That’s Better…But Not By Much

It was getting a little winfrey in here, so rather than having a “Damn, Shaniqua!” moment that would paint us all as racists, I thought XBrad’s and Sean’s home movies would be an improvement.



  1. Yeah, the stench of the last post is almost gone!

  2. So…….what’s the currrent book of the month over at Oprah’s place?

    I’m just fucking dying for something new to read.

  3. And the stench of this poat is almost here!

  4. Red hair is a marker for mental illness.

    Actually, it’s a marker for Neanderthal genetic mixing with homo-sapiens. Sorta of like the creature at the end of “Alien Resurrection” .

  5. This is oprah’s new book club book:

  6. Michelle looks like a klingon, and Barack talks like a ferengi.

    How lucky we all are.

  7. Mmmmmm…that new poat smell…

  8. Later snausages

  9. Mare,

    Go ahead and give me a zero on this assignment. I don’t think I’m gonna finish. Or start.

  10. Count went to Galveston to watch the trial of Royce Clyde Zeigler, (The step-father of baby Grace) I had to stay home to finish reading Hamlet, I hope they fry that guy

  11. HHD? Yeah, it’s done.

  12. Sosho:

    Wife & I went to the Castle in Denmark (Kronborg) upon which was based. It was very awesomely cool.

  13. awesome job Jewston!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Oh I bet Eddie Bear…Do you have pictures you could email me? I would love to show them to class?

  15. I fixed my mighty mouse scroll bar! Had to take the fucker apart.

    But, NOW I’m ready for HHD.

  16. well, I’ll see if I can dig them out.

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