Republicans vs. Conservatives

It seems that the Demon-crats are insisting the Republicans are having a “Civil War”, whilst ignoring the one going on with in their own. (Can we hazard a guess why they have not passed the health care fiasco  through both houses yet?   The Republicans have as much of a chance of stopping this as a skunk,  standing in the middle of the road, staring down a 3800 pound Buick at 70 MPH.)  With the “Split the Party” debate going on with the Conservatives and the Republicans, it sort of reminds me of a ‘Country Song’ spat. With Sincere Apologies to Johnny and June Carter Cash.

Andy got a Banjo for his BirthDay!  Yay Andy!  He is such a Quick Study!

And we need to give BiW an “Atta Boy” for BBF, and killing only one Keyboard….


  1. *** Posts Poat ***

    *** Hides behind Ms. LauraW ***

  2. ALLRIGHT!!!! WHO GAVE THIS A “THUMBS UP”? Bastigages….

    Off to catch a mouse….

  3. Secret Cuffy Secret: I kinda like the smell of polecats. Very musky and sensual, not unlike lauraw’s foul hump.

  4. Mornin’ Sox, thanks for the poat.

    Mornin’ ground squirrel, how you doing?

  5. MOM!


  6. Oooh, fresh poat!

  7. Obama’s deepest bow yet:

    U-S-A!! … U-S-A!

  8. Good Lord, please tell me his shoelaces were untied or something. Jackass with no respect.

  9. Fuck. Why you gotta be like that on a Saturday morning Tucker?

    I’m outrageously outraged.


    *knocks over Cuffy’s bowl of Fruit Loops*

    *changes TV from Cartoon Network to ESPN*

  10. Andy got a Banjo for his BirthDay! Yay Andy! He is such a Quick Study!

    Here’s some video from the birthday party.

    Mornin’ racists.

  11. Mornin’ Andy. Wanna play fetch?

  12. ‘morning tards.

    What’s on tap for today?

  13. Hey, what’s the dealo with the Ace/Moron meet-up?

    I floated teh idea to my husband, he hasn’t said no.

  14. Mornin’ Andy. Wanna play fetch?

    Hey that vid’s from Jackass Kenny Rogers!

  15. Obama’s deepest bow yet


    Why the hell did I have to click that link and ruin my fucking Saturday right out of the chute?

    President Shout Out is just disgusting.

  16. Didn’t want to watch Cartoon Network anyway

  17. Well, good morning Roflcopter, what are your plans for the day?

  18. I am not talking to you today, Cuffy. The other 364 days of the year, ok, but today, IT’S WAR!

  19. Bow before Zod!

  20. Hey Cuffy, did you break away Wednesday for the Veterans Day parade?

  21. On second thought, Cuffy, the UGA-Auburn thing’s not nearly as much fun when both of their seasons have been teh suck.

    I wonder when the last year was that they were both unranked coming into this game?

  22. Morning Fire Hydrant. Did you get to ride on the fire truck for the parade?

  23. I wonder when the last year was that they were both unranked coming into this game?

    Found it. 1991.

  24. Pupster, good one.

    Nope, I just watched this one. The coolest part was the Vettes for Vets, a whole slew of Corvettes with wounded warriors getting a ride. Some were driving, with big grins on their faces.

  25. ‘mornin’, Roamy. I hope you got some sleep last night.

  26. About 3 hours, Clint. More coffee, please.

  27. Is Mr. Romy still gone?

  28. Ugh. I’m in a dreadful mood this morning.
    Just awful.

    C’mere and sit in my lap and purr, Sox. I need a little kitty-hug something fierce. Yesterday was a turrible day and today will be worse.

  29. IMO, this is much worse than his bowing:

  30. What’s giving you two bad days in a row, Laura?

  31. Ugh. I’m in a dreadful mood this morning.

    Hungover, myself. But once I have a mood, I think it’ll be OK.

  32. Awwww shmooooy. Howza bout a hug and a breffish taco?

    Carin, the tentative deal is kind of a “bad-boys mini CPAC” likely Vegas, maybe New Orleans, April. Ace has at least one unnamed speaker committed, a few panels and stuff but mostly funsies, kinda like “recover from hangover – politics – raise hell – repeat”.

  33. Couple bad things happened this week, all blowing up yesterday. Then yesterday in an absentminded moment of physical clumsiness, I did something bad, and made something bad happen. That I cannot correct. I could have cut my own throat when I finally trudged out of here yesterday.

    So, this second really bad day, I am sitting here feeling very helpless, mentally preparing to meet with two people, one of whom is FURIOUS, and discussing my wrongness and badness, apologizing, and writing checks.

    Honestly, all this time goes by, nothing ever happens around here. Then comes the statistical shit-cluster…

  34. Carin, yes, in fact he has to make a decision today whether to stay or not. If I were him, I would stay, but this has been very hard on him. I ended up calling his parents twice this week to let them know how things were going.

  35. Carin, the tentative deal is kind of a “bad-boys mini CPAC” likely Vegas,

    So … who’s going? Who’s talking about going?

  36. IMO, this is much worse than his bowing

    * resists temptation to click *

    * still resisting *

    * res … *

    Dammit! Dammit to hell. Thanks 52%ers. You fucking douches!

  37. I can’t spell shmoopy.

    Here, have the Kanye West automatic apologizer thingy.

  38. Sorry to hear that. If you tell us when the meeting is, we can call in every few minutes to interrupt the tirade in progress.

  39. Reversion to the mean is your friend, lauraw.

  40. “bad-boys mini CPAC”

    I’m all over that.

  41. Well a lot of morons (commenters) have committed. Ace doesn’t want to mention the featured folks until he can secure commitments (and maybe some donations/financial support from some conservative orgs), but he’s pretty tight with guys like Breitbart and Levy and other people I don’t really know but like. I think almost all of the co bloggers have tentatively said yeah. He’s also doing this with one or two other conservative blogs, to be named if this thing in fact does look doable.

    He was mostly gauging the sense of the readers to see if they were interested, seems like enough are.

  42. I’m sorry, Laura. I would trust you with anything. This is life=shit happens.
    I can understand the lady being upset, but you’re trying to make good on it. If she gets too uppity, throw her in the ocean.

    Andy, to top it off, that was on Veteran’s Day. No biggie.

  43. Sometimes people aren’t quite so hot after a night of sleeping too. Hope it goes that way for you today. Shit does in fact happen, all we can do it try to make it right. Most decent people get that.

    But if you need me to kneecap somebody, just call.

    Carin, I will most definitely be at this here thing if it happens.

  44. Andy, to top it off, that was on Veteran’s Day. No biggie.

    Nah. I mean, what the hell did veterans ever do for this country?

    Who could’ve possibly foreseen this?

  45. You know, you’d think that someone would whisper in that idiot’s ear that standing with your hands folded across your dick isn’t exactly proper presidential bearing when the colors are being presented.


  46. i believe that in Asia, the depth of the bow reflects the relative status of the bower and bowee. A bow that deep shows complete subservience. Found this on a Free Republic thread:

    Actually, this is a greater act of submission than is apparent on the surface.

    The correct protocol in Japan is to bow, same depth, same duration. What The Usurper is doing is tantamount to prostrating himself.

    Candor7, you know Japanese customs better than I – is this a correct analysis?

    I lived in Japan for eleven years. Your analysis is spot on. He is bowing WAY beyond what protocol calls for.

    One of three possible reasons, which have all been speculated on earlier on this thread:

    1. Covering for his bow in Saudi Arabia
    2. Apologizing for being American
    3. Too stupid to know better, or listen to advisors who know better


  48. Happy Anniversary to you and the wife Andy! Any big plans?

  49. Thanks guys. On October 28th, 2009 I completed ten years in business. There is only one incident, back in 2003, that was worse than all the shit that happened this past week.
    And if that’s as bad as it gets, life ain’t so bad.

  50. Hey goober, how’s the leg today?

  51. Happy Anniversary Andy!
    Sohos, how’s your lovely pin feeling today?

  52. Hey sohos–how you feeling today?

  53. On October 28th, 2009 I completed ten years in business.

    …and i completed my 49th orbit around the sun.

    And if that’s as bad as it gets, life ain’t so bad.

    Good luck today. Hope the acrimony is manageable.

  54. I am in a viccodin stupor. My leg hurts but not too bad. I am waiting for Count to hook me up to this rehab machine that I have to keep on for 4 hrs. I was up most of the night b/c the drugs mess up my sleep. I am ok. just loopy

  55. Happy Anniversary, Andy. Hope tonight’s dinner goes better than the birthday dinner.

  56. Lauraw I hope you are alright

  57. Oh yeah, that thing that moves the joint a little. Yes, you need to do that.

    Keep taking the pills. Avoid paying bills today. Yes.

  58. How many years, Andy?

    Keep getting well, Sohos.

  59. Here’s a picture that improved my mood:

  60. shucks, kid just feel better so I don’t feel like such a dope complaining about normal stuff all the time.

  61. ah the good old days Andy

  62. I can’t wait until I can go back to complaining about normal stuff instead of all this. I cannot take another surgery. They hurt my body so bad.

  63. Thanks, everybody. 11 years and counting.

    Unfortunately, the Mrs. took off for an autism conference out Rosetta’s way first thing this morning, so we’ll be celebrating by text message. At least she can use her brand new iPhone 3GS that some thoughtful person picked up as an anniversary gift for her.

    As luck would have it, though, her TexAlaskan cousin who she hasn’t seen in several years is also there, and they’re having dinner tonight.

  64. Oh poopsie I’m so sorry!
    It’s terrible that the drugs are messing you up on top of it all.

  65. Congratulations, Andy, and may you have many more years of marital bliss.

    sez the old married fart of 21 years.

  66. Sohita, many prayers for you to have pain-free days and heal quickly.

  67. >> use her brand new iPhone 3GS

    Welcome to the dark side. And congrats.

  68. Thank you. I hope to be able to sleep soon.

  69. Welcome to the dark side.

    Heh. It was a replacement for a 1st gen. iPhone.

    Not to go all Apple fanboy or anything, but after dealing with Microsoft’s … ummm … quirks over the years, I was completely shocked that switching them over was as easy as syncing the old phone with iTunes, swapping out the SIM card and then syncing the new phone. No muss, no fuss.

  70. Congrats Andy, try not to “celebrate” w/o your wife. That’s just wrong.

    Lauraw – Sorry to hear ’bout a mishap. Hope it smooths out quickly.

    Sohos – heal quicker. It’s your only option at this point.

    Geoff – drink lotsa water. Gatoraid.

    did I cover everything?

    Oh, Dave I’m really interesting in showing up to Vegas. Have them count me in.

  71. when is Vegas???

  72. Hahahaha

    Ace should try to get Mark Steyn to emcee MoronPAC.

  73. Hubby’s making a birthday cake for my younger daughter right now. Tomorrow she turns 10. We’re heading into the “O’Brien Birthday season.”

    Nov 15 – Erin
    Nove 20 -Ian (15)
    Dec 4 – Me (29 )
    Dec 29 – Hannah (12)
    Jan 13 – Matty (14)
    Jan 23 – Ethan (8
    Jan 25 – my husband.

    My daughter requested a trip up to Frankenmouth, so that’s where we’re going tomorrow.

  74. April, I think, sohos.

  75. what is Frankenmouth?

  76. It is a town a bit north of me known for it’s …. Christmas stores. LOL. BAvarian themed restaurants and what not. It’s a cute town. Famous for it’s fried chicken dinners.

    There will be fudge. Yum.

  77. Congrats Andy, try not to “celebrate” w/o your wife. That’s just wrong.

    Hahaha. Yeah.

    This weekend kind of reminds me of New Year’s eve 1999, when the Mrs. was stuck in Austin pregnant and with the flu while I flew back to Maryland, where we lived at the time. Thanks, Y2K “readiness.”

  78. Happy Saturday All!

    Mr Cyn and I will be headed to the Vegas Political-Drunk-Fest if it happens. We can drive that and stay (at what will hopefully be a cheap) hotel for the chosen venue. There was talk of New Orleans in which case we couldn’t afford that right now.

    Sohos, get thee to a massuse stat for some whole body relaxation; might help you sleep, might not. It will feel great either way :-)

    Happy Anni, Andy! Mr. Cyn and I have our 14th coming up on the 25th. Ahh, 12 years of wedded bliss!

  79. Target is sometime in April

  80. …orange marmalade…


    Careful with that…

  81. SoHoS?????

  82. thank you mcpo!
    Cyn I do need a full body massage like now!

  83. Why do they have to have it in shit hole Vegas? What’s wrong with Chicago or Cincinnati or Kansas City or some other real world town?

    Oh, good morning, bastiges hostages.

  84. Why do they have to have it in shit hole Vegas?

    Ace was just there and liked the relaxation of the jaccuzi with margarita in hand. That and he probably enjoyed the female scenery at the pool. It tends to be a pretty cheap place if you don’t gamble. Then again, maybe there was an Ewok convention whilst he was there.

  85. Supposably Vegas is geared toward this whole fun-convention concept and is a cheap destination these days. Also, it’s more of a glamorous draw for the headliners and VIP’s he hopes to attract than, say, Hartford or Cleveland.

  86. That’s Lutheran fried chicken there in Frankenmuth.

  87. Whadup and shit?

    Why do the control panels on this blog smell like frog poon?

  88. College Game Day on ESPN is supposedly coming straight out of Texas Christian University this morning. Why does it look like it’s being filmed from the parking lot of a Fairfield by Marriot?

  89. Morning skunksniffers.

    Where’d Sox leave the coffee?

  90. That’s Lutheran fried chicken there in Frankenmuth.

    Its also famous for being recycled.

    I always knew lutherns were thrify, but that’s taking it a bit too far.

  91. Any of you butt-sniffers tried the new LED style of Christmas lights yet?

    I want to do something different this year.

  92. Why Vegas? Because the place never shuts down.

    Vegas is still partying hard when they’re rolling up the sidewalks in those other cities.

    +10 AoSHQ LifeStyle(tm) points

    Also, part of the idea is to head towards warmth, which is something I never fully appreciated until living north of the Mason-Dixon line.

  93. Vegas = Hobo Hunting Heaven

  94. **Sets Tazer to “Ewok”**

    Here’s the thing. Ace is a very quiet guy, and not at all a party animal. Fun to meet and talk to, sure, but frankly, I had more fun with Wiserbud, Sean, PJ and PJD when I met them.

  95. Obama likes to bow. Do you think he gave a lot of blow jobs in college….you know, for grades and stuff?

  96. Keep DiT away from here at the Vegas Moronfest:

  97. I heard he did lots of blow in college, Mare, but I thought they meant something different.

  98. Blow costs money. He had to pay for it somehow.

  99. How’d you pay for your blow in college, Mare?

  100. On the horns of a dilemma here. I’m thinking about going and buying myself an anniversary present, but the gun safe is absolutely, positively full.

    High class problem, I know … maybe I’ll just go browse. And pick up some ammo.

  101. “How’d you pay for your blow in college, Mare?”

    I was a Reagan girl, just say no.

  102. Testing the new avatard … dedicated to the best play ever in the UGA/Auburn rivalry.

    Lewis Grizzard was right – that Dawg’ll bite yoouuu…

  103. ^Then how do you know that blow in college was expensive?

    Huh? Fess up.

  104. MCPO, I have a present for you:

  105. I was a Reagan girl, just say no.

    In college I was a Reagan guy: piece through strength.

  106. “piece through strength.”


  107. Heh. No, vis the other, more puny, would-be suitors.

  108. Andy, I know you’re too sweet for that.

    I was just teasing.

  109. Would someone explain to me how Beck and O’Rielly are going on tour together. I respect Beck because he disagrees with O’Reilly on just about everything.

    O’Reilly is a douche bag.

  110. It was a sadly inept attempt at teh funneh … yet another indication that a trip to the gun store is the right choice to make.

  111. O’Reilly is a douche bag.


  112. Although I did see a clip with O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera this morning where they were arguing about putting KSM on on trial in New York.

    If O’Reilly is a generic douchebag, Geraldo is the fucking Massengale brand name king douche.

  113. *quick break*

    Jerry Rivers can lick my butt and suck on my balls!

    Metaphorically speaking, of course.

  114. Mare – Like I didn’t order one of those??

  115. The belly on this kitten is so cute I want to kiss it.

  116. That Steyn article is right on. Steyn is always a worthy read or a worthy listen,

  117. Steyn left out Obama’s call to halt any Congressional investigations into the Hasan terrorist attack. . .

  118. The whole interwebs is dead today. What the heck.


  120. MCPO, the only valid reason to delay a probe by Congress into Hasan is for evidentiary reasons before his trial.

    Now, that is an area of real concern. But given the hamfistedness with which this “administration” has approached virtually everything else it has faced, I doubt that was their motivation here.

  121. Thanks alot, Pupster. Hubby says we should get some of those LED lights for Christmas this year. He didn’t get that from my mind, so obviously you are projecting much.

  122. ere’s the thing. Ace is a very quiet guy, and not at all a party animal. Fun to meet and talk to, sure, but frankly, I had more fun with Wiserbud, Sean, PJ and PJD when I met them

    Well, none of those folks are offering to meet me in detroit or Vegas … Shit, even MCPO is gonna sneak in and out of Michigan…

    But, I wasn’t really going to “meet” Ace.

  123. Carin – I had to delay the visit to #1 son in Michigan. I will alert all of the Hostages and detainees in the Mitten State prior to my next attempt at a trip!

  124. you getting ready Mesa? I have been putting the feelers out to friends who have businesses here.

  125. As I’m not a gambler (never even bought a lottery ticket), and all that show-biz crap makes me want to cut a bitch, I made a solemn promise to myself at a fairly young age that I’d never go to Vegas.

    Vegas would be a great place to send all of the homeless. They could set them up in tents in the desert outside of town and send all the leftover crappy casino food out to them. Then they could wring every last drop out of the liquor, wine, and beer bottles, mix it all together with some Valu-rite and keep the stinking sum-bitches medicated and away from polite society.

  126. I love Vegas. I gambled my way through college. We owned the Sports Bar then and I would go play black jack every 4 to 6 weeks. It was a “bad” weekend if I came home with less than 6k. I stayed at the Bellagio and Venetian free and everything was comped. I LOVED it. There is nothing more fun than the Bellagio Pool in the summertime. Man those were the good old days.

  127. MCPO, check your gmail.

  128. MCPO, the only valid reason to delay a probe by Congress into Hasan is for evidentiary reasons before his trial.

    xBrad – Did you watch Holder the yesterday???

  129. Holder is a jackass. And that’s being kind.

  130. Vegas is ok. I have sort of a 3 day threshold for it, then it starts to get old. I have seen a lot of great shows there. The nice casinos are awesome, I love Bellagio and the Venetian. I don’t shop, but I always try to go over to Ed Roman’s guitar shop, that place gives me a four hour woodrow and I do not seek medical attention.

  131. Sohos, wow…..6K that’s amazing. You better get back there girl.

  132. Sohos,

    I really liked the current post on your blog. I hope you don’t mind that I posted a link to it at SondraK’s site. I should have asked first. Sorry

  133. “Holder is a jackass. And that’s being kind.”

    Yes, the word incompetent comes to mind also. Maybe “hack” is a better word.

  134. Dave,

    If you ever get up Michigan way, don’t miss the chance to visit Elderly Instruments in East Lansing.

  135. Is that a good gig? I’ll do it, thanks for the tip.

    Always wanted to go check out the Alembic custom shop too, in Santa Rosa. I’ll probably never buy a seven thousand dollar bass, but I’d hump one until they made me leave.

  136. I am NOT a gambler at all. I’ve been once to Vegas, and I enjoyed it sorta like you enjoy a freak show. Lots to walk around and see.

    Or, just get trashed and laugh at folks.

  137. Thats just fine Hotspur my sad little blog doesnt get much attention anymore. I have all but forgotten it.

    Mare, I couldnt do that now if I tried. I dont have the kind of money that takes.

  138. On our cruise last year I won about 1400 playing black jack and was very happy with that

  139. just get trashed and laugh at folks.

    **raises hand

  140. Haven’t been to Vegas in ages. I’d mostly go to meet you all, and a few of the Morons too.

  141. And now for a musical interlude:

  142. Sohos has skillz.

  143. I really do Mare. I am great at Black Jack

  144. L to R

    Sohos, Mare in Vegas

  145. L to R

    Hydrant, Cyn

  146. why would you ever ride on a roller coaster in just your bra? OUCH!

  147. why would you ever ride on a roller coaster in just your bra?

    To show of your bewbs, duh…

  148. No bras on roller coasters.

    Man Law.

  149. Hi Xbrad. Got the sheep yet?

  150. But you wear your bra everywhere else, Pup?

  151. ouch!


  153. So. I managed to get into an argument with Dear Old Mom this morning. Over a nail. Because I threw out a used nail that had been used to hang a painting on a wall. I’m wasteful. Never mind the 25 boxes of nails in the garage. That have been there for years.

  154. With my xray vision, it is useless for you to try and hide things behind them. Ha!!!

  155. Well, I guess your x-ray vision spotted my contempt for people who write “try and hide” when they mean “try to hide”…

  156. xBrad -STFU you BiW/Tushar wannabe!

  157. Take a flying fuck at a rolling donut, old man.

  158. xBrad- P-l-e-a-s-e! I dropped a bigger turd than you after breakfast!

  159. *Uses xray vision to try and burn a hole in xbradtc’s contempt-laden ass.*

  160. Here’s a cool old clip with John Hartford, Vassar Clements, Tony Rice, Jerry Douglas and Mark O’Connor.

  161. Clark, you pussy, I dorked Lois up the squeakhole because you wouldn’t even butch up and take her out for coffee.

  162. Rascal, I’m surprised you even get a solid turd on that diet of Ensure and Geritol.


    Hotspur!!! Nooooo!
    You’re NOT supposed to put your Proof of Life picture on the internets! Now everyone will recognize you!

  164. xBrad is ready for his big Saturday night!

  165. where is Rosetta and wiserbud?

  166. Hotspur!!! Nooooo!
    You’re NOT supposed to put your Proof of Life picture on the internets! Now everyone will recognize you!

  167. Kinda cool how your video is flipped, ‘Spur.

    Is it okay that I have no idea who those people are?

  168. Cyn, ahem.

  169. Sohos, how does your leg look?

  170. Mare it looks hideous

  171. Cyn, ahem.

    I posed for that before I took my wedding vows.

  172. Hotspur, you’re fairly new here, so I’ll let it go with a warning:

    That pic can only be used to describe Pajamma Momma.

  173. “Mare it looks hideous”

    Shoot, the last picture I saw it looked kind of amazing. I’m sure you and your leg are sick of the intrusions.

  174. I posed for that 20 minutes before I took my wedding vows.


  175. Well, Rosetta-hoor won’t give me the keys to the PoL tab, so I just have to use my imagination.

  176. well its swollen to about 3 times the size it should be and all cut up

  177. That pic can only be used to describe Pajamma Momma.

    I have a real life twin!!!

  178. H/S, did you send in a photo?

  179. Cyn, I’ve seen your PoL and you don’t quite look like PJ. Not totally different, but I think I can tell you two apart up until I’ve had half a keg.

  180. H/S, did you send in a photo?


  181. Sohos, that sounds ouchie :-(

  182. Is that really you?

  183. well then I shaved my legs and where the rebuilt part was decided to bleed like a son of a bitch so there is also that HIDEOUS!

  184. Do you wear an open-toed shoe with that?

  185. OK, back from the gun store. No new steel. But a lot of brass and lead.

    Who the hell can afford to shoot anymore? Sheesh, this stuff’s gotten expensive. A few boxes of .40, .45 and .308 cost me more than some car payments I’ve had.

  186. I know that I sound like a Debbie Downer to those of you who dont know me but I am LAUGHING at how bad it is not bitching

  187. I thought most knee surgery was arthroscopic.

  188. Yeah.

    Nice skirt.

  189. Sohos,

    I hope the leg is better soon, and the scars aren’t too bad. Because nothing beats a great pair of legs.

    Except a terrific ass.

    And awesome boobs.

  190. Are you using Vitamin E on your scars yet?

  191. OK, I’ll add you to PoL and email you the secret squirrel password so you can mock all the ugly people that post here.

    You know. Me and Sean.

  192. Important News for Men:

  193. Danke.

  194. Hope the leg is better soon, Sohita.

  195. You haven’t been bitching Sohos. I wanted to know. It’s quite a process and it’s a big deal in your life. You’ve been amazingly upbeat.

  196. To get to my favorite local gun store, I have to drive up I-95 past Lexington and Concord, Minuteman National Park, etc. It makes me sad every time I drive past there.

    It’s hard to believe this state went from the home of the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” to the bluest of the blue states. What is wrong with these fucking people?

  197. H/S, check your gmail.

    Also, if you have a high school photo, we can add you to the yearbook.

  198. Thanks, xbrad.

  199. Hotspur–who are the ladies in the photo with you, and what was the occasion?

  200. You’re up. Check your gmail.

  201. Thanks much.

    Cyn, the one on the left is my older daughter, the one on the right is my younger daughter. The one right next to me is my niece.

    The occasion was my step-daughter’s wedding a couple years ago.

  202. Heh. Pay attention, ladies….

  203. Subtle Brad, real subtle.

  204. **sets Tazer to “mongrel:**

  205. Later gators.

  206. I have paint in my hair. Fack, I didn’t even use a roller.

    Also I hung the new light fixture and didn’t get killed, see, I’m here.

  207. Andy all I buy anymore is .38, .45, and 7.62x39mm. I don’t even shoot the .380s anymore. I never spend less than $350. 50 rounds of .45 is about $23 bucks now.. 3 years ago it was $13

  208. Doc Ellis claims this is true.

  209. Drugs are bad, M-kay.

  210. I just got “how you doing”ed by the bell ringer at the grocery store.

  211. Was it a “Joey from Friends” style of “how YOU doin'” or something else?

  212. Nope, pure Joey.

    K, I’m gonna go soak for a bit. I’m freezing.

  213. Sorry to hear about the Bugatti Dave.

  214. Where’s my dinner? Who’s cooking dinner for me?

  215. Hahahahaha… that was near Galveston.

    Slippery road?

  216. Mrs. Pupster just brought home a pork roast from her mom’s house, I’m making biscuits and pork gravy.

    Wipe your feet Brad.

  217. Whoa, fresh meat on PoL. Nice gams, Hotspur.

  218. **wipes feet**

    **heads towards Pupster’s place**

    **grabs a nice bottle of toilet water as a gift to the Pupsters**

  219. *chills wine glasses*

  220. XBrad, there’s honey mustard chicken, baked beans, and salad, but you’d better hurry or my son will finish it off.

  221. You better feed the boy, Romy. He needs the chow. Can’t have him shriveling away…

  222. He’s going to catch up to Mr. RFH’s weight soon. I had to buy a new dress shirt and dress shoes for him. Size 12.

  223. So, I got a “Republican Strategy Ballot” in the mail today from the NRSC. Should I take the time to actually fill it out or just scrawl “NO MORE RINOS” on it?

  224. Hi Hostages.

    Don’t forget to bring a dessert…

  225. I like the “cut to the chase” version, Sean.

  226. I think you should smear feces on it and send it back with a note that says you’re tired of all their shit.

  227. YAY!!! Master Suite is painted, two coats, and put back into relative order!

  228. Sean, this guy seems to have had some good ideas. I might just print this speech and send it back to the NRSC instead of the ballot.


  230. Hahaha (linked at Ace’s)

  231. Excellent tune, Chief.


  233. Great fine, Andy.

    **hangs head in shame that Obama represents my nation**

  234. Great find, as well…

    **hangs head in shame that I’m such a fuckin’ retard…**

  235. Here you go, Chief.

  236. Goddamned mother fucking hell! Monkey fucking bitch. I have another fucking ear infection.

  237. ANDY!

    What’s up with your Auburn avatar?

  238. That’s UGA snapping at Robert Baker. Hard to see the Dawg … he’s coming in low.

  239. Oh, I see Uga now. Great game so far!

  240. Nice gams, Hotspur.

    Thanks. You should see my ass.

  241. You should see my ass.

    Please, no.

  242. miriam930 at yahoo :)

    You won’t mind if I share it with the other Hostage wimmens?

  243. These games are always good. No matter what either team’s record is coming in, there’s no such thing as a sure thing in this series.

    About the only thing that seems reasonably consistent is that it seems like the visiting team wins a disproportionate number of them.

  244. 50 / 50 mix of rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip Tattoo.

  245. 50 / 50 mix of rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip Tattoo.

    Done. Will be done 4x daily for the next week. Actually drop it in w/ a dropper.

    Heating pad is set up.

    Ibuprofen is on board.

  246. My mother-in-law’s dog bit one of Mr. RFH’s professors. Heh.

  247. mment by Hotspur on November 14, 2009 8:22 pm
    Nice gams, Hotspur.
    Thanks. You should see my as

    I see Romy beat me to a response.

    (Romy, you have my email, right?)

  248. romy, to answer your question from waaaay earlier: no, I wasn’t able to make the Vet Day parade. How’d the scout do?

  249. Ok, so carin, yes, Tats, no. **scribbles note to self **


  251. Cuffy, he was very tired at the end of the day! He fights less with his sister that way.

  252. Hotspur, that’s not what I meant!

  253. Hahahaha

    That’s great, Chief.

    Nice arms.

  254. That was funny, Chief.

  255. I’ve had a few beers. Should I reveal a secret?

  256. Cuffy, he was very tired at the end of the day! He fights less with his sister that way.

    But Romy, fighting w/ your siblings is the entire point!

  257. I’ve had a few beers. Should I reveal a secret?

    It’s not about touching yourself in the swimsuit area, is it?

    We already know about that.

  258. I think everyone should reveal a secret tonight.

    See, it could be both a thread to reveal secrets to your fake online friends or … a joke thread full. The challenge would be to determine which is which.

  259. Sometines I cry at movies.

  260. NEW POAT!!

  261. A secret? Hmmm….

    I met Ace 37 years ago. I don’t like to talk about it.

    *points at doll’s swimsuit area*

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