow, so the RUN IS ON!

    where’s my skort?

  57. day off for Laura and Scott! wooooohooo

  58. mesa, you forgot to tell everyone that the exorbitant prices I pay for my jeans are TOTALLY WORTH IT.

    Not, of course, that you looked.


  59. You betcha. Sunny and mild, too. But I ain’t doing yard work in this wind. Holy Hell.

  60. Heh, check out this exchange between Sen. Inhofe and some NYT douche:

    NYT: You think the detainees at Guantánamo eat better than you do?

    Inhofe: I’m talking about before they got in there, what they ate back in Yemen or wherever they came from. One of the big problems is they become obese when they get here because they’ve never eaten that good before. Can you tell me one reason to close Gitmo?

    NYT: Because it’s on foreign soil, where prisoners don’t have the same legal rights as prisoners tried here, and we want to apply the same laws to everybody.

    Inhofe: You want to apply the same laws to terrorists that are captured as you do to criminals in America?

    NYT: Yes.

    Inhofe: Wow.

    NYT: Because we have to take the high road as Americans.

    Inhofe: I see. That’s an interesting concept.

    (full article: )

  61. Sox:


    Great Boots!!!

    Surprise Kitty is precious and cute and stuff.

  63. Happy Birthday, Mesa.

  64. A trip to the Promised Land, and hawt moron womens too.

    Sounds like the bestest birfday ever!

  65. it are winday?

  66. Hey Mare, watcha drinkin’?

  67. hahahahahahaha, Scott, I like how they talk about his prosthetic leg and don’t mention the horse with the drinking problem.

  68. oh, and I enjoyed meeting you too.

    Are there some headaches in sohos’s house this morning?

  69. Dave, are you familiar with Pinetop Perkins?

  70. Carin, continually showing what an ass Obama is, is always a good thing.

  71. Happy Birfday, Mesa.

    I’m just guessing, but a pair of boots and playtime with Mrs. Peel and Sohita is probably the best birday presents in the history of Western Civilization.

  72. Holy shit, it’s raining!

    OK, just a bit of a sprinkle, but we haven’t had ANY precip here all year. It’s mostly blue sky today as well.

  73. the blues guy? yeah, a little.

  74. 11 am, time to test the sirens!! Me and Moses are howling together.

  75. Give Moses a good scritch behind the ears for me. There’s just not enough dogs around here for me.

  76. Are there some headaches in sohos’s house this morning?

    Oh yeah, you left before it got REALLY crazy. I’ve got the pictures to prove it. Might put them up on GG’s facebook.

  77. Pics please.

  78. Dave I stumbled upon a video that is 3 years old, pretty good. The guy is amazing, 98 and still going strong.

  79. Happy barfday, ginger lover. I would have remembered yesterday but I was drunk.

  80. Happy birthday, mesa! Did you get an Astros jersey to go with those boots?

  81. Rosie, I thought you were drunk on Thursday, and HUNGOVER yesterday?

    Please clarify.

    Happy birthday, mesa. Those are real shit-kickers you’ve got there.

  82. Hahahahaha. From Treacher’s tweet: “The media’s full of stories about a married couple who conned their way into the White House & made a mess. But when *I* say it…”

    And happy birthday, Mesa.

  83. Ok. cleaned out the worm composter.

    Where’s PJ?

    It was gross (because it was too wet). But they are happily moved into new “bedding” and the old stuff is on the garden.

  84. I just want to put this out there for the record:

    A few minutes ago I watched a segment on MSNBC about how more people are now skeptical about global warming.

    There was some study cited and the douche-bagging anchor was interviewing some talking head about the study and the possible reasons for more people thinking global warming was a bunch of horseshit.

    This was a 4 minute story and you know how many times they mentioned the climate-gate emails?

    That would be zero. Hahahahahaha.

    Hey GE, keep fucking that chicken.

  85. Andy, I find it interesting that everyone is all over this loser couple at the White House, but they’re hard pressed to cover climate-gate.

  86. interesting pathetic.

  87. I think the loser couple andy was referring to was the Obamas, but I could be wrong 🙂

  88. Rosie, I thought you were drunk on Thursday, and HUNGOVER yesterday?

    Please clarify.

    I’ve been drunk since 1986.

  89. So, out of the blue I get a Google wave invite and sign into it.

    Now what?

  90. Happy Birthday, mesa, and congrats on your relocation!

  91. Why would you wanna compost worms?

    That must really stink.

  92. From Treacher’s tweet: “The media’s full of stories about a married couple who conned their way into the White House & made a mess. But when *I* say it…”


    He’s teh funneh.

  93. A few minutes ago I watched a segment on MSNBC


  94. Gorn has some nice pictures up. That guy’s always hanging out with the hot ladies.

  95. I’ve got a rather craptacular connection today. For some reason, any cloud cover results in a weak signal.

    So you may be spared having to read the World’s Least Funneh Commenter very much today.

  96. I just watched a football pregame show where they interviewed some dumb, young bitch talking about carbon offsets with regard to the pregame tail gating at UF.



  98. Scott, you can’t just play the blues, you have to live the blues.

    Awesome stuff, thanks.

  99. You see, Mare? The boys are playing Lego:Batman on the Wii here, so I have no inanity of the TV to piss me off.

    Instead, I engage it on the web.


  101. BiW, I thought I was safe from fake global anything while watching a football game.

  102. Hahahahahaha. Stupid gas mask.

    *throws turkey leg at Mare*

    Can we all assume that Tiger Woods was fighting with his wife and she went Britney on him and bashed his window out?

    Thank you.

  103. Hearing your 10 year old say “Epic FAIL!”


  104. Listening to stupid young twits talk about carbon offsets makes me want to put on my new album:

  105. “Can we all assume that Tiger Woods was fighting with his wife and she went Britney on him and bashed his window out?”

    Yes. When it smells like dog crap and looks like dog crap, well… it’s…..

  106. Rosetta, I wouldn’t rule out the lizard people at this point.

  107. I think the loser couple andy was referring to was the Obamas, but I could be wrong

    Yep, but I was going off an a tangent.

    Treacher is a master of Twitter. Still not enough to get me to check it with any regularity.

  108. Worm composting doesn’t really smell, unless you get to much water in there.

    Which I did.

    It smell remarkably like shit.

    Anyway, the caste is really good for the garden, and the “tea” is great for plants not doing well.

    I’m a big gardener.

    And, by that I mean my ass is HUGE.

  109. Rosetta, I wouldn’t rule out the lizard people at this point.


  110. Man, DAvid Thorne’s bandwidth is blown.

    Who keeps sharing it? Man, his stuff is funny.

  111. So if’n I’m evar east of FLINT, I look for a gardener with a big rack and ass?

  112. Rosie, that video of the guy falling off the rock into the water looks strangely familiar …

  113. George Gorn Birthday Spectacular —

  114. Treacher is a master of Twitter. Still not enough to get me to check it with any regularity.

    Same here, he’s great in that medium.

    But my bigger gripe lies with Twitter itself, and no, not the common criticism of who-cares-if-you’re-sitting-on-your-porch.

    No, I just haven’t invested the time to figure out WHO THE FUCK IS SAYING WHAT. The Twitter thread GUI is teh suck and annoys me greatly. When someone points to a discrete tweat, fine. But going to someone’s twit page and scrolling through just pisses me the fuck off to no end.

  115. Lets see… Its 2:30 in the morning the night of Thanksgiving. Wife is the first person on the scene and she just happens to have a golf club in her hand?

  116. Rosie, I finally got around to sending you a pic for PoL.

    mesa, I have google wave as well. I’m not sure what to do with it either, but at least now I’m on the cutting edge. Maybe we should try to spread invites around the H2/IB crowd as much as possible and use it for nefarious purposes.

  117. Why do you link us to facebook when we don’t have a log in?

  118. Well, back for a bit.
    Oh, and Rosie, you wanna take a guess as to why MSNBC (owned by GE) is quiet about climateemailgatefuckyoupalooza, just remember,
    cui bono?
    How much $$$ do they have tied up in those carbon offsets?

  119. Here are two ClimateGate links packed full of delicious leftover fried turkey-like goodness:

    A computer guy’s take on it is that the Hockey Stick is hard-coded into the program (among other good observations):

    Chris Horner:

  120. Rosie, I finally got around to sending you a pic for PoL.

    YAY!!! And about time you punk.


  121. And, by that I mean my ass is HUGE.

    **checks email**

    Still. Waiting. For. Pics.

  122. The Twitter thread GUI is teh suck and annoys me greatly

    TweetDeck ( has the cure for what ails you

  123. So, I’m a Moron, sure. But I’m also a moron in the classic sense. I’ve never been able to figure out the whole RSS thing.

    My understanding is that you get something sent every time one of your favorites puts a new poat up. But I am too stupid to figure it out. Any tech people here capable of translating that to Moron?

  124. So if’n I’m evar east of FLINT, I look for a gardener with a big rack and ass?

    Well, bad news about my big rack.

    It used to be.

    Before South Beach.

  125. It was my understanding that part of the fee I pay to view this blog would go to Daily Summaries:

  126. Hahahaha. Check you email, Peel.

  127. Cuffy, you are more than welcome to restart the summary.

  128. W00t! Penn State is investigating Michael Mann.

    I’m predicting a Bellesiles-like cratering of the lot of these bastards before this is over with, and my schedenfreude is pegged at 11.

  129. Why do you link us to facebook when we don’t have a log in?

    Cuz that’s where George Gorn lives.

  130. Cuffy grew up poor.


  131. HA! Mesa!

  132. Man, y’all’s patriarchal rules are so unfair. Fine, I sent you a new one.

  133. The pro-AGW idjits are starting to remind me of that fat redneck kid screaming to the pro rasslers that “it’s real to me, dammit!”

  134. Man, y’all’s patriarchal rules are so unfair. Fine, I sent you a new one.

    Not another wymyn’s studies major!

  135. Cuffy grew up poor.

    In the ghetto (in the ghetto):♪

  136. Mare, it’s worth it joining FaceChimp just to see Mesa’s bday party pictures. My favorite is Sohos sticking her tongue out.

  137. where the bday pics?

  138. The middle finger one should be our new header pic.

  139. Bday pics are awesome! Looks like a great time was had by all.

    Can you ID some of the fellow partiers?

    The Hostages Detainees: Killing Indians Since March 2009!

  140. Love the boots, Mesa, but most people here have boots. Now, when you get the HAT…..

  141. wow. Mesa/Gorn got *that* close to SOSHO?

    Lucky guy.

  142. “Mesa/Gorn got *that* close to SOSHO?”

    Looked to me like he was resting his head against her breastses.

  143. ^that’s what I meant. Lucky guy.

  144. Dave, if you are on FaceBook, just click here
    George Gorn Birthday Spectacular —

  145. Hehehehe, Peel’s PoL pic is awesome and makes me want to play quidditch … in my pants.

  146. PattyAnn, we told him to make sure that his hat has a little stripe of leopard-print material around it. And a big pink feather. You know he won’t ft in without those.

  147. “Hehehehe, Peel’s PoL pic is awesome and makes me want to play quidditch … in my pants.”


  148. HAH. Good party


    My girlfriend Mrs. Peel has been added to PoL. Please go gawk and then make fun of her so that she feels welcome.

  150. she’s so stinkin cute.

  151. Mrs. Peel, you mean the Stevie Ray version? That would suit him fine, I think…

  152. **waves to PattyAnn**

    ‘sup, girlfriend?

  153. I have to go to a birthday party in an hour and I don’t wanna go.

    Here’s a picture of my liver:

  154. I’m on facebook as sos cat.

    Great fun birthday party, Mesa.

  155. If we keep adding pic of hawt wimmens, I’m gonna have to post a skinny pic.

  156. It is so gorgeous here I’m gonna have to play outside today. bbl

  157. *waves to xBrad
    I just saw Dolly’s picture. She’s pretty cute—for plastic.

    Mare, I can’t find you to friend you there—can you search for me and friend me? pbranam gmail.

  158. Dolly’s the best inflatable sheep I’ve ever had.

  159. “she’s so stinkin cute.”


  160. You guys should have seen the pic Mrs. Peel put up for about 30 minutes one time. Her in a red sweater and black skirt.

    And stompy boots.

    Uh, I’ll be back in a minute.

  161. I’ve met her, couple times. Those glasses don’t foo me.

  162. If we keep adding pic of hawt wimmens, I’m gonna have to post a skinny pic.


  163. Rosie, did you make giblet gravy?

  164. Actaully, Rosie, I meant this one.

    It’s a heartwarming story. Maybe I’ll tell you when you’re sober. I know its always good to have an excuse to drink.

  165. PattyAnn, you were the first name I clicked on to “add a friend”.

    Damn it, I hate it already.

  166. Never mind, Mare–I just found you

  167. Damn it, I hate it already.

    Face Chimpest!

  168. Hahaha. You will hate it but it does have redeeming value 🙂

  169. Rosie, did you make giblet gravy?

    No, that was my momma’s job. My job was the bread and the turkey and those turned out great. I’m pretty sure I’ll win a Nobel Peace Prize for the turkey.

    Okay I have to go get ready for this stupid party. Try not to set each other on fire while I’m gone.

  170. Halloween was fun this year, too.

  171. Time to do some laundry and the grocery shopping, ’cause as I tell the boys, the grocery fairy doesn’t come and restock the fridge when we sleep.

  172. My husband is washing windows and vacuuming screens. Guilt insists that I clean a large book shelf. Give a way, throw a way and box up. Yuck.

  173. About setting fire to each other…

    That doesn’t mean we can’t set fire to BiW, does it? Cuz if we can’t set fire to a lawyer, what’s the point of this place?

  174. Did someone mention fire? Pyromania perhaps?

    **sorry–couldn’t resist the reference**

  175. I don’t know about you morons, but I think Theo Spark has one of the best blogs around:

  176. A pic like that makes me long to be blonde again.

    Back to setting up Christmas tree!

  177. I’ve no philosophical objections to brunettes or redheads, Cyn.

    And how’s about tossing a sammich out here?

  178. BiW, c’mere a second….

  179. Somebody outside is playing their accordion.

  180. Pretty flames/

    Hows about a ground beef sammich, noodles, and some spinach to nosh on Brad?

    No visit to mom’s today to put up her tree. I’m sorry that she feels badly but it does take some pressure off me. And I now have time to eat some lunch myself.

  181. Jazz lives near you, Tat? I did not know that.

  182. Hold the spinach. Other than that, sounds great.

    I like spinach, but only frozen or canned. I hate fresh spinach.

  183. overcast and windy now, warmer though

  184. Dave, quit killing the thread.

    If you’re gonna talk about weather, you gotta talk about recipes.

  185. Sorry to leave you hanging…someone at door, several phone calls…

    The spinach is frozen, baby spinach too. Part of my “eatin’ healthy ‘n shit” program. God what I wouldn’t give for a chocolate milk shake right now.

    Weather here is nice, windy too. We have a 40% chance of rain so I made sure Mr. Cyn went to the ASU football game with rain gear. I’m such a mom sometimes.

  186. Go TIM TEBOW!!!

  187. I just saw Mr. Cyn in the endzone when ASU screwed up that fieldgoal! Hi Honey! Get to playing right stupid Sun Devils!

  188. Mare, I friendeded you at facechimpy.

  189. Mare, I friendeded you at facechimpy

    Same here.

  190. This blahg needs moar poat.

  191. Mare and I are Facechimp “friends”….

  192. Xbrad and his new friend

  193. Where the heck is everyone?

    PJ and Rosie are both dying from ethanol poisoning, of course. But the rest of the reprobates that occasion here?

  194. boo

  195. I’ve finished the woodworking part of my marital surprise. No comes the breaking-my-neck part of the project.

    Should I take a beer break first? Losing sunlight.

  196. All I have to do is tie two knots…

  197. Isn’t tying a knot what got you all these marital projects in the first place?

  198. yeah, but these two new ones are 20′ up in a fucking tree.

  199. yes, I’m lynching Mrs. Cuffy. Surprise!

  200. woodworking part of my marital surprise

    that sounds naughty.

  201. ok, time to scramble up the ladder. On a slope. By myself.

    At least the neighbor across the street is stringing lights, so he’ll be able to watch my gruesome death and/or call 911.

  202. Home missile defense system?

    I don’t think a trebuchet mounted in the top of the old oak tree is gonna do it honey.

  203. Okay, Rosie’s gone. We can set one another on fire now.

    **sets Cuffy on fire**

  204. **shakes Cuffy’s ladder**

    Don’t fall!

  205. Cuffy?

  206. Cuffy.

  207. You’re gonna look like a total ass if he really does fall and hurt himself, xbrad.

    Well done.

  208. Ugh. Second link is awful. There’s something wrong with you.

  209. A lynching, Cuffy? I’m pretty sure Mrs. Cuffy wanted a different type of surprise.

  210. First Indian of the day is in the books. I think I’m going to try to dry out a little soon … say, late 2012.

  211. Laura is surprised that I exhibit poor taste?

  212. Poor taste? As opposed to the usual highbrow comments and links here?

  213. I whipped out a new poat and saved it as a draft if this one gets too… too… somethingerother. Someone can put it up, or not. Easy Peasy.

    I have to get this tree up with lights on or my boys are going to kill each other before it’s time to decorate.

  214. SUCCESS!

    My old-fashioned, homemade tree swing is finished. And I learned how to tie this fucking knot by anxiously darting glances down to print-outs on the ground from my perch high atop a jittery ladder: (thank you lasik)

    I’m gonna get soooo much luvin’ for this when she sees it tomorrow.

  215. Well, well, well … looks like UEA CRU is going to be responding to those FOIA requests after all. Unless Phil Jones already hit the delete key.

  216. Good job Cuftuck.

  217. New poat up, mesa’s bunion sniffers.

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