The Chaise Lounge

Yay! Here’s my first, purchased on my own, piece of furniture.

Yes, the hideous pillow is going to be recovered, probably whenever I find some fabric I like.


  1. That’s a hideous color. It smells of elderberry and fail.

  2. Would you like some rubbing alcohol for those scratches?

  3. I’ll take some sippin’ alcohol instead.

  4. Bold choice, I love it! Good idea recovering the pillow.

    xbrad……shut up.

  5. Mare, did you see the link I left you in the last thread?

  6. Yeah, that’s not really the point.

  7. I just went to look, xbrad. I’ve never seen that before….even here. My Thanksgiving meal was great…….except for the turkey. Too dry. ????

    Sometimes it’s fantastic, sometimes it’s dry. Turkey is not my favorite meal. STUPID TURKEY!!!

    Everything else was good.

    Although now I’m bloated and riddled with shame.

  8. Tatts – Well done on your purchase! What’s next?

  9. That’s nice, Mare. I’ll see you at BBF.

  10. It looks good, TI.

  11. I can re-cover the pillow for you Miss Tatt…..

  12. Tat, it’s gorgeous! Well done.
    That pillow actually has some potential, say if you decide to go with a neutral couch, that pillow will have your chaise’s shade red for accent.

  13. Holy Crap!

  14. I like how it has no arms. That way if you need to lean over to puke, you can do it over either side without actually splattering the furniture. And it’s easier to drop either leg to the floor to stop the bedspins.

  15. Did you buy a matching chair for the shrink who sits next to it while he doodles on his notepad?

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