I Am Bat Dog


Make teh funneh.  New poat for Halloween Eve.


  1. firsters!

  2. Hello precious puppy, come here little sweet doggie….no, no…..Oh my God, help me! Please help me……………

  3. Bat Dog will eat your face.

  4. Give that puppy a treat!!!!

  5. cool pic of Michael

  6. good night vmax sweetie

  7. Damn, it’s my first comment after a long day of work and injun killin’. No big deal, as I see I missed the worst BBF evar.

    Whassup, homos?

  8. Helloooo …. left coast … anyone?

    Nice RINO hunting at RedState: http://www.redstate.com/erick/2009/10/30/breaking-rich-heffley-admits-it-was-all-him-doing-the-anti-rubio-website/

  9. What, did you people suddenly get lives or something?

  10. My Batman suit is way cooler than that.

  11. Michael’s Batman suit has snipples.

  12. More like dumb shit hunting.

  13. Jewstin,

    Yes, yes it does.

  14. snipples hahahahahahahahaha

  15. “More like dumb shit hunting.”

    Oh yeah.

    They don’t get it. Why we can’t stomach rino’s.

  16. howdy Mare!

  17. or not …..hahahahaha

  18. Mare:

    did you see the story Veeshir put up about the RNC hacks filming the license plates of Hoffman supporters?

    Umm….time to go stompy.

  19. damn that was fun.

    I’m beat. I can’t do Austin gigs anymore.

  20. So, I had a dream last night where a bunch of us were living in a house that was being renovated. I don’t remember who all lived in the house, but I’m pretty sure Mesa was there. The one person I definitely remember being there was Rosie, and he wore what could only be described as a toga made of Hefty bags held together with masking tape. He also had a little blond daughter who was always saying inappropriate shit to the various contractors who were coming in and out of the house. We also had a picnic in the back yard where we had Kentucky Fried Chicken with a bunch of Rasta dudes at one point.

    I think I need to stop huffing glue before going to bed.

  21. Sean M., that’s the gheyest comment in the history of H2. Ok, not the gheyest, but top 5.

  22. I’ll have what Sean’s having

    good night all

  23. I can’t do Austin gigs anymore.

    I’d like to do one.

  24. Was it extra crispy KFC?

    If so, I’ve been having the same dream.

  25. I must be feeling better, I had four candy bars and a bottle of wine.

  26. I’d love to do a gig there with you Mesa.

    We were the middle band tonight. If we were the late one I’d have gotten a room.

  27. I just got back from the HSFB game and the 7 dead indians that a roadtrip like that requires…….and I just laid eyes on the header pic and laffed so hard I blew some shit out of my nose. I don’t really know how to spell the sound of shit flying out of your nose, so I can’t recreate it for you fuckstics. Sorry.

  28. Heh, they put up the video at AoS that sums up why I have to leave here perfectly…

  29. People here were pretty pissed about that.

    My response, after living here for more than a decade?

    They’re right.

  30. Was it extra crispy KFC?

    Of course it was.

  31. I haven’t gigged in over five years.

    Plus, I don’t know that country dancin’ stuff.

  32. Where the fuck is Drew Carey when you need him?

  33. You are welcome, pendejo.

  34. Hello Cleveland!!!!!

  35. mesa:

    If Detroit were a foreign country, we would have sent in troops for humanitarian work by now

  36. They sent the troops in in 1968.

    It didn’t work.

  37. I’m gonna watch the Taking of Pelham 123.


  38. Where the fuck is Drew Carey when you need him?

    Hanging out in the Bob Barker Studio with a buncha spokes-models, prolly.


  39. DiT, the niece is heading back to Austin next weekend. Let me know if you’re playin’ and where.

  40. Poor little ol’ poat. It was a tragedy to die so young.

  41. Hi Sohos.

    Eddie, I did see that. Can you imagine explaining that? How would you possibly justify that without looking like an idiot.


  43. Well, I guess that was a drive-by comment from our resident wahine.


  44. >> Plus, I don’t know that country dancin’ stuff.

    It was blues, like SRV

  45. Now I’m here…..

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