Foreignotica XVIII

Whilst in Spain, one of my co-workers introduced me to the music by a Belorussian guitarist called Didulya (actually, Дидюля or Didyulya). According to Wikipedia in Russian, his music is classified as flamenco. But he also seems to have a thing for Arabica, the following videos will show.

This one seems to be a nice meld between flamenco and Arabica. It’s one of his best, in my opinion.

Presenting “Жасмин” (“Zhasmin” or “Jasmin”) by Didyulya.

[Length = 3:40]

(As an aside, “Jasmine” or variants thereof are not Arabic names but rather descended from an Persian name: ياسمين Yasmeen.)

The next is also a very good one, melding guitaristry, flamenco (perhaps), and Arabica.

Presenting “Дорога в Багдад” (“Doroga v Bagdad” or “Road to Baghdad”) by Didyulya.

[Length = 5:28; yes, it’s long]

And while we’re on the topic of Arabica, here’s some belly dancing. (Although, honestly, I can’t tell the difference between this and something put on for more prurient purposes.) I found one video, which seemed good except it had the same song for 7 minutes, was of bad quality, and was badly shot. So I found a Turkish belly dancer (Didem).

Presenting “Turkish Belly Dance – Didem”.

[Length = 5:10; yes, it’s long, but will teh maenner really complain?]

This is for Jewstin and teh wimmens: a male belly dancer! There were a few other male belly dancers, but they did not seem to fit the model that The Hostages seem to like; this Jamil was the manliest man out there.

Presenting “Jamil Male Belly Dancer”.

[Length = 5:15]


  1. Not finding that attractive, much. Ass shaking men, meh. Dude has a muffin top.

    Jamil needs to work a strip club.

  2. WTF?

  3. WTF on the belly dancing guy? You should see the other ones on youtube. F.R.U.I.T.Y.

  4. Jamil is hunky enough, but guys really aren’t meant to dance. I think it’s genetic.

  5. This poat smells like lamb and garlic.

  6. Dammit, tell me there’s a new poat instead of leaving me behind!

  7. Roamy, I think M’oon writes these ahead of time and just schedules them to appear early Thursday mornings.

  8. Oh, and if you step away for a minute or two, just do like I do and hit the “Home” button at the top of the page, and you’ll see any changes.

  9. Also, that first song reminds me a lot of music I listened to in Morocco.

  10. Wow. This poat died a fucking early death.

    *sob* You had so much potential, poat!

    (Not really.)

  11. *Organizes charitable foundation in name of poat that will probably end up funding PBS documentaries about Transgendered Brazilian Dance Troupes*

  12. *realizes that I’m the last man alive on Earth*

    *steals fleet of classic cars*

    *raids everyone’s dad’s stash of porno mags*

  13. *is captured by “Damn, dirty…LOLcats?!!”*

    *ironically becomes subject of photos on website*

  14. *kisses LOLcat as part of hamfisted racial metphor*

  15. *rides off on horseback with hot but mute woman…*

  16. *reaches conclusion that everyone else came to at least an hour ago*

  17. *shakes fists at sky*


  18. Wakey wakey, hineypokers!

  19. We’ve got a customer named Jamil. Name of the joint is “Jimmy’s” but it’s Jamil.

    doesn’t like to pay his MFing bill very much.

  20. I woke up and tried to poke a little hiney this morning. But she escaped to the shower.

  21. Beginning to change my mind about how Autumn is my favorite season.

    Usually it’s nice but this one is miiiiighty depressing.
    We never even had a Summer!

    *looks out at fallen leaves and sighs*

  22. Shish!!!
    Anyone else start clapping in rhythm to Didem? Why the fuck is rhythm spelt dat way? Looks nice, sounds nice, but fucks up all rules. Rih thumb. Does the b really belong to thum?

  23. I have fished about 4 Hefty lawn bags full of Autumn leaves outta the pool so far.

    It’s been a little spread out though, it was so friggin hot this summer the trees stressed out and they started falling in August.

    Who do I talk to so I can share some summer next year? Working on it…

  24. Why do some people call Autumn, all? Should Summer be known as, say, Lean? Spring could go by Jump. This puzzles me. Fall back, as in time, if that’s it, then I don’t abide. And never will.
    I have questions that need answers.
    “I don’t have to tell you anything”

  25. On that odd note, I’m going to work.

  26. Why did wp steal my capital F from Fall?

  27. Cinnamon rolls dripping with caramel added to an scrambled egg and cheese breakfast, absofrickenlutely, JUMPS the star value of the morning meal. Not to be confused with the season, Jump, known once as Spring. Cinnamon, caramel, squishy centers, MMMMMMM!!!!

  28. It’s the internets getting back at you for punching it in the dick every day for the past XX years.

  29. shut up shim.

    two scrambled eggs for me. Just like every other day for the past six weeks or so.

    But, some lady I dun’t even know told me yesterday (at the gym) that she saw me today, and remembers when she first saw me starting to go there, and that I looked great.

    Made my day.

    What a difference losing 20 pounds makes.

    How long till I get my snack?

  30. we are scheduled to have another couple of inched of rain hit us from between now and Friday afternoon. We are way over for the month.


  31. If we’re renaming seasons, I suggest Foreplay, Sex, O-Face, and Wetspot.

  32. Fall is easier to spell. Specially if you remember the “F”.

  33. we are scheduled to have another couple of inched of rain hit us from between now and Friday afternoon. We are way over for the month.

    That’s why, under my seasonal naming scheme, we’re in the season of “Wetspot.” Foreplay starts cold – like the current winter.

  34. It’s the Global Warming Climate Change™ Eddie.

    Repent NOW.

  35. If we’re renaming seasons, I suggest Foreplay, Sex, O-Face, and Wetspot.

    Goetse, hosefucker, hineypokers, and … thinking ….

  36. Bringing this here, from my blog, to piss everyone off who doesn’t read my blog:

    The economy grew at a 3.5 percent pace in the third quarter, the best showing in two years, fueled by government-supported spending on cars and homes.

    LOL. AP “economics” writer Jeannine Aversa.

  37. Goetse, hosefucker, hineypokers, and … thinking ….



  39. I thought of that Jazz, but that would use the word “fuck” twice.

    It’s unseemly.

  40. Hey – where’s Tucker been? Haven’t seen him in a few days. Since Monday, I think. Has he been here since then?

  41. Ok. Quiz. What is the FUNNIEST part of Shreik?

  42. It’s unseemly.

    hahahahahahaha! ‘Cause the Hostages are all about etiquette! Hahahahahah!

  43. The fact that I haven’t seen it.

  44. Oh, Jazz. It’s a hoot.

  45. I should send Lauraw a picture from my window this morning. Grey, overcast (duh), fog, wet. Miserable.

    It’s supposed to brighten up.

    Maybe I can get those mutherfarken bulbs in the ground.

  46. It’s been a little spread out though, it was so friggin hot this summer the trees stressed out and they started falling in August.

    That’s catastophic human induced Anthropomorphic
    Global Earthly Allaround and Allover Warming.

  47. brb

  48. Car/in, you L00K great, nice rack and all, STFU and look at this.

  49. Car-in:

    I expect a whole bore defense of the “jobless recovery” meme by the Deciders. The same meme they used to mock Bush from 2002-04

  50. Jizzy, How do you plan on teaching the children, awwww, the seasons in your calendar? Wet Spot–one word or two? How will people in arid areas justify wetspot? How long do Foreplay and Sex last? Is it up to the idividual? Depending on the women? Is sleeping in Wetspot more difficult because of the transition from Sex? See? More questions needing answers.

  51. Somebody take Shim’s George Carlin CD’s away from him.

    I think we should spell the current season, Phawll

    Do we have a “Seasons Czar” yet? If not, why not?

  52. Car/in
    Speakin of weight, my numbers are taken every month at the doc. My poundage was 217 in March, Now 183 with no diet and using an eliptical about an hour a day cept Sun. Haven’t done for a month or so, it’s packed. I still dropped 4 since last month. No eating after supper, 6 pm. Tons of water, breakfast and supper, only a piece of fruit or some peanuts, cashews or walnuts during the day.

  53. The mystery is delicious, isn’t it, Shim?

  54. Why am I the only one who replaces the toilet paper roll?

  55. we are scheduled to have another couple of inched of rain hit us from between now and Friday afternoon.

    I hope the roofer gets here before it starts.

  56. Because you’ve always replaced it and if you don’t, it won’t get done. STFU and get some toilet paper, quick.

  57. Morning, fellow weirdos.

    This weather in late November sucks. Its cold, and the trees are barren. The rain comes on an almost daily basis. The first snow has already fallen. The lawns and bushes are brown and dormant, preparing for their long winter nap. What? Its only October? Never mind.

  58. Methinks Shim did a bit of the ol’ Wake n’ Bake this morning.

  59. Methinks Shim did a bit of

    1) pure peruvian flake

    2) 3 cups of turkish coffee

    3) 6 No-Doze and a can of Mountain Dew.

  60. Add too many caramel rolls to that list.

  61. Why you humptress, HOW DARE YOU? These are important questions that need attention. Does the hump swell in moist, dank weather?

  62. My poundage was 217 in March, Now 183 with no diet

    How tall are you, shim?

  63. What’s wake n’ bake mean? I’ve heard of it but never really understood that culinary term. *cough,cough,cough,cough,cough..take it, take it cough,cough*

  64. PnB – I was 5’10” til the evil docs took out my c6 and made me 5′ 91/2″. The shame, the shame. Shrunken in my prime.

  65. Shim’s actually a pretty good looking guy in person. And I’m not one for long hair on dudes.

    The hump shrinks in this kind of weather. It requires sunshine and warmth to become fully engorged.

  66. * thud

  67. And I’m not one for long hair on dudes.

    I’m broken hearted! How will I go on?

    to become fully engorged

    Quit talking dirty this early in the morning. We won’t get shit done all day….

  68. Shrunken in my prime

    The cold does that.

  69. I’m jus’ talkin’ ’bout Shaft…

  70. Shim, have you considered that you may have a tapeworm?

    No lunch?

    Heaven forbid …

  71. *plays wacka wacka on Strat

  72. I do have a tapeworm, I groom it and talk to it and it takes all empty calories and a small amout of blood supply. It’s an understanding we share. Worm to man, we help eachother.

  73. I get fully engorged just reading the words fully engorged.

  74. I’m jus’ talkin’ ’bout Shaft…

    Are you looking over my shoulder?!?!?!? I was just at Carin’s place, calling her primary troll “Shaft”. Why do the eyes from your avatar (and Shim’s) follow me around the room? Why do I hear breathing every time I pick up the phone?

  75. As for diet/no diet … well, really some people eat just fine. I, apparently, suck at deciding what to eat. I didn’t eat junk, just not the right stuff.

    So, South Beach has worked pretty well for me.

    I’ve gotten into debates with folks who are “against” diets. So, I ask ’em what they do/did to lose weight, and then explain to me their … (cough cough) diet. As if I’m lesser of a person because I “follow” South Beach instead of their method of researching, bla bla bla.

    Look, I’m a busy person (SHUT UP), and if someone else is going to do the work for me and all I’ve got to do is buy the book …

  76. You know how to kill a tapeworm? Shove ice cream cones up your ass. True story.

  77. AGILEDOG -the call is coming FROM INSIDE YOUR HOUSE.

    GET OUT.


    Phew. Good thing I’m at work right now.

    GET OUT.

    But maybe I’ll follow that advice anyways….

  79. too subtle?

  80. You know how to kill a tapeworm?
    Why the fuck would you WANT to kill a friend, confidant and diet buddy? That would be of no use in this:

  81. DaveinIran

  82. Nice, Dave.


    Good one Dave.

  84. too subtle?

    Yup! At least for the people that need to hear the actual message.
    But well played, DiT.

    * golf clap

  85. Bout 15 years ago I sent a memo to a customer support manager in one of our companies like that.

    15 years later it doesn’t sound like such a good idea. But I got away with it.

  86. Hostages, you are witnessing a 49 year old woman turn into a little old man.

    I always use to get up around 5:00 to 5:30 and go to bed around 10:00 pm. Now I get up wide awake around 4:00am and want to go to bed at around 9:00 pm. I exercise right after I get home dropping my daughter off at school (about 7:00am). I dream like crazy at night (which I love) but I cannot account for the one hour shift that occurred about two months ago.

    If I had a lawn, I’d be yelling at kids. I haven’t started eating hard candy yet.

  87. I don’t mind long hair on dudes so long as there is good growth on top and they keep it shiny and combed.

  88. What about black socks to wear with shorts? You stocked up?

  89. “What about black socks to wear with shorts? You stocked up?”

    Good catch. I’ll get on that.

  90. Mare start eating supper at 3:30 and get with the program. 7:30 isn’t too early for bed.

  91. And suspenders for the pants with the waistband you wear above the navel….

    Don’t forget that you need to trade in your current vehicle for an Impala. But you will get to go to the seniors’ early bird special at Denny’s.

    And, FTR, those of you sickos that dream and remember them, seek professional help.

  92. Shimmy, we eat dinner around 5:00 because of the girl’s practice schedule and what not.

    Our neighbors eat at around 8:00 pm they have two boys 11 and 16. I don’t know how they wait that long or if they have two big meals in the evening. Do you think the kids eat junk food until dinner?

  93. It’s hard to wear pants high when the style is LOW LOW rise. I think the idea is to show personal and private areas.

  94. 3:30!!!!!! Early bird, early bird, early bird!!!!!! Start stealing silverware and stale rolls by the bunches, C’mon Mare, embrace it. TRY harder.

  95. “TRY harder.”


    (I’ll interview for the greeter at Walmart today.)

  96. Mare, force yourself (and your family) to vary your eating time. I t helps break the pattern you’re setting for your body.

    is to show personal and private areas – that stuck me funny -what’s the difference? 🙂

    And finally, I read that “Shimmy” above as “Slimy” the first time, and wondered” “Who’s she talking to?”

  97. Mare?

  98. “Who’s she talking to?”


  99. The probability, X, that I will make a typing mistake, as Y, the length of the comment in characters, increases, will approach 100%, for all cases of Y > 5 can best be expressed in the following formula ……

  100. Alright, which one of you unclean beasts gave my laptop teh AIDS?

    I had to wipe everything last night and re-install XP from scratch. Now I have to find the drivers for all my devices before I have a computer at home again.

  101. ^ I understood that think that for my own commenting this must also be concluded:

    stupidity of comment + speed of posting : number of mistakes + Rosetta posting monkey washing cat video

  102. Mare, this guy can teach you how to do it right.

    Has excellent advice on how to properly right a will about 4 posts down.

  103. What a difference losing 20 pounds makes.

    I officially HATE Carin 😉 I have decided that none of it is going to make a difference until I can work out. I have to just be fat until then. I am trying to make good food choices but until I can exercise it is all pointless. This next surgery is 11/11 and a few days after that I start rehab so I will go back on South Beach then and hope for the best. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. I was feeling dramatic this morning and rewrote the 23rd Psalm:

    Obama is our shepherd; you shall not want.
    He taketh from us our hard-earned greenbacks:
    He leadeth us to still factories.
    He restoreth our victimhood:
    He leadeth us in the paths of appeasement.

    Yea, when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear my end: For he hath given me government healthcare
    My doctors’ rod and serpants are not allowed to comfort me,
    He preparest a tax for us in the presence of our enemies, but will not stand in our defense
    He annointest our country with submission, its fault runneth over.

    Surely shame and mediocrity shall follow us through the days of our grandchildren’s lives
    and we will rue the House of Obama forever.

  105. Alright, which one of you unclean beasts gave my laptop teh AIDS?

    Think it might have been me. I broke the server last night around 11:10 with a comment. Damn site wasn’t back fully working for almost 20 minutes.

    It was a Mark Phelps swimsuit link for Romy that did it…..

  106. Comment by Mare on October 29, 2009 10:53 am
    Hostages, you are witnessing a 49 year old woman turn into a little old man.

    Feck. I thought it was just me.

    I’m 49 as well and I’m ready for bed by about 8:30 most evenings. The problem is that I’ve never put a shower in the main bathroom and my daughter comes traipsing through the master bedroom about 10:00 to get to the shower in the master bath.

    About 3 nights out of the week I wake up at 3:00 to 3:15 and I’m through for the night. Pisses me off. Sleeping’s one of my favorite things to do.

  107. I usually stay up till 11:30-12, and get up at 5:50. Even on weekends.

    And I’m 50.

  108. 11:52 am
    What a difference losing 20 pounds makes.
    I officially HATE Carin I have decided that none of it is going to make a difference until I can work out.

    I agree and disagree. I mean, exercise does something else – upping the metabolism, etc. But at least for women I think dieting is MOSTLY responsible for weight loss.

    It does help to get out of the house for two hours, away from food. Plus, you weigh your food choices with the “is this worth 40 minuets on the elliptical” scale.

    Honestly, I’m only working out a BIT harder now than before I started South Beach. I think it … snowballs.

    Idea – do you have any access to a gym? I know a few folks who can’t use their legs and they use the rowing machines …. getting their heart going just using their upper body. It looks tough, to me.

    Plus, upper body weight lifting can do a LOT. ARms, shoulders.

  109. Sohos:I have decided that none of it is going to make a difference until I can work out.

    If I couldn’t work out, I’d way about 450. Again.

  110. *sets bottles of Geritol, Centrum Silver, and little cans of Ensure in the Hostages Break Room, stocks bathroom vanity with Depends in all sizes, puts throw blankets all around the place*

    That’s it, folks. You start asking for walkers and commodes, and I am outta here.

  111. Dave’s trying to show off how “spry” he is for an old man.

  112. I’m not saying you need to work out, Sohos. I’m just saying, that every little bit helps. Get your hand weights and start working your biceps and shoulders.

  113. “I think dieting is MOSTLY responsible for weight loss.”

    The latest research is proving this. My own anecdotal (years and years) evidence proves this also. I could work out like a maniac and if my food wasn’t right, crap happened. It’s mostly what you put in your mouth. But working out does help and it makes you feel good.

  114. how “spry” he is

    Obsessive-compulsive is more like it. Gets up at 5:50? Not 6?
    Not 5:30? But 5:50. Bedtime is a range, but morning? 5:50. On. The. Dot. Sets his alarm to the atomic clock, I bet.

  115. bottles of Geritol, Centrum Silver, and little cans of Ensure

    What? No FiberCon and stool softeners? Bastard.

  116. “It’s mostly what you put in your mouth.”

    That’s so hot. Tell me more.

  117. And I’m 50.

    That explains the soup and mothballs smell around here.

  118. I bought some fish sauce and bean paste and sesame paste at the asian food thingy. Anybody know how the fish sauce is used?

  119. Rosetta does. Whatever he tells you, it’s NOT nether cologne.

  120. Anybody know how the fish sauce is used?

    I thought you used that as a hump polisher.

  121. So my pig patient is a good boy and takes his pain meds quite willingly. Critical care with bananas and apple flavor…not so much.

    The older pig didn’t fight me as much with the critical care. He is still spooked or maybe he sprained his ankle? He is walking funny too but when I palpitate his legs/feet he doesn’t flinch. I don’t get it.

  122. pnb- you’re a filthy porcine palpitator? Disgusting!

  123. Can you palpitate my legs and see if I flinch? It sounds really hot.

  124. No, the hump needs a good quality automotive wax. Please. I put down those old-fashioned homemade concoctions as a fresh young hunchback, many years ago.

  125. Lauraw, sprinkle a teaspoon or so of fish sauce in whatever you’re making.

    Some people use it as a condiment, but I can’t stand the smell of it unless it’s cooked.

  126. Can you palpitate my legs and see if I flinch? It sounds really hot.

    I could. Not sure it will be a pleasant experience. For you.

  127. Anybody know how the fish sauce is used?

    It gives food a salty, pungeunt flavor. It smells like rotting fish, becuase it is made from, yep, rotting fish. But it actaully tastes pretty good when mixed in the food.

    It gives Thai food it’s unique flavor.

  128. The entire Gibson- Hamlet is on youtube…brilliant! almost done watching it

  129. Is Muslihoon around? Except for the gay male belly dancer I really liked his musical picks today. Thanks Mushy.

  130. You know, I remember enjoying the Gibson Hamlet the first time around … but then last time I saw it I was really put off by Mel playing Hamlet, and Glen Close being his mother.

    Hey, have you ever seen “Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead”? Now would be a perfect time.

    It’s a hoot.

  131. Holy smokes – you have to see this. Art Laffer v Peter Schiffer. Three years ago.

  132. Thanks guys!

    This poat is starting to smell like fish sauce.

  133. Best Echo and the Bunnymen album? Ocean Rain, of course.

    Crown of Thorns. Best of their songs.

    My Kindgom is pretty darn good too.

  134. oops, Thorn of Crowns. 1984 was a long time ago.

    I saw them in concert back in college.

  135. “This poat is starting to smell like fish sauce.”

    Didn’t it always?

    (Fish sauce and moth balls and fear, always fear.)

    I love oyster sauce. You use it just like Wiser said. It makes Chinese food taste yummy.

  136. Has Laffer ever eaten crow over that? That’s pretty embarrassing knowing what we know now.

  137. It makes Chinese food taste yummy like used panties.

    FTFY, Mare.

  138. oh man, I hate fish.

  139. “It makes Chinese food taste yummy like used panties.”

    *puke then THUD!

  140. Has Laffer ever eaten crow over that? That’s pretty embarrassing knowing what we know now.

    One of the many reasons I worship you, Mare – you actually watch my links that don’t scream “FUN!” 🙂

    I don’t know the answer to your question, Mare, but his scorn was palpable. He deserved a beating just for the disrespect, and now for being SO wrong, too.

  141. I saw oyster sauce, but the ones I looked at all had msg. Trying to avoid that.

  142. oh man, I hate fish.

    My gf does, too. I don’t get it. She’ll cook it, but won’t eat it. She doesn’t cook it very well, BTW. I ascribe the horrid result to – you guessed it – the fact that she doesn’t eat it. And if the only fish she’s ever eaten is fish she’s cooked herself, I don’t blame her for not liking it.

  143. I won’t even cook it. I can’t stand the smell. Once when I was preggars I was cleaning out Graham’s fish bowl (he was too little to do it himself) I got the fish out and the bowl was in the sink waiting for me to clean it.

    I got one whiff of the bowl and vomited right in it. That was the best.

  144. I do ask PJD to cook it for the kids though because I want them to be exposed to it. I just keep my trap shut about my fish opinion.

  145. I got one whiff of the bowl and vomited right in it. That was the best.

    Pardon me while I laugh my ass off – that’s awesome! 😀

  146. I think I’m gonna post a new post. It’s one of my favorite, all time, most entertaining videos ever.

    I laughed. I cried. It moved me.

  147. The fish counter at the Asian grocery was like fifty feet long.

    How do you cook Yellow Jack? They had some really fresh-looking ones but I’ve never had it.

  148. “I got one whiff of the bowl and vomited right in it.”

    hahahahahaha…..poor PJM.


  149. ok, new post is up.

  150. these yellow jack look mighty tasty

  151. Yellow jack? is that a fish with white flesh? I looked up Hawaiian fish and they only had “amberjack” listed. That sounds kind of close.

  152. Could be, there was plenty of Engrish in the place.

  153. Yellow Jack grows in the Atlantic.

    It’s pretty good.

    I would sprinkle the filets with salt, pepper, sage, and garlic. Wrap them in basil leaves, put a layer of lime slices on top and steam for 8-10 minutes.

  154. What kind of flesh, Jewstin? Mild or oily?

  155. Holy smokes – you have to see this. Art Laffer v Peter Schiffer.

    Isn’t Shiff the same one who is saying if you are going to invest, do it in foreign companies, because of the continued oppressive hand of the government, or am I thinking of someone else?

  156. I havent seen “Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” but I want to everyone in this version is great except ophilia she sucks

  157. Jacks are fatty fish. I do the same thing with tuna.

  158. Over here now!

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